Chapter 4

The next few days flew by for them all, even though Bobby was still as bored as ever while at school. He was getting in some good reading at least, and learning lots of new cool things. Ryan though had been working behind his baby's back, keeping a huge secret, which he did find not all that difficult to do, mostly because they hardly ever just read each others thoughts, they preferred to just talk. Ryan though had found a way to keep anything that he wanted secret to stay that way, and Bobby would never have a clue of it.

By Thursday two very great things were about to happen, but Ryan was keeping them both until Friday. Bobby knew though the status of the new car and that it was fully expected to be finished by Thursday evening, they had even went to see the nearly complete car a couple nights before, and it looked great. All that was left to do was to install the last few internal components and test it out for total functionality.

“Well baby, I arranged with your school principal to come tomorrow after lunch to show off something new to the school, and he agreed to it, so tomorrow we unveil the car to the world. Are you ready for it?”

“Oh yeah, I can't wait. Tomorrow will also be the same day that everyone else finds out that you adopted me, because I haven't told anyone.” Bobby smiled.

“Oh, I didn't know that. Why haven't you told everyone?”

“Because I didn't want a bunch of kids hanging off of me just because I had the most famous daddy in the world.” Bobby smiled warmly.

“Yeah, I can understand that. I have another surprise for you tomorrow after school though, but don't even ask, and no, it's not only that you get to drive the car, because you already know that that's gonna happen.”

“Oh, okay” Bobby grinned, not bothered by that at all, he knew he would find out eventually anyway.

Bobby went to school Friday morning as normal, he and the others having a lot of fun during their breaks, and going to Bobby's for lunch as had become normal for them to do. As soon as they got back to school though, they noticed the large car carrier trailer was there, and Ryan was just pulling in behind it. The trailer was of the design that was totally enclosed though, so no one could see what was in it. Bobby and the others went up to Ryan just as he was getting out of the car. A few other students had noticed who it was and went to head toward him as well. One of the mouthier older boys tried to act big and tough.

“Hey, you puny rats, get away from Mr. Maverick, he wouldn't want to talk to kids like you when he can talk to the school wrestling and football champ.” He spouted off.

“Yeah, like that'd be the day that he'd want to talk to some mouthy, D grade student that thinks sports is the only thing on the planet, and besides, I think he'd rather talk to his son.” Bobby grinned. At first big dumb and mouthy did not understand the part of Bobby being his son, all he heard was what sounded like an insult.

“I'm not mouthy, and I'm not a D grade student, I got an A in PE.”

“Yeah, I rest my case then. Hi dad, how's it goin, and how's the surprise coming along?” Bobby turned and asked Ryan.

“Great handsome, and I think that it turned out even better than we'd designed it. I bet all the students will be surprised.”

“You're not his son, he has no kids, everyone knows that.” The mouthy one said, just catching up.

“Yeah, that was true a week ago, 'til he adopted me that is. I'd been an orphan, but now I'm not. Now, the bell's about to ring, why don't you do something useful like go inside and to the auditorium.” Bobby said slowly.

“Don't talk to me like I'm some dumb kindergartner.”

“Then don't act like one and I won't talk to you like one.”

“Bobby, be nice. He can't help the way he acts, he was raised that way by parents that were the same way as he is, and he looks an awful lot like a bully I used to go to school with. Kid, is your dads name John Fuller by chance?”


“Yeah, thought so, and unless I'm mistaken he married Jenny Williams, the biggest mouthpiece in our school at the time, she thought everyone was below her, thought she was better than everyone, and your dad thought the same thing. Problem was neither of them were good students either, they thought that their looks would get them everything that they needed, and their small amount of skill in football or cheer should have gotten them everything they dreamed of. Too bad they learned they weren't nearly so good as they thought they were. It's also too bad that they bred and produced an equally arrogant and uneducated child as they were. Say hi to your parents for me, I'm sure they remember me well. Oh and don't forget to remind them that when they came to me to get jobs, because they couldn't hold decent jobs, that I turned them down because they weren't worth my time while at school, or now.” Ryan said softly to the boy, so that no one else would hear him thoroughly bashing the boy. That was after all bad for the image, besides, the boy needed to be knocked down a peg or two, but no one else needed to hear it. Bobby and the others though were close enough to hear it.

“Wow daddy, you really laid into him, it was awesome.” Bobby said happily once the boy was gone.

“Yeah, well both of his parents were absolutely horrible to me throughout school. He locked me in my locker, put me into garbage cans, stole my clothes from the gym while I was showering, and all sorts of other things like that. And she spread a rumor around that I tried to ask her out, and that I'd tried to kiss her. Yeah right, like I would've done anything with the slut. She also made sure all her friends treated me like dirt, and for no real reason other than they were jealous of me.”

“Wow, they were worse to you than all the bullies were to me. Mind you John was by far the worst to me out of everyone. He truly enjoyed torturing me at times I think, but he never did all of that. Oh, there's the bell, so we should go, see you in a few minutes Daddy.” Bobby said and they all ran off.

The principal came on the intercom telling all the students to file into the auditorium for a special presentation. So all the students headed there, and Ryan was already ready and waiting at the entrance to the large hall that his money had built. His employees were busy pulling the car out of the trailer and bringing it to the entrance where it could be pulled inside once they were ready for it. He had to wait no more than five minutes for everyone to enter and be seated, and the the principal went onto the stage and to a podium that was already there.

“Good afternoon students. Today we have a special guest here that you are all familiar with, Mr. Ryan Maverick. He has a special something to show everyone, so without further ado, I present to you Mr. Maverick.” He said, and most of the students and all of the staff applauded, and then Ryan appeared on stage, and they continued on until he held up his hand.

“Thank you very much for that warm welcome. It has been many years since I was at this school last, and then years before that I was a student here. As many of you know, I donated much of the money to rebuild this school, because it was small, cramped, and unfit to teach children in when I went here. Back then it was grade eight through twelve, but now it's grade seven through nine, and has almost three times the amount of students. I'm happy to see that my money has gone to good use. Today I have a bit of a surprise for all of you, no one else except the people that made it has even seen this yet, and it's all because of one very special young man.”

“You may remember a couple weeks ago a young student from this school won a contest to get to spend the day with me and tour my facilities, well he asked a very good question, and then together he and I designed and I had built his vision. His question was simple, why don't I have any cars that don't require fuels that we have to rape from our planet. Well, together he and I came up with many great ideas, and I had my people working on this full tilt now for almost two weeks since that day, and I'm happy to say that they did an outstanding job.”

“Bobby, would you please come up here and join me? It's only fitting that the co designer was up here at the time that your new car was unveiled for the very first time.” Ryan asked, and Bobby quickly trotted up to the front and up onto the stage to join his dad.

“Hi dad, thanks for that.” Bobby said, and a collective gasp could be heard throughout the hall.

“You're welcome son, you deserve it for all that you did.” Ryan smiled, setting a hand on his sons shoulder lovingly.

“Hello everyone, as you just found out, I was finally adopted, although few of you knew me well enough to know that I was even an orphan to begin with. Ryan, my dad, and I completely reinvented how cars look, drive, feel and perform, and like he said, you're all the very first outside our auto plant to even see it, no one else even knows it exists, although tomorrow they all will. I asked my dad, although he wasn't at the time, why he didn't make a fully electric car, and he said that it'd be nearly impossible, but together, like he said, we came up with many ideas, and we designed this.” Bobby said, and out drove a brand new car.

“Funny, I didn't hear anything at all, did you?” Bobby asked, and then waited a few seconds for the response he knew he would not get.

“Yeah, no one else heard it either, did they? Well, that's simply because it has no gas engine of any sort, it runs completely and totally on hydrogen. We convert hydrogen to electricity and the electricity drives four high powered high efficiency electric motors. The problem is of course that the world isn't really set up to give people the hydrogen that they'd need in order to drive such a car, so I asked what if we made it create it's own hydrogen. Hydrogen's easy to make, it just requires electricity. A lot of electricity in fact, but we didn't want to tax an already over used power system by plugging cars into it, not to mention the fact that we want this car to be completely fuel efficient, but much of our power still comes from dirty sources; such as gas or diesel powered plants, coal powered, and god forbid nuclear powered. So, I asked, what if we made it solar powered to create the hydrogen that we'd need, and dad said that that'd be nearly impossible, because no solar panel could create that sort of power to run a car for any real length of time. So I asked him why couldn't we just create newer better solar panels, so he said, why not.”

“You'll notice the body panels of the car aren't exactly like normal cars, well, that's because they're not, they're all solar collectors, the entire car's one massive high efficiency solar cell. Not only that, but it's also highly durable, impact resistant, almost totally dent proof, and to top it all off, the panels have built in antennas to receive virtually any type of signal. It can receive TV, satellite, cellular and GPS, just to name a few. We can create these panels in a wide array of colors, but not white or other light colors, because the solar collectors won't work as well, so for those who like white cars, go get yourself a gas guzzler I guess, because you won't be getting one of these.”

“When dad asked me what all I wanted to put in the car, I simply said all of it. I wanted the most incredible car ever built, so I put everything in it. There's a game console and full universal media player with two built in monitors to view in the back of the headrests. Each monitor has a wired jack and a wireless transmitter for headphones, so each person can watch or play whatever they want. The passenger seat has a full access computer and can do almost anything from it, and then the driver has every conceivable contraption at his or her fingertips to make driving not only more comfortable, but safer as well.”

“Thank you Bobby, that was very well spoken. Now, as a treat to all the students of this school, you'll get a chance to come up and view it for a few moments, you may climb in and sit in the extremely comfortable seats, you can try out the kick ass sound system, oops sorry, I guess that's not exactly appropriate for a school. Oh well, it really is anyway. You can try out anything you wish, as long as you don't try and drive it away. We'll have the hood and the trunk open so that you may look inside and see everything that there is to know about it. Ten of you may come up at a time as I point you out, and you'll have a few minutes to look it over as you see fit.” Ryan smiled to the school, and then called up the first ten, and of course Bobby's friends were in the first group to check out the new car.

This took nearly two hours for the entire school to view the car, and everyone just loved it, especially the teachers, who also had a chance to view it. The stereo was cranked up a few times, and the chest thumping bass rolled over the entire place, the game console was tried out by almost everyone, and they all loved the cordless controllers for it as well, they looked at everything that the car had to offer, and they all thought it was great. Many of the students congratulated Bobby on the job well done and his getting a great father as he showed them around and told them how certain things worked.

“Well, I think that that was everyone.” Ryan called out as soon as the last student was seated, although he noted that a young John Fuller Junior was not present, and had not come up. “I trust that you enjoyed your afternoon off classes?” Ryan said brightly.

“Yes.” Was the resounding response from nearly everyone.

“Excellent. Now Bobby wishes to talk to you about something else as well.”

“Thanks dad. The reason that I wanted to design and build a car like this was because we should all know that the earth can't support us for much longer doing what we've been doing. Within only another fifty to a hundred years we could deplete most, if not all the natural resources that we enjoy. For obvious reasons we can't allow this to happen. Everyone needs to stop thinking of themselves and or the present, everyone needs to think about how they want this planet to be when it's their kids' turns to walk the earth.”

“Do we want for them to have nothing left in order to live, do we want to leave them a mess that they can't possibly hope to clean up, do we really want to continue to make the earth so dirty that there are places where it's becoming unfit to live in? I'd certainly hope that the answer to those questions is no.”

“Remember, the worlds population is growing rapidly, but the amount of space and the resources we enjoy isn't growing, in fact they're shrinking at unbelievable rates, yet there's much waste in what they're taking too. How many of you out there use something once and just throw it away? How many of you throw away things that are no longer of any use to you, but may still be good for someone else? How many of you recycle?”

“You see, almost anything that we use nowadays can be reused or recycled in one way or another, yet still less than half the items that can be recycled are recycled, and that's sad. Things like paper and plastic, glass and metal, they can be reused or recycled in some cases up to hundreds of times before they're no longer able to be used. So why would we just throw them away when their life isn't yet over. That'd be like me talking to one of you one day, and then throwing you away to rot in a landfill for the rest of your life, just because I'm finished with you. On second thought, given how some of you have treated me in the past, that may not be entirely a bad thought. Just kidding, I'd still recycle even you.” Bobby chuckled, and a few others laughed as well.

“And then comes wasting other things. How many people here leave the lights on when they leave the room, how many of you leave the water running for no reason, and how many people just needlessly flush the toilet just because they've peed in it?”

“Sadly all too many people still do all of this and more. Once again that's being hugely wasteful. Yes water's always gonna be there for us, but is it gonna be clean and fresh in another fifty years? Probably not. Did you know that just by not running the water while brushing your teeth and not flushing if the toilet isn't dirty, you can save up to as much as a hundred litres of water per day, each? That's a huge amount of savings when you stop and think about it.”

“Then there's the lights, do you think that the electricity that powers those lights is free? Well guess what, it's not, it costs a lot of money to produce, and it costs even more to buy. Whenever you turn off a light, you're reducing the load on the entire system, which is over used right now and is causing problems by the way, but it also reduces the amount that your family is having to pay to buy that electricity. But it's not just lights; it's the heat, it's the TV, it's the stereo, it's everything that you leave on for no reason whenever you leave the room. If it's not essential to be left on, why leave it on?”

“Far too many adults don't think about this, because they didn't learn it when they were kids, so they have a hard time thinking about it now, so it's up to all of us kids to do our parts, because it's not actually going to be our parents in trouble so much as it's gonna be us and our children and our children's children. Do we really want that when we can do something about it? I certainly hope not.”

“Remember, in a few short years it's not going to be their planet any more, it's going to be ours, and I for one don't want to have to deal with all that mess when we can start doing something to prevent it from happening in the first place. Although, it really should be pointed out that it's really too late already, it's already happened, is happening, and will continue to happen. But we do have the power to stop it almost totally, just by being smarter about what we use. Shut off the tap, the light, the whatever it is that you're using. Recycle that can or bottle, send to a thrift store the old clothes that you don't wear, just do everything in your power to be better to your planet and your fellow people on it.”

“Now, the people on the planet, we all have a duty to them as well. Many people, especially children, don't wish to think about what I'm going to talk about next, but our time here isn't guaranteed, things happen, and sometimes we die. But did you know that sometimes the reason that someone dies isn't because their injuries are beyond repair, it's because the people trying to save our lives don't have what they need to do so. I'm talking blood, but there's more as well.”

“You see, every day people die from unstoppable blood loss, when all they need is blood that was donated by people just like you and I. I registered to be a blood donor a few years ago, but sadly due to a blood disorder, I was unable to donate, but that doesn't stop me from helping in any other way that I can. There's absolutely no reason that all of you in this school, children and adults alike, can't donate blood and try to save peoples lives. You never know, the next person to die from just a shortage of blood could be you or someone you know and maybe even care for.”

“Do you really want for that to happen, do you really want to have something that you can do something about take all that away from you? I'd think not. I'm going to start a petition to allow blood donor clinics to come to schools just like ours, and I intend to have ours be the first, to collect blood from as many people as they possibly can, so that maybe we can help save a few more lives.”

“Now, sadly sometimes it's not the lack of blood that causes death, sometimes a persons injuries are just too great even for our very talented doctors to fix. It's sad but it's true. Unfortunately each and every person in this room will have to deal with the loss of a loved one, or maybe you already have, but the loss of that person doesn't have to be entirely sad. What if the loss of that persons life made even just one other persons life better, or more than likely up to as many as twenty peoples lives better? I certainly don't plan on dying any time soon, and I hope that I don't, but if I do, I want any part of my body that can be salvaged to be used to help another to survive.”

“Of course I'm talking organ transplant. Well guess where those organs come from, because it's rarely live donors. Remember, death is a fact of life, no one escapes that fact, eventually we all do, but do we have to take others with us when we have the power to stop it? No, and we certainly don't have the right either. Personally I think that it should be law that when you die, anything that you can offer should be taken and used to help others, but the government thinks that this is against peoples rights or something stupid like that.”

“I hate to tell them this, but they're kinda dead, I don't think they're gonna be complaining any time soon, and their loved ones would be hard pressed to ever see any difference, so why would they care. Yeah, I know, a little morbid maybe, but you know what, everyone needs to hear it. What if it was you in the hospital every day for some reason, and all you needed was an organ, but you knew that someone had just died that had one that was perfect for you, yet they refused to donate their organs. How would that make you feel? It'd piss you off, sorry for the bad word, but I can't think of a better one, because I know I'd be extremely mad that someone was so greedy like that that they wouldn't even want to make one other persons life better if they died.”

“You see, even we ourselves are recyclable, and why shouldn't we do it? There's absolutely no reason why we shouldn't all donate our blood, there's no reason at all that we shouldn't sign up to be an organ donor, there's no reason at all other than either greed or not knowing. Well, all of you now know all the reasons why you should donate and register, so if you don't, then that makes you greedy. Trust me, I don't really think you need any of those parts after you're dead and gone, and like I said, I want anything that I can offer to go to make someone elses life better.”

“I'm gonna be asking a donor registration to come to the school to allow those who wish to become organ donors to sign up, and while I can't force you to do it, I'd certainly hope that each and every one of you will do it, not for yourselves, but for others. Same with the blood donation, you shouldn't do it for yourself, you should do it for others. The only thing that you should take away from it is the satisfaction that you're doing your part to make the world a better place.”

“Now, like I said before, it was morbid, and saddening, but you all needed to hear it. I hope that this has caused most of you to at least think about some of what I've said today, and I hope it causes you all to go out and do great things to help change our world for the better. Just remember, even if just a little, everything you do to help the planet and those around you means a huge amount. Try and come up with ways and things you can do to help out, and you'd be surprised at what we can all do. We're doing our part, and will continue to do so, but we're only one family, just with a huge corporation to help us, but that doesn't mean you can't help too. I think that that was all that I had to say, so thank you for listening to me.” Bobby said and stepped aside. The principal quickly took his place.

“Thank you Bobby for all of that. You're right, everyone here needed to hear it, including the teachers. I know that I do recycle, and I did a lot, but you helped me to see a couple ways to help even more, and when you do send the petition out to allow it, because as you must have already surmised, it wouldn't be allowed, I'll be the very first to sign it. And when the donor registration and the blood clinic does come to the school, I'll be the very first in the line to do what I can. I'll also encourage each and every student and teacher here to do more, to do their part, we're all in this together after all. Your wisdom in these ways is ageless, and there wasn't one thing that you said that isn't oh so very true.” He smiled.

“Thank you sir, I appreciate it.” Bobby blushed.

“You're welcome, and I also thank you and your dad for the wonderful new car, and as soon as these are released to the general population, I'll be amongst the first to buy one, because my old car's getting close to retirement and recycling, not to mention it's costing me huge amounts of money to fill the gas tank and I hate all the pollution that it causes.”

“Thanks for allowing me to come to your wonderful school, and I think that you'll find when you do buy the new car, that we'll help you to recycle your old one. I'll give you a fair trade price on it, and we'll recycle your old car for you.”

“I'd certainly appreciate that. Now, it's not yet quite time for the school day to come to a close, however, it's certainly far too late for us to all head back to class, so everyone's free to leave for the day, although the buses won't be here 'til their normal time, which is in approximately half an hour now. So for those that have to wait for the buses, feel free to go out and play, for those that walk, enjoy your walk home.” The principal called out, and all the students cheered.

“Wow, that was some speech you gave Bobby.” Spencer said as he and the others made it up onto the stage.

“Thanks, I just hope that it helps is all.”

“I think it will, it certainly made me think, and I know a lot of the others thought a lot about it. There's still going to be those greedy selfish ones, but they're everywhere and we can't do too much about them.” Spencer smiled.

“Yeah, but I did what I could.”

“And then some. You should take that speech on the road to all the schools, get the kids really thinking about it, because like you said, far too many adults don't. Our foster family hardly recycles anything at all. So, can we go to your house now?” He asked, because they had arranged to have the boys come for the weekend again.

“Yeah, we can head out in a few minutes, but we're not heading home, we have somewhere else to go to first.” Ryan smiled.

“And I don't really want to go to a bunch of other schools and do what I did today. I was really nervous up there and peed so often that I had to change my diaper while I was standing there once, that's why I paused for a moment there.” Bobby laughed.

“Oh, that's what you did, I wondered about that.” Ryan laughed as well.

“Yeah, well public speaking was never one of my strong suits, and before now, I probably wouldn't have done it, but getting to stand up there next to my loving daddy gave me all the courage I needed.” Bobby said lovingly to his daddy.

“Yeah, I always hated public speaking before too, but I've gotten lots better at it, but it's still a good thing that I wear diapers, or I'd piss my pants in front of a crowd.” Ryan laughed.

“So where are we going then Ryan?” Spencer asked.

“Well, Bobby made me promise that he got to be the first person to test drive the car, so we're heading to my test track now. Everyone hop in the truck, there's lots of room in the back, including seats, and the driver will take us there.”

“Wicked, can we drive it too?” The boys all asked.

“Afraid not. Bobby has many special abilities that make him well equipped to drive, but you five don't yet possess those abilities. Don't worry, you'll get your chance to drive soon enough.” Ryan smiled.

“Aw nuts. Not to mention I guess we'd have to have permission from our social workers before you could even do anything like that.” Trent sighed.

“At least you guys can take turns and ride with us.” Bobby smiled sadly to his friends, he wished they could drive as well.

They all hopped in the truck and it took almost half an hour for them to make it to the testing facilities that Ryan owned for testing all the cars. It was a large indoor track that could be programmed with all sorts of obstacles or situations. When they arrived, the two people that were there to help out were dismissed and told that they could head home for the day if they wished, so they did, leaving Ryan and the boys all alone, because he had arranged to have the test facilities empty for them.

“Well, here we are boys. Go ahead and take her for a spin baby, but please be careful.” Ryan smiled.

“Cool, thanks. Who wants to come with me for the first try?”

“I will.” Ryan, Spencer, and Trent all said first.

“Cool, come on then.” Bobby said excitedly, and they all hopped in the car, whereas the other three went and sat off to the side in the area dedicated just for that.

As soon as they were all in the car and buckled up securely, Bobby started them off. He took it slow and easy to start with, just to get the feel for the new car, and he was very pleased with how well it handled. He started going faster and faster, really pushing the car and having fun, and then he told the systems to start throwing different things at him, and it did. The first was rain, and the car handled beautifully in that, then was ice, and the car handled that perfectly, so did Bobby for that matter, then there was fog, and the heads up display really showed how well it worked, because it allowed the driver to still see even through dense fog, and there were all sorts of other things, and the car and Bobby handled them perfectly.

“I must say Bobby, for barely being able to reach the pedals, you do an amazing job of driving.” Ryan complimented.

“Thanks. Remember though I made these seats to be completely adjustable, and even a small kid like me can drive it easily.” Bobby smiled.

“Yeah, I didn't realize they were that adjustable though. Well, you boys hop out so that I can give it a go as well, and the other three can take your places in here.”

“Okay.” The boys in the car all said, and they hopped out. The other three came up and took their places, and for the next fifteen minutes, Ryan took the car for a good spin, pushing it even more and harder than even Bobby had, but he was more used to it.

“Wow, I can't believe how well the car handles.” Ryan said as they all hopped out of the car after finishing their test drive.

“I know, it's even better than anything else before, and it's so quiet as well.” Bobby said when they met up with the others.

“For sure. Well boys, shall we head out then and get our weekend started, and then when we get there, I'll have a surprise for you all.”

“Okay.” They all said happy with that.

A few seconds later they were all home, and they all noticed that they were down to just their soggy diapers as well, because Ryan took their clothes off at the same time.

“So, what's this big surprise daddy?” Bobby asked.

“Well, take a look at that pile of stuff right over there and tell me what you think it is?” Ryan said, and the boys all looked over to see the pile he was referring to.

“Hey, that's my stereo.” Trent said.

“And that's my duffel bag.” Sean said.

“And that's my....” They went on for a few moments like that.

“Daddy, did you do what I think you did?” Bobby asked with a huge smile.

“Well, if you're thinking that I went and adopted a bunch of cute gay diaper lover brothers for you, then yes, I guess I did do what you think I did.” Ryan smiled brightly, and before he could even react, he had six boys wrapping him in a hug that would have surely broken all his ribs had he not been so strong. They all had happy tears in their eyes from the news.

“How did you do it?” Spencer asked.

“Well, most of it'd be highly illegal should anyone ever find out, but no one will. Your social workers think that it was your idea, and that they asked me if I wanted more kids, and of course I said yes. The same judge who did Bobby's adoption was used again, and he signed off immediately after only hearing the names. It's fully legal though, it was just done illegally, but oh well. This morning I had your foster parents pack up all your belongings and I went and picked them up. They're actually happy that you boys are getting a new home, because they wanted to retire and travel, they've worked long enough they both figured, so were happy for that as well.”

“Wow. So, can you tell us now how you have all those powers?” Spencer asked excitedly.

“I see no reason why not.” Ryan smiled, and they sat down right on the floor where they were and he told them the entire tale, including how he gave Bobby his powers.

“Can you give us the same powers?” Sean asked very excitedly.

“Yes.” Ryan answered, he knew they would ask immediately once they found out. Without a thought, he did it for the boys, and within a second they were the same as he and Bobby were.

“There you go, try it out.” Ryan smiled.

“Wow, this is so awesome.” They all said a few minutes later.

“Yeah, I still have a hard time believing sometimes all the powers I have. Just remember though that you can't use your powers for bad, or you'll die instantly.” Bobby warned.

“Yeah, we remember.” They said.

“We know. So who wants to go upstairs and play for a bit?” Ryan grinned.

“Me.” The others all shouted as one.

“Thought so, let's go.” He said happily and they took off running for the bedroom, all of them naked by the time they made it there.

“Let's try something that I read about once, it's a little different, and I think it could be really fun. Spencer on your back, and when I say I'm ready Trent, I want you to slip into me, and then the rest you guys figure out where you go.” Ryan said, he had purposely chosen the two largest boys for what he intended.

“Okay.” The boys all said as one, but none of them able to see in Ryan's mind what he was envisioning, because he had blocked it off.

Spencer laid down though as he was asked, and then after getting all their asses lubed and well prepared, Ryan climbed on and sunk Spencer all the way inside himself.

“Okay Trent, I want you to slip in as well. It'll be a little tight, and it might even hurt me a little at first, but I can take it, just go slow. The rest of you, once Trent is all the way in, slip in as well, we're gonna have ourselves a chain fuck.”

“Wicked.” All the boys breathed out as one.

Trent wasted no time in hopping up and aligning himself for entry, and before too long, he had his dick head wedged in as well. He heard and felt Ryan gasp in pain, but the immense pleasure that Spencer was feeling, as well as projecting out to the others almost caused them all to cum. He had to wait a few minutes before he could start slipping himself in further, but eventually Trent began moving again. He moved very slowly, pushing in just a centimeter or two, and then backing out about half that much, and then slipping just a bit more in.

“Fuck me, you took it all. One of you has to get inside me, and quick, this feels so awesome.” Trent said.

“Tell me about it.” Ryan and Spencer said as one.

Bobby was the first to move into position, and he just lined up and thrust himself in fully, he knew that was how Trent wanted it, and that he could take it. Sean slipped into him, then Matt into Sean, and finally Charlie was the last link in the chain of love.

“Oh god, this is amazing.” Spencer groaned out, having to hold back an amazing amount from cumming.

“Oh yeah.” The others all said as well.

“Then start thrusting, let's get this going shall we.” Ryan panted out.

“Oh yeah.” The others said.

Charlie, being on the end, started the thrusting, as he saw that he should, thus causing all the others to move along. They disengaged a couple times, but after slipping back in, they just continued right on as if they had not slipped out. Unfortunately none of them had cum in the past two days in anticipation of this day, the entrance and watching the beginning parts had been far too much for all of them, and it all combined to cum far too soon. However that did not stop them. They took a minute to catch their breath, but they never disengaged. Their breathing was ragged at best, they were panting and moaning still as they were coming down, and then they started again.

Their second orgasm they managed to hold in check for almost twenty minutes this time, having had one really good strong cum helped in that endeavor. This time they went even slower still, and this time they never once separated, since they were more used to it.

As they had wild passionate sex, they were panting and grunting, it was a wild sounding orgy to say the least. It was so hot in fact that they all thought that even the most straight of boys would get hard and gladly join in on the fun.

“Wow, that was.........intense.” Ryan gasped out a few minutes after the last orgasm ripped through them, but this time they fell apart, not being able to hold it any longer. And they knew they would not be continuing either, at least for a couple hours.

“Yeah, it was. I can't believe you took two dicks in you like that though, that was hot, and then the chain was almost as hot. Some day soon I'll be the one being double dicked, have no fears there, because I so want to feel that as well.” Bobby sighed out.

“Me too.” The others all said almost instantly.

“I don't doubt it, but until you boys are more accustomed to it, I won't be the one to enter you during a double dicking, you boys can do that to each other first.”

“We know.” They all grinned.

“That's good. Come on, we should get up and get diapered, get all you boys' stuff put away somewhere, find you a bedroom or two as well I suppose, and then we should go out and buy you boys some new clothes and things.”

“Why can't we just share this room?” Spencer asked.

“Remember last weekend when we all tried to sleep in this bed together, it was a little cramped. It's not like we'll need to sleep lots anyway, but when we do, I prefer to have some space to move around. Even having sex on this bed there's almost not enough room for us all, but oh well. Besides, we also don't have enough space in here for all your things either.” Ryan answered.

“I bet I can fix that.” Trent grinned, and then thought for a moment about what and how he wanted to do it, and a few seconds later the room was doubled in size, the bed tripled in size, the closet was quadrupled in size, it was now a huge bedroom suite.

“Um, what did you just do?” Ryan asked in shock, never having thought that you could do something like that.

“Just killed the bedroom next door and renovated this one to be quite a bit larger. The bathroom's also even larger, the tub will now hold all of us, as well there's more mirrors and sinks for us all. I even remade all the sheets and blankets for the bed larger to fit.”

“But how? I always thought to do something like that, that you'd have to have the material somewhere to do it.”

“Not too sure where the supplies came from to do it, but I imagine that a lot of it was just reused.”

“Hmm, I think we should be careful doing stuff like that 'til we know where the materials are coming from, we wouldn't want to steal things from people.”

“I don't think it was taken from anyone daddy, it doesn't feel that way, it felt like he just made it from thin air using what was available here.” Bobby said after a moments thought.

“Yeah, I think I see what you mean. I guess this fixes the problem as to where you boys sleep, when you do. Go ahead and bring your things up and put them away.” Ryan smiled.

A few seconds later and all that was done. Once that was taken care of, they lovingly diapered each other, and then all got dressed in a second by themselves.

“Well, you guys are as hungry as I am, but I don't feel like cooking anything, so let's go find a place in the mall to eat at, and then we can go shopping.” Ryan said.

“Okay.” They all said brightly.

“Daddy, why not change your appearance so that we're not bothered today?” Bobby asked.

“Sure.” Ryan said, and then changed his appearances. He was now older, skinnier, different face, less hair, it would be impossible for anyone to recognize him at all.

As soon as Ryan was ready, Spencer offered to get them all to the mall, so he checked ahead, found a small hall that no one was near and sent them all there. As soon as they made it, they headed toward the food fair in the mall and hit the burger joint, seeing as how that was what they all wanted anyway. They all got almost the exact same thing, the only thing that was different were their drinks, but they all took the biggest burger with everything on it, and the largest fries they had.

They went and found a seat somewhere and began eating their meal. Most of them ended up going back and getting more to eat, because they were still hungry, and then after they were finished eating, they hit the ice cream place and all ordered a big treat for themselves.

“Oh man, it's a good thing we had lots of exercise, and lots more is planned, or that meal could make even us fat.” Ryan grinned.

“Yeah, lots of exercise.” The boys grinned.

“Come on babies, let's go shopping.” Ryan smiled warmly to his sons and they headed off.

For the next nearly four hours they searched through the mall to find the newest boys all that they would need, all of them getting much nicer clothes than they were used to, and they enjoyed it a great deal.

“Daddy, can I go get my ears pierced?” Bobby asked.

“Sure, why not baby.”

“Can I too?” The others all asked at the same time.

“Sure. There's a place right over there that'll do it for us. You can choose whatever ear ring, or ear rings that you want.”

“Thanks daddy.” They all said.

Ryan just smiled warmly and they headed to the store. The boys looked at the selection that the store offered for a few minutes before all choosing two gold hoops and a diamond stud. They each wanted the stud in their right ears, instead of their left as was more normal for boys, and the hoops to go up higher. Ryan gladly paid for all the jewelry, and then the people there took the near hour to install them into all the boys. Up until then Ryan had never really paid much attention, or thought that he would like a boy with ear rings, but he had to admit that the boys looked hot.

“So boys, when I was a kid, it meant that a boy was gay when they had an ear ring in their right ear.” Ryan said nonchalantly as they were walking away.

“Yep, still does.” Bobby grinned.

“Okay, as long as you all know what you're doing.” Ryan smiled warmly.

“We do.” They all said.

“Yeah, I knew you would.”

“Yeah. So let's head home then and see if we can burn off more of our dinner and dessert.” Bobby grinned.

The others agreed instantly of course and they found a deserted hall and then disappeared. When they arrived, they were all naked as could be, and they were all not so surprisingly hard. This time they only got into a circle and jerked each other off, deciding on something just a little easier than full on sex. They all took nearly ten minutes to cum, and they all licked up the messes that were sprayed, all of them getting to enjoy it, even if not all of them made messes yet.

“I'm not quite ready to stop yet, so let's say we circle suck now?” Charlie said.

“Okay.” They all answered back, and for the next half an hour they slowly sucked and suckled each other while petting each others bodies softly. As soon as they all came again though, they were done.

“Wow, I think that this has got to be the best day of my life, even better than last weekend. I never thought that I'd ever have a real daddy, and a daddy that really understood me. It's so nice, even if we never had sex again I'd still be the happiest boy on the planet.” Trent sighed out, almost crying a little.

“Same here.” The others all said.

“I'm glad that you boys are so happy, it makes me feel good to give you what you want and need, and I'm not talking about only sex, although that's fun as well.” Ryan smiled warmly to his boys.

“Can we call you daddy as well?” Spencer asked.

“Of course. You're all my little baby boys, and I'm your daddy, and that's how it will be from now on.” Ryan smiled warmly.

“Daddy.” They all called out, and then attached themselves to him in a large group hug, Bobby included. There was not a dry eye in the house, they were all so happy.

“I love you my little baby boys. Let's get diapered up and go find something to do around here.” Ryan smiled, wiping the tears from his eyes.

“Okay.” The boys all said with happy smiles as well, and also wiping the tears from their eyes.

“So, what should we do?” Ryan asked.

“I want to go play on the computer for a bit and see if I can design something that I thought of earlier, but don't bother asking.” Bobby grinned.

“Okay Baby, go for it. What about the rest of you boys?”

“Why don't the rest of us just go sit in the office and read? We can cuddle up together, and that way we'll all be together still, even if we're not doing much.” Spencer asked.

“Sounds good to me.” Ryan said, and the others nodded their agreement as well.

So they headed up to the office and Bobby went to the computer, while the others grabbed a book each off the shelf and went and curled up on the two couches in there and started reading. The newest boys found that this was great, because not only could they read considerably faster now, but they also understood things even faster than they ever had before, so they were learning far more than they ever thought possible. Bobby though went to the computer and started working.

He started by taking the solar panels that he and Ryan had designed, and worked with them to see what all he could do with them. Turned out that they had tapped almost all the potential of the panels though, there was nothing more that they could do. He was able to get it to absorb a great deal of heat as well though by making it a flat black in color, so he decided to work with that. He had thought of using the solar panels as roof tiles, and wondered how well they would work. He figured that if he could also absorb a great deal of heat from them as well, that he could build a piping system underneath to collect all that heat energy as well, and therefore heat their house even better yet. He redesigned that in little time at all, and before he knew it, he had a full working model of a complete solar collector panel. To attach them he went with a simple clip that could easily be screwed into place to hold the panels, and he made the panels so that they would overlap slightly, a sealant would be applied in this seam so that it was water tight.

Next bobby started working on a massive hydrogen manufacturing and storage system, because he planned to use this for the house, so they would require a lot. He ended up having to design a whole new out building for just this alone, but that would be better anyway. He was going to roof every building on the property with the new solar panels, so all he had to do was figure out a way to get all that energy to where it needed to go, but that he figured out easily enough.

His next chore was a way to harness all that heat energy as well and use it. He decided to use a design that was already in use, the heat exchangers that were commonly found in geo thermal heating units, air to air heat exchangers, and of course air conditioners, since they were in fact all almost the exact same thing. He worked the design to see if he could increase the performance of it, but found that it was already pretty damned effective, he just more than tripled the size of the largest unit available to squeeze out every last bit of heat that he could.

Where he was able to really increase the performance however was in the fluid that flowed through the lines. In some systems they just used water, but that was really not all that efficient, in some systems they used a refrigerant, but again it was not all that efficient, a lot better granted, but not as much as Bobby wanted. Some also used a glycol mixture, but it was almost as bad as just water, so he scrapped that as well. He ended up creating a whole new liquid for the job, it was completely harmless to the environment, and while poisonous to drink, it was not gaseous, so was not harmful to breath around.

He was able to get nearly a hundred percent efficiency with it and the system that he created, so almost every single degree of heat that it was able to capture would then be able to be used to heat various items throughout the house, including the pool and hot tub. Those of course posed other challenges, how would he work them into the system. That actually took the longest to figure out, but he did it.

“Hey guys, come take a look at what I designed.” Bobby called out, causing a few of the boys to screech from the scare that he gave them, because it had been nearly as silent as a tomb in there.

“What have you made Baby?” Ryan asked after they all made it over to the computer.

“Just a complete solar collection system for the house, and it could be put into almost any house to create power.” Bobby said with a grin, and then opened up the designs that he had minimized.

It took almost half an hour for the other six to look through all the designs and make sense of all that he had just done, but when they did, they were impressed.

“Wow baby, I bet that this creates almost every last bit of power that we need to power our house, and if it works that well here, I'll definitely put it into all my buildings as well. It'll cost about five to ten years worth of electricity to do it, but after that it would be nearly paid off if it works as well as your designs say they should, but then it also collects heat, so that would reduce gas consumption as well, so bonus.” Ryan grinned happily.

“Yeah, that's about what I was figuring as well. People could buy a system just like this, put it into their house and almost never have to pay for gas or electricity from the power and gas companies, thus reducing the strain on the entire system. I also figured six to ten years for most people to recoup their costs, but people would be smart to do so, that's for sure. Places like condos and hotels would still pretty much have to depend upon them, because even if they did the entire facade in these panels, I doubt that they'd be able to create enough energy to supply it all, but I bet they could reduce it by half at least. I think that this system will be more useful to people in houses that are open enough to actually have good sunshine. Places in dense cities probably wouldn't get the full benefit of it, but would at least be able to cut their bills down a considerable amount.”

“Yeah, and considering just how taxed the power systems are already in many areas, and not to mention the amount of natural gas that's being used, what you just made there could save people billions, as well as save our planet even more. If you think about it though, most places really wouldn't have to go with the hydrogen plants, they could just hook it up with their existing systems, what they don't use gets put back into the grid and their bill would then go backwards. The system that you created though would be perfect for places where there is no power or gas, or would be far too costly to bring power or gas to them. The heat collector though could be used by everyone regardless, and it just hooks up to almost any houses existing heating systems. If they want it to heat their hot water as well though would require other equipment, but hey, we can't make everything.”

“Yeah, I thought of almost all that already as well, but I already have the plan in my head for the hot water holding tanks that the solar collectors will heat, and then if it requires further heating, then the automatic boiler could finish off the rest. I don't have to mess with those designs, because they're already nearly perfect anyway. We could bump them up another percent or two, but it's not really worth it. We could sell an entire collection kit for almost any home, with or without hydrogen manufacturing and people would buy it. We don't have to sell it to make huge amounts of money, in fact I'd advertise it as such, that you're not selling this for profit, and that all profit goes to pay only the employees and equipment to make it, that you're doing it for the betterment of the environment, and I bet it sells like crazy.”

“Good, and you know, that's not really a bad idea. It's not really like I absolutely have to make a killing on it, I already have lots, and it'll be good for business in the long run as well, because people will see me as being a good company, thus buy more of my products. Most people already know that I make only quality products, using only local people to do so, none of it's shipped elsewhere to do, and they know I have great prices, this will only make me look better. The panels are nearly dirt cheap to make, the real cost in them is the shipping to get the raw materials here, and most of it's within our own country, so that's not too bad. These power and heat generating panels will be more expensive though, strictly because of all the tubing in them, but that's really not so bad, especially when the payback is far more than the original payment is. You know what, as soon as we have all the stuff made to do so, I'm retrofitting every school in town to have this as well. I already upgraded them to be the best, now I'm going to make them the greenest as well.” Ryan said excitedly.

“That's a great idea Daddy.” Bobby said, happy that his loving daddy loved his ideas so much.

“Wow Bobby, I don't think I ever would have thought of something like that, that's pretty damn cool.” Spencer said, the first of them to actually say anything, mostly they just looked on in shock.

“Thanks. I love doing things that'll help save our planet, so I'm always thinking of things like this.”

“Hey Bobby, why not make a wind generator as well that's actually more than the thirty percent efficient than the ones that are currently on the market, and add it to the other things?” Charlie asked.

“Why don't you design it, you'll be able to?” Bobby asked softly.

“No, that's okay. I know how to technically, I can see the designs in my mind, but I can't interpret them quite as well as you could. My mind's just not set up to invent quite like you do. I can tell that we're all just as smart, but you're still better at that than I'd be, and the others agree with me.”

“Hell, he's even better than I am in many ways.” Ryan added.

“Thanks guys, I appreciate it. I'll do it for you though, but your name is going on it for the design ideas.” Bobby grinned.

“Thanks.” Charlie grinned back.

“Daddy, when you design the new factory, you should design it with all the new items, so that it's almost completely self sufficient.” Trent said.

“Oh trust me, I was already thinking of doing just that, no worries.” Ryan smiled.

“Good.” The boys all said.

“Well, I'm going to continue working then, you guys can go back to enjoying your books, they all look like good ones, although I've read two of them already.” Bobby said. He was paying attention to what they were all reading while he was working, but had been keeping what he was doing secret until he called them.

“Okay.” They all said.

When Bobby went back to work, he left his mind open fully so that the others could see what he was up to now. He first did up the designs for the water heater, but that was quick work, even if he did make it almost a hundred percent efficient in it's temperature holding capacity. Next he started working on the wind generator, and this really did not take all that long to do either. He started by using the same electric motors that Ryan had already created, rewired them slightly to make a great generator, and built in all the controls that he would need for it. He then started working on a propeller design that would still spin the generator at very low wind speeds, but would not fall apart under the stresses of high speed winds either. He also created the blades in such a way that they would make next to no noise at all when they were turning, even at high speeds. All told this and the other designing took him right until the break of dawn, but the wind generator only took a couple hours to do.

“Okay guys, I'm done, and I think it's getting close enough to breakfast, not to mention that we're all in desperate need of a diaper change, in fact I've already started leaking.” Bobby called out.

“Yeah, same here.” They all said, none of them having really noticed, they were all so engrossed in what they were doing, as well as reading or watching what the others were doing.

“I'll just take care of everything right now, I want to go eat, and going to get changed will take too long.” Bobby said, and then a second later all their diapers were new and dry, and their messes were cleaned up spotlessly, as if they had never happened in the first place.

“Yeah, that works.” Ryan grinned.

They all headed to the kitchen together right away and got themselves a nice big filling breakfast ready, and then they ate every last crumb of it.

“Well boys, what should we do now?” Ryan asked after everything had been cleaned up.

“Don't know, but I think we should all go do something as a happy family, and for once I'm not even thinking of sex.” Bobby said happily.

“That sounds like a good idea baby. We'll all be together for a very long time now, and we don't have to feel obligated to have sex every minute of every day, although occasionally a whole day would definitely be enjoyable. So what should we go out and do then?”

“Can we go to the beach, let's say in the south pacific somewhere?” Trent grinned.

“Actually, that's not all that bad of an idea.” Ryan said after a moments worth of pondering.

“Yeah, it's not like it'll take us much to do it, we can go anywhere in the world that we want without problem at all.” Bobby said.

“Cool. I want a really hot Speedo though if I can't wear a diaper, and I want to be able to show off my body for once in my life and not feel ashamed.” Charlie said.

“We can find a store that carries that sort of thing and go there first.” Ryan smiled, thinking that he and all the boys should show off their gorgeous bodies.

“Cool, let's go then. I found a store that carries only boys and mens fashions, they're a gay couple, and they carry all the coolest things. They're based just outside the city of San Francisco, so let's go there.” Bobby said a moment later, the others able to tell that Bobby was searching for the right place to shop at.

“Okay, let me change my appearances first though, and then we can just go straight to the empty alley behind the store, there's no one there.”

A moment later and they were a couple thousand kilometers to the south, in an alley behind a store. They walked out of the alley as if they had just taken a short cut and walked right into the store. They were greeted in a friendly manner by a gay guy behind the counter who assumed very accurately that the seven gorgeous boys and men that just walked through his door were highly gay, and his diaper lover senses also picked up the fact that they were all wearing diapers as well.

“Thank you Sir, and good morning to you as well.” Ryan answered to the man. “My boys and I'd like to see your selection of swimsuits, we're heading to the south pacific and we wish to get as close to a full body tan as would be allowed on their beaches, and then we'd love for you to show us your selection of adult and teen baby wear.”

“Of course Sir, you must have heard from a special friend about the adult and teen baby wear that I carry.”

“No, actually, we know no one that's ever shopped here before, but I figured a gay man that's wearing diapers would probably carry such a thing in his store.” Ryan grinned.

“Very astute observation I must say, and very correct. We don't keep them on display much, there's some people that come here that still like to cause me troubles, and for some reason they think that that's wrong. Ah, who cares about some straight that has a problem I say.” He grinned.

“My thoughts exactly.”

“Well, here's the swimwear that I carry, but if you're looking for nearly illegal coverage, then you'll want the ones I keep in the back. One moment and I'll bring out the two racks that you'll be wanting.” He smiled and trotted to the back.

He was back a moment later pushing the rack of swim suits first, and then turned to grab the other one as well. He was back another minute later with it.

“Here you go. Feel free to browse my selection, and if you need any hep at all, just call me.”

“Oh, I'd call you any time.” Trent grinned cheekily at the man who he could tell was so busy lusting after the boys that he was having a hard time concentrating.

“Oh dear.” He said as he came from the comment. “Well, um yes, just call if you need me for anything.”

“Sure, I wish it had've been as good for me as it was for you though.” Trent grinned evilly, and the man blushed and turned away.

“You're an evil little brat, you know that right.” Ryan laughed.

“Why thank you Daddy, that's the nicest thing you've said to me since the last time you said fuck me harder.” He grinned.

“Come on, pick out the one you want, and go a size small so that they're nice and tight.” Ryan grinned.

They each picked out the ones that they wanted, all of them going with nice colors. Ryan went with light green, Bobby went with bright yellow, Spencer went with baby blue, Trent went with deep purple, Charlie with royal red, Sean went with mauve, and Matt went with a pale pink. Once they all picked the colors they wanted, they headed to the other rack and started looking through it as well and picked out a few nice things. They mostly just took nice new baby styled diaper shirts, but they did grab a few other assorted babyish styled clothes. Sean saw a rack with tights and stuff on it, so went over and picked himself out a few pairs of them, and the others all picked out a pair as well, most of them just plain white, but a couple other colors were chosen as well. Once they were all finished, they headed to the front to pay for everything.

“Thank you for the wonderful clothes that you carry here, we'll certainly be back sometime soon.” Ryan said after the several hundred dollar sale was put through.

“And thank you guys as well, I hope to see you soon. I noticed though that your bank card is a Canadian card, so I imagine that you won't be back very soon.”

“Not entirely true. We're often in this area on business, so could be here sooner than you think, one day we could just appear out of thin air.” Bobby grinned.

“I'd like that.” He said, but in his mind they all saw that he was thinking that he would not mind them all appearing in his bedroom in only their soggy diapers.

Bobby weaved a dream and snuck it into his head just as they were leaving, that man would have the most incredible and realistic dream that night that he had ever had, or would ever again have.

“That was a nice thing you did for him Bobby. He'll certainly remember you boys now, that's for sure.” Ryan smiled warmly as they walked back into the back alley.

Once they were away from prying eyes again, they sent their new clothes home, put their Speedos on, after taking off their diapers, but left their clothes on for now of course, and then they were once again gone. This time Sean said he had it, he found a gorgeous beach in the south pacific somewhere, there was almost no one there, it was just a tiny little village, but it was simply gorgeous. He found a small cliff face that hid them from view from everyone and he sent them there. They walked out from behind the rocks in only their very skimpy swim suits and headed towards the village.

“Does anyone here know what language these people speak, or how to speak whichever language that is?” Matt asked curiously.

“Just ask yourself that question, but you don't have to now, because the answer already popped up in your head.” Bobby chuckled.

“Oh yeah, that's still somewhat of a shock to me. So Spanish, and I can speak it as well.”

“We all can. Ryan said.

They headed into the little town and toward a small store where they could pick up some beach towels and sun screen.

“Good morning.” An elderly lady said in broken English.

“Good morning.” Ryan said back in perfect Spanish.

“Oh, you speak the language?” The lady asked in shock.

“Yes Ma'am, we all do perfectly.”

“Oh, we don't get many tourists around here, and when we do, they usually speak very little Spanish. Where did you come from though, there was no one scheduled to be here as far as I know?” She asked curiously.

“We walked the nearly three kilometers to here along the beach from our resort. We were told that this village was the nicest place around, and that your local artists did very beautiful work, as well the water was cleaner and clearer here, so we decided to go for a walk. However, in our haste to leave this morning, we forgot to bring our towels, and although we put on sun screen this morning, we forgot to bring the rest of the bottle to reapply in a little while. So would you be so kind as to set us up with what we'll need?” Ryan asked kindly.

“Oh, yes of course, and what you have heard of our small humble village is correct. May I suggest that you tour the village for a while first before you decide to go swimming. The water's still a little cool, so wait 'til it warms some, and enjoy our hospitality first.”

“That's a most kind suggestion, but I assure you, we're from Canada, the water here on it's coolest day is still warmer than the water in our lakes and oceans on their warmest days, so we're more than a little used to cool water. We were planning to tour your fine village first anyway, so we shall. Would you care to suggest any place in which we can find nice things for our home?”

“Ah yes, I've heard how cold it is in your country, and I must say, I don't believe that I could ever live in a place where it's cold like that.” She grinned, showing many missing teeth.

“You get used to it, but where we live, we have some of the most beautiful summers, just we also have very cold winters. I wouldn't live anywhere else in the world, but visiting great places like this is certainly a must.” Ryan smiled warmly.

“Yes, I suppose you would get used to it, and I have heard that there are many beautiful places there. As for your earlier question, I believe that if you were to visit our street market that you'll be most pleased. They'll be setting up now and should start shortly, so if you leave now, you'll probably make it for just after they all open up. There you'll find many beautiful things. I must warn you though, they take only cash, no charge, so you'll need money.”

“Oh, I almost forgot about that. Where would I find a bank near to here where I can withdraw some money?”

“Just three doors down. Please feel free to visit the market, and then stop back by here for the items you need on your way back to the beach.” She smiled.

“Thanks for all the help, and we certainly will.” Ryan smiled, and they would too.”

They headed from the store to the bank a few doors down, where Ryan withdrew more than enough money for their entire day of fun. From the bank they headed back toward the street market where the shop keep had told them it was. When they arrived, they found a massive street market. The village may have been fairly small compared to what they were used to, but their market was truly spectacular. Today there were mostly just locals there, but they found that on the week days they almost always had hundreds or thousands of tourists come in from the resorts all around to buy all the nice things. Sunday though was hands off to the resorts, they were told not to send their people there, because the locals needed to rest. They still held the market, just there were far fewer people there.

They perused through all the different stalls, looking at all the nice things and talking to a lot of the people. Almost all of the locals were happy with the fact that all of them could speak perfectly fluent Spanish, and could in fact hold a complete conversation with ease, as if Spanish had been their native language, of which they could tell from the accent that it was not. They met many different and interesting people there in that market, all of them happy to serve the friendly man and boys that spoke well. They bought something from almost every booth there, all getting really nice things for their home or for themselves, and by the time they made it back to the small store, they were all laden with bags and packs of all sorts of different things.

“Ah, I see you came back, and with arms full of nice things.” The old lady smiled.

“Yes, that market was wonderful, and we probably over indulged a little, but oh well. We found a number of beautiful things there for sure. Now all we need are a few things for the beach.” Ryan smiled warmly.

“Yes, of course, please follow me.” She said and got up from her rickety stool and showed them where the two items were that they had asked for earlier.

“Thank you very much.” Ryan said, and they all picked out a nice big thick towel and Ryan grabbed the sun tan lotion. They also grabbed a few drinks and snacks, as well as a few other things that they wanted or needed, and then went to the till to pay.

“Thank you folks for stopping by today, enjoy your stay here.” She smiled to them after they had paid their bill.

“Thanks for the advice, and we'll certainly try our best.” Spencer said, and they headed out and to the beach.

They headed down to the beach and spread out their towels, setting their purchases at the top of their towels. They could not send them home or they may make people wonder about where their things were, because there were a few people around that had been at the market as well, and some might notice something like that. They were not all that worried about someone stealing their things, not only would they know it right away, but they could afford to replace it anyway.

“Wow, is this water ever nice.” They all sighed as they came up for air a few minutes later. They had all ran and jumped into the water as soon as they were able to, and they all swam out a little ways.

“Yeah, I'm glad we came here today.” Ryan smiled.

“Us too.” The boys all smiled warmly.

“I know. I never thought of doing anything quite like this before though. I never even fathomed that we would be able to go this far away without problem, but now I can see that we could go anywhere in the world that we want without problem.” Ryan said.

“Yeah, we're all still learning a lot, aren't we.” Charlie said.

“Yeah.” They all agreed.

For the next couple hours they all played in the warm water, splashing around in the waves, swimming and goofing around. Once they felt ready to do so, they headed up onto the beach and laid out on their towels, after they applied sunscreen to each other, and then laid down for a bit of a nap. Half an hour later they woke up, they were getting a nice golden brown color going on their backs, but they also knew that they would not burn at all, just get nice color. They turned onto their backs and went back to sleep for another half an hour. When they woke back up, they had a nice even tan all over, and they were hungry.

They gathered up all their belongings and headed back up into the village to find a nice little cafe there somewhere where they could sit and have a nice local lunch. They found a place easily enough, they went and sat down at one of the street side tables and soon their orders were taken. Not long after they were sitting there enjoying their great lunch. They had ordered lots, because they were very hungry, it had been far too many hours since breakfast, but even still, the amount of food that they had received was more than they had anticipated, and they were almost unable to fit it all, but they managed.

“Wow, that was really good. Now that's real Spanish food the way it's meant to be.” Ryan sighed, patting his belly.

“Yeah.” All the boys agreed instantly.

Ryan paid their bill, leaving almost the same amount of money as a tip, and then they left. They decided to tour the village more and see all that there was to see. They found a street vendor that was not at the market, and he had a couple of those great carts for hauling things, so they bought one to store all their purchases in, and all the bags and packs were put in there, and then they were off again. It was Matt that noticed something odd as they were walking.

“Daddy, there's a boy down that alley that doesn't belong here. He's Canadian as well, he hardly speaks any Spanish, but he's stuck here. His parents were caught dealing drugs and are in prison here. No one knows he even exists except some of the locals, but they hardly want anything to do with him. He's gay and needs diapers, but doesn't get to wear them. Can I go and talk to him?”

“Sure Baby, but be careful, he could spook easily. We'll all stay here so as not to be too big a threat to him.” Ryan smiled warmly, knowing full well that he had just adopted yet again.

Matt slowly walked toward the young boy, projecting calming feelings toward the obviously frightened young boy. When he got there, he just sat down next to the boy and pulled him into a sideways hug to show the boy some kindness, something he had not felt in months. It had already been six months since the boys parents had been caught. He had known who and what they were, so when the local police caught them, he knew he was in almost as much trouble as they were, but knew he would not end up in jail, they would just ignore him, completely, and most of the locals did as well.

“Hi there, my name's Matt, what's your name?” Matt asked softly in English.

“Troy.” The boy whispered back fearfully.

“You don't belong here, you're very frightened and alone, I can tell. Care to talk about it and I'll see what we can do?”

“No, I'm Canadian, but my parents were drug dealers who got caught. They told me that if they were ever caught that they'd end up in jail for many many years, and that I was to go on with life. But I can't here, no one will even talk to me, because they knew who my parents were. I would've left this village, but I didn't know where to go, and at least I can get food and some shelter here.”

“I see. How old are you Troy?”


“You look like a young eight.”

“I turn nine in a couple months or so, I don't even know what the date is. I was always pretty small though, my mom said that I was a severe preemie and that I almost didn't make it. Because of that though, I don't grow quite like other kids do.”

“And your bladder doesn't work properly either, does it?”

“No, how did you know?”

“I knew someone like you once and he had to wear diapers all the time. I can tell from you though because you just peed and I could smell that you had peed many times in your pants in the past. So you still need diapers full time then, don't you?”


“Don't worry, I'm a diaper lover, so I just like to wear them.”

“Really. I used to talk to a few diaper lovers online back when I was at home. I loved wearing them as well, but I actually needed them too.”

“Yeah, well almost all gay boys love their diapers, don't they?” Matt grinned.

“How did you know about that?” Troy gasped in a whisper.

“Easy, probably the same way you can sorta tell that I'm gay as well. But to tell you quite honestly, you keep looking at me in my skimpy Speedo and almost drooling.” Matt grinned.

“Yeah, well you're pretty hot, how old are you?”

“Thanks. I'm twelve, and I bet that you'd be right hot too once all cleaned up and with a nice thick soggy diaper on.” Matt grinned more.

“Thanks. I miss getting to wear diapers.”

“I know how you feel. If I can't wear diapers though, this swim suit is nearly as good, because it shows off so much. So tell me, why did your parents bring you here on a drug deal? They obviously knew how dangerous it was for them and what would likely happen to you should they get caught.”

“They'd been coming here to buy their drugs for years and had never been caught yet, so when I asked if I could come with them, so that I could see this place, because they always said how beautiful it was, they finally said yes. I'd asked so many times before it's not even funny. It would just figure that my very first time here was the time they got caught. It's a good thing that I already knew some Spanish, or I would've died a long time ago.”

“Oh, that sucks. Tell me, do you believe in magic?”

“Sure, I used to read a lot and I loved magic stories the best.” Troy brightened right up.

“Cool, so do I, but I can do magic and all sorts of things. If you've ever read about a super human ability, I, my brothers and our dad can do them all. They're over there by the way.” Matt said, pointing toward the others, who waved at the young boy.

“Yeah right. Anyone who could really truly do magic would never tell anyone, just in case they accidentally slipped and told someone, and then they'd be hunted.”

“Yes, that's exactly the reason why we tell no one, but in order for you to become one of my brothers, you have to be told. As for the proof that you need, I think that this just might do it.” Matt said, and thought for a second. A second later Troy was all perfectly clean. His hair, teeth, and body were all cleaned, his hair was trimmed neatly, but left shaggy, because his long wavy brown hair looked better that way, his clothes were now clean and completely whole, no more holes, and he was now in a nice thick soft diaper.

“Holy shit, what did you just do to me?” Troy nearly screeched, but clamped down enough to say it in a loud whisper.

“Well, you needed a good cleaning and a diaper, so I gave you what you currently needed. The other thing you need is some good food, so we'll go get that next for you.”

“Wow. You said I could be one of your brothers as well, but how?”

“Easy, we'll just take you home with us and you'll become one of our brothers.”

“But I can't leave the country. I have no ID, I don't exist anywhere, except maybe at the hospital where I was born, I don't even have a birth certificate. I had fake ID under the same name as my parents had, but they had that when they were arrested, that's how I was able to travel. I didn't even go to school, because my parents didn't want for me to be harassed because I wore diapers, so they home schooled me. I have no other family at all anywhere, and my parents and a couple of their friends were the only ones to know I existed at all, well except a few friends of mine too I guess.”

“Ah, you're forgetting that we're magical, we don't need to leave the country in no stinkin' plane, we just think about home and we'll be there in a second, and we can take you with us just as easily.”


“Yep. Here, let me show you.” Matt said, and then a second later, the two of them and the other six were back behind the rock face that they had appeared in when they first arrived.

“Wow, what was that?”

“For a lack of a better term, that was teleportation, but of course we do it by magic. Now, meet my daddy and brothers. Guys, this is Troy, of course you already knew that, but Troy; this is Ryan, our daddy, Bobby, Spencer, Trent, Sean, and Charlie. Don't worry if you don't remember right away, it won't be a big deal, and we'll remind you.”

“Hi Troy.” They all said as one.

“Hi.” Troy said in a mild amount of shock after hearing and seeing everything.

“Well, we may as well head home boys, our youngest family member needs a good meal and some decent sleep.” Ryan said.

“Okay.” They all said, and then a second later they were at home.