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Ticks Chapter 20


Sunday 11am

Gary and Clay were out by the skeet shooting area cleaning up the mess from Friday. They really did take Saturday to themselves. There was some grounds policing to do as some of the kids had left gum rappers etc. so they had to clean it all up. He would be sure to mention it again to leave property the way you found it on Wednesday night at the meeting.

At about 11:45 they got in Gary's car and headed for Glen Rose to pick up 12 year old Floyd . When they got there he was sitting on the gym steps waiting for them. He was all smiles and came running to the car when they stopped. They didn't even have to get out he jumped right into the back seat.

"Well hello Floyd, I'm glad you could make it." said Clay.

"Gosh I wouldn't have missed this for the world. I am so excited."

When they got to the house they led him into the kitchen and all of them took a pop and sat in the living room.

"What grade will you be going into this year 7th?"

"Yea how did you guess?"

"By your age. You will probably turn 13 during the school year right?"

"Yea in a couple of months on October 12th."

"That is a good year 13 you will change a lot during that year. Your voice will change deeper and you will start showing signs of becoming a man."

"Yea I noticed that my voice is already changing where I squeak once in a while."

"Well that is the first sign of puberty."

"What's puberty Clay?"

"Well that is when you start making sperm and could make a woman pregnant."

"How do you know when you can make sperm?"

"Well have you heard the kids at school talk about jacking off?"

"Yea I have heard a lot of them talk about that. What is that?"

"Well that is rubbing your dick up and down until sperm comes out. It feels really good when it does. Then it becomes a habit and you will do it several time a day whenever you can get alone."

"Wow! I am glad you are telling me this stuff as my parents are old fashioned and never talk about sex things around me."

"Well since you have finished your pop why don't we take a swim before we go hunting it will cool us off."

"Gosh I didn't know I should bring my bathing suit."

"Well to be honest with you we don't use them here as we are all boys so we just skinny dip. Have you ever done that?"

"Gosh no. But I have often wondered what it would be like."

"Well you are about to find out unless you would rather not swim. We would never force you to do something you did not want to do."

"Oh that's alright I really want to if you do."

So they all went into the pool area and took off their clothes and put them on a chair. Floyd was last undressed and was sporting a hard on. "Gosh, this is a little embarrassing."

"Don't worry about it you will get hard ons more and more as you grow older look at ours."

Both Gary and Clay were about half hard watching Floyd. And Floyd had such a neat ass they could hardly wait until the time came to get their fingers up in that.

They all dove in and Clay let Floyd dive off his shoulders for a while and when they were all getting a little tired of that he suggested they dry off and get ready to go hunting.

So they all dried off and got dressed and then went and got the two 22's and the ten gage and headed out the back to the path. Clay said, "You know Floyd we have been shooting too many of the squirrels back here so we thought we would look for rabbits instead today. And watch where you step as I shot a rattle snake here last week."

"Really I have never even seen a real one even though I know they are around. I guess I just don't go in the woods very much."

They proceeded on through the woods Clay knowing that it was rare to see a cotton tail on the property but they did see one and Floyd got to shoot at him but missed which was just as well as one rabbit doesn't make much of a meal for but one person.

Clay saw another path to the little river, or stream whatever you call it, and so they walked down to see if any snakes might be around there. Three water moccasins took off swimming right on top of the water moving sort of like a sidewinder rattlesnake moves. Gary took the ten gage and luckily killed one of them but it just floated downstream. So they never retrieved it.

"Wow! That sure made this hunt exciting." said Floyd.

"Yes Floyd I didn't expect to see any of those things around. I am afraid of them ever since I saw one when I was in 3rd grade."

"Well I am afraid of them too. Who wouldn't be. They can kill you."

"Yea if you don't get anti venom quickly they could."

Clay led them through to the field and they walked back to the house past the barn. When they got inside he handed out pop to everyone as they were all hot.

They sat in the living room cooling off in the air conditioning. Clay asked Floyd if he had ever been de-ticked.

"No. Are there ticks in those woods?"

"Oh yea there are in most Arkansas woods Floyd. We always have to de-tick each other when ever we go hunting."

"How do you do that?"

"Well we strip just like we did when we went swimming and check each other for ticks. We always find some and flush them down the toilet. If you leave them on you they bury their heads in you and can cause several diseases."

"Wow! I didn't know that."

"You can do it with us or make sure your mom checks you when you get home. Most of the guys that hunt here do it here though."

"Yea sure I will do it with you guys. I don't want my mom looking that close at my body."

"Yea I can see your point. Let's take our pop in the bedroom and we can get started."

Clay led the way taking off his shirt as they walked. This gave the signal to Floyd that it was time to strip. So he started taking off his shirt too. When they got in the bedroom Clay told Floyd to just put his clothes on a chair and to take off even his socks.

There he stood in all his glory. He had a beautiful swimmers type body not an ounce of fat anywhere. His butt fit his body perfectly and was really a good looking ass. "Why don't you sit here on the bed Floyd and we will do you first and then you can help do us if you want to."

"Oh that would be awesome. You guys have neat bodies."

"Thanks Floyd now let me check your hair first." Clay started rubbing his head in a massage fashion and listened to Floyd moan real pleasure moans. Clay found a tick right at the crown of his head buried deep in his hair. "This may pull a little I have to work this little guy out of your deep hair. He is really in there just getting ready to start burying his head." Clay finally got the big bugger free and showed it to Floyd.

"Gosh you know I doubted you would find any on me as I couldn't feel anything crawling on me."

"That is the thing you don't feel them they are small and move very slow so you don't feel them until they bury their head and then it starts getting sore."

"I'm sure glad we are doing this." said Floyd.

"Yea it takes time but it is sure worth the time in the long run. No one likes to go to the doctor and have one removed."

Clay started down one arm and Gary down the other together. Then they did the line tracing on the palms and sent tingles through his body.

Clay and Gary checked his arm pits and Gary found a tick in his. So he showed it to Floyd and went to flush it. Then they had him lay on his stomach and the two of them gave him a rub down supreme starting at the neck and going on down over the shoulders and back.

"Oh that feels so good. I could lay here for hours."

"I'm glad you like it Floyd. We kinda like it too." said Gary.

When they got to the butt Gary spread it open and both of them got their eyes full of a pink ass hole that looked like it just came out of a shower. Then they went on down the legs and both of them worked on a foot for about 5 minutes. This caused another bunch of moaning. Then it was back up the inner thigh and this caused Floyd to spread his legs as most guys do automatically. Clay wet his finger real well and started rubbing on the perineum. It didn't take but 30 seconds until it was rock hard. So Clay wet his finger some more and added the ass hole to the up and down stroke.

"Oh man no one has ever touched me there before. That really feels good."

"Yes Floyd your prostate gland is just inside there and it is what will make the fluid that carries out the sperm when you jack off."

"Oh yea that jacking off thing again. Can you tell me more about that."

"Sure when we get to it. As a matter of fact you may be able to make sperm now and not know it. You are almost 13. I will rub your prostate and see if I can build up some seminal fluid. Now I am going inside your bottom so push out like you had to crap."

Clay really wet his finger for this and then when he heard him straining he pushed his finger all the way into the upper colon. "How does that feel Floyd?"

"Oh so weird but so good. Can you push harder it would feel even better I think."

With that remark Clay started finger fucking him and pushed hard every time he went in. Floyd was going crazy with pleasure moans now.

"Oh that feels so good. I have never had anything feel like this does."

"I am glad you like it. Of course this is just between you and us we don't talk about things we do here except to each other."

"Oh don't worry I wouldn't tell my best friend any of this. I might show him but I won't say where I learned it."

"Do you and a friend mess around a little now and then?"

"Yea out in the barn sometimes. He shows me his and I show him mine and we look at each others butt holes too."

"Well that is not unusual a lot of boys do that with each other Floyd. And don't worry anything you tell us is top secret too."

"Yea I trust you guys all the way."

Clay wet two fingers and asked him to push out again. He inserted them all the way into the colon knowing it would be tight. And it was.

"Oooooooo I can feel that. It hurts so good."

"Good then I will push hard for you like you like OK?"

"Yea OK."

Clay started finger fucking him really fast with two fingers and turning and twisting listening to the moans and groans as he did so. "Does that hurt Floyd?"

"Oh it did at first but not now it just feels full and good."

"Well now I am going to rub your prostate with one more finger. This will hurt a little at first too. Are you ready to push out again."

"Yea I'm pushing now huhhhhhhh"

Clay launched the third finger and now grabbed the KY and pulled out and put some on his fingers and pushed back in really a lot easier.

"Oh that slippery stuff feels so cool. I like that."

Clay kept finger fucking him and started gently twisting and turning his fingers up inside Floyd getting more moans and groans. How are your doing Floyd?"

"Fine all the pain has quit and now it just feels good. But I sure feel full too."

"Well the reason I am showing you this to build up your seminal fluid this is what guys do to each other before they put their dick up in side each other. Have you hear of corn holing."

"Oh is that what that means. I always wondered. Would it hurt me if you corn holed me?"

"No I don't think it would hurt you with my dick, but Gary is much bigger in the dick department and his would hurt."

"Would you do it to me then Clay. I really would like to try it."

"OK if you really want me to I will."

"I really do Clay. I mean it."

Clay jacked his dick with KY and got it really slick. then he told Floyd to spread his legs wide and he did. That opened up the ass hole and Clay could see it now. So he aimed and told Floyd to push out like he was passing a giant turd.


When Clay heard that he was in and half way up in him. He stopped to let him get use to it. "How ya doing buddy?"

"Ouch it hurts real bad and burns but just stay there it is getting better. I'll tell you when to go on."

Clay patiently waited about 2 minutes and then Floyd said, "OK I'm ready it has quit hurting and burning now."

Clay thought that he wasn't going to prolong the pain of taking his cherry so he went on up into the colon past the first turn. Boy was this kid a virgin. It almost hurt his dick it was so tight and hot. "Now tell me when you want me to move back and forth Floyd."

"Go ahead it isn't hurting hardly at all now just push harder."

Clay thought to himself this kid is a wonder. He really likes being fucked. So he started short stroking him and pushing hard on each return and the speeded up just as hard.

"Oh Yea that is what I like that feels great Clay."

That spurred him on and he was jack rabbit fucking him within seconds. Then he went to fast long strokes and hit the prostate on every stroke. He kept this up for about 5 minutes when...

"Ohhhhhhhh can't explain ....good.. I am turning ....inside out...ahhhhhhh....oooooooo....God Clay."

When he started cumming that set Clay off and he buried himself deep as he could and unloaded about 7 or 8 ropes clear up in his colon. Then he fell over on top of Floyd's back and lay there panting. They both were panting and neither could talk for a few minutes. Finally Floyd said, "That was the most intense thing I have ever experienced in my entire life. Can you do it again."

"No what happened to you Floyd is you came. You made sperm and are probably wet under yourself from your sperm as it came out."

Clay pulled out and got up and sat next to him and rolled him over on his side and said, "See this clear liquid. This is your first sperm. Here taste it." Clay wiped some of it on his finger and put it to Floyd's mouth and he stuck out his tongue and tasted it.

"Umm That taste sweet."

"Yes and as you jack off more and more it will eventually be white and much thicker like mine." Clay squeezed some of his out of his dick and showed it to him. "Here taste mine and see how different it is."

"Ummm it is sweet and a little salty."

"Yes that is how yours will be when you grow older."

"Now roll over on your back and we will check your other side for ticks too." When he rolled over his dick was hard as a rock again. So Gary and Clay checked the rest of him and found no ticks. "Now Gary is going to show you how to jack off so you can make that feeling even when you are alone. Just think sexy thoughts and do like he is showing you."

Gary started jacking him off and kept going as he knew there was a possibility of him cumming again because of his youth. After about five minutes with his eyes shut he yelled, "It's happening again... Ahhhhhhhh..... Ohhhhhhhhh....God.... that feels....good....."

Opening his eyes and looking down he saw more of the clear liquid on his lower stomach. He put his finger in it and tasted it again. Then he got more and kept tasting it as he liked it. Gary got his taste too and so did Clay. He was so sweet. It is always such a pleasure to be in on a first cum like this.

"Well now we have to be de-ticked do you have enough strength to help or do you want us just to do each other."

"Oh no I want to help too." said Floyd.

So Gary sat down on the bed and Floyd started working on his head. He didn't find any so he checked the hair under his arms and found one. So he took it and flushed it and came back and continured on. He did his arms and tickled his palms. Then he went down Gary's back and spread his ass and darned if he didn't find a tick right next to the ass hole. SO he flushed it. When he came back he rubbed his finger on Gary's ass hole and smelled his finger. He seemed to like it by his expression. Then he did the legs, feet and back up to the perineum and Gary gave him the KY to use to make it slippery. So he rubbed his finger up and down on the perineum and then stuck his finger in Gary's ass hole all the way. "Do you like that Gary?"

"Yea when you do it it is great."

This made Floyd so happy when he said that that he started finger fucking him just as Clay had him and added a second and third finger. He was having a ball. "I'm going to do this to my friend. But I won't tell him how I learned it."

"That is fine as long as you keep us out of it. You can even teach him corn holing as it doesn't hurt when two smaller guys do each other. Remember my dick is over 6 inches long and yours is only about 4 or so."

"Yea that will be awesome Thanks Clay."

"Say Floyd since you seem to like sex so well would you like to become a member of the Tick club?"

"I heard someone talking about that what is it?"

"Well guys who have been through de-ticking over here, and much of what you went through, all get together every other Saturday night from 7 to 9 to swim and have sex fun with each other. Would you like that do you think?"

"Would I like that. Wow! I can't think of anything I would like better."

"Well they meet at Glen Rose at 7 next Saturday and we pick everyone up and bring them here for a SWIMMING PARTY. At least that is what non members think. Understand."

"Oh yea it is really a secret club then huh."

"Very secret as Clay and I could get in trouble because of your age if it ever got out."

"Well it won't ever get out though me. That is for sure."

"Now sit down Clay and let me do you."

Clay sat down and could hardly wait until he got to his ass.

By the time he got to Clay's ass he had found two more ticks. He went ahead and worked on his feet which Clay loved too, and then came back up and took the KY and started on the perineum and then into the ass hole with one, two, and then three fingers smiling all the time. He loved doing this. His face had the look of a kid that just opened his favorite Christmas present.

"Are you hard Floyd?"

"Oh yea."

"Then jack off with some KY to get your dick slippery and I will turn over so you can get further in me." Clay put his ankles to his ears and Floyd mounted him and stuck all four inches all the way in. "Ahhhh that feels so good Clay. You are so hot and smooth up in here."

"Now go ahead and fuck me fast and hard as your can."

This 13 year old turned into a blurr boy. Could he fuck. He kept it up full speed ahead until sweat was pouring down his face and all of a sudden he uttered, "Ahhhhhh.....I.....cummming......Ohhhhhhhhhh...God... that feels so good."

He collapsed on top of Clay for the biggest hug of his life. And he hugged back just as hard. He really thought Clay was it. "Oh Man thank you so much Clay that was so awesome there are no English words for it."

"Well I am glad you liked it. Think you can do that to someone next Saturday night?"

"Oh boy can I. I can hardly wait."

After they all dressed they had one more pop and then Clay took him back to Glen Rose. He gave both Clay and Gary a hug in the car so he couldn't be seen and then got out thanking them again.

On the way home Clay said, "I think we have one happy member of the Tick club don't you Gary."

"Oh Yea."

(To Be Continued)

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