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Ticks Chapter 11


After relaxing in the cool water for about 20 minutes Clay said, "You know it must be getting kinda late. We have been messing around a lot today we better check the time. Let's all get dressed and go in and have another pop and check the clock."

So since it was Clay's house and everyone wanted to please him they all got dressed and Clay handed out the pop cans as they came in from the pool. He looked up at the clock and saw it was almost 5pm so the boys had to go home.

"Seeing what time it is Clay why don't I drive them both home on my way home myself."

Clay liked that id ea as they wouldn't get in trouble for being late for dinner or something. "Don't forget boys what goes on here stays here. I could get in trouble because you aren't 18 yet."

They all chided in and said they wouldn't even tell their best friend. They might show their best friend some of the things they learned here but they would just say they saw it on the Internet.

Clay knew they wouldn't but it never hurts to remind once in a while. "Gary can I see you for a second in the bedroom?"

Gary followed Clay to the bedroom and Clay said, "I just wanted to tell you that if it is OK for you to work for me for room and board, just go ahead and bring a load of your stuff over in the morning."

"Oh OK Clay that's a good idea it will save me a trip."

"You can choose one of the empty bedrooms to keep your clothes and stuff in that way it will look like you are just rooming here as far as everyone kno ws. But of course you can sleep in my bed at least I hope you want to."

"Want to, want to, God how I want to. I will be so happy being here with you." That brought on a big hug and a short French Kiss. Then they got back to the boys.

Gary said, "Well if you are ready I am." They both agreed they were and all headed for Gary's car. Clay felt something drain out of him as he saw the car get smaller and smaller as it went down HWY 67. It would seem like forever for tomorrow morning to get here.

Gary's arrival in the morning.

When Clay saw Gary's car pull in he was all smiles. Gary had called him last night and said everything was fine with his folks. He looked into the car as it pulled in and all he could see was white teeth as Gary was smiling real big too. Clay went to the car and told Gary they better save their hugging for inside and offered to help him carry in so me of his stuff. So they took it to the bedroom that Gary had chosen and started putting things away. Then came the hug. It lasted for about a minute and then back out to the car to get another load. Gary had quite a few clothes and some personal things like a play station 2 and some games etc. They finally got him all moved in and decided since it was almost noon to have a sandwich. So they ate and had a pop.

Gary said, "As I came by Glen Rose I saw a few kids around 12 or 13 playing basket ball and one of them is in your course."

Clay said, "Hmmm I wonder if he would like to go on a squirrel hunt or go see where I saw the water moccasin."

"Boy our minds work a lot the same Clay."

When they finished cleaning the kitchen they got in Gary's car and headed for Glen Rose. They parked away from the playing field so it would look accidental that they ran into the kid.

They strolled around b y the field talking so it would look like a happen stance that they ran into him. "Oh hi your Tommy aren't you." said Clay.

"Yea and you are the hunters safety instructor I don't remember your name though."

"Well my name is Clay and this is Gary."

"Well you already remembered my name but my last name is Jones. Tommy Jones."

"Well nice to meet you again Tommy. Gary and I just stopped by to see if any of our friends were here and ran into you. None of our friends are around today. We thought we might go out squirrel hunting. Have you ever squirrel hunted?"

"No I don't even have a gun. But it sure sounds like fun. I can't wait until I get my hunters safety permit so I can get a license."

"Well Gary doesn't have a license either but it doesn't matter that much on my property as no game warden has ever been on our property since I lived there and that is a lot of years. I j ust live in that white ranch house with the white fence around it on HWY 67 about a mile that way."

"Yea I know the house you are talking about."

"Would you have time to go hunting with us I could loan you a 22?"

"Oh that would be super great but I would have to get permission."

"You have a phone don't you?"

"Yea but no money for the pay phone."

Gary reached into his pocket and handed him the money for the phone saying here if you want to ask."

"Oh Yea that would be so cool. How long would I be."

"Well you just ask your mom or dad what time they want you home and that is when we will bring you back OK?"

"Super." And he headed for the phone. They could overhear him talking about his hunters safety instructor. That title was all that it took he came running back as fast as he could all smiles."

"Mom said that woul d be fine. And that if I can't be home for dinner to call. We eat at 6pm."

"Fine I am sure we will be able to get you back here by then."

So they piled into Gary's car and headed for home. They got home and went into the house where Clay got his two 22's. I will let you use one of these 22's and I will use a ten gage shotgun. So Clay went all over the safety rules about the 22 and where he pointed the mussel etc. That took a good 5 or 6 minutes. Then they all sat down and had a pop. Clay took him out by the pool to drink the pop so he could see it.

"Man this is so cool having a pool right in your house. You can even use this in the winter since it is inside can't you?"

"Yes Tommy that is why dad built it indoor."

Gary was looking Tommy over and he liked what he saw. He was tall for his age and had a swimmers body. His butt fit his body perfectly. He could hardly wait to see his ass hole . His eyes were something else. They were brown like his hair but he had real full eyebrows and eyelashes that could be transplanted on a cow. His eyes were beautiful. His crotch showed a small bulge but it wasn't hard as there was no reason for it to be.

"Well guys shall we head for the woods. We will just hunt here on my property and then there won't be any worry about a game warden."

"See that path Tommy. That is a path that leads to Pete Clayton's house and some others. Do you know him?"

"Yea from school but I don't know him very well we just say Hey as we see each other."

"Well anyway that is the way his house is about half or more mile from here. This is the path we will follow through my woods. Keep your safety on unless you see a squirrel and then go ahead and fire."

"Does this thing kick hard?"

"No ha ha ha a 22 has no kick at all especially when you are shooting s horts."

"Oh good." said Tommy.

They walked on a short ways when Clay spotted a squirrel at the top of a tree he pointed him out to Tommy. Tommy raised his gun, took off the safety, and aimed and fired. The squirrel fell and Tommy almost had a heart attack. "I got him did you see that I got him."

"Well let's see if we can find him. Sometimes if they have any life left in them they can hide and are hard to find."

They walked over to the tree and there was no doubt about this one he had hit it in the head. "Good shot Tommy you got him in the head."

"Wow then it wouldn't ruin any meat."

"You got it Tommy. Now you have something else to learn. Take this knife, be careful it is razor sharp, and cut him from here to here."

Tommy made the cut real nicely. "Now Tommy this is the gruesome part reach in and pull out all the insides including the guts."

"ooooooo really?"

"Yes Tommy other wise the meat might spoil."

So Tommy made a face and reached in and pulled all the insides out and tossed them aside. "Gosh what a mess Clay."

"Here is a rag to wipe your hand on and I'll put his body in my sack."

Then they continued the hunt. They must have walked over a block before Gary spotted one, took off his safety, and fired. It also fell they were having good luck today. "I did it Clay. I hit the sucker."

Clay knew the feeling of excitement a new hunter gets when he makes a kill. So he handed the knife to Gary and Gary did just like Tommy did and wiped his hand on the now bloody rag. He picked up the squirrel and handed it to Clay to put in the sack. Then they continued walking. After about 10 minutes Clay spotted one and reached up and fired the 10 gage which could be heard for a mile and down the squirrel came. He didn't have much of a chance against a 10 gage. Clay cleaned it and put it in the bag. Then Clay said, "Well guys we have enough for dinner if we eat them today so lets call it quits. We want to leave plenty of squirrels out here for next time."

Clay led them out of the woods into the field for easier walking and the grass hoppers were flying everywhere along with a zillion other kinds of bugs. You had to be careful not to breath one in. They made it to the barn and Clay skinned the squirrels and they took them in the house and washed them throughly. "We will have these for supper tonight. And if you can stay you can eat one of them Tommy."

"I will call later and ask."

"Tommy we have to check each other for ticks as my woods are full of them have you been checked before?"

"Yea we have to do that a lot because we have ticks on our place too."

"Well let's go into the bedroom and get it over with and then we ca n swim OK?"

Tommy said, "Sure Clay that sounds like fun."

You think that sounds like fun just wait until the fun you find in the bedroom Clay and Gary were both thinking.

When they got in the bedroom Clay said well we might as well strip and get ready so Clay had his clothes off in less than 30 seconds. Gary was right behind him and Tommy thought When in Rome, so he undressed fully too. Gary and Clay were looking at him undress and started to get half hard. This kid had such a gorgeous body. It was smooth, hairless, and tan like he had gone with out a shirt a lot this summer.

"Well I guess guest should go first sit down on the bed Tommy."

"Tommy we do this like my dad used to do me. We make it into kind of a rub down so it feels good too. Is that OK with you?"

"Sure that sounds good."

Clay started rubbing his hair and really massaged his s calp. While he was doing it he bumped into a bump and pulled out a big tick. "Look at this one Tommy. He would have had you for supper."

They all laughed.

Clay flushed the tick and then started down his arm and asked him to turn his hand palm up. Then he traced the lines on his hand knowing how good that felt. Gary started down the other arm and did the same thing to his other palm so he was getting double feelings.

"Wow! That kinda tickles but it tickles so good."

Clay lifted one arm and checked the pit and Gary did the other arm and found a small tick and went to flush it. "Now lay on your stomach Tommy and we will check your back. Clay started rubbing his back really good and listened to the moans and groans. "You like that?"

"Oh yea! Man I have never had a rub down like this before."

"Well can I ask you to keep whatever we do in this house in this house as I wouldn't want y our mom or dad or anyone to think we did something wrong."

"Oh don't worry I won't say a word to anyone. Not even my best friends."

Clay kept going on down and when he reached the butt he spread the cheeks real wide and looked at the pinkest ass hole he wanted to lick it but knew at this point he couldn't. Gary was right there looking in too. He looked at Clay and grinned they were both thinking the same thing. Clay started down the left leg so Gary took the right leg and they each did a foot for about 5 minutes. The moans and groans filled the room. "I take it this feels good to you Tommy?"

"Oh Yea, better than good."

They both started working up their respective legs until they got to the butt again. So Clay wet his finger really well and started up and down on the perineum. It was soft when he started rubbing but within 30 seconds it was hard as a rock. So Clay wet his finger again and added the anus to the u p and down stroke knowing how good this would feel to him.

"Oh Man, that feels so good it gave me a woody Clay."

"Yes both Gary and I are a little hard ourselves from rubbing you."

Tommy looked back over his shoulder and saw they both were three quarters hard too. This made him relax and not feel so bad.

Clay got to pushing harder and harder on the anus on each push down to build up any sperm if the kid had any. "OK why don't you turn over and we will do the other side Tommy."

Tommy turned over and Gary took one side and Clay the side he was on and they both went over the chest and worked on the nipples until they were both hard as they could get. Looking down at his dick it was sticking straight up like an arrow and he was flexing it when they touched his tits. Then went down over his stomach and intestine area and Clay pushed down with his finger tips on the lower stomach and released real f ast as he knew that gave quite a thrill.

"Oh Wow! That felt so weird Clay."

Gary stepped back and let Clay take care of the pubic area as he wasn't sure two could do anything together. Clay reached under his balls and lifted them to look and seeing nothing started to massage his balls rolling them around in their sacks. He heard Tommy moan as he did this. This kid was coming unglued. He noticed a drop of precum on the end of his dick so he asked, "Tommy can you cum yet?"

"You mean make sperm?"

"Yes that is also called cumming or shooting your load etc."

"No I never had but I have rubbed myself on a pillow and that feels good to me. Gosh I am telling you secret things."

"Well you don't have to worry remember anything said in this house stays in this house. Have you ever had a buddy give you head?"

"You mean put my dick in his mouth. No never."

"Well young guys like you often think that is nasty or something but older guys receive head all the time either from a buddy or a girl."

"Gosh really. No one has ever even mentioned it around me."

"Would you like to see what it feels like Tommy?"

"Oh Yea!"

Clay went down on him and started sucking and bobbing and listened to him moaning and groaning. He kept doing it for about 3 or 4 minutes and then said, "Are you liking it or do you want me to stop?"

"OH, Please don't stop. That feels so awesome."

Clay motioned to Gary and Gary took over. He had been wanting to so bad. After Gary had been on him a while Clay said, "Tommy roll on your side facing Gary."

Tommy did as told and Clay reached for the KY. He lubricated two fingers but only used his middle finger and went all the way up into the colon reaching the first turn and of course his favorite the colo n juice. He moved the end of his finger around in the juices and then pulled his finger out. "Did that hurt you Tommy?"

"Hurt, Gosh no it felt really good. Do it again please."

Gary was bobbing to beat the devil and so Clay took two fingers and pushed them right straight into the prostate hard. Then he pulled back and hit the prostate again hard. All of a sudden...

"Ohhhhhhhh.....God......Ahhhhhhh....Something is....happening to me... Ahhhhhh....Ohhhhhhhhh..shit....ahhhhhh....." and after shooting about 6 times he collapsed totally.

Gary had a tongue full of watery cum. He showed it to Clay. And Clay put his thumb up. "Tommy you came. You made real sperm."

By now Tommy was able to speak again and he said, "Oh man I think I turned completely inside out. I never ever felt anything so good. That was so awesome. Can we do it again right now."

"No now that you are a man you have to wait 20 or 30 minutes to recharge your balls. I can help you a little turn over on your stomach." He motioned to Gary handing him the KY and Gary could hardly wait to get his finger up Tommy's cute ass. So Gary put his long middle finger all the way up in him and said, "Now this will make your sperm build up faster does it feel good to you?"

"Yea that is awesome. I love it. Push real hard when you put it in that makes it feel even better."

This pleased Gary no end and he started finger fucking him hitting hard at the end each time then he added the second finger.

"Ohhhh that is tighter did you add a finger Gary?"

"Yes It will feel even better to you after your sphincter muscle adjust to it. God made this muscle to expand to any size necessary that is why you can pass huge turds when you have to."

"Oh that hurts when a big turd goes through but the hurt gets less as it is going through."

"Yes the same thing happens when anything goes into your butt. That is how a guy can put his dick in a guy."

"Oh I saw that on the Internet once. You mean they really do that."

"Yes after your butt is stretched real good you can take a dick easily. It hurts a little at first but then it feels real real good."


Gary finger fucked him hard with two fingers for about 4 minutes and then added the third finger saying, "Now I am adding the third finger and it will also quit hurting in a minute you'll see."

"Ohhhhh...that really hurts and burns. But I see what you mean it is getting better already. Go faster and push harder."

Gary went ape and finger fucked him royal. He twisted and turned his fingers to get him as loose as possible. "How Ya doing buddy."

"Oh fine I really like it now. Gary is that as big as a dick would be?"

"Well that is about the size of Clay's mine is bigger."

"Clay would you try putting yours in me and see if I can do it. I really want to try."

Clay said, "Sure if that is what you want."

Clay turned him on the bed where his legs were over the side and his butt was toward him. Then he took a pillow and put it under him. "OK that will make it easier on you. Now, as he was lubricating his dick, I want you to push out like you were getting rid of a giant turd OK."

"Yea I'm a little scared but I have to try this."

"I will be as gentle as I can Tommy as I don't want to hurt you."

"Thanks. Here goes...uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Clay pushed in about half way and stopped. "How ya doing Tommy?"

"Oh it hurts and burns so bad. Just don't move for a minute OK Clay?"

"I won't move until you tell me to Tommy." About 3 minutes later Tommy said it has quit burning and hurting go ahead now."

Clay went ahead and wanted to get it over with for him so he pushed it fast all the way to the hilt. "I am all the way in now Tommy."

"Wow it feels like you are in my stomach. I feel so full like I had to take a king size shit."

"That is normal the first time Tommy tell me when you want me to start fucking you."

About two minutes later Tommy said, "OK I'm ready now. It is starting to feel good now."

Clay started slowly short stroking him and did this for about 5 minutes then he long stroked slowly for a while. "How ya doing buddy?"

"Fine you can go faster now."

Clay started normal speed and kept speeding up listening to the sounds Tommy was making to let him know whether to speed up or slow down. The sounds were all pleasure now so he started rabbit fucking him and Clay knew he couldn't last long as his tunnel was so ti ght and so hot and so smooth he could hardly stand it. Then all hell broke loose.

"'m...cumming...Clay, I'm cumming."

That did it for Clay the first spasm squeezed his dick so hard he started shooting and fired off about 8 or 9 shots clear up into his upper colon.

"Oh I could feel your cum going up in me. Oh at the same time I was turning inside out again. That was so awesome. Oh how can I ever thank you. If I hadn't come over here today I would have never known all this and now I can cum, I can cum.."

Clay pulled out of him and they lay there for about 5 minutes catching their breath. Then Clay sat up and said, "Do you have enough strength to de-tick one or both of us. Or do you want us to do each other."

"No I want to do you. You made me so horny." So Tommy stood up and did Clay's head and then his under arms and found a tic k. So he flushed it. Then he did his lines on his palms and then down his back where he spread Clay cheeks and held them apart and blew air in there really turning Clay on. Then he touched Clay's anus and brought his finger to his nose. "Not bad." Then he continued and did the feet and everything. Then he wet his finger and did the perineum smiling as he did it. He wet his finger real wet and stuck it up Clay's butt. Then he pulled it out and smelled it again. He then included the anus in the perineum stroke and asked Clay to turn over. Clay was hard all over again.

Tommy said, "Man this is really fun."

(To Be cont inured)

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