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Ticks Chapter 13


When they got into the bedroom for the tick hunt Terry said, "You know this getting nude stuff could get habit forming. I kinda like it."

"Well you know why you like it Terry, especially at your age, it's kinda sexy." said Clay.

"Yea I have never been in a place where I could talk about it before and I love it."

Clay and Gary started undressing and Looked over and Terry had gotten nude faster than they had and was sprouting a hard on.

Gary saw this and immediately became hard himself as he could see Terry's awesome butt from where he was standing. Clay saw Gary hard and so he got hard too.

Terry said, "Look we all have wood."

"Yea you mentioning the magic word sex is what must have done it Terry you must like sex."

"Oh Ya!"

"Well if you will sit down on the bed I'll let Gary start with your hair."

Gary started in massaging Terry's head. Just touching this beautiful angel made him really hard and he was leaking precum like crazy.

Terry noticed the precum and mentioned it. Then he reached out and got some on his finger and put it in his mouth. "Ummmm that taste good."

Gary couldn't believe this kid. He kept massaging his head and found a tick near the left ear. He pulled it out and showed it to Terry and went to flush it. Next he continued on the hair as there still could be more. Terry was moaning as it felt so good to have his head massaged like that. Gary finally was satisfied no more in the hair so Gary took one arm and Clay took the other arm and checked the armpits first. Clay found one and went to flush it. And then came back and continured. They both went down the arm and did the tracing lines thing on his hand. This really set Terry off as it tickles so good. Then Gary and Clay continued doing their side massaging down to the nipples and making them hard, seeing the kid still had a boner. They went on down and checked their side of the little pubic hair. Then Clay took the hard on and checked it and pulled up the balls and looked under them. Sure enough on the left ball he found another little tick and went and flushed it. Then they went on down his legs and took 5 minutes each on a foot massaging away. Then after the feet they worked their way back up the inner thighs and Terry spread his legs giving them a slight look at that beautiful pink ass hole. Gary thought he was going to loose it and cum right there. "Now Terry turn over on your stomach and we will check the other side."

"There now you have my back for a while."

Gary said, "I take it you like this huh, Terry."

"Yea it is embarrassing to admit but yea I do."

Clay said, "Well dude this is the last place you ever have to be embarrassed about sex because we all love it. And we are just as hard as you are."

"Yea I guess your right you both are." said Terry.

"No sin in being human Terry." Said Gary.

They started massaging up at his shoulders one on each side and worked their way down to his butt which even Clay had to admit was as near perfect as God could have made it.

Gary spread the cheeks and held them open so Clay could see too. They just looked at each other and smiled. Clay wet his finger and did the perineum search but he was already so hard he just included the ass hole to give him a charge.

"Oh God that feels good Clay."

"Yea a lot of people don't realize the sex feelings an ass hole can have."

Then they went down his legs and back to the feet. Since they had already done the foot rub they came back up the legs and rubbed the inner thigh all the way to the butt again.

"Can I show you something that feels real weird and good at the same time Terry?"

"It's your ball game Clay."

Clay got the lube and lubed three fingers. Then he said, "OK Terry push out like you had to take a shit real bad."


Clay stuck his middle finger all the way up into the colon. God what a perfect ass. It was oh so tight and smooth and hot. It was just everything perfect. "How does that feel Terry?"

"Oh strange but so good too. Can you push in harder."

Clay pushed in another inch or so by pushing real hard. Terry moaned real loud when he did that. Then he finger fucked him for about 5 minutes and listened to the moans and groans all pleasure sounds. Clay then added a finger. He pushed it all the way up to the colon and asked again, "How does that feel Terry."

"Tighter but good. Can you fuck me with two fingers like you did with one."

Clay grinned and looked up at Gary. He sign languaged Gary to get three fingers ready. Gary quickly lubed three fingers. Clay pulled out and Gary went in with three fingers. "How is that Terry."

"OUCH that smarts."

Gary said give it a minute and the pain will go away and it will feel good again. OK?"

"Yea. It is getting better but wait another minute. OK now Gary go ahead it has quit hurting and it is starting to feel good again."

Gary went on up in him all the way with his longer fingers and felt the colon fluid and just wanted to stay in it. But he started finger fucking him twisting and turning as he did.

Clay said, "You know why using three fingers is important in certain cases Terry."

"No why it sure feels good now."

"Well have you ever heard the guys at school talk about corn holing?"

"Yea a lot. That is where they stick their dicks up each others butts a lot of the guys do it or at least they say they do."

"Well some of them do. Have you ever been corn holed Terry?"

"No but I have always wondered what it feels like."

"Would you like to give it a try I will do it as my dick is much smaller than Gary's if you want to try."

"Yea if it feels this good sure."

Gary removed his fingers as Clay was lubricating his dick real well. Clay told him to roll over on his back again. When he did he lifted his legs and told him to put ankles to his ears. Terry grunted as he got in the awkward position. Now Terry push out like you have never pushed before and it will make it much easier for you.


Clay was on his way. And to make it get over with quickly he pushed on in fast right up into the colon and then some. "How does that feel Terry."

"Oh it burns and hurts something awful when you first went in but now the pain has gone away and I just feel full."

"That is normal Terry now I am going to go easy for a bit and get you used to it." So Clay started short stroking and slowly speeded up. He heard Terry, "umph...umph...umph...umph..." as he pushed in each time. Then he started long stoking slowly and told Gary to get on his dick and let's make him cum. So Clay started pounding on the prostate with each plunge hearing every pleasure sound in the books coming out of Terry. Gary in the meantime was giving the best head he could taking his 6 inches all the way in and tonguing the head when he bobbed up and down. After about 3 minutes of this.

"Oh My God....Ahhhhhhh.....Ohhhhhhhh....God..... I'm....turning...inside out....ahhhhhhh....Ohhhhhhh... Oh God, Oh God...don't ever make it stop." and then Terry collapsed and made no moves at all. While he was cumming it set Clay off and Clay filled him with about 8 or 9 shots of hot cum at the same time. This had to be the most awesome feeling of the kids young life.

They all lay together and Gary stuck out his tongue at Clay and Clay could see the kid had cum for the first time. "Terry you did it you came. Look at Gary's tongue."

"Is that white stuff me."

"Yes Terry it is you, you came and boy what a cum. Stick out your tongue." When he did Gary was right on it sucking like crazy. This started Terry doing the same thing. After about 2 minutes Terry pulled loose and said is that taste I'm tasting my cum Gary?"

"Yes dude it is all yours."

"Oh awesome I came...I came. Oh God I came. I am so fucking happy."

Clay said, "Yes that is quite an experience for anyone Terry I can remember my first cum and you will always as long as you live remember this one."

"Oh I'm sure I will. While I was cumming I felt you shooting hot cum clear up inside me that was awesome too."

"Well you have had quite an experience for a tick search. ha ha."

"Yea you can say that for sure." Terry said.

"Now Terry would you like to a tick search on either one of us or would you rather we do it to each other."

"Can I do both of you Clay. I really would like to."

"Sure who do you want first."

"Well I don't want to be partial. Here I am going to flip a coin. If you call it right you go first." He flipped the coin and Gary won.

"OK Gary come and sit on the bed." Terry started out massaging his head and sure enough down toward the left ear he found his first tick. He flushed it and went over the head again but found none this time. So he went down the right arm and traced the lines on his palm. He though this was fun. Then he lifted his right arm pit and rubbed around in the hair and found his 2nd tick. He flushed it. Then he went to the left arm and did the same but found none. Then he wanted Gary to lay on his stomach first. So he started down the back rubbing hard as he went and when he got to the butt he spread it wide and looked in. He put his finger on the ass hole and smelled it. Not bad. Then he released the butt and continued on down the legs and rubbed the feet about 5 minutes each. Back up the inner thigh with his eyes on the ass hole as Gary spread his legs. When he got to the butt again he wet his middle finger until it was almost dripping, and started up and down on the perineum. He included the ass hole on this and had Gary ready to cum. He wet his finger and stuck his finger up Gary's ass as what is good for the goose is good for the gander. He finger fucked him for a while and then told him to turn over. When he did he found a giant hard on sticking up for him to look at. He started at the shoulders and got both tits hard and then went down and did the push in on the intestines thing and release fast. Gary thought he was going to loose it with this kid working on him for to Gary he was a living Adonis. Then he took hold of Gary's penis and licked the precum off the end. "HMMMM" he said. So he squeezed on it and more came so he licked that off. Then he stuck the head in his mouth and started sucking and bobbing on it. He was getting precum like mad. He took his fingers and wet them with his mouth and stuck two of them up Gary's ass hard. That sent Gary off and he was cumming in Terry's mouth. Terry kept up with it and didn't loose a drop. Then Terry finished his body and asked Clay to sit down.

After seeing that Clay very willingly sat down hoping he would get the same thing. Terry started on the hair and found two ticks on his head. He flushed them. Then he did the arm and arm pit procedure and asked Clay to lay on his stomach. When he got to the butt Clay got finger fucked too. Maybe a little longer than Gary had. Then Terry went down and did the feet about 5 minutes each and back up to the perineum. He wet his finger and did the perineum thing but found it hard as a rock because he knew Clay was already hard. So he told him to turn over and did his front. When he got to the dick he licked the precum first and then started giving head like mad. He bobbed for about 5 minutes. Clay didn't think he would be able to cum again so soon but he wasn't sure with this kids talents doing this to him. All of a sudden he got two fingers hard up the ass right into his prostate and he came and came again. Terry was really enjoying this and swallowed every drop again. Then Terry said, "Gee I like tick hunts this was so cool."

"Well I like tick hunts too the way you do them Terry." said Clay.

Gary spoke up and said, "Ditto dude."

They all showered and washed each other and dried and put on just their undershorts and went into the living room.

Clay went into the kitchen telling Terry to turn the TV on anything he wanted. Then Gary joined Clay as it was fix dinner time again. When they got it ready there was plenty of squirrel for all and he served it with Corn on the cob and left over corn muffins. It was really good as they all had all the meat they could consume. Gary wrapped the left overs and put them in the refrigerator, cleaned up the kitchen and even Terry helped so it went fast. They noticed it was news time so they went into the living room and Gary sat on the couch and Patted the seat next to him to get Terry to sit there. They were all in their undershorts so Gary asked Terry to lay over his lap with his butt on his dick. Then he said, "Terry since you have such a nice butt do you care if I rub it while we watch the news."

"No Gary here" and he pulled his undewear down to his knees. Gary got immediately hard as there was nothing he would rather have in his lap right now. He started rubbing his but softly and spread the cheeks and rubbed a wet finger over the anus not wanting to push on what had to be a sore ass hole. He smelled his finger several times during the news and didn't want the news to ever end. He rubbed on Terry's perineum to make him hard and when it was reached under him and said, "You know Terry a guy your age can cum several times in one day and it has been long enough if you want to."

"Yea I want to how do I make it happen."

"Well put your head on my lap and roll over." Gary started masturbating his dick to show him how. "Now think sexy thoughts things sexual you would like to do." Here take over with your hand and do what I am doing to you. Do it the way it feels best to you."

So Gary watched as Terry started rubbing his dick up and down and closed his eyes. He started sweating on his brow and pretty soon he said, "Oh God...Oh God...It's ...happening....again...Oh God....ahhhhh....uhhhhhhh.....Oooooooo....God..." Cum spurted all the way up to the middle of his belly and then down accordingly. When he finished he just lay there panting. "I did it...I again..Gary."

"Yes you sure as heck did. And you can do that as much as three or four times in a day if you can find the privacy."

"Wow this is really super."

Gary slid out from under his head and started cleaning him with his tongue. It tasted so fresh and hardly any salt at all in it. It was like licking pure honey. He finished cleaning his belly and then sucked on his dick to get any remaining sperm but didn't find much.

Clay said, "Well today you joined an exclusive club if you want to belong Terry."

"What club is that Clay?"

"Well every other Saturday beginning with this Saturday we are going to pick up all the members at Glen Rose at 1pm and take them back there to meet their parents at 5:30PM. We are going to call it a swimming get together but a lot more than swimming will go on. All member of the club have been through what you went through today and love sex and having sex with each other. Does that sound interesting to you Terry?"

"Wow interesting isn't the word, AWESOME is the word. Can I come this Saturday?"

"Yes you are invited Terry and there are about 7 of you now and it will grow I'm sure."

Wow! That is the most awesome thing I have ever heard of I will be there at 1 unless for some reason I can't come because my parents have made plans or something. But I think I can get them to drop me off anyway seeing how it is you."

"Good Then We will see you on Saturday Terry and be looking forward to it."

"You'll be looking forward to it I doubt I sleep Friday night just thinking about it."

"Well I am glad you are happy about it and want to join."

"Well we better run your home now and we will see you on Saturday."

They piled in Gary's car and headed out for Terry's house which was just a short ways up Traskwood road. When they pulled up his mother waved and yelled thank you for inviting Terry.

"It was a pleasure having him. He shot a squirrel and we had squirrel for dinner as I am sure he will tell you. Bye now."

They pulled away and got home tired and collapsed because tomorrow was going to be the first skeet shoot.


Everyone on the list showed up. So Clay went through the basic safety rules again. Then he showed them how to break the shot guns except when loaded. "OK now boys let's all go outside and start." Gary and Clay carried the guns out and the skeet were already out there. "Draw a number out of the hat and that will be the order you shoot in." Everyone drew a number and then lined up according to that number.

"OK I don't have all your names memorized yet just a few so tell me your name when you take your turn. Who's first."

"I drew number 1 Clay and my name is George Rankin."

"OK George now all of you listen up as I explain to George what to do. First aim at something about 30 feet out on the ground so your eyes are in the sights and ready. Then say the word PULL and that signals the sting puller to let one go. Then when you hear the skeet thrower fling the skeet come up with your eye on the sight and find it and shoot. OK Now George do you understand?"

"Yes Clay I got it." So George aimed at a stick out on the ground and yelled pull. When the skeet hit the air he came up, found it, and fired. The skeet went singing through the air doing somersaults. "That counts as a hit. Gary please keep score OK?"

"You bet Clay."

"Who drew number 2?"

Pete stepped up and said I did. Clay said OK Pete I know your name for sure so yell pull when ready."

"PULL" The skeet flew and Pete hit it dead center blowing it into a million pieces. "That's a hit." said Clay.

"Number three's next."

"That's me and my name is Randy Hopeful."

Gary eyed Clay and they were both thinking the same thing let's get this boy beautiful in the club.


The skeet flew and he winged it counting as a hit. "It is a hit." said Clay.

Who's number 4.

"That is me Adan Night."

While things continued Gary called Randy over and congratulated him on his hit. "Say Randy what are you doing Sunday afternoon?"

"Well we get back from church around 11 and then nothing."

"Would you like to come over and go squirrel hunting with Clay and I we were planning on going Sunday."

"Would I Gosh you bet I would. What time?"

"Could we pick you up at Glen Rose at 1pm. You do live close don't you?"

"Yea I can walk to Glen Rose I do it all the time."

"Good then we will see you at 1 on Sunday. If for any reason you can't make it here is our phone number OK?"

"Oh I am sure I can make it with the hunter's safety instructor going."

"How old are you anyway Randy?"

"I'm almost 14. I'll be gong into the 7th grade this year."

"Good then we will see you Sunday." Man what a beauty he is. His hair is auburn and he has hazel eyes that look right through you. He is normal height for his age and has that perfect swimmers body with the beautiful butt they all seem to share.

"Who's next number 5."

Jim Sandborn came up and said "Me Clay."

"OK Jim just say pull when your ready."

"PULL" Jim hit it dead center. "It's a hit Gary."

"Good shooting Jim."

This went on for several hours and then they read off the scores at the end. Wanting to see all of them nude Clay said, "How about a swim to cool off. Skinny dipping is what we do here so you don't need a suit."

Everyone followed Clay into the pool area and Clay to start things took off his clothes and put them on a chair. The others looked at each other and started stripping themselves. When Gary saw Randy he poked Clay and said "He is coming over squirrel hunting Sunday at 1."

"Good job he is perfect."

Clay dove in to get things started and soon the pool was full of naked boys. Clay and Gary had them diving off their shoulders in no time. And when one of the boys they knew came over they would grab each other by the crotch and smile. This went on for almost an hour and then everyone being tired got out and dried. They all stood around looking at each other in the nude like they didn't want to dress. Clay finally said, "Well we could stay nude or get dressed and since it is getting toward 5 we better get dressed as your parents will be here at 5:30. So they all dressed half of them had hard ons.

They all went in the house following Clay and Clay gave each of them a pop. "Did you enjoy yourselves today boys?"

A resounding Yes was heard from all. "Well get your name on the clip board as soon as everyone has had their turn and do it again."

They all shook their heads yes. Clay led them into the living room and turned on TV cartoons so they had something to do while waiting to be picked up. Parents started coming around 5:20 and all the boys were gone by 5:35.

"Boy what a day." said Clay.

"Yes I am really tired Clay but I got another Adonis for the Saturday club if he goes along with it, which most kids would."

"Yes just so we don't seem pushy as we wouldn't want one of them joining that really didn't want to. It could cause trouble."

"Yea we better be careful."

(To Be Continued)

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