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Ticks Chapter 2


Clay was thinking about Pete all evening. There were only a few TV stations so there wasn't much of a choice. He couldn't wait until tomorrow to take Pete out and shoot clay pigeons with him. He decided that would be more exciting for him than shooting cans or something. So he spent part of the evening getting the clay pigeons out to see if there were enough. He found two full boxes of 12 dozen each. So that should last for a while. He thought he would let Pete shoot the 10 gage and he would use the 12 gage. He found several boxes of both size shells too. His dad had kept well stocked on hunting equipment. T hen he dug out the old thrower that mounts into the ground with a screw like affair and throws one, or two pigeons at the same time. One at a time would suffice for tomorrow.

He found an old movie on TV and used it to use up the evening.

The next morning he decided to go out and see if the barn needed cleaning. It was clean. Apparently his dad didn't have any livestock anymore. He would have to go to the auction and get a couple calfs to raise up for beef. He also always like to have a few chickens around. So he would get some baby chicks too. But all that would have to happen in time. He remembered when his dad had bought him a baby billy goat when he was in third grade and it made him so excited he spent the morning on the john with stomach cramps from the anxiety. Billy turned into his best friend and went everywhere with him. Those were the days.

Lunch time came and he was having a sandwich when the doo rbell rang. He got up and answered it and it was Pete. "Well hello Pete I'm glad you could make it. Come on in I'm having a sandwich. Would you like one.

"No thanks Clay mom gave me lunch before I left. But I wouldn't mind a pop."

"Well help your self they are in the refrigerator."

"Say Pete since you will probably come over frequently why don't you just open the door if it isn't locked and come in yelling IS ANYBODY HOME. That will keep me from having to answer the door each time OK?"

"Sure Clay I like that idea."

Clay finished up his sandwich and asked Pete how he got there.

"Oh I took the shortcut through the woods again. Say would you check and make sure I didn't pick up any ticks coming over?"

"Sure and then we are going to shoot some skeet or clay pigeons. Have you ever done that before?"

"No I have never even seen a clay pigeon ."

"Well I think you will like it. Why don't we go in my bedroom where I can check you over for ticks. That way if someone came by you wouldn't be standing here with nothing on."

"Yea good idea Clay."

Pete followed Clay into the bedroom taking off his shirt as he went. Clay said hold still and picked off a big black tick. See I got him before he got into you." Clay carried him into the bathroom and flushed him down the toilet. OK now let's look the rest of you over. Pete went ahead and striped even taking off his shoes and socks. Clay said I found another one here on the back of your leg." He picked him off and flushed him. "Now lets look at you hair real good. It looks like you got into a good batch of them." Clay looked all through Pete's hair and found none. Then so he could feel that soft skin again he rubbed his back on the way down to his butt.

"Oh That feels so good when you do it Clay."

"Well I'm glad you like it. Why don't you lay down on the bed so it will be easier for me to see in private places." Pete layed on his stomach and Clay spread his cheeks again. He put his nose down almost touching his ass hole to smell it. He didn't know if he was weird or something but that really turned him on and he wanted to lick it but thought better. He put spit on his finger and rubbed the perineum and it was hard in just a matter of seconds. Then he used more spit and rubbed his anus real well getting it all soggy. "You like that Pete?"

"Oh yea. I like it even better when you put something in there like your finger or something."

Clay used the invitation and wet his middle finger and went all the way up into the colon. He fucked him with short strokes so he could stay in the colon. This brought about a bunch of moans and groans all pleasure oriented. Then Clay used two fingers and went clear in. "Does that hurt Pete?"

"Just a little at first but now it feels awesome."

"Since you like it so well I am going to add one more finger and see if you can take that." He pushed all three fingers in about half way and said, "How we doing sport."

"That is really tight but the hurt goes away pretty quick keep going."

Clay went on in and pushed hard with all three fingers. "Have you ever heard of corn holing, at least that is what we called it when I was your age."

"Is that where one guy sticks his thing in another guys butt."

"Yea have you ever done that with anyone?"

"No because no one ever ask me to or I would have. Would you do it to me Clay?"

"Well I guess you are old enough but it will make you feel real full."

"I want to try it Clay please."

"OK let me go into the bathroom and get some slippery stuff." Clay brought out a jar o f Vaseline. He dipped his fingers in it and went back up in him and twisted and turned all three fingers to loosen him up more. "Is that hurting now?"

"Just a little when you twist and turn in there. But otherwise it is OK. But like you said I feel full. Like I could take a shit."

"Well your colon is clear of feces, that is the polite word for shit, and so you must have gone to the bathroom this morning right?"

"Yea I always go after breakfast."

"OK now Pete you are going to have to help me. I want you to push out real hard like you were going to push shit out and that will open up your anus and sphincter muscle and let me in easy. So push hard Now."

When he grunted Clay pushed in about half of his 7 inches. "How we doing partner."

"Oh it hurts a lot but its getting better and I want you up in there so bad I can take it Clay."

Clay went ahead and went up into the colon forcing his way past the turns and all the way in. "How does that feel?"

"Wow! Like you said it would real full but it doesn't really hurt that bad. I love you inside me Clay."

Clay started short stroking him and speeded up slowly. "Am I hurting you Pete?"

"A little but I can take it. It hurts good. Does that make any sense to you?"

"Yea I know what you mean I been there."

Clay started long stroking and hitting on his prostate on every thrust and all he was hearing was pleasure sounds. "uggg...ugggg...ugggg... Oh God....ahhhhhhhhh....what is me.....'"

Clay could tell he was having an orgasm as he was squeezing his dick with each spasm. This set Clay off and he came pushing his dick all the way in to unload in his colon. "Oh that felt good to me. How about you Pete."

"Oh that was awesome Clay. I never felt like that be fore. Can we do it again?"

"No Pete it takes an hour or so to recharge. So what you say we get dressed and go have a pop and then shoot some skeet."

"Hey that sounds great."

So after dressing they went to the kitchen and had a pop. Then Clay got the shotguns and handed him the ten gage. "Now you see Clay I handed that to you broken in the middle so you can see there is no shell in it. It only holds one at a time but it only takes one to kill someone. I'll carry the 12 gage in the same manner. This is a double barrel 12 gage so it breaks in the middle too."

Clay led him outside and to the area he had already set up the thrower and had a box of clay pigeons. "Now Pete these are called skeet or clay pigeons. Don't ask me why as they look like small Frisbees, but that is what someone way back named them. Watch as I put two shells in the 12 gage but don't load yours yet OK?"

"OK Clay what eve r you say."

"Now see this string. When I say "PULL" that means to pull the string and it will throw a pigeon out for me to try and shoot. The secret is to look down the barrel at the sight and sight on something, then when the pigeon goes into the air come up and find it in your sights and pull the trigger. Try and lead, that means shoot right in front of the pigeon, so that the shot hits it. It is much easier to see what I mean after you have tried it."

"OK now take the string and wait until I say the word "PULL" and then pull it." Clay sighted in on something on the ground to find his sights and yelled PULL. The pigeon hit the air really fast and Clay pulled up, found it in his sights and pulled the trigger. The pigeon went into a million pieces.

"You hit it Clay, you hit it."

"Yes Pete I have been doing this since my dad taught me when I was about your age. Now it is your turn. Put in a shell and close the gun. Now never point that barrel at anything you wouldn't want to kill. Either point it at the ground or in the air while you are waiting or talking to someone. But now I want you to sight in on something on the ground. When you say pull I will pull the string and then you come up looking for the pigeon through the sights on the end of the gun, and when you find it fire. OK?"

"Yea I'm scared a little is this going to hurt me when it goes off."

"It will kick a little but you won't be thinking of it so you probably won't even feel it so don't worry about it. Just find that pigeon and blow it out of the sky."

"OK sight on something on the ground. When you are ready say PULL."

"PULL" Clay pulled the string on the command and a pigeon hit the air. Pete pulled up found the pigeon but shot right behind it so he missed his first try."

"I shot behind it didn't I?" < P> "Yes that is what I meant by lead your target a little. Try again. Reload and get ready."

Pete reloaded sighted on something and yelled, "PULL". The pigeon hit the air and he came up and found it and fired. This time he blew it into a million pieces. "I got it, I got it. Oh wow I got it."

"Yes you did well. Now it is my turn."

Pete was shaking he was so excited. Pete sighted and yelled "PULL" and the pigeon hit the air. Again he blew it to smithereens.

"Wow! You are sure good at it Clay."

"Well remember I have had a lot of practice but I still miss once in a while."

OK your turn again. Pete sighted on something and yelled "PULL". He came up looking for it but failed to find it so the pigeon just hit the ground and broke in pieces.

"That's OK it happens to the best of us. Try again."

Pete readied and yelled "PULL". He came up and this time h e found it and nailed it again. It blew into little pieces. He was all excited once again.

This went on for about an hour and Clay said, "I think I have had enough for one day. What you say we get another drink and then go for a swim."

"Sounds good to me Clay."

So they went in the house and got a pop and drank it down. They were really thirsty after that work out.

"Well are you ready for a swim Pete."

"Yea but I didn't bring a suit."

"Why don't we skinny dip that is what I usually do anyway."

"OK I'll try it. I have never skinny dipped before it should be fun."

Clay pulled off all his clothes and layed them on the couch and so Pete followed his lead. Clay went over and locked the front door they didn't need any surprise visitors. Then they went to the pool and dove in. Pete was quite a good swimmer and so was Clay so they had a ball. Pete dove of f his shoulders for a while and they played with a volley ball for a while but finally they were tired and got out and dried. Then they went into the house.

"Why don't we just watch TV and relax for a bit OK Pete?"

"Sure should we dress first?"

"No it is cooler this way unless you prefer to dress Pete."

"No if it is OK with you it is OK with me too Clay."

Clay sat in an over stuffed chair that had been his dads and Pete looked lost. He wanted to sit by him. Clay seeing his predicament said "You can sit here in my lap if you want."

It only took three seconds before he had Pete sitting right on his lap and on top of his dick. This of course started his dick to rise but he didn't care.

"Here you choose something you like to watch Pete."

Pete chose some cartoons which was fine with Clay he still liked them himself. After all he wasn't that old being only 22.

Pete put his hand down on Clays leg and was playing with the hair there making Clay get even harder. When Pete realized what was happening he got hard fast too. Clay reached down and rubbed his leg too. And before you know it they were playing with each others dicks. Clay was making precum and found that by rubbing Pete's dick on the special spot it caused him to leak too. They sat there like this until the cartoons ended. They were both loving every minute of it.

When the cartoons ended Pete said, "Has it been long enough to you know...?"

"Yea but only if you really want to."

"I'll always really want to with you Clay."

"Well come on then and they headed naked for the bedroom."

Clay said lets do something different for a while. And took Pete's dick into his mouth and started giving him head. Pete scooted around and started giving him head at the same time in a 69. They were loving this. Pete licked his two fingers and pushed them up into Pete's ass pretty hard hitting right on the prostate. This made Pete cum instantly and Clay just sucked up the honey tasting juice. Oh how he loved Pete's cum. Pete decided to try the same thing and put two fingers up Clay's ass and it took three or four pushes real hard and Clay let loose. It was all Pete could do to keep up with Pete but he swallowed 99% of it. He liked the taste of Clays just as much.

"That was awesome Clay I love being with you."

"Well I love being with you too Pete but I think the sex part has come to a stand still as we have both cum and kinda lost interest for the time being. What you say we dress and go down to Glen Rose and see what is happening and then I'll run you home again."

"OK I'll get my clothes on." said Pete.

After they dressed they headed for the school to see if any thing washappening. They got out of the car and walked out to see who all was on the field and Clay heard his name again. He looked and it was Jim a kid that was in 6th grade when he graduated 3 years ago. He must be in 9th or 10th now. "How you doing Jim?"

"Fine Clay gosh it has been a long time."

"Yea but I remember how good you were at baseball and football in the sixth grade."

"Really. Well I still play on the team."

"My dad died and left me the place so I am back in the area again. Mr. Peterson wants me to teach hunters safety starting next Wed. night so I'll be around."

"I been wanting to take that so I can get my license to go deer hunting this year. Can I sign up?"

"Sure just show up at the gym next Wednesday night and I'll make sure you get in."

"Thanks Clay. You are just as nice as you used to be. Everyone liked you. Care if I stop by yo ur place and visit tomorrow. We have a lot to talk about."

"Sure you might as well. You can shoot some skeet with Pete and I if you come around 1pm."

"Hey that sounds great. I've never shot a shotgun before. I'll be there for sure."

"OK I'll see you then. Right now I have to run Pete home. Say where do you live Jim."

"Not to far from where Pete does."

Pete spoke right up and said, "Why don't you stop by my house around 12:30 and we can take the shortcut through the woods to Clay's place it is only a short walk."

"Sounds like a deal Pete I'll see you at 12:30."

With that they all said their good byes and Clay drove Pete on home. No one was outside this time so he just dropped him off and told him he would see him and Jim tomorrow."

"OK Bye Clay and thanks for a great day."

"You are most welcome tyke."

Clay went on home and instead of watching TV started thumbing through the hunters safety manual to see just what he was going to be teaching. He spent several hours with it and then was so tired he went in and went to bed. His mind was on tomorrow and how much he would like to check Jim over for ticks. Time will tell.

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