Three Wishes

****Here is yet another diaper boy love story deep from within my warped and twisted mind. In this story you will find all sorts of gay sex involving adult and minor males, diaper use, and a whole lot of wishful thinking. Almost all that I write about in this story, at least the non sexual stuff, I wish that I could actually do. Come to think of it, I suppose I wish it were legal for me to do half of the sexual stuff too, but sadly it is not, so this is the only way that will ever happen, I hope the same is true for all you out there. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy this latest story that I have written, and even though it has taken me well over two years to complete, since I got stuck half way through, I think I got the time line alright. As always, I would love to hear from you, so please email me at erich5748 @****

If you were given the chance, the chance to make three wishes, what would you wish for. Sounds like a simple enough question, and the answer could not be more simple right. Well, you would be sorely mistaken. How do you make the choice, what would best benefit you for the rest of your life, what if you make a mistake. What would happen if you made the wrong choice, you could not possibly go back and fix it. All this and more ran through a lonely mans head the night that he was asked what his three wishes were to be, for almost anything could be granted. There were rules of course, there are always rules. First rule was that you could not ask for more wishes, of course that made sense enough. Second rule was that you could not ask to bring anyone from the dead back to life, because it just could not be done. Third rule was that you could not wish for anyone to die, that was immoral, so therefore was wrong. There were others, but those were the main ones.

That night Ryan had been searching a cave that he had come across. As far as he could tell, no one had been in there for hundreds of years, it did not even look as if animals went inside it, there was just too much littering the way for that, even though it was large and open. He had also never seen the cave before in his life, even though he had trekked through these woods dozens of times, and had probably walked right past it half those times. It was large enough in fact that for quite a ways he was able to walk fully upright. As the cave started going down hill, it narrowed and shrunk slightly, but he was still able to walk easily enough. All of a sudden it came to a dead end, there was nothing, nothing at all. But, just as he was about to turn around and head out, his flashlight caught something that glimmered, it caught his eye and his curiosity enough to go check it out.

He almost laughed at the absurdity of it, it was a lamp, just like the pictures in the movie Aladdin showed. It was dusty and dirty, it was hidden in a sort of alcove on a shelf, meant to be unseen, but Ryan saw it. He almost decided that it just was not worth the effort, that he should just leave it alone, but somehow it pulled him to it. Maybe it had been calling out to him and him only, who knows, so he grabbed it.

It did not require him to rub it though, no, nothing quite like that, just grabbing it was more than enough. If it were not for the fact that his hands were paralyzed with fear, he probably would have dropped the lamp when the shimmering light based being emerged from the lamp. It too did not look really anything human like, but also nothing like the movie either, he found he could not explain what he saw, nor did he ever try to either.

When he was asked what he would like for his three wishes, he almost choked, but managed to ask for a few moments of thought. This was of course granted, because the genie understood, knew his thoughts, and knew how important this decision was, not to mention, what was just a few measly minutes to a being tens of thousands of years old. Finally after almost half an hour of thought, Ryan came up with the answer.

“Genie, I wish to be the smartest person in the world, I want to know anything and everything that I ever want to know?”

“But you could wish for money untold!”

“Yes, but with knowledge, I could make as much money, but just money alone and I would not be able to use it wisely.”

“A very wise answer, you are already very smart, so I will grant you your first wish, you will know the answer to any question that you would ever wish to ask.”

“Thank you. For my second wish, I wish to have unlimited health. I never wish to get sick at all.”

“Do you realize the implications of that wish young man?”

“I believe that I do.”

“That would make you almost entirely immortal, unless you were killed by someone else, you will never die. Not even chemicals taken internally, unless very acidic could kill you. It would also essentially halt your aging, so you could stay the same age for an eternity.”

“I understand.”

“I thought as much, that too will be granted.”

“Thank you. For my third and last wish, I wish to have complete control over every super human power that has ever been written about.”

“Given how much I can tell that you have read in the past, I believe that you understand the seriousness of such a request. Such a wish would make you nearly as powerful as I myself am, however a genie such as myself would still be stronger, but only because we cannot die.”

“I understand completely, and that is why I wish it.”

“I can only grant that wish with the promise that you will never use any of those powers for evil, to do so would kill you instantly. We are not allowed to make you into a power hungry beast, but I can tell that you would not do that, however, you must still agree to instant death should you decide to use your powers as such.”

“I understand and I agree wholeheartedly.”

“Very well, you have used your three wishes. You may now put my lamp back where you found it and leave this cave. It will disappear shortly after you leave, never to be seen again by you or anyone else until it is someone elses time to find me.”

“I thank you very much for your kindness.” Ryan said kindly and put the lamp back after the genie disappeared.

He walked out of the cave and started walking back toward his home. Once he was about fifteen meters away from the cave entrance, he turned to look at the cave, and was just in time to see it disappear right before his very eyes.

“Okay, I'm either having a very weird dream, or somehow someone got me very high on drugs, either that or I died in my sleep and this is just some weird place.” Ryan muttered to himself.

“Oh well if it is, let's see what I can do.” Ryan said again, and then started using powers that he had read about.

The first thing that he tried was flying, and for nearly fifteen minutes Ryan flew through the air, soaring with the eagles, and he was having a blast. When he landed, he tried levitating something, so picked up a rock with his mind, and then threw it at a tree. He misjudged the amount of power he used though, because the rock, which was upwards of a few hundred kilograms, just blasted right through the tree, leaving an almost completely clean cut. Ryan heard and saw a few other trees get taken out by the rock, and then all of a sudden, the tree started falling toward him. Instinctively Ryan put up his hands and called upon a shield to form. He felt the gigantic tree hit the shield and then bounce off, leaving him perfectly safe. For a few hours Ryan stood in the middle of the deserted woods playing with his powers, trying to figure out what all he could do. Finally his stomach told him that it was getting seriously close to meal time, so he listened and headed home. He made himself invisible, something that he had tried, and flew all the way home. When he got there, he just decided to walk right through the door, and he slipped through it as if he were a ghost.

“Wow, this is so cool, it's gonna really suck when I wake up though to find that this has been a dream and that I have to go back to my boring life.” Ryan sighed, and then started making himself dinner for one as he normally did.

But it was not a dream, because shortly thereafter Ryan went to bed and fell fast asleep. He awoke the next morning thinking that it had been a dream, but decided to humor himself and levitated himself out of bed. It shocked him so bad that he peed himself quite badly. The shock was so much, and the pee even more so, that it caused his already full diaper to start to leak.

Ryan was just out of community college, twenty two years young, orphan from the time that he was six months old, and a serious bed wetter. It had been that simple fact that had caused him to have to move from home to home to home as a child, after a few months the foster family that he was with would get sick of the wet beds and ask for him to be transferred to a new home. Very few of them would pay for him to have the diapers that he loved. He had known that he loved diapers from as young as eight he figured, but few families wanted to pay for them, even though he truly did need them. Even his doctor told him that it would be a life long affliction, that he would never be out of diapers for bed, due to a kidney problem. It did affect him during the day as well, but nothing like at night, and although he wanted to wear diapers during the day as well, he did not, because he did not want the ridicule should he be found out, not to mention that he barely had the money to buy them. Every last cent that he had went into paying off his schooling and paying the rent on his meager little house.

Ryan had graduated high school with honors, and had received some pretty good scholarships because of it, but sadly, even with as much money as he had saved up from working through high school, it was not enough for him to go to more than the community college. There he went for the business management and web design and management courses. It was a tough three years for him, and the student loans barely gave him enough to survive on. He had a small room above a garage during school that was cheap, but given that he was taking both courses as intense courses, five years crammed into three, he was unable to work at the time, so it was all he could afford. Luckily the scholarships did pay for the schooling, or he never would have been able to make it. He finished almost a year ago, but even with passing with the highest of honors that the school offered, Ryan was unable to find decent employment.

He exited school at the beginning of what sounded as if it could be a nasty recession, so only ended up getting a job as an assistant manager of a large chain store. Certainly not what his schooling said he should have, in fact he should have been made CEO of the damn place, he had the qualifications to do so. It was enough though, for the time being. He kept his little room above the garage for almost six months afterward, but the selling of the house meant he had to move, so he found his small house on the outskirts of town and moved there.

Ryan was pretty slim, nearly skinny, he had little definition on his body at all, he wore plain black framed glasses, was pale skinned, and was thankfully no more a pimple faced kid, although he still had problems with that too. Ryan also knew that he was gay, but had never had any action with another guy before, although he certainly dreamed of it, a lot. During high school he just worked too hard to try and break free from the chains that were cast upon him by his parents, his only family dying on him and leaving him a total orphan. He knew from a young age that orphans had a hard lot in life, because they had no one to help them, so therefore he knew that whatever he wanted in life he would have to work harder for than anyone else.

So, being sexually, financially and work frustrated, almost made Ryan depressed. He certainly was not rolling in the money like he had been hoping that he would have been by now. He did make the best of it though. He liked to go for long walks in the woods that were near his house, and could do so for hours at a time, just thinking things through. That had been the reason he had been in the woods at the time that he found that cave.

“Crap, now I haveta change my sheets again.” Ryan muttered to himself, because he had leaked right onto his bed, where he was floating above.. “Oh well, not like it's not a normal occurrence for me anyway.” Ryan said sadly, meaning that he often wet right through the cheap diapers he was forced to buy for himself, thus he still wet the bed at least twice a week, even though he was diapered.

Standing there looking at the bed, he wondered if he could just clean them with his mind, so told the sheets to clean themselves, and they did. He then told the bed to make itself with his mind, and it did it. Ryan smiled brightly, thinking that this could make life far easier on him. The one thing though that he did not do was ask himself to fix his kidneys, he did not want to, he loved wearing diapers, and had a ready excuse for it, so why would he fix it.

That all happened just a little more than seven years ago now, and Ryan was still somewhat depressed, however that was because of a different reason. The past seven years had gone exceedingly well for Ryan. He started his own business, and with his uncanny knowledge was able to take the world by storm. He invented a few really cool things that people found that they just could not live without, made more than twenty million his first year just from five different items, and each year after that he continued to make even more money. He had built for him a huge mansion in the very woods where his life changed, he bought the entire five hundred plus acres, left ninety percent of the trees, cleared a couple acres of the interior for his huge house and built the largest house he could imagine, but it was just for himself.

For the first few years he was happy, how could he not be right, he had everything that he had ever wanted in life, he was a huge success, his name was on the tongue of every person, he was quickly moving toward being the youngest and richest man in the world. He had it all, but no, not really. He was still gay, but he had still never had sex. Now at the age of twenty nine, it just was not cool to be a virgin. Sure he had the offers, but ninety nine percent of them were from women, and that made him sick, and the one guy that offered should have been a woman, he was so feminine, but that turned him off almost as much. He almost did take the offer though, just to say that he had finally had sex, that was two years ago. The problem was that Ryan was finding that he did not look at the men nearly so much as he did the younger teens, and even a few older boys.

This of course scared Ryan, as well as depressed him even more. How could he possibly have a relationship with a boy or a young teen. Not only was it hugely illegal, but how could he even find a willing boy. What he had failed to realize, even after all those years, for some weird reason, was that he could easily read minds if he would just try. He would know the very thoughts of anyone if he would just try. In fact, over the past few years with as busy as Ryan had been, he had not consciously used any of his powers. Mostly he just felt when people were lying, or otherwise not being truthful with him, but for the most part had not actually used one single power.

As he was sitting at his nice new computer at his large desk in his own private study that no one ever got to enter, not even his twice weekly cleaning lady, searching the internet for all sorts of great things, and sitting there in a really nice big, thick, warm and comfortable diaper, he thought about it.

Then with surprise Ryan felt someones mind, and then a few of them, and then a hundred or so, then a thousand. He was searching outward, and it surprised him that while he was able to peer into thousands of minds within a few hundred kilometers or so from him, it also surprised him at how easily he was able to do so. Ignoring his computer for the time being, he searched probably everyone's mind within his range. He had to chuckle to himself a few times at how if people knew what some of these people were thinking that they would end up in jail. In fact he felt that fully half the people were thinking things at times that would land them in jail if they were to act on those thoughts. He was painfully hard in his diaper as well because of some of the thoughts that these people were having. It disgusted him though when he found thoughts, especially the sexual ones, of women, but the ones about boys sure were keeping him painfully hard.

There was one special boy though that Ryan came across. He was twelve years old, he too was gay, was also a bed wetter, also an orphan, in fact he had never known his parents either, and he was depressed as well because he thought that he would never find a man to love him. That was not the only thing causing him depression though, because he too had to wake up nightly to a wet bed, because even still few of the families that he was with wanted to spend the money on his problem, so therefore was constantly moving around as well. Ryan kept going back to that boy, and before he even knew it, he knew everything that there was to know about the boy, and had fallen in love with him. He had no clue how to go about doing it, but just knew that he had to meet the boy.

During the night, he kept watching the boy, watching his dreams, because Ryan never slept, he did not need to, although he occasionally did if he were really bored, he came up with a plan. He decided to put on a contest at all the local schools, get to tour his facilities and meet the owner, him. Then he figured that he would rig it so that this charming young boy would win, and they could meet.

The next three weeks after that Ryan set it all up, and every day he watched the boy from afar, from his mind, and fell further in love with the boy. Even still though he had to wonder if the boy would also love him, but figured that they could start out slow, just like they should.

Finally the day came to announce the winner, and a one Bobby Brown was declared the winner of the grand prize. The boy was hugely excited to get to go tour the facilities of the single largest company in the country and meet the owner and inventor that started it all. He was so excited in fact that he peed his pants at school, something that he had always feared would happen, had thankfully never had happen, but now it did, and the mean kids at school that always picked on him saw that and started picking on him even more. Not only were they jealous of the nerd boy winning the grand prize, but a few of them were jealous of the boy standing there in wet pants. Others just felt sorry for the boy who had no friends, especially the teachers, who finally made it there to try and rescue the boy, but sadly it was much too late for that.

Three days later and they finally met. Bobby had to endure almost unending torture from his class mates at school because of the wetting while at school, and the misery caused him to wet a further two more times while at school. It was becoming so bad that he was starting to think of not even bothering to go, maybe skip class, or just quit altogether. He knew what his social worker would say about that though. Maybe she would at least transfer him to another home and another school again, that would maybe make it better. But finally Saturday morning came, that was the day that Bobby was to be picked up by a limousine at his house and taken out for the entire day, he was scheduled to be back home by no later than eight pm that day, and it was only just eight am, so it was to be twelve hours of touring and visiting with Ryan.

Bobby was scared though, what if he peed his pants again while with Ryan, what if he acted like a baby and the man sent him home because he was not worth his time. He had waken up especially wet that morning, and had already almost peed his pants twice from both the excitement and the nerves that he had. He made it to the toilet, but only just barely both times, and he had only been up for an hour. He was nervously watching out the living room window for the limo to arrive, and when it did, he called out that he was gone, that his ride was there. His foster mom called out have fun, but otherwise did nothing else.

Here Bobby was, a twelve year old boy, mousy brown, medium length cut hair, a few scattered freckles on his light complexioned face, light green eyes, and a cute little nose. He wore glasses and had braces on his teeth, he hated how he looked, but others thought he was cute, adorable even. He was about a meter and a half tall, easily ten centimeters shorter than the next smallest kid in his grade, in fact most of the grade below him was bigger. He also weighed a good five kilograms less than what his age suggested he should be. He was also a good couple years away from the pubertal hell that a few of the boys and most of the girls in his class were already experiencing.

Bobby headed out of the house and to the waiting limo, the driver had already gotten out and was waiting with the door open for him to climb in, he had a warm smile for the boy. It was the largest limo that Bobby had ever seen before, and he was once again nervous, what if he peed on the seat, he would be in so much trouble if he did. Without a word he crawled in, and was about to sit down, when he realized he was not alone in the back, there was a man there, a man that he would recognize anywhere, it was Ryan Maverick, the most famous person in their city, and maybe even country. And with that shock, came the becoming all too familiar wetness, Bobby was peeing again.

Bobby looked down in horror, burst into tears, and tried to get back out, but the door had already been closed, and they were in the process of leaving already.

“I'm so sorry.” Bobby blurted out. “I didn't mean to act like a baby.” He cried even more.

“Bobby, look at me please?” Ryan asked softly, and waited for the boy to look up, he really was a beautiful boy, but his eyes looked so sad.

“Bobby, you have nothing to fear of me, and I already knew of your wetting problems. I received a report from the school, as well as I have your file from the ministry of children. I know how you feel, because that sort of thing happened to me as well as a kid, and still does, just no one ever has to know about it. I also know that because you're a foster child, that more than likely most families won't pay for the diapers that you very clearly need, and probably even want. I certainly wanted them, hell, I probably loved them, but rarely ever did I get them. If you'd like, I'd be happy to put you into a diaper. I noticed that you have a back pack with you, and I'd probably correctly assume that you have a change of clothes in there for just in case this happened.”

“I appreciate your trying to say that to make me feel better, but you don't need to. I'd rather diaper myself though, if you don't mind, but I'll certainly wear one so that I don't pee all over the place again.” Bobby blushed through his tears.

“I can turn around while you change yourself, but I wasn't just trying to make you feel better, trust me. Let me show you actually.” Ryan said, and then stood up, having to stay bent down a bit of course, it was not that large a limo, and took down his pants more than enough to show that he was wearing a more than soggy diaper.

“You see, I probably wouldn't be wearing a wet diaper if I didn't need them. In my case I need them, but I also like them, so it's not so bad.”

“Really, and here I thought I was the only one that liked diapers. My last home had given me diapers for a while, but realized that they cost too much, so stopped that. I loved it, but now I don't get them.”

“Well, for you I have a gift, the nicest thickest, most comfortable diapers that you could imagine. In fact, here you are.” Ryan said, and then reached into a bag and pulled out a nice thick plastic covered diaper in just the right size for the boy.

“Thanks.” Bobby blushed again and took the offered diaper in shaking hands.

Ryan turned around and left the boy to his privacy, so Bobby laid on the floor after removing his wet pants and underwear, put the diaper under his bum, pulled it up and taped it on. He then reached into his bag for the spare pair of pants that he had brought with him and slipped them on. He then put his shoes back on, and then sat down.

“Okay, I'm dressed. Thanks a lot for understanding.”

“No problem at all Bobby. How is school going since your accidents there?”

“Miserable. I almost skipped yesterday, but I just couldn't do it. The kids there are so mean, well at least some of them are. Others just ignore me, and a few look at me with sad looks on their faces, as if they pity me. I hope that my social worker will move me and I can go to a different school again, but I'm hardly even feeling anymore when I have to pee, so I just don't know what I'm gonna do. My doctor says that my bladder's getting worse, it just won't hold much or for long. My test results should be in soon, but he suspects that I'm completely losing control. I just don't know what I'll do if that happens. It's bad enough wetting the bed every night, but peeing my pants every day at school will be horrible.”

“Oh Bobby, I'm so sorry. You've had it even worse than I did as a kid, but I'll do everything that I can to help you out. I'll even buy you the diapers that you need, if the ministry won't pay for them. Actually, I'll just buy them for you, because they'll more than likely just buy you the cheap ones that don't work worth shit, but I'll buy the the best and most comfortable ones, just like the one you're wearing now. How does it feel anyway?”

“Oh, this is the most comfortable diaper I've ever worn before, thanks. I really appreciate it.” Bobby said, this time with a few happy tears rolling down.

“That's good, I'm glad you like them. I had them made just for you in my factory. I'll have them make more for you then.”

“Really, you had these made just for me?”

“Yeah, they're the same as the adult ones I designed a few years ago for myself, I sell them now of course, but I hadn't had them made in children's sizes, but I will from now on.”

“Wow, that would be so cool, thanks.”

“You're welcome. So where would you like to tour first then?”

“How about the factory where you make these diapers?”

“Consider it done.” Ryan smiled and paged the driver as to where to head first.

They arrived only a few minutes later, and Ryan and Bobby got out. Bobby followed Ryan closely all the way into the building, watching as Ryan used his hand to get scanned, and then he had to enter a code as well to gain access.

“Wow, good security, but how come?”

“You'd be surprised at how many people try and get in without permission. I get corporate spy's here all the time trying to figure out my secrets, but of course I find out right away and they are politely asked to remove themselves from my property. Usually they pee themselves when they're asked with a gun to their heads, and the company that they're really working for usually receives a summons to court because I sue their sorry asses into the ground. Oh sorry, I really shouldn't talk like that in front of you.” Ryan said.

“That's okay, I'm used to it. I've been called worse by my foster families before, usually because I'm a filthy animal.” Bobby muttered.

“That's horrible, and certainly not allowed. Have you ever complained to your social worker?”

“Yeah, but there's only so much she can do, and because there's usually nowhere else for me to go to, if I tattle it only gets worse where I'm staying. Some of the places though were great, even if they didn't let me wear diapers to bed. One of them for instance let me wear a cloth diaper that she had had for her son, it was a little too small, but it was better than nothing. I didn't like the cloth diapers really though, so I'm glad I wasn't with her for too long. Granted it was better than waking up in a wet bed every night.”

“I know what you mean, I had the same things growing up. So, here's my main factory, over half my items are made right here. Many of the machines here can be configured to produce almost any number of things, so it makes it really easy.”

“Where's all the people? I thought that most factories ran pretty much all day every day.”

“Most do, but I don't. I treat my employees very well, and they all get weekends off. I work two shifts during the week, five to three and three to eleven, with over five hundred people working each shift, and that's just this factory, the others are of course smaller. We produce more than enough though for the demand, as well as extra for just in case.”

“So, what all do you make here then?”

“Well, the adult diapers, a couple other personal items, all of the electronics items that I sell, and a couple other small things. The next largest factory in town makes all the cars that I designed and sell, and then the last factory makes the home appliances.”

“Cool. So can you show me how all this stuff works then?”

“Sure, we have twelve hours to have fun, and I can show and teach you anything that you'd like.” Ryan smiled warmly to the boy, and at that moment Bobby thought that there was only one thing that he would like the wonderful man to teach him, and that was all about sex.

Ryan nearly blushed from that, but managed to hold it in check. For the next two hours though they toured the entire facility and Bobby learned everything that he could.

“Well, I don't know about you, but I'm getting hungry, let's say we head back to my place now for some lunch, and I don't know about you, but I could go for a diaper change. Mind you, you've only been wearing yours for a few hours, whereas mine's nearly ten hours old already and is becoming quite wet.”

“I could really use lunch, thanks, and my diaper is getting pretty wet as well. It'll probably hold more, but I'm a pretty heavy wetter when I'm nervous, scared or excited.”

“Just a sec, let me tell the driver to come and get us to take us home.” Ryan said, and then called up the driver and told him to meet them at the main entrance. “There, sorry about that. He'll have gone and parked and played his portable game system while waiting for us, he'll be here in a few moments, probably about the same time we make it to the front door.”

“No prob.” Bobby smiled warmly.

They went and met the limo at the front door, the driver letting them in and closing the door behind them. As soon as they were seated, they were on their way to Ryan's house.

“So tell me Bobby, how long have you had accidents like this?”

“All my life actually. I can usually hold during the day 'til I get to a bathroom, but it's been getting more and more difficult lately. My doctor says that I'm finally starting to grow, but as suspected, my bladder isn't growing as well. It hasn't grown more since I was probably two he said, but certainly hasn't grown any since I was five at all. Apparently it was really tough to potty train me because of it. I've never had a dry night though, ever. I know I'm losing complete control though, and my doctor and specialists both say that it isn't repairable, so I guess I'll have to wear diapers from now on. I'd really appreciate you giving me the diapers for that, thanks.”

“Yeah, I noticed that you're pretty small for your age, but that's okay, I think you're cute just as you are.” Ryan smiled warmly. “So tell me, how long have you loved diapers then?”

“No idea. How about you?”

“For as long as I can remember.”

“Yeah, same here.”

“You and I are a lot alike Bobby, you know that right?”

“How so?”

“Well, we're both orphans from a very young age, neither one of us ever really knew our parents. We've both wet our beds our entire lives and have had to deal with wet beds because of foster parents not wanting to pay for diapers for us. We're both more than a little smart, but are or were completely alienated at school, shy and not good with other kids. And unless I'm very much mistaken, both gay as can be.”

“Yeah, we are a lot alike. Wait a minute, did you say you're gay too?”

“Yes I did. Like I said, you and I are a lot alike.” Ryan smiled warmly.

“Wow, that's so cool. I've been so scared of being found out by anyone, and I've always wanted to meet a nice gay man.” Bobby said with a few happy tears streaking down.

“Yeah, I was the same as well, even now I don't want to be found out. I suppose it would be fine, but I don't want anyone to know anything about me.”

“Yeah, how come no one knows anything about you? The papers always try to dig up some sort of dirt on you, but they never get anything. All they do is speculate.”

“Let's just say that I never let anyone near me that I think may not be telling the entire truth. Maybe if we get to know each other better you can find out more about that.”

“Okay, and I promise never to tell anyone about you either.”

“Thanks, I'd appreciate that, but I knew you wouldn't anyway. I can tell that you're a very trustworthy young man and would never tell someone's secrets.”

“Thanks for trusting me, I won't let you down.” Bobby smiled warmly.

They chatted amiably for the rest of the drive to Ryan's house, and when they got there, the driver was told to go ahead and head home for a couple hours or so, because they would take about that long. And then Ryan and Bobby headed into the house.

“Wow, I always figured your house would be nice, but this is massive. Are you the only one that lives here though?”

“Thanks. Yeah, I'm the only one that lives here, and it is huge, almost too big actually. Hell, it's way too big. I built it my first year after getting rich, just because I'd always wanted a nice big house. Now I think it was kind of stupid to do, but oh well. I do have everything here that I could ever want or need.”

“How come you don't have kids, you'd be a great father?” Bobby asked innocently.

“Well, for the past few years I've concentrated just too much on the running of my businesses that I've hardly had a chance to think. The main reason though I think you know. How would I have children?”

“Easy, you could adopt, or you could screw some girl just to get her pregnant.”

“The second one's certainly not gonna happen any time soon, just the thought of seeing a female naked makes me soft. Oh my god, what did I just say?” Ryan blushed.

“That's okay, I'm a boy too, I know all about my dick getting hard, and I'm the same. I once walked in on one of my foster sisters while naked, man was that gross. She even had hair down there, it looked so wrong. Now, when the same thing happened with a foster brother, I almost stayed standing there and watching, but I didn't want to get called names by him again. He was really hot though, he had a nice big hairy dick.” Bobby said huskily, and then blushed.

“Yep, you are certainly a little gay baby boy, aren't you? And it sounds as if you like the older boys.” Ryan smiled warmly.

“Yeah, that's not a problem is it?”

“Of course not, why would it be?”

“Well, because I'm supposed to like boys my own age if I'm gay, but I don't, I like em older.”

“Well, as long as they're not too much older, I don't see that as being too much of a problem.” Ryan said, and then the thought popped into Bobby's head that Ryan could not miss. He was thinking, 'well what if I wanted a hot adult like you.' This time Ryan did blush. Bobby saw it though this time.

“Why are you blushing all of a sudden?” Bobby asked curiously.

“I've never in my life talked like this with anyone, let alone a young man such as yourself.” Ryan said, covering his tracks as well as he could.

“Oh. For a minute there I thought I said what I was thinking again!” Ryan blushed.

“Do you do that often, and what were you thinking?”

“Yeah, sometimes my mouth moves faster than my brain. My foster mom says it's a common affliction with boys. As for what I was thinking, I'd really rather not say, it'd probably get me in trouble.”

“Nah, nothing that you could possibly say to me would get you in trouble. Well, what should we have for lunch? We can have pizza, or we can have hamburgers and french fries, or I could make spaghetti. You get to choose, and don't worry about what you ask for, because you get to help cook it.”

“You mean you don't have your own cook, and I haven't seen a butler or a maid either? Where are all your servants?”

“No, I have a lady who comes in a couple times a week to clean my place, but otherwise it's pretty much just me here. Once a week a gardener comes in to do the yard as well, but again otherwise it's just me. I don't like a lot of people around me in my private space, I have too many secrets for that.”

“Oh, I understand, and I'd probably be the same if I were you. I think I'd like hamburgers and french fries please, I really like that.” Bobby smiled.

“Okay. I have some ground beef in the fridge that we can use. You get to peel the potatoes and then cut them up.”

“Okay, cool.” Bobby said happily.

They headed into the kitchen, and Bobby stopped and stared. He doubted that most restaurants in the area had as nice a kitchen as what Ryan had.

“Wow, what a kitchen.”

“Thanks. This is my most favorite room of the entire house. I love to cook, so I made the kitchen of my dreams. You'll find the potatoes in that cupboard there, knives and peelers in that drawer there, and there's a fry cutter in that drawer there. I'll get started on the beef, but I guess I should get the grill and the fryer heating up first.” Ryan said, and then got started.

“Okay, cool. Thanks.”

They worked together in the kitchen for a little while, preparing and then cooking their lunch. They hardly talked at all, but they did look to each other and smile a lot. Once the food was cooking, they got all the condiments prepared as well, and set it all on the counter where there were some stools around it, Ryan figured that they would just eat in there.

“Man, this smells so good, but we made way too much.”

“Yeah, and it looks good too. Don't worry about that too much though, we'll put a really good dent in it. So dig in and enjoy.”

And boy did they ever enjoy it as well. It was possibly the very best burger and fries that Bobby had ever had in his life, and he ended up eating two massive burgers with all the trimmings. The fries were nearly as good as well, and he had a large plate full of them. Ryan ate two and a half burgers and only a little more fries than Bobby had had, but even still, there was food left over.

“Oh god, that was good.” Bobby sighed as he finished his last bite.

“Yes, that it was. That's one of my favorite meals for sure, and I always end up eating way too much when I do make it. Well, I don't know about you, but I really need a diaper change now. I should have done it before we made lunch, but I haven't started leaking yet. How about you?”

“I haven't started leaking yet either, but I will soon, as soon as all that pop starts exiting.” Bobby giggled.

“Yeah, me too for sure.”

“Can you change me this time?”

“Of course I can. I'm going to put in a diaper doubler as well, just because I like my diapers to feel a little more full. Would you like me to put one in yours as well?”

“Sure, I've never worn a diaper with a doubler before, but I'd like to try it.” Bobby smiled warmly.

“If you're as much a diaper lover as I am and think that you just might be, you'll love it.”

“Yeah.” Bobby said softly.

Ryan showed Bobby to a room that Ryan used almost solely for diaper changes. It had a bed in there that was set up just for diaper changes, there was a table with all sorts of diapers and diaper accessories on it. There was powder and cream, lotion and baby oil amongst all the diapers. Bobby loved it.

“What about diapers for me though?”

“I have the rest of the pack that I had made for you in here as well. I just left them in here, because I knew you would need a change before too long, and you would have been able to change yourself in here, or I would have changed you if you had needed help, or in this case wanted me to diaper you.”

“Oh, that's cool. Thanks.” Bobby smiled again.

“You're welcome. Would you like to help me get changed as well?” Ryan asked softly.

“Yes.” Bobby next to whispered.

“Okay. Would you like to go first, or should I?”

“You can go first.” Bobby said softly.

“Okay.” Ryan said, and started removing his pants.

As soon as Ryan had his pants off, he laid down and waited for Bobby. Bobby grabbed the cream and the powder, the wipes, a diaper and a doubler and came to the bed to change Ryan. He was really nervous, because not only was this to be his first time diapering someone else, but he also could not wait to see Ryan naked. Ryan of course knew all this, and was expectantly waiting to see how far the boy would go, or if he would at all. In some ways he hoped that Bobby would give into his urges once he was naked, but in others he wanted to hold off a while longer yet.

With shaking, hands Bobby released the tapes holding Ryan's soggy diaper on, and then pulled it down. What he saw inside made him sigh, and then shudder as he came in his diaper. He had been so expectantly waiting to see the man he was starting to love, so much so, that as soon as he did, he had his orgasm. It was still dry. As much as Bobby tried not to let it show, Ryan of course felt the release of sexual energies, and he had almost become hard. He had been doing everything within his power to not become hard, so as to let Bobby work at his own pace. It took a few moments, but with a blush Bobby got to work and started cleaning Ryan's skin softly and gently.

Once clean, Bobby slipped the diaper out from underneath Ryan, cleaned his bum, and then slipped a diaper under him. He put the diaper doubler in next, and then spread a good coating of cream on the mans nearly bald crotch. He sprinkled a healthy portion of powder onto the diaper area as well, and then pulled the diaper closed and taped it shut.

“There you go, all done.” Bobby said in both relief and disappointment at having to cover the man up.

“Thank you. You're the first person that I'm able to remember to have changed my diaper, and you did a very nice job of it as well. Would you still like for me to change you?”

“Yes, but I have a problem, and I don't want you to laugh or get mad.”

“You're hard aren't you?”

“Yes.” Bobby looked down and whispered.

“That's perfectly okay, and nothing to be ashamed of. You're gay and seeing another man naked is arousing to you. There's nothing to be ashamed of there. I'll probably get hard seeing you hard, and to tell you the truth, I was trying my damnedest not to get hard while you were changing my diaper as well.”


“Yes. Now go ahead and lay down and I'll take care of everything.” Ryan said softly, and Bobby did so almost immediately.

Ryan unsnapped Bobby's pants and pulled them down and off, and then untaped the boys soggy diaper. When he pulled it down, he found that the boy was still really hard. He had figured that after such a strong orgasm that the boy would not be so stiff still, but it was still as if he had not cum at all. Bobby blushed when he saw that he was still so hard and that Ryan was looking right at it like he was, but he made absolutely no move to cover himself up. For a few moments Ryan just stood there and looked appreciatively at Bobby's nearly nine centimeter long pulsing shaft. He tore himself away though and grabbed a couple wipes and started cleaning him up. He pulled the diaper out first though to get him completely clean, and then grabbed a diaper and doubler and slipped them both underneath Bobby's cute little bum. Next he also applied a good generous portion of both cream and powder and then pulled and taped up the diaper nice and snug.

“There you go as well. Would you like your pants back, or would you like to just walk around in your diaper for a while like I will be?”

“Just my diaper please. I love these diapers, they're so soft and comfortable, and the doubler makes it even more so. Thanks so much for everything that you've done for me today.”

“I know how you feel, and you're very welcome. I'm glad that you came today.” And with that Bobby blushed because of what had just happened. “It's been really nice having you here today, and to tell you the truth, if I ever wanted a child, you'd be the kid I'd ask for.” Ryan smiled warmly.

“And I'd love to have a nice loving daddy just like you as well. At least you understand everything that I'm going through. I couldn't possibly tell my foster parents anything like that, and the dad there hardly ever even talks to me, mostly like I'm not even there. I'm only extra income to them, so they don't really treat me as a kid. If I were to tell them anything like what I like, I bet they ask for me to be moved immediately, and I bet I end up in another group home again. Those places are horrible, we're like cattle in a barn there, and we get fed about as well too.”

“I know what it's like. Thankfully somewhat normal kids like you and I hardly ever had to go there, but if there's nowhere else, then that's quite often where good kids end up as well. They're really only meant for the kids that can't really be kept in a normal home situation, but I too had my fair share of those places. Amazingly enough though, it was the group homes that always had diapers for me.”

“Yeah, the only time I was in a group home, and it was for a few months as well, it was the one place that I really had diapers. I got teased mercilessly for it though, but so did the other boy that had to wear them, and he was three years older than I was. I didn't care though, because they were probably just jealous that I got to wear diapers and they didn't.” Bobby grinned.

“Yeah, they probably were. So, what should we do for the next hour before I call the driver back to take us somewhere else?”

Right then a very erotic image popped into Bobby's head, and once again it caused Ryan to blush, but so did Bobby this time. He envisioned them going to Ryan's bedroom and fucking like rabbits until they could not stand any more. Bobby though looked down when he thought of it, so did not see Ryan's blush. It took a few moments though for Bobby's head to clear and to come up with a response that would not get him sent home. If only he knew how much Ryan was holding back, he would have said his inner most feelings, and they would have been in the bedroom instantly.

“Um, I don't know. What do you have to do around here?”

“Lots to do. Do you like playing games and stuff like that?”

“Sure, all kids do. What kinds of games do you have here?”

“Probably every one that there is. I have over fifty arcade games, pool table, foosball table, air hockey table, a few different game consoles, and card and board games galore.”

“Really. You have all that in your house?”

“Yep. It's how I relax. I don't normally sleep, at least a lot anyway, so I have them all to keep me occupied when I'm not working, which I do do almost all the time anyway.”

“Oh. How come you don't sleep?”

“Just don't need to.”

“Oh. Can we go play games then?”

“Sure, follow me.” Ryan smiled warmly and led the way to the basement of the house. The entire basement was dedicated to having fun, it was a kids paradise, and the only reason Ryan made it was because he had never been able to have that sort of fun while growing up, so he enjoyed it now.

“Wow, this is so cool.” Bobby gasped out as soon as they stepped into the room.

“Thanks.” Ryan smiled warmly. “How's about I challenge you to a game of air hockey?”

“That'd be so cool, let's do it.” Bobby squealed and headed toward the air hockey table.

For almost half an hour the two of them played air hockey, and then for a little more than half an hour after that they played pool.

“Wow, this has been the best day of my life.” Bobby said after they had decided that that was enough of pool. Bobby had been beat soundly three games out of three, but he had had a blast.

“I'm glad that you're having fun. I'm going to call the driver back and have him come and pick us up so that I can take you to the other factories today, as well as visit my office, and then we'll go out for dinner somewhere. After that we'll watch a movie. How does that sound?”

“That sounds great. I don't think my pants will fit over this diaper though, it's too thick now with the diaper doubler in it, and it'll be really obvious if anyone sees me.”

“Well, what I can do is have the driver stop at a store on the way and I'll run in quickly and pick you out a new pair of pants that'll fit better, I'll just check your pants size before we get dressed, so that I know what size to get for you. How does that sound?”

“Sounds good to me.” Bobby smiled.

“Good. As soon as I call the driver back, we'll go and get dressed.”

“What about the driver though, he'll see me?”

“Nah, and even if he does, he's trustworthy. He does all the driving for my company, and has signed a legal document stating that he'll never breath a word of anything he ever sees to anyone. He won't say anything anyway, even if he does notice, which considering that he's a diaper lover as well, he'll notice right away. He might just smile at you if he sees, but that'll be about it.”

“How do you know he's a diaper lover?”

“Easy, I asked him, because I noticed one day that he was wearing them, and he said that while he did honestly need them, he did love them. I said I did as well.”


“Yeah.” Ryan said, and then made the call. As soon as they hung up, Ryan led the way back upstairs where they had gotten changed earlier, and grabbed their pants. Ryan handed his pants to Bobby, who took them as Ryan laid down, and then put the pants onto the man. Ryan then told Bobby to lay down, grabbed his pants, and put them on the boy. They both felt that it was a shame to be covering the other up, but neither said it.

“Well, you can certainly see that you're wearing a diaper alright, if you look closely enough, but most people wouldn't even really notice I think. We'll still stop and get you some new pants though, because it is pretty noticeable.”

“Thanks. I can't even tell that you're wearing at all, your pants are baggy enough.”

“Yeah, that's the reason I do wear these pants with diapers. I have other pants that would show them more if I didn't wear a diaper shirt, but all my pants hide them pretty well.”


“Well, we should go down and wait for the driver, because he'll be here in just a few moments.”

Bobby just nodded and followed Ryan again. They went and sat on the front porch swing talking as they waited. A few minutes later the driver pulled up and they both got up. Ryan waved the driver back as he was about to get out and help them into the car, he understood and climbed back in and Ryan and Bobby got in themselves. Ryan took a second to tell the driver where to head to first. They took off immediately and headed toward the highest end clothing store in town Bobby noted. They pulled up and Ryan got out. He headed into the store and looked around for a few minutes as Bobby waited patiently in the car while listening to the stereo. It took Ryan nearly half an hour to emerge from the store, carrying a medium sized bag that looked to be full.

“What did you buy, that looks like more than just a pair of pants?” Bobby asked curiously as soon as the door was closed.

“Just a sec, let me tell the driver where to go next, and then I'll show you.”

“Okay.” Bobby said, and then Ryan did just that.

“I got you two new pairs of pants, because I figured that you could use them. As well I got you a couple new shirts, because you can't have new pants without new shirts. I grabbed you some new socks, because I noticed that yours have holes in them, and finally I got you a couple nice diaper shirts to help conceal your diaper bulge more.”

“You didn't have to do that.” Bobby said with happy tears.

“No, I didn't have to, but I wanted to. I like you and you deserve to have a few nice things.” Ryan smiled warmly.

“Thanks Ryan. I love you.” Bobby said so softly that Ryan almost did not hear him.

“I think that I love you too kiddo, you're a great kid. You deserve so much more than what you have.”

“Oh, you heard that?” Bobby asked softly, blushing a little.

“Yes I did Bobby, but that's okay. You haven't had anyone to love before, and while it really is too soon to tell, I think that the feeling's mutual. You and I are exactly alike, but we're different as well, so that's good. Come on, strip down to your diaper and let me get you into some nice new clothes.”

“Okay.” Bobby said, happy tears still leaking out.

Bobby stripped out of all his clothes, and then Ryan pulled out a nice blue diaper shirt and helped him into it. Next came a pair of socks, pants, and then a new shirt. Finally Ryan helped Bobby back into his shoes.

“Wow, these are nice clothes, thanks so much.” Bobby said happily.

“You're welcome, they look really nice on you as well.”


“Yeah, the colors really set off your face and eyes, makes you look a lot nicer. We're almost to our next stop, my auto factory.”

“Cool, I was hoping we'd come here next. You make some of the nicest vehicles in the world.”


A few minutes later they arrived, and the driver went and parked somewhere while the two of them headed inside to tour the facilities.

“Wow, this place is so cool. So, have you ever tried designing and building a car that requires no gas or oil, so that they're more environmentally friendly?”

“No, actually I haven't. I have the most fuel efficient vehicles in the world, but they all still require fuel.”

“Oh. If you don't mind my saying though, you should. I'm just a kid and even I know that what the world has to offer us isn't an endless supply. Eventually the natural resources are gonna be used up, and then where will we be. I recycle everything, and even give my foster family crap all the time for not recycling things that should be recycled. There must be a way to do it.”

“You know what, I'll design it, and it'll be named after and dedicated to you, okay.” Ryan smiled.


“Sure. If you want to help me design it, you can. It really is a good idea, and I'm not really sure why I didn't do it myself sooner, because I'm the same as you, I recycle everything and hate wasting things.”

“Really, you'd let me help design it?”

“Sure. I bet you can give some really good ideas. You seem to be pretty smart, and I think you deserve it.”

“That would be like so wicked.”

“Come on, I'll show you around the factory floor, that won't take long, and then we'll go to the main office here and we'll see what we can come up with.”

So for almost an hour they toured the factory floor, using one of the little electric golf carts for traveling the large place.

“Wow, this place is so cool.”

“Thanks. Now let's go see if we can't redesign the automotive world.”


They headed up to the office section and Ryan started up the design software.

“So, how should we power the car, because we have to start from there?”

“How about we do it by hydrogen? That's supposed to be a great fuel source.”

“It would be a good fuel source, if there were places where people could buy it from, and it's still a fuel, just exceptionally clean, but can be dirty to produce, so is it truly any cleaner.”

“Hmm, that's true. Is there any way that we can make it make its own fuel then. Hydrogen is easy to make, just requires a lot of electricity right?”

“Yes, but how do we produce that much electricity, and how would a car produce its own fuel?”

“I don't know, you're the expert here.” Bobby grinned.

“Yes, and even as smart as I am, I'm not entirely sure we can do that.”

“Yeah, I guess so. So how should we do it then? Wait a minute, what if we could make a really good solar power converter that would create the power needed, have it able to plug in as well should you need extra power, and even have it generate power when you're going down hill. Question is, can you make a solar cell that's powerful enough to do it. I'm certain that someone could, but no one has yet.”

“Those are good ideas. Give me a minute to see if I can think of something.” Ryan said, and then asked himself the question and had the answer very quickly. He entered the information into the computer, and worked to see if it was even possible to make.

“Looks like I have something that could do it.”

“How did you do that so fast?” Bobby asked in awe, because it had only taken a few minutes for him to accomplish.

“I'm really smart, so I just thought about it, and came up with an idea.” Ryan blushed.

“I'll say.”

“Anyway, I can make a solar panel in almost any color and make it any shape we want. It's really strong and durable, and we could make the entire car body from these panels, so the entire car would essentially be a solar cell.”

“Wicked. That'd be perfect.”

“Yeah, but the darker colors will probably work better, more efficient, whereas I have my doubts that white would work all that well at all. Let me see if I can add something else to it as well.” Ryan said, and then did some other work.

“What did you do?” Bobby asked a few minutes later when Ryan looked up with a smile.

“Oh, just added an antenna system into it that would receive virtually any signal that you could possibly want. When we design the vehicles, we could put TV's in the back for the kids, satellite radio and GPS for the front. We could do it all. Even cell phones would be able to receive from it as well.”

“Wow, that'd be so cool.”

“Yeah, I've wanted to do something like that for a long time, but a completely new vehicle line will help me introduce that. These'll be the most technologically advanced vehicles ever designed if I have anything to say about it, I want them to do everything.”

“Wicked. You should make a motor home the same way then, just so people can travel as well.”

“Might just have to do that.” Ryan smiled.

“Yeah, I've always wanted to travel, but of course have never been anywhere. Whenever a foster family goes on vacation, they send me to a friends house or something like that, I never get to go anywhere. I guess why would they want to take their work with them, or spend more money on me.”

“Yeah, I had a couple take me a few times, but never for long or far away. Sounds like you and I ended up getting the not so good families, whereas one of my friends at school, hell my only real friend, he had a great family, he was with them almost his entire life and they treated him just like their own and took him everywhere with them. I sure hope that there's other really good ones out there like them, but I certainly never saw them.”

“Me neither.”

“So, how would you like the car to look?”

“Well, I think that we should design the entire car around aerodynamics, so that they're the most efficient that we can make them. Even make the under body completely aerodynamic to help as well. Otherwise, I don't know.”

“Okay. Do you want it more rounded, more angled or more square?”

“A little rounded, a little angled I guess. Let's give people the most amount of leg room that we can give them, and storage space as well. Design it around families and their needs.”

“Okay. This'll be our prototype design, and then we'll design a few other models as well afterward.” Ryan said, and then entered the specifications into the computer. He worked with it for almost half an hour, and then came up with a body style and turned the monitor so that Bobby could see it as well.

“Wow, that was fast, but that looks so awesome as well.”

“Yeah, I can move pretty quickly when I need to. So, that looks good for the body design to you then?”

“For sure.”

“Good, now we need to work on power generation and drive train.”

“Okay, well we'll want the most efficient power generation system that we can make, extra efficiency electric motors, and some way to safely store the hydrogen. I know that hydrogen can be extremely dangerous, but if contained properly is almost completely harmless. Also we'll need a fair sized water storage in there as well.”

“Well, I already have the designs for an ultra efficient electric motor, because that's what we use in our hybrid cars, and they're the best around, no other car company can compete. I'll have to see what I can do about the other three things though.”

“Yeah, those motors are the best. I have faith in you that you'll design something awesome, because you did great with the body panels.” Bobby smiled.

“Thanks. Give me a few minutes to see what I can do.” Ryan said, and then for an hour he and Bobby bounced ideas off each other and he came up with a plan.

“There, that looks amazing. I think that'll work perfectly. All we'll have to do come Monday morning is start building the prototype and see if it all works.”

“I bet it works perfectly. You're the best there is, everyone says so.” Bobby said happily.

“Thanks. I had help though, I couldn't have done it without you. Now, how should we design the interior of the car?”

“Let's see, lots of leg room like I said before, make the rear seats fold down for storage, make the trunk nice and big, oh you know what, make it so that the back seats can even recline some, so that it's more comfortable to sleep in for longer rides. Build booster seats into at least two of them for younger kids. Put screens in the back of the front seat head rests with headphone outlets, but also make them wireless headphones as well, just put the jacks in for backup. Put connections in to put optional game consoles, or even better yet, let's build one into the car, so that kids can play while driving as well, make it so that they can go from one player up to three player, because that's how many kids could sit back there. In the front, put a computer screen on the passenger side so that the passenger can do whatever they want on it, including play games or watch TV. Heated seats all around for sure, those are awesome. For the driver, let's give them a heads up display so that they don't have to look down all the time to see their speed or other important messages, and give them GPS attached to it as well, so that they can see where they're supposed to be going. Let's see, what else. Oh yeah, put in a satellite TV receiver, full media player capable stereo, great sound system, and of course hands free cell phone. Give them all the options as well, air, cruise, tilt, power everything, oh and a sun roof.”

“Is that all?” Ryan chuckled.

“Yeah, that should just about do it I figure.”

“That's an awful lot though.”

“Yes, but you said you wanted the most technologically advanced car, and this will certainly be that and more. You could even design it with crash prevention in it, so that if it detects that you're about to crash, it'll prevent it in some way, or add other safety measures in to protect people.”

“All very good points, and I'm not worried about it, I just wanted you to be aware of what all you were adding to the car.”

“Yeah, and you can sell them as is, all options, that way everyone gets the works, and there's no price differences. You could make other models as well, trucks, vans, sport cars, but I say you give them all the options.”

“Some people don't want all those things though, and would rather pay less to get the fewer options.”

“True, but make them special order then, and always keep the fully loaded ones in stock, and don't sell the lesser models for that much less. You could also price them as low as you can, that way no one else can compete with you.” Bobby grinned.

“Not a bad idea. I already do that anyway, so we'd do that as well. Give me a few minutes to design the interior fully, and then we can head out to the next factory. That is if you still want to.”

“Okay. Can I come back to see the prototype?”

“I'd be upset if you didn't.” Ryan smiled warmly.

Ryan worked for a few minutes and put in all the interior design aspects, and then turned the monitor back to Bobby again for his approval. He gave it right away, and that was it. In just a few hours they had completely redesigned the way the world thought about vehicles.

They headed out to the front entrance after Ryan had called the driver to say that they would be out in a minute. As soon as they climbed in the car, they were once again off, to the last factory. There they also toured the facilities, but that did not take all that long, and they hardly looked around. Bobby was not quite so interested in this place as he was the other two.

“Well, I think that it's close enough to dinner time, so I'm gonna take you somewhere real nice. Normally they only let people in with suits and ties, but we're dressed nice enough that it won't mater, and they certainly won't bar my entrance, that's for sure.” Ryan grinned.

“Oh, cool.” Was all Bobby could think to say.

So that was where they headed next. Ryan had called and told them that he would be arriving, but not sure what time exactly. They told him that the chefs table was his all night, and that they would keep it free for him. As soon as they walked in, the head waiter rushed up and ushered them past the numerous other people waiting and right to their private seats. Their chairs were pulled out for them by a pair of waiters, and then their drink orders were taken. They both just chose ginger ale.

A short while later their orders were taken, and as they waited, they talked. Bobby was mostly excited about the car that he had helped to design, so they talked about that most of all. Ryan was extremely happy that the young boy was so happy, but would be even more happy when he found out that he was going to get paid for his design work and the idea. Finally their meals arrived, and then they were silent. For the next hour as their meal came out to them, they savored every last bite.

“Oh man, that was so good. I'll never eat another bite and not think how horrible it is compared to that.” Bobby sighed.

“Know how you feel. It's hugely fattening, and even more expensive, but every so often I just have to treat myself and come here for some of the very best food there is.” Ryan smiled.

“How expensive?” Bobby asked cautiously.

“Well, let me put it to you this way.” Ryan said, and took a thousand dollars from his wallet and set it on the table.

“Holy crap, that was like a thousand bucks.”

“Yeah, but about a hundred to a hundred and fifty will be for the tip. It's the single mot expensive place around, but it's worth every cent of it. The chefs table is also more expensive though, because it's private, we have our own devoted wait staff, and the chef does our order above everyone elses.”

“Oh. I guess it was worth it, but I'd certainly never spend that much on a meal.”

“You never know, one day you just might be able to.” Ryan smiled warmly, and if he had anything to say about it, the boy certainly would, and before too long too.

“I doubt it.”

“Look at me, I came from the same background as you did, you're just as smart as I am, and look what I became. I'm one of the richest men in the world. Although, lately I've been feeling the most poor too.”

“Why would you feel poor, you're really rich?”

“I have no one to share it all with, and that makes me poor in my eyes.”

“Oh, I see. And with your money, how would you ever know if someone were with you because they loved you or because they were just there for the money. I've heard of things like that happening so many times before.”

“Oh, I'd know, or I'm pretty sure I would anyway. So, wanna go catch a movie now?”

“Okay, sure.” Bobby smiled, and they were off again.

This time they headed not toward a theatre complex, but back toward Ryan's house. Bobby did not ask the question though until he was certain that that was where they were headed, and that was when they pulled through the gates.

“How come we came back to your house, I thought we were going to watch a movie? Not that I mind, mind you, but I was wondering.” Bobby asked inquisitively.

“Because I have a small theatre here and we can watch any movie that we want here, except anything that's still in theatres.”

“Oh, cool. I should've known that you'd have your own theatre here as well.” Bobby grinned.

“Yeah, well like I said earlier, I have almost everything here that a person could want.”

“What movies have you got?”

“I have a couple thousand to choose from, and it'll be your choice.”

“Wow. Can we have popcorn and pop with our movie as well?” Bobby asked excitedly.

“Of course, what would a movie be without the prerequisite movie snacks.”

“Wicked.” Bobby said happily again.

They headed into the house and once again the driver was told to head home until he was called. They headed into the theatre, which was one of the many rooms on the main level, and Bobby was pointed toward the wall of movies to pick out his choice. While Bobby was doing that, Ryan got the popcorn started and grabbed a selection of bottled pop and juice, as well as some different candies. By the time the popcorn was finished, Bobby had picked out the movie that he wanted. It was a really good kids comedy that he had never seen before, but had always wanted to watch. He showed it to Ryan, and his grin told Bobby that he liked the choice as well.

They headed to the back of the theatre after Ryan got the movie in the player and the sound system turned on. They sat down and the bowl of popcorn was set on Ryan's lap, and the drinks were set on a tray in front of them. The movie was started, and as they watched the very funny movie, they ate the popcorn and sweets, and drank almost all the pop and juice that Ryan had grabbed. By the end of the movie, it was nearing the time that Bobby had to be back home, and they were both nearing maximum capacity in the diaper department.

“Well, I guess it's time to call the driver back to take you home, and then I guess we should probably go change our diapers.” Ryan said, but he did not have to be happy about it.

“Yeah, I guess we should, but I don't really want to go.”

“No, to tell you quite honestly, I don't want you to go either. I've had so much fun spending the day with you.”

“Do I haveta go home then?”

“Sadly, yes. If I were to keep you against the wishes of the ministry, I could be charged with all sorts of things. It wasn't arranged, so therefore you can't stay.”

“Yeah, I know, but I had to try.” Bobby smiled warmly.

“And you have no idea how much I want to say stay here as well.” Ryan smiled warmly right back.

“Yeah, I know. Well, we better go get our diapers changed before we really do start leaking, and before the driver gets here.”

“Yeah, we better.”

So with that they both got up and headed to the change room to change each other. This time Bobby was first up, and he was of course hard, but this time he did not blush. Ryan diapered him lovingly, adding a diaper doubler and lots of cream and powder. He then helped Bobby to get dressed back up again, and then they traded places. Ryan was almost totally hard this time, and Bobby groaned and came again from the site. Ryan almost chuckled at Bobby's hair trigger, but kept it in check so as not to embarrass the young boy. He too was lovingly double diapered, creamed, powdered, and then he too was dressed. They were now ready to go, and headed down to wait for the car. He was pulling up just as they exited the house to wait. They climbed in the car and headed straight for Bobby's house.

“Well, here we are.” Bobby said sadly a few minutes later as they arrived to his house.

“Yeah, here we are.” Ryan said sadly as well.

“Can I come over and spend the day with you again some time soon?” Bobby asked hopefully.

“I'd really like that. I left my card with my information in your back pack, along with the rest of the pack of the diapers for you. Hopefully they'll last you a few days, but make sure and call me if you start running low. I want for you to call me as soon as you're able to come over again and I'll come and get you. I can't guarantee that I can come and get you that very minute that you call, but I'll sure come and get you as soon as I can.”

“Thanks, I'd really like that, and thanks for the diapers, maybe they'll make life more bearable.”

“Good. How are you gonna deal with school though?”

“Not gonna worry about it. I'll wear my diapers to school proudly, and if anyone says anything about them, I'll just ask them if they're jealous that I get to wear them and they don't. If anyone teases me again for wetting my pants at school, I'll ask them the same thing. Can I tell people that I helped you to design a new car?”

“Sure you can, and when the prototype's done, I'll even bring it there to show the school what you created.”

“That'd be so cool. The other kids will be so envious.”

“Yeah, that they will be for sure. Well kiddo, I hope I see you soon, you better go now.” Ryan said, a single solitary tear leaking out.

“Yeah, I better. Bye.” Bobby said, and then launched himself at Ryan and gave him the most powerful hug he could manage.

Without another word, Bobby climbed out and headed into the house. He turned at the door and waved goodbye,and then disappeared inside. As soon as Bobby was in the house, the driver pulled away and took Ryan home for the night.

It hurt Ryan to have to let the boy go, he was the most perfect boy that Ryan had ever met, and he now knew without a shadow of a doubt that they loved each other a great deal. When he got home, he went and had a snack and laid down in his bed, just sort of watching Bobby from afar. When Bobby went to bed, he laid down, and then had some pretty erotic fantasies about what he would really like to do with Ryan. Bobby came three times, so did Ryan.