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Ticks Chapter 21 Watch for Terrifying Change after chap. 22


"Good Morning Clay, I saw you were still asleep so I just came out and made coffee. If you would like a cup it is all ready."

"Thanks Gary that is the longest I have slept in quite a while. I must have been tired."

"You know we have Blaine Custer coming over this afternoon. Did you remember?"

"Oh yea he is the boy who couldn't come on Sunday because of family things." said Clay.

"Yea in a way that is kinda nice, most boys don't have families that do anything together."

"That's for sure."

"Why don't you have a bite and then let's wash the cars. They are really dirty."

"Good idea Gary. I'll just have this piece of toast and we can get started."

So they spent the morning washing both cars and were glad when it was over. "I guess we better have a sandwich it is almost time to go and pick up Blaine."

"Yea good idea I don't want to go hunting on an empty stomach."

They ate their sandwiches and cleaned up the kitchen and headed out for Glen Rose to get Blaine. When they got there he was sitting on the steps to the gym so they pulled right up to him and he got in back. "Hi Blaine, glad you could come."

"Yea guys thanks for inviting me. I have never been hunting before."

"Well then you should enjoy the day."

"I'm sure I will." said Blaine.

They pulled into the driveway and got out and went into the kitchen. Gary got a pop for everyone and they drank them in the living room over small talk about what Blaine did yesterday. When they were through Clay suggested they take a swim to cool off before going hunting so they went to the pool area. Clay and Gary were nude as fast as they could get that way. They looked over at Blaine and he wasn't even undressing. "Aren't you going for a swim with us?"

"I didn't bring my bathing suit so I can't."

"Well we are all boys and always skinny dip but don't do anything you don't want to do as we wouldn't want you telling your folks that we forced you to skinny dip."

"Oh I would never say anything bad about you guys no matter what."

"Well we are glad to hear that as we like to keep everything said or done around here between us."

"Don't worry about me. Could I swim in my briefs?"

"Sure Blaine if that is what you want to do have at it."

Blaine stripped to his briefs and dove in with them. They had him diving off their shoulders before they knew it. He really enjoyed that. After about 20 minutes they all got out and dried off and got dressed. "Blaine I guess you better dry your underwear as good as possible or go without them under your pants."

"I can dry them pretty well and wear them."

Clay looked at Gary and they just shook their heads. Blaine went ahead and got dressed over his wet briefs. What he didn't realize is that wet briefs is like wearing nothing at all. Gary and Clay could see his little dick and butt just fine through them. As a matter of fact both Gary and Clay got half hard before dressing and saw that Blaine really noticed that.

"Well come on in the living room and I will introduce you to your gun Blaine."

Clay showed him the 22 and explained the workings and how to tell if it were loaded etc. and then they all walked out back and toward the path. "Now today Blaine we are hunting cotton tail rabbits. We are not shooting any more squirrels for a while as they are thinning out."

"Oh OK, then I will look for rabbits." said Blaine.

Clay said, "They are usually pretty fast if they are moving so you have to hope one is just sitting somewhere before he runs. They are hard to hit on the run."

They continued on the path and Clay explained about the rattle snakes and the water moccasins and got Blaine really nervous. SO he kept his eyes pealed where he was walking. They came upon a clearing and a rabbit was sitting still in the middle of it so Clay pointed to Blaine where the rabbit was and Blaine shot and killed it. "Good Shot Blaine." Blaine was all smiles from ear to ear. They walked over to the dead rabbit and Clay handed the knife to Blaine and told him everyone always gutted out what they shoot and told him where to cut. Blaine swallowed hard and cut the rabbit down the stomach. Then Clay told him to pull out the innards heart, lungs, and guts and throw them aside. Blaine made a face and started pulling the bloody mess out of the rabbit. When he got it clean Clay gave him the clean rag to wipe off his hands and then put the rabbit in his back pack. Then they continued on their hunt.

When they got to the trail to the river where he had shot a water moccasin the other day he told them he wanted to sneak up on that spot and maybe shoot another one. He wanted to rid his property of the dangerous creatures. So they very quietly stole down to the river and looked. Sure enough right at the edge of the water there were the two water moccasins that they didn't get the other day. Gary aimed at the one on the right and Clay the one on the left and they both shot at the same time blowing the heads off of both of them. Gary went running down to the water to see that they were both dead and picked them up and showed them to Blaine and looked at them himself.

"Wow! I hear those things are really dangerous."

"Yes Blaine if a person doesn't get some antivenin quick they could die of a bite from one of them."

"I'm sure glad you shot them then."

"So am I Blaine, so am I."

They turned around and just as they came to the clearing again there was another rabbit sniffing the remains of the other rabbit. So since Gary was the only one in position to shoot he pulled down on the rabbit and shot it in the head. So he had a cleaning job to do himself this time. No one really likes to gut out an animal so it isn't a pleasant job for anyone. After he finished he put the rabbit in the back pack and then wiped his hands as clean as he could on the already bloody rag. "Well that makes two." Gary said.

"Yea it has been a great hunt. Two rabbits and two moccasins. Couldn't ask for better than that."

"Gosh this has been so exciting for me." said Blaine.

"Yes Blaine it had been for all of us. Let's take the path to the pasture since we are at the end of my property and we can walk back up though the field."

So they all walked back through the field to the barn where Clay skinned the rabbits and took them in the house to wash the meat real well. He put them in freezer bags and put them in the freezer. Then he handed a pop to everyone and they went into the living room to sit and drink them and cool off.

"Something I didn't mention to you Blaine is that after every hunt we have to de-tick each other. That means checking for ticks that we pick up in the woods. We always find some."

Blaine looked real nervous but didn't say anything.

When they finished the pop Clay told everyone to follow him to the bedroom. Clay and Gary stripped again to do the de-ticking and Blaine just stood there. "Blaine if we are going to de-tick you you will have to take off your clothes we are all boys you know?"

"I think I will just have my big brother do me when I get home."

"Well your taking a chance of one getting his head buried in you and you might have to go to the doctor to get it out."

"It won't be too long I think I'll wait for him."

Gary sat down and Clay started doing his head. Sure enough he found a big black tick on him. He showed it to Blaine and watched his eyes get big and then flushed it down the toilet. Then he went ahead and did his arm pits and found another one. So he flushed it too. Then he did the arms and the tickle the palm thing. Gary then lay down on his stomach and Clay started the normal routine.

"Clay can I ask you something?" said Blaine.

"Sure Blaine."

"Well I over heard two guys talking about the tick club at the hunters safety meeting last week, they didn't know I was listening. Can you tell me what it is all about."

"Well that is kinda secret between them. But I can tell you they have all hunted here and been de-ticked."

"The way they were talking I know there is more to it than that. I just could tell."

"Well it is secret because everyone has sworn to keep it secret and not tell anyone especially their folks."

"I already told you I wouldn't ever tell my folks or for that matter my big brother anything that happens over here."

"Well I can only tell those that have been de-ticked, I'm sorry Blaine as I would be breaking their pledge."

"What if I decided to let you de-tick me, then could you tell me?"

"Probably so. As then I wouldn't be breaking any pledge."

"OK then I want to be de-ticked here then."

"OK Blaine we will do you next then." Clay continued working on Gary and when he got to his ass he spread it and looked in real close like he was looking for ticks. This was too much for Blaine so he came over and looked in too. So Clay took his finger and wet it and pushed it up inside Gary while he watched to see his reaction." Gary moaned.

"Gosh do ticks get in there?"

"Not usually but everybody likes what it feels like so we try to please them."

"Does...I mean...does that...make a....guy feel good..."

"Yes Blaine as that is where your prostate is and that is the gland that makes the liquid that carries out your sperm when you jack off or have sex with a woman."

"Is that what jack off means. I mean I hear kids talking that way all the time."

"Are you telling me that you at age 13 have never cum by jacking off?"

"Boy your really snowing me now I have heard all those words but they are like Greek to me."

"Well if you like we can show you when we de-tick you. Believe me you will like it."

"Yea it sounds sexy. Ooops should I use that word around you?"

"That is a very common word and everyone uses it now and then of course you can use it around us. You can say anything in front of us and it will never be told to anyone. You know when you want to talk about girls and other sex things feel free here when it is just us."

"Could I tell you something I never told anyone in my whole life then? I just need to tell someone."

"Sure Blaine shoot there is absolutely nothing we haven't heard before."

"Well the reason I wouldn't swim nude is I would get a woody because I like looking at guys more than girls. I think about guys being naked all the time. Is that bad?"

"Well Blaine no that is not bad. That is the way you were born. And if you grow up liking guys best then you just do. I like guys most and so does Gary but we don't go around talking about it as it is no ones business unless we want to make it their business."

"Gosh you mean I am not some kind of weird or something."

"If you are then so are we. Come over here. Put some of this on your finger." Clay put KY on his middle finger. "Now take your finger and do like I did so you can feel what it feels like inside a guys ass."

"You mean it?"

Gary said, "I hope you will do it it would feel real good to me."

With that Blaine stuck his long middle finger all the way up Gary's ass. "Gosh it is so hot up here. It feels smooth too like a baby's blanket. This is so neat. And this feels good to you Gary?"

"Oh Ya pull your finger out and push in fast that is called finger fucking."

So Blaine put on a grin and started finger fucking Gary and was loving it. He now had a woody sticking straight out and tenting his pants like crazy.

Clay said, "See Blaine you have a massive woody now so you are enjoying it too aren't you?"

"Oh Ya, I'm loving it."

Well let me finish de-ticking Gary while you take off your clothes now. And don't worry about your woody I have one too. See."

"Wow! That is a big one can I touch it?"

"Sure go ahead."

Blaine put his hand around Clay's dick and squeezed it making Clay moan like crazy.

"Does that feel good to you Clay?"

"Yes Blaine it feels awesome. Now go ahead and get undressed."

Blaine couldn't get his clothes off fast enough. He stood there nude and had a 4+ inch cut dick sticking straight out.

"Walk over here Blaine. Does this feel good to you." Clay squeezed his dick and rubbed it up and down a few times."

"Oh gosh yea. No one has ever touched me there before. I really like it."

"Well when it is your turn we will show you more OK?"

"Oh Now I can hardly wait."

Clay finished up Gary in the next 5 minutes or so and did his front and he got up. He had a hard on too straight out. And it being another inch and a half longer than Clay's it really brought Blaine's attention.

"OK now Blaine sit here on the bed your next." Clay started on his head massaging his scalp well while he felt for ticks. He found one just over his left ear and showed it to him. Then he flushed it. Then Gary took one arm and Clay took the other and they did their normal routine. They had him lay on his stomach and started down his back. Blaine was pleasure moaning like mad. When they got to his butt Gary spread it real wide and they both took a sniff and wanted to lick it but thought better of it.

"Are you going to stick you finger in me so I can feel what it feels like?"

"Yes Blaine but let us go on down to your feet first." They rubbed each foot for 5 minutes driving Blaine crazy. Blaine could only think of his hard on and how much harder it was that it had ever been. They worked their way back up his inner thigh and to his perineum. When Clay started doing the perineum thing it was already as hard as one could get. So he added the anus to the stroke.

"Oh God I have never felt anything that good in my life."

Gary took his middle finger and put KY on it and explained he was going to do what he asked for now. Then he stuck his finger all the way up past the first turn in the colon.

"Oh what a feeling. Wow! I had no idea my butt could feel like this."

"This may make it feel better." Gary entered the 2nd finger all the way and heard a grunt and an ahhhhhh."

"Oh that hurt a little but it feels so good now push harder Gary."

Clay said, "Have you ever cum yet Blaine. Like jacking off."

"No like I told you I didn't know what they were talking about."

"Well we are going to make you cum. It is going to feel so good that you will think you are turning inside out. But don't let it scare you it is suppose to happen. Roll up on your side facing me."

He rolled on his side and his dick was so hard it must hurt. Gary kept his fingers inside ready to attach the prostate. Clay said, "I am going to put your dick in my mouth Blaine. This is a normal thing for gay boys to do. It will make you cum so get ready. Clay took his dick in his mouth and started giving the best head he was capable of and after about 5 minutes of intense head Gary started in on the prostate. He pushed on it and pulled and pushed real hard knowing that would do it.

" ...Ahhhhh... Ohhhhhhhhh...oooooooooooo.....God... ohhhhhhhh....."

He squirted about 5 or 6 times into Clay's mouth and Clay just held it there so he could show him.

"Oh i have never felt anything that good in my entire life. You guys are so great. I loved it."

Clay could hardly talk with a mouth full of cum but he told Blaine to look on his tongue and see what he made.

"Wow I made that?"

"Yep stick out your tongue." When he did Clay was right on it and sucking it like mad giving him his own cum to taste. Clay kept him in a French kiss for at least 3 minutes. Then he pulled off and said, "Well what do you thing of what your cum taste like Blaine?"

"Wow it was so sweet. I like it. Does yours taste like that too."

"Everybody taste a little different Blaine but the older you get the more salty taste there is to it during your teen years. Then it just stays the same."

"Wow I would have never learned any of this if I hadn't come over here. Now can I be a member of the tick club."

"Yes but you must pledge to tell no one except club members anything about it. Not anybody understood. Now you see why I couldn't tell you anything before. As far as your parents know it is just a swim party every other Saturday but the guys all have sex too."

"Oh I can hardly wait."

"There is one more thing we need to show you but we will do that after you recover. Let's de-tick me first." Clay said.

"Would you like to do me Blaine or let Gary?"

"Oh me please. I would love that. I am having so much fun."

So Clay sat down and Blaine started on his head. He found a tick and went and flushed it. He continued on down his body after doing the arms and hands and got to the butt. He spread Clay open and looked at his ass hole. He wet his finger and pushed it in a little. "DO you mind that Clay?"

"No it feels good."

Blaine pushed his finger all the way in just as he had in Gary. "Hmmm hot and smooth just like Gary. I love doing this. It is so cool. Gosh I love being able to be me. I would have never told any one I liked guys but you."

"Well thank you Blaine I appreciate your saying that. We trust you too. Go ahead and finger fuck me all you want."

Gary handed him the KY and said, "Here use this it makes it easier."

"Use three finger on me Blaine I can take it."

Blaine put KY on three fingers and started fucking Clay slowly at first and when he heard pleasure moans he really went at it.

"Blaine are you hard, do you have wood?"

"Oh Yea I do."

"Let me roll over on my back." Clay rolled over and pulled his knees to his chest. Blaine saw a tick in the area of his balls and went and flushed it. "OK now Blaine put your dick up my ass and fuck me fast and hard."

"Wow! You mean it? This is fantastic. You have really got a neat ass."

"Jack off with KY on your hand first and have at it."

Blaine did as instructed and pushed his dick in all the way. God did this feel good. He was rabbit fucking Clay in nothing flat. He kept it up for about 10 minutes and was hitting Clay's prostate almost every time so Clay gave it up. "Ahhhhhhhh....God.....Blaine.....I'm.. coming.....ahhhhhhh....ooooooo."

When the orgasm started Blaine was surprised when his dick started getting squeezed on every spurt and it sent him over the edge. "Oooooo God.....AAhhhhhhh....Shit....I'm....coming...too....."

Blaine finished off firing about 6 or 7 ropes and then collapsed on Clays stomach where he was immediately hugged to Clay. He hugged back and found the two of them suctioned together with Clay's cum on his stomach. But he didn't care he just lay there in heaven. Finally after about 5 minutes Clay pulled him up and French kissed him for another 5 minutes or so. Then they got up ripping apart as they were stuck together with cum. Blaine continued with the de-ticking and then they got in the shower and got all the cum washed off of them. Then they went into the kitchen naked and got three pops and sat in the living room and drank them.

"Blaine do you think you would like to try being fucked yourself?"

(To Be continued)

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