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Chapter 17. Reunited!

    I woke up with the bright morning sun shining through a crack in the curtains.
For a moment, I didn't know where I was; until I remembered my new house and my young friends.
Slowly, I turned onto my back, expecting to hear my little soul mate uttering his protesting sounds...
    Or, to see his bright blue eyes hovering over me, smiling and teasing me:

    "I thought you would never wake up."

    Alas! Nobody started to protest or tease me, and the silence was deafening.
A devastating loneliness overwhelmed me, and I started to sob again.

    Why was life so harsh to me?
What had I done to deserve this cruelty?
What had my little soul mate done, to be put away into some juvenile home to undergo 'proper guidance'?
What had John done, to be torn away from his self-chosen new Dad after he lost his real father?
What had Davey done, to lose the only man in the world he trusted after his own father abused him?

    Where was our spirit guide, Jack, now that we so desperately needed his help?
I clearly remembered his promise to 'guide and protect' us; but where was he now?
Had everything about our 'spirit helper' been fake, a product of my own imagination?
Was everything I remembered about our past lives one big illusion, no more than a wishful dream?
Of course, dead is dead, and death is the definite end of everything!
Everybody knows that. So-called 'ghosts' and 'spirit guides' are only silly fairy tales...
I had been foolish to believe in them.

    Again, the telephone downstairs started to ring.
Dammit! Why didn't they leave me alone and go annoy somebody else?
I didn't NEED their beneficial mortgages or low-priced subscriptions.
From now on, I only needed one thing: I desperately needed my boys back!

    After several rings, the telephone finally stopped.
I left my bed, went to the bathroom, took a hot shower, brushed my teeth, and dressed.
Next, I hobbled downstairs, slowly and carefully, trying to spare my still painful feet and aching leg muscles.

    The kitchen felt very empty, and I missed my laughing and chatting boys.
Suppressing my sobs, I forced myself to eat some toast and cheese, trying not to think of little Harry and John.
I brewed a cup of strong coffee, and took a couple of aspirins to fend off the restarting headache.
Then, I hobbled to the living room and slumped down onto my couch.
From now on, this would be my only sanctuary...

    I closed my eyes, and forced myself to think.
Forcefully, I tried to block out my emotions and reflect only about my future.
What was I going to do, now that I would be alone for the remainder of my life?
Would I sit down on this couch and wait, until death mercifully ended my misery?
What else could I do?
Did I have a choice?

    I thought and thought, but all my thoughts kept coming back to only one thing...
I wanted my boys back; and that was impossible...
The best escape from my misery seemed to be: to commit suicide and wait for a new incarnation that would bring us together again...

    Then, another thought came to me, offering me a less drastic solution: I could try to migrate to another country, far away, and have a clean start.
Would I be able to find little Harry's huge mountains; with their glowing tops?
Maybe, after finding them and living there, I would be happy...

    Again, I started to sob from desperation.
The only REAL solution I saw, was: to have my boys back; here, in my own house!
However, if the police ever detected any child in my house, they would immediately arrest me.
They had effectively blocked all my ways out of this predicament, and I couldn't think of any workable solution...
I thought and thought, but all my thoughts returned to only one impossible thing: I wanted my boys back!
Nothing else mattered.

    AGAIN, the irritating telephone started to ring.
Dammit! Why didn't they leave me alone?
I didn't need ANYTHING from anybody!
Should I grab the receiver and smash it against a wall, to silence it for good?
    I glared at the irritating thing, and cursed loudly until it stopped:

    "Shut up with your daily newspapers! I don't need your cheap mortgages or sales promotions.
"I don't need anything any more. I am going to end my life. This time, it has been too much for me to endure.
"My life is over; and I am NOT going to sit on my couch for the rest of my life in total solitude, desperately longing for my boys.
"Within a moment, I am out of here, waiting for my next incarnation..."

    The ringing stopped, and I took a deep breath and restarted my thinking.
How could I best end my life?
Throw myself under a train?
Jump off a tall building?
Eat some deadly pills?
Slash my wrists?
Hang myself?
It had to be fast and painless...
But, alas, I lacked the courage to kill myself.

    Where was that damned spirit ghost, now that my boys and I REALLY needed him?
Couldn't he have warned me in advance, so that I could have escaped and taken little Harry with me?
Little Harry seemed to communicate with him with ease; so, couldn't Jack have told HIM at least something?
Even John seemed to be able to feel his presence; at least, now and then...
Why didn't Jack pull me into an 'induced trance', and tell me why he suddenly decided to abandon us, after all his promises to help?

    I tried to feel around me, and shouted into the room:

    "Jack, where are you? JACK..... JAAAAAAAAACK....."

    Nobody answered my desperate cries for help.
Nobody showed up; not even my little brother with his feeling of harmony.
I tried to force myself into Jack's white light, time after time, but nothing happened.
Now and then cursing, I started to become angrier and angrier with Jack, our non-existing fake spirit helper...

    AGAIN, the damned telephone started to ring!
Now, I had enough of it, and I started to curse loudly.
Dammit! Leave me alone, all of you!
I don't want to talk to ANYBODY, anymore, never, ever again!
From now on, I will take all matters into my OWN hands!

    This time, I will smash the damned thing against a wall, with all my force!
That way, no one will ever be able to disturb me again, or haunt me, using my phone!
I stormed to my desk, feeling furious, nearly stumbling over my own sore feet.
Cursing and swearing, I snatched the receiver from its cradle, almost breaking its cord.
With an angry shout, I threw my arm backwards, ready to release all my anger and frustration onto the wicked thing...

    Suddenly, somebody forcefully pushed my arm down, almost laming it.
I felt dizzy and disorientated, and didn't know what was happening to me...
    Then, I heard the panicking voice of Jack in my head, desperately shouting:

    "STOP IT! Don't do this! Please, listen first..."

    I didn't believe myself any more.
Again, I was making up that stupid voice of that non-existing ghost in my head.
This time, I even fantasized that he pushed my arm down; and my muscles were reacting to my fantasy...
Obviously, I had to call a shrink immediately, to put me under heavy medication for my hallucinations!
What a coincidence, that I used to be a shrink myself...

    Anyway, I calmed down a bit, and did as Jack told me, while my lamed arm seemed to recover.
Reluctantly, I brought the receiver to my ear; still feeling frustrated and ready to smash it if necessary.
I didn't hear anything, and almost decided to put the thing back onto its cradle.
My haunting caller didn't even seem to bother to explain why he phoned me...

    Then, I heard a faint sob, as if somebody started to cry.
Who could this be?
This certainly wasn't some happy sales representative who tried to sell me something I didn't need.
However, who else would try to call me all day and night?
    I took a deep breath, and told the receiver:

    "Hello? Who is this?" 

    "... Sniff...  DADDY! Is it really you? FINALLY, you are there! Why didn't you answer my calls before? Where were you?
"I was sooo afraid you were gone for good, and that I would never see you again...
"I called you yesterday, in the evening, again and again, and even in the middle of the night, but nobody answered...
"I was sooo afraid that they would keep you in that prison for the rest of your life; and that I would be an orphan again...
"I trembled all over, and even puked a couple of times, and I couldn’t sleep because I had nasty nightmares every time I closed my eyes and thought of you...
"John and Mom tried to call you too, but they couldn't reach you either and told me to keep on trying...
"This morning, I tried to call you again, and again you didn’t answer. I was so desperate, that I almost started to puke...
"I MISS you, daddy, and I NEED you! Please, daddy, come and get me, because I want to come home."

    "HARRY... Is this really you? My poor baby, where are you? My love, what did they do to you? I miss you so badly..."

    "I miss you too, daddy! I miss you terribly! Will you take me home, please? I want to be with you and feel safe again..."

    "Where are you, my little soul mate? Yes, of course, I will bring you home immediately! Where are you? What is the address?"

    "I don't know... But, here is John's mother."

    Thirty seconds later, I raced towards my car, clamping a piece of paper with the address in my hand.
My feet were sore and all my muscles ached, but my heart jumped around in my chest from pure happiness.

    Then, I had to turn around and race towards the back of the house, to get little Harry's hidden key and open the backdoor.
To my surprise, the key was still in its keyhole, where I forgot it, yesterday, after I unlocked the door.
This time, I was glad to be an old and forgetful grandpa!
I bolted into the house, snatched the keys and my wallet from the desk in the living room, and raced back to my car.

    At first, I was so excited that I couldn't start the engine and had to try again.
Then, I nearly crashed into a lamppost; and had to brake into a screeching halt to avoid a collision.
This wouldn't work!
Driving like this, I would never reach my boys and maybe end up in some hospital.
I took a couple of deep breaths, forcing myself to calm down and drive more carefully; and that helped.

    The town where my boys were, was around fifty miles away from our small village.
I hoped I wouldn't lose my way, because I only vaguely knew where the town was, and I didn't have a road map.
Then, I remembered driving this same road two days ago, with my boys in the rear seat, singing along with some funny song.
I grinned, bent forward, and switched the car stereo on...

    As by chance, the same song started to fill the air:

    "You are soooo beauuuutifuuuullll."

    I wasn't superstitious, but this HAD to be a good sign!


    After an hour, I entered the town, with the piece of paper still in my hand.
First, I stopped at a bookstore, to inquire where the address was.
The nice owner pointed it out to me; and, after some searching, I found it and parked the car in the street.
Next, I stopped the engine, got out, and started to look for the house number...

    Suddenly, a door opened, and two boys catapulted themselves through the air and landed on me with loud Indian shouts!
I lost my balance, and all of us landed on the sidewalk, immediately entangling into each other.
We sobbed, kissed, rubbed faces to faces; and both boys started to compete for the best place on my stomach, as usual.
I had my boys back!

    Crying from happiness, I savored this precious moment of having them in my arms again.
Nothing would ever be able to equal this feeling of relief, after all the misery we had gone through together...
Both John and little Harry tried to completely disappear into me, holding onto me with all their might.
I folded my arms around them and held them as close as possible, planning not to let them go ever again!
All three of us were sobbing and laughing at the same time, telling each other how great we felt now that we were reunited.

    After a moment of happiness, I suddenly smelled something like dog crap.
We were lying on the sidewalk, thus it could be possible that one of us had rolled around in something stinky...
    I sniffed the air again, chuckled, and told my precious young friends:

    "Boys, you know that I love you with all my heart, but let's go inside. Okay?"

    Little Harry tilted his head, looked into my eyes, and started to snicker, with an impish smile on his face:

    "Daddy, I love your body, your heart, and your soul; but you stink of dog poop!"

    After a moment of shocked silence, all three of us started to bellow with laughter.
Guffawing, we disentangled from each other, and started to search and sniff each other's clothes.
Then, we saw the culprit: a fresh and still steaming dog turd, deposited only a foot away from where we were.
Carefully, trying not to touch it, we crawled away from the stinking mound and stood up.
Both boys grabbed my hands, and enthusiastically dragged me to their temporary home.

    Trudy greeted me in the open doorway, hiding her still puffy eyes:

    "Welcome to my birth town; and, please, enter my mother's humble home. I hope you survived the boys' attacks?"

    Before I had time to answer her, little Harry took over and chuckled:

    "Mom, do you know that Daddy stank of dog poop?"

    We all bellowed with laughter, including Trudy.
I entered her mother's house with both boys hanging on my arms and still clamping my hands.
They clearly intended to clamp onto me for the remainder of their lives...
Walking together, we struggled through the open door; and it was a good thing that none of us were too fat.

    Inside her mother's house, Trudy guided us to a big leather couch in the living room.
Little Harry nestled onto my lap, and John worked himself under my left arm.
    Trudy smiled at both beaming boys, and asked me:

    "Shall I brew some coffee, to help you recover from your long drive?"

    "Yes, please, that would be wonderful."

    "With two lumps of sugar and no milk, Mom," little Harry added immediately.

    I ruffled his hair; and he melted into me even further, suddenly sobbing:

    "I missed you so badly, and I was sooo afraid that I would never see you again..."

    After a moment, Trudy returned from the kitchen with coffee for us, and colas for the boys.
In silence, we sipped our drinks and nibbled on our cookies.
Now and then, my boys and I looked at each other, to assure ourselves that we really were together again.

    Then, Trudy started to tell me her amazing story:

    Yesterday, a police officer called her, to inform her that the public prosecutor had started some investigation.
He was very concerned about a male newcomer in town, who had befriended her oldest son and a little Gypsy boy who was in her custody.
Both boys had spent the night in his house; while another young boy left them in a panic, crying and being nearly naked...
This morning, they detained the man.
At the same time, both boys were brought to their police station, to be interrogated.
The officer asked her to officially accuse the man of doing improper things to her boys, so that they could imprison him.

    At first, Trudy was totally dumbstruck, because she felt overpowered by the officer and didn't know what to think of it.
She even became angry with me; because she thought that I really had done improper things to her boys!
Feeling betrayed, she almost told the police officer to officially arrest me and lock me up...

    Then, she realized that John would never allow me to do anything improper to little Harry or to himself, without immediately raising hell and the devil.
How could she be so gullible to believe this officer's obvious slander...

    She told the officer in very clear words, that both boys were in my house with HER consent.
I was a very good friend of the family, she trusted me absolutely, and she didn't have any reason to doubt my behavior.
She forbade the officer to interrogate John and little Harry, and demanded that both children be returned to her immediately!
The officer tried to convince her otherwise, but she threatened him with a lawsuit, and told him to leave her boys alone.

    Next, she phoned her brother, who immediately came over to help her.
He drove her to the police station, where she threw an enormous tantrum and reclaimed her boys.
There was no legal way the police officers could refuse; so, five minutes later, they were on their way back home.
Two very distraught boys sat in the rear seat, crying and holding each other, being very concerned about me.
Sobbingly, they told her everything about Davey who had been afraid when he remembered his own dad entering the shower and abusing him...

    After Trudy was back in her mother's house, she called a lawyer, and asked him what she could do to help me.
The lawyer told her she couldn't do much for me at the moment, but he assured her she had done the right thing by claiming her boys.
He advised her to prevent the police from further actions against me; by immediately granting me legal guardianship of both boys.
He would prepare all the papers within half an hour; and she only had to collect them and have them signed...

    To be able to transfer legal guardianship to me, she also needed her husband's permission.
She went to Eric's office, and made an enormous scene; until he surrendered and signed all the necessary papers without looking at them!
She thanked him, and told him to leave her and all her children alone from now on.
If she ever saw him around her house again, she would immediately have him arrested for stalking her and abandoning his own children.

    Now, Trudy only needed a couple of signatures from me, plus an official document to indicate that I had never been convicted.
She already made an appointment, to bring all the signed papers to her lawyer's office sometime this afternoon.
Her only concern: was I willing to pay the lawyer's fee, because she didn't have enough money?

    I was totally speechless, and stared at her for a long time...
Trudy was willing to grant me legal guardianship of her boys, just like that?
The only thing I had to do was sign a couple of papers, and nothing more?
Of course, I would pay the lawyer, and everybody else who would help John, little Harry, and me.
However, what was the catch?
This was too easy!
Did I overlook something?

    Suddenly, I remembered Jack's words from my dream:

    "You will have a difficult time, but you will come through it okay; and, in the end, there will be victory!"

    NOW, I started to understand what Jack meant.
This certainly was a victory!
This was much more than I ever could have anticipated.

    Now, I also remembered that Jack HAD warned me in advance.
Only, I had forgotten his helpful words in my anger and desperation...
Silently, by thinking in my mind, I asked Jack to forgive me for my harsh cursing and blaming.
A second later, I heard his faint voice in my head, telling me I needed this profound experience to gain more self-confidence.
Or, did I make his voice up in my head?
Again, I wasn't sure...

    I started to believe in a new future; reunited with my boys and raising my little soul mate.
Maybe, I would even be able to help Davey overcome his fears.
My mind was still in doubt, but my heart was already sure about it.
I turned towards Trudy, hugged her, and thanked her for her trust and her generous offer.
I promised her to sign everything her lawyer needed, and to pay everything needed to help our boys.

    Then, little Harry leaned into me, and shivered:

    "They were so mean about you, Dad. They kept telling me, over and over, that you had a bad influence on me, and you had done improper things by letting me sleep in your bed.
"I told them I WANTED to sleep next to you, because I had nasty nightmares, but they wouldn't listen and asked me the same things over and over again.
"They went on and on; and, now and then, I heard John scream and shout in the other room. I wanted to be with John because I was afraid, but they didn't allow me.
"They kept asking me about the shower, and where you washed me, and if you ever played with my body, and if you ever put your finger somewhere where it didn't belong...
"At last, I started to scream and stamp my feet from fury.
"I told them they were crazy, and that you were the best Dad in the whole world, and that I loved you with all my heart and soul and WANTED to be with you for the remainder of my life!
"Suddenly, somebody called them away; and Mom and an uncle entered my prison cell and rescued John and me."

    John nodded, staring into space with a dark glow in his eyes:

    "I told them to go to hell, and that I wanted to help my little brother! They didn't allow me; and also didn't really listen to my answers.
"They kept asking the same questions over and over; until Mom and Uncle Tim arrived and rescued us..."

    Trudy went to the kitchen, to make us sandwiches.
Of course, little Harry went after her and helped her, performing his tasty magic with the help of some kitchen spices and a couple of ordinary vegetables.
Even without using his special herbs, he was the best cook I had ever known!

    After another cup of coffee for us and colas for the boys, we went to the town hall to get my official document.
Little Harry didn't even think about his burnt face, and gladly joined us inside!
To our surprise, nobody stared at him or made any nasty comments.
His proud demeanor of Royalty seemed to fend them off effectively...
I had to show my identity card; and, after twenty minutes, somebody returned with an official paper stating that I always had been a trustworthy person.

    Little Harry leaned into me and chuckled, with little fun lights in his eyes:

    "You better have it with you all the time, in case they try to arrest you again."

    We went back to our car, and drove to Trudy's lawyer.
She handed him all the signed papers; and he looked them over carefully before putting them into a folder.
He asked me to sign another couple of papers, this time from Children's Protection Services.
While I read and signed them, he advised me about how to act next time, if the police ever tried to confine me again...
He taught me quite a lot, but I hoped I never had to use any of his recommendations!

    The lawyer told me he had already contacted CPS; and, by exception, they were willing to change little Harry's custody within a few days!
For the time being, they granted me temporary custody of him, until I would be his official warden.
Being the legal guardian of both boys, I would also be responsible for their welfare and upbringing.
From now on, nobody would ever be able to take any of the boys away from me without a court order.
The lawyer had already sent a memo to the prosecutor, so that nobody would harass me from now on without a very solid reason.
Did I have any questions?

    Yes! I had one very important question for him!
I asked the lawyer about the possibility of finding little Harry's origin...
Immediately, he was very interested, and asked little Harry and me lots of questions.

    He took a small voice recorder, started it, and asked little Harry:

    "Harry, could you please tell me anything you remember about where you were living before you arrived here? Even the smallest details could be important..."

    Little Harry nodded, and started to tell him everything he remembered...
He told the lawyer about the huge mountains with their glowing tops, the campfire, the many caravans in a circle, and the vast forest.
Shuddering from his returning emotions, he told him about the police raids, the nasty witch-hunts, and his parents and him fleeing in a caravan.
He told him about the many foreign countries they traveled through, until their caravan was set ablaze and he landed in a hospital.
At last, he told the lawyer that he was a Gypsy Prince and of royal herot...something?

    "You mean that you are of ROYAL HERITAGE?"

    "Oh yeah, heritage. Sorry! It is still a difficult word..."

    "Well, that is marvelous! I mean, this should make finding your relatives a lot easier. Do you remember which country you came from?"

    "No. I think my country sounds like my name, Harold Romani, but it also sounds a little different. Sorry, but I can't remember anything else..."

    "Well, I am very happy with all the things you told me. Now, please, could you try to tell the recorder a couple of words in your OWN language?"

    Little Harry hesitated, while he searched his memory for the language he once used to speak...
Then, he told the voice recorder a series of strange sounding words.
    I didn't understand any of them, but the lawyer seemed to be very pleased:

    "Thank you very much! Listening to you speak, I think you come from Rumania or Bulgaria, because your words seem to sound Balkan.
"I am sure we have enough information, and I promise I will do everything I can to find your people."

    I thanked the lawyer for his help, and promised him a retainer with enough money to cover his expenses.
Little Harry even hugged him, making the lawyer blush.
He walked us to the exit, again promising us to do his best to find little Harry's origin.


    We went back to our car, and returned to Trudy's temporary home.
To my surprise, Mark and Marrie opened the front door, and let us in.
In the living room, we met Trudy's mother.
They had been shopping, to give us some space...

    Again, we had to tell our stories, and they reacted with astonishment and indignation.
We were living in a strange world, weren’t we?
What a horrible idea, to have such a nosy neighbor around.
Fortunately, everything turned out for the best; and we were free again.
From now on, we could forget everything; and we could go on with our lives as if nothing happened...

    Little Harry, John, and I stole furtive glances at each other, shaking our heads.
Outwardly, we nodded in agreement; but, inwardly, we decided to agree rather than go into an emotional discussion.
We had nothing to gain; and nobody would REALLY understand what we had been through...

    I thanked Trudy abundantly for her help and trust, and both boys hugged and kissed her, promising her to be good boys and always listen to me.

    We left her house, went to our car, and drove off; with both boys buckled up in the rear seats and looking happy.
I scanned our car stereo for some nice music, but our special song didn't pop up this time.
Soon, we started to sing along with the music; and our joyful feelings of being together and belonging to each other returned.


    An hour later, I parked our car in our driveway, and we were HOME.
Little Harry snatched the keys out of my hand and opened our front door with a proud face and a deep bow; letting me enter first...
Then, all of us lined up in the hallway, waiting impatiently for our turn to have a quick leak.
We went to our kitchen, and the boys helped me with coffee and colas.
We took them to our living room, and sat down on our couch, close to each other.
After drinking our coffee and colas, little Harry climbed onto my lap, and John melted into my side.
Sitting together, we looked around...

    Our living room felt very strange, as if it wasn't OUR home any more.
All the desperation of the past events still hung around, as a dark cloud.
The drawers were still open, the computer was turned around, the CD's were spread all over my desk, and the contents of the boxes still littered the floor...

    Little Harry looked around with anguish on his face, and shivered:

    "Dad, can't we make our room normal again? The police officers made such a mess of everything... I want to forget all about them."

    In unison, we decided to clean our house from all the negative energies.
We opened all the windows, to let the feelings of desperation out, and lots of fresh air in.
In the meantime, we went into the shower and washed each other from head to toe, to free ourselves from all the negative energies.
Then, we cleared out all the disturbances of the unwelcome police visit.
We tidied the drawers, emptied the boxes, and put the contents away.
We vacuumed the floor, and cleaned the furniture and the windows.

    Finally, our house started to feel fresh and clean again.
Little Harry took his mask from the model, made its inside sticky, and put it on with a little help from me.
He and John wanted to visit the village market; to buy a bunch of flowers, a couple of candles, and a huge package of incense.
I handed them some money, and they went away with their arms around each other's waists.

    Within half an hour, they were back, and John handed me the change.
Soon, our house filled with a nice fragrance, and our home started to feel like a home again.
I helped little Harry clean his mask and put it back onto the model.
Feeling content, we sat on our couch and enjoyed each other's company.
Both boys leaned into me, and I had my arms around them and held them close.
We were together as if nothing had happened, and everything felt normal again...

    Suddenly, our doorbell rang, loudly reverberating through the hallway!
I bolted upright in shock, while my heart nearly leapt out of my throat.
John jumped up, cursed furiously, balled his fists, and stormed to the front door; ready to murder all the police officers in the world!

    Little Harry trembled all over and started to moan.
He curled up into a tight ball, shuddering from sudden fear.
I pulled him close, while we heard John throw open the front door...

    Then, a familiar voice sounded, asking John why he looked so angry.
John mumbled some excuse; and the other voice started to laugh...
    Davey entered our living room, sniffing and complimenting the incense:

    "It smells good here! I was at your house before, but nobody was home and your car was gone.
"Mom told me that the police phoned her, and they wanted to ask me a couple of questions about you...
"Only, she didn't let them, and told them to leave me alone. Did they really ARREST you?"

    This time, John told us his version of our big adventure...

    Two police officers took us to their station, where they separated us into three different rooms.
An officer asked him a couple of nasty questions about my conduct, but he told him to shut up and go to hell!
All he wanted to do was help his little brother, who he heard sobbing and screaming in the other room...
The bloodsucker didn't allow him, and kept on asking his filthy questions about me and whether I ever tried to do anything improper with him or with Harry.
Until he told the man to shut up and leave him alone, because they didn't seem to know anything about love and mutual respect.
Big Harry was the most reliable and trustworthy man in the whole world, and he would NEVER do anything improper to ANYBODY, including him, Harry, or any other children!
Suddenly, the man was called away; and his mother and Uncle Tim rescued him.
They collected Harry from the other room, and took them home.
A lawyer filed a couple of papers, granting Big Harry custody over his little brother and himself.
Now, Dad was his legal guardian, and nobody could take him or Harry away without a court order.

    Silence returned into the room.
Little Harry crawled back onto my lap, John cuddled up to my left side, and Davey leaned against my right side.
I put my arms around all of them, and held them close.
For a long time, all of us dwelled in our own memories...

    Then, Davey looked up at me with a longing in his eyes:

    "Can't you be my guardian too? Please? I want you to be my Dad too..."

    "Well, Davey, thank you for your wonderful compliment! However, I think you will have to ask your mother's permission first."

    "Yes, I will certainly ask her! But, please, may I call you 'Dad' in advance, starting today? Please?"

    "You may call me 'Dad' from now on, but only if your mother agrees."

    "Of course, she agrees! Thank you, Dad, and I love you very much! YES! From now on, I finally have a REAL Dad..."

    Davey started to sob, smothered my face with kisses, and almost strangled my neck.
My third son had found himself a new Dad...

    How many kids would follow?



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