Chapter 6

The past week had gone pretty well for them all, nothing much happening, or at least that was what it felt like anyway at times. More work was done in the plants to get things going, the new factory was starting to take some shape, but nowhere near as fast as Ryan wished he could make it go, but knew he could not, and the boys were still bored as ever at school. The only good thing on the school front for the boys though was that they were all keeping somewhat busy with what was coming up the following week. The blood donor clinic and the organ donation people were scheduled to be at the school for the entire week, and Bobby and brothers were feverishly arranging everything, but still they really only did that during their lunch or free periods, and for Bobby during his humanities class.

Finally the Monday of the drive came about though, and there was an assembly for all the students first thing in the morning. Bobby was of course asked to speak.

“Good morning everyone. I'm glad that all the work that I've put into this is finally about to pay off. I'm also very happy with the student support of this project, so must of course thank all of you. I'm happy to say that there's an over ninety percent consensus on giving blood and becoming an organ donor. All of your permission slips were of course received and filed, so as soon as it's your appointment, all you have to do is go to the nurses office where the blood clinic has four stations set up. The teachers have been given the schedule, but they can't remind you, so please be aware of your appointment time, and when it's your turn, excuse yourself from class and go there, and then, please go straight back to class.” Bobby said happily once he was asked to come on stage by the principal.

“Thanks once again Bobby for doing all the work on this. I've formally put forth a challenge to all schools in the province to see if they can beat our donation. While a few people said that it couldn't be done, because students weren't allowed to do that, I showed them that yes, it could be done, and the students were capable of deciding it on their own, but would require permission, same as all of you students did. I've also asked the blood donor clinic to come again in six months, so that we can donate twice a year, that way we can keep this an ongoing thing, because it really is a great effort, and we should keep it going. Many of the other schools took me up on the challenge right away, some took a little convincing, but they too will fall in line, and soon Bobby, from your vision, all schools could eventually be doing the same thing. This is of course a great thing.”

“I was of course saddened by your information this morning. This morning Bobby came to me and informed me that he and his brothers would all be quitting school on this coming Friday. They will be doing home schooling for the remainder of their school, due to the fact that they and their father wish to travel and other things. I do promise however that your vision won't stop today with just this one donation, because like you so eloquently put it, we all need to do our parts, so I'll ensure that our school at the very least does our part, as I know you all will.”

“Thank you Sir, I appreciate it, as does the blood bank and the organ donor registry I'm sure. We'll have lots to keep us busy as well, not just school work and traveling, but a huge company to help run as well. Our dad wants our help as much as we're willing to give it, because we all have some good ideas, and soon so many new products will be coming out to help out the environment and the people living in it. I can't say more than that at this time, but this school is scheduled to see some of that very soon.” Bobby smiled.

“I'd ask what that is, since it's my school and all, but I have a feeling that I wouldn't find out, all I know is that your dads company has scheduled to have workers here for all of next week for some reason or other, but he too wouldn't say why.”

“No, you're right, we wouldn't say.” Bobby smiled.

“Right. Well, I suppose that that's it for this assembly, so would all students please head to your first class and over the next week go to your appointment as scheduled, thanks.”

From there Bobby, Brothers and principal all headed to the nurses office, because they were to be the first to donate their blood, though Bobby still could not donate, he was going to be with the others. When they arrived, they were told to take seats, four of them in the special chairs to donate their blood, and the others in the waiting chairs. For all of them to be done, it took almost an hour, but it was easy and relatively painless. After that, they all headed out to where they were needed, after all signing the donor registry cards and giving all the information that was needed of course. From there the week went by quite quickly for all, because they all kept surprisingly busy, between what little school work they did and all the work they were doing at home. Finally the week was over though.

“So boys, how does it feel to no longer need to go to school?” Ryan asked when he got home that afternoon.

“Good.” They all said together.

“Yeah, I bet. Well, everything on the business front is going great, everything's moving along, albeit at a slower pace than I wish it would move at, but I guess there's not much that can be done about that.”

“Well, there is, but I think that people would wonder how such a massive factory and all that land was all done in just a day if we were to do it. We wouldn't want anyone paying unnecessary attention, now would we!” Bobby grinned.

“No, that's for sure. We'll just have to be patient. So, what should we do this weekend?”

“Let's travel Europe.” Sean grinned.

“Okay.” All the others said.

They all got changed right then and there, and then headed out to wherever they wanted. For the next few days, skipping right into Monday and Tuesday, they traveled Europe and saw many of the finest sights, enjoying themselves all a great deal.

The next year went well for them all, the newest factory was finished up only a month previously and was up and running at full speed ahead. The schools retrofit to make it almost totally energy self sufficient had been done as promised, and then all the other schools in the area also received the upgrades. Everyone was very pleased with how well it all worked.

The new cars were released with much fanfare, but had their fair share of opponents as well. The oil and gas companies were furious, and they let it be shown too, but so far no one had been stupid enough to try anything foolish, until only a day ago. Up until then, they just continued trying the same things, undermining the new vehicles, trying to claim that they were garbage and would not have any sort of performance and that they actually polluted more than the gas powered cars did.

Troy's website was doing fantastically well, and all the boys and Ryan created a good many videos to add to the site themselves as well, however no one would ever realize it was them, even if they were to meet face to face, because they had all changed their appearances for each and every one of the videos. They made a number of really hot ones as well, all themed, all group, some were all young, some were all teen, some were boys and men, but they were always really hot.

They had also created a lot more animated movies as well from all sorts of stories that were on the net, and they were amongst the most popular videos available. Troy was also receiving almost daily one to two videos of other boys who wanted to share theirs with the world, as long as they were protected of course, as well many men sent in old videos that they had had kicking around for years and years.

“You boys ready for the press conference?” Ryan asked.

“Sure daddy, we're gonna change our appearances as well and go as adults.” Bobby said for them all.

“Good idea. I wonder how the world's gonna take this information!”

“Who knows.”

They arrived a few minutes later to headquarters and headed to where the conference was to be held. As soon as Ryan entered, the loud chatter died down instantly.

“Thank you all for coming today. Yesterday was a sad day in our company, for someone tried to blow it up. Thankfully all injuries were minimal, and the damage to our newest factory was in a non critical area, so it won't even slow down production.” Ryan started out right away.

“Can you tell us anything about what happened?” A reporter in the crowd called out.

“Yes, I can tell you everything. The person who did this was paid to do so, he was paid to rig all of my factories and this very office to explode. However, he was clumsy and detonated his very first explosive device by accident.” Ryan said with a perfectly straight face, knowing full well he was the one to cause the explosion. “Although he was not killed immediately, he has now perished from his injuries. It was not however before we were able to gain all the information from him that we needed to secure all the evidence that we could ever hope to need.”

“And what was this information?” Another asked.

“I can tell you this, because the police already have the information, and they've given me the go ahead. However I'm not allowed to say names, so please don't ask me to do so, nor would I have anyway. The man was paid by a top oil and gas executive to wipe me from the face of the Earth. It seems that he and a few others were scared, because I was causing their product to become extinct. Big oil and gas companies have been behind nearly every attack to me and my company that has ever happened, even though few were published, but they were always dealt with. They have a lot invested in keeping their product a viable product, and they didn't want to let that go, so they figured getting rid of me would do it. Sadly they don't know how difficult that would be. Sure, maybe they could kill me, they could possibly even destroy my businesses, but my dreams will never die, my visions will never fade away, I've made certain of that.”

“Can you tell us how you could be certain of that?”

“No, because if I were to tell my secrets in that matter, it'd possibly allow others to try and destabilize my plans from below me, and I could never allow that to happen. I'm sure that you could all understand that. What the big gas and oil companies fail to understand, or to make understood, is that our supplies of crude oil are diminishing, we're using them at higher rates than the Earth can create them, and if my estimates are correct, if we were to keep on going as we had been, it'd only be another twenty to fifty years before we completely ran out. Obviously we can't allow that to happen. Certainly we still need some of that crude oil, many things are made from some of it, but now instead we can use it only for the manufacturing of a limited amount of things. However, that doesn't mean that we should still keep using it as we had been, because much of it had been used unwisely, or not completely even.”

“What do you mean?”

“Much of the excess or the by products are burned off, for no reason whatsoever, not to mention that if we recycled more, we could cut down the need for crude oil even more. Every single ounce of crude oil can be used for something, so I say we use it, and be kinder to our environment.”

“You know that the gas and oil companies do have a point though. What of all the great paying jobs that they offer? All of them are being depleted, very few are needed now, a few sites have closed down now, because your cars no longer require fuel, and with your selling off some of the technology to other companies, so that they too can build gas free cars, it's making it even more so. So how are all those people to make a living now?” One reporter asked.

“I see that you're one of the supporters for the big gas and oil giants. Let me ask you a question now. How many people have you interviewed that lost their jobs with the gas and oil giants? None right, and before you answer that, I know that answer. The reason I know you didn't, was because if you had, you wouldn't have asked such a question. Sure, they lost their jobs, so what, they found other jobs, some even better paying and healthier for them and the environment. Many I'm happy to say I've employed myself.”

“I did after all just built a massive factory and shipping yard, all those people to run the place didn't just magically appear, I pulled a great many people in from oil fields and refineries to fill the place up. Production in my other factories had to be ramped up, so more people were needed there as well. Other factories have added a few more as well. If I had to guess, I'd say that upwards of ninety five percent of those that have lost jobs are already employed.”

“You see, just because gas and oil isn't there, doesn't mean that something else isn't there to take it's place. Hell, even a few of the non corrupt leaders of those gas and oil companies have joined my forces, but there are others out there that are still needed.”

“Now, if you were to ask me if I care one tiny bit that they're not making nearly as much money as they used to in those huge companies, I'd say so what, they made far too much money for far too long off the backs of the people. For far too long they gouged us at the pumps, and I say no more, and no more taking from the Earth, it's time we stopped.” He said.

“You say I haven't interviewed anyone, well maybe I have, and maybe I haven't. You say I'm a supporter of big oil, well I'm not, I just don't want some big greedy company to take everything. You say you don't care if they don't make as much money, well tell me, how much are you making?” The same reporter asked rather snappily.

“First things first, remember that you're here as a guest of mine, and talking to me in such a fashion can and will have you thrown out and barred from ever entering again, and I always remember a face. If you wanted to ask me if I plan to profit from everyone like they were, then please, ask, and I'll answer. I will however answer anyway, since I doubt you'd ask. No, I don't plan to do that, never have, nor never will.”

“Sure I make a good amount, but I pay myself less than ten percent of what all other company heads receive, and you're welcome to ask to see my books, I have nothing to hide. No business is out there to lose money remember though, but I still don't pay myself all that much, and I make a good profit. Also, all my people in all my factories are amongst the highest paid in their fields, as well as they get only the best of benefits, absolutely free of charge. I also give them an annual profit sharing bonus. Last year every employee in my company, some fifty thousand people, received a bonus check in the amount of two thousand dollars. I myself make only a couple million dollars a year, however, take a look at what most of the big oil and gas companies heads made. Some of them walked away with an average annual salary of fifty million dollars, oh and by the way, I'm roughly three times larger a company than any of them.”

“Next you also have to take into consideration that there are at least two products that I manufacture that I charge absolutely no markup on, I sell it for the bare cost of the materials and the time to make it, so make no money at all. I do that however because I feel that to save the Earth, it's my duty. The cars I do make a decent profit on, okay, I admit that, but I'm still cheaper than most others out there. My company motto has always been a good product for a good price. So what if we actually make a great product for a great price, that's only a bonus in my eyes. Now, the entire reason for the press conference today was to explain what happened here, and once again I'm happy to say that no one was seriously hurt, and everyone went home as of last night.” He said.

“I must say that we're happy to hear that no one was seriously hurt, but before you go, can you tell us if the rumor going around is true?” Another reporter asked.

“You'll have to be much more specific there I'm afraid, because there are always so many rumors floating around about me and my company.” Ryan grinned.

“Yes, I suppose that that's somewhat true. This rumor though seems to be larger than most, and says that you have a further three factories being built as we speak.”

“The rumors are true.” Ryan grinned, but did not give anything away.

“And, would you care to elaborate and tell us what those factories are going to be for?”

“Well, the official release date of that was supposed to be next week, but I hate press conferences, so I may as well get that over and done with at the same time I guess. Yes, I have a further three factories being built as we speak, all three of them in key areas.”

“And what will they be manufacturing?”

“It's not so much what they'll be manufacturing so much as what they'll be destroying. You see, these are three state of the art recycling facilities. Each one's designed to do anywhere from two to four different products, but I and my team of people have come up with ways to recycle virtually every type of product that's out there, and we'll recycle all of it. Raw recyclable materials will be shipped in from all over the world, they'll come in through my shipping port or by rail direct to the plant they need to go to, and then the recycled materials will go out from there.”

“Once they're up and running, all of my factories will start using everything recycled that we possibly can. Whenever possible only recycled materials will be used, instead of new materials. Not only does this cost less, but in the long run will also help to save our planet. The local garbage dump here has reached maximum capacity, and has had to start a new site, many major cities are having the same problem. Some countries have even resorted to just dumping it all in the ocean or in lakes, causing untold amount of horrors to the very delicate ecosystems that are there. Every major city in the world is having problems with how and where to dump their garbage. Now however roughly half of that garbage will be able to be recycled into something new, instead of going in the garbage dump.”

“That sounds all good and everything, but won't it cost a lot to get all this garbage into the recycling plants?”

“Yes, huge amounts of money in fact. I'm footing the bill for the recycling plants out of my own pockets though, and then all the local governments will have to pay to send their recyclables in for recycling. However, the rates at which I'll charge for this should be less in almost every case than what they're currently paying to just dump it. The only exception will be from the places where they have no problems with where to dump it, as well as those that are a very far ways away. Those issues though will be looked into, soon. As much as I'd love to, I can't make everyone do this, and even though it's in everyone's best interest, there are those that won't wish to do so. Once everything's up and running smoothly, and as new plants come up and running, we'll hopefully be able to get everyone into it. Obviously only three plants can't hope to keep up to the entire planet, so these three are only the start. I'm already in the planning stages to have such plants located in strategic locations throughout the world, so that everyone can recycle as much as they can.”

“Oh, so this is a multi stage plan then. Why didn't you say so at the beginning then?”

“All in due time.” Ryan grinned. “I can't hope to tell you everything in an instant, now can I. Yes, it's a multi stage plan, that was the plan from the start. All of this is highly experimental still, however all the tests say that it'll work, and once we get up to full speed, we should be able to recycle up to as much as a hundred thousand tonnes of raw product per day from just these three plants.”

“What about all the recycling facilities that are already out there, what's gonna happen to them?”

“Nothing at all will happen to them. They're still needed. My plants are mostly there to take what they can't or won't take. They'll route anything of that nature to me, and I'll take it from there. Also, I've already designed a few upgrades for all of them, so that they can be more efficient in their recycling process. In many cases, the act of recycling creates harmful chemicals that can be released into our environment, so I wanted this stopped as much as humanly possible. From air and water scrubbers to prevent toxic materials from escaping, to better procedures to get more out of what they're recycling, I've done all that I can.”

“That sounds good, so what are you going to recycle then?”

“Well, right now very few electronic products can be or are recycled, and of those, that are, less than half of what's in them is used, I want all of it. Same with both plastic and foams of all sorts. Less than five percent of these are currently recycled in most areas, and the recycling process destroys a good portion of it and poisons the environment in doing so, I want a hundred percent and a hundred percent clean. Rubber as well is another product that isn't even recycled at all that I am aware of in any major way, only tires are really done at all, but all can be, so we will be. There are a number of other things as well, but all of that'll be released when we're ready. Let's just say that your recycling and garbage bags are going to change a great deal as to how they used to be filled up.”

“Well, I think that that's all that needed to be gone over, so I officially call this press conference to an end, and I thank you all for coming today. I'd like to add however to all the people that think that just killing me or destroying my factories will do any good, think again. I've done far too much to ensure that it'll never happen, so don't bother trying.” Ryan smiled, and then left the podium and gathered with his babies.

As soon as they were able to, they headed home. When they got there, they all got back to themselves, got out of their clothes, and changed their soggy diapers.

“Well, that went pretty good.” Troy said.

“Yeah, not too bad.” Ryan agreed.

“I'm not sure how you managed to keep a straight face when you said the guy accidentally set off the explosion, I almost started laughing.” Bobby said.

“I know, I felt it, and it was hard to do.”

“Yeah, I know. I thought you were crazy at first for even letting the guy plant the explosive, and then when you made him set it off, I thought you went off your rocker. But I guess you were right, it was the right thing to do. No one was anywhere near there, and most of the people that were injured only got a few scratches or a concussion from a fall or something like that.”

“I know. I didn't want to have anyone hurt, but I had to take the risk, because if we just let them get away with it without showing the entire world what was happening, then they'd just keep trying and trying, and eventually one of them will slip through and really hurt someone. I'd never be able to live with myself if I could prevent that from happening but didn't.”

“Yeah, we know that now. I guess sometimes you have to let a bad thing or two happen.” Bobby said.

“Yes. We have to remember that we have powers that few could even imagine, so while we can prevent much, sometimes it's not wise to do so. Sometimes we just have to let things happen, but that doesn't mean of course that we can't sometimes help out the situation like I did yesterday so that it ends in our favor. It's a good thing the guy didn't die right away, but I was doing everything in my power to prevent it. I never even had to urge the guy to talk to the police, he did that completely on his own when they questioned him. I was going to though, but he was fully willing to do it. I guess he thought that if he had to die, then he was going to take as many people with him as he could.”

“No kidding. I wonder how the world's going to take it when they all find out that the big three heads were all in collusion with the hit, and had paid the man almost fifty million to do so, and this time it wasn't just the oil companies?” Matt asked.

“Who knows, but I'm willing to bet that they're all furious that all their money was used to do it, because it's the people that paid for it in the end.” Ryan said.

“Well guys, enough of the business talk, I want to go do something fun.” Troy said.

“I'd ask, but I don't need to, and I don't need to look into your mind to see what you're thinking of either.” Ryan grinned.

“What, it's been nearly two whole days since we last had sex!” Troy grinned back.

“Yes, I suppose it has been. So, what did you have in mind then Baby?”

“Well, I was thinking of invading the high school pool and change room and making us a hot video. We'll start out with us boys doing a swim practice with our coach pushing us, and then we'll just sort of work from there. We'll start out in the pool, and then end up in the locker room I figure.” Troy grinned.

“Sounds good to me, but do I get to be the coach who pushes his pupils really hard?” He grinned cheekily.

“Of course.” Troy grinned right back.

“Cool.” All the rest of the boys said.

“I'll grab our awesome hot Speedos then.” Bobby said, and a second later they were all changed into only them, they had had to go and buy Troy one a long time ago so that he too had one.

“This oughtta make a hot video for sure.” Ryan said, looking to all the boys.

“Definitely.” The boys all said once again, and before anything else was said, they were all standing on the pool deck at the high school and all their appearances were different.

For the next ten minutes Ryan stood on the pool deck pretending to really push the boys hard, the cameras just following seemingly of their own free will, recording everything that they wanted them to. Finally he jumped in the pool with the boys.

“If you boys can't learn how to push yourselves in the pool, I'm gonna really show you how to push.” Ryan growled at the boys, who only grinned happily, knowing that it was time to play.

“Yippee.” They all cheered.

Troy was the first to make it to Ryan.

“Oh teach me first Coach.” He squealed.


Ryan picked Troy up and laid him on the edge of the pool and pulled down the back of his Speedo and then the front of his and slipped his entire piece of meet deep inside Troy in one long slow push.

“Mmm, oh yeah Coach, teach me how to push real hard.” Troy moaned out lowly.

For almost five minutes Ryan slowly fucked Troy, and then pulled out and came all over his back and bum for the money shot, and then slipped back in again.

In the meantime, the boys had split up and were splayed out all over the pool deck, sucking each other in the sixty nine they loved so much, as well as fingering each other, although they were very nearly fisting each other by then.

“Okay, who wants another lesson in pushing?” Ryan called out once Troy was all done.

“Me Coach.” Bobby said first, and practically ripped himself off of Spencer who had been beneath him.

“Come lay down then you hot little slut you.”

So he did and Ryan slid right back in, and while he fucked Bobby silly, the rest of the boys moved to also fucking each other.

Spencer was next with Ryan, while the others all traded partners and had one last session. Once they were all finished, and the cameras had captured all the great action and final cum shots, they all slumped down and told the cameras to shut down.

“Wow, good practice boys.” Ryan chuckled.

“For sure.” They all sighed.

They all laid there for several minutes just trying to get back with it, and when they did, they all went home and got nice and thickly diapered.

“Oh, Bobby, the tank that you asked for was finished yesterday, care to tell me what it's for now?” Ryan said once they were all done and ready for the rest of their day.

“Yeah, a water cistern to collect all the rain water for the property, so that we can water the lawns and stuff like that without using the fresh water. I was also thinking of hooking the toilets and the cold water connections from almost everything up to it as well, so that we don't have to waste fresh water all the time. I've been designing a system like this to be used in large scale for everyone, something that could be put in and used by new homes and retrofitted into older homes, so that we can use rain water for most things instead. I figured that since we live in a rain forest, that we may as well take advantage of it, and it could be used almost everywhere that they get enough rain.”

“Not a bad idea actually. For most places it would be a huge retrofit though, but it should certainly be added into new construction for sure. Are you thinking that the schools in the area need another upgrade?” Ryan asked curiously.

“Yeah, they've proven most excellent test subjects, and because they're so public, everyone sees it, as well as sees that you did it all for free for testing purposes. How many school districts across the country have already upgraded, not to mention how many city halls and other municipal buildings and places like that. Free advertising is great. It hardly cost anything, just a few million dollars to retrofit all the schools in the area, but so far doing so has sold several thousand of the systems. Having the first six months monitored at our old school and showing that they went from hundred percent on grid power consumption to only two percent was great, as well their gas consumption went down just a hair over eighty percent, they've saved several thousand dollars already just this month alone in the one school.”

“They've certainly proved to be highly visible test subjects, not to mention we've only had to send someone back to the junior high once for a repair, and it was real minor. Just look at our house though since we upgraded it, hardly any power bought and next to no gas either. No, everyone could certainly benefit, and a water cistern will be just the ticket to get us even further off the grid, though I certainly do prefer the good fresh water that we get for drinking.”

“Exactly. Since there's no one at the plant I'm gonna grab the tank and all the materials that we need to install it and get it done. It's a good thing it's the rainy season already or we'd have to wait a while to start filling it up.”

“Okay, go for it Baby.” Ryan smiled warmly.

The others had just listened, thinking Bobby had done it again, his brain was just wired differently, he saw the whole planet as his playground and was always looking for ways to save it. Troy though was the same, just in that he was always looking for ways to fuck all the people on it, well the boys and men anyway. They all watched as Bobby got everything he needed and then as he buried the cistern in the yard and hooked everything up to it. He did have it all filtered as the water came in, so that there would be no sediment or anything in the tank, and it would be nearly drinkable, but they were not going to do that, especially since Ryan had upgraded the cities water systems so well so that the water was as pure as it could be. It took only an hour for Bobby to complete the nearly five day long job of digging the massive hole for the hundred and fifty thousand litre tank and connect all the pipes throughout the entire property that needed to be done. It was a lot of work, but was easy to do. Mostly it was just remembering all that needed to be done.

“That wasn't so bad.” Bobby smiled once it was all done.

“Only because you didn't actually have to work hard to do it.” Spencer laughed.

“Maybe. Actually I suppose you have a point there. I certainly couldn't have dug that huge hole myself otherwise, that's for sure. So, what should we do this weekend now that the fun stuff is over with?” He grinned.

“Let's just stay home this weekend and relax around here.” Trent offered.

“Okay, I guess we can do that, but next weekend I wanna go somewhere and do someone, I mean something.” Troy giggled.

“I think you said it more honestly the first time.” Ryan laughed.

“You're right.”

“You know, you're the youngest here, yet you're certainly the most horny of all of us.” Spencer chuckled.

“I am.” He said proudly.

The others all smiled and or laughed and they just got down to relaxing for their weekend. They had sex a few times of course, for them relaxing just was not relaxing unless they got to have sex a few times. They swam and played in the pool, watched a few new movies, played in the games room and just had a good time together.

The following week was a mad house of activity though, because Ryan had to put out fires all week long. He had to make sure the factory was repaired, he visited all sixteen people that were injured, they were all given the week off work, even though they were no longer in the hospital or anything, but he gave them the week off with pay just because he was nice, as well as gave them all a check too, just because he felt bad that they got hurt, especially when it was partially his fault. They all tried to refuse it, but he did not give them a choice. Many times he also had to take calls from reporters and police to explain things, and when the final police report was released on Friday afternoon, the entire world nearly rose up against those three companies, two of them folded up tents instantly and were never heard from, whereas the one company claimed to have had no knowledge of what that one person was doing and vowed to stay in business. Finally the especially tough week was over for Ryan, and while the boys had tried to help as much as they could, there was only so much they could do.

“Finally, this hell week is over. Where are we going boys, because we're leaving in thirty seconds or less?” He asked, sounding relieved as soon as he appeared in the kitchen, where the boys were waiting for him.

“Well, our boat won't be ready for another month or so, so that's out, but why not borrow someone elses boat for a couple nights and go for a cruise?” Bobby said.


Bobby thought of it for a few moments and found someone's boat that they could use, and a second after that they were gone and on it, all their stuff with them that they would need.

“Nice boat.” Everyone said at the same time.

“Yeah, and it's perfect that he keeps it floating out in the ocean, ready at all times to be used. I see his point though, way cheaper that than paying mooring fees and getting nothing for it but the bill. He has a helicopter, so it's not a big deal to get here. Works for us though.”

“What about fuel?” Sean asked.

“There's lots in it, he fills it up fully after every trip, and we'll do the same for him.”


The boat was started and as soon as it was ready to go, they headed out, none of them of course having to go to the helm to do so, and before too long, they were gone. For the next couple days they cruised the ocean, not really going far, since they had to come back so that Ryan could go to work, though they did realize that he could just go to work and then go there after work if they really wanted to, but did not feel like doing so. It was a very nice and relaxing weekend for sure, something that they all needed. They made love in the middle of the night on the topmost deck under the moon and stars, that was very nice. They went swimming with the dolphins, that was nice too. They swam in a coal reef and saw all sorts of neat things none of them had ever seen in person before, that was really nice. They did all sorts of things, having a great time doing it, but before too long, they headed to a marina to fill up the tanks and then put the boat back exactly where they had found it.

“What a nice weekend boys.” Ryan smiled warmly once they were back home.

“Yeah, it was. So, this week are you gonna get the cistern tanks done for all the schools in the area, as well as all the pumps and pressure tanks to go with them?” Bobby asked.

“Sure will. I'll have the guys start on that first thing this morning as soon as I get there, and I'll even get the crew together again to start the retrofitting of the schools. I suppose I'll have to pull more permits as well.”

“Cool, thanks Daddy, I knew I could count on you.” Bobby smiled warmly.

“No prob Baby, anything for you boys.”


They all headed down to the play room and played games for the next couple hours until Ryan had to go to work. Once he was gone, the boys got down to some work of their own, but mostly it was fun stuff. They had still not edited their movie from the pool, so Troy did that. The rest of them were sorting through and editing the newest batch of a few thousand pictures and videos that they had received, this would of course take a while. Not to mention all the rest of the videos and pictures that they were slowly sifting through to try and increase their qualities.

By the end of the week, Ryan had all the stuff ready for the schools, the crew was to get started right away, they were going to do two schools at a time to make it go faster, so that was good. Ryan also released that he was now making the new water collection system and what all was entailed in it, he knew it would not be a huge seller, but there were many who would like it.

“Well Babies, this week went by real well, nothing horrible, so that's good.” He said when he got home Friday afternoon.


“So, what's up this weekend?”

“I want to go visit the old lady at the store.” Troy said, knowing the others would know who he was talking about.

“Okay, we can do that.” Ryan smiled warmly.

A few minutes later they were all ready to go, so they headed out. They each had a small bag with them, because this time they were planning on staying for the weekend in that little village. They walked from the airport where they had put themselves and then took a bus from there to the little village to make it look as if it was legitimate.

When they made it to town, they all went to the only hotel there, just a tiny little place, but the room they got was very nice. There were two king size beds, a fair sized bathroom and everything else they were going to need for the weekend. They hit the bank down the street to change the money they had into the local currency, and as soon as they were done there, they went for a walk to the store.

“Good day.” Troy said happily to the lady that had probably helped him more than anyone else had.

“And good day to you. Wait, I recognize you.”

“Yes, you helped me out a great deal when I was stranded here, but now I have a new family, and yes, you recognize them as well.” Troy smiled warmly.

“I'm happy to see that you have found a new family, one to take care of you. Be wary of the police though, they will still recognize you and may still cause you problems.”

“They won't cause any problems with me, don't worry about them. I'm happy to see that your business appears to be running well.”

“Thanks. I've had a really good year.” She smiled. Troy had in fact been making sure to push people into her store whenever he saw them near to her if they were needing things, they always spent money when Troy gave them a nudge.

“Glad to hear it. I know you're probably not gonna take it, but I do wish to give you something in thanks for all the help that you gave to me. I know full well that it was you that arranged almost everything I needed.” He smiled and handed the lady something.

“Oh no, I must not take anything for kindness to a child.”

“But I insist. You helped me out when I was real low, when I needed the most help, and now I must repay that or I'll never be clear of conscious.”

“No, please give it to someone for me that needs it more than I do.”

“At the very least take it so that you can help others more, please, it'd really mean a lot to me if you would. You'll never know just what you did for me, you made life bearable, without the help you gave me, I wouldn't be here now.” Troy said softly.

“Fine, but I would've done it anyway.” She smiled warmly.

“I know, and that's why I'm giving you the money. I doubt you make a lot here, so this is to help you out some, just like you helped me out.”

“Thanks. Was there anything you were wanting today though while you're here?”

“Not too sure, but we're staying at the hotel here for a couple days or so, so we'll look around to see if there's anything at all that we need for our stay. Thanks.”

They did look around the store for a few minutes and each of them grabbed a few things that they wanted and then went to pay for it. They all thanked the nice old lady and then headed out.

“What's this burning question you have?” Ryan asked Troy, draping his arm across the boys shoulder.

“I was just wondering how I could cure her of her arthritis without making it seem like it was all of a sudden, just that it finally went away. It's the least I can do for her, she wasn't going to accept any more money than I managed to give to her, and even that I'm more than willing to bet she gives away to a few of the local poor kids very soon.”

“Not too sure, but I'm sure you'll figure out a way.” He smiled warmly.

“Thanks, but I think I have it almost figured out.” Then he got a calculating look on his face and cried out, “Aha, so simple.”

The others all smiled and Troy pulled up in his mind exactly how to make the spell he wanted, and then a few moments later he did it, directing it at the old lady. Almost instantly her pain reduced by about ten percent or so, she even sighed as it went away. Over the course of the next two months, the pain would lessen by another ten percent a week or so. He also removed a tumor that she had that was just showing up, and although not cancerous, almost as deadly in a country where medical help was almost solely for the rich. The others smiled at him once again as they watched him do it all.

“There, that's better, now it's more befitting saving someone's life.” He said happily.

“I'm proud of you.” Ryan smiled again, patting him lovingly on his head.

They headed back toward their hotel with their purchases, so that they could put them away, or send home what they did not need right away. While there they donned their Speedos and headed down to the beach for a while. They swam and sunned, just enjoying the beautiful beach the way it was meant to be for several hours.

They went for a nice dinner at a local restaurant and then headed back to the hotel for the night, all of them hoping to wear themselves out enough to warrant sleeping for a couple hours. And boy did they.

They broke up into two groups and Spencer and Ryan were urged to lay on their backs. Troy happily hopped on Spencer's erection, while Bobby mounted Ryan. Charlie and Matt then added their dicks to the hot asses, and Trent and Sean went to their mouths. They all had wild sex for the next two and a bit hours, all of them having no less than six orgasms, but the only ones to change were the ones on top, and they rotated after every orgasm.

“Ah, now that's so much better. What a way to end a great day.” Troy sighed once they all fell apart.

“Oh yeah.” All the others added their sighs.

“Next round I so want to be double stuffed though.” Spencer said.

“Same here.” Charlie said.

“After a couple hours sleep and a few hours rest, I think it can happen.” Ryan said happily.

“Goody.” Both boys smiled brightly.

They all helped to diaper each other up, and then they curled up on the two beds and fell asleep. They actually managed to sleep for three hours before they all woke up, feeling far more refreshed. They then sat back and cuddled up and watched TV for a few hours to let their balls recharge naturally. They knew that if they really wanted, they could do so magically, but it always hurt too much to do that, so they preferred the natural way.

Once they were ready though, everyone took up positions and for another hour and a half, they had some good clean family fun. They took another hour nap after getting diapered properly again and having a snack of some of the foods and drinks that they had bought at the store.

The following day they pretty much lazed around on the beach for the entire day, someone would go get a drink and or a snack every so often, but they all just laid there almost all day long, hardly even doing anything other than the odd swim. That night, they did the exact same thing in bed again, only this time the other four boys who were not double stuffed the night before got their turn, all of them had a great time for sure.

Sunday they decided to go tour the town they were staying in, they walked the stalls of the market, checked in many of the stores, they all bought many nice things, and they all had a great day. Finally at just after dinner time, they checked out of their hotel and took the bus back to the airport. They went into a bathroom and then disappeared.

“That was a nice trip boys, it was just what I needed.”

“Yeah, it was.” They all smiled.