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Ticks Chapter 19


"Here is a pop for you Victor and here Gary have one too. Why don't we sit in the living room and drink them."

"Clay we ought to show him where you were confronted by the water moccasin. Think he would like that?" said Gary.

"Yea I have heard there were snakes around here but I have never seen one I would like to see the spot. Maybe we might see another one." said Victor.

"Well OK guys let's finish our pop and I'll take you and show you. I will bring the 10 gage along just in case. When we were hunting the other day I shot a rattlesnake during the hunt Victor." said Clay.

"Wow! Really then I'd better be careful when I go into the woods."

"Yea always look before you step and watch stepping over things too."

"Well I just finished my pop are you guys done yet?"

"Yea I just finished mine too." said Victor.

"I'm through too." said Gary.

"Well lets get started then." Clay grabbed the 10 gage off the wall and got a few shells and put them in his pocket. He broke it to carry it to show it was empty."

Out the back door they went and headed down toward the path. "Victor see that pear tree over there. Well when I was in 3rd grade I shot a hornets nest in that tree and they knew who shot at it and followed me. Boy did I run but I still got stung several times. So don't think bees don't know when you try and hurt them. There was a nest on down to the left a few months ago let's take a look and see if is still there. Sure enough it was swarming with hornets. "Do you want me to shoot it with the 10 gage Victor?"

"Gosh no not after what you just said."

"Smart thinking. I need to get a hornet bomb at the hardware store in town and come down some early morning when it is still too cold for them to be flying around and that will kill them."

They went back to the path to Pete's house and continued on down and finally came to the creek. There was movement by the water and Clay pointed for them to look. It was a moccasin alright right at the edge. Clay loaded the 10 gage and pointed it at the snakes head and blew it off. Then they all went down and picked it up to look closely at it. "Well Victor this is what a water moccasin looks like. It is the first time I have seen one since the 3rd grade."

"Gee this has been an exciting trip. You guys are so nice to invite me out."

"Well Victor you are usually always welcome but always call first to be sure we are here and free. Here is one of my cards for you to keep so you have my number."

"Thanks I will hang on to it."

Victor was taking the lead going back so Gary whispered, "I will find a fake tick on your neck just as we get home." Clay just smiled.

When they past the barn Gary said, "Clay hold still." This alerted Victor something was up. Gary reached up and pulled an imaginary tick from Clay's neck and pretended to smash him between his thumb nails. Sure glad I got him before he got into you."

"Gee are there ticks out here?"

"Yes Victor we always de-tick each other when we come out of the woods and probably better do it this time. I wouldn't want to send you home with a tick buried in you."

"Yea I wouldn't like that at all." Victor said.

When they got in the house Clay said, "Why don't we go into the bedroom and get it over with."

"Have you ever been de-ticked Victor?"

"Just once or twice when my dad was still living with us. I don't usually go near any woods now."

"Well then you know you have to take off your clothes to be checked out. So why don't you go first just put your clothes over on the chair. We have already seen each other in the nude, even with hard ons, so it shouldn't bother you."

"Gosh no I am not shy at all. I kinda like being nude, like in the pool."

"Are you ever nude around a friend at home Victor?"

"Just when we sleep over sometimes. Some guys like to sleep in the nude. I don't really care."

"You said my touching you was the first time you had been touched there."

"Well I really meant by an adult. I have messed around with some of my friends."

"Like what do you do together?"

"Oh usually just jack off. Sometime we jack each other off."

"That is pretty common among boys so don't let it bother you."

"Oh it doesn't, but I really got a charge out of you making more precum the way you did."

"You liked that huh?"

"Oh Yea!"

"Well why don't you sit on the bed. I see you are getting hard again."

"Yea I can't help it around you guys your so good looking both of you."

"Well thanks Victor you aren't so bad yourself you know."

Victor blushed and Gary started on his head. Massaging through his hair several times and finally finding a very small tick toward the back of his head. "Well tick number one Victor. See."

"Wow, it sure is small."

"Yea I will take him and flush him."

Gary took one side as usual and Clay took the other. They went down his arms and did the trace the lines on the palms thing. That always leaves a guy with shivers up his spine. They started then lifting the arms and found a tick under the left armpit. It was a good size one. Then they had him lay on his stomach and worked their way down to his butt where Gary spread him wide and they both got down and looked close enough to get a smell. Then on down the legs and rubbed each foot for about 5 minutes. On the way back up Victor spread his legs as they were working on the inside of his thighs. When they got to the butt Clay wet his middle finger real well and did the perineum and added the ass hole after wetting his finger again. Moans that could have been heard in the living room filled the room. He was loving this. Then they had him turn over and of course there was a massive hard on awaiting them as they expected. They too were hard as they knew what was coming. "How Ya doing Victor."

"Wow! by the looks of my dick I must be doing OK. ha ha."

"Yea you aren't alone there. I see you have some precum on your dick so you must have gotten a little excited from what I was doing."

"Gosh I never felt anything that good. I didn't know ass holes had feelings like that."

"Yea and just inside of you is your prostate gland and it has some really sexy feelings too. I'll show you in a minute."

"Victor have any of your friends ever given you head or it's sometimes called a blow job?"

"No but I always wondered what it felt like."

Gary went down on him and took him clear into his throat. This brought on some real moans of pleasure.

Since Gary couldn't talk right now Clay said, "Does that feel good to you."

"Good isn't the word for it. I don't know if there is a word for it to be honest with you. Just Great."

Gary kept at it for about 5 minutes but knew that with a virgin he might cum and ruin everything so he stopped. "Roll over and we will show you that prostate thing. You do want to feel it don't you?"

"Oh yea, anything you guys do feels great."

Gary got the KY and lubed his long fingers and stuck his middle finger all the way up past the first turn in the colon. He loved that feeling up in there. "How's that Victor?"

"Oh My God I have never felt anything like that. It feels like you are in my stomach. But it feels good kinda."

"Yes your anal muscles will adjust and it will feel real good soon." Gary started finger fucking him hitting on the prostate once in a while and getting a real moan when he did. Then he pushed in two fingers and heard him groan in pain. "This will only hurt for a few seconds as your ass muscles will adjust just like when you have to drop a big turd." Gary kept going finger fucking him with the two fingers until the groans became pleasure moans. "Now Victor I am going to use one more finger and you will get use to it just like you have the first two OK?"

"Yea it's feeling pretty good now."

"In went the third finger and the groan came back but after a minute or so it turned to a moan and then a pleasure moan. He finger fucked him for about 4 minutes and then said, "You want to always do this if you are going to stick your dick in someone so it won't hurt Victor."

"You mean people really do corn hole each other?"

"Oh yes it is quite common especially in guys your age experimenting."

"Really? Do you think I could take yours up in me?"

"Do you want to try I'll go slow and easy?"

"OK then yea, I want to try."

Gary jacked off with KY and got real slick because he knew how long and big he was. "Now Victor I want you to push out like you were passing the biggest turd of your life and that will let me in without hurting you bad. Push out and hold it until you have to breath and then take a breath and push out again OK?"

"Yea here goes uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Gary was ready and stuck it in about half way and stopped for him to adjust. "How ya doing dude?"

"Oh God that hurts so bad it brings tears to my eyes."

"Well I am not going to move until you tell me to. The pain will go away in a minute or so."

"Ohhhhhhhhh....It's starting to get better wait another minute or so."

Gary waited as he knew his dick was an ass full for anyone. But Victor was 14 and could take it slow.

"OK Gary go ahead slow."

Gary went slow but steady and finally ended up buried up in his colon almost to his stomach I'm sure it felt to Victor.

"Ohhhhhhh man I feel so full like I could shit a load."

"That is normal but in a minute it will start feeling good. I'll start moving a little and you will see what I mean."

Gary started slow short stroking him and then when the groans turned to moans he started faster. Soon he was going pretty fast.

"I see what you mean Gary that is feeling good now. Go ahead and speed up I can take it."

Gary started long stroking him and speeded up gradually until he was rabbit fucking him. He kept at it for about 10 to 12 minutes and all of a sudden.


When the orgasm started it set Gary off but good. He pushed all the way up into his colon and unloaded about 8 shots of hot cum up in him.

"Oh Gary I didn't know sex could ever feel that good. It hurt but it hurt so good I didn't care."

"Well it felt real good to me too Victor. And now you are no longer a virgin. I took your cherry."

"Yea you can say that again. My cherry done flew the coop."

Clay suggested they all take a break and then he could help de-tick he and Gary if he wanted to.

"Oh I want to alright. You guys have got great bodies and fine butts."

"So let's head for the kitchen and have a pop." Clay said.

They all went and got a pop and took it in the living room. Clay turned on the TV so they wouldn't have to sit and think of something to say as they were all tired. After about 20 minutes Victor said, "Well guys how about we get after those ticks on you?"

"Yea Clay I guess we better get plucked. ha ha."

They went in the bedroom and Victor asked who wanted to go first. Gary said he would so he took a seat on the bed. Victor started on his head and did the normal routine. He found one tick in Gary's hair and another under his right arm. Then he had him roll over and started down his back. He spread his ass and held it for about 5 seconds while he took a good look at Gary's neat ass hole. It made Victor start getting hard just looking at it. He went on down and did the feet and then came back up to the perineum and included the ass hole using KY. Gary moaned as that really does feel great. So he pushed one finger clear up in Gary and finger fucked him for a minute and then had him turn over. When he turned he found Gary had a super hard on so he licked the precum off the end and then sucked it to try and get more. He checked the front of Gary for Ticks and then asked him to turn back over. He put his middle finger all the way in and reached Gary's colon feeling the heat and the wetness. He loved it and was really hard now. So he got more KY on his hand and finger fucked him with two fingers for a bit and then went to three. He did this for about 5 minutes and then asked Gary, "Do you care if I fuck you Gary?"

"No go ahead what's good for the goose is good for the gander."

Victor jacked off with KY getting good and slippery and stuck his long 8th grade dick all the way in in one sweep. Gary moaned as he could sure feel it. Then Victor started right in long fucking him and Gary could really feel that. So he kept going like a steam engine and after a few minutes he pulled all the way out and pushed it back in each time making Gary really feel it now. He kept this up for about 12 to 15 minutes and with sweat running down his body and off his face onto Gary he yelled, "OH Shit here it comes, ahhhhhhhhh....ohhhh...ooooooooo.....God....that feels good." Then he felt Gary go off again and thought he would squeeze his dick in two while he spasmed. Actually Gary started before he finished so he got a double charge out of it.

"Wow! Victor you sure can fuck. That was real good dude."

Victor had a hard time answering as he couldn't catch his breath but managed to get out a "Thanks" before he collapsed on Gary's spunk covered stomach. They lay there with their arms around each other hugging for about 5 to 8 minutes before either of them said a word. Then Victor got up and went to the bathroom and got a towel and dried himself first and then dried Gary. "Thanks Gary that was great for me too."

Clay said, "Well are you ready to de-tick me or do you want Gary to do me?"

"I'll do you Clay." He didn't say it but he wanted to see Clay's ass hole too.

Clay sat on the bed and Victor started the routine. He did every thing the same and found three ticks before he was through. He didn't have enough energy to fuck Clay but he sure finger fucked him long enough.

Gary said, "How about we go for a swim and cool off."

So they all headed for the pool and dove in. They swam for about a half hour diving off shoulders and playing tag games and then they got out and sat in the lawn chairs to rest.

Clay looked at the clock on the wall and it was saying get Victor back home. So they all dried off and got dressed. They took Clay's car and dropped Victor where they had picked him up and then did the normal good byes and thanks etc. Then they drove home.

"You know what tomorrow brings don't you Gary?"

"Yea it is skeet shooting Friday. So we will be busy after 1."

"Yea I think we better watch a movie after dinner and turn in early. We don't have to go right to sleep you know."

"Yea I was thinking of that myself."


Friday morning we spent at the breakfast table talking over who all was on the list to be here today. Most of the names were just names but Charlie Jester, And Victor would be here since we invited them. They were all due at one. So Clay went out and set up the skeet's in nice stacks to make things go smoothly. Then he cleaned both shotguns to make sure they were clean and in good working order.

Gary said, "Are we going to invite any of the boys on the list you got Wednesday to come and hunt this week. This would add to the Tick club. Besides I love breaking them in."

"Get the list Gary and let's look it over."

Gary brought the list and they tried to remember what the boys on the list looked like. They were into the good looking ones when possible. "Remember this guy. His name is Blaine Custer."

"Yes I do as a matter of fact. When would you want him to come. We might want to rest up tomorrow."

"How about Sunday or Monday then?"

"Fine with me give him a call."

Gary called and found out that Sunday in their family was a family day and after church their family always did something. So he said he could come Monday and would really like to.

"Monday is fine Gary that will give us the weekend to just goof around ourselves."

"Yea I like the idea of a couple days off too."

As usual the day flew by and before they knew it they were letting in boys. They took them to the pool and had them strip so they could see them nude and let them swim until everyone on the list got there. By 1:15 all had showed. So Gary and Clay stripped and got into the pool with the boys. They allowed diving off their shoulders etc. After about 20 minutes of this Gary and Clay got out dried and dressed and then called the boys out.

Gary said, "Look at the ass on that one Clay."

"Yea, I think that is Floyd Ramon he is 12."

"Shall we see what day he could come if he even wants to."

"Sure why don't you ask him Gary?"

So when the boys got out of the water Gary called Floyd aside and asked him if he would like to come squirrel hunting."

"Boy would I. When could I come tomorrow."

"Well we kinda wanted to rest tomorrow but Sunday is open around noon. We could pick you up in front of the gym at Glen Rose. Could You get there by yourself."

"Oh yea and my family doesn't do anything on Sunday but lay around anyway."

"Why don't you use our phone and ask your mom right now then. Then we will be able to plan for it if you can make it."

"Sure where is the phone?"

Gary took him in the house and pointed it out to him. Then Gary stood in the kitchen and listened to his side of the conversation to see if he had any trouble getting permission.

Floyd hung up the phone after only 15 seconds or so and came running in the kitchen and said, "She said it would be fine. And to answer your question yes I can get to Glen Rose I only live a short ways from there. So I will be there then at noon. OK?"

"Sounds like a winner now go and join the others and keep this to yourself OK?"

"Sure it is just between us."

Gary got the guns down and took them out to the skeet area where all the boys and Clay had already gathered. He handed one of the shot guns to Clay and held the other himself.

Clay went into the normal safety speech they had already heard and then showed them how to aim at the stick out in the field to get their eyes on the sights and come up and find the skeet in the sights and shoot. There would be no reason to use the safety on the guns as they would be ready to shoot when they got them. Then Clay had them look at the clip board and told them to remember their number as they would shoot in that order.

Billy Manson was number 1 so he took the 10 gage and Clay showed him how to aim at the stick and then come up and hit the skeet. Then Clay told all the boys, "When you are ready for us to pull the sting and release the skeet say the word PULL and we will do it."

"OK Billy aim at the stick and we will wait until you say pull."


The skeet flew and Billy came up, found it, and hit it dead center.

"Good job Billy. Now go ahead and shoot five times and then we will go to the next guy on the list. It will go faster that way. Here is how you reload."

Billy shot 5 times and hit three. Not bad for a first try. Then number two boy Lloyd came and took the ten gage. The procedure continued until all then boys had shot 5 and then back to Billy to shoot another five and it would be over. It took over an hour before everyone had shot 10 times. Then Clay read off the scores and had a bunch of excited boys. Most of them had never fired a shot gun before, if any gun at all.

"Well boys how about a pop and then I will take you back to Glen Rose. Is there anyone who doesn't have a way home from there?"

No one spoke up so he guessed they would all be safe at Glen Rose. He and Gary would hang around until they were all picked up anyway.

So after the pop they loaded into the two cars and off they went to Glen Rose. Clay was glad that many of the parents got out and talked to him praising him for his work with all the boys. This made both Clay and Gary feel really good.

As they were driving home Gary said, "Well I guess we don't get Sunday off then."

"I'm sure you aren't complaining Gary."

"No you know me. I can't wait."

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