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Ticks Chapter 16


When we woke up Gary kissed me and got me turned on. I was piss hard and had to go. When I got back to the bed he went. Then he came back and we were both almost hard still. I rolled him over and spread his cheeks. I looked at that 17 year old ass hole like breakfast. I went down on it and stuck my tongue in and started tongue fucking him. He moaned and pushed his ass up so I could reach better. Now I was hard as a rock again. I heard him pushing out so I got farther in him with my tongue and forced as much spit in there as I could. I wet my middle finger and stuck it in and finger fucked him for a while and then back to the tongue. He was really sloppy wet now. So I got the KY from under the bed and jacked off with it and then with his cute ass up in the air like that I mounted him and stuck it all the way in. He moaned like a sick cow. I started fucking and he started making pleasure sounds. This went on until I was dripping with sweat and so was he. All of a sudden I knew I couldn't hold it back anymore. Just as I shot my first load he shot his. This was great we came together at almost the exact same times. It was awesome. After it was over we lay next to each other trying to catch our breath. When we did we started French Kissing and kept it up for over 10 minutes. What a morning with my beautiful lover. He was so good looking I thought of just how lucky I was. We decided to shower and make breakfast.

I made some eggs, sausage, and toast and we ate talking about what our day might bring. Both of us hoped we would indoctrinate a new member. It was going to be difficult with two boys here at once. But one was already a member so maybe it would work out only time would tell. "You know Gary it probably would be better if you de-tick Randy in one room, and I de-tick Eric in another bedroom separately. I think I would have a better chance to get further with him."

"Yea Clay that sounds like a plan."

At 10 minutes to 1pm we left in Gary's car to go get the boys at Glen Rose. When we got there we didn't see them so we got out and enjoyed the morning sun. Soon here came two dots and as they got bigger we could tell one of them was Randy. Next to him was almost a toe head. He had pure blond hair almost white. As they got closer we could tell that Randy was right he was better looking than Randy and Randy was an Adonis himself. As they approached Randy hollered, "Hey! How ya doing Gary and Clay."

"Fine we were just enjoying the morning while we waited. We just got here less than 5 minutes ago." said Gary.

Clay said, "Introduce your friend."

"Oh Yea this is Eric Grant. He has only been here for one year."

"Well welcome Eric we are glad you could come." said Clay.

"Thanks for inviting me. I really appreciate it. Randy is my best friend too so I am looking forward to today."

"Well Pile in and we will head for the house. It is only about a mile down HWY 67."

They pulled into the driveway and got out. Everyone followed Clay inside the house. "You boys want a pop?"

"Sure." said Randy.

So Clay handed them both one and took one for himself and Gary.

"Why don't we take a swim first and get cooled off."

Eric said, "Gosh I didn't bring my suit."

"That's OK Eric we don't use suits as it is just us guys."

"You mean you swim nude?"

"Sure why not we are all boys and have the same equipment." said Clay.

"That sounds kinda exciting." Eric responded.

They went pool side and everyone was nude in less than a minute except for Erick who was a little shy and took his time getting nude. But finally he made it and they all dove in.

Gary swam over to Clay and said, "Gosh talk about an Adonis. Did you see his butt. And not a hair anywhere except on his head. He doesn't even have hair on his arms or legs. And those eyes did you ever see that color blue before."

"No Gary calm down. He is a beauty all right."

Gary and Clay started letting them dive off their shoulders and that way got to know Eric a little better. It is funny how interaction where touching goes on brings people closer. And of course they had to hold onto their legs until they dived.

After about 20 minutes Clay said, "Well I don't know about you but I am ready for a skeet shoot."

Everyone agreed and followed Clay out and started drying. Both Clay and Gary were getting their eyes full of Eric while he was still nude. Gary even glanced at Randy as he was almost as good too. Especially their butts. They were perfect.

They went back into the living room where Clay took down the shot guns and told Eric the safety rules surrounding these guns. Then they went out with unloaded guns to the skeet shoot area. "Now Eric when it is your turn you aim at something on the ground about 50 feet out like that stick over there. Then when you say pull we pull the string and release a clay pigeon. You come up and find the pigeon in your sights and squeeze off the trigger. It may take a few before you catch on.

Eric said, "Gosh all this is so exciting."

"OK Randy why don't you take the 10 gage and get ready."


The skeet went into the air and Randy pulled up on it and hit it dead center. Everyone cheered. "Gosh I got it."

"You sure did now give the ten gage to Eric. Clay showed him how to load it and where the safety was. But since you are ready to shoot don't put the safety on. Just make sure your mussel never passes anything you don't want to kill. Now look at that stick out there. Have you got it in your sites?"

"Yea so PULL"

The skeet went flying and Eric came up found it and fired. He winged it and it went sailing like a half Frisbee. Head over tails.

"Good shot your hit it. Just not dead center."

Gary aimed the 12 gage at the stick and said, PULL."

Gary came up and hit it dead center too. This made him really happy as he didn't want to miss after the boys had both hit.

Clay took the last turn. He aimed at the stick and yelled "PULL."

The skeet hit the air and he pulled up and nailed it dead center.

"Wow! One perfect round." said Clay.

This continued until everyone had shot ten times and they figured up the score. Clay 9 out of 10, Gary 8 out of 10, Randy 7 out of 10, and Eric 6 out of 10. "Not bad for your first shoot Eric. Did you enjoy it?"

"OH Yes that was awesome. I really like skeet shooting."

"Well the guys from hunters safety do it every Friday. Maybe we could sneak you in this Friday as a guest. Would you be able to come?"

"Oh Yes as soon as I mentioned Hunter's safety instructor my mom was all for me coming."

There is was again. That title. Clay was sure using it to his advantage too.

Clay said, "What you say we take the guns and clean them and put them up. Then have a pop."

So everyone followed him to the barn where he had his gun cleaning equipment and cleaned the two guns. Then into the house to put them away on the wall racket. Then he got everyone a pop and they all sat in the living room.

On the way to the living room Clay whispered in Randy's ear, go along with me. Then when they got seated Clay said, "You know their is a trail behind my place that a couple of the boys that come over take. I took it one time when I was about your age and came face to face with a water moccasin. It slipped off a branch and into the water. It just about scared me to death.

"Really said Randy." going along with Clay.

"Yea would you like me to show you where I saw it?"

Randy spoke right up and said, "Yea that would be cool wouldn't it Eric?"

Eric answered, "Yea I'd like to see that too."

That was all Clay had to hear. He now had a reason to go into the woods and get some ticks. They finished their drinks and put the cans in the bag in the kitchen under the sink. Then Clay said, "Well we might as well get started. It is almost half a mile to where I saw them. As they walked Clay pointed out the place in the pear tree where he made the mistake of shooting the hornets nest when he was 13 and how he got stung. So don't ever think those bees don't know what is after them. They kept walking through the thick underbrush following the trail until they came to the stream and the tree that the Moccasin was in. "See that branch right there?" he pointed. "That is the branch it was on and it slipped down into the water right under that."

The boys walked over to the bank and looked down into the stream to see if they could see anything out of curiosity. Of course nothing was there.

"Well you have seen it I guess we better start back."

So they walked back and on the way Randy said, "Clay would you de-tick me we all know there are a million ticks out here."

"Sure Randy we can do each other. Have you ever had to de-tick Eric?"

"No we lived in the city until just recently when we moved to Glen Rose and I spend most of my time at Glen Rose playing ball or something."

"Well then it will be a new experience for you. There is nothing to it though all we do is look each other over. We usually find 2 to 5 ticks on everyone. You know ticks bury their heads in people and can make you real sick with several diseases."

"Yea I have heard that at school."

When they got to the house they had another pop in the living room and then Clay said, "To make things go faster why don't you do Randy, Gary. And for the sake of privacy I'll do Eric in my bedroom."

"Sounds like a winner Clay."

So they finished their pop and put the cans away. Then Randy went with Gary, and Eric followed Clay.

"Now Eric since we have already seen each other in the nude this is no big thing. Naturally to search you for ticks I have to be able to see your skin and you must be able to see mine. So let's put our clothes on separate chairs and get started."

With that Clay stripped in about 20 seconds. Eric was almost twice as slow but finally got nude. Gary could see that he was uncut and had a beautiful head on his dick. "Now Eric I will do you first so you know how to do me OK?"

"Sure, I am not nervous at all as I feel like I really know you Clay."

"Well thank you for saying that. Now there is one rule we have in this house. All the boys that come to the swimming parties and skeet shoots and just stop by abide by this rule. The rule is WHAT IS DONE AND SAID IN THIS HOUSE, STAYS IN THIS HOUSE. I wouldn't want you to go telling your mother or anyone that you had to skinny dip or strip to be searched for ticks. They might take it wrong. And anything you tell me in private will remain between you an me and vi-ca versa OK?"

"Yea Clay I wouldn't say anything to anybody anyway. I keep secrets real well. I won't even tell Randy things you tell me private."

"OK that's fine. Now sit here on the bed so I can search your hair. You certainly have light colored hair."

"Yes my background is Swedish."

"Well that explains it then." Clay started massaging his head and found his hair to be so fine it was like kitten fur. He really gave him a good massage and got him moaning. Then next to his ear he found the first tick. He pulled it off and showed it to Eric and then went and flushed it. Then he started down the arms massaging as he went and when he got to the hand had him turn it palm up. Clay sat beside him and put his hand on his lap almost touching his now hardening dick. Then he started tracing the lines on his hand real gently almost barely touching him. "Does that feel good to you?"

"Yea really weird. No one has ever done that to me before."

"Well one of my friends, when I was about your age showed me." Clay kept tracing twice and then moved to the other side and took his other hand and layed it on his lap where it just touched his dick. He saw that Eric was responding as he was sprouting a hard on. He traced the lines slowly on this hand and Eric moved his hand on top of his dick. Clay thought this was a good sign. So he traced again slower. He was getting real hard now and Eric was rock hard. "I see you really like this." motioning to his dick.

"Yea I really do. It is kinda sexy and I love sex."

"Well good so do I as you can see."

"Yea you got a woody just like I do." Eric turned his hand over and squeesed Clay sending shockwaves thought Clay. Clay reached down and squeezed his as he was doing it to him. "You like that."

"Oh Yea!"

"Well we may get back to that but let's get on with the tick hunt for now." Clay went up his arm and then stood up his dick standing straight out in front of him right in Eric's face. Eric's eyes were right on it. Clay lifted his arms and checked the arm pits but found none. "Now lay on your tummy and I'll do your back." Clay started at the neck and rubbed real well all the way down the back. Then he got to that fantastic ass. He spread his cheeks real hard stretching the ass hole. He looked at the ass hole and drooled. Then he let go and did the legs and massaged the feet. Back up the inner thigh and Eric spread his legs for him automatically. When he got to the perineum he started the up and down movement with a wet middle finger. Eric was really moaning now. So Clay decided to include the ass hole. He wet his finger again and then did the perineum again this time doing from the ass hole down. The moans were really load.

"Oh God I never felt anything so good. Can you push harder."

Gary wet his finger and said, "You mean here and pushed his finger all the way up in his ass to the colon and past the first turn.

"Oh that feels so good. No one has ever stuck anything in there before. Push harder."

Clay decided to finger fuck him hard since he was asking for it. So he pushed and pulled and really got into it. "Like this Eric?"

"Oh Yea!"

Clay wet the second finger and went up in him all the way with it. "How does that feels Eric."

"Tight but awesome."

Clay started really fucking him with the two fingers and decided it looked like he was going to get a cherry. So he added a third finger.

"Ohhhhhh...that is really tight...but it feels so good..."

Clay started twisting and turning his finger way up in there to really loosen him. He kept this up for 5 minutes or so. "Eric have you ever heard the guys at school talk about corn holing?"

"Yea I guess some of them do it too. But no one ever offered me."

"Would you like to try it?"

"You wouldn't tell anybody would you?"

"Remember the rule in this house what goes on here stays here. And what goes on between you and me stays between you an me."

"Well then corn hole me."

Clay put a pillow under his dick and got him right on the edge of the bed. Then he lubricated his dick really well and told him to push out like he had to pass a giant turd and keep pushing out. Then Clay put his dick to the hole and when he heard "uhhhhhhhhhhhh,." He pushed it all the way up into the colon all at once.

"Ohhhhhh...OUCH....that smarts....Ahhhhhh...oh God..."

"Eric it will only hurt a short time then it will start feeling good like it did with my fingers. Tell me when it starts feeling good."

After about 2 minutes Eric said, "It's feeling OK now."

Clay started slowly short stoking him and then speeded it up.

"ughh...ughhh...ughh...ughh...ughh...ughh... Oh that is feeling so good now."

Clay started faster and faster and was now rabbit fucking him with short stokes.

"Oh that is so good go faster and harder."

Clay couldn't believe this kid. So he started long stoking him fast as he could go. Then he pulled out and stuck it in, and out and in, on the long strokes because that tortures the prostate. All of a sudden after about 15 minutes Clay heard.


When the spasms started it set Clay off and he came more than he had ever come but of course he always thought that. He came and came and came pushing it all the way up deep into the colon.

Then Clay lay on top of his back and then rolled off a little to the side so they could catch their breath. They were both wringing wet now. They huffed and puffed for almost 5 minutes and finally Eric said, "That has to be the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. I love it. Can we do it again."

Clay said, "Not for a while as it takes a while to build back up cum again. Especially for us older people."

"Yea I can see that. I can cum again in 5 to 10 minutes myself."

"That is because of your age Eric." Now we have to finish the tick hunt. Turn over." Clay lifted his balls emptied of cum and found another tick. He was almost drowned in cum but he flushed him. Then he quickly checked the rest of him and told him it was his turn now.

Clay sat on the edge of the bed after drying Eric off with a towel. He saw Eric was hard as a rock again. Being 14 he had about a 6 inch dick. It was quite impressive. Eric started massaging Clay's head and found a tick and flushed it. Then he decided to do the under arms and found another. He flushed it. Then he went down to Clay's palms and sat by Clay and put his hand palm up right on his hard on. And traced the lines three times. Clay could feel him flex his dick a couple of times and so Clay started getting hard again. Then Eric moved to the other side and did the same thing to the other palm right on top of his dick. "Now lay on your stomach Clay." When Clay turned over he got the best back rub. This kid had Swedish in him alright and his hands were quite large for his age. His fingers were an inch longer than Clay's. When the got down to the butt he spread it and looked and liked what he saw. So he took his finger and rubbed it on Clay's anus and then smelled his finger. He liked it. He went on down and did the legs and feet and then back up and wet his finger and did the perineum area. He ran into a bump and found another tick. He flushed it. Then he continued on the perineum adding the ass hole like Clay did. He wet his finger and stuck that long thing all the way up deeper in Clay that anyone had ever been. "It is so warm up here. What makes it wet?"

Clay explained that to him and he immediately took out his finger and smelled it. He like it so he was right back up in there this time with two long fingers. He finger fucked him really fast, like a 14 year old can, and then added the third finger and twisted and turned it just like Clay had. "Clay would you let me corn hole you?"

"Sure if you have enough energy."

"I do."

"Here let me show you another way and Clay rolled to his back and put his legs up over his head."

"Gosh that puts your butt hole right here." Clay told him to jack off with KY to get his dick slippery. Then he told Clay push out. When clay did he had 6 inches all the way up into the beginning of his colon. Then the kid just started fucking and boy could he fuck. He was going so fast it must have appeared a blur from the side. This went on for about 20 minutes or more until they were both gasping for air and wringing wet. Finally Eric said, "Ohhhhhhhh....God....I...can't hold it anymore... and he started cumming...ahhhhhh....ohhhhhhhhh.....God......I'm ....still .. cumming."

Clay didn't' think he had another cum in him, especially after having sex with Gary this morning but he started cumming again and came and came about 6 ropes all over his stomach.

Eric collapsed next to him and they just lay there for about 6 or 8 minutes exhausted. They finally caught their breath. Eric said, "That was so awesome Clay. Thank you so much."

"I should be thanking you dude you are really something."

Mean while in the other room they had just finished up. They found three ticks during the search. Randy said, "Gary you know how we corn holed the other day?"

"Yea it was great."

"Could we do that again?"

"Sure you go first."

So they both got fucked royal as Randy could fuck as fast or faster than 17 year old Gary. They finished up about the same time the other room did and lay there in sweat and cum. Gary licked off all the cum on Randy loving every minute of it. "Ummm you taste so good."

"Oh Gary thank you. You are the nicest person in the world."

"Thank you Randy. You aren't so bad yourself."

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