Chapter 5

“Wow, where are we?” Troy asked while looking around at the house they found themselves in.

“Home of course, silly. Weren't you paying attention?” Bobby giggled.

“Well yeah, but that's just a little weird, you have to admit that.”

“Yeah, but you get used to it.” Bobby said.

“Come on now boys, we need to get Troy here some food, and we need to get into some nice thick comfy diapers before we all pee everywhere.” Ryan said.

“Okay.” The boys all said, and then a minute later all eight of them were standing there in just their diapers. The seven oldest just getting diapers put on, but Troy's diaper was still good, so they just took his clothes away.

“Hey, what did you do that for?” Troy said in shock, trying to cover his diaper.

“We never wear any clothes around here, other than diapers. You'll get used to it, so you may as well uncover yourself so that we can see your cute body covered in a nice diaper.” Spencer smiled.

“Um.” He blushed cutely, but did remove his hands.

“There, much better. You have a very nice body. It looks as if you used to be very fit, but have slacked off a bit lately due to being on the streets. I bet you were a tough little bugger?” Ryan smiled warmly.

“Yeah, I used to swim and workout every day for at least two hours, did school work for four hours, and then pretty much I read for the rest of the day. Rarely ever did I watch TV.”

“Good routine. How is it your parents were so nice to you. Drug dealers aren't normally known for their ability to be good parents?” Bobby asked curiously.

“Actually, they were great parents, even if I knew they were dealing drugs. I asked them to stop many times, because it's really illegal, but it's also really dangerous and I didn't want them killed or thrown in jail. They only did it for the money, but said the thrill of getting away with it under the governments very nose was cool. They hated our government, and weren't too crazy about most others either. They figured that if they could do illegal things all day every day, then why shouldn't they be allowed to. They didn't use the drugs though, so that's good. I should actually go to our house and get a bunch of our things, including our cash store, because we had lots.”

“Oh, while I do have to agree with certain parts of that, I'm not entirely certain I agree with them dealing drugs. Drugs are evil, no matter how you cut it, they ruin far too many peoples lives, and for no real reason. I'm sure that they made a great deal of money off of it though. However, if there's still anything at your parents house worth taking, it'll wait 'til after you've had a good meal and a good sleep, no arguments.” Ryan said softly, but firmly.

“Okay. Our house was on the east coast anyway, and from the mountains that I see, I'd have to guess that we're now on the west coast, because you sure don't see mountains like this there, so even if I wanted to go, I couldn't anyway.” Troy smiled.

“Very good observation, and correct as well. However, your observation of not being able to get there is incorrect, how did we get home from the south pacific?” Bobby asked softly.

“Well, I'd still have to ask you anyway.” Troy shrugged.


“Yes, so let's go get you some food and then a good sleep.” Ryan smiled.

They headed to the kitchen, and Troy was told to go ahead and take a seat, while the others went about getting him a good filling lunch ready. They asked him if he disliked anything in particular, and he named off only a few things, but they already knew, they just wanted to make sure, and then made him some lunch around that. They made more than enough for the boy to fill him up, but not enough to make him sick should he eat it all, because that would do him no good at all. Once the meal was set in front of him, he devoured it with hardly a sound.

“Oh man, thanks so much, that was so good. I never starved, but I was hungry quite often. The locals, while not allowed to directly defy the police and talk to me, did at least try and leave a little extra food out for me, as well I was able to get a bunch of fruit most of the time.”

“What do you mean?” Bobby asked.

“Well, the police warned the locals not to talk to me, that I was to just disappear, because they had a legal right to try and get me home, but they never tried, they just left me to die.” Troy shrugged. “The locals though were too kind to allow that, so tried their best to at least make sure I was fed, and the nice old lady at the store would occasionally throw out a pair of pants or a shirt that would fit me. She seemed to do that when she saw that my clothes were getting ratty. The police can be very mean though, especially to intruders, people that they say don't belong there, such as me. They probably would've killed me, except even they wouldn't kill an unarmed child in cold blood, but what I don't understand, was that just letting me die on the streets amounted to much the same thing in my mind.”

“Sadly, many of the police down there are terribly corrupted with the power that they have, but I'm glad to hear that many of the locals there at least tried to help you out. The old lady certainly seemed the type to help out a lost boy such as you though, we met her, she was very nice.” Ryan smiled sadly.

“Yeah, well, I knew that eventually I'd end up parent-less, it was only a matter of time really, but I never expected to end up stranded in a foreign country. Had they've been captured while I was at home, I would've survived just fine. I had everything I needed, including hundreds of thousands of dollars, and access to even more yet, so I would've been just fine. But no, luck never seems to favor me much, so they were caught the one time I was with them, and in another country no less.”

“No, that wasn't bad luck that they were caught and that you just happened to be with them. Chances are they were being watched for a long time, and the police had finally gathered enough to nab them, and you just happened to be with them at that time. You had nothing to do with that, so don't blame yourself for your parents poor actions. Now, it's to bed with you, again, no arguments, now come on.” Ryan said softly.

“I know it wasn't my fault, but sometimes it just feels that way. I've been there for almost six months already, but now I guess I have you guys, so that's cool. Maybe my luck's finally changing. I am getting pretty tired though, so go ahead and show me to a bed so that I can sleep.” Troy said quietly, and then yawned.

“Come on, I'll show you up to our room.” Bobby said gently, offering his hand, and Troy took it and followed the older boy.

Bobby was back a few minutes later, the others had migrated to the theatre and were just sitting down to watch a movie, so he joined them and they all enjoyed a good nearly three hour long movie. By the time that the movie ended, it was nearly dinner time, so they headed to the kitchen to make dinner, all except Charlie, who went to wake up Troy before he slept too long. Both boys came down several minutes later.

“Hi Troy, did you have a nice sleep?” Ryan asked when he and Charlie walked in.

“Yes, thank you, that's a very comfortable bed, but it's huge. Why?”

“Why's it so comfortable, or why's it so huge?” Ryan grinned.

“Well, both I guess.” Troy grinned back.

“Because it's the very best bed that you can buy, and it's so large because all of us use it, although rarely for sleep.”

“Why wouldn't you sleep there, and what else would you do there?”

“We don't really sleep much, we don't need to. As for the other part, what all do you know about sex?”

“Well, um lots. I used to have a boyfriend, he was my babysitter, he was fourteen years old, but I think I knew more than he did when we started. I also had a few friends from the area and we'd had sex quite a few times. What does that have to do about the bed though?” Troy blushed only slightly, they could tell that he was more than a little aroused by admitting that though.

“Well, we don't have to sleep much, but we still use the bed, just mostly for sex.” Spencer grinned.

“Oh. Could I join you guys some time?”

“Sure.” All of them said at the same time, wondering when he would ask.

“Cool, thanks. So, how come you guys don't sleep much, and how often do you sleep?”

“Maybe a couple to a few hours a week, the reason though is just that we don't need to, I guess it has something to do with our magical abilities.” Bobby answered.

“Cool. Is that something that I can learn, or did you guys have to inherit it or something?”

“Neither, all you have to do is ask daddy and he'll give you all that we have.” Bobby grinned, and Troy whipped his head around to look at Ryan, the question burning in the look he gave.

“Yes, I can, but you have to know a few things first, and you have to ask and agree to the terms.” Ryan said before he could ask.

“I'd agree to almost anything, as long as it doesn't involve hurting people.”

“Good.” Ryan said, and as they prepared dinner, he laid out all that Troy would need to know.

“Heck yeah, I agree to all that, that sounds awesome. Can you give me all the same powers?” Troy asked excitedly.

“Okay.” Ryan said, and then suddenly Troy had what the others all had.

“Wicked.” Troy said a few minutes later after playing around with what he could do.

“It gets even better, trust me. I still have a hard time remembering what all I can do, and sometimes I forget, but I'm almost as new to this as you are.” Spencer said, and the others agreed.

“Yeah, but this is so cool, I can read all your minds, I can even see my old friends, and I'm happy that they've all gone on with their lives and have new boyfriends. They all think I'm dead, and that's probably for the best I guess. They all know my parents were caught there, but that I was never found, so they assume that I died. Do you think we could go to my old house now and get a few things that I want?”

“Sure, we can all go, we don't even need to get dressed. We can go and just leave all the lights off, we'll be able to see in the dark anyway, so there won't be a problem.” Bobby said.

“Great, thanks.”

“Well, go ahead and send us all there. Just look into our minds to see how we do it, and then do that. Just remember to put us inside the house though. Having people just appear right in the middle of the street, all wearing just diapers, might not be such a good thing.” Bobby grinned.

“Um yeah, that would be bad.” Troy giggled.

He took the few moments to learn how to do it, and then sent them right to his old house, and in a second they were standing in the living room. First they followed him to his room, where he grabbed a duffel bag and started loading a few of his prized possessions and some clothes into the bag, including a few cute stuffed animals. He just looked at his notebook computer and sent it right home, as well as the bag he had packed.

He then dug underneath his bed for a box, he opened it up and grinned at the contents. There was a small selection of dildos and plugs, lubes and condoms, and a bunch of DVD's that the others could tell from his mind were highly erotic in nature. They looked further and found that they were movies of him and his friends. They all liked the looks of that, and thought that they would not mind watching them. Troy sent that home as well, and then headed to his parents room and to their closet. Inside was a large safe, which he opened quickly and found the entire stash of cash that they had had, he sent that all home as well.

Next they headed to the kitchen and he cleaned everything in there, sent all the food that was still good to his new home, and sent away what was not. He then pretty much placed a spell on the house that would prevent it from becoming old and stale, would prevent thieves from breaking in, would prevent rot on the house, basically in a hundred or a thousand years the house would still look brand new. The others were shocked by that, having never read such a thing, but thought that it was a great idea.

“Okay, I think I have everything that I'll be needing, and yes, you guys are welcome to watch the movies as well. Hell, I'd publish it on the internet if it wouldn't get anyone in trouble. They're all pretty hot. We had some pretty good video equipment. Crap, I should grab that as well.” Troy said, and then just thought about it and sent it home as well.

“If you really wanted to do it, it looks as if you're pretty good at video editing and stuff like that, you could do it. You could blank out everyone's faces so easily now, you'd be able to create programs the likes of which no police could ever hope to crack, trust me, everyone would be perfectly safe.” Bobby grinned.

“Cool, I might just have to do that. I've got like six DVD's almost completely full of videos, something like eighteen hours of raw sex, and one of them was my first time as well. Man, what a night. You know what, I'm gonna do it, just because it's so ridiculously illegal, and no one would be able to catch me or my friends after I'm done with it, and I know just what to do as well.” Troy grinned evilly.

“Cool.” The others all said as one.

“Well, I think that was it, so let's go home then shall we.” Troy smiled brightly.

“Okay, take us home Baby.” Ryan smiled warmly, and a second later, they were there again.

“So, can we go upstairs and play, I've always wanted a nice big adult dick buried up my baby bum. The biggest I've ever had was a hot sixteen year old's dick, and he was nice and big, but Ryan, you're a bit bigger yet. And don't worry, with as much practice as I've had with my toys, you won't hurt me.”

“Given the size of a couple of those toys, I should think not.” Spencer chuckled.

“No, probably not, but that sounds......enjoyable.” Ryan smiled.

They all took off to the bedroom like a shot, and when they arrived, they were all already naked and hard, as per usual of course. They all hopped onto the bed, and then Troy realized they were all naked.

“Hey, how come you took our diapers off?”

“So that we can have some fun of course.” A few of the boys answered as one.

“Have you never been fucked through a nice hot soggy diaper before, my god, it's so freaking hot. I love having my hot baby ass pounded through a soggy diaper.” Troy grinned mischievously.

“No, we haven't, but it does sorta sound hot.” Ryan groaned.

“Well, I have so much to teach you guys then, and here I'm the youngest.”

“You may be the youngest here, but you've had more experience than all of us put together by the sounds of it. When daddy and I first got together, we were each others first, and then when we had these guys join us, they'd had one circle suck and a couple circle jerks before that. Daddy and I've only been together a few weeks, and it was theses guys' first time only last weekend.” Bobby pointed out.

“Wow, and here I've been having sex since I was six. I think my parents even knew, but they never said anything. There were always condoms and lube in the bathroom though, and they were always full, so they had to have suspected something at the very least. Granted, I was only ever able to use the condoms a few times on the older boys though, because if they were less than twelve years old, they didn't fit us.” Troy grinned.

“Yes, they knew all about you, and they hope that you're doing okay as well by the way.” Bobby said, he had peered into their minds.”

“Thanks, and yeah, I already looked for them, and while they hate where they are, they're doing fine as well. Oh, and it looks like they found my movies and even watched them. I didn't realize that they were that kinky, wow, look at some of the things that they've done before, man, they're almost as bad as I am, no wonder I'm a horny baby boy.” Troy grinned.

“No kidding.” The others all said.

“You're not going to get them out of there, are you?” Ryan asked softly.

“No, while I love them, I think that they need to stay there, for now. They did wrong, they know it, I know it, and they only have another few years left before they get out. Besides, to them I should also remain dead as they assume I probably am by now, even though they hope that I'm not. They'll probably wonder though if somehow I made it home and grabbed all my things, and considering that it's only my stuff that's gone, as well as the money, they'll probably assume by that, that I made it back and went on to live my life. I think it'll be enough for them, it'll have to be.”

“Yes, I think that you're making the right decision as well.” Ryan smiled warmly to the boy.

“Yeah, but aren't we here to do something a little more fun than talking, now bend me over Daddy and fuck me good and hard.” Troy grinned again.

“Okay.” Ryan said, and then grabbed Troy and flipped him onto his back and opened his legs up in one swift motion. Using the spell that they used, he prepared Troy's hot little ass at the same time, and then still moving from the original flip, he sunk himself almost all the way inside Troy in one swift motion.

“Oh fuck me, that's so hot, oh god you feel so good inside me. I loved that spell you used though, I think I'm going to really like being magical.” Troy moaned and panted out as Ryan was still sinking the last few centimeters of his girth inside.

“Oh yeah.” The others all said.

“So guys, three groups of two, or two groups of three?” Bobby asked.

“Definitely two groups.” Spencer answered and the others nodded.

“That's what I thought you'd all say. So sixty nine and fuck, or double fuck?”

“One then the other I say.” Trent said this time.

“I'm good with that.” Bobby grinned.

“Me too.” The others all said.

Silently they broke up into two groups and while two of the group started sucking each other, the last one lined up to the ass that was pointing up and sunk in. Moans were to be heard all around, they all loved this so much, who would not though, really. They were using a good quick rhythm to get the first load taken care of right away, because they were all very hot, very horny, and it showed.

Troy was the first to let go of his cum, and an impressive load splattered all up his and Ryan's front sides, so much so that it surprised every one of them.

“Holy shit, you can cum, but you're too young!” Ryan said in shock.

“Yes, I am too young, and this is my first time too, but I decided that I wanted to be able to cum, so I made my balls make some for us. It was easy to do, basically I just made them older, and full.” Troy grinned.

“Wow, that's hot. Who knew, an eight year old that can out cum a football team.” Ryan grinned, but he bent down and licked it all up. “Mmm, it tastes so good too.”

“Oh god, that's so hot.” Bobby moaned out, and then he was the first to explode in the other two groups, thus setting them all off, and they all exploded at much the same time.

“Oh wow, that was incredible. I've always wanted a hot daddy orgy, now I have, and it's the best feeling ever. I'm so recording our next session together, and we'll get to wear diapers, at least for the first part. Usually by the second act in my sex plays our diapers are ruined, but that's okay as well.”

“Glad that you liked it.” Ryan grinned.

“Yeah, now we get to switch. Do you want me to make my dick larger to fill you up a bit more, cuz I'm not exactly large?”

“No, at least the first time I want to feel the real you, however I wouldn't mind you cumming in my ass, I do like that.” Ryan answered honestly.

“Okay.” Troy said brightly.

“Come on guys, let's switch as well.” Charlie called out.

They all switched partners and or positions and started their second session. This time the two large groups were having one boy stuffed with two nice hot hard preteen dicks, and they all moaned heavily from it. It still hurt a bit, but it also felt amazing. Together two of their dicks were still only just a little larger than Ryan was, so it was not much of a stretch, hence the reason it did not hurt too much. Troy also sunk right into Ryan, after preparing his ass of course, and started vigorously fucking his hot daddy, and he kept saying so as well.

“Uh, oh yeah, fucking my daddy, how hot is that.” Troy would grunt out every so often, usually right after he changed speed, direction or motion.

He was driving the others for the most part, he was making them all so hot, that they were rising far faster than was normal for them. While they had been a little vocal before, Troy was very much so, and he liked to say what felt good. Not ten minutes later and they were all exploding again, nearly as large as the first one was.

“Oh my god, that's so wicked. I've had a couple orgies, but only three or four friends at a time, it's way better with more, and especially when you can feel their feelings at the same time. It's almost too much, but I like it.” Troy said happily a few minutes later.

They had all slumped down, and although they were all softening, most of them had yet to slip from the hot wet holes that they had been buried in. Troy had been the only one to fall free from the hot wet hole he had been buried in, but that was because when his dick went soft, he was just not big enough to stay put. No one minded that he was small though, they would all enjoy it a great deal. Granted, he was probably a little larger than the average eight year old, and his cute little balls certainly were not nearly so little as any eight year old usually was. If his balls size said anything, he was going to be well hung if he allowed himself to grow up, which they all figured they could do, but none of them would, at least not normally anyway.

“Okay, I think I'm about fucked out for tonight, let's get diapered up nice and thick and snug, just the way a diaper lover should be, and then we can go do something else fun.” Ryan said.

“Okay.” The others all said.

Instantly the diapers and everything that they would need were on the bed and waiting for them. They broke up into pairs and lovingly creamed, powdered and diapered each other, and then got up. They headed to the kitchen first to grab a snack and a drink, and then headed to the basement to have a bunch of fun down there. For the next several hours they played down there, and only hunger drove them from their fun.

“Okay boys, dinner time, and then I think I want to go work on a couple projects.” Ryan called out.

“Okay.” The boys all said, and they all headed upstairs together to make dinner.

They sat down to eat a short while later, all talking happily about nothing much, just enjoying their time together. As soon as they finished, the mess was cleaned up, and then they headed to the office to play around in there for a while.

“Daddy, we need a couple new computers I think. Spencer and I are gonna head to the mall and pick out a few so that we all have one to use.” Bobby said.

“Okay Baby, but you might want to change your appearances to someone older looking, so that you don't draw attention to yourself. Kids don't usually go in and buy five brand new top of the line note book computers. You do realize though that it's after six on a Sunday night and that there's not likely to be anyone open right?”

“I was going to, and the place I want to go is open 'til nine every night of the week anyway, so no worries. We'll be back in a bit, I already grabbed your bank card.” Bobby grinned.

A few seconds later both boys were dressed, Bobby was changed into someone older, and then they were gone. They pretty much appeared right near the store where no one would see them, and then they headed into the store. They found the biggest, baddest, bestest notebook computer the store had, piled eight of them into the cart that they had, figuring that they may as well all get a new computer, and headed to the front to pay for it all. The man at the till was shocked with such a huge purchase, but happily rang it through, and was even happier when it actually went through. The boys were back out of the store and on their way home not even half an hour later. While they were gone, the others all just sat around and played on the computers that were there, waiting for the other two to get back with the new ones. They had all watched the shopping trip with interest to see what the other two would come back with, and they were happy with what they saw.

As soon as Bobby and Spencer arrived, the computers were all unpacked in a second and they were all connected up and ready to go. They all grabbed the computer that was to be theirs and got them up and running, connected to the internet and the network, and they all downloaded everything that they would need, and started playing.

Ryan was just doing some work for the businesses, Bobby started working on all the legal papers and petition papers that he was going to need the next morning, Spencer was just playing around on the internet doing searches for all sorts of pictures of cute boys in diapers, Trent was also searching, but for videos, Charlie and Sean were both also searching, but for anything boy sex related, Matt was busy just looking at all sorts of stories, while Troy had brought down his videos.

Troy was busy redesigning a video editing program that he often used so that he could use it to mask faces and be impossible to tell who they were, no matter who tried to find it. That took him only a few minutes to do, so he ran each of the disks through it and recreated the videos, now with faces masked. He made it almost totally automatic, all he needed to do was mark the first appearance of any face, and the program would follow that face and totally obscure it. He did however make it so that should said face be doing any oral work, that it would still look proper, but the face was totally unidentifiable. It was not all that tricky for him to do, just took some time is all.

By early the next morning, they had all found a lot of things, and did a lot of work. They were all still working, but Bobby had finished what he had been working on, and started designing a search tool that would help him and the others find lots of cool things, as well as a password hacker so that they could get through any and every password that they could ever encounter. As soon as both were ready, the others switched over to that, because Bobby had sent it out to them immediately upon completion. They all loved the new software, because it made it far more simple to find what they wanted. Bobby joined them in their searches, and by the time morning came around, and breakfast and a diaper change was really needed by all, they had all gotten a lot done.

“So, with all the pictures and videos that you boys were able to find, what do you plan to do with them?” Ryan asked.

“Hadn't entirely decided. At first I was just searching for my own pleasure, as were the others I think, but I think that Troy has the right idea, post it all, let it all be seen and enjoyed by everyone. I say we search out every picture of boys out there, whether clothed or naked, whether diapered or not, having sex or not, and we make one huge picture and video website with it all. All the websites that half this stuff is coming from that are charging ridiculous rates will be pissed, but who cares. We can organize everything by category and style, whether straight, bi or gay, because if it has a boy in it, I say we allow it. The only thing that I don't want on the site will be anything that appears to be forced, and I say we do what we can to wipe out anything of that nature. Sex is far too nice to have to be forced, and if we're able to find anyone that did that sort of thing, and they haven't already been thrown in jail, then I say we do what we can to land them there as well.” Spencer said.

“I can live with that, and I too would prefer that only things that aren't forced be allowed. I take it that you all agree to sixteen being the age limit, so at least one of the boys in the picture or video has to be under the age of sixteen, because almost all of you are thinking the same thing?”

“Yeah, that sounds good.” They all said.

“Yeah, it does. And from what I can see, you can make a website that'll be completely untraceable by any law, and we can make it totally untraceable for the viewers as well, no one would ever be able to see where they were if they're on your site, I like that. We already have the fastest possible connection here, and setting up a massive server like that won't be a problem at all, but you boys can do all that, this is your idea.” Ryan grinned.

“Cool.” The boys all said.

“So, you got all the work started to get your school and possibly others to give blood and become organ donors I saw, so that's good Baby.” Ryan said to Bobby.

“Yeah, I did, and I noticed you started up a game plan to get everything in motion to start building the new solar cells, and I also noticed that you modified the plans for the new plant to be built with and powered by the solar panels.” Bobby said.

“Yeah, I did. The problem is of course that I want that done, as well as I want nine more of the new cars built as fast as possible to get out for testing by all the right people. Not to mention all the work that still has to be done for the other vehicles. I think I'm gonna halt production on all other vehicles for the time being though, finish up any special orders, and inform all the dealers that as of tomorrow night, all previous models are hereby canceled and no new ones will be built. All orders that were in will be built, however the customer will also have the option to call in and cancel the order should they wish to wait for the new models. By doing this, I can free up a lot of my people to start production of the other prototypes, and getting to work on getting the car out there.”

“Yeah, that should work, and if the people are smart, they'd hold off for sure, but some people aren't exactly smart, are they.”

“No, that they're certainly not. I think as well the factory that does all the appliances has the space and the equipment necessary to make the solar panels, both the ones for the autos and houses, so I think I'll have them do the brunt of that, as well as get them started on making a whole bunch for home. I'll do all that tomorrow. The longest time will be in getting all the machinery refitted to start making them. I know the one will do it no problem, but I might have to manufacture a few new parts as well.” Ryan said in thought mostly.

“So, what am I supposed to do today Daddy, I obviously can't go to school?” Troy asked curiously.

“Actually, I never thought of that. You could stay home, go out and do something, or even come to work with me if you wanted. I'll be really busy most of the day though, so it'd probably get pretty boring there.”

“And how would you explain to all your people about a strange boy with you. No, I think that I'll just stay home and find stuff to do, and maybe go out later as well.”

“We usually come home for lunch, so if you're home then, you can have lunch with us.” Bobby offered.

“Hell, I could make it and have it ready for when you guys get here, that way you have more time to relax.” Troy smiled.

“That sounds nice, but you don't have to.”

“I know.” He smiled warmly.

“Well, that's all set then. I suppose that we should get ready for our day though, so diaper changes all around and then breakfast, and then dressed and ready to go.” Ryan said.

“Okay daddy.” They all said together, breaking out laughing of course.


“You know it.” Bobby grinned.

They all headed to the changing room and Ryan changed the boys one by one today, wiping them down nicely and pretty much giving them a full bath in under a second. As Ryan was doing this, the boys brushed their teeth, all while standing there and doing nothing, Troy loved it. In under twenty minutes they were all done and ready to go, so they headed to the kitchen next and had some breakfast. As soon as they were finished that, they all got dressed, sitting right where they were of course, and they deemed themselves good enough for the day ahead of them. Shortly thereafter they all had to go, except Troy, who was still in only a diaper and would be staying home for the most part. They all said goodbye to each other, and then they were off.

“Kay guys, I want to go talk to the principal, so I'm gonna head right out, okay.” Bobby said.

“Go ahead and have fun.” Spencer smiled and Bobby ran off, while the others just went and sat down and talked amongst themselves, while also listening to what Bobby was doing.

“Good morning, is Mr. Myers in please?” Bobby asked the secretary politely.

“Yes he is Bobby, but he's busy at the moment, I'll tell him that you're waiting to speak to him though, I'm sure he'll be right with you, so go have a seat.”

“Thanks.” He smiled warmly and went to sit down.

She went to the door and knocked gently and entered. A few moments later she came back out.

“He's just gonna be a few minutes, he just has to finish dealing with a tough issue, and it needs to be finished up right away.”

“Thanks, I have no problems waiting.”

A few minutes later the principal came out and greeted Bobby personally and showed him into the office.

“So, what can I do for you Bobby?” He asked once they were both seated comfortably.

“Well, I think you know the reason, you're just surprised that I have everything ready already. You knew that I would though.”

“How the hell could you have known almost exactly what I was thinking like that? I mean, I know you're smart and all, but that's amazing.”

“Easy really. You knew that I was working on the project to get all the students to become blood and organ donors, but you also knew that I hadn't had a lot of time to work out all the details. What you didn't know though was that I'd been wondering how to set this up for months, and had much of the grunt work already laid out and ready for when I made the presentation. I put together all the easy stuff this weekend though. As for how I knew that you knew that I'd have it ready, simple as well. You know how fast and well my homework's always done, and you had a sneaking suspicion that I'd find a way to have it ready by this morning. You just had no idea how I'd pull it off.”

“Good grief boy. I honestly think that you might be one of the smartest students to ever grace this school.”

“Thanks Sir, that means a lot to me, but no, I won't take an IQ test, nor will I ever discuss skipping grades. I'm fine where I am for now.”

“I'd ask why it was that you knew almost exactly what I was thinking right then, but I'm afraid of the answer.” He grinned.

“And so you should be Sir. Anyway, the reason that I'm here for is to show you what all I came up with and to have you sign the petitions as well should you wish to.”

“Let me see what you came up with, but I think that you already know that I'd be signing both anyway.”

“Yes, I did know, and I appreciate it. I'd never assume that you would though, it's possible that you could change your mind at the last minute, and I'd never attempt in any way to push someone into doing something that they truly don't wish to do or believe in.” Bobby smiled warmly.

“And that's the very reason that I'll sign this for you. You're a very unassuming young man. Most kids your age think that adults should do whatever they tell them to without thinking, that's what adults are there for after all, right. Well, you don't act like that, you genuinely seem to care for almost anyone you meet. I must also say that making friends with the boys that probably harassed you the most was quite a surprise, but that's just the type of kid you are as well.”

“Well, they all found out that we had a lot more in common than they ever imagined, and now we're brothers as well, however they don't wish to have that being general knowledge yet.”

“They finally all realized that each other was gay as well huh?”

“Yes, they did, and found out that I was as well. That's not the reason we're friends though, we really like each other now, we all have a lot in common, like I said.” Bobby grinned.

“I wasn't asking if you boys had had sex yet or anything like that, although, from how happy you boys often seem to be nowadays, it sure wouldn't surprise me in the least.”

“I know. You're not nearly as rigid as many of the kids here would like to believe that you are. Most teachers would never say anything like that, but that's good. Actually, we're all closer because of a shared fetish if you will, same one as you have by the way.”

“And how do you know about that?” He asked curiously.

“Because you wear diapers to school many days, I've noticed the extra bulk, but only us diaper lovers would really notice it any.”

“And how do you know that I don't just need them?”

“I didn't 'til now, to tell you the truth, but I was pretty damned sure. If you needed them, you'd more than likely wear them all the time, although you could have bouts of something that could cause that, so that could explain it as well. I was however pretty sure, just the way you wear them I suppose. Anyway, here you go.” Bobby grinned.

“Thanks. I trust that my secret's safe with you?”

“Of course. I noticed the first day that I came to this school, and I've never told another soul before, so why would I now. Although, I will tell my brothers, because we share everything, but they'd never tell either.”

“Thanks, I appreciate that. This all looks really good, almost like it was done by a lawyer or something.”

“Thanks. I actually went to a site that had legal documents and found something of this nature and just used that as a template for what I wanted. It's all in my own words and style, I'd never plagiarize anything, even a legal document.”

“Good thinking, and no, I'd never accuse you of copying anyone's work, no matter what it was. Although, there are many in this school I'd certainly accuse of that. Heck, I was dealing with something of that nature just before you came in.”

“Ah, let me guess, one of the jocks with a bigger neck than head found out that cheating really wasn't all that worth it and found themselves expelled?” Bobby grinned.

“Yep, pretty much that exactly. He doesn't know yet however, because I have to call him down, but I'll do that after you leave here. I just had to put through all the proper paperwork. The stupid thing is that he used one of those homework helper sites, yeah, cheater central if you ask me, and just copied the entire thing over and printed it. The problem is that all those things are watermarked, and if you know what to look for, you can tell immediately that it's a copy. Anyway, this all looks excellent, and here's my information as well for you. I'll be there for the blood drive whenever you get it arranged. I suggest that you request to have this as your project for your humanities class, because it's an excellent project, and I think that you could easily ace the course just from it. Granted, I don't think I've ever seen any of your grades less than an A before, so you probably would've anyway.”

“Thanks Sir, and if you wouldn't mind writing a note for me, I have to head to that very class next, and considering the bell rang nearly fifteen minutes ago, I'm a tad bit late.”

“Of course, here you go.” He said and handed over a note that was already signed, he pulled it from his top drawer. He just winked, signaling that it made life faster and easier. Bobby smiled and thanked the principal for his time and headed out.

As he was heading to his first class, the secretary stopped him and offered to also sign the petitions, and Bobby let her. He met a couple others on his way, and they too signed the forms. When he arrived to class, he explained to his teacher why he was late, and that the principal had suggested making this his class project. His teacher thought that this was a great idea. He even allowed Bobby to get the signatures of anyone in that class that wanted to do so. All but two did so, one because of personal religious beliefs, the other just because she did not wish to do so. No one forced the issue, which was good. The teacher then suggested that Bobby set up a station where he could sit during breaks to allow students to sign the documents, and gave him the time and materials to do so. Bobby was happy with this, so went and did so.

The rest of the boys in school had not much of an interesting morning, they just went to class when it was time, finished their work within the first few minutes and then started reading. When lunch time came, they joined Bobby, and they all headed home for lunch.

Troy at first really had no idea what to do, he just stood there looking bored, but then he realized he may as well clean the house. He found out from Bobby how to do this, and then went and did almost the exact same things that Ryan had done before, and inside of an hour the entire house and property was once again sparkling clean and perfectly groomed. Once that was all done, he grabbed his computer and started working on a really cool website.

By the time lunch time was nearing, he already had the bones of an awesome site created and all he would have to do was to put it onto a server, get a web address, and start loading all the pictures and videos onto it. On the front page he pretty much told anyone and everyone that if their pictures and videos were on the site, and they had a problem with it, then it was their problem, not his, they had loaded it to the internet in the first place, which now meant it was free for anyone to enjoy. He also put a warning on there that pretty much told all hackers and police agents to beware, for if they were to try and shut him down, that his hacking skills were far superior to anyone elses out there and for their first attempt their computer would only shut down for one day, second attempt would be seven days, but the third attempt and their computer would never again run, and all information on the hard drive and network would be wiped out.

He knew that it would not be enough to discourage people from trying, and at first people would still try, but then word would get around. He also put a message on there stating that it was a secure site and that no one would be able to tell where they had been, unless they downloaded the videos or images, in which case they were on their own. Troy was happy with how it was turning out, so all he needed now was a kick ass server and he would be all set. With half an hour to spare before the others would come home for lunch, Troy got up and started making them some food.

“Hi guys, pretty boring day for the most part huh?” Troy asked the other boys when they appeared in the kitchen, he had not even turned around from the stove when they arrived.

“Yeah, that's okay though. We're all wondering why we're there, but we can't quit yet. I for one want to finish up my project first.” Bobby said.

“Yeah, I know. Lunch is nearly ready, so go ahead and set the table.”

A second later the table was set and then only a minute later lunch was on the table and waiting for them. Thy all went and sat down to eat it, all of them chatting as they did so.

“Well guys, I want to head back to the school to start getting even more signatures, but you can all stay here if you want to.” Bobby said as soon as he was finished eating.

“No, we'll go with you and walk the school and tell everyone where you are so that they can come see you if they want to.” Spencer said and the others nodded.

“Great, thanks, that sounds good.”

“Bye guys, have fun.” Troy said as they were getting ready to leave.

“You too. See you this afternoon.”

And with that the six boys were gone. Troy decided to get dressed and head out to somewhere where he could buy the biggest and best server there was. He thought for only a couple seconds and before too long he was a thirty something year old man in a business suit. He made himself a nice wallet with all the cards in it, but grabbed Ryan's card so that he could actually pay for it legally, even though he knew he could easily steal it, he just would not do that. As soon as he was ready though, he headed out.

He ended up going to a completely different city to buy the equipment that he wanted, because no one in town had what he wanted. It of course only took him a second to do this, so that was no big deal to him. He went in and talked to a lady there and told her what he wanted. Fifteen minutes later he had the massive piece of equipment that he wanted and was ready to go. It was a little tricky as to how he was going to get it out of there and to home, but then he thought that he would just borrow someones car out in the parking lot for a minute, so that the lady would not be suspicious. She helped him to load it all up, and as she was walking away, he climbed in, but then he and the computer equipment was gone. No one ever knew anything about it.

As soon as he was home though, Troy started working on getting everything all set up. The server was set up and connected first, all the massive hard drives were installed and the operating system was set up properly for what he wanted. He also added all his security software to it to protect it, now no one would ever be able to touch it in any way. Next he uploaded the website information, named it, and got it up and running, and then started uploading information to it. Troy worked for the rest of the afternoon to upload everything into their correct homes, until the others arrived, but by the time he was done, it was already huge. A few minutes before they all came home, he put the link on every page that he was aware of that catered to the people that would enjoy their site.

Ryan had went to work and called an important meeting for all the heads of all the factories, telling them to come to home office as soon as they could make it. Half an hour later the last of them walked in and they all sat down to their meeting. Ryan laid out the game plan for the next hour, telling each and every person what it was that they were to do and what they needed to do in order to get it done. After the meeting was finished, he sent an urgent email to all auto dealers in the world that sold his cars, telling them everything that was happening and what they had to do.

He was confident that they would all get behind him on this with no problem. He made them all tonnes and tonnes of money, so why would they not he figured. He wanted to go home for lunch with the boys, but ended up just not having any at all, because he was too busy, and he wanted to be done by the time the boys were home from school, or very shortly thereafter. It was a busy day to say the least, and he took calls from his people all day long trying to figure out how they were going to implement all that Ryan had laid out for them. He managed to get it all done though, so by the time he was ready to go, the boys were also almost ready to go, so they would all be meeting at home within a few seconds of each other. He had just transported himself to work that morning, figuring that no one would notice his lack of arriving by car, and even if they did, they would conveniently forget it he figured. He arrived home as he suspected only seconds after the boys had gotten there.

“Hi boys, how was your day?” He asked as soon as he did.

“Boring as usual, but no biggie. Got lots of signatures already and I figure that within only a week or so I'll have all the signatures that I can get and I'll send it in to get it approved.”

“That's really good, and it was nice of you boys to help him out as well.”

“Hey, what are brothers for.” Trent smiled warmly.

“Usually torture, but you boys are so much more kind to each other than most brothers are. Granted most brothers don't share what we all share.” He said, and they all caught the double meaning there.

“True. I knew someone in elementary school who had a brother in high school, and he said some days were horrible, and that he hated his brother most days because he was such a prick all the time.” Charlie said.

“Yeah, I've known a few brothers that were like that as well. So Troy, let's see how many hits your website's gotten already?”

“Okay.” Troy said brightly, and went and entered all the information that he would need to to get the information that they wanted.

“Hmm, a little over a thousand already, not bad for only being up for a couple hours. Not bad though, a little more than fifteen thousand pictures and almost three thousand videos have been viewed by those thousand people already. I bet they've blown more than a few loads already.” Troy grinned.

“Not bad at all.” Ryan whistled. “And I'm quite certain of that.” He grinned as well.

“Yeah, and I still have at minimum a weeks worth of searching before I find all that there is to find, and that's with all of you helping me to do so.”

“Yeah, but like you have a problem with that.” Ryan pointed out.

“Hey, never said I was complaining, actually, I was, because there's only a weeks worth of more fun. I'll find something more to do though, no worries.” Troy grinned as well.

“Good. Well I know you boys are in need of a change about as much as I am, so let's go get our soggy diapers changed shall we.”

“Okay.” They all said, and headed up to do so.

The next week went by for them all in a blur of activity. About the only time any of them were bored was when the boys were in school and could only read quietly. Bobby had managed to get the signatures of nearly ninety five percent of the students and from all of the teachers. Most everyone thought that the idea was brilliant and they agreed immediately. Bobby had arranged to have a meeting with the school board, and that was on the Monday right after he had all the signatures, which was also a week ago now.

The meeting was tough at first, because all the people there did not want to push any of the kids into doing anything that they did not want to, or were not capable of making a decision to be able to do. Bobby pointed out multiple times however that they clearly did want to do it, and that he had the signatures of all them to prove it. He also informed them that he had a perfectly legal parental consent form that any kids that wanted to participate in it would have to have signed by their parents first, thus shielding the school board from any backlash.

Finally they agreed to it, and from there Bobby went to the local Red Cross office to get it arranged to have an entire week at their school with as many people as they could bring, and he set up a standing order to do so every few months. They were very happy to hear this, because that would more than double their previous months worth of donations, and that was always good.

From the Red Cross office he went to the organ donor office, which was almost right next door, and he once again explained to them what he had done and what he wanted from them. They agreed to come in during the same week and get as many people signed up for the registry as they could. Bobby was happy that everything was going well, and that everyone was being so good about it. He now had to go print out a couple thousand of the different consent forms to send home with all the students if they wanted to participate, but that was no big deal.

The others in school pretty much just helped Bobby out wherever they could, but otherwise they were pretty much bored to tears during school hours. Troy had gotten even more added to his website, the others helping at least a couple hours every evening as well, but he got the bulk of it while they were at school, but he totally enjoyed it anyway.

His website was now receiving thousands of hits per day, and one day hitting nearly a hundred thousand in just the one day, all the pictures and videos were a huge success. He received many emails telling him that he was going to be shut down because he stole someones stuff, but he told them to go for it, that no one cold touch him anyway, and that they were certainly not going to go to the police, for obvious reasons. In the first week alone he had killed no less than three peoples computers completely, but there were hundreds that had their computers shut down for a day, and a couple dozen that would not be able to use their computers for a week.

What Troy had forgotten to mention in the warning was that if it was even from the same network, that he would kill their computers, so some police force somewhere had tried to crack the site, and two of their computers were hosed, they did not think that he could do it, so Troy wiped out every computer on the entire network. That particular police force lost more than ten computers and the data that they had been collecting for years to try and track down certain people, and because all their backups were on the same network, they would never again be able to find the information that they had been searching for. Troy loved it, because he knew exactly who it was that he had taken out.

The others were just little guys who were pissed that he had stolen things from them that were making them good money. Although he did send warnings to more than a few people for some of the pictures and videos that they had made, because they were horrible, and they were deleted completely. The only way they would be able to make it back onto the internet was if someone had a hard copy still kicking around and attempted to load it again. Troy knew that they would keep trying, but eventually they would all see that they would never be able to do anything at all.

Troy did put out a request to all visitors of the site to send in their old home movies, pictures and things of that nature to add to the site, and he promised that if they sent it directly to him that he would protect their identity in the same way that he protected his in his videos. Within a week after putting that request out there, he was receiving on average of about ten videos and a hundred pictures per day, and he put each one through the editing programs to alter. He also enhanced every one of them as well so that they were of far better quality than they had originally been. It was nice that the program he made for this was almost totally automatic though, or it would have taken him forever.

Every day as well Troy was able to find even more on the open internet, or open to him anyway, and he loaded it up. If the peoples faces were there, he left them, because they obviously were not worried anyway, but if the faces were obscured, he cleaned it up first of all, and then redid it so that it was even better, so no one would be able to tell who they were.

Ryan though got the most amount of work done out of all of them. He was going nearly non stop all day every day. The only exception was that he took off no later than four every day and insisted on taking weekends off, as he did for his employees as well. He wanted none of them to get burned out, no matter how much he wanted things to get done. The factory that was to handle the solar panels had gotten started right away, and after only a week and a half they had the first run of the ones for the cars going, and then a few days later, on the Friday, the first run of the housing ones started. Ryan was happy with that, and told his people to leave a couple hundred of them aside for him, that he was going to pick them up on Saturday morning some time he figured.

The nine new cars that he had asked to be built were done already, given the fact that the factory line had already been changed to accommodate them made it far faster, since that was the slowest part of the whole procedure. All nine cars were on their way, or had already been received by the people that would be doing the testing. Once they were done, Ryan had them start switching out the other factory lines that they were able to, to get started on the other models to get them in for testing.

All told, after receiving the final orders from his car lots world wide, his people only had to finish not even a thousand cars or trucks, the rest of them had all been canceled outright. Everyone asked for information though about the new cars, and Ryan just had huge banners made, telling everyone that something new, something really special was being released, and that when it was, everyone would find out at the same time.

The land that Ryan had also bought had already had the clearing crews in to start clearing the land and getting the foundation holes dug in. There was also a separate specialized crew in to start working on a shipping port. The shore had to be dredged to clean it out, then the pillars to hold the dock up had to be created, but they had not even started on that yet. This would take a few months easily. The factory would already be built and in operation before the shipping portion was even ready, but Ryan was okay with that. In the mean time they would just receive all their products from wherever by the normal methods.

During the past two weeks they had all had fantastic sex more than a few times, most often it involved their asses, but a few times just hands or mouths. They had tried many new and interesting positions, and had a lot of fun doing the research, but even more fun doing the actual positions.

It is now Friday afternoon, the boys had been home for almost an hour already, and Ryan had just finished doing the last of his work, so the boys knew that he would be there in just a few moments.

“Good afternoon my babies, how was your day at school today, and your day at home Troy?” He asked as soon as he arrived, and like he did more often than not, he was already stripped down to his diaper when he arrived, like the boys always were as well.

“Hi Daddy.” They all called out.

“It was another boring day at school really, but oh well, we all got lots of other stuff done.” Matt said.

“That's good.”

“And I destroyed a few more computers today. They just don't want to learn, but oh well, I don't mind. I found an awesome treasure trove though, you should see it all. I had to edit almost everything though to make it even truly visible, whoever scanned it originally had no clue how to use their equipment. I really wish that I could get at the originals.”

“That'd be nearly impossible though, considering the originals for half the stuff you've managed to find is fifty or more years old and seriously in the past. Even if you could get your hands on the originals, they'd be in nearly as bad a shape as what you have is. You can clean almost anything up anyway, so no point in worrying too much.” Ryan said.

“Yeah, I know. But I also know that there's so much more out there that I can't find on the internet. I'm getting lots of people unburying their old stuff though and sending it to me, so that helps. I'm averaging over a hundred thousand hits a day now, that's pretty impressive if you ask me.”

“It is, for sure. It'll also get bigger and better as people realize just what kind of site you're running.”

“Yeah. I had a really good idea though, and started working on something, I kept it a secret until you all got home, but I figured out a way to have a program pretty much create an animated movie by giving it a story. You have to do a lot of work to program some of the basics and the background and stuff like that, but if you have a good enough story, this program will take that story and make it into a movie. I did that with a short story I found, and it turned out so hot, I can't wait to see you guys' faces when you see it.”

“Really, that's so awesome. There are so many hot stories out there that you could do that with, and it sounds like it's pretty easy to do.” Bobby said in amazement.

“Tell me about it.” Troy grinned.

“When can we watch it?” Sean asked first.

“I already have it loaded in the theatre, so as fast as we can get there.” Troy said, but before he was even finished talking, one of the others was already sending them to the theatre, and they arrived just as Troy said 'there'.

“Gee, I didn't expect that.” Troy grinned.

They all took a seat and Troy hit the button to start the movie playing. For the next half an hour that the movie took to play out, the eight of them were transfixed in their spots, hands in their diapers, stroking slowly as they watched the amazingly hot movie.

“Wow, that was so awesome. You made them just realistic enough to feel real, but just animated enough so that you can tell it's animated. That was a pretty hot story, and it made a damn hot movie. I can't believe that you made that.” Ryan said in amazement a full five minutes after the movie had ended, but then they had all had to come down from a pretty big cum as well from the final scene.

“Thanks. I knew that you guys would enjoy that, and I thought it turned out wickedly as well. I can't wait to have it create a bunch of other movies as well. And yes, you guys are more than welcome to use the program.” Troy smiled to them.

“Cool, thanks.” They all said as one.

“Come on Babies, let's go do something else before dinner. I wouldn't mind playing a few games or something.” Ryan called out once everything was all shut down.

“Okay.” They all said together.

They went to the basement and they all played and had a lot of fun until they were all getting very hungry, but that was more than likely because it was nearly two hours past their regular dinner time. They all headed upstairs and made and ate dinner, talking happily as they did so.

“Can we go play on the internet now and see what else we can do, and I'd love to try out that program on my favorite story?” Bobby asked.

“Okay.” Everyone said, Ryan the loudest of them all.

They headed to the office and got their computers up and running, and then they all found their favorite story, found the program already loaded to their computers, as they knew it would be, and then started playing around with all the settings. While the program did all the hard work, you had to do a lot to program the people in it, describe what they looked like, what style of person they were, describe their personality, and then you had to describe all the visuals for the background as well, but again the program made this very easy to do. For the next several hours all eight of them sat there almost silently and played with the program to create eight different movies. When each one was done, they each watched it, and because they could all easily concentrate on what they were doing, as well as what all the others were doing, they pretty much watched eight different movies all at the same time, and once again they were all painfully hard, and they all blew at least two good sized loads into the fronts of their diapers.

“Wow, that's amazingly easy to do, and while it takes a few hours, it's nothing compared to how real movie makers have to do it. These aren't perfect, but if we spent more time, and if the stories were properly edited first, we could make some incredible movies for sure.” Ryan said in awe. Never before had he ever imagined something like that.

“Yeah, I agree, but thanks.” Troy said happily.

“Well, I was hoping to have some hot wild kinky sex tonight, but after cumming three times just from watching movies, I honestly don't even feel like it right now, so what should we go and do?” Ryan asked them all.

“Why don't we go swim and relax in the hot tub for a while, and then maybe after that we can go for a diaper hike in the cool night air?” Charlie asked.

“That sounds good, but why not do it the other way around, so that we can relax after the hike?” Bobby asked.

“I can live with that.”

“Cool, me too.” The others all said.

“I think that we're all good enough for now, no one feels as if they're gonna spring a leak any time soon, and even if we did, oh well, so let's go now.” Ryan said, and they all headed out.

The property was of course simply massive, so they could hike for hours and never have to worry about anyone seeing them. Not to mention that the entire property was surrounded by tall fences with large private property signs posted, so no one should be there to begin with. Even if someone were trespassing, they would know it more than likely, not to mention that they really would not care anyway if someone were to see them. They hiked in the dark of the night for almost two hours, enjoying their moon and star light hike, it was very peaceful. Ryan even showed the boys where the cave had appeared that changed his life forever. By the time they made it back to the house, they were all sweaty and dirty, so they all cleaned themselves off before jumping in the pool. Said cleaning of course also involved the removal of all their very soggy diapers.

They all jumped in the pool and swam and played for an hour or so, and then they all climbed into the hot tub to relax. As they sat back relaxing, they chatted, just having fun, enjoying each others company.

“So, what should we do today boys?” Ryan asked a while later, the sun was just starting to come up. They had played for the rest of the early morning.

“Well, the solar panels are done for the house and all the out buildings, so we can get those quickly and get started on putting them in. There's already a bunch of the hydrogen plants ready, so we can put that in at the same time, and we can put the water heating system in place as well, since it's already ready too.” Bobby said.

“Sure, we can do that, but that'll only take an hour at most to get everything done, but after that what should we do?”

“Not too sure.” Bobby said and the others shrugged.

“Yeah, same here, but we can figure all that out later I guess.” Ryan smiled warmly.

They all hopped out of the water and within a second they were all dry and diapered, deciding to just do it that way instead of laying on the cold hard floor to do it. As soon as they were ready, Ryan collected all the items that they needed in his mind and then brought them all home. After that they all worked together for almost an hour and a half to get everything put into place and hooked up. They all loved the powers that they had, because it took a job that would certainly have taken quite a few people quite a few days to do, into a very short and easy installation. By the time they were finished, every roof on the property was now a solar collector and in a shed near to the house was now the main power generating equipment. The utility room now sported a large hot water tank that held the water heated from the roof, and then it fed whatever else needed to be heated. It was quite the system, as energy efficient as they could possibly make it, and it did not look bad or out of place either.

“Wow, that looks nice, it doesn't look gaudy or anything.” Bobby said after looking at the roof once again after finishing it all up.

“No, it looks just like any other roof really, just larger tiles, and it's a different color, but oh well. Everything is in place and connected though, and everything seems to be working perfectly, so now time will tell as to how well it all works.” Ryan smiled.

“Did you hook up all the receivers in the house to the satellite capabilities of the roof though, I didn't see you do that?” Sean asked.

“Actually, come to think of it, I don't think I did.” Ryan said after a moments thought, he had forgotten it.

“Didn't think I saw any of us do that. Let me, It'll only take a moment.” He said, and then did it. He pretty much rewired the entire house to connect anything that received any sort of signal directly to the roof, and same as rewiring everything for the new power, it really was just that easy. It took him only a few seconds.

“There, done, now we'll have perfect reception for anything we could ever want.” Sean smiled.

“Wicked.” Everyone said.

“So, has anyone thought of what we should do today boys?” Ryan asked.

“No.” They all said.

“Hmm, okay, here's what we're gonna do then. We're gonna head to Disney World for the day, and maybe stay the night in Florida as well and spend the rest of the day tomorrow there as well. I've never been myself, and I've always wanted to go.” Ryan smiled, and all the boys' faces split into wide grins.

“Awesome.” They all breathed.

“Come on, diaper shirts, shorts and a longer shirt are called for then.” Ryan said, and then a second later they were all dressed almost identically, just in different colors. You could still tell they were diapered, but none of them cared in the least. Ryan changed his appearance quickly, and then they were off.

They appeared in an alley way near to the park where they would not be noticed, and then casually walked from there and headed toward the gate that they were nearest to. Ryan paid the huge sum of money to get them all full day passes to the park with no restrictions, and then they went in.

“Wow, this is so much cooler than I ever thought it would be.” Charlie said in awe. They had all walked in and then pretty much stopped because of the sights and sounds.

“Yeah.” All the others said in awe at the same time.

“Well come on boys, let's go ride 'til we drop.”

“Yippee.” They all yelled, and then they took off running.

For the next couple hours they played on everything that they could. They enjoyed coasters and spinners, droppers and all over the placers, all having a blast. They did have to admit to each other though that they were sorta using their powers a bit to convince people to maybe leave the lines they were in, so that they could get into a place closer to the front, but they did not exactly feel bad for it. They were lucky though that it was technically off season, or it would have been far busier than it was, even though it was still pretty busy.

“Well boys, we're all starving and could all seriously use a fresh diaper, so let's head for some food.” Ryan called out after the last ride they were on.

“Okay.” The boys all said as one, and as they walked toward where the food was, they all got their diapers changed, no one ever noticing a thing.

They all chose the same place to eat at, and Ryan headed up to get all the food that they would need, and then brought it back once it was all ready. They pigged out on their meal, Ryan having to go back for a lot of seconds, and then they pigged out on that too. After they finished eating, they all decided to go look at the sights for a while to let their food digest, so that they would not throw up everywhere. They walked around for about an hour or so, just looking at everything and having fun. They bought a few things from a few places, but as soon as they were safe to do so, they just sent it right home.

After looking around for a while, they headed back to the rides and continued doing that. They rode the rides until they were hungry again, and then went and had dinner at a different place this time, and then the same thing all over again, look at the sights for about an hour and then ride the rides again. They did this for the rest of the night until the park closed. They then found a hotel that had a king sized bed free for them and disappeared and reappeared in the alley beside them, no one ever noticing. They all went in and Ryan got them the room, it was the biggest and most expensive room on the top floor, and Ryan had no problems paying for it either. They all went up and had more than a couple hours worth of fun in the bed there. They did sleep for a couple hours after all that though, because even they were tired from all the exercise that they had gotten during the day.

The next morning they all found a restaurant in the area that bragged to have the best breakfast buffet in the country, so they went there to see if they could prove them wrong. They all ate, a lot, and they were happy to taste that it probably was the best, it was very good, although would be hideously expensive for most people. After that they headed back to the park, where they pretty much had an exact repeat of the day before. They stayed once again right until the park closed, and then headed home.

“Wow, that was an awesome weekend. Thanks so much Daddy, I had the best time.” Bobby bubbled and the others nodded their agreement as well.

“You're welcome Babies, I had a lot of fun too. I've never been to anywhere like that, so it was just as much fun for me.” Ryan smiled.

“Well, I don't know about you guys, but I could seriously use a nap.” Bobby yawned.

“Me too.” The others said, following suit with large yawns.

They all headed up to bed, curled up to each other, and slept for about two hours.