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Ticks Chapter 22


"Blaine would you like to try being fucked now?"

"I am kinda scared wouldn't it hurt real bad?"

"Well yes. At first anyway. But as you know the pain goes away just like with the fingers and then it feels good. Only getting fucked is really awesome when it starts feeling good. If you would like to know all of the current Tick Club members have been fucked and also have fucked someone else just like you did."

"Well...I....don't know...I mean I really want to...but?"

"Well you know all you have to do is say stop and we would."

"Yea I trust you guys a lot...OK, I'll give it a try."

They finished their soda and headed for the bedroom. Clay was wondering if he could get it up again so soon so he asked Blaine, "Would you mind if Gary got into the act?"

"No I really like Gary. I'll give you my cherry Gary OK?"

"OK but if I am going to do you I will use the dildo on you first so it won't hurt as bad."


Gary went to the drawer and brought it out and showed it to him. "It is a fake dick that guys use when they want to cum real hard. It hurts at first but just like everything the hurt goes away."

"Well if you think it would hurt less then go ahead."

Gary put KY on the dildo and two fingered his ass first for a while. Then he put the dildo to the hole and told him to push out real hard.


Gary gritted his teeth as he knew this was going to hurt like hell but he pushed hard to get it over quick.

"Oh God that thing hurts so bad OUCH oh OUCH."

Gary turned on the vibrator to get his mind off the pain and it seemed to work as his screaming stopped and he just lay there. "Now you tell me when it quits hurting. It may take a minute or so."

"The vibrator feels awesome it is hitting my special spot and making my dick harder and it tingles. It's OK now I guess."

Gary knew the pain was over as it was the same diameter all the way on in so he pushed it all the way until it stopped and just left it there for a while with the vibrator going. Then he started fucking him with it slow at first and then faster. "How ya doing dude?"

"OK it kinda feels neat now."

Gary knew it was time to get his dick up there and boy was he hard. So while fucking him with the dildo he was jacking off his dick with KY to get it good and ready. He didn't dare go much further with the jacking off or he was going to cum just thinking about it.

Gary decided to do him on his stomach so he got his dick right at the hole and removed the dildo and at the same split second shoved his dick in about three inches. "How's that Blaine?"

"After that dildo it isn't bad at all. It hurts a little but not that bad."

Gary knew he had 8 inched of it to take and wondered if he was going to get it all in. So he started in slowly and just kept going past the first turn in the colon and then kept making its own path the rest of the way until Gary was balls to balls with Blaine and Blaine was moaning big time. "It is all the way in. How does it feel to you Blaine?"

"Kinda like I swallowed a broom handle I feel so full I could burst. I feel like I could shit until tomorrow morning."

"Well as long as it isn't hurting too bad I will start moving slowly." So Gary started short stoking him.


Gary loved the sounds he was making as they were not sounds of pain but of trying to breath. So Gary sped up the short strokes. After about 10 minutes Gary was finding it hard to breath he was sweating all over the boy. His dick felt squeezed to death as this was one tight smooth tunnel and boy was it hot up in here.

"Man it is feeling really cool now Blaine said."

Gary hearing this started long stroking him making sure to hit his prostate on every plunge. It didn't take but a minute or two and that was all she wrote for Blaine.

"OH...GOD...I'M...cummming...aahhhhhh...OHhhhhhhh...shit...God...ahhhh shit... "

Of course this set Gary into a massive orgasm that shot 8 or 9 ropes clear up into his upper colon. It probably felt like he was cumming in to his stomach to Blaine.

Blaine now just lay there quiet and trying to breath. Gary was having the same trouble so he fell forward to his side so as not to crush him. He put his arm around Blaine and hugged him. Blaine just moaned and then sighed. After about 5 minutes they both caught their breath and Gary French Kissed him for a while. Time meant nothing they were in another world now.

Finally they got up and Gary said, "How about a swim before you have to leave?"

"Yea that cold water would feel so good right now."

So all three of them headed for the pool and dove in. They didn't do much swimming as they were all tired out but the pool felt so good they just sort of clung to the side and rested a while. Then they got out dried and got dressed. The clock on the wall was saying it was time to get Blaine back to Glen Rose, so that is where they headed.

"Well Blaine Good Bye for now. We will see you Wednesday night and welcome to the Ticks club. We will be having our second swimming party Saturday night."

"Yea swimming party I get it. Don't worry my lips are sealed."

"OK then Bye we enjoyed having you today." Clay said.


Clay and Gary arrived early as usual. Johnny West and Terry Bradley were already there too. So Clay asked if they would start setting up chairs. When they got inside they got out the training books and stacked them on the stage. Then they started helping with the chairs. It wasn't long before 13 year old Pete arrived and started helping with the chairs so by time for the meeting to start the chairs were waiting. Since all the boys that were setting up chairs were proud members of the Tick Club they talked a little about how excited they were for Saturday to get there. But when others started arriving they quickly changed to another subject.

Clay called the meeting to order at exactly 7. Some boys were just taking their seats after picking up a book on the stage. "Well boys welcome again. We only have two more sessions after this one and you will all be certified and can get your license. There will be a short quiz at the end but I am sure if you have been listening you won't have any trouble passing it. Tonight we are going to take some time and talk about game animals you are likely to hunt and their habits. Since a lot of you will be hunting with your father we will talk about the deer first. Here are some facts about deer.

Like any wild animal, a deer depends on its senses to stay alive. To hunt successfully, know what alerts deer to danger, as well as what might attract them through curiosity, hunger, or the urge to mate.

Deer have keen noses. That means you must keep clothes clean and free of odors and stay downwind from the area where you expect to find game. There are scents available that can mask human scent, and some that can even help draw a deer into your stand.

A deer's eyes are always alert to motion. So make sure you search out every bit of the ground before taking another step, even if that means taking an hour to move a hundred yards. If hunting on a stand, don't move around looking for a comfortable position. Deer will not see a motionless hunter, even if he is dressed in blaze orange clothes. You, however, can see a motionless buck, if you learn to look through the trees for "pieces" of a deer. Train your eyes and use a good pair of binoculars to spot a horizontal back line, a leg, an antler, or some other body part.

A deer's large ears funnel sound, and noise that is out of place will always alert them. Wear quiet clothing that doesn't rustle excessively. The sound of continuous walking will alert deer, so when you move, move slowly. There are some sounds that will lure a buck. Hunters can learn how to rattle a set of antlers to imitate the sound of two bucks fighting. This will often bring a buck in for a look. Also, calls which imitate the sound of a deer grunting have been developed and marketed. Proper use of these calls is probably the most exciting recent innovation in deer hunting.

Here is a Tip my dad taught me. Set up a deer stand near the outside bend in a day trail. You will be able to see deer approaching from either direction.

A Red Fox urine-soaked rag or piece of fleece attached to a hunter's boots can mask alarming scents during the walk in.

When you look for deer, you are looking for more than the animal itself^×you are looking for clues. Clues that say where a deer has been, and where it might soon be. Deer feed in one area and bed in another. A trail leading from a well-marked bedding area to a corn patch where deer have been feeding would be a logical location for a stand.

A note of caution: Always make absolutely certain that a downed deer is dead. Many hunters have been surprised to learn that their "dead" deer is actually just stunned and has caught its breath while the hunter walked up. The hooves of a flailing Whitetail can maim an unwary hunter. Better to wait a little longer, or use a long stick as a prod (never a gun) to determine whether it's safe to handle the animal.

Make sure your knife has an easy to hold, self-cleaning bone saw for cutting through the pelvis or other large bones during gutting. Trying to do it with a knife is extremely dangerous, especially with slippery fingers.

It is good to carry a small towel or piece of clean cloth to wipe off your hands with after you are through. Those of you who have hunted with me know how messy gutting out game can be."

Clay went on to talk about elk and some of their habits. Then the hour was up and he told them to be sure and put away their chairs. "Tick members remember our next meeting is Saturday. Stay after and we can talk more at length."

So after everyone but the Tick club members had left Clay reminded them that they would be picked up at Glen Rose at 7 and brought back at exactly 9:30 so they could tell their parents. He also reminded them that it was a swim party and nothing else. They all agreed looking at each other with a smirk on their faces. Then Clay dismissed them and he and Gary secured the gym after putting all the books away in the closet.

"Well that was a good meeting Clay." said Gary. "I learned some things about deer hunting that I had even forgotten."

"Yea teaching it brings some of it back fresh for me too."


When Saturday got there Clay and Gary made a trip to the store to buy a gob of snacks. Chips of all kinds and several cases of pop. They took it all home and filled the refrigerator with pop and put the chips out on all the swimming tables. It made it look like it was indeed just a swimming party. They also both decided to get rid of their 4 passenger cars so Clay had Gary trade his in too. They got two brand new vans. 7 passenger each. They could squeeze in more if necessary. But as of now they had 12 Tick club members and didn't plan on taking in many more. Too big meant too many mouths that could slip and get them in trouble. So far they felt secure in the members they had chosen. They drove the vans home, one was bright red and white and the other blue and white. They were really nice vehicles with the works. They even had a VCR and TV in the back behind the drives seat and full sound stereo CD and radio. Gary was so happy with his he drove extra careful getting home from Malvern.

When 7 O'Clock came they were waiting at the gym. They got out of the vans so the boys would know who they were as the new vans sure wouldn't be recognized. As the boys arrived they looked over the vans with wide eyes as they were better vehicles than most of their parents drove. When all 12 were there it was 10 after 7 and they loaded up and headed for the house. The vans parked one in the garage and the other behind it in the driveway as the garage wouldn't hold two vans. Clay had plans he hadn't told Gary about expanding the Garage to a three car garage for both vans and also storage for other things.

They all went in side and had a seat in the living room some of them sitting on the floor as there wasn't enough room for everyone to have a place on a chair. But boys of that age would rather sit on the floor anyway. Clay had them file into the kitchen and get a pop. Then he told them that since this was a swimming party they could all go get undressed out by the pool and put their clothes in a pile away from anyone Else's. Soon all the boys were naked and in the pool so Clay and Gary joined them. Of course the usual diving off the shoulders went on for a short while but Gary and Clay soon wore out. Clay finally called them all out after about 20 minutes and had them dry off and stay naked.

"Now if there is anything we do that you don't want to participate in just sit it out and no one will say anything OK?"

They all nodded their heads OK.

"Let's all go into the living room first. Now I want you to choose a name out of this box and he will be your partner in game one." They all did so and then Clay told them To 69 with that person but try not to cum. So they all got in the 69 position and started in. Clay let them go at it for about 10 minutes and then told them to stop before someone came.

"Is there anyone here who won't rim another guy since you just got out of the pool and you are all clean?"

The guys looked at each other and no one wanted to be different to no one said anything.

"OK then hearing no objections go ahead with the same guy and get in the 69 position again and rim each other. Push out so he can get up inside you. Gather as much spit as you can and force it in the hole."

So they all started in. Pete was rimming Jim and since Jim was 15 his hole was bigger than Pete's at age 13 but they managed. Jim had to bend his back out a little to make up for the difference in height. Jim was moaning big time and it wasn't long before Pete had Jim's tongue going up into him too. He loved that feeling. This went on for about 10 minutes and Clay though everyone was pretty well lubricated.

"OK guys now I have 6 tubes of KY so there is one tube for every two of you. Here I will pass one tube to each of your two some."

"Now draw another name out of the box." They all did and Terry 13 was so glad to get Randy who was 14 he couldn't believe it.

"OK now you have never done this before I want you to line up in a line one behind the other. There is enough room if you use the hallway too. Now the person in front of you I want you to one, two, three finger lube with KY. This is going to be a fuck chain and I think you will find it fun. Remember if anyone wants to sit out just leave the line." No one left. Clay told Gary to let the one on the front end of the line lube him. Then Clay took the end of the line and lubed up Kyle 15 and would fuck him. When everyone was ready Clay said, "OK now starting with the front of the line Pete go ahead and start entering Gary. Everyone go slowly. Only as fast as the guy ahead of you can comfortably take you. Go ahead now and enter the one in front of you. Everyone push out to make it easier on you."

Slowly the chain linked and with in 5 minutes the line was fucking in unison. It was awesome to watch. This went on for about 15 minutes before the first guy came. Of course it was obvious when the sounds came out of him. Then the same ahhhhhhhh's and Ohhhhhhhhh'a came out of one by one in the line all the way until about 20 minutes went by. Then all the boy lay in a heap on the floor all of them trying to catch their breath.

Finally Randy Hopeful hollered out "That was the most awesome experience of my life."

All of the boys the made their comment all positive.

"Clay said when you have finished getting your breath get a can of pop and go back pool side and eat up on the chips. They all did just that and it turned into the happiest bunch of boys you can imagine. The talk was all about how great the fuck chain was and how much they all enjoyed it. After they had eaten their fill Clay told them to go ahead and swim but since they had just filled up on chips to stay where they could touch and pick a buddy to swim by and keep an eye on each other for a while."

The boys were soon all in the pool and Gary and Clay sat in chair watching like life guards as the last thing they needed was for someone to drown.

Since it was 8:30 and time was sneaking up on them Clay called them all out of the pool and told them to dry off and go into the living room. When they were all settled in the living room Clay went into his bedroom closet and brought out a jar that held $100 in quarters. He brought it into the living room and everyone's eyes about popped out of their eye because they could see that was a lot of quarters.

"OK Gus we are going to play squeegee for $100 worth of quarters. Since all of you have cum at least once tonight it will take a little longer for you but good luck. Start when I say go. Jack off a little to get it hard and I'll start you." When Clay saw they were all hard he said, "OK GO."

The room filled with the sounds of jacking off madly. Clay and Gary were hard just getting to watch such a scene. After about 10 minutes the wild call of "SQUEEGEE" came out of Blaine Custer an 8th grader. Everyone else continued as they were not going to stop now. Some started jacking each other and finally after several more minutes all of them had ejaculated so the room took on a strong smell of cum. Clay went around handing out paper towels to clean up. And then to much applause a yehing Blaine was handed his quarters. Clay was so glad he won as his family didn't have much and he could use it to buy some nice school cloths since school started in three weeks.

Clay and Gary loaded them in the van and took them back to Glen Rose and arrived at 9:27. So some of the parents were waiting. Many of them got out and thanked Clay for all he was doing for the boys. Clay thought to himself it is a good thing they don't know the truth. But the boys did have the time of their lives tonight and that is what mattered to Clay and Gary.

The weeks went by fast and everyone passed their test. Clay called the Tick club members over after the test and told them they would be disbanding for the school months but start back up again when summer came. He told them he would call them. He also told them there would be a special meeting at Christmas or about two weeks before. He would call all of them and let them know when and he hoped they could all make it.

On the way home Gary said, "It is kinda sad to have it over. But we can still invite guys to hunt with us anyway. We have a lot that want to."

"Yes indeed there is a lot of fun ahead indeed."


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