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Ticks Chapter 15


"Well Randy we will let you go first that way if you want to help out by doing one of us you can. Is that OK with you?"

"Clay how could I say no after all you have done for me. I'll never forget this day as long as I live, especially the rattlesnake."

"OK Then have a seat here on the bed so I can reach your head." Clay started massaging his head really good and heard Randy moan. When Clay got to the back he found a great big tick and pulled it off and showed it to Randy.

"Gosh that thing would have buried that big head all the way in me."

"Yes that is what they do if we don't get them first alright." Clay flushed the tick and continued on with the head. Darned if he didn't find another tick, but much smaller down by his right ear. He pulled it off showed it to Randy and flushed it. Then he did the head again to make sure he hadn't missed any but found no more. He went down his arm, while Gary went down his other arm at the same time.

"Gosh this really feels good the way you do it."

"Yes I do it the way my dad did me. Be sure you keep this private as I don't want your mother thinking we overstepped our bounds."

"Oh don't worry she will never know anything about today except, what happened at the hunt."

"Turn both palms up Randy." When he did they traced the lines real gently on his hands twice. This is the neatest feeling and Randy moaned from it.

Both Gary and Clay lifted the armpits which were pretty hairless at age 14 and Gary found another tick there. So he flushed it. Then they worked their way down his body rubbing as they went making him moan even more. "Lay on your stomach now Randy."

When Randy rolled over both Gary and Clay got instant hard as that butt was perfect. Clay saw what Gary meant. He could sure spot them. They worked their way down slowly rubbing his back and when they got to the butt Clay opened it up wide. Both he and Gary almost fell in they both wanted to see his ass hole so bad. "I don't know whether any one ever mentioned it to you Randy but you have one fine body and an even nicer butt." ha ha

"No but I know a lot of kids are always looking at my ass."

Clay and Gary laughed at that and continued on down his legs and each took a foot for 5 minutes of foot massage. The moans and groans continured. Then they started back up the inner thigh and Randy spread his legs sighing. When they got to the beautiful butt again Clay wet his finger to see what condition Randy's dick was in. He started rubbing up and down on the Perineum and found it almost hard when he started and hard as a rock within seconds. Then he wet his finger again and included the ass hole.

"Oh that feels better than anything Clay."

Clay continured even wetting his finger again and pressing in on the anus until it gave way and accepted his finger about an inch. This brought on a real moan of pleasure.

He pulled out his finger and asked Randy to roll over. Of course there was a stiff dick standing straight up covered by precum. "Gosh that's embarrassing Clay."

"No that is normal. Look at mine. Look at Gary's. See we are all men and men react the same way to certain stimuli."

"Oh then I don't feel so bad. Clay is what you said about anything said here stays here really true?"

"Yes Randy there are many secrets kept within these walls that will never escape. They will go to the grave with us."

"Well I ...I have...never told...this to anyone before...I'm scared... to say it..."

"What in the world could be that much of a secret to you Randy."

"Well I have known since I was about 9 but never told anyone...I mean anyone. Clay I am gay."

"Well Randy join the crowd so am I and Gary thinks he is too."

"Really that is so rad. How old were you when you knew that."

"Well I was about 8 when I knew I was different and by 12 I knew for sure. Gary what about you?" Clay asked.

"Well I was just like Randy no one knew until you Clay."

"Wow! That is really something. I started messing around with other boys when I was 12 and have been doing so since."

"Well you were my first Clay." said Gary.

"Gosh Gary you were just like me. I have never messed around at all I am so afraid of being called gay or fag." said Randy.

"Well Randy three people know now. You and Gary and I. So that should make life a little easier on you."

"You bet it does. I am so happy I told you now."

"Well we better get on with the tick hunt don't you think?"

"Yea what a relief go ahead."

Gary and Clay started to proceed making both tits hard which made Randy even harder if that were possible. He was leaking profusely now even down onto his pubes. Then kept going and Clay did the push in the stomach thing and released it fast. "Ooooo gosh that felt strange."

"Yea a friend of mine got in my pants that way once."

"How did he do that Clay?"

"Well he started pushing right here. And then the next push was here. and then the next on down under my belt line and I got hard. Then he asked if he could loosen my belt to finish and of course I said sure. Then he went down to just above my pubes and ran into my hard on. This brought up the subject of me being hard and it went on from there until we did a mutual jack off and ended up jacking each other off."

"Gosh that would work I just never thought of it."

"Another thing you can do Randy is give a back rub to some guy. To start just grab him from the back on the shoulders and start rubbing his shoulders. All guys like this. Then tell him to lay down and you will do his back. When he does pull his shirt up and he will usually take it off. Then give him a real good back rub. When you get to his butt rub it through the pants and keep right on going to the foot rub. Rub his feet about 5 minutes each like we did you. Then start back up the inner part of his leg and thigh and when you get to the area behind his balls and in front of his ass hole rub up and down like I did to you. You didn't know it but I was deliberately making you get a hard on. Then I included your ass hole and sent you sailing. Then when you turned over I knew you would be as hard as a rock and he would be too. Usually somewhere along the line he takes his pants down so you can reach his legs or something."

"Gosh Clay you really know a lot."

"Yea but remember Randy it takes someone to start anything or absolutely nothing will happen."

"Yea I guess your right there."

"Well lets continue our search." Clay reached down and lifted his balls and found another tick hidden away. He flushed it.

"Randy have you ever had someone give you head or a blow job?"

"No but I always wished someone would."

Clay pointed at Gary and Gary was right down on it. Gary gave good head and really went at it. Clay got KY on his middle finger and spread his legs and stuck his finger all the way up in his colon.

"Oh God you guys that is so cool I might cum."

Clay said, "Don't worry about it we like the taste of cum." Clay kept finger fucking him bringing on moans and groans. Then he went up in him all the way with two fingers avoiding the prostate. He finger fucked him with two fingers for a while listening to the pleasure sounds coming out of Randy. Clay thought he would be different and three finger him to get him to cum so he lubed three fingers and plunged them directly to the prostate hard. That did it.

"Ohhhhhhh....God......Ahhhhhhhhh...I'm cumming....Ahhhhhh...umph...."

Randy filled Gary's mouth overflowing with about 7 or 8 ropes of cum. He had really been turned on. "Oh gosh, I have never in my life cum that hard. Thanks guys."

"You are welcome. Why don't we take a break and have a pop and a swim and if you want I'll teach you something else."

"Want...want...God...this is the first time in my life I have ever had sexual fun and you ask me if I want. You bet I do."

They all went naked into the kitchen and Clay had him call his mother and tell her he was invited for dinner. She said fine. Oh and mom Gary said he will bring me home. Yes mom I will be home by 9.

Clay and Gary looked at each other and smiled. They both knew there would be one less virgin in the world by 9. "Let's head for the pool Randy."

When they got to the pool area they sat their cans on the table and dove in nude. They played around, even some grab ass which they all enjoyed especially Randy. Then Clay and Gary let him dive off their shoulders. After more than a half hour they all tired and got out and dried off.

"Gosh that was fun Clay." said Randy.

"Yea a pool can be fun if there are more than one in it. It gets kinda boring alone though."

"Yea I can see where it would after you swam a few laps." said Randy.

They all walked back into the house and Clay said, "Well Randy we can get dressed or do some more sexy learning."

"Oh lets get sexy. This has been so much fun. Remember it is the first time in my life I have been able to be sexy."

"Yea that's true. Come on in the bedroom. Gary why don't you sit on the bed and let him do a tick search for you."

Randy acted real excited when he heard that. SO he started with Gary's hair and massaged it real well. He found a small tick right near the top. He took it and flushed it. Then he went over the head one more time just to be sure. No more were found. Then he went down his arm while Clay went down his other arm. They did the tracing of the palm lines twice and then back up to the arm pits. They check them both and Clay found one. He flushed it. "Now turn on your stomach Gary." said Randy. They started down Gary's back and when they got to the butt Randy spread it wide as he could. He looked at the ass hole and decided to touch it. So he rubbed his finger on it and then he smelled his finger. Not bad. So they went on down the legs and did the foot rub. Then back up the legs on the inner thigh and when they reached the butt Clay showed him how to do the perineum with his middle finger. "It feels hard already Clay."

Gary said, "That is because it is."

"Oh. So Randy told him to roll to his back. His 8 inch dick was standing straight up toward his belly button. Randy looked at it and licked his lips. Then started down his side of the chest while Clay did the other side. When he got to the dick he picked it up and then lifted the balls and looked under them. He found another tick and flushed it. Then he came back and said, "Do you care if I give you head Gary?"

"No I love it Randy especially if it is you doing it."

Randy smiled real big at that and started licking all the precum off the tip and then took it in his mouth and found quite a mouth full as Gary was so big. He went as far down as he could and gagged. Clay told him how to avoid gagging so he kept trying until he got it to go half way down his throat but couldn't get the whole 8 inches in. So he started bobbing up and down. Clay took three fingers and plunged them to the prostate all at once and Gary yelled, "Ohhhhh...I'm...cumming..." and he let loose of about 8 ropes. It was all Randy could do to not loose any of it but he swallowed and swallowed and kept up with it. He kept some in his mouth and said, "You want to taste it Gary?"

"Sure Randy."

So Randy put his tongue in Gary's mouth and Gary sucked on it starting a French Kiss that lasted about 5 minutes. Randy pulled loose and said, "That was great. I love the taste."

Then Randy and Gary did Clay the same way. And Randy got to suck him off and swallowed it all. Then he French Kissed Clay for about 5 minutes. "Wow! What a day. I never even dreamed of really being able to give head."

"Well now that we are through the de-ticking process I have something else to show you. Gary lay on your stomach for him will you?"

Gary had no argument with that as anything this Adonis did to him would be just fine.

"Now Randy take this KY and lubricate three fingers. There. Now put your middle finger all the way up Gary's butt as far as you can reach." Randy could hardly wait he had been wanting to do that so long. So he stuck his finger up into just the beginning of Gary's colon.

"Now finger fuck him hard and fast Randy." Clay said.

Randy went ape when he said that and finger fucked so fast it was like a blur. These young 14 year olds can really move.

"Now add the second finger Randy and do the same thing finger fuck him fast."

Randy like this. Man this was great. He started the same fast finger fucking with two fingers for about 3 minutes until Clay stopped him.

"Now use three fingers and do the same."

Randy did as suggested by Clay.

"OK now Randy take some more KY and jack off with it. Get your entire dick coated really well."

It was fun to watch how fast he could jack off and he had it coated in nothing flat.

"OK Gary roll over on your back and ankles to your ears."

"Now Randy see that ass hole. It's yours stick your dick all the way up in there."

"You mean fuck him."

"That is what they call it. And let's see how fast a 14 year old can fuck."

That was a challenge and so Randy put his dick to the hole and Gary grunted pushing out. Randy stuck his dick all the way in in one long push. Randy's dick was between 6 and 7 inches so Gary felt it for sure. He started fucking and speeded up as he went. It wasn't long before he was jack rabbit fucking him. He was going so fast the sweat was running off his forehead and dripping on Gary. Gary was ringing wet all across his forehead too and both were breathing like there wasn't enough air in the world for two. Randy kept this up for more than 10 minutes and Gary knowing it was Randy in him gave it up.

" ....good....I'm cumming...."

The spasms from the orgasm set Randy off and he came and came and came. More than he had ever cum before. " good...."

He fell on top of Gary who was covered in his own cum and they lay stuck together by cum trying to catch their breaths. After 4 or 5 minutes they finally were able to breath.

Randy said, "That was the most awesome thing I have ever done in my entire life. God I like you guys."

Clay got them a towel to dry all the cum off them selves and then told Randy to lay on his stomach. Clay started one, two, three fingering Randy to his moans and groans and an occasional ouch. He twisted his finger to loosen him up as he was one tight 14 year old virgin. Then he went to the drawer and got the big dildo. Randy's eyes bugged when he saw it because he knew where it was destined to go.

"Now Randy I am going to put the dildo in you so you will be stretched all the way where if someone corn holed you it wouldn't hurt. OK?"

"Yea will you corn hole me Clay?"

"Sure but let's get the dildo in first. Now push out like you have never pushed before and hold it until you have to breath. "Uhhhhhhhhh" Gary pushed hard as it is always hard to get a dildo started. It finally gave way and he pushed it all the way as far as it would go in one plunge.

"Oh OUCH that thing is big. Oooooo...will it quit...hurting so bad.."

"Yes all pain will go away in a minute or so just grit your teeth and bare it."

Randy was sweating profusely as it hurt so bad but he said no more. After about a minute he said it had quit hurting now.

"So Clay turned on the vibrator and started fucking him with it."

"Oh I like that vibrator it feels good Clay."

"Good I will fuck you for another couple minutes and then you will be ready to lose your cherry."

"That's right I won't be a virgin any more. I have fucked and will be fucked so I got it both ways."

"That's right Randy. Now I am going to take out the dildo." Clay heard Randy sigh. "Now turn on your back and put your legs like Gary did. I will fuck you as my dick is smaller than Gary's OK?"

"Yea the smaller the better that is for sure."

"OK now that you are in position ankles to ears push out again really hard. If you want less pain keep pushing out all the time until you are totally used to it."


Clay didn't want to mess around with pain for him so he plunged all the way up into the colon in one push. "How ya doing Randy."

"Man it was like you were sending a log up my butt, but after the dildo it really doesn't hurt bad. But I sure feel full Like I had to take a giant crap."

"That is normal now I am going to start slowly and speed up gradually."

"OK Clay I trust you."

Clay started short stroking him slowly and kept speeding up until he was going like a house a fire. Then he started long stoking him slow at first and speeded up. After about 15 minutes he started hitting on his prostate on every push. He knew he was getting to him now.

"uhhhhhh....uhhhhhhh....uhhhhhhhh...uhhhhhhh... Ohhhhhhhh....God...I am cumming....again...ahhhhhhhhh....ohhhhhhh..."

That was all she wrote for Clay too as the spasms set him off and he put about 8 ropes of hot cum clear up in Randy's colon. Then he lay over on Randy putting most of his weight on his side with his leg over him. They lay there trying to catch their breath they lost 10 minutes ago and it took a full 5 minutes before either one could talk. Randy reached over and stuck his tongue in Clay's mouth and started a French Kiss he loved these so much. They went at it for about 10 minutes and then broke.

"Wow! Clay I though fucking was good and it was, but being fucked is also awesome. I don't know which I like best. Can we do it again."

"Well the only way you could do it again is if Gary did it I am plumb tuckered out."

"Gary would you. I'm good for more."

This was music to Gary's ears. He said, "Sure if you think you can take another fuck now."

"Oh I know I can especially if it is you."

Gary wanted to make it easier on him because of his humongous dick he told him to lay over on his stomach.

Randy layed over and spread his legs. Gary got even harder when he saw that perfect ass staring at him and he was going in it. "OK now push out hard Randy."


Gary pushed slowly but steadily until his entire 8 inches had straightend out a place in the colon to get to. "How ya doing Randy?"

"I'm used to it now Gary but man you are up in there a lot farther I can tell."

"Yes I am longer and fatter than Clay so this will be the fuck of your life."

"Well get with it then. What are you waiting for."

Gary couldn't believe his ears so he started short stroking and then speeded up.

Uhhhhh...uhhhhhh...uhhhhh..oh good...Gary...uhhhh..."

Gary hearing all the pleasure sounds started long fucking him and when you are long fucked by 8 inches you know you are being fucked. He started hitting on the prostate again really hard on each stroke until.

"Ohhhhhhhh...I can't ...cumming...again..."

When he started his orgasm it drove Gary crazy and he let lose too. Gary had never cum so much in is life. But of course he had never had a butt this nice before. He came and came and came. And then he collapsed on Randy's back and hugged the kid like there was no tomorrow. Randy really liked this by the sounds coming out of him.

After 5 minutes or so they finally got up and Randy got another kiss for about 5 minutes.

"Man is my butt hole sore. I hope I can walk straight."

"Yea I'll bet it is. Neither of us is small and you took the dildo too." said Clay.

"Why don't we all go for another quick swim. That will cool us down and make your butt hole better Randy."

So they headed for the pool and Randy found that he could walk but like he had been riding a horse for two days.

They all dove in and Gray rubbed Randy's anus gently trying to make it feel better. Randy certainly wasn't complaining any so it must have felt good to him.

They finally all got out and dried and Clay started the dinner. Gary helped him and Randy just watched cartoons for a while.

When dinner was ready they called Randy and they all sat down to a squirrel and rattlesnake dinner. Randy said, "You really cooked the rattle snake."

"Yes their meat is a delicacy and is very expensive to buy. See how you like it."

They all ate their meal and found the rattle snake to be as good or actually better than the squirrel. Of course their were candied yams and french fries to go with it. So all in all they all got full. After they ate they all pitched in and did up the dishes and then sat in the living room. Randy sat as close to Gary as he could get. Gary put his arm around him and gave him a big hug. Then Gary got up and went in the bathroom and came back with some Vaseline intensive care lotion. He told Randy to take his underware off and lay over his lap and he would put some lotion on his sore butt hole. Randy did as told and moaned as Gary applied and kept rubbing the lotion for about 15 minutes. "Do you want me to stop now Randy?"

"No Gary it feels so good I have a hard on. Gary said, "Join the club." So Randy reached under him where the lump was and found it to be Gary's dick. So while Gary kept rubbing his ass hole he squeezed Gary's dick in spasms that matched the rubbing. Gary was overwhelmed by the feelings he was getting and knew if he kept it up he would have wet underware. But he really, at this point, didn't care.

Clay spoke up muting the TV. "Randy how would you like to come to a swimming party every other Saturday. We just had one so it will be a week from next Saturday. There are 6 other boys who like sex like you do and so they end up in a sex orgy. Would you like that?"

"Would I...Wow! Would I ever. That would be like the dream of my life."

"Well you qualified today by fucking and being fucked as they all can do the same thing. They suck each other too."

"Really, how rad. How old are they?"

"Well they range from 12 to 15. I think 3 are 12 or 13 and 3 are 15. You would be the only 14 year old so far. Members who have real close friends can tell me and I will invite them over for a hunt or a walk in the woods so they have to be de-ticked. If they fuck and are fucked then they can belong to if they want to. Nothing is forced on anyone."

"Wow! That is so cool. You guys are so cool. I have a real close buddy that is 14 too. We never messed around but I think he would if someone started it. He is blond and looks like he came from Holland or something. He has the whitest skin and actually I hate to admit it he is better looking than I am."

Gary spoke up and said, "That would be hard to do, to be better looking than you are."

"Well I think he is anyway. He is fucking gorgeous."

"Do you know his phone number.?"

"Oh yea I call him almost every night. We talk and talk."

"Why don't you call him and ask him to come with you over here tomorrow or soon anyway and shoot skeet. Then we will take him in the woods to where I saw the water moccasin and we will all have to be de-ticked."

"Oh you are one sly guy Clay. Yea I'll call him where is the phone."

"Tell him about what a great day you had today that might encourage him. Of course don't ever disclose any of our secrets."

"Oh don't worry no one will ever hear anything from me about the sex stuff."

He went to the phone and they talked for at least 10 minutes. It was hard to overhear the conversation as The TV was on and there was too much background noise. When he came off the phone he was all smiles. "I got him to agree to meet us at 1 tomorrow at Glen Rose. He lives close to me so I will come with him, isn't that what you want."

"Yes Randy that will make him more comfortable as I don' think I know him."

"Yea he took hunter's safety last year when he was 13."

"Well it is getting late we better get you home so you can rest up you have had quite a day today."

"Boy you can say that again. Say Gary that lotion you put on my butt hole really helped it is hardly sore now."

"Well I'm glad it did Randy. Let's head for our clothes and then the car and I'll take you home."

They drove him home and on the way back Gary said, "No one could be better looking could they Clay."

"Well I guess we will see tomorrow."

(To be continued)

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