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Ticks Chapter 18


"Well we have finished our drinks. Are you still wanting to do what we do in the bedroom Charlie. You don't have to you know."

"Oh Ya this will be the first time I get fucked by someone I really like."

"OK follow me then."

When they got to the bedroom Clay let Gary get him ready using the three finger method. When he was ready Clay said, "Since my dick is smaller I will go first OK Charlie?"

"You bet I can hardly wait."

Clay jacked off with KY and then told Charlie to push out really hard and to keep pushing out until he was all the way in. Clay had him on his back with his ankles to his ears.


"That did it Clay, not want to prolong the agony pushed it all the way in in one push. "Hows that Charlie am I hurting you."

"No actually it was a lot easier than when my uncle does it because you lubed me up. It feels great. Go ahead."

Clay started in and soon was rabbit fucking him in long stokes and he was loving it. Clay could tell by the sounds he was emitting. This went on for about 15 minutes and Clay was exhausted and couldn't catch his breath anymore but keep going. He was dripping sweat all over the already sweaty body. Then Clay felt it coming. "Oh Charlie... ....gong to cum.....ahhhhhhhhh...Ohhhhhhhhhhhh...MY God...."

When he started cumming it set Charlie off and he was cumming at the same time all over his stomach.

"Oh God Clay that was the best fuck I have ever had." Puff puff and then he shut up and tried to catch his breath.

"Clay fell forward on Charlie and rolled a little to the side to get his weight off of him and layed there panting too. After about 5 minutes they could both talk and Clay reached up and stuck his tongue in Charlie's mouth and Charlie did the same. They sucked tongues and inspected the inside of each others mouths for about 5 or more minutes. Then Clay moved over and started licking the cum off of Charlie's stomach. It was so sweet and no salt taste yet at all. He kept licking until he had totally cleaned him. Then he took his dick in his mouth and played with the foreskin pushing his tongue under it and around the head and sucking to get anymore cum he could.

"Well guys lets go jump in the pool for 5 minutes and cool off. OK?"

No one answered but headed for the pool. They swam to the side and just sat in the water still catching their breath for about 5 minutes. Then they dried and headed back for the bedroom. "Lay on your stomach Charlie as some of the Lube may have washed out in the pool." said Gary.

So Gary started with two fingers and then three and re-lubricated him. Then he jacked off with the KY and got his 8 inches covered. "I'm a little bigger Charlie so I will go easy on you at first."

"It's OK I have been fucked so much that it just doesn't hurt any more except when you first go in for about 2 seconds. Do you want me on my back?"

"Yes I like to be able to see your beautiful face Charlie." said Gary trying to make him feel good.

So Charlie lay on his back brought his ankles to his ears and then pushed out.


Gary went all the way in just like Clay had but a little slower as he had to make a new path when he got to the colon. It sank on in all the way so Gary asked, "How is that Charles?"

"Wow! You are big alright. It feels like you are in my stomach. But it is OK it just feels different."

Gary started slower than Gary but soon was going at jack rabbit speed. This kid may have been fucked but he still had the tight ass of a 13 year old and it felt so good on Gary's dick. It was really hot too as Gary had really warmed him up. So he kept rabbit fucking him until he too was sweating like a mule. He looked down at Charlie's face and he had his eyes closed and a big smile on his face. This kid really did like to be fucked. Seeing the smile pushed Gary over the edge after only about 12 minutes and he started cumming.

" go......Ahhhhhhhh...Ohhhhhhh..."

Charlie didn't think he had it in him but he came again too. It wasn't as much but it reached his stomach just above his belly button.

Gary did as Clay did and lay on top of him to the side to keep his weight off him and they lay their huffing and puffing for at least 5 minutes. It took Charlie longer to get his breath as this was his second time in a row. Finally Gary Frenched kissed him and they embraced in a hug as well. This lasted longer than it had with Clay. But finally they broke and Gary went down and started licking Charlie clean. He too realized that there was no salt taste and he loved it. He took Charlie's dick in his mouth and rolled it around and pushed back the foreskin and sucked on the bare head sending chills through Charlie. He got more cum and Charlie got hard again. Gosh what these 13 year olds couldn't do.

"Well what you say we get a pop and rinse off in the pool and get dressed." said Clay.

So they did. Clay looked at the time and it was 4:30 so they had to leave soon to get Charlie back by 5. "Charlie you are now a member of the Ticks club if you want to be and you are invited to a nude swim party every other Saturday night at 7.

"Oh yes, that is so awesome. What if someone ask me what the tick club is?"

"Just tell them they have to ask Gary or Clay. Say no more."

"Oh OK thats easy enough."

So they drove Charlie home and took him right to his house. He was there at 4:55 so he wouldn't be in any trouble.


As we drove to Glen Rose in my car Gary said, "Man you are always coming up with some idea. When you announce for the ticks to stay after every boy in the room is going to want to know what a tick is."

"That is fine because all a tick is is someone who has hunted squirrels at my place with me and we needed to check each other for ticks."

"You are just too much. Maybe that is why I love you so much."

For the rest of the short ride Clay had his hand squeezing Gary's dick through his pants. God this guy was gorgeous. Better looking than any of them Clay thought.

They pulled up about 10 minutes early. "Gary would you stand out here and notify all the swim members that the code word for their club is they are a tick. That way I can ask them to stay over after the meeting."

"Good idea."

Clay went in and started getting the books out and thought he would set up a few chairs until guys started arriving and could help. It wasn't long before Pete and Jim showed up and started to help. "Hey Clay that is a good name for our secret club, Ticks. What do we say if someone ask what a tick is?"

"Just tell them to ask Gary or Clay and they will tell you."

"Oh that is easy enough."

Guys started piling in and helping with the chairs. There was a room full by 7PM. Randy Hopeful came over and said, "I decided to come. It is OK isn't it Clay."

"You bet Randy you are more than welcome. Did Gary tell you about your club name."

"Yea, we are the Ticks. What do we say if someone ask us what that means."

"Just tell them to ask Gary or me."

"Oh OK thats easy enough."

Clay ran outside and told Gary to tell everyone that so he wouldn't keep getting the same answer. If someone ask you Gary just say it is a name for those that have hunted squirrels on our property and we had to de-tick each other. And then invite them to come and squirrel hunt if they are interested. No more than two though in one day. You could handle one and me the other. But really one is better."

"Oh OK I will tell them that."

Clay went back in and went to the stage and had a seat. At exactly 7 he called the meeting to order.

Tonight we are going to cover several things, Respect for the rules of fair chase. Respect for the rights of the landowners where we do out hunting. Respect for the beauty of the land we hunt on.

Unethical hunting, abuse of private lands, littering, unsafe handling of firearms, and other violations of the spirit of the hunt make it harder on hunters everywhere. Never hunt on posted land without getting permission, and leave the woods as you found them.

Some of the things to think of are know the country you are going to hunt. Getting lost can cause many hours and sometimes days of peoples lives out hunting for you. If you get lost stay put. Don't keep walking. The more walking you do the more you distance you put between where you ought to be and where you are. You may wanter completely out of the search area.

Next know your firearm. And know it well. Know how to load and unload it, where the safety is and any other thing that may be unusual about the gun your using. And the most important thing we learned last two sessions. Does anyone want to tell us what that is?"

"Yes Kyle."

"Well Gary that is knowing where your gun is pointed at all times. And never point it in the direction of something you wouldn't want to kill."

"Very good Kyle, that is correct."

Just as you don't throw candy wrappers on the street. The same goes in the woods. Respect other peoples property by leaving it exactly as you found it. If you open a gate to get through then close it. If you come to an open gate don't close it. Leave things as they are.

Clay went on for the rest of the hour covering all these topics completely. At 8 it was time to dismiss. So Clay said, "I would like to see the Ticks club members after the meeting please stay a minute."

"Class dismissed."

The Ticks came forward and they waited for others to clear the gym. "Yes boys I just wanted to remind you that your next swimming get together is a week from Saturday. Remember it is every other week. We will continue with the Ticks club, our secret name, until you become uninterested or don't want to continue it. Is there anyone here now that would like to leave the club before next Saturday meeting?"

"Gosh no we love that club." was all he heard.

"Fine I enjoy having you too. Remember if someone ask you what the tick club is just tell them to ask Gary or me. And say nothing more. Don't use the words Ticks Club to anyone but another member. As far as your parents go it is a swimming night. And that is all. Now is 7 still a good time for everyone to meet here at Glen Rose?"

Everyone agreed that it was but thought that 9:30 would be a better pick up time since it was a weekend and no school.

"OK then 7 until 9:30 it will be. Then I will see you a week from Saturday. And this Friday I will see those that signed up for the skeet shoot. I didn't put out the clipboard this week as next week is the swim party and one event a week is enough for me and for Gary."

"That is it. Any questions."

Hearing none you are dismissed.

Everyone had put their chairs away as asked and so Gary stowed the books in the closet and closed the gym. When they got out side several boy came over to ask about what is a tick member. Gary told them that those were boys who had hunted squirrels on his land and we had to de-tick each other. Do any of you think you might want to come squirrel hunting this week?"

Five boys wanted to. So Gary said "For safety sake lets take one person a day. So put your names and where you live here on the clipboard along with your phone number and I will call you and invite you when we have the time." So the boys all did as directed.

"Good you will be hearing from me soon then."

"Gary spotted another perfect ass good looker and as they dispersed he approached him and said, "What is your name."

"Victor Bunkin sir."

"Well Victor would you be able to come tomorrow at 1 to squirrel hunt."

"Oh yea I'm sure I could. Thanks Gary."

"Well why don't we pick you up right here at Glen Rose at 1 then. Right here by the gym."

"You bet I'll be here."

"Oh and victor how old are you and what grade will you be in."

"I'm 14 and I'll be in the 8th grade right here at Glen Rose."

"Oh OK it is nice to know these things. See you tomorrow then. If you can't make it just give us a call and let us know here is one of Clay's cards."

"OK but I am positive I will be here at 1pm."

"OK Victor then have a good night."

Gary turned and walked to Clay smiling knowing Clay knew why he was smiling. "He will be here tomorrow Clay at 1."

"You always find the cute ones first don't you. That kid had a real butt on him."

"Yea he did I can hardly wait to see it."

They drove on home and watched TV and smooched until bedtime.


"Well we better go and pick up Victor. It is 12:30. I guess we could wait a few minutes. We would be early. Say Gary you know we don't have that many squirrels on this property and we could deplete the population. Why don't we tell him we changed our mind and have a skeet shoot instead. He will enjoy it as much and the we can walk him down to where I saw the moccasin and get into the woods that way."

"Yea I was thinking about how many squirrels there might be out there. We only see one every ten minutes or so. I think that is a good idea. We can tell the others the same thing."

"OK Then skeet shoot it is. And to get him used to being nude in front of us let's go swimming first."

"Good idea." said Clay.

They drove down to Glen Rose and there by the gym was Victor all smiles waiting for them. "Let's don't mention the change in plans until after the swim OK."

"Good idea. Well hello Victor you are looking chipper. Get in back."

"Gosh I had a hard time sleeping last night thinking of today. I have never even shot a gun before."

"Well I am sure you will enjoy the day then." said Gary.

They pulled into the driveway and followed Clay into the house. "How about a pop Victor."

"Yea sure that sounds good."

Clay got three one for each of them. "Tell us a little about you Victor."

"Well I started school at Glen Rose in 2nd grade and like I told you I am going to be in the 8th grade this year. We moved here from Texas because my dad's mom lives here and he wanted to be close in case something happened to her and she needed help."

"Well that was thoughtful of your dad. Are you an only child or do you have brothers and sisters?"

"No I am it. I am an only child and I really hate it. I would give anything to have a big brother."

"Yes it is hard being alone like that. You do get more things but they don't make up for a sibling."

"Well why don't we take our pop and go out by the pool. I thought we could go swimming for a while before we go out in the sun."

"Hey that sounds great. But I didn't bring my suit with me. I didn't know about the pool."

"Well Victor no worry everyone skinny dips here. I just lock the doors so no one can surprise us and we enjoy it a lot more. Have you ever skinny dipped before?"

"Just once when I was by myself down at the creek and knew no one was around. That was last summer."

"Well then you know how great it feels."

"Yea I liked it a lot. Where do we undress?"

"Right here by the pool just pick a chair to put your clothes on and then if we had to get dressed in a hurry for some unknown reason we could jump into our clothes."

"Yea that makes sense." said Victor.

Clay and Gary were undressed in less than a minute but it took longer for Victor as this was strange for him. "Gosh you guys are kinda hard."

"Yea getting nude always causes us to get that way but the cold water takes care of it."

Seeing them hard when he dropped his briefs he was hard too. He had over a 7 inch dick. But he was a very mature 14 year old.

"I see you know how to get hard too. ha ha." said Gary.

"Yea I guess thinking about it got me started."

"You are pretty good size for your age have you ever measured it?"

"No I don't think I have."

"Come on in the kitchen I have a ruler we can use."

He followed Clay into the kitchen where clay got the ruler. (Really Clay wanted to touch his dick more than measure it.) Clay sat down on a chair and told him to come to him. Clay took hold of his dick and proceeded to measure it squeezing it as he did. "Hmm just a little over 7 inches. That is going to get big when your fully grown. I see a little precum on the tip." Clay wiped the tip with his finger and put it in his mouth. "Hmmm real sweet have you ever tasted it?"

"No I don't think I ever thought of it."

"Well here lets get a little more up and let you taste it. Turn around and I can get some for you." Clay wet his middle finger real good and then did the perineum thing several times and then added the anus to the stroke too. He kept wetting his finger and doing it over again.

"Oh gosh no one has ever touched me like that before it feels so good. I am really hard now. And there is lots more precum on my dick."

"I told you I could get some more for you." Clay wiped his finger in part of it and stuck his finger to Victor's mouth. Victor hesitated and then took Clay's finger in his mouth. "Hmmmm I see what you mean it is real kinda sweet with a little salt in it."

Clay wiped the rest of it off and put it in his own mouth. "Yes that is really fine tasting cum. Better than most."

"Really, I know I kinda liked it. Thanks for doing that or I would have never known at least for a while I guess."

"Well shall we hit the pool or sit here playing with your dick?"

"Well I would like to sit here and keep doing this but I know we need to get swimming."

Clay got up and led him back to the pool. "He was just a little over 7 inches Gary."

"That is really good for his age isn't it."

"Yea I told him so. Let's dive in."

They all got in the pool and Clay and Gary took turns letting him dive off their shoulders. They did this for about 20 minutes and then got out, dried and got dressed. Then they went in to the living room where Clay said, "You know I think you would enjoy skeet shooting more than walking when we might not even see a squirrel. How about it?"

"Yea that sounds great. I have never even held a shotgun before."

Clay got the two guns down and out they went to the skeet shooting area.

"Now Victor I am going to let you use the 10 gage as it hardly kicks at all. I will use the 12 gage. Here take the gun and I'll show you how to load it. It is broken open by this lever. There now put this shell in the chamber. Now shut the gun. This little lever here is the safety but you won't need it as every time you load you will be ready to shoot. Now look down the barrel at the sights on the end. See that little ball on the end that is what you line up on what you want to hit. Now point the barrel and put that ball on that stick out there in the field to get your eyes on the sights. When you say the word pull we will pull the string and it will send a skeet flying. You come up and since you are already looking down the sights find the pigeon or skeet and pull the trigger. So just say pull when your ready."

About 5 seconds went by and Victor said, "PULL"

The pigeon flew and he shot but missed it completely. "No problem Victor here is another shell try again."


This time he came up right on it and blew it to smithereens. "Good job Victor. one out of two.

They completed a 10 score and Clay announced the scores. "OK I got 8 out of 10, Gary got 9 out of 10, and Victor for your first time you got 6 out of 10. Not bad. Be sure and get your name on the clipboard for the next skeet shoot two weeks from tomorrow."

"OK I'll get right up there when you put it out."

"Tell you what come and sign it before I put it out I want you here. OK?"

"God Clay you are awesome. You guys are like big brothers to me."

"Well thank you Victor. Your not so bad yourself. Now we have something I want to show you but let's go have a pop first."

(To be continued)

Three cities came in yesterday. I was surprized but happy. I am now working on finishing chapter 9 if Terrifying Change.

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