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Ticks Chapter 10


"Clay what do you wear to sleep in?"

"Well to be honest with you I usually sleep nude."

"Ya know I was hoping you would say that. I want my body touching yours as much as possible. I feel so strongly toward you."

"Yea I think the same way Gary."

They undressed and crawled in bed. It wasn't a full minute until they were French Kissing again. This made them both hard as rocks. Clay scooted around to the 69 position and started sucking on Gary. Gary took the hint and took Clay in his mouth. They sucked each other for at least 15 minutes neither one of them r eally wanting to cum to quickly. Finally after about 20 minutes Gary said, "Ohhhh...I'm...getting ready to cum, Clay." And with that he shot his first load into Clay's mouth setting him off and so they were coming at the same time in each others mouth. God that felt good.

"Wow! Clay I am spent. That felt great. Especially both of us cumming at the same time like that."

"Yea that is the first time I have had that happen too. I loved it."

They fell into a hug to end all hugs and fell asleep in each others arms.

Neither one of them seemed to have moved when they woke up in the morning but both had morning piss hard ons. So they got up to take care of emptying their bladders. "Let's go have some coffee Gary. You do drink coffee don't you?"

"Yea every morning since I was around 15. But I still take cream and sugar in it. Milk will do fine though."

"I drink mine the same way G ary and always have. Coffee is really bitter to me black."

"Yea me too. It even gives me a stomach ache to drink it black."

"Funny Gary the same thing here."

"Gary did you enjoy your time here as much as I did having you?"

"Probably more. I have never had a day like yesterday in my life."

"Do you think your parents would approve of me renting you a room so you could be on your own. The rent would be one cent a month. That way you wouldn't be lying to them. And I would expect the penny each month by the 5th. ha ha."

"Gosh do you really mean it. I mean I can't think of anything I would like better."

"I really mean it Gary. I have a love for you that I have never had for another person before."

"Oh Clay I am so glad to hear you say that because I was trying to think of a way to tell you that myself. I really do love you Clay."

"Well then why don't you confront your parents tonight when you go home to supper rather than doing it on the phone which is kinda impersonal."

"Yea I think it would be better if I tell them in person so I can see their faces as I tell them."

"Gary do you think they might object?"

"No because I am 17 and would be moving out at 18 anyway."

"I sure hope they say yes." said Clay.

"How about after breakfast we do some skeet shooting would you like that Gary?"

"Oh Yea I have never done that before."

"OK then that is what we will do."

So after breakfast they took a quick shower and got dressed and went outside with the two shotguns. Gary got the 10 gage and Clay used the double barrel 12 gage that was his fathers.

"Now Gary you see this string on the thrower. When I say pull you simply pull the string and it will send one or two ske et out to be shot at. We will start out with one. OK?"

"Sure I have never done this before so you be the boss."

"Remember never put a shell in your gun until you are ready to use it so I am going to load the 12 gage now."

"Now I am going to take aim at something on the ground so my eyes are on the sights when I come up looking for the skeet. Take the sting in your hand and get ready."

"PULL" When the skeet flew out Gary managed to hit it dead center and it exploded into a million pieces.

"Wow! Did you ever hit that one."

"OK now load the 10 gage remembering always be mindful of where the barrel is pointing. When you have aimed at something out there on the ground say pull and then come up with your eye looking though the sights and pull the trigger when you are on its leading edge."

"I am ready any time you say pull Gary."

"PULL" The skeet flew and Gary shot and winged it sending it flying like an off weight Frisbee. But it counted as he had hit it.

"Hey guys hold your fire. It's me Pete."

They both greeted Pete who had just come though the woods. "Do you want to shoot too Pete?"

"You bet Clay that is fun."

"Let him use the 10 gage Gary as it kicks less."

"Pete took the 10 gage loaded it and sighted down the barrel at something and yelled, "PULL"

The skeet hit the air and Pete hit it dead center blowing it to smithereens. "Wow! Clay I got it."

"Yes you sure did dude."

This went on until each of them had taken 10 turns and had a score.

"Well guys what you say we go in and have a pop. We've been out here quite a while."

As Clay was getting them each a pop someone knocked on the front door. Clay handed them their pops and went to the door.

It was 15 year old Jim Sandborn. "Hi Clay, you said stop by anytime and so my mom dropped me off."

"Well Good Jim come on in and I'll get you a pop too. Say have you met Gary, I know you know Pete."

"I have never been introduced but I have seen him around school."

Gary said, "Yea Jim I've seen you around too. Your a couple grades under me. I am going to be a senior and you must be either a sophomore or a freshman."

"I'm going into the 8th grade Gary so I am still in the grade school building. I will be coming over there to the high school after you graduate."

"Well anyway it's nice to know you. Any friend of Clay's is a friend of mine that's for sure."

"Gee Thanks."

"Jim could you come in the kitchen for a minute?" said Clay.

"Sure. What's up."

"I didn't want to say anything in front of them until I asked you in private. Have you been in the woods today?"

"No Clay Mom dropped me off."

"Well were you looking forward to a rubdown, you can always say you were in the woods all morning."

"Oh I got ya. Yes Clay I was in the woods all morning with my dad."

"OK because we will have to do a real tick hunt on Pete and we will just do you too. I know you like it so much."

"Yea that is kinda why I stopped by hoping you would be alone and could do me."

"Well just answer that way when I ask OK?"

"You bet."

"Well guys let's drink our pop and talk for a while. We just came in from a skeet shoot Jim. I scored 9 out of 10, Pete got 8, and Gary on his first time trying got 7. Not too bad huh?"

"No Clay I would say that is real good for a first time. Sure beats my first time."

"Pete did you come over through the woods?"

"Yea it's the only way I have to get here."

"Well I took Gary down to show him where the moccasin was so we both were in the woods too. (He winked at Gary) And what about you Jim since your mom dropped you off you probably haven't been."

"Wrong there Clay my dad had me out all morning in the woods on our place cutting firewood for the winter."

"Well it looks like we are all in for a tick check then. Shall we just all go in the bedroom together it will be faster. And all of us have been checked here in this house before."

Everyone agreed. Clay and Gary were starting to spring wood and noticed the boys were too. But no one said anything about it. "Let's go in the bedroom then." said Clay.

They all got up unbuttoning their shirts and headed for the bedroom. When they finally all got naked they noticed they all had hard ons. Clay made light of it and said, "Well I see we all l ike tick checks."

Everyone laughed. Gary why don't you do Pete first and I'll do Jim."

"Fine with me. Both Clay and Gary started with their heads. Of course Clay wasn't looking very hard as Jim hadn't been out in the woods. Gary said, "I found the first one. It is right here in your hair Pete."

They continued their searches. Clay was massaging Jim's head and listening to him moan. Then Clay went down his arms and did the thing on the palm of his hand following the lines real lightly and driving him crazy. Gary saw him doing it and did the same to Pete. "Wow, that feels weird but weird good." said Pete.

Gary said, "Yea I like that too." Then he came up and checked arm pits and found none so he started down massaging Pete's back. He loved it as Pete was so smooth. Clay liked the feeling of Jim's back too as he was still young too. They continued on down and spread open the cheeks and Gary saw Clay put his nose down there to smell so he did too. Then they went down the legs to the feet and rubbed them for about 5 minutes each. Clay glanced over at Gary and Gary was dripping precum as bad as he was. Back up the thighs and both boys spread their legs. Then Gary saw Clay wet his middle finger and did likewise and they both started in on the perineum until it became hard as a rock. Gary said, "OK Pete turn over." Pete turned over and his dick was standing straight up in the air. Clay had Jim turn over and found the same thing as he was expecting. They both rubbed down over the chest making the tits hard and precum was now coming out of both boys. They both went down knowing the procedure and lifted the balls and rubbed them. Then Clay said, "OK boys your turn."

Gary lay on his stomach along side Clay and they got the same procedure. When they turned over they were really hard and leaking like mad. Gary was wondering how Clay was going to turn this into an orgy. When the boys finished Clay said, "How would you all like to do a circle suck. They all looked at him kinda puzzled so he explained to them to lay in a circle on the big bed and suck the guy ahead of him. So Clay to demonstrate took Jim down and started sucking him. Pete caught on and started sucking on Clay and then Gary fell in and started on Pete. This left Jim to suck Gary. This all went on until after about 10 minutes. Gary couldn't take any more of his ass hole being sucked and came in Sam's mouth. Jim loved it and swallowed every drop. This set Sam off in Clay's mouth and Clay immediately started cumming in Pete's mouth. Wow was this fun. They all enjoyed that a lot.

Gary said, "Clay you sure know how to organize fun things."

"Yea and don't think I don't enjoy it as much as you do."

Since they had all just cum they went to the refrigerator and got another pop all naked as jay birds so Clay sugg ested they take the cans and go out to the pool where they All set down their cans and dove in the pool. Clay started the two younger boys diving off he and Gary's shoulders. This went on for about 15 minutes until they had all had it. So they got out and dried off.

"Well guys back to the bedroom or living room?"

Everyone chanted bedroom so the orgy would continue. They could all cum again as it had been long enough.

When they got in there Clay got out the big dildo and everyone's eyes got big knowing someone was going to get that shoved up their ass. Clay said, "Now all of you like fucking so rather than one, two, three fingering we will just two finger the same guy we sucked or tongued and two finger until they are well lubricated with KY. Then we will take turns putting the dildo in each other until everyone is ready for fucking, sound like fun?"

"Yea" Came from everyone."

So Cla y took two fingers full of Ky and handed it to Gary and he handed it right on down the line. "OK now same circle to make it less confusing instead of sucking finger fuck."

So Clay started finger fucking Jim, who in turn finger fucked Gary, and so on just like they had in the sucking off circle. Everyone was trying to get both fingers into the colon and push hard and since Gary was finger fucking like lightning it spread all around the circle. Pretty soon all you could hear was moans and groans coming from everywhere.

After about 5 minutes of this Clay said, "OK now pull out it is dildo time."

"Lets keep it in the same order for lack of confusion and I will put it in Jim first. Jim was thinking lucky me.

Clay took the dildo and lubed it well and put it on Jim's ass hole and said "Push real hard Jim."


That sound is all it took Clay forced it in all t he way in one plunge getting an "Ouch! Oh shit, dam that thing is big." Out of Jim. Clay turned on the vibrator and started fucking him with it and let every one have a turn fucking him. It took about 8 or 10 minutes to satisfy everyones horny desires. Then Clay took the dildo and washed it in anti bacterial soap in the bathroom and handed it to Jim.

Jim just grinned and lubed it and put it to Gary's ass hole which was already sore from last night. "OK now push Gary."


Jim was strong being 15 and shoved it all the way to the hilt all at once. Gary just moaned real loud. "Oh shit! That thing is big."

They all took turns again after the vibrator was turned on and fucked Gary good with it. Gary took it and washed it real well and told Pete to push out and sank it all the way up Pete's ass. Pete had had it so many times he just moaned real big and took it.

When Pete had had his turn he took it and washed it and told Clay to push out. When he heard the "umpppppppppp" he sank it all the way with the vibrator on. He fucked him about 5 minutes with it and then pulled it out.

Clay said, "OK lets make a game out of this. Here is a piece of paper as he tore pieces off of a sheet of paper. Now take this pencil and write your name on it." When they were though Clay got a baseball cap out of his closet and put all the slips in it.

"Now put the slips in the hat."

Clay then said, "Well guys we have two choices. A watch orgy. Or an every body do orgy. With a watch orgy one person gets fucked at a time and everyone gets to watch. With an every body do orgy someone is fucking or getting fucked all the time so there isn't much time for watching. Which will it be. All those in favor or a watching orgy raise their hands."

Every body raised their hand.

"OK then it is a watch orgy so everyone will be able to be spectators. when they aren't fucking or being fucked. Now starting with Jim, take the hat and pick out a name you want to fuck. Jim selected Clay. OK now Pete you get the hat next. Pete picked out Jim's name. Now Gary you take one of the slips. Gary picked Pete. That leaves me with you Gary and I'm all for that that is who I would have picked in the first place. This brought a big smile to Gary's eyes but he wanted to get up into Pete since he first saw him at school. He always thought Pete was the cutest kid on the grade school playground.

"OK Jim you fuck me first. Two finger lubricate me for just a minute since we used the dildo's and then lubricate your dick and tell me how you want me."

Jim did everything that Clay said and then said, "OK on your back with your ankles to your ears Clay." Clay got in that position while the other two got to watch and they were all eyes an d hard as a rock themselves. "Uhhhhhhhh" and Jim was all the way in to the colon. He started slow short fucking and Clay was really enjoying it as he liked Jim so much. Then he speeded up and went into long fucking after about 10 minutes. Sweat was pouring off of both of them. Jim started hitting on the prostate but it didn't get Clay off as he came himself first. "Ahhhhhhh.....Ohhhhhhh..I'm....cumming....Clay...ahhhh."

Clay loved the feeling that hot cum being forced up into his colon.

Jim Lay on top of him for about 5 minutes until they caught their breath. Then Jim said, "Oh God that was awesome Clay."

Clay managed to sit up and saw the two non participants standing their with hard ons dripping precum like mad. "OK now Pete you get Jim next, are you ready Jim?"

"Yea I can go I have my breath back."

Pete got KY and used one finger and went in slowly as he loved finger fucking so much and went up and felt the colon juices, then slipped in the second finger the same way. He spent as much time up in there as he dare and then lubricated his dick and told Jim to push. "Uhhhhh" And that was all it took Pete was in him as far as his dick would allow him to get. Pete looked into Jim's eyes and winked and Jim winked back. Pete started fast short stroking and kept it up for about 6 to 7 minutes then went into long stroking hitting Jim's prostate on every plunge. After rabbit fucking at lightning speed for about 5 minutes Jim hollered, "Oh God....I' cum....again...ahhhhhh....Ohhhhhhhh shit..." When his orgasm spasms hit Pete's dick it set Pete off and they came together. "I'm cumming...too....Jim....ahhhhhh...."

Pete collapsed over onto Sam's wet stomach and they lay there in a heap while they caught their breath. After about 5 minutes they both sat up and told each other how great it was.

Clay said, "OK Gary I want you next are you ready?"

"I'm a sore mother but yea I'm ready Clay."

Clay did just like Pete had done and used one finger first and pushed it all the way into the colon juices and then he pulled his finger out and smelled it. Oh God did that smell great to him. SO he put in the second finger and did it for a minute and then pulled out and lubricated himself and said, "Would it be easier on you Gary to just lay on your stomach?"

"Yea it would thanks."

So Gary lay on is stomach and spread his legs waiting for the assault on his poor sore ass hole. He saw Clay was ready and Let out with a "Uhhhhhhhhhhh" He was immediately full of dick. Clay didn't want him to suffer so he went all the way in one stroke. Then he slowly short stroked him for about 10 minutes to make it easier on him but he knew if he was going to cum he had to get with it. So he started long stroking him not hitting on the p rostate as he knew Gary had to go yet so he rabbit fucked him until he himself finally came. "Ahhhhh...Ohhhh God, shit....I'm cumming..." He put it up in him as far as he could.

He lay on top of Gary hugging him for real as he loved this guy. He even kissed him on the ear and neck as he was on his stomach. After about 5 minutes they sat up and Clay told Gary when he was ready he could do Pete.

"Could we have a pop first Clay I am so dry I need a drink."

Everyone agreed to that so they headed for the kitchen. They drank their cokes in the bedroom. Everyone crapped out somewhere comfortable as they were all getting tired too.

"Well Gary," said Clay, "Are you ready for Pete now?"

"Oh Yea. Are you ready for me Pete?"

"Yea I been waiting for this for a long time. I never thought of fucking but I always thought of doing something with you when I saw you at school as you wer e so good looking."

"Well that is why I chose your name Pete I feel the same way. You were always the cutes guy out on the playground and I noticed you too. Lay down on your stomach and I'll lubricate you."

Pete lay down on his stomach legs spread and showed off what had to be one of the cutest asses in the room. Gary took one finger and went into the colon and held it there for a minute. God the inside of Pete was as smooth as a velvet pouch and the water in the colon was hot and ready. He took out the one finger and smelled it then put two in. He didn't spend much time as the Dildo had done it's job stretching him so he lubricated his own dick and told Pete to push. "Uhhhhhhhhhh" That is all it took. Gary was on his way up into Pete. He went slow but steady until he was past the first turn in the colon with his long dick. "How ya doing buddy?"

"Oh God your long. But it feels good since it is you."

"How do you want it fast or slow Pete?

"Go like a house a fire Gary I can take it."

Gary started right in rabbit fucking and Gary was a speed champion at fucking or Pete might have answered differently. He was going so fast he was a blur. He lasted only about 10 minutes and Pete Yelled, "Oh Shit....I' again.....Oh God...." And when he started his orgasm that did it for Gary. Gary started cumming and cumming and cumming and as far up in his colon as he was he felt he was unloading in his stomach.

Gary didn't want to put all his weight on Pete so he fell to the side and they just lay there trying to catch their breath exhausted.

After about 5 minutes Clay said, "What you say we all dive in the pool and cool off. This has been an orgy and a half."

They all agreed to that and headed for the pool exhausted. They just wanted to rest in the cool water. Gary and Clay found each other right away and went into a hug to beat all hugs and then it went into a French Kiss. When that broke they just went to the stairs in the pool and sat there to rest in the water. What a day this had been.

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