Chapter 3

Finally Friday came, and the boys were all raring to go. It was nearing the end of the day, and when they had went to Bobby's house for lunch, it was on all their minds to just say to hell with it, let's stay here and skip the rest of the day, but they didn't. So by the end of the day, all six of them were more than ready to go. They all detoured to a bathroom situated near the rear of the school where there would be far fewer people, and Bobby could tell that no one was there at the moment, so as soon as they made it, they disappeared as well.

“Hi Daddy. How was your day?” Bobby asked as soon as they appeared next to Ryan, he had arrived only moments before.

“It was really good, and how about you boys?”

“It didn't go fast enough.” Bobby grinned.

“I bet not. So, introduce me to your hot friends?” Ryan smiled warmly.

“Oh right, guys, this is Daddy, his name's Ryan, but you all already knew that. Daddy, this is Spencer, Trent, Sean, Matt and Charlie.”

“Good to meet you boys.” Ryan said, and then all of a sudden they were all standing there naked.

“What the hell.” A couple of the boys screeched.

“Oh that was so priceless.” Bobby burst out laughing.

“Why'd you take all our clothing away?” Spencer asked calmly, one of the ones who had hardly reacted.

“Because we won't be needing them for the rest of the weekend. We won't be leaving here at all, it's nice and warm everywhere in the house, and clothes will just get in the way at times.” Bobby smiled warmly.


“Now boys. I know that you all want to do this, that you want to have lots of sex, even with me, but even though I can see it in your minds, I need for you to look me in the eyes and tell me that this is what you want, that you want to have sex, including with me?” Ryan asked.

“Oh yes, we want to have sex with you.” They all said of their own free will, all at the same time, and pretty much the exact same way.

“Okay, good enough for me. If at any time you want someone to stop, you just ask, if you want them to pull out, you just ask. Just asking someone to stop doesn't mean that they'll pull out, because for your first time especially, that actually makes it worse, so just ask to stop for a few moments to get used to it, and then keep going.”

“Wicked, can we go have sex now, I'm so horny right now that my balls are aching, and I haven't cum in like two days in anticipation of today?” Spencer asked.

“Sure, and because you were the first to ask, you get to be my first today. Have you boys had anal sex yet?” Ryan asked.

“No, we talked about it a few days ago, but we all decided that we wanted you to bust all our cherries this weekend, really make us non virginal.” Spencer grinned.

“You do realize though that there's no way that I can fuck all of you, one right after the other right? I might be able to do two of you back to back before I have to rest for a few hours.”

“We know, but we have all weekend.”

“Yes we do, and you guys are more than welcome to fuck me as much as you want while you're awaiting your turns to lose your useless virginity.” Bobby grinned.

“Wicked.” They all said, because they all wanted to try fucking as well.

“Good, that's all set, so let's go to our bedroom, it'll be a lot more comfortable there.” Ryan said, and as they all started to take off, Bobby just sent them all there instead, it was faster that way.

“How would you like me for my first time Ryan?” Spencer asked.

“On your back with your legs pulled up and out as far as you can get them is the best way for you, it opens you up the most and makes it more comfortable. It also allows us to kiss, which is also nice. Have you boys kissed yet?”

“Yes.” They all said dreamily.


Spencer laid right in the center of the bed and positioned himself how he was told that he should. Ryan slowly moved toward the only slightly nervous boy, sending the command as he went to open up and lube the boy as he went. Spencer groaned lowly from the weird sensation, but he did not have long to contemplate it, because no sooner had Ryan done that when his dick and balls were engulfed at once and his asshole was invaded by three fingers. His long low moan told the others in the room of his bliss, as Ryan worked his talented mouth and fingers at the same time to bring the boy only the highest amount of pleasure that he was able to.

It was however far too much for the sexually over charged boy, and within seconds he was spewing forth the first load of the weekend, and Ryan slurped down the small load greedily. As Spencer was coming down, Ryan was moving up, and by the time that Spencer was almost back to earth, Ryan's erection was poking at his behind. With a light thrust, Ryan buried his head in the boy, and Spencer only groaned slightly, but was feeling no real pain.

Ryan started pushing in only moments later, going very slowly, but also not stopping, and Spencer never once thought of uttering the word stop. Sure there was some discomfort, but it was not painful in the least. The amount of pleasure that it was bringing far outweighed any amount of discomfort.

Soon Ryan was buried to the hilt in the inexperienced boy, and he gave him just a few moments to get used to the fullness before he started pulling back out. He reached his head, and then reversed direction. He was going to long dick the boy right from the start, mostly because he knew that Spencer would be able to take it easily. He had taken Ryan's dick with considerable ease, even with the magical assistance. Very Slowly Ryan went, pulling almost all the way out before sliding all the way back in. The other five watched for a few moments as Spencer lost his virginity, but as soon as Ryan started his rhythm, they too started.

“Okay, Trent and Charlie, you two get into a sixty nine and suck each other. Matt, I want you to lay down and you and I will sixty nine as well while Sean gets to fuck my ass first. After we've all cum, we'll trade positions and the next biggest gets to fuck me, and we'll keep going 'til we're either finished or we've passed out.”

“Okay, but what about after Ryan and Spencer finish?” Trent asked.

“Then if Ryan's still up for it, you'll get to take Ryan next and Spencer will come and join us.”

“Cool, I can live with that.” Trent grinned.

“Me too.” The others all said, and before too much longer, they were all in position. Bobby had sent the command to his ass, so now he was nice and ready for Sean to just slip in.

Together the seven of them laid and or knelt on the bed and had the most incredible sex any of them had ever imagined. Their first session took only about ten minutes total before they were all cumming. Ryan and Bobby had also held off for the past two days, so they too were ready to shoot before too long. Ryan was still up for it, so Trent and Spencer traded places, and before too long, they were all going at it once again. Trent took a little more preparation before Ryan could slip inside the hot moist tunnel, but once he was in, Trent took him the fastest, because he seemed to open right up and Ryan slid straight in without hardly any pressure at all. This time they lasted almost twenty minutes before they all came, and then Matt was next with Ryan, for what he felt was the last time for this session, and Spencer got to fuck Bobby next. They too all thought that this would be their final ride for this session, and it was the longest as well.

By the time they all collapsed nearly fifteen minutes later, they were all sweaty, sticky, stinky, sore, tired, and more than a little hungry. They had been going for nearly two hours by the time all was said and done, so that would explain a good portion of that. Bobby said something under his breath, and all of a sudden it was like they all had a nice long hot bath, they were fresh and clean again, and they were all now thickly diapered, with cream and powder of course.

“Thanks Baby. Well, let's go get us some dinner, we all need it.” Ryan said first.

“Okay.” The others all said, still in some small amount of shock as to all that had happened.

“So, how do you boys feel now?” Ryan asked of the three that had just lost their virginity.

“Awesome.” All three said at the same time.

“That's good. None of you feels to be in any pain, and the minor discomfort you feel is hardly bothering you any, so that's good. You all have incredibly fuckable asses.” Ryan smiled warmly.

“And I can't wait to fuck them as well.” Bobby added.

“Same.” The others all said at the same time.

They headed to the kitchen, where they all helped to make a nice big filling dinner. It was a good thing that Bobby had done a good grocery shopping that day that he had, because they actually had enough food in the house for them to all eat, although Ryan was not entirely certain that the food that they had would last. As soon as they were all finished eating, Bobby cleaned up the mess.

“Okay, because we all just got into nice thick diapers, I say that we all go play games in the games room 'til later, and then maybe we can go swimming or go and play more, depending upon how we all feel.” Ryan said once everything was done.

“Okay.” All the boys said brightly.

So off to the games room they headed, and as soon as they got there, they all broke off and played games for a couple hours. Sometimes they paired up with someone to play a two player game, sometimes they played by themselves, but they all had a lot of fun playing games for nearly three hours. By that time they were all recharged again, and while the guests were starting to get tired, Ryan and Bobby saw that they wanted to have sex again before bed, so swimming as well was out.

“Well boys, we're all getting a bit wet, nowhere near capacity mind you, but you're also all getting tired, so we can either stay playing for longer, or we can go upstairs and play there for a bit before bed.” Ryan called out.

“Go upstairs and play.” The boys all called out, including Bobby.

“Thought as much. And am I to take it to assume that our two still virgin boys want to be devirginized?” Ryan grinned.

“Hell yeah.” Said two boys called out.

“Yeah, thought so. Come on boys, same way as before I think, that was the most fun.” Ryan said, and they all took off running for the bedroom.

Ryan and Bobby made it there first of course, they were super fast after all, but the others were not all that far behind. Not one of them was wearing anything by the time they got there, Bobby took care of that nicely, and all of them were painfully hard, Bobby had nothing to do with that, well maybe just a little, but he never used any powers to cause it.

Sean was called up by Ryan first to lose his virginity next, while the other five got into two groups like they had been earlier, all thinking that it was the most fun. Given that all of them were only just barely recharged from their earlier sexual escapades, it was not all that surprising to them that they lasted a good deal longer than normal. For nearly twenty minutes they managed to hold off before they all came good and strong. Sean had taken Ryan the hardest of them so far, and Ryan had to go painfully slow, well painfully for Sean to be sure. Ryan thought that the boy was incredibly tight and unless the boy could learn to relax, he would never be able to enjoy anal sex.

Once Ryan was all the way in though, Sean was able to finally relax, because the pain at first had been nearly unbearable at times, but not once had he asked Ryan to stop, he wanted it too much for that, he just asked Ryan to go very slow, so he did. Once Ryan started a very short gentle thrusting though, Sean started to relax even more, and before too long Ryan was thrusting in and out all the way, just like he had the others, and the earlier tightness and pain was almost totally forgotten. They all came again within seconds of each other, and it was Sean that set it off this time.

“Oh god that hurt at first, way more than I ever thought it would, but it sure felt good once it started.” Sean said, still somewhat gasping.

“Yeah, that's about what most people feel their first times having anal sex. It's a really good thing that we opened you up though like we did, because had we not, it would've been excruciating for you, and you would've told me to take it out, and you probably never would've tried again. At least that's what I've been able to tell from all the peoples minds that I've seen who've had anal sex. Apparently the first time for most is quite painful, but it gets easier after that.”

“Yeah.” Sean said in agreement, the others just nodded.

“Well Charlie, I guess that just leaves you, are you ready to lose your virginity as well?”

“Hell yeah, ride me cowboy.” He said excitedly, and nearly jumped into position, landing almost with his legs pulled back and ready, all he had to do was lock his arms and legs together to really open himself up.

“I'll say.” Bobby giggled.

The rest of them got into position as well and before too long, they were once again rutting feverishly. Charlie took Ryan about as well as Spencer had, there was a little discomfort, but no pain, and Ryan was able to slide most of the way in easily, only twice did he have to pause. The other five got into position as well, and they all enjoyed it a great deal, although none of them seemed to enjoy it more than Bobby did, constantly getting to be the filling in a sex sandwich was a great deal of fun he thought. All of them though thought that by the end of the weekend that they wanted to try Bobby's position, because they too thought it looked great. This session lasted almost half an hour this time, because they were all fighting their final orgasms of the night, as well they were getting very near to drained again, but alas all good things must end, and they ended with a squeal all around as they came for their final time of the day.

“Wow, I've wanted someone to fuck me for so long, at least a couple years, but this has been so much better than I ever imagined it could be. Thanks so much guys, you're the best.” Charlie said first, and the other four agreed.

“You're welcome.” Both Ryan and Bobby said at the same time.

“Well, I guess that we should all get diapered and ready for bed now, because you five are almost passing out.”

“What about you two, you don't look really all that tired?” Spencer asked.

“We don't sleep, rarely ever do we need to. We'll go and cuddle up for a bit and relax, but other than that, we don't need to rest much.” Ryan answered.

“Oh, how come?”

“It has something to do with the power that we have.” Bobby said, but purposely did not elaborate, and Ryan would not either, so the boys did not ask further.

“Oh, okay.” They all said.

Bobby got up and grabbed all the diapers that they would need, the cream and the powder, and then headed back to the bed and he and Ryan diapered the other five lovingly, and then diapered each other. They tucked the five tired boys into bed, said goodnight to them, and then they left the room, closing the door on their way out. The five boys were sound asleep minutes later.

“Well Baby, today has been a lot of fun, but I think that I prefer making sweet tender love to you instead.” Ryan smiled warmly a few minutes later when they were all cuddled up on the couch.

“Oh, I prefer it as well, but a good orgy is never remiss, especially with five hot horny virgins. How was it taking their virginity?”

“Oh it was great, almost as great as taking yours.”

“That's good, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Tomorrow we get to trade places and I get to fuck all the boys and you get to be the filling in the awesome sex sandwich.”

“Okay.” Ryan said happily, and they both knew the boys would be happy with that as well.

They cuddled up on the couch for a good couple hours, actually falling asleep for a little while, they were so relaxed, and for them even a little tired. After they woke up, they did feel more refreshed, and they kissed and cuddled for a little while longer after that. Once they decided to get up, they went and worked on the computer for a bit, just making some tweaks to a few of the plans for a few of their vehicles for things that they had thought of over the past couple days. They did nothing much for the rest of the night, waiting instead for the others to wake up and join them.

At just after six am, Ryan and Bobby felt the others waking up, so they went up to greet them.

“Good morning boys, how did you all sleep?” Ryan asked once they were all awake.

“Really good thanks. What did you guys do while we were asleep?” Spencer asked.

“We had a bit of a rest, and we actually slept for a couple hours all cuddled up, and then we just tweaked a couple things on a couple of our designs.” Bobby answered.

“Cool, can we see what you guys are designing?”

“I don't see any reason why not, just as long as you promise not to say anything, because until they're released, what we're designing is a complete and total secret.” Ryan answered.

“Oh, we promise.” The boys all said together.

“Yeah, we knew that already.” Bobby smiled.

“Then why did you bother asking?” Spencer asked in an exasperated and exaggerated sigh. He ruined the look though by starting to giggle.

“You know the reason, because we have to hear it from your mouths. Just because you're mind's thinking one thing, doesn't mean that when asked a question that you won't change your mind about something.” Ryan answered.

“Yeah, we know.” The boys said warmly.

“Come on, let's go get some breakfast, we're all getting hungry.” Bobby said.

“Okay.” Everyone said happy with the sounds of that.

They headed down and they all again helped to make a huge fattening and filling breakfast, for some reason they all felt that they needed it. As soon as they finished eating, and the mess cleaned up from, the boys all went to ask the same question at the same time, but Ryan said it before they could.

“Okay boys, upstairs for some fun. Today I get to be the filling in the sex sandwich, and Bobby wants a chance at all your hot asses.”

“Goody.” They all said and took off. This time it was Ryan that relieved all of them of their diapers that would only very soon get in the way.

By the time they reached the bedroom, they were all more than a little ready for the fun and games that were to be had very soon. They were all very hard, pulsing, and for those capable of cumming, they were dripping. For the next two hours the seven of them had a great deal of fun sucking and fucking each other. And they managed to go through the entire routine again, this time without a break, mostly because they had all had a really good sleep. They went in the exact same order as they had the night before, just the positions were slightly changed for Bobby and Ryan. By the time that they were finished though, they were all exhausted, and it showed, they were all completely and totally drained, and even Ryan had fired blanks for his last two cums, the others that could had been three.

“Wow, I didn't think we'd all be able to go that time, but now even I'm so tired I could use a nap, and you five are nearly passing out, so Bobby, do the honors please and just diaper us all at the same time, and then I think we should all lay down for a sleep.” Ryan said.

They all agreed, mostly just by nodding, and before they knew it, they were creamed, powdered and diapered, ready for a good nap, so they all curled up and fell fast asleep. They slept for nearly two hours, all of them curled up nicely in the large comfy bed, arms and legs and heads resting wherever.

“Good morning again boys. You all look and feel much better. Come on, let's get up and grab a snack, we all need it, and then you wanted to look at the plans that Bobby and I are working on.”

“Okay.” They all said.

They headed again to the kitchen and just grabbed some fresh fruit and yogurt to snack on. They all also had a good long drink, because they were all seriously thirsty as well.

“Okay boys, come to our office and take a look at what we're designing.” Ryan said.

“Okay.” They said excitedly.

Ryan set a bunch of chairs up in a semi circle, facing what had appeared to be a blank wall to the boys, but then a screen started descending from the ceiling, and all of a sudden an image came up from the computer, it was just the background. Bobby went to the computer and pulled up the designs for the first car that they had designed, the one that was currently in the build stage.

“Well, as you guys know, Daddy owns the biggest and best auto manufacture company in the world. I asked him when I was here why he still used any fuel at all in his cars, or if he'd ever thought of going almost totally fuel free. He had said no, and we bounced ideas off each other for a while, 'til we came up with this.” Bobby said, and when he said the last word, he pulled up the picture of the car design.

“On the outside it just looks like any other car that's on the market now, a little newer body styling, but it's been completely and totally built around aerodynamics, so it's even more energy efficient because of it. The most important thing though is what it's running off of.” This time he brought up the power plant and the electric motors schematics.

“As you can see, there's absolutely no engine in this car at all, not even for a hybrid design. What you're seeing here is a hydrogen manufacturing plant in small form. And these are the same high efficiency electric motors that are placed on each wheel to drive the car. The car converts the hydrogen gas to electricity, and you drive. There are three ways currently to create the hydrogen that you need to drive, all three are built into the car. First is anytime you're going downhill and creating energy, it creates hydrogen, but this'll create the least amount. Second is that should you have a lack of energy, you can plug it in to get you charged up, this is the fastest method, but costs money to pay for the electricity to do it. How this car mostly creates it's power is from solar panels on the car that are about a hundred times better than anything ever heard of before, Daddy completely designed them. The cool thing is that you can't even see them at all.” Bobby said again, and this time pulled up a close up picture of the body panels and a diagram as to how they worked.

“As you can see from this picture, the cars entire body is a solar collector, and it creates almost all the power that you need to create all the hydrogen that you should ever need to drive. So anytime that there's light available, it's filling your car up with fuel. These solar body panels also have embedded in them, high power receivers that are capable of receiving any sort of signal, so the car will have the best of reception for anything; cellular, radio, satellite, GPS, you name it, it can receive it. And that brings us to the electronics that come installed as a standard feature in all the new cars.” Bobby said, and pulled up the interior design of the car.

“As you can see, it's got it all. There's a heads up display for the driver, so that they can always see everything that they need to see, without hardly having to take their eyes off the road. It has every amenity that the driver needs to keep them and their passengers safe and comfortable. The seats are all heated and very comfortable, as well as adjustable in nearly every way. The passenger side has a built in computer with a screen that can come out or be put away easily for storage, and a small keyboard and touch pad that also tucks away when not in use. The cars stereo system has the very best in sound equipment that you can get, including sub woofer and high efficiency speakers, as well as full media player and everything. Each head rest has a monitor built into it so that people in the back seat can watch a movie, and there are wireless headphones as well as a headphone jack for each one. There's a universal games console built into the center console, and it's smart enough to play one or two games at one or two player. In the trunk we put in a cooler for cold storage, and the entire car is designed secondly around space, so there's no shortage of storage space in there. Like I said, it has everything that you could need, and then some. That's pretty much it. This car is in production phase right now to make the first prototype car, and I get to be the first to test drive it once it's done. That should be in about a week or less hopefully. So what do you guys think of it?”

“Wow, I know people that haven't got that much and that good of stuff in their houses, but the way it's powered is totally awesome. How did you guys ever think of all this?” Spencer was the first to ask, and even he took nearly three minutes after Bobby stopped to be able to formulate any sort of response at all.

“Well, we just work well with each other and were able to bounce cool ideas off of each other.” Bobby smiled.

“Bobby also had many great ideas about how a car should be before he came up with the idea, so that helped. Almost the entire car is his design, I just built the technical stuff around what he wanted in it. At times I wasn't entirely certain that what he was asking could be done, but we did it, and it's going to be an incredible car to say the least.” Ryan smiled warmly.

“True, I'd often wondered what I'd make if I ever had the chance, and I always knew that the one and only thing that truly mattered was getting cars off of natural resources completely. Yes, it takes a small amount of natural resources to make it, but it's less than what current cars require, and once built will require no more at all. I also wanted to go all out on this car and give it everything that you could want. While it'll be considered a luxury car, I'm hoping that it's price won't be in the luxury budget. I'm hoping that we can keep it in around the same price as the other manufacturers are selling their mid lines for.” Bobby smiled.

“And we're gonna do it too, because the cost of manufacturing on this car should be nearly fifty percent less than most cars on the market, because we can make almost all of it here without having to get mega amounts of items shipped in for the cars. Already I make as much of the stuff for the cars in my own plants as I can, but much of the raw material comes from overseas somewhere, but not with this car, much of it comes right from our very own country. That makes it cheaper over all to make, so that's good for everyone. Show them the other designs now Bobby.”

“Wow, there's more?” Trent asked this time.

“Oh yeah. We're starting to build a new plant in order to make a couple new things, and one of them I'm going to show you first. I always wanted to go on a boat, but not only are they expensive, but they're ridiculously expensive to operate, because they take huge amounts of fuel. Well, not any more.” Bobby said and pulled up the picture of the boat that they would eventually build.

“As you can see, we have planned just a small pleasure craft, just for us and a couple of our closest friends if we so desire.” He chuckled. “In the boat we have everything that you saw that we made for the car, just larger and more powerful. Again any body part that we could do so is made of the solar panels, but because of its size, it'll create a considerable amount more energy than the car, which is of course a good thing. It has it's own water and waste treatment facilities on board, it has every amenity that you could dream of on board, it has all the very best electronics on board, it is just the best damn boat that we could make, and the first one will be ours.” Bobby smiled.

“Wow, can we go on it when you guys make it?” Charlie asked in awe.

“Of course you can, why do you think we made it big enough for a few friends to fit?” Bobby grinned.

“A few friends, there's gotta be thirty plus bedrooms on board, and each one of them is huge.” Matt said.

“Yeah well, we wanted big and grand, and this certainly is. Next we created a couple commercial vehicles with many of the same designs, a mini van with eight passenger seating and all the options for all the passengers as well, a smaller compact car with all the same features where possible or practical, we made a hot convertible sports car, and a really great truck.”

“Wow, can we see the sports car?” Spencer asked.

“Sure you can, but Bobby, you forgot one.” Ryan answered.

“Oh yeah, I did too. There's too much to remember almost.” Bobby grinned.

“No kidding.” They all said.

Bobby pulled up the designs for the sports car first, and the boys all oohed and awed over it, but then he brought up the designs for the motor home, and once again Bobby went over all the designs for it, showing the boys all that it did.

“I can't believe that you guys designed all this, and in only a week. I doubt that there'll be an auto manufacturer that'll be able to compete at all once you unveil this, and I bet the oil companies are royally pissed as well.” Spencer laughed.

“Oh, I have no doubt about any of that. When I brought out the high efficiency hybrid, they tried rallying against me saying that it was an even worse a polluter than the so called polluting cars were, how it was a piece of shit car that'd break down all the time. They pretty much tried to bar me from making them, and they used every tactic they could to prevent me from selling any of them, but I sold lots. In fact, my track record so far has been ninety five percent trouble free operation by all customers polled, and the best fuel efficient car can go for as much as a thousand kilometers on one tank of gas, that's a full seventy percent better than anything else currently on the market. I also guarantee all my cars with a ten year no questions asked warranty, and you know what, so far I've replaced maybe fifteen cars, but have sold well in the millions of them. I think that speaks for itself. I've even had three assassination attempts made, two never even made it out of the gates though before they were even fully formed, and one that shot at me, but missed. I was able to link all three to the big oil companies, and I know that when I release these cars, it'll only get worse.”

“Wow. I never heard anything about any assassination attempts before, but I'd heard of many of the troubles that you'd faced when you released your first models.” Sean said.

“That's because the assassination attempts were covered up by me and I dealt with them in my own ways. The ones who did the arranging are all in jail, the ones who were doing the planning are also in jail, and the ones who were to do the jobs are also in jail. None of them will ever get out either I'm assured, and I will make sure of it as well. If they mess with me, I will make them suffer. They have no money and no freedom now because they messed with me, and what they once were means nothing to anyone in jail, so they're nothings in there now as well.”

“Wicked. I hope you're prepared for more attacks though, because I have a feeling that this is going to piss them all off to no end, and they could retaliate.” Spencer said.

“Yes, they will be pissed, and yes, they probably will retaliate, but they have to know that just merely stopping me won't be enough to stop this, no, even if I were to die, which is highly unlikely, my people would keep my dream going, and they would proceed. No one can kill me though, I'll know about it before they really even have a chance to do anything, and in the off chance the shooter manages to get a shot off, I'm keeping a shield around me at all times whenever I'm not at home from now on anyway, as well if I'm not out on official business, I think I'm going to change my appearance as well, so they'd never know who I am.”

“Those are good ideas, but how would you change your appearance?” Trent asked.

“I'll show you.” Ryan grinned, and then a second later a completely different man was standing before them. He was a good twenty years older, he was fat, short, balding and wheezing, and when he talked again, he sounded completely different. “So, do you think anyone would recognize me?” He grinned.

“Holly shit, no.” The boys all said, and Ryan changed back to himself.

“No, we don't either. That was Bobby's idea to keep me safer, he's even changed his appearance to go shopping by himself for groceries, I think it'll be a useful tool to keep us both safe, if we look like strangers, fewer people will bother us.”

“Yeah, when we were in the mall the other day it was almost maddening how many times people stopped daddy to shake his hand or congratulate him on such wonderful products and crap like that. Most people thankfully left him alone though, even though everyone recognized him.” Bobby added.

“Yeah, I'd hate that as well. At least by changing your appearance totally no one would ever recognize you, so that'd be a good idea. If they can't recognize you, they can't try to kill you.” Sean grinned.

“For sure.” Ryan and Bobby said at the same time.

“Well boys, I think that that was about it, so should we go swimming now?” Ryan asked.

“Okay” They all said excitedly.

They headed out to the pool, and once again by the time they were there, they were all totally naked again. Bobby took the honors this time. Ryan had sent ahead the order to turn everything on as well, so by the time that they arrived, everything was already turned on and ready to go.

“Holy shit, look at this place, it's better than the recreation centers pool, and I thought that it'd been cool before.” Spencer gasped, saying it best for them all.

“Yeah.” The others all said.

“I'd never had a chance to go there myself, my foster parents never paid to allow me to go, so I'll have to take your word for it.” Bobby said.

“It was awesome, but this is even better than that.” Matt grinned.

“Good. You guys head up and try the slides, they're awesome, Ryan and I'll play on the boards for a few minutes.” Bobby grinned, but the boys failed to notice the decidedly sadistic nature of that grin, Ryan did though, and had to hide one of his own.

“Okay.” They all said and each ran up a different set of stairs to reach the very top.

A few seconds later Ryan and Bobby heard all the screams, and then a few seconds later they all emerged from the different tubes, and Spencer, who had followed Trent up, emerged a few seconds after that, his screams having joined the other four as he went down. When they all came up in the water, Bobby and Ryan were standing there with grins on their faces, watching for the reactions on the boys' faces. All of them looked a cross between shocked, scared and happy.

“Holy shit, that was intense.” Spencer was the first to say.

“I'll say.” The other four agreed instantly.

“Yeah, they are, aren't they? They didn't used to be so intense though, they were still fun, but Bobby created something to coat the slides with that reduces the friction to nearly nothing, so we almost doubled the speed on the slides. Pretty awesome huh?” Ryan grinned.

“Wow, can we go again?” They all asked at the same time.

“Of course, go as many times as you want, but try the other slides as well, and we'll join you.” Bobby said happily.

For the next hour the seven of them ran up and slid down until they were slid out. After that they decided to hit the hot tub and sit back and relax for a bit, because they were all getting tired again.

“So, are you boys having any fun this weekend?” Ryan asked a while later.

“Oh yeah, I think this might be the best weekend I've ever had.” Spencer said, and the others all nodded instantly as well.

“Yeah, and it's only half over.” Bobby laughed.

“Yeah.” Everyone else agreed.

“Yeah, so I think it's pretty close to lunch time, so let's say we hop out of the pool, get diapered, and then get fed, because I'm getting pretty hungry.” Ryan asked.

None of the boys said anything, it just looked like they disappeared from the hot tub and reappeared on the pool deck they exited so fast, but neither Bobby or Ryan had had anything magically to do with it. Ryan took the honors of washing and drying everyone off as soon as they were on the deck, and as soon as he was done, Bobby diapered them all. They headed off to the kitchen as soon as they were ready and they all helped once again to make their meal, and then they all sat down to eat as soon as it was ready. After the mess was cleaned up, it was decided amongst all of them that they were still a little tired, so a movie was called for. They headed off to the theatre where they picked out a movie and all sat down to watch it.

“Are you guys horny again?” Bobby asked as soon as the movie was over and the mess was cleaned up.

“Yes.” The others all answered at the same time.

“Good, cuz so am I. Let's go back to our bedroom and have a little fun. We can break up into three groups and have a little fun. Two two person groups and one three person group, and you know I want to be in the three person group.” Bobby grinned.

“Me too.” Spencer and Trent both said at the same time, and they smiled to each other.

“You and I can go together Charlie, and Matt and Sean can go together, and we can all have some real fun.” Ryan grinned.

“Cool.” All the boys said together.

They made it to the bedroom quickly enough, and by the time they made it, they were once again naked, they were of course hard, a few of them were already dripping, and Ryan had prepared all of their asses for the up and coming fun. As soon as they made it there, Bobby launched himself at the bed and laid himself down right in the center.

“Spencer lay on me in the sixty nine position and we can suck each other while Trent plows your hot ass. You're more than welcome to of course play with anything that happens to be within your reach, because you'd best be damn certain that I will be.” Bobby grinned.

The two boys grinned happily and moved into position. The others stopped and watched for just a few seconds as the three boys started some hot sex. As soon as Trent and Spencer were in place, Trent slipped in, Spencer and Bobby sucked in, and both of their hands went and fondled wherever they were able to. Instantly they all started moaning and groaning in extreme pleasure.

“Well, this isn't a party for just watching, so come on boys, let's get it on as well.” Ryan urged, and it did not take much either.

They all hopped onto the bed and took up positions, one set on either side of the triple pleasure that was being had, and they got down to some serious fucking. Ryan had laid on his back and pulled his legs back and up as soon as he was able to, and Charlie just dove right in, dick first, and plunged himself in fully.

“Oh yeah, fuck me rough you little stud.” Ryan grunted, and that in turn spurred Charlie on even further, causing him to fuck even more vigorously.

Matt and Sean had gotten into a similar position with Matt on the bottom, but Sean did not slam himself right in right away, he entered his friend gently, but once he was in, he too started a good strong motion, really fucking his friend well and truly.

For no more than ten minutes this first time they were able to last, it was just too intense. The trio was the first to explode, not only had they been the first to start, but they were all being drawn closer, faster to the brink of orgasm, and their squeals of pleasure reverberated around the room and caused the others to follow suit only seconds later.

“Wow, that was so awesome. Everyone trade places, except me, I want to stay just like this.” Bobby called out.

Did they listen to Bobby, of course they did, they were all still more than ready and willing to continue on, after only a few moments of rest.

“I want to try something that I just thought of.” Bobby said a second later, they were still moving into their new places.

“What is it baby?” Ryan asked.

“I came up with a way to prolong our orgasms to make this last even longer yet, can I try it?”

“Okay.” Everyone said at the same time, so Bobby did that and effectively caused their orgasms in the next day to take three times longer to build up. What he was not counting on though is that they would still build up as fast, just that they would not release for three to four times longer than was normal.

They found out soon enough though, because moments later they were all ready to go again, so they got into position and those who were doing the fucking this time slipped into their partner, they all moaned lowly of course, and then they all started having fun again. Ten minutes later they realized what Bobby's spell had done, because they were nearing explosion point again already, but they knew that they would not explode yet, they could feel that too. Ten minutes later, their grunts and groans of pleasure were starting to turn pained from holding their impending orgasms for so long. Ten minutes later they were all nearly squealing in agony, but it was the best agony any of them had ever experienced in their lives, because the sex was still feeling absolutely amazing, but their balls were starting to feel like they would implode. Ten minutes later, the agony was even more so, but they could all tell their relief was soon cumming.

With huge screams all around, they all came at the same time, and the explosions were fantastic in their intensity. All the wet cummers came like they never had before, their loads so copious that whose ass or mouth it was being spilled into was unable to accommodate all of the sweet offerings, and some of it spilled out. Then they collapsed. None of them passed out, amazingly enough, but neither were they completely with it either. It took nearly fifteen minutes for that. They all just laid there staring at the ceiling, gasping for breath, none of them able or willing to say anything to ruin the great moment that they were sharing.

“Wow.” Bobby was the first to say anything some time later.

“Yeah.” Was all any of them could think to say.

“I'm not sure I could hold on like that again.” Bobby sighed out a few minutes later again.

“Me neither.” The others all sighed as well.

“Let me get everyone diapered.” Bobby said, and he heard no complaints, none of them wanted or thought they could continue, so he diapered them all.

“I think that we could all use a bit of a nap, we're all more than a little tired.” Ryan said.

The others said nothing, they all agreed completely, so they all moved into more comfortable positions, the blankets were pulled up, and they all slept for the next hour and a half. Ryan and Bobby woke up first, and they smiled warmly to each other and had a mind conversation while they watched the others sleep for a few minutes longer and then start to come awake. They watched the others come to slowly, and as they all woke up, they looked a lot more alive.

“And how do you boys all feel now?” Ryan asked softly.

“Amazing.” They all said.

“Good, we're glad of it. Let's go make an early dinner, we're all getting hungry again anyway.” Ryan smiled warmly.

“Okay.” They all said happy with that, they were all getting hungry again, and they knew the reason for it as well.

They headed to the kitchen and again made dinner together, they made lots, because they were all that hungry, and then when they ate it, they realized that they should have made more, because they were still hungry. Ryan dug through the freezer and found a bucket of ice cream, while the boys found stuff for toppings to make themselves all sundaes, so they each made themselves a huge ice cream sundae and ate that as well.

“Now I'm full.” Sean said, patting his belly.

“Me too.” The others all said together again.

“What should we do now boys?”

“Don't know.” They all said.

“Then let's go curl up and watch another movie or two before bed, and I don't know about you boys, but I don't think I can have sex again today.”

“Me neither.” They all said.

So for the rest of the night, they all sat down and watched two movies. They had popcorn, juice and candies for their second movie, and by the end, the five guests were very nearly passing out. Their diapers were deemed good enough to last them the night, and instead of making them get up and walk up to the bedroom, Ryan just sent them to bed, where they all curled into each other and slept the night away. Ryan and Bobby just sat and watched a couple more movies, and then talked for the rest of the night.

The next day they all decided that they had had enough sex for the weekend, so they all just played around until the boys had to head home. They went swimming again, they watched another movie, and they played in the games room for a long time, and right after dinner, the boys were put into clean diapers, their clothes were put back on them, and then Bobby checked near to their home to find a good place to send them so that they could walk the rest of the way. He found a place only two houses away that was free and clear, and with final goodbyes, he sent them there, and they walked the rest of the way home. They had all had a blast over the weekend, and in a few cases several blasts, and they all thought that they would be more than happy to do it all over again next weekend.

“I sorta miss them already. They're all really good guys, they were just a little rough around the edges before.”

“Yeah, they are good kids, and I liked them as well. They were a lot of fun to be with as well.”

“Yeah, and you enjoyed busting their cherries didn't you baby?” Bobby grinned.

“Of course, who wouldn't. I still love you more though, and I'd love to take you to our bedroom now and make sweet tender love.” Ryan smiled warmly.

“I'd like that as well.” Bobby smiled warmly as well, and they walked hand in hand to their bedroom, where they stripped each other of their soggy diapers, and laid down and made sweet tender love to each other for more than an hour. They were both very drained and satisfied by the end, so drained in fact that they fell asleep shortly after diapering each other lovingly.