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Ticks Chapter 12


"Man this is really fun." Then Tommy lifted Clay's arms and found a small tick under his right arm so he went and flushed it. Then he went down his chest rubbing his tits until they were hard. By now Clay was hard again. He kept going down and pushed in on the intestine area and released it suddenly like Clay had done him. Clay thought man that feels weird. Then he went though Clay's pubic hair and darned if he didn't find another tick there. So it was flush and continue. He took Clay's dick and licked off the precum. And then lifted his balls and looked there. Finding none he checked his legs out. "That's all I can find on you Clay."

So Gary sat down and he started on him. He checked his hair massaging as he went. Then he went down the arms and did the tickling thing on his palm. He did the same procedure until he got to Gary's butt which he considered really neat. So he spread his ass and rubbed his ass hole and smelled his finger. He wet his finger and pushed it all the way as far as it would reach up into Gary's ass. Gary moaned so he put two fingers in. He loved this. He finger fucked Gary's ass for about 5 minutes and then thought he better get back to business. On his way back from the foot rub he came to the butt again. So he wet his finger and did the up and down perineum stroke. He felt a bump and when he looked closer he found a tick. So he flushed it and came back and continued the perineum stroke including the ass hole on the stroke. It got hard and that is what he wanted. So he had him turn over. He checked him down the stomach after checking the arm pits. T hen he got to the pubic hair and examined it. Then he couldn't resist it he went down on Gary's dick and started giving him head. He bounced up and down as he sucked. Then he took two fingers after about 5 minutes and shoved them into the prostate. Gary came and came he just couldn't take anymore of this kid without exploding. Tommy was all smiles as he had a mouth full of Gary's cum. He swallowed and then said "That was good."

Clay handed him the KY and told him to jack off his dick with it to get lubricated. Then he told him to stick it in Gary's ass. Gary thought man I'm sore already. But Tommy put him on his stomach and put a pillow under his dick. Then he got up on him and stuck his almost 6 inches in and started fucking like crazy. Gary moaned because even thought he was sore he loved having this kid fuck him. After about 12 minutes Tommy came in him. He could feel the cum going inside him but he didn't cum himself.

Tommy said, "Well I did my job your de-ticked and fucked."

They all laughed and decided to go to the pool and cool off. They picked up a pop on their way as they were all thirsty after that. Tommy was having a little trouble walking as his ass felt like he had had a corn cob pushed into it. But when he got in the pool water it cooled his ass and he felt better. The same thing with Gary as his ass was sore too.

When they got out they dressed and all sat in the living room. The TV was on making noise but no one seemed to be watching it. All their minds were thinking of other things.

Clay said, "Did you enjoy your day Tommy?"

"Oh Yea I have never had a day like this before."

"Tommy do you think you would like to be sexual with other boys too. I mean some of the guys that hunt over here have had similar tick experiences after hunting and really liked it too."

"Yea if they didn't hurt me I would."

"Well that would be one of the rules that no one do anything that the other person doesn't want to do. Now you have done the ultimate today you have been fucked and fucked someone yourself. That is about as hard as it would ever get."

"Yea Clay I never thought of it that way. Sure I would love to be in on a group thing."

"OK Tommy I will ask a few of the other guys if they are for it and we could have a Saturday swim party twice a month or so and do more than swim, if you get what I mean."

"Oh Yea, I get what you mean and I think it would be rad."

"OK then I will always include you in the invitation list."

"Sounds great to me Clay."

Gary was sitting there thinking wow this Clay. He really knows how to think up fun things.

Clay asked Tommy if he wanted squirrel for dinner or go home for dinner.

"Well to be hone st with you I have never had squirrel I would like to try it."

"Well then call your mom and tell her about the hunting we did and that you have been invited to have squirrel for dinner if you can stay. Tell her I will have you home by 8."

"OK, can I call her now?"

"Sure you know where the phone is go ahead."

Tommy called and was given permission without a hesitation. So it looked like the title hunter's safety instructor made him a safe person for kids to be around. Clay thought if they only knew.

Clay went to the kitchen and started fixing dinner. Gary came in and asked if he could help while Tommy watched cartoons. "Yes Gary why don't you make some corn muffins. I have some mix in the cupboard."

"Sure thing those are easy and good too."

So they got dinner ready and called Tommy to the table. It all went down so smooth. Squirrel is really quite tasty when bread ed and fried.

After dinner it wasn't long before it was time to take Tommy home so they took Gary's car and ran him home.

After they dropped off Tommy Gary said, "Man you are one cool guy when it comes to arranging things. When do you plan the first swimming party."

"Well it will have to be after this Wednesdays hunter's safety course. Because I want to talk to each boy individually so no one feels pressured in any way. We sure don't want anyone to tell their parents that they were invited to an orgy and didn't want to go." ha ha.

"Boy that is for sure. I get your point."

Gary drove on home and they had a great first evening together. Although there was no fucking tonight. Gary was too sore.


Clay and Gary got to the gym early as he wanted to find all the saw horses he could from Mr. Peterson's shop. He found 4 wh ich would be ample. Then he and Gary went outside to start watching for the boys they wanted to talk to. Jim Sandborn was first so Clay called him over and said, "Jim you know how you liked the last tick hunt and all the things that went with it."

"Oh yea. I sure wish we could do that again. Man that was like an orgy or something."

"Well what if I told you I was going to have an orgy every other Saturday. Using the excuse that you were going to a swimming party at your hunter safety instructors house. We could start at 1 and be through by time to go to dinner. I would pick you all up at Glen Rose at 1 so parents wouldn't be coming by to pick someone up. They could pick you up at Glen Rose where you could play basket ball until they arrived at say 5:30pm."

"Wow! That would work. Let's see swimming party at 1. Pick me up at Glen Rose and drop me off at 5:30. That's about all there is to it. Yes and I put all that on this invitation I made on my computer so put it in your pocket OK?"

"You bet thank you so much for inviting me. I am all excited now."

"Well I'm glad you like it as I wouldn't want anyone to feel forced."

"Go on in a get a seat I'll be in shortly."

Kyle Woods was the next to show up and he repeated everything to him. He was all excited and said, "Man I'm glad you invited me Clay."

"Well Kyle I like you a lot too. Go on inside and wait I'll be in shortly."

Johnny West and Pete came together so he killed two birds with one stone. They were both really excited about it and took one of the written invitations and stuffed them in their pockets thanking Clay for thinking about them.

Gary Shillings was dropped off next and got the same invitation and was all excited about it saying he could hardly wait until Saturday.

Finally Tommy Jones was dropped off and got the same invitation. He said, "I'm still able to feel the good time we had last time you bet I'll be there. So he took an invitation and stuffed it into his pocket.

Gary looked at Clay and said, "You are a genius Clay, everyone wants to come."

"I thought they would Gary. Would you stay home?"

"Heck no I wouldn't."

"Well that is how they all feel and now lets take these two shotguns and two 22's in and get tonight's lesson started."

By 7 they had a crowd in the gym just like last week. Gary leaned over and told Clay "He sure wished that kid were in on it."

Clay walked right over to the kid and asked to speak to him privately. "What is your name son?"

"Terry Bradley sir."

"Well we can do away with the sir just call me Clay and this is Gary."

"Oh OK I like that better." he said.

"Terry tomorrow is Thursday and Gary and I are going on a squirrel hunt do you think you could go with us around 1pm."

"Wow! You bet. Thanks for inviting me."

"Well I didn't see your name on the skeet shoot Friday so I thought I would invite you out."

"I tried to get my name on that list but it was full long before I got to it."

"Well Terry here is the clipboard for next Friday why don't you sign it right now and be first on the list."

"Man your about the nicest guy that I have ever had for a teacher."

"Thanks Terry I just don't want to see you get left out."

Terry put his name down first and then Clay told him to go on in and take a seat.

"That suit you Gary?"

"Yea did you see how cute he is. He has a butt supreme and the face of an angel. What would you say he is 13."

"Yea either 12 or 13 that's for sure."

Clay went i nto the stage carrying the two shotguns followed by Gary carrying the two 22's. They lay the guns on the stage mussel back so they were not pointing at anyone and then Clay began the meeting.

"Boys can I call the meeting to order."

It took a few seconds but finally everyone shut up and listened.

"Tonight we are going to cover a very important hunters safety point. You are out hunting either alone or with a friend and you come to a barb wire fence or a board fence. How do you safely cross. Well I am going to have each one of you cross a fence with a real gun tonight. The saw horses you see set up in the back are the fences for our purposes tonight. You will come up one by one and pick up a gun, check that it is not loaded, and then proceed to the fence. If the mussel of the rifle crosses the path of anyone in the room you failed the course. That is how important it is to know where you are pointing your gun. I told you in the first lesson how many people were killed each year in hunting accidents and if the mussel of the gun had not been pointed at someone not one person would have died. So you see how important it is."

Gary and I are going to demonstrate what you are to do. Just watch us carefully.

Gary and Clay each picked up a gun pointed it at the ceiling and checked to see if it were loaded. It is different with the shotguns than it is with the 22's so they showed them the difference. Then Gary and Clay, with the mussels pointing straight up walked to the back of the room and came to a saw horse fence. Gary watched Clay as he wasn't sure of what to do himself. Clay took the gun making sure the mussel was pointing toward the back of the room and layed it under the fence as far as he could reach. Gary followed suit. Then they climbed over the sawhorse as if it were a fence and reached down and picked up the gun mussel pointing up again. Then they walked back to the front of the room and told everyone they would do the same thing when it came their turn.

Clay told the boys to make it easier they would start at the left side of the front row. Then first 4 boys would come up and get a gun, check that it was empty, and cross the fence and then put the gun back on the stage. He reminded them that one barrel pointing at one boy would end hunter's safety for him this year. So they were all real careful.

The first 4 went up and picked up a gun pointed it at the ceiling, and checked to see if it were unloaded. Then they walked back to the saw horses and placed the guns facing straight back and climbed over. They all picked up the gun pointing it straight up and took it to the stage and put it down facing the back of the stage.

Clay said, "Now if all of you can do it that well we will still have all of you here next week."

They went 4 by 4 until about 50 minutes later they finally finished. Not one boy had accidentally pointed the mussel at another boy.

Clay said, "Now see how easy that was to be safe. If this were a real situation no one would have been shot tonight. Remember when handling a gun at home. Always consider it loaded and NEVER ever point the mussel at any thing you don't want to kill."

Tonight's session really got thought to the boys and they would remember it always Clay hoped. "Well boys that completes tonight's lesson. How many of you are coming to my house Friday afternoon at 1pm to skeet shoot." Ten hands went up. "Good then I will see you boys on Friday. I will furnish the guns so come unarmed. Now for the next Friday's skeet shoot no one may sign up that signed up for this week to give everyone a chance. Anyone not on this weeks list here is the clipboard on the stage 10 more can sign up tonight for a week from this Friday."

When he dismissed the crowd the line for the clipboard was filled fast. He was glad he got Terry to sign on first. It didn't take but 5 minutes and it was filled up again. "Don't worry boys next week no one who has done it will be allowed to sign up for the following week."

After the gym cleared Terry came forward and thanked Clay once again for letting him sign first and said I'll see you tomorrow at 1 Clay."

"You bet Terry we will be looking forward to you coming."

Gary and Clay drove home after putting back the sawhorses and loading the guns. Gary said, "Gosh I got goose bumps just thinking of seeing that kids ass. He is something else Clay."

"I'll have to agree with you there Gary."


"Gosh I'm getting nervous Clay, I sure hope fantastic shows up."

"Well we will live if he doesn't. We will just go looking for someone at Glen Rose is all."

They didn't hav e to wait long as Terry rang the bell 5 minutes early.

"Oh welcome Terry. Come on in. You are a little early."

"Man I could hardly wait to get here all morning. My parents were so pleased that the hunter's safety instructor invited me they wanted to make sure that I got here right on time."

"Well I'm glad to hear that Terry."

"Why don't we have a pop and take a dip in the pool before we go out in the heat."

"Gosh you have a pool?"

"Yes. Here take your pop and follow us." Gary walked out to the pool area and took a lawn chair to drink his pop. He was followed by Gary and Terry doing the same thing."

"I just thought of something terrible Clay. I didn't know we would be swimming so I didn't bring a suit."

"That's all right Terry we simple lock the front door so no one can walk in on us and skinny dip. That is the way we always do it."

"Really I have never done that before. I'll bet it feels weird."

"It's only different the first time Terry then it becomes natural."

"But...but...what if a hard on..."

"So big deal. Gary do you ever get a hard on?"

"Sure all the time. Well so do I. Terry you see it really doesn't matter we are all boys and we all get them."

"Wow! I have never seen anyone else hard before."

"Well you probably will today Terry it is quite normal. Terry how old are you anyway?"

"I just turned 13. I'll be going into 8th grade this year."

"Gosh I can remember 8th grade I always had a hard on so don't worry about it. When did you start cumming Terry?"

"Gee this is embarrassing. I just have dry spasms still but I am starting to grow some hair so it should be long."

"No any day now." said Clay.

"Well what you say we get ready. Just put your clothes on your chair Terry like we do."

Terry seemed real nervous about all this but undressed as they did. When it came to taking off his boxers it was obvious he was hard. But he went ahead and took them off. Both Gary and Clay had half hard on's but when they saw his they sprung right on up.

"Wow! We are all hard." Terry said.

"I told you so Terry. Here come over here. Clay took hold of him by the buttocks as he wanted to feel it anyway and took a real close look at the hair above his dick."

"Terry you are ready to make sperm. Let me feel your balls. Clay rolled them around in his hand and could tell they were starting to feel like there was cum in there alright. Does this bother you me touching you Terry."

"No it feels real good no one has ever touched me that way before."

"Promise me one thing Terry what ever goes on over h ere stays here. I mean I wouldn't want you telling other people especially your mom and dad that I held your balls."

"Don't worry I would be embarrassed to say anything and would never say anything that would keep me from coming over here."

"Good then let's go swimming."

They all dove in and they let Terry take turns diving off Gary and Clay's shoulders. Then they swam around and goofed around and all were sporting hard ons. Clay took hold of Terry's hard on so Terry grabbed him right back.

"Gosh you have a big one Clay. Let me feel yours Gary, do you mind?"

"No feel away Terry." As Terry grabbed his he took Terry's out of Clay's hand and felt how hard it was. This kid could come he was sure of it. Only time would tell. Wait until the tick search.

Clay said, "Well I guess we had better get dressed and see how we can do with the squirrels."

They all jumped out and started dressing. After they were all dressed Clay went over the 22 with Terry once again, reminding him of where he pointed the mussel. Then they all went out back and started down toward the woods. The wonderful woods where all the ticks were. Clay thought if he knew what to feed ticks he would raise them and turn them loose in the woods.

Clay pointed down the path that Pete and Jim used to get here. He told Terry they lived about three quarters of a mile that way. Then he led them onto the trail that followed Clay's 27 acres. Clay was carrying the 10 gage and Gary had the other 22. It wasn't long before Gary took a shot and brought down the first squirrel. They cleaned it with Terry making a face at all the blood and guts and then Gary wiped his hand clean and put the squirrel in the bag. Then they continued on. It was about 4 minutes before Clay spotted one. He tapped Terry and pointed. Clay backed him up by aiming the shot gun too so they woul dn't miss it. Terry popped and the squirrel fell. This made Clay feel great.

"I got it..Clay....I got it..."

Clay said, "You sure did dude let go see if we can find it."

It had fallen straight down and so he was easy to find. Clay handed the knife to Terry and told Terry where to cut. Terry swallowed real hard and cut the underside open. Then he pulled out the innards just as he saw Gary do. He thought he was going to puke. Then Clay handed him the rag to wipe off the blood and guts and that made things better. Terry put the squirrel in the bag.

They continured on the hunt. And before it was over they had nailed two more squirrels. Terry had gotten one of them and Clay the other. Clay suggested they go back to the barn where they skinned all the squirrels 5 in all and took them in to wash and refrigerate them.

"Terry, do you think your parents would let you stay and have squirrel for dinner w ith us."

"Oh I'm pretty sure they would. They really like me running with the hunter's safety instructor. Where is the phone."

"Right over there Terry."

"Tell them we will bring you home when we are through probably around 8."

Terry came off the phone with tears of happiness in his eyes. "They said sure. "They would see me when I got there."

"Great Terry I am glad you can stay. You are really a nice kid you know it."

"Gosh thanks Clay that was nice of you to say."

"Well now the next thing we need to do is get all the ticks off each other."

"Ticks, you mean those little bugs that bury their head in you and give you diseases."

"Yep you got it. The woods are full of them and we always find some on everyone. Let's go in the bedroom and strip down to nothing and check each other out. OK?"

Terry said, "I guess I don't ever go where there are any I have never been though this before."

"Well as you will see there is really nothing to it Terry don't worry. Far better to get them off us than have one bury his head in one of us."

"Gosh I guess so." said Terry.

They all followed Clay into the bedroom. Gary followed Terry as he couldn't get enough of looking at that perfect ass.

(To Be Continued)

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