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Ticks Chapter 14



Gary and Clay both took vehicles to Glen Rose at 12:50 as the boys were suppose to show up at 1pm. By 1:15 they were all there and since they knew why they were there most had hard ons already.

When they got to the house Clay asked them all to sit in the living room for a minute. "Now boys you all know this is the first meeting of your new club. This is a sexual party and I want you all to understand that. Is there anyone who doesn't want to take part. If so I will take you home. Seeing no one raising their hands I guess you are all for it. If all of you will follow me to the back bedroom I have lined chairs up around the room. Take off all your clothes and put them on a chair and then return to the living room. That way should someone unexpected come during your party you can all head for that bedroom and get dressed and come out like nothing had happened. Soon all the boys were back in the living room naked and hard.

Now the first thing I want you to do is just sit here and drink your pop. One thing people do when they are going to be sexual is clean themselves out. So I am going to quickly take each one of you, one at a time, and rinse your insides out. It doesn't hurt and you will feel good when I am though. So Pete why don't you come with me first. He led Pete into the bedroom. Pete just lay over the bed with your butt up and over the edge of the bed on that towel. Clay went in and filled the sink with warm almost hot water. Then he squeezed the bulb and filled it with 2 qt of water. He used KY and got it well lubed. Carrying it in to Pete he saw Pete's eyes get big. "Don't worry Pete I have been doing this all my life and it never killed me yet. First I am going to lubricate your intestines." Clay put KY on his middle finger and pushed it all the way up into Pete's colon. Of course he liked this part. He finger fucked him several times to coat his insides with KY. Then he took the lubricated Bulb and pushed the long nozzle clear up into his colon. He squeezed the bulb all the way until it was empty.

"Oh God Clay I really have to go."

"Try and hold it 5 minutes if you can, it will do a better job. But when you can't hold any longer head for the toilet and poop it all out."

Clay went back in the bathroom and cleaned the nozzle for the next person. He refilled the sink and had everything ready. He felt Pete go running by and water being discarded into the toilet like mad. "When you are though I want to see the color of the water to see your condition. The darker the water the more you needed it." When he was through he wiped and got up. Clay looked and it was a light brown so he wasn't in that bad a shape. Your fine Pete and clean now. Step in the shower and rinse off your dick and anus really well. I am going to get the next guy.

"Jim Sandborn you are next." Jim got up and followed him like a scared puppy dog. Lay over that towel on your stomach with your butt at the edge of the bed. He took the KY and lubricated him with his finger again finger fucking him for a minute. Then he got the bulb and put it up in him to his colon. He told him he was going to feel real full but just hold the water for 5 minutes if he could. But when he had to go make a run for the toilet. Then he squeezed the bulb until it was empty putting 2 qt of water up inside Jim.

"Oh man I have never been this full in my life."

"Hold it for 5 minutes if you can if not head for the toilet." Clay went into the bathroom and prepared it for the third guy. He felt Jim go behind him and when he hit the toilet it was like an explosion. Jim don't flush it when you are through as I want to check and see what condition you are in. When he finished and wiped he stood and Clay could see some pretty dark water. Boy you really needed that Jim your insides were really built up. You should feel real good tomorrow.

"Gosh I already do feel a lot better Clay."

"Now step in the shower and rinse your dick and clean your anus real well and then get out and dry and return to the living room.

This went on for about 40 minutes until everyone was cleaned out and showered. Now they would be clean for the sex orgy.

"OK boys you should feel pretty good now that you are cleaned out. See this jar. It has $5.00 worth of quarters in it. Now everyone get themselves real hard as the first one to cum after I say go gets the jar full of quarters." They all looked excited when he said this. "The first one to cum yell squeegee when you cum. That is the magic word."

"OK everybody ready. Go!" The whole room was full of jacking boys and they were going at it like never before. Pants and heavy breathing were everywhere. After about 4 minutes someone yelled SQUEEGEE!

Looking around the room there was Tommy Jones full of cum all the way up to his chin. Clay picked up the jar and handed it to him and everyone congratulated him. He was all smiles. Gary gave him a towel to dry off with.

"Now not counting Gary or me there are 6 of you so far. This group will slowly get bigger. If any of you have a close friend about your age tell me and we will invite him for a squirrel hunt or a walk to see where I saw the water moccasin. Then do a tick search and see if he is going to qualify. This group has to be highly confidential. Please don't tell anyone, not even your best friend about the group as word travels mouth to mouth and we don't want our group known by anyone but you. OK?"

All the boys chimed in and said yea no one but us.

"Now skipping Gary and me I am going to assign you a number to make things work smoother. Pete your number 1. Jim you are 2. Kyle your 3. Johnny your 4. Tommy your 5, and Terry your 6. Now we won't use these numbers for everything but when we need them you have them. Now Gary and I want in on the first exercise. I will suck Gary and he will suck Pete, and by number so on. So you just suck the next number guy. We will form a 69 circle like we have done at times in the past. Let's do it right here on the living room rug. I don't care if any of you cums but try not to so you will be fresh for the next part. OK let's get started. 1st line up side by side according to your number. There now you have your partners on either side of you. Terry since you are last you will complete the circle by sucking on me. OK start.

It wasn't long before all you could hear was sucking noises and moans and groans coming from all over the room. Clay was glad he lived way out in the country as it was quite loud. Everyone including Clay and Gary were in 7th heaven. This went on for about 5 minutes and then Clay said, "OK now stop before someone cums. Let's keep our load for more fun things."

"I am going to hand each one of you a pocket size tube of KY so you always have it available. So now make a circle where you are on your hands and knees and again in a circle but this time Terry you will be behind Pete as that is where the circle starts and ends. Now one, two, and three finger the guys ass ahead of you."

Smiles could be seen all around the room as most of the boys loved doing this. Gary and Clay did each other in a 69.

Boy the moans, groans, and an occasional ouch could be heard all over the room. When Gary had three fingered Gary for a while he said, "OK Gary and I are through are you all finished too?"

"Yea we are." came from all around the circle.

Clay said, What comes next?"

"We get to fuck the guy ahead of us?"

"You got it. Now if any of you want to sit out on this one just go to the couch and have a seat. No one will ever call you chicken or anything. Remember you are here to have fun and if it isn't fun to you then sit it out."

No one moved to the couch so Gary said, "OK seeing no one sitting out go ahead and circle fuck. Try and fuck the guy ahead of you while you are taking it up the ass at the same time. You have never done this before but I think you will enjoy it. Again Terry you will fuck Pete."

Clay watched as they all hooked up. What a site to watch. Gary and Clay decided they could fuck later they wanted to watch. They watched the faces and the dicks going in and out. Wow, what a scene to watch. A video of this would sell a million and they would spend the rest to their natural lives in prison.

After about 12 to 15 minutes the Ahhhhhhhh...Ohhhhhh...God's started. This was really fun to watch as the pleasure on the faces was supreme. This kept up until the last one came. As both front and back parties came they just stayed there so as not to break the circle until everyone was through.

Finally the last one finished and they all collapsed on the floor a panting mess. Everyone was trying to catch their breath at once. The sound was amazing. After about 5 minutes the breathing slowed to normal. Some of the boys had another dick in his mouth by now and some were French Kissing. So Clay just let them do it for a while. Then Clay said, "How about a swim. After all this is a swimming party."

Everyone got up with out answering and Clay handed them each a pop on their way to the pool. Soon everyone was having a ball in the pool as they were playing legal grab ass. That was what an orgy was for after all. Clay and Gary got in on this part as both of them had their favorites they wanted to grab. This went on for almost an hour. Clay got out and went to check the time. It was 4:50 so he called everyone out to dry and then directed them to get dressed that they had to go back to Glen Rose School to be picked up in half an hour.

So they all went to the back bedroom and dressed. Their hair was still wet and definitely looked as they had been swimming so Clay told them not to comb it as they wanted to look like they just came from a swimming party. They all agreed.

Finally about 5:20 Clay told them to get in the vehicles. "How many want to do this again in two weeks."

He got a resounding yea from everyone Barr none. It was really as loud as a cheer.

They all piled into the cars and off they went to Glen Rose arriving at 4:28. Some of the parents were waiting already. So Clay got out and introduced himself. They all thanked him for giving the boys so much fun. And also for teaching them Hunter's safety. Clay felt so proud. If they only knew. Whew!


It was time for Randy to show up and Gary already had a hard on. This kid was a true Adonis. If only he showed. Sure enough about 2 minutes after 1 the doorbell rang and It was Randy all smiles.

"Gosh I didn't think 1 O'Clock would ever get here." said Randy.

Clay responded, "Well I'm glad you feel that way Randy. Would you like a pop?"

"Sure I am kinda dry."

They all had one and chatted with Randy at the same time sitting in the living room. "Randy can I ask why you are only going into the 7th grade instead of the 8th?"

"Yea I started one year late because my mom was sick and couldn't take me."

"How is she now Randy?"

"She is better now she is in recovery from breast cancer surgery when I would have been a 1st grader."

"What about your father Randy."

"Well I really never knew him he was in an accident and killed while my mom was pregnant with me. So it has been just mom and me."

"Oh I am sorry to hear that Randy."

"It's OK I'm used to it now. Besides I never knew him."

"Have you ever been hunting before Randy?"

"Gosh no I have never even held a gun except last Wednesday crossing the fence in hunter's safety."

"Then you should enjoy today huh."

"Oh yea, I can hardly wait."

"Well why don't we drink up and be on our way then."

They all got up and headed for the back door. Gary got the 22's and Clay got the 10 gage and headed out back. Clay showed Randy how to tell if a 22 was loaded or not. And then had him load it as Gary loaded his. Now put on the safety Randy, it is right here push it forward. Now to check and be sure it is on aim out there at the ground and pull the trigger. When he did of course it wouldn't pull. "It's on alright Clay."

They started walking down toward the path to go through Clay's property's woods. "See that path there Randy. It goes to Pete Clanton and Jim Sandborns place about 3/4 mile that way."

"Gee I know both of them at school. And they are in your hunter's safety course too."

"Yes they sure are. Now start watching for movement in the trees. The squirrels are usually near the top of the trees but can be anywhere."

Randy's eyes started searching as they walked. Randy was sharp as neither Gary or Clay saw the squirrel he aimed at. He fired and darned if a squirrel didn't fall. That was rare that Clay didn't see the squirrel at least before someone fired. "I got him, I got him ...OH my God I got him." Randy was jumping up and down like a mad man. He was on the run and went right to the squirrel and picked him up by the bushy tail and said, "Look I got him."

Clay said, "You sure did Randy and I never even saw him did you Gary?"

"No I didn't see him either."

"So Clay handed him the knife and he just looked at it."

"You have to gut him out so the meat doesn't spoil. Lay him on his back and cut from here to hear through the skin."

"Now What?"

"OK, reach inside and pull out the heart, lungs and the guts and throw them aside. I have a rag for you to wipe your hand with."

Randy made a you gotta be kidding face and then did it. "Ooooooo that's sick."

Clay handed him the rag and he couldn't wipe his hand enough. "Now put the carcass in the sack on my back."

Randy did like he was told. He was still a little white and peaked around the gills. "What if you shoot a deer?"

"Same thing gut him out to save the meat."

"Man that must be quite a mess."

"Yes there is a little more to it. Imagine an elk."

"Oooooo that would be horrible."

"Well to be honest with you Randy you don't even think about it at the time you are so excited to get the animal."

"Yea I guess your right."

"Now on with the hunt."

They continued on. All of a sudden they came around a big rock and Clay said, "FREEZE!" Then he blasted away with the 10 gage making a real loud boom. He walked over and picked up a dead rattle snake. "I told you there were rattle snakes around Gary."

"Boy were you ever right."

Clay put the snake which was about 5 ft. long in the sack. "What are you gonna do with him bury him."

"Haven't you ever eaten rattle snake Gary."

"God no. I have heard you can but never even thought about it."

Randy had a scared look on his face but continued walking but a little more carefully.

After 3 minutes or so Gary shot and another squirrel bit the dust. He cleaned it and put it in the sack.

They kept walking and it was almost to the property line Clay saw one and fired with the ten gage which didn't give the squirrel a chance. It fell like a dead weight.

After cleaning it he put it in the sack and now they had dinner. "What you say we leave any others for another hunt. Follow me and I'll lead you to the field." When they reached the field they were way below where Clay used to ride his cow to get apples out of a single apple tree. So they walked toward the barn. Clay skinned the animals including the rattlesnake and in they went.

Clay put the meat in the refrigerator and then got each one a pop out and they went in the living room and drank it and talked about the hunt. Randy was talking a mile a minute about the rattle snake and all the squirrels they got. He could hardly wait to tell his mom.

"Randy it is OK to tell the world about the hunt but anything else of a private nature we talk about we use the saying WHAT IS SAID HERE STAYS HERE."

"Yea I understand Clay. Don't worry I won't talk about anything private to anyone."

"That is good Randy because we have to do a tick check on each other and that is considered private. We don't discuss that with anyone."

"Yea I can see that Clay."

When they finished their pop Clay put the cans in the bag in the kitchen and said, "Well we better get the ticks off one another. Have you ever done tick checks at home Randy."

"Yea mom looks me over if we have been in the woods and I check her too."

"Good then it is not something new for you."

"Follow us to the bedroom it is easier to do it in there. And then we can shower when we are through."

They all walked into the bedroom and Clay and Gary started stripping off their clothes so Randy followed suit and soon there were three naked guys standing there.

(To be Continued)

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