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Ticks Chapter 1


When I left the funeral I went out to see the house. I had lived in it as a kid and always liked it. Dad had hit it big in the stock market for years and had several million dollars in the bank along with a million or so no one knew about but me, stashed in the house under a floor board on the closet floor.

Mom Had died three years ago and I was an only child so everything went to me. I decided to move into the house as I had a mediocre job and just quit when I got the inheritance. I decided to just mess around on the farm, which was located near Glen Rose, Arkansas. As a matter of fa ct I had attended grade school and high school at Glen Rose so you might say everyone already knew who I was. I had only been away from here for 3 years after mom died. I was now just 22 and looked 16. Always had a baby face.

When I went into the house I looked to see if the pool had been maintained. It was an indoor pool, not huge but plenty big to have private fun in. It looked as if dad had either kept it clean himself or hired it done. Knowing dad I would say he hired it done. The furniture was fairly new as he had refurnished it after mom died as he couldn't stand looking at anything that reminded him of her.

The house was located on 27 acres about half field and half wooded. It was long and about two blocks wide in city talk. The back half was wooded. I went out to look over the condition of the field and a voice called to me. Hi Clay I didn't know you were home.

"Yea I just buried my father and so I decided to come back to my old stomping ground and settle in. I love the old house and it's mine now."

"So your going to stay then?"

"Yea Pete I am going to stay. You have grown some since I last saw you down on the school grounds."

"Yea I'm 13 now and growing like a weed."

"Well if you don't mind my saying so your a good looking weed. You still haven't lost your blond hair yet. And your eyes are just as deep blue as ever. I always noticed them even when you were just a toddler."

"Thanks Clay, You aren't that bad looking yourself. What are you 19 now?"

"No Pete time goes by I'm 22 now."

"Gosh you sure don't look it."

"Feel like coming in and having a soda pop, it sure is hot out here."

"Yea I'd like that Clay."

He followed Clay into the kitchen and got a Pepsi. Clay took out one for himself. < P> "What grade will you be going into in the fall the 8th."

"Yea, how did you know."

"Well that's not to hard Pete knowing most kids start 1st grade when they are 6."

"Yea your right."

"Did you come through the woods to get here or take the dirt road."

"Oh it's much quicker to come through the woods."

"You know those woods are full of ticks don't you."

"Yea my dad checks me every night but sometimes one of the buggers gets its head in me and it hurts like hell for a week or so after dad takes it out. Especially if the head gets stuck in there."

"Why don't you come over here and I'll give you a quick check to be sure you didn't pick up any on your way here."

"Hey that would be nice of you Clay. I always did like you. You always treated us younger kids real nice."

"Well maybe that's because I like you Pete and most of the kids too."

"Here let me pull your shirt over your head." Clay pulled his shirt off and started in his hair giving him a good look over for any ticks. His hair was so clean and smelled so good Clay found himself getting hard. "Lift your arms one at a time for me." Pete did as instructed and Clay looked carefully for any black spots.

"Non there lets check your stomach." Actually Clay could see a tick if there were any there but wanted to rub his hand down the smooth soft skin on his stomach. "Well you stomach is clean, now turn around."

Clay did the same thing with his back kind of massaging his way down the back. "Gosh Clay that feels real good."

"Yea I always liked it when my dad did that to me too." Then Clay said, "Why don't you loosen your pants and I'll check the rest of you." Children in Arkansas were use to this ritual as most families go through it as a routine. So the belt and pants got loosened and Clay took hold of them and dropped them to the floor.

He rubbed his hands down over his legs and checked his feet as he had taken off his shoes. He got him to lay over his lap while he rubbed his feet. All he heard was moans of pleasure. "That sure feels good Clay. I'm going to have to come by more often after I go through the woods. I like the way you check me better than my dad.

"Well lets just keep this between ourselves as I wouldn't want your dad to get mad at me for checking his boy."

"Don't worry Clay I won't tell him or my mom or for that matter it isn't anybodies business.

He finished rubbing his feet and rubbed back up his legs. Then he said if it won't bother you I have to remove you underware. "Pete just reached up and pulled then clear down to his feet. He was still laying on his stomach over Clay's now hard on. Clay spread his cheeks and saw the most beautiful pink ass hole. He wanted to just crawl in there. He wet his finger and said I'm going to check between your legs Pete. Pete immediately spread his legs and Clay took his wet finger and rubbed the perineum area he wanted to make Pete hard. To his surprise his perineum was already hard so he had a hard on. Clay said, "Well I don't feel any there." Then he wet his finger real well and started rubbing it across his anus. "My dad used to do this to me because he knew I liked it. How does it feel to you Pete.?"

"Clay you could do that all day and I would just lay here."

Clay then said, "He used to push in a little and I loved that. See how you like it. If you want me to stop just say stop and I will."

Clay pushed his finger on his hole but found resistance. "Pete this is better if you push out like you had to take a crap."

When Pete pushed out Clays finger sunk in and he went ri ght to the prostate and massaged it. "Oh Clay that makes me feel like I could cum."

"Yea it used to do that to me to so my dad would move on in and then it just felt good but it took the feeling of cumming away. But I would leak precum like mad while he was doing it."

"I am leaking." Pete said.

Clay reached under him and took hold of his hard, soggy wet dick and found he had been leaking for quite a while. So he started rubbing cum all around the head and especially on the under side where it builds a guy up even more. "Oh Clay that feels so good."

Clay went on up in him with his other finger until he was well up into his colon and the hot juices up there. Clay thought he might cum himself when he felt this. Finally Clay knew he didn't dare stay doing this or he was going to cum in his pants so he asked Pete to turn over so he could check his other side for ticks. Pete rolled over and his dick was standing straight up in the air.

"Looks like you liked that huh Pete."

"Oh Yea now I want to cum so bad I can hardly stand it."

"Well I Don't see any ticks anywhere so why don't you let me out and I will do something I know you will like."

Pete let Clay out and Clay went to his knees with Clay laying on the couch on his back. Clay took his tongue and licked the head of Pete's cut dick and got nothing but moans and groans. "You like that Pete?"

"Oh God yes, Clay."

Clay then went down on him and started sucking his dick big time. Pete was beside himself. Moaning and groaning and even humping Clay's mouth. Clay took his finger, wet it again, and stuck it up into his prostate gland which immediately set him off..."Oh...God...Clay... I'm ...going to ....cum....ahhhhhh...Oooooooo...Ummmmph..." Pete shot about 7 times and Clay sucked every bit of it into his mouth. He didn't want to swallow it until he got all the taste he could out of it. Then he swallowed most of it. "Pete have you ever tasted your cum?"

"No I haven't."

"Stick out your tongue then." When he did Clay got right on it sucking it like a baby's toy. This set Pete into sucking right back on Clay's tongue. They did this for about 4 or 5 minutes and then Clay sat up on his knees. "How was that for a good checking for ticks?"

"Oh I'm coming over here through the woods a lot Clay. God that was nice of you. Do you want me to do you now?"

"Only if you want to."

"Oh I really want to Clay."

So Clay traded places with him taking off his shirt while doing so. Then he undid his pants and zipper and let Pete take over from there.

Pete pulled his underware and pants all the way down to his feet and off. He wanted Clay nude. He even took off his shoes. Then Pete asked Clay to turn over. He wanted to see Clay's ass too. He spread the cheeks and said, "Gosh you don't have hardly any hair here. My dad's butt is all hair." Then he wet his middle finger and started rubbing over Clay's ass hole just as Clay had done to him. "Does that feel good Clay when I do it to you?"

"Oh yes, Pete way better than when my dad did it."

Pete kept rubbing and then smelled his finger. He liked the smell as it didn't smell hardly at all. So he stuck his finger all the way in his mouth and really got it wet and went back to Clay's ass hole and pushed. Clay being experienced pushed out and Pete's finger went right in. "Do you like that Clay?"

"Oh yes but if you keep it up too long I will come all over the couch."

Pete really wanted to lick his dick before he did that but he went ahead and pushed his finger all the way in as far as he could reach. It was so warm and smooth in there. This was a first time experience for Pete and he loved it. He took his finger out and smelled it. He still loved the smell. He just kept smelling it. He didn't know if he ever wanted to wash it as he wanted the smell to stay there. "OK now Clay turn over."

Clay rolled over and Pete licked the precum on his dick. He tasted it and decided that tasted good. A little salty but good. So he licked it and licked it. Clay felt like he was going to turn inside out if he kept that up. Finally Pete took the head of his dick in his mouth and started sucking on it. Pete really liked the way his dick felt in his mouth so he started taking it down further and further. Finally he gagged. Clay told him to swallow and relax and he could get it further with practice. So Pete was bound and determined if it could be done he was going to do it. After gagging three more times he finally got passed the gag point and took t he entire 7 inches down his throat. He was so proud of himself he started bobbing up and down on it with it in his throat. That was all Clay could stand. "Oh Pete... I"m...cumming..." and with that Clay exploded more that he could remember. Pete pulled back into his mouth so he could taste it and got about 4 of the 8 ropes in his mouth. Then he said, "OK now it is time for you to taste yours." So Pete reached up and Clay stuck out his tongue for Clay to suck. Pete loved this so much he sucked and sucked and sucked then he let Clay have his for a while. After 5 minutes or so Pete just collapsed on Clay's chest and layed there enjoying the minute. Clay reached over his back and hugged him. God was this kid hot.

"Well Pete what you say we go and get in the pool we are both naked and all we have to do is just dive in."

"Man that sounds super let's go."

Clay loved holding this boy so he got him around the waste and squeezed him. Pete wiggled loose and turned around and hugged Clay for all he was worth. Then Clay asked him if he would like to dive off his shoulders. Pete was all for it so they went out way over Clay's head so he could go down enough for Pete to stand up and not loose his balance. Clay hung onto his legs to steady him until he dove. Then Clay would come up for air. Pete said, "Again?"

"Sure" So Clay took a deep breath and went under with Pete's legs pushing him down. He again took hold of his legs to steady him and waited for him to dive. Then it was up again for air. This went on until Clay was exhausted from holding his breath.

Then they just swam around for a while and finally got out and dried. They went into the house and Clay sat on the couch again. He was surprised to have Clay lay across his lap again, this time dick to dick. "Would you rub my back again Clay?"

So Clay rubbed his back but r eally didn't try to get sexy as they were both tired. Pete looked up on the walls and asked, "Where did you get all the rifles Clay."

"Oh they were my dads. But I suppose I shot them more than he did. I like to hunt and have been doing so since I was your age."

"Wow! I have never even shot a gun before."

"Well will have to let you try. We could do some target practice sometime. When do you think you will be over again?"

"Tomorrow if we are going to target practice. And I will be sure to come through the woods since you are such a good tick hunter."

"Ha Ha Ha, Clay thought that was funny, a good tick hunter."

"Hey Pete let's put on our clothes and go down to Glen Rose. I haven't been there in 3 years. Will you go with me."

"Sure I don't have to be home until 6 O'Clock."

They both dressed and got in Pete's car. Thank God it had air . It was only a mile or so and they pulled into the front. There was a baseball field out front that they used for many sports. They go out and started walking around. Clay wanted to see his old high school so they walked over and found the door open and there was Mr. Chestnut, the high school custodian.

"Well I'll be darned. I wondered what happen to you Clay. Sorry about your dad. That leaves you all alone doesn't it."

"Yea I was an only child and haven't met the right person yet so I'm single too." He didn't want to tell him that he was gay as small communities talk a lot.

"I decided to just stay on the farm where I was raised. I love the old place and I can get it back in shape."

"Well it will be great to have you back around again. Say Clay, you did a lot of hunting as you were growing up. I know your dad was a real stickler on teaching you gun safety. We need someo ne who would be willing to teach hunters safety one night a week. We have a manual for each student and you just guide them through it. Then toward the end you actually take them out and let them use their gun on a real practice shoot. Would you be interested in that?"

"Gosh, I never thought of myself as a teacher but sure. I got nothing better to do. When do they meet?"

"Well last summer's class was on a Wednesday night. Would Wednesday's be alright with you?"

"Yea sure why not."

"Come on in the gym and I'll show you where the manuals are."

Clay and Pete followed him in and the manuals were on a shelf in a locked closet. It was a combination lock. Mr. Chestnut gave him the combination on a slip of paper. Then he gave him a key to the gym so he would be able to get in. "Now I will run an add in the local paper both in Malvern and Benton and that should get you enough students. There are always guys wanting to take it as they can't get their hunting licenses without it."

"Sounds exciting. When would it start?"

"Well since tomorrow's Wednesday why don't we make it next Wednesday night at 7pm. Would that be OK with you?"

"Sure I'll be here 20 minutes early to set up."

"Fine that is one headache off my mind. And I can't think of anyone more qualified."

"Well thank you Mr. Chestnut I appreciate that. I'll sure be here. Well I better be going now and Thanks again."

Clay and Pete went back to the car and couldn't wait to get the air started. "Do you want me to drop you by your house Pete. Then you can say you haven't been in any woods and have to go through another tick check."

"Yea that would be great do you know where I live?"

"Yea its out on Traskwood road isn 't it?"

"That is the way all right."

So they proceeded down one dusty road about 2 miles. "This is it coming up isn't it Pete?"

"Yea you remembered all right."

Clay drove right in the driveway and Clays mother was out on the front porch in a swinging couch hanging from the ceiling. Clay decided to get out and at least say Hi to her.

"Well land of mercy, is that you Clay? My gosh I haven't seen you in a coons age."

"Yea I was gone for a while working in Malvern. But now that dad died and left me the place I am just going to keep it up."

"Well it is so nice to have you back as a neighbor. It's only about 3/4 mile through those woods to your back pasture."

"Yea I am well familiar with the woods."

"Well thanks for bringing Pete home. I'm sure he appreciated it."

"Yea he saw me out front of t he house and I invited him in to swim."

"Oh that was so nice of you Clay. All the kids always thought so much of you."

"Well thank you Mrs....You know I don't remember Pete's last name."

"Well it is Clanton. Pete Clanton."

"Oh yea now I remember it Mrs. Clanton. Sorry. Well I better be going I guess I will be seeing you huh Pete?"

"Yea I'll be around you can bet on that." And with that he winked at Clay.

Clay backed out and headed home.

(to be continued)

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