Chapter 7

Once more another year has seemed to just fly by for all of them, but what a year it had been. Their yacht was finished and Ryan did something that was totally unheard of in his company, he took an entire month off and tested out the new boat. By the time they got back though, he had so much data from the systems on the boat that it was not even funny. Not only did it fully pass every conceivable test, but it was the most quiet and luxurious ride ever.

All the schools in their area had the water systems installed, as well the city did so in all their facilities, all of them now using more than half their water from collected water instead of from wells or the city water system. Not only would this save them money, because of course they did not have to buy the water, but it was also using rain water, which is of course extremely plentiful in a rainforest. However, everyone was pleased with how if the tank emptied, that it would automatically switch back over to city water, so that there were never any lapses in water. Everyone thought the system worked perfectly, and while still expensive to install, really was not that bad and would save a lot of water.

There had thankfully not been any more problems in the company, other than the usual issues that often pop up in a multinational, multi billion dollar company of course. What I mean to say is that no one had tried to blow it up recently, no one had tried to assassinate Ryan again, nor had anything major happened either. So that was all real good.

This year Ryan ended up giving every employee in the company, now almost a million people, a four thousand dollar profit sharing bonus for all their incredibly hard work. Since he had pushed them all very hard and had expected even more out of them than even they thought possible, he felt it was more than fair. Not only did they do it, they did it perfectly, hence the huge bonus to every employee, whether a janitor or an executive, it did not matter.

Sales of the new lines of cars, trucks, SUV's, motor homes and all other vehicles were almost staggering. Everyone was switching over to the new cars, because while it cost them more to start to upgrade, the average person found that they were going to save more than a thousand dollars a year in fuel costs. Ryan's company did not get all the sales mind you, because he had sold some of the designs and plans to others, but he did get the majority of the sales.

Ryan, but most especially Bobby, was very pleased to hear that over all, throughout the year, the sale of gasoline had dropped nearly half already. In their town alone, three gas stations cut out most of the gas options that they had, put in hydrogen filling stations, so that people could fill up if needed, because they were still needed at times, since the cars could not always produce the hydrogen as fast as you used it. This was especially true on long trips, or for people who did a large amount of driving. The funny thing was though, almost every gas station reported increased profits, instead of decreased as they had all felt it might, because while technically their sales in gas were down, and the amount people had to fill hydrogen was less, the cost to sell the hydrogen more than made up for it, even if said cost was only a quarter of the cost of the gas.

Ryan was happy that no family businesses were left to close up, because he certainly did not want to do that. In their city, only one station closed, and when Ryan went and asked them personally why they were closing, they just admitted that they were wishing to retire, but that no one had come forth in a year to buy the business, so they just closed it and would sell the land. Ryan bought it off them. He opened the station again and put a nice family in there to manage it, upgraded the entire place, and they did well with it.

The boys had all done great as well. Bobby had come up with another couple ideas to help save the planet, lesser this time than a few of his last brilliant ideas, but great none the less. One was simply to increase the performance of the recycling process in a couple key areas, but the other was another way to create energy. Many places in the world already used tidal power generators, but Bobby took those designs and recreated them so that they were about ten times more powerful. In the five months since designing it, Ryan had sold almost a hundred of them, but each one could power a small town by itself, so they were very useful.

Through lobbying, the boys had all managed to get ten fuel fired power generating plants and two nuclear powered plants taken offline and replaced with solar, wind and or tidal energy. And that was just in Canada. Several other countries had also started to switch out. Japan, for instance, after their horrendous accident, had scrapped every nuclear plant they had and replaced them with anything and everything that would give them power that was not dirty in any way. China too decided after much pressure from the world to start phasing out dirty power to nice clean power, and even the States followed suit, but still claimed to need those big plants, so kept them online. It was a start at least.

In their city, Ryan and the boys had installed more than a hundred wind generators free of charge to test in the large scale the usefulness of them. It was interesting for people driving down the highway and seeing those big towers with their even larger propellers, installed right in the median, creating much of the power that their city used. Hundreds more people though bought the smaller versions and installed them in their back yards, and coupled with the solar collectors that many of those same people had bought, their city was almost totally energy self sufficient now. Most of those same people were almost totally power bill free as well, most claiming that at those rates, they would pay off the entire system in only five or six years. Then of course, because the solar panels were heat collectors as well, they were reducing their gas consumption, sometimes as much as half, so that was even more savings yet. Everyone was so far extremely happy with it all.

The major problem though with deactivating the nuclear power plants was what to do with the spent fuel rods, that would remain dangerous for hundreds of thousands of years. In the past, they were just disposed of, usually by burying, or some other poor choice, but this leached toxins into the environment that Ryan wanted stopped. It was decided amongst all to send them into space, it was risky, but less so than any other alternative that they could come up with, because not even Ryan could fix them. Ryan even offered to help pay for some of it, but said he would not pay for it all, because it was not his fault that such a nasty thing was used in the first place. At least he paid for a good portion of it though, thus reducing the cost to some of the countries.

Troy's website was also doing amazingly well. He and the others were adding about one or two of their own videos a month, one or two from each of them of a good animated movie per month, and then there were still the one to a hundred pictures and or movies that they received from others per month. Troy had finally stopped frying computers every day, and was now only doing so once a month, but some people never learn, so they kept trying. There was one in particular that just kept on trying, so every time they tried now, Troy would fry their computer, no chances at all. Their hit count though was huge, every day there were hundreds of thousands of people viewing it throughout the world.

It is now Friday afternoon, mid June and the weather outside is beautiful, life is going great for everyone, business is going as smooth as a well oiled machine and Ryan just got home from work. Mind you, so had the boys, because they were often changing themselves into men and going out and doing all sorts of things.

“Well boys, it's the weekend, what should we do? We spent the last two weekends just at home relaxing, so this weekend I want to do something different.”

“I don't know if you're gonna wanna hear this, but I have a request.” Spencer said.

“Oh, what's this request?”

“How would you feel about adopting again. There's a boy out on the prairies that's having a lot of trouble. He and his boyfriend were caught, they're both foster kids, so now they're in a group home where they're being very strictly monitored at all times. They won't give the boys the diapers they very much want, and pretend to still need at night, and they won't let the boys spend any time together at all. They're both ten years old, but from what they were caught doing, as well as some of their dreams, taking all of us won't be a problem, in fact they've talked about having an adult many times.”

“Oh. Well, I didn't really want to adopt again, it's such a pain in the ass, and before too long, too many people are gonna wonder why I have so many boys.”

“Then why don't we urge the boys to run away, we can persuade anyone necessary to make it real easy on them? Then let's say in a week or two, suitable lifelike corpses are found somehow and everyone just believes them to have killed themselves. Maybe even leave a huge smear note, absolutely scandalizing the local foster system for having caused it for not letting them be who they were.”

“That could work, and when the reports come out, we can even take it and run with it, saying that our company doesn't condone any such abuse, that every person, man, woman or child, should be free to be who they are, regardless of sex, sexuality, color, race or religion. We could even demand the resignation of the people who caused those two poor boys to kill themselves for being only who they were.” Bobby said, sounding more than just a little sick at the news that Spencer had given.

“Yeah, we could. How would we create the bodies though?” Ryan asked.

“Easy, we're magical remember, we can create almost anything we want.” Bobby grinned.

“I've never heard of any spell to do that.”

“I read it once, but to create the spell shouldn't be too hard. They'd be hard pressed to even know it's not human. I should be able to create something like that from any dead organic matter, such as even a tree. As long as I have enough material, then I think I can do it.”

“Hmm, okay, that'd work. So go ahead and take us there then Spencer, and go ahead and plant the ideas into the boys' heads.”

“Okay.” Spencer said, and then a second later they were gone.

Only a moment later they were all in the back alley of a small hotel in an even smaller prairie town. They were all someone else now as well, each of them carrying a small bag with whatever they would need. They walked out of the alley to the front of the hotel and went inside as if nothing was wrong. Ryan went and checked in, using one of the many fake cards he now had, but was linked back to his account anyway, so that it was legitimate.

Once they had their room for the weekend, they all went up and got settled in. They laid back and relaxed for a bit, Spencer looking into the home and getting all the information that he would need to get the boys out easily. He created a diversion that was more than enough for the two boys to get together for a minute, where they were both able to tell the other that they wanted to run away together. They agreed to do it that very night.

Spencer then set it up with the people running the home that they would accidentally forget to check on the boys that evening, so as to allow them more time to escape. Next he planted in the boys' heads where exactly to go, so that they would stay safe, so that he and the others could essentially meet them there. Everything was now all set, all they had to was wait and hope that nothing came along to ruin their plans, which could still happen, but Spencer would watch out for that sort of thing and try and rectify it before it even happened.

At just a little past midnight, the boys slipped from their rooms in the boarding house, crept silently as mice until they were outside. Both boys breathing a sigh of relief that they actually made it out, knowing that they had made it past the hardest part. They gave each other a soft kiss and talked for a few moments, trying to figure out where to go.

Once their minds were made up, which of course was exactly where Spencer wanted them to go, they headed out. They kept strictly to the shadows, trying their best not to be seen, and Spencer was doing his best as well to make sure no one saw them either. It took more than an hour for the boys to make it to where Spencer and the others were all waiting.

“Good evening boys, I'm glad you made it out alright and made it here safe and sound.” Spencer said softly once the boys entered the cave that they had made their way to.

“Holy shit, who are you and how'd you know we were coming?” The bigger of the two boys asked, peeing himself in fright.

“We're friends. As for how'd we know, well we're the ones who set it all up so that you two boys could escape. We can read minds and influence actions. We're the ones who created the diversion that allowed you two to talk earlier, we even planted the idea of running away into your minds. All this so that you two could get away. Now, you have a couple choices as to how it goes from here though. We set it up thus far, now you have to go the rest of the way yourselves.”

“What are the options?” They both whispered.

“One is that we give you boys some money and you leave from here and try and get as far away as possible and try and live your lives to the best of your ability. It would at least be enough money that you'd live very comfortably for a long time.”

“Oh!” They both said.

“The other option though is the one we hope you choose, and a far better one as well. You may come and live with us.”

“And who are you?”

“That I'm afraid you have to wait for, but know this, we'll never hurt you and you'll live the best life imaginable.”

“How can we trust you if you can read our minds and influence our actions?”

“Easy, you have free will right now right, and never at any time did we make you two do anything, we just planted the idea. We did make others do things though to help you two out, but as a general rule, we don't do that sort of thing. Really though, if we absolutely wanted for you to come with us, do you think that if we can do all that, that we'd bother asking, you'd just do it and you'd think it were your idea.” Spencer pointed out.

“Good point. Well, I for one don't want to run any more, and I don't want to hide either, so, as long as you promise that nothing bad will happen to us, can we stay with you?” One of them asked.

“Yes Nathan and Nolan, we promise that no harm will come of you and that you'll live a great life.” Ryan smiled warmly.

“How'd you know my name?” Nathan asked almost fearfully.

“I don't know if you missed the part of us being able to read minds, but that means we know almost everything there is to know about you two.” Bobby giggled.

“Oh god, does that mean you know about.......?” Nathan said.

“Yes, we know that you're both extremely gay, in love with each other, want an adult to fuck you deep and hard, and that you want it done through a nice soggy baby diaper. If it weren't for all that, we'd still have rescued you, but we'd have gotten you with someone else. We're all gay diaper lovers too. Why else would we invite you two to stay with us.” Ryan smiled warmly.

“Oh. I doubt either of us was expecting that.” Nolan smiled.

“Probably not. Now, we don't want anyone to see you like this, we want for you two to completely disappear, so here's what we're gonna do.” Spencer said, and then laid out the entire plan as decided upon, so that they would know what was going to happen.

“Okay, that all sounds, well kinda creepy actually, but how could you pull that off. They'd have to examine the fake bodies, they'll know they're not us? And, how exactly do you plan to get us outta here with no one noticing us?” Nolan asked curiously.

“It is sorta creepy, that's what makes it so perfect. If you're presumed dead, no one will ever look for you. As for how we can do it, actually easier than you might think, and they'll never suspect a thing. As for how to get you away without anyone noticing!” Spencer grinned right at the last part, and then before anyone could say anything else, they were back in their little hotel room.

“Holy shit, what just happened there, where are we?” Nathan screeched.

“That, for lack of a better term of course, was teleportation. Cool huh?” Spencer grinned.

“Well, I guess that solves how we get around without being noticed.” Nolan laughed at the absurdity of it.

“That it does. Now, there's a few other things you guys need to know.” Ryan said, and then a second later, he and all the boys were who they really were.

“Whoa, you're Ryan Maverick.” Both boys breathed out as one.

“That's right. Ever wonder before how I managed to make all that incredible stuff?”

“Yeah, everyone does.” They both answered together again.

“Magic is a wonderful thing.” He laughed.

“Wow. Can you teach us that?” Nolan asked.

“No, not really, but if you agree to a few things, then I can give you the same powers that we all have as well.”

“What do we have to agree to?” They both asked, nearly peeing themselves in excitement at the prospect.

Ryan and the boys all went over everything with them, and of course they both agreed instantly. Ryan did the honors, knowing of course if the boys did it, that the two newest boys would be weaker than the other boys, which would not be fair. Both boys played around with their new found powers for a few minutes, same as all the others had done of course, and several minutes later, they both looked up and smiled brightly.

“Wow, this is so awesome. We can see all of your thoughts, see everyone around us, wow, there sure are some messed up people out there, and here we thought we were weird. We can do so much too, this is so awesome.” Nolan said first.

“Yeah, what he said.” Nathan smiled brightly.

“Yes, now for another thing.” Bobby said this time, and before the two new boys could see what his thoughts were, Bobby stripped all of them and put the two newest boys into nice thick thirsty diapers.

“Ah, much better.” He smiled.

“Wow, these diapers are awesome, thanks.”

“You're very welcome. So, what are you two good at, what do you really like to do?” Bobby asked.

“You don't know already?” Nathan asked curiously, but the answers popped up in both boys' minds right away, showing that they were not overly excited or good at anything, other than each other of course.

“No, other than seeing just what we needed to see, we didn't really delve too much into your heads 'til we had permission. Sure, we could have, but unless necessary, it isn't polite. We don't care about the regular people so much, but we also don't do anything about what we see either, because as long as they only stay in the people's heads, people's thoughts are their own and they can do with them what they wish.”

“What if you found someone truly evil though?” Nolan asked.

“Then we have to let nature take its course I'm afraid. Just because we have the power to stop much and do so much, we really shouldn't, at least for the most part. Unfortunately life isn't that straight forward, and by us messing with things too much, we could cause the natural balance to go all out of whack, and that would be bad. We have however tipped a few people off to get them in the right direction when they're close, but are just missing one little piece, but even then, we have to make sure they're real close.” Ryan said.

“Oh, I think I understand, but it seems kinda mean that we could help but don't.” Nathan said.

“Yes, some might see it as that, but really, we do do a lot to help out too. Just look at all the stuff we do for the planet. Without our help, the planet would be out of resources in a hundred years or less, depending upon how fast it gets used. So, we may not help out on a person to person basis so much, but we do a huge amount for the entire population. Granted, even doing what we've done might not be good, but it's the least we could do. The scientists would've figured it all out, eventually, but we just sped the process along a little and made sure no one got hurt along the way.” Bobby said.

“Oh, I guess that's really better in the long run then.” Nathan smiled.

“Exactly.” All the others said together.

“Now, you two should know, we don't really need a lot of sleep, and you'll find that you'll be much the same, although you're getting quite tired and should probably have a bit of a rest. I'm sure all the changes you went through have made you pretty tired. I'll put up a light and sound shield around the other bed, so that you two can curl up and get a few hours rest, that's probably all you'll need anyway, and then in the morning, we can figure out what to do.” Ryan said.

“Oh, okay, that does sound good, even though we'd really like to have sex with you guys.” Nolan said.

“And we you, but you need rest first, sex will wait 'til the morning, so don't worry.” Ryan smiled.

“Okay.” They both said.

Ryan put up the shield once the two boys were in place, and they fell asleep quickly. Ryan and the boys all sat around talking for almost four hours while the two newest boys had a good sleep to fully replenish their energy levels. When they woke up, they stretched, kissed and cuddled for a few minutes, and then dropped the shield themselves after figuring out how to do it.

“You two look and feel a lot better, that's good.” Ryan smiled to them.

“Thanks, we feel lots better too. Can we all have some fun now though?” Nolan asked.

“Sure.” All the others said happily.

“Since you both want an adult to fuck you, I'm gonna change into my older self and fuck you, and I assume that you want a dick in your mouths as well, so get into a sixty nine and suck each other. The others will get into groups as well.” Bobby said.

“Wicked.” They both said as one.

They quickly got themselves into position so that Nolan's bum was hanging off the edge of the bed, so that Bobby could stand there and fuck it, while Nathan, who was on top, had his hot little bum poised and ready, so that Ryan could enter him easily as well. The rest of the boys got into similar groups, only they were in two groups of three. For the next hour and a half, the ten of them had a great time.

For only being ten, and relatively new to the whole taking an adult up their asses, Nathan and Nolan took Ryan and Bobby really well. Sure, Ryan had prepared them with their very useful little spell, but still, the boys took both men really easily. The two newest boys stayed right where they were, but after every orgasm, Ryan and Bobby would trade places, and like this, all of them had their much desired fun. Finally they all fell apart, all of them well sated.

“Wow, that was way better than I ever imagined it could be.” Nathan panted out.

“For sure.” Nolan added.

“And it only gets better and better.” Bobby smiled a second after changing back into himself.

“I doubt it could get any better than that.” Nolan sighed.

“Just wait 'til you take your first triple fuck. Two dicks up your bum and one in your mouth, and all three of them cum and pee in you at the same time and really fill you up, and that's just the first inning. Then we'd just keep fucking you 'til you either pass out totally, or are almost there and so are the three fucking you.”

“Now that would be hot.” Nathan groaned, almost wishing they could go again right then and do that right then and there.

“It is, but maybe tomorrow. We try and keep it to only once a day we have sex, no point in spending the entire day in the bedroom, though we have done that a few times now. Was a lot of fun actually.” Ryan laughed.

“I bet.” Nolan laughed.

“Come on boys, we should go get some breakfast.” Ryan said.

“What about clothes and people seeing us?” Nolan asked.

“Easy.” Bobby said, and a second later, all of them were dressed and someone else.

“Right, forgot about that. What about the fact that eight of you checked in, but there are now ten of us?” Nathan asked this time.

“Easy, there was an image of the two of you the way you look right now with us. We booked in as ten, so no worries.” Ryan said.

“Oh.” Both boys said.

“Come on, let's go get some food, I'm starving.” Ryan smiled.

They all headed out and walked down the road to a place that seemed to have very good food. It was only just six in the morning, so the restaurant was just opening and they were the first people there. They were seated, placed their orders a few minutes later, and then not long after that, they were eating. It was a very good meal, all of them enjoyed it a great deal, and before too long were well fed.

“So, what should we do now boys?” Ryan asked once they were all paid up and outside.

“What's there to do in this town, other than see wheat fields?” Bobby asked pointedly, looking around, because just outside the small town, that was pretty much it, except a small hill, where they had found the cave, and even that was in between two wheat fields.

“Not much, that's for sure. Trust me, there's a reason most kids try and leave this place once they're outta school. There's nothing here unless you're a farmer.” Nathan said.

“Then let's just bail out on our last night and go home.” Spencer suggested.

“Okay, let's just head back to the hotel and let them know then and go grab all our things.”

The boys were all good with that, so that was where they headed. Of course they still had to pay for the night, even though they were not going to be there, but Ryan was fine with that. They went up, although they never bothered to actually go all the way to their room, and got all their things. They then headed back down, seemingly several minutes later, and then headed home, no one being any the wiser.

“Wow, nice house.” Both boys whistled as they made it there.

“Thanks. We like it.” Ryan smiled.

“Should we all go swimming?” Bobby asked.

“Sure!” All the boys said as one.

Bobby led the way and as soon as they arrived, they were all naked, ready for swimming. Bobby also made sure to clean them all for the pool to stay cleaner, not that it mattered all that much. Nathan and Nolan both squeaked at first at being naked all of a sudden, but were okay with it within half a second. It was more just a surprise of course. They swam and played for several hours, just having fun, as well they relaxed a fair bit too.

After the pool, they all got freshly diapered and then went and played in the games room for another couple hours, stopping only shortly for a quick bite to eat. And finally they finished off their night in the theatre watching a movie. Once they were done in there, they moved to the bedroom and did some bedroom aerobics for almost half the night, all of them having a great time, as well as at least a dozen orgasms, and then they all slept for the rest of the night so that they were well rested. They had after all used plenty of energy.

Almost two months has passed now since Nolan and Nathan joined the gang, and all was going well. They learned everything that there was to know about living with Ryan and the others, and very quickly integrated with the crew. They absolutely loved all the freedom that they now had, not to mention all the powers. They loved all the movies and pictures that the others had either created or collected, and had gladly joined in on making more, as well as creating new movies from their favorite stories.

Almost two weeks after running away, Spencer made quick work of supplying two suitable corpses in the cave where the boys had run to. He had went there, and using a bunch of dead grasses and branches and stuff, made two perfectly good bodies. He then placed the co written suicide letter that the boys had written, explaining everything that had happened to them and why they were killing themselves, so on and so forth. Boy did the shit really hit the fan as soon as the bodies were found with the note.

The story was splashed all over the news as to what had happened, and worse that the group home never called the boys in as missing, which really got a few people in trouble. Ten people were fired, five of them were even charged with various criminal offenses for their actions. Ryan, of course pretending to have heard of the story through the normal sources, did a massive press conference about what he had heard. He absolutely slammed the local authorities of that town, as well as really let almost all of the ministry of children have it as well. He explained that he had been a foster child as well and all that had happened to him and why, as well as stories from a few others, saying that it was enough. He point blank told the entire world that if they did not start treating orphaned children better, that he would take it upon himself to change the entire system, remove the corruption and the abuse, and he'd happily rip anyone's tonsils out through their anuses if they even thought of getting in his way to do so. It took almost exactly the two full months to today's date for all the changes that Ryan demanded take place, but finally, the day before in fact, they had been implemented. Today was scheduled another press conference and all the boys were there, just disguised of course.

“It has now been almost two months since that horrible story of child abuse hit the news, a truly sad story of two young boys who were so hated in a system that I know first hand hates different or needy children, chose to take their lives instead of be treated the way they had been for what was probably their entire lives. Yes, I know, so many great foster families are out there, ones who really truly do love what they're doing, and even love the children, to all of you, thank you from the bottom of my heart, and from all those lucky children who got to pass through your doors. However, to all those out there only there to make money, even if on the backs of the children, well I hope you enjoy unemployment, because you are now officially out of work. I know, you should make money to do what you do, and you will too, but now you'll no longer be able to do so on the backs of the kids. The changes that I have demanded to be put forth will ensure that this happens and that no child will essentially be made into a slave.”

“Excuse me Mr. Maverick Sir, may I interject momentarily?” A lady in the front row asked.

“I was planning on making my statement first and then opening up to questions, but since you asked so nicely, I will entertain one question before I continue on. However, if the question is one that I will be answering shortly, then I may ask for you to hold off so that I can answer it in due time.” Ryan said softly.

“Thanks. I'll try and make this brief. It's also not a question so much as I hope you can clarify something for me. Anyway, I too was a foster child and I too am gay. For many years I lived with one family, and they were great. They raised me as if I were theirs, and that was nice, since I did not have any family of my own. Then, just as I was turning fourteen, they decided that they needed to retire and I was moved to another home. There I was found to be gay, and to save others from being affected by my sickness, as it was called then, I was moved, and then moved again and again. I consider this to be bad, but I don't believe it to be abuse, at least in my case. I was never abused, nor was I ever treated improperly, just moved a lot. Knowing that I saw both the good and the bad side of the coin, I don't really see how you can say that there was so much abuse of the system, so I just want to know how you determined this.” She said kindly.

“Well, I consider what you and I went through to be abuse. Moving children like that is abuse, and for what, because we were different or needy in some way. Also, I have heard some stories from past foster children that suggest that you didn't see the bad side of the coin, just maybe the not so good side. I would consider myself being in that boat as well. However, two young children are dead, because they saw the bad side. They were virtually quarantined, forbidden to contact each other, even though they were best friends, and even seemingly boyfriends. Though how far two young boys may or may not have gone towards truly being boyfriends, we will never know. Also, I know for a fact that there have been people seriously reprimanded for treating their foster children as slaves pretty much. They got little food, little rest, made to do many chores, and were not given all that they were supposed to. Sadly though, until yesterday that is, anyone accused of doing so was not fired, though some were told to quit I'm told.”

“Fair enough, thanks.”

“No problem. Now, I am not now, nor ever will I say that all foster parents are bad, in fact, the vast majority of them are great, and even though a great deal of them have very difficult jobs to do, most do very well. I know many high risk foster parents that take or took kids that were destructive or disruptive in one or more ways, and helped them or are helping them to grow into responsible human beings. Trust me, such a job cannot be easy. For them I have made sure they get raises, so that they know they are appreciated for all that they do. They are also going to be getting more help, because I know they don't have enough.”

“For the rest who are just there trying to raise good kids, but may not necessarily need as much help, they will get a raise as well, and have other resources available to them. Now, for everyone though I have made sure that a much more strict set of rules was implemented. Things now have to be documented far more than they were. They will still have their monthly reports to send in, as well as their incident reports, but on top of that, I've made sure that the government is checking into things, making sure that the kids are being treated properly and getting all that they need or deserve. There will be more funding so that foster kids can join sports or other extra curricular activities, there'll be more money made available for children that have special needs, such as bed wetters getting their diapers like I needed, and all sorts of other things.”

“It'll now also be mandatory to hand in every month all receipts for groceries, so that social services can be sure that enough food is being bought for the kids. Random checks are also now going to be made. Doctors will now also have to make sure that the kids are growing properly, but I also want the sickening trend of just drugging all the kids to keep them calm stopped, because it's just creating a bunch of mindless puppets if you ask me. That's just my opinion though.”

“There's also about another hundred or so suggestions that have been made to help the children, but for that, you can read the entire thing yourself, I made a link on my own website for it, and have invited all countries to look at it closely and implement it accordingly in their countries as well. Oh, and I've demanded that at least another several hundred social workers be added. Now questions, as always, one at a time, polite and on topic.”

“How can you demand all this, you're not in the government, why should they listen to you?”

“Because I think being an ex foster child gives me the right to demand that there be better means for the kids that are now in my old shoes. I also have the means and the public's ear to make sure it's done.”

“Okay, that's good, and hopefully at least some of what you went through, as well as many others, won't happen again. How do you expect governments to be able to afford all this though. I read your report before coming, and I must say, it's gonna be many millions of dollars more than it used to cost?”

“Ah, I was hoping that someone would ask that. Well, you see, I don't really give a rats ass how much it costs, as long as the children get what they need. The government is gonna have to figure all that out, but I've made some pretty pointed suggestions to them as to how to do so and keep their books in the black. Suggestion number one to them was to stop wasting all our money, and that's right, I pay taxes too, huge amounts I might add, and it's bloody well our money that they're tossing around as if it were free. Well, it's not. I had my people look into things, in fact I've been doing a private audit of everything they could find, and I found some pretty interesting numbers. Now, admittedly, I'm sure we didn't catch everything, but more than enough to make my suggestions to them. They're gonna have to cut some of their spending and start spreading it around where it belongs.”

“Can you tell us anything about this audit you performed?” Another asked.

“Only because it directly ties into this. Every year, somewhere in around a billion dollars flows through the government's greedy claws, now, in theory, that same amount should then be going back out to support our great country, minus of course their over bloated paychecks. I might add that some of them make more money than I do, though I could pay myself far more than I do, but that's beside the point. The problem though is that there seems to be much waste in what they're spending. Thousand dollar dinners to wine and dine people that they have no rights talking to, trying to smooth out deals that will make them even more rich, yet they're using our money to do it. Then there's the spending of millions, or more, on products or services that should rightly only cost thousands, all because by doing so, they're getting their pockets lined. As tax paying people, we should be saying stop stealing our money, earn your own. Did you know, that in the past two years, I have given more to charity or to the betterment of the environment, than our very own government has paid to school every child in this country. The sad thing is, I've only given away a few million dollars, somewhere in around twenty or so. The worst part though was that I found almost a hundred million dollars that was just missing. Maybe we didn't catch it all, but I don't really think we could have missed quite that much, my people are far too good for that.”

“So, as you can see, I told them to stop wasting money and put it where it belonged instead. We have a medical system that could once again be second to none, but they're raping and pillaging everything in order to make themselves more rich. We have an ever increasing infrastructure that is aging far faster than they're replacing, yet the amount they're doing is truly miniscule. We also have many kids in schools that are either far too small, or woefully understaffed, and in many cases both. This too needs to be fixed. Our kids are our future, but to treat them like cattle in a barn will do no good at all.”

“Any chance we can get a full report of what your auditors found?”

“No, at least not yet. I've given them six months to fix their problems from within before I release it and let the public rip them limb from limb, figuratively speaking of course, and please no one actually go and do that. If it comes down to it, we can all do it together and remove them all from office and replace them with people who are not too greedy and will only serve themselves.”

“Why don't you go and do it?”

“Oh no, not a chance. I hate politics with a passion, the only good politician is a dead politician if you ask me, and they're welcome to hate me too, in fact I enjoy it. Now, I should note that not all of them are bad, in fact I have met several nice ones out there that did have a general love of what they did and would not steal anything, but sadly the rest just give them a bad name. If I have to help topple the government and recreate a whole new one, it wouldn't sadden me in the least, and I have a lot of friends in really high places to help me.” Ryan grinned evilly. Many a politician was seen to cringe at that, none of them caring to go up against Ryan.

“Oh, well that's fine then. Um, well what would happen if you did topple the government?” The same one asked.

“That, I'm afraid to say, is now off topic, so I'm not going to answer that, simply because I hope and pray that that doesn't become necessary. Like I said, I hate politics, and that'd be getting right in the middle of it, which can only drive me more mad than I probably already am.”

“Fair enough. One last question from me though please. How are all the changes being made that you demanded, and how long will they take to be fully implemented?”

“The changes have already been made, everything went into effect as of midnight yesterday. As for the implementation, well it'll be a slow and rocky road to travel I'm sure, there'll be a huge learning curve for all, but I think the framework that I laid out will be enough to get them all working together like they should. If all goes to plans, and I hope it does, it should only be about two to three months before everything is running nice and smooth.”

“Oh, that's not too bad. As a foster parent myself, I know most changes are usually rocky at best, retarded to be sure, and usually get changed back within a few months.”

“Yeah, I've seen those changes, supposedly brought about to help us kids out, but in the end ended up hurting far more. This won't be like that though, it'll be a permanent change to help not only the kids, but the parents as well. Now, something that I failed to mention before, but will now say, I've started a foster children's fund under the boy's name who got all this started. I've challenged every big business in the country to donate to it as well, it's in excess of all the changes that I've made, and those funds are to be used for special circumstances. How it'll work, is that for a foster child to get the money, they must write a letter to the committee that'll be placed, explaining what they need and what for, and then it may or may not go through, depending upon the reasons for it. In almost all cases, if a child needs something, they will be granted it, as long as they don't take advantage of it. Such things that might be approved are needing a computer for research and school work, but we won't approve of getting a game system. Something else that we want to see is for a child about to be moved from foster care to independent living, they might need a few bucks to help buy a few things to help them out, something like this would be granted, but of course all receipts have to be handed in. Decorations and stuff like that won't be approved. Schooling would be one thing that we'd approve almost instantly, and that'd probably include housing, but of course it'd have to be something affordable.”

“That's great to hear. Would you care to tell us how much you donated?”

“Sure, I put fifty million in the fund, I felt that it was a suitable donation to show what I thought of the boys who got all this started. Another ten has already been added since I put forth the request, and that was only yesterday. More will hopefully follow, and I'll put more in as well every year, but probably not near that much, but we'll see.”

From there the questions went on and on and it just got really boring Ryan and the others thought, but it was necessary sometimes. It managed to drag on for nearly two hours, and Ryan answered almost every question that was asked, and by the end, everyone was satisfied.

“Well, that went not too bad boys.” Ryan sighed once they finally made it home.

“Yeah, was a bit boring though.” Nathan said.

“Press conferences usually are. Come on boys, let's go do something fun.”

They played in the pool and the games room for the remainder of the day, and then played in the bedroom almost all night long. All of them had a great time.

Within about six months, the entire country saw just how well the changes that Ryan had forced the government to make were working. It was a bit of a battle getting people that had always done things the wrong way to get them to do it right, but eventually they all came around, and so many kids were getting far more support and help, thus were far happier in the long run.

Thankfully the government, with a considerable amount of pressure from the public, straightened themselves out, and got their books completely and fully balanced properly. A few people that were caught skimming just a bit too much were found jobless shortly thereafter, not that it saddened most though. Finally, almost a year after Ryan told them to do so, they started running a far leaner, but far more productive country, more like a business was run, which is how it should be, except of course the government should not be out to make money, just break even at the end of the year. It took nearly ten years for the country to completely pay off all their debts, becoming the only country in the world to have no national debt, but they were also boasting some of the best services in the world.

School and medical funding had been increased, in some cases upwards of fifty percent, to help increase services or staffing, yet the country was able to fully pay for it without problem. Children's services were also running higher cost for upgraded services, but were also getting far more for what they were paying now due to Ryan's demands and guidelines. Infrastructure though had received nearly triple the amount that they had been receiving up until that time, bridges and roads, dikes and even parks were all being upgraded to help everyone out. Finally Canada was the shining light of the world, the way everyone there wanted it to be, and every country was trying their best to copy them, but some were still working hard for it.

Ryan and his boys are doing excellent, every day they have a tonne of fun. Sometimes sex, sometimes traveling, sometimes doing almost nothing, but they all have a lot of fun doing it. Ryan had made sure to keep himself aging, at least in appearances, and when he reached the natural age of sixty, he brought in a replacement and started training him. Of course it looked like that, but it was really just him, so at the age of seventy, he retired and took over as an eager young thirty year old and continued the cycle. The boys had all started companies as well as time went by, some were public, some were not so much, but they all did well as well.

Since of course they cannot die, nor will they ever, their lives go on and on forever more, and as they go, they just keep doing more and more for the planet and the people to make everyone's lives just a little easier, but sadly, I have written about as much as I care to. They lived happily forever after.

****As always, I thank you for taking the time to read my story. At times I know it seems as if I am preaching to you, and in some ways, I hope you do take it as that. I only wish I were truly as smart as all this, by the way, these are the three wishes I would ask for, but sadly I can only do so much. I do do what I can though, and I hope that each and every one of you does as well. Turn off your lights, turn off your water, conserve energy wherever possible. I am even installing three to four five hundred litre water storage containers for watering my gardens and lawn in the summer, and since I do live in a rain forest, this works very well here. I also recycle absolutely everything I can and compost all food waste, so that I am not throwing anything out unless it cannot be recycled, I would also hope everyone does this as well. I know, you only thought you were going to read a friction story, and here I am, preaching to you, but I suppose someone's gotta do it, lol. Please email me at erich5748 @ Anyway, thank you.****