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Ticks Chapter 17


Eric can I tell you that I enjoyed this de-ticking a lot. You are really a nice guy. And boy can you fuck. You know I can tell you now something I couldn't tell you before. Every other Saturday we have a swim fest here and there are currently 7 guys that cum to it. All 7 have been though being fucked. At least once. So the swim fest turns into an orgy and everyone has sexual fun together. Now that you qualify I would like to invite you to join the group. What do you say?"

"Would it be breaking a rule to ask you if Randy is a member."

"Yes it would but he can tell you himself. Let's go into the living room, put on your briefs, and I will get him aside and ask him if it is OK."

"Awesome Clay."

They went into the living room and saw two guys that looked like they had been though the wringer. They were both full of sweat and looked tired. Clay said, "Randy could I speak to you for a minute in the kitchen?"

"Sure what's up?"

They walked into the kitchen out of earshot of the living room. "Randy I have a ticklish situation here. I have to ask you if I can tell Eric if you are a member of the swimming club."

"Sure you can tell him, is he going to join too. Well We will know that after you tell him you are."

They went back into the living room and Clay told Randy to tell Eric what he wanted to tell him. "Eric I am a member of the sex club or I guess you call it the swim club."

"Wow! Really then yes Clay I want to join."

"OK now you are the first one to know the name of the secret club it will be "TICKS". So if I ask to see the members of the ticks after a meeting you know to stay.

"What if someone ask us what a tick is?"

"Just tell them they would have to ask Clay or Gary." said CLay.

"Well we finally got that out of the way. You see boys I can't say anything about one of you that is personal unless I have your permission. Just like I trust that you wouldn't say anything about anything that goes on here except skeet shooting and swimming."

"Eric did know during the de-ticking."

"Yea and that is why I am invited to join. It was so cool. So you have done know too?"

"Yes I have fucked and been fucked. There the truth is out."

"Oh that is so awesome. It is really cool isn't it?"

"Yea it is I love corn holing."

Clay said, "Well we got that out of the way and now our club has 8 members. Remember if you have any friends that are your age and you want us to take them on a tick walk and do a de-ticking then they too could become members. But you can't tell them anything about the club etc. Simply because they might not go for sex."

"Yea I get what you mean." said Eric.

"Well I guess after we all have a pop we can take you guys back to Glen Rose. OK?"

"Sure this has been some day." said Eric.

"And Eric you and Randy are always welcome here. I appreciate a call first to be sure we are going to be home and not busy. Here I will write my number on a slip of paper for each of you. And Eric if you want to sit in on the hunter's safety course on Wed. nights at 7 you are sure welcome even though you have already passed it. You might get to meet a lot of the boys from this area."

"Yea that would be cool. Sure I'll come."

"Let's all get dressed and then off to Glen Rose."

Everyone went to put on their clothes they hadn't put on yet and came back to the living room. Gary said, "OK guys I'm ready if you are."

They took them back to Glen Rose and then Clay and Gary just walked around. They were really looking for some more boys that were in their hunter's safety course. When they finally gave up and started back to the car they heard "Hey Clay." When they turned around and looked it was auburn hair almost red, Charlie Jester. "Hi Charlie what is happening."

"That's what I was going to ask you."

"Well we dropped off a couple of guys and now we were headed back to the car. Say Charlie have you ever done any skeet shooting?"

"No as a matter of fact that is why I am taking hunter's safety as I want to be able to go shooting with my folks when deer hunting starts. I have never even fired a gun. Except a BB gun."

"Well if you would like you could come shooting skeet with us tomorrow at noon."

"Wow! I'll have to ask my mom but I am sure she will say yes for me to go to the hunter's safety mans house."

"Here is money for the phone go and ask her. Tell her we will pick you up here at Glen Rose tomorrow at noon and have you home by 5 as tomorrow night is hunter's safety night."

"Yea that's right today's Tuesday."

He went to phone and came back all smiles. "She said it would be fine as long as I am home by 5 so I can eat and get ready for hunter's safety."

"Good then we will see you right here at noon tomorrow."

Clay and Gary said good bye and took off for home. "Gosh Clay we might have another member."

"Yea only time will tell. He isn't as cute as the two Adonis' but he is a good looking lad. I would say he is probably 13 wouldn't you?"

"Yea he looks a year younger than Eric and Randy."

They drove on home and cooked up a good dinner and watched TV for the evening arm in arm.

11:30 Wednesday

Clay and Gary changed cars in the garage so they could use Clay's car for a while. After all fair is fair. They drove to Glen Rose and got there a couple minutes until 12. There he was all smiles so they let him in the back door and headed home. "How ya doing today Charlie?"

Just fine I am so excited about getting to fire a real gun. Thanks you so much for inviting me."

"Well we skeet shoot almost every day around 1 so why not share the fun with guys in the course."

"Well I am sure glad I ran into you yesterday."

They pulled into the driveway and went into the house. Clay got a pop for everyone and they sat down in the living room.

"I hear you have a pool too."

"Yes we do Charlie."

"Is it true that you guys skinny dip?" Charlie asked rubbing his dick.

"Yes we are all guys and most of the guys don't have their suits with them so we usually do. Charlie is that a woody your rubbing there. Don't be frightened we all get them. And anything that is talked about or done in this house or around here is top secret. You can say anything and know that it won't go anywhere. Of course we ask that you do the same keep things said and done top secret."

"Oh yea I'm good at that and yea I do have a woody just thinking of seeing you and Gary naked makes me hard."

"Really you must think we are good looking or something."

"Yea you guys are really good looking. I wish my Uncle was."

"Why do you bring up your Uncle Charlie."

"Well I can't say it is one of those top secrets you talk about."

"Well nothing is secret here Charlie, you can say anything and it won't go anywhere. We really keep secrets too."

"Well...I don't...know...he would kill me...if I ...if I....told you what he does to me."

"Well now you have made us curious what is it he does to you."

"Well have you ever heard of corn holing?"

"Is that what he does to you?"

"Yea he started doing it when I was 10 and I am 13 now."

"How often does he do it."

"Well anytime my parents leave which is quite often so I would say about 5 times a week."

"Does it hurt you when he does it."

"It did at first but now I really like it. I have gotten use to it I just wish he wasn't so old and was better looking. He is fat and hairy. That is why I get a woody looking at you two. You are both so good looking I just get hard looking at you."

"Well thanks Charlie. And thanks for trusting us with your secret. We won't tell anyone believe me. We might if he were hurting you but since you like it we won't say anything."

"Whew, I'm glad cause he would be so mad."

"Would you like to go swimming with us?"

"You mean naked?"

"Sure that is how we always do."

"Gosh yes I would love to go swimming with you guys."

"Well come on and we will head for the pool. You can bring your drink with you if you want."

They all went to the pool and when they undressed Charlie stood there with an almost 6 inch uncut dick standing straight out. This of course set Clay and Gary off and they got hard too.

"Wow! You guys sure have nice dicks. Good butts too."

"Well your not so bad yourself turn around so we can see your butt."

When he turned around he had a perfect butt for his size and his body was muscular much more so than most 13 year olds.

"You have a nice ass too Charlie. Do you work out. How did you get that nice body."

"Yea my uncle has a set of weights and I have been working out with him since I was ten. That was when he started fucking me."

Clay walked over and felt of Charlie's dick and pulled the foreskin back so he could see the head. It was really a nice mushroom head and really clean with no smegma at all. He was leaking cum like crazy. "Does this feel good to you Charlie."

"Oh yea, can I touch yours."

"Sure have at it."

"Gosh it is so hard. My uncles is bigger though. But yours is sure nicer looking. Can I touch you Gary?"

"Sure dude go ahead." and with that Gary was jacking Charlie's dick to see the head go in and out.

"I really like your dick Charlie. Have you ever had it up someone else's ass?"

"No my uncle won't even let me touch him."

"Well let's swim for a while and then maybe we can mess around a little would you like that?"

"Oh boy would I. I have jacked off thinking of you guys so many times and now your right here in front of me nude."

Clay dove in followed by Gary. It didn't take but a second for Charlie to be in there too. Clay had him dive off his shoulders and so did Gary. They were all coping a feel whenever they could as they were all so turned on. Their dicks therefore stayed hard even in the cold water. After about half an hour Clay said, "I've had enough I am going to get out."

When he got out so did they. They all dried and all three still had their perpetual hard ons.

"Do you want to go in on the bed and mess around before we shoot Charlie."

"Yea that would be awesome."

Clay led them to the bedroom and they all lay down on the king size bed. Charlie reached over with both hands and got hold of both guys dicks. They were leaking like mad. Charles went from one to the other and licked the precum off the ends. Then he stuck Clay in his mouth and started sucking him giving him the best head he had gotten in quite a while. So that Clay wouldn't end it by cumming Charlie went to Gary and did the same thing. Gary let out moans you could hear in the living room.

Clay said, "When your uncle fucks you does he lubricate you first?"

"Well he puts oil on himself but then he just forces it in. It always hurts for the first few minutes until his dick makes me slippery."

Clay said, "Well that is not the way it should be. Turn over on your stomach Charlie." Clay took the KY and got some on three fingers. He pushed one in all the way up into the colon just past the first curve. "How does that feel Charles?"

"Oh so much better than that big dick going in. I like it a lot. Especially since it is you."

"Well this is the way you are suppose to get some one ready for corn holing. Now I am going to use two fingers." Clay put in the two fingers and got a pleasure moan from Charlie right away. "I take it you like this."

"OH Yea."

Clay went ahead with three fingers. All he got was pleasure moans so he twisted and turned them and fucked him with all three finger.

"Oh that feels so much better than my uncle Please don't stop."

Clay fucked him for about 5 more minutes and then withdrew his fingers from the boy.

"Clay will you fuck me, corn hole me, what ever you call it."

"Yes but only after you have fucked me."

"You mean it. I have never done that before."

"Well now you know how to prepare a person for fucking. So prepare me."

Clay handed him the KY and layed down on his stomach for him.

"I can't believe this...I simply can't believe this...I have been jacking off to you for so long and now...."

"Go ahead and lubricate me like I just did you."

Charlie was all excited and took the KY and put it on all his fingers and started with his long middle finger first. It went in a lot farther than Clay had imagined it would. "Gosh it is wet way up in here."

"Yes Charlie that is colon fluid, you have it in you too. It keeps your bowels moving so you don't get constipated."

"OH." Charlie pulled out his finger and smelled it. It just smelled like musk really not bad at all. SO he went in with two fingers. He finger fucked him with two fingers for about 5 minutes. Clay was moaning because it always feels great when someone new is doing you. Then in went the third finger and he fucked him with all three and twisted and turned his fingers for about another 4 or 5 minutes.

Clay said, "OK you have me ready. Now take your hand you jack off with and put KY on it and use it to jack off with. It will make your dick real slippery."

Charlie did as instructed and was afraid he was going to cum from just touching his dick. "OK I'm well lubed now should I go in?"

"Yes Charlie but let me roll over on my back as you can get further up in me that way." Clay layed on his back and pulled his legs up over his head opening up the way to his ass hole. "Now tell me to push out when you are ready to go in."

"OK then push out."

Clay deliberately made a grunting sound to let him know it was time. The next thing Clay knew he had Charlie buried up to his balls in his ass. He started fucking him and it felt so different with the foreskin moving back and forth he really liked it. "Oh that feels so good Charlie can you go faster."

Charlie turned into a fucking machine and again no one can move like a young teenager. He was going so fast Clay was about to loose it. After about 5 minutes of this pounding Clay said, "Oh....Charlie.... you got me.....I'm cumming...ahhhhhh...."

When clay started cumming his spasms set off Charlie and he made so much noise as he came you certainly could hear it all over the house. Ahhhhhhhh....OHhhhhhhh....GOD......Ahhhhhhhhhhh...umph....umph....umph umph .....God.....ooooooooo..."

Charlie let lose of about 7 shots a lot for a 13 year old. Clay had let at least 8 ropes out on his stomach. Charles collapsed on Clay's stomach right in all the cum and layed there. Clay reached around him and gave him the warmest hug. "That was so Good Charlie."

"Oh....puff ...was....good...puff puff... that was.. my first.. puff...time...ever..."

"Yea I guess that would be special Clay puffed out."

They lay there for about 5 minutes and then Clay said, "Stick out your tongue Charlie." When he did Clay had it and was sucking the gee whiz out of it. Charlie responded by sucking his tongue which started a 10 minute French Kiss. Obviously Charlie's first.

Finally they broke and Charlie said, "That was the most amazing thing I have ever done sexually. Thanks Clay."

"You deserved it dude. Let's go and have a drink and then I have another surprise for you."

"Wow I wonder what that is."

"You'll find out."

They all went in the living room nude and drank their drinks. Clay had grabbed a towel and dried the cum off his stomach as he was dripping. They all sat and caught their breath while drinking their pop. Clay turned on the TV so they wouldn't be forced to talk.

"Gary can I see you a minute."

They went in the kitchen. Clay said, "Is it alright if I let him fuck you now. Then we will both fuck him."

"You bet."

They all sat in the living room until the pop was gone then Clay showed Charlie where to put his empty cans. "Let's go back in the bedroom for another surprise Charlie."

When they got to the bedroom there stood Gary with a hard on that stuck out a mile and Charlie's hadn't really ever gone down. Clay said, "OK Charlie lubricate Gary. You get to do him next."

"Really. Oh how awesome. This is the best day of my life." He took the KY and started with his middle finger all the way up in Gary's ass and then went to two and then three fingers in about the same time frame as before. "OK Gary are you ready."

"You bet I am Charlie."

Gary rolled over on his back and ankles to ears grunted.

When Charlie heard the grunt he was all the way up in Gary within seconds. "Oh this feels so good Gary." Then he started fucking him. Gary also noticed the different feeling with the foreskin going back and forth. "You want me to go fast too Gary?"

"Yea dude give it all you got."

All hell broke loose. It was like turning loose a mad bull. Charlie started fucking so hard you could hear him hit each time and there wasn't more that a second between hits. He was going like a house a fire. Since he had just cum he kept it up until sweat was just pouring off him. Gary was wringing wet too. His forehead was beads of sweat rolling down over his ears. This went on for at least 20 minutes when Gary lost it. "Ohhhhhhh.....God.....I'm....cumming...Ahhhhhh.... Ohhhhhhhhhhhh....God....oh shit......"

The orgasm spasms set Charlie off once again and he shot almost as hard as the first time. Then he fell in Gary's cum and puffed and puffed for about 5 minutes before either of them could speak. Gary reached around him and hugged him. SO he got hugged right back.

Clay said, "Let's hit the pool to cool off and then skeet shoot and then We will fuck you if you want."

"Want I can't hardly wait. It is my wildest dream come true."

They were all in the pool as fast as they could get there and dive in. The water felt so good to all of them they just lay near the edge and let the water cool them down. After about 10 minutes Clay said, "Well is everyone cool enough to go shoot?"

"Yea" came from both of them. So they got out dried, and put on their clothes. Then Clay grabbed the two shotguns and they headed out back. "Now Charlie here is how you load the 10 gage. And then you close it like this. This is the safety which you would use carrying it in the field. But since we are ready to fire we will leave it off. Just remember what you learned in hunter's safety.

"Yea I know never let the barrel point at anything I don't want to kill."

"You got it. Now you aim at that stick out there in the field so your eyes are on the sights. Then when you say pull we pull this string and it throws a clay pigeon out for you to come up and find in the sights your already looking through and fire."

"Here is the gun now aim at that stick. OK now when you are ready just say pull."


The clay pigeon flew and Charlie came up looking for it but never saw it so it hit the dirt and broke. "Let's try again Charlie now that you know where the pigeon goes. Aim at the stick.


Again the pigeon flew but this time Charlie found it and fired and blew it into a million pieces. "I got it ....I got it...Wow...I hit it.."

"Yes that was as good as you can do. Your score is now One out of two."

They all took their ten shots and then tallied the score. Clay 8 out of 10, Gary 9 out of 10, and Charlie 6 out of 10.

"Not bad Charlie for your first skeet shoot. Did you like it."

"Boy did I that was awesome."

"Let's go have another pop." Clay said.

So they followed him in and drank it.

"Well you know what comes next if you want it Charlie."

"Boy do I want it. Let's go."

(To be continued)

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