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Ticks Chapter 3


Clay woke up wishing it were 1 O'Clock already but got up and made coffee and watched the morning news to see if we had any more soldiers killed in Baghdad. He hated that war as it was taking guys his age and putting them underground. He had two friends or at least acquaintances that had been killed already.

Finally lunch time came and he had a sandwich. His stomach was nervous as he was looking so forward to the boys coming. He knew they would be coming through the tick infested woods to get here and was hoping Jim would let him check him. But time will tell.

The door opened at 12:55 and Pete yelled , "Is anybody home."

"Yea Pete I'm in the living room come on in. Why don't you guys get a pop out of the refrigerator as that may not be a long walk but it always made me thirsty."

They both went to the kitchen and got a pop and joined Clay in the living room. "How was your walk through the woods. You know when I was younger and taking that short cut I saw a water moccasin slip out of a tree into the stream back there and it scared me so bad I ran for a while. Which was stupid I could have come upon a snake on the ground there are rattlers out there too."

Jim said, "Yea I saw one once. But you don't see them very often they stay pretty hidden."

"Yea they do that all right."

"Clay would you have time to check me for ticks today. You found two yesterday you know."

"Sure Pete but lets go into the bedroom to give you a little privacy OK?"

"Sure I will follow you."

"This will take a few minutes Jim just make yourself at home. Here is the TV control."

Clay took Pete in the bedroom and shut the door and within one minute Pete was nude. Clay looked him over for real first as they found two yesterday. Sure enough he had one down on his thigh on the inside. So Clay picked it off him and took it to the toilet and flushed it. Then he came back and checked his hair real good. He saw that Pete was hard as a rock and knew what he wanted. So he whispered to him "We can't do very much with Jim being here. Here lay on the bed and I'll give you head and get you off OK?"

"Oh yea."

Pete layed down and Clay went down and took his dick all the way down then he went up and down sucking like mad and after about 3 minutes he wet two of his fingers and plunged them into Pete's ass. That was all it took. Pete said quietly, "Ooooooo...I' so good...Clay."

"Clay was glad he had time to get him off but now he had to get dressed and they had to get back in to where Jim was waiting."

When they walked in Pete said, "Gosh he found another one that makes three now."

"Would you like me to check you Jim?"

"Naw my dad does it most every night and I don't feel any on me."

"Well if you don't mind Jim let me pick this one off your neck."

Clay picked a big black tick off his neck and showed it to him. "I'm going to go flush him Jim I'll be right back."

When he came back Jim said, "You know now you got me feeling all crawly all over maybe I should have you check me would you mind."

"No I do it for Pete every time he comes over so I am used to it."

"But come on in the bedroom for privacy Jim."

When they got in the bedroom Jim already was taking off his shirt so Clay told him to put i t on the end of the bed. Then Jim dropped his pants and boxers and put them in the pile. Next came the shoes and socks. These Arkansas boys knew the ritual it had been part of their lives. "Fine Jim now let me look through your hair first. Lean over a little your almost as tall as me." So Jim leaned his head where he could check it and of course Clay took his time and massaged his head as he did it.

"Oh that feels good. My old man just glances me over."

"Well my dad knew I liked him to touch me so he always did and I was always glad because it felt so good to me." Clay had him lift one arm at a time and examined his armpits rubbing his hands over them in a massage type fashion hearing him moan approval. Then Clay said looked over his back and rubbed his back as he did that. "Why don't you lay on your stomach since your so tall so I don't miss anything."

"Sure Clay that feels really good."

Clay rubbed his b ack down to his butt which was perfect for his size and then spread open his butt to look there. He held it open for a few seconds as he wanted to look at his ass hole which was really clean and had no hair on it at all. He wet his middle finger and did the perineum rub telling him his dad always did this to check this area since you can't see it very well. Clay felt the perineum get hard as a rock within 5 seconds and knew he had him going. Then Clay went on quickly down his legs massaging all the way and rubbed each foot for about 3 minutes a piece.

"Oh I could stay here all day if you kept doing this Clay it feels awesome."

"Well I'm glad you like it Jim I will always check you anytime you have been in the woods and ask me too."

"Oh you can bet I'll ask you too."

Clay worked his way back up the legs and the inside of his thighs and then worked the perineum to make sure it was still hard and it was harder now. "Why don't you turn over Jim and I'll check the other side for you."

"Clay I gotta tell you something. I got a hard on from what you been doing."

"Hey so what we are both guys and mine is a little hard just from giving you pleasure so don't worry about it. OK?"

"Oh OK." So he turned over and his dick stuck straight up in the air and was uncut and almost 7 inches long. This kid was going to be big. Clay started on his neck pretending to be looking for more ticks and rubbed as he did it and came down over his tits rubbing them until they were hard then came on down over his stomach which had a nice athletic 6 pack.

"Oh God I've never had anyone take this much time with me it feels so good."

"Well you gotta remember I am here alone all the time so I like giving someone pleasure once in a while. You should stop over sometimes."

"Oh I will. I'll stop by several times a w eek Clay. I really like seeing you."

"Well you certainly will be welcome anytime."

Clay continued down wanting to grab that hard dick but thought he would massage the balls first and see what happened.

"Oh God that feels so good Clay. I am so horny now I feel like I want to cum. If I were alone I would jack off so quick."

"Well have you ever had someone give you head?"

"No Never."

Clay didn't even ask he just went down on him and brought about a moan he was sure that could be heard in the living room but he didn't care because Pete would know what was going on. He started tonguing him all around the head after pulling back the skin. He loved the flavor of an uncut cock that was clean and his was. He started working on the underside of his dick and had him going ape shit. Then he took him all the way down his throat. And bobbed up and down listening to every sexual pleasure sou nd man can make. Then he wanted to taste this guy and also give him the relief he needed so badly so he wet two fingers and started rubbing them on his ass hole to get it wet before the plunge. He wet his fingers several times and kept massaging his anus again getting pleasure sounds he wasn't sure he had even heard before. Then when he had him good and wet he started really bobbing on him and sucking real hard and the plunged the two fingers all the way to the prostate hard.

"'m....cumming ahhhhhhhhh...oooooo ummmmph....." He let go of at least 8 maybe 9 ropes of the best tasting cum that Clay could remember tasting. That is because of his young age there was hardly any salt taste at all just pure sweetness.

"Oh Clay if we had more time I would do that to you. But Pete is in the living room waiting. Can I stop by again some night."

"Sure how about tonight or tomorrow night."

"Well I doubt I could tonight as my family has plans but I can sure make it tomorrow night."

"Would you like to stay the night."

"You mean it. Sure I would love to spend the night with you."

"OK then we got a deal."

"I'll be here that's for sure."

Then he started dressing so they could get back to Pete. Pete didn't say anything as from the sounds he heard he knew he better not.

"Well Guys it is time to shoot some skeet."

"Man I have never shot a shotgun before either. All kinds of first."

Clay told them to follow him and he took the ten gage and handed it to Pete and the 12 gage he carried out himself as he hadn't given any safety instructions to Jim yet.

"OK, today we will all shoot ten times. Keep count of your hits. This isn't a contest against each other but rather you try and beat your own record each time. Now the first t hing I want you to know Jim is that when you are carrying the 12 gage and not actively hunting, you carry is broken like this showing no shells in either barrel. There are other types of shotguns that hold three shells and you carry them empty when not hunting, and when hunting you keep the safety on and your finger off the trigger. At no time is a gun pointed loaded or unloaded, at anything you wouldn't want to kill. More people are killed by unloaded guns in America than you can imagine. Just because people are careless. Now I am getting ready to shoot so I put the shells in the barrel, like this, and then close it. It too has a safety on it so I put it on until ready to shoot. Understand?"

"Yea, boy you sure know a lot about handling guns." said Jim.

"Well that comes from being taught by my father and hunting with him since I was 12 until he died."

"Are you ready Pete. If so load your gun,you go first."

"OK I am loaded and ready. PULL."

The pigeon hit the air and Pete came up and nailed it sending it into a million pieces. He was all smiles.

"Very good Jim one out of one 100%. Not bad."

"OK now Jim I want you to take this gun broken, load it, close it, and then look down the barrel at the sight at an object so your eyes are ready on the sight. When you yell pull I will "pull" the string and send a clay pigeon into the air. You come up from what you are sighting on and find it and pull the trigger. Use the front trigger as that is the barrel you will be loading."

With that Clay handed the unloaded 12 gage to Jim and told him to put a shell in the barrel pointing to the correct side for the front trigger. Jim put in the shell and closed the gun then aimed at a stick on the ground out ahead of him and scared said, "PULL".

The pigeon hit the air he came up and fired just winging i t chipping an edge off the pigeon.

"Great we will call that a hit. One out of one also." said Clay.

Then Clay loaded yelled PULL and hit his dead center making it explode in the air.

This went on until they had fired a total of 30 shots. Pete had 6 out of 10. Jim had 5 out of ten. And Clay had 8 out of 10.

"Good shooting boys now next time you want to try and beat your own score."

Jim said, "Gosh that was more fun. I have never fired a shotgun before and really I was afraid of the kick. But I wasn't thinking about the kick so I hardly felt it at all."

"Yes our minds are on what we are doing not the kick." said Clay.

So they unloaded the guns broke them and went back into the house for a well deserved pop.

"Why don't we all go down to Glen Rose School and see if anything is happening." said Clay.

"Yea that's a good idea Clay." said Jim.

"I'm all for it too Clay." said Pete.

So they loaded into the car and drove the mile to the school. There was a baseball game going on just for fun so they got out and went over to watch. When some of the boys saw Clay they all had to come over and say hi to him."

"How you guys been. I'll be starting a hunters safety course here next Wed night at 7pm if any of you haven't gotten your cards yet."

He was hit with an onslaught of questions. So he took one at a time and answered them. They were all going to be there. They were mostly 13 and 14 year olds and wanted to deer hunt this year with their fathers.

"Well fellows I guess I will see you Wednesday at 7 then."

With that Clay told Pete and Jim if they wanted a ride home he would take them. So they piled in the car. He let out Pete first and then went on to Jim's a little further down the road. Jim said, "I will see you tomorrow night then and it's OK with you if I spend the night?"

"You bet Jim I will love having company for a change. It gets kinda lonely around there by myself."

"Well I already asked and it is OK so I will be there. What time do you want me to show up?"

"Why not come around 5 and we can take a swim and then have dinner and enjoy the evening OK?"

"You bet see you at 5 then."

Next evening at 4:30

Clay had had a long day. He went into Malvern and did some shopping to have something to serve for dinner and then did some other odds and ends shopping. He got home around 3 and started getting dinner ready so all he would have to do is microwave the potatoes and bar-B-Que the steaks. He cooked some corn on the cob and just kept it in the oven on low. So he was ready. He would light the Bar-B-Que when Jim got there. Then it would be re ady when they got out of the pool.

Right at 5pm Jim knocked. So Clay let him in telling him to just open the door and yell is anybody home, when he came if the door wasn't locked. Then he gave him a welcome hug and received one back as well. "Are you ready for a swim Jim."

"You bet I already have on my trunks."

Damn I was hoping we could skinny dip. I better go and find my trunks and put them on

"I'll be right back Jim get yourself a pop and I'll put on my trunks."

Clay had to really hunt for the trunks as he hadn't worn anything in the pool for so long. But he found them, put them on, and went back to find Jim.

"Well Jim I'm ready by the way did you come through the woods to get here?"

"No my mom dropped me off. I was lucky."

Lucky for you. I was hoping on taking you to the bedroom and deticking you before we went swi mming. Gosh I want to see him naked again.

Clay went out and started the Bar-B-Que and then went back to find Jim.

"Let's hit the pool then." said Clay.

They both went out and dove into the deep end and swam around for a while. Then Clay suggested he dive off his shoulders.

This went on along with some fun grab assing and then they got out and dried and Clay put on the steaks to cook. He set the outside table and turned the steaks. Then got out the corn on the cob and took the potatoes baked in the microwave out too. The steaks were done so they sat down and feasted on a meal supreme.

"Gosh this is good. I haven't eaten this good in quite a while. My folks while they aren't poor don't have steak very often either."

"Well I'm glad you are enjoying it." said Clay.

When they finished they took care of the dishes and dried them and put them away and lande d with a pop in the living room. Clay sat on one end of the couch and Jim sat about a foot from him. Clay said,"Well let's see if they have any good movies on. Luckily there was a movie called "Bachelor" about a guy who inherited some money if he were married by his next birthday. Which was tomorrow. It was a comedy and quite enjoyable. After sitting there for a few minutes Clay told Jim to lay down with his head in his lap and he would rub his back for him. Finally something worked. Jim lay down right away and Clay started getting hard rubbing his back. He suggested he take off his shirt and he did. This made it even better. Clay rubbed his back and his stomach right down over his six pack and noticed he was getting hard too. Clay just kept rubbing and got both of his tits hard as a rock. Then he went back to the back and kept going lower. With his long arms he was easily able to reach his butt. So he continued on down over his pants rubbing his butt. He put his fi nger in an up down position and started in rubbing the prostate. Jim spread his legs moaning. Clay could feel his perineum getting harder by the second until it was rock hard and Jim was breathing really erratically. He was also moaning once in a while.

"I use to love it when my father did this for me." said Clay.

"I can see why. It feels so good."

Clay knew he had him now so he went under his pants with a wet finger and started rubbing his anus. This brought on some real moaning. Clay just kept going bringing his finger out, smelling it, wetting it and putting it back. "Would it be easier on you if you loosened your pants Jim."

"Oh Yea."

Jim loosened his pants and pulled them down below his knees. So Clay went ahead and pulled his shorts down too. Then he went back to rubbing the ass hole, smelling his finger which he loved, and wet hit again. Clay was leaking buckets now and enjoy ing himself immensely. He could do this all night as he loved ass holes. Finally his ass hole was wet enough he pushed his middle finger in pretty far. Jim let out the best pleasure moan he had heard in a long time. "Does that feel good to you Jim."

"Oh better that good, awesome Clay."

The movie ended and Clay was still at it. He had finger fucked him good and had been going at it with two fingers for quite a while.

"Clay could we pretend that I walked through the woods and you need to check me in the bedroom?"

"Sure Jim let's go. The movies over anyway."

When they got into the bedroom Jim was still naked from the waist down and so Clay said, "You know I always sleep in the raw why don't we get ready for bed."

"Yea I like that." said Jim.

Jim was looking at Clay's crotch area just waiting for him to drop those shorts. When he did Jim got even harder. He was now har d as a rock.

"Well why don't you lay on your stomach and I'll show you something else you might like. Push out like you had to pass a turd." When he heard the grunt he put his tongue into him and started tongue fucking him. Moans, Oh yeahs, Wow's flowed. Clay kept going deeper and deeper and the moans kept getting louder and louder. Finally Clay said, "I take it by the noises you are making you like this."

"Oh I have never even thought of someone doing that. It feels so good I can't believe it."

"OK now I am going to show you something better. Lay on you side with your feet next to my head." Clay immediately got on his dick and started sucking away like mad. This put his dick right where Jim's mouth was so Jim didn't know what to do. Finally he reached out and licked the precum. It tasted so good he licked again and again. The he was sold he took his cock in his mouth and started sucking like mad trying to get more of that t aste to come out. Clay by now was bobbing like crazy on his dick so he followed suit. But then Clay was afraid he would cum and he had other plans for that sperm so he stopped and told Jim he was going to try something new with him. Turn back over on your stomach Jim. When he did Clay took KY and soaked his fingers and started finger fucking him with two fingers as he had in the living room. The KY made it feel even better since there was no friction. So he added the third finger and pushed it all the way in.

"Oh I can feel that it kinda hurts. But it hurts good."

"Don't worry Jim the hurt will stop shortly and it will be all good feeling again." So Clay kept finger fucking him turning and twisting his fingers to really loosen this virgin up. He wasn't going to be a virgin much longer but he didn't know that yet.

"Oh Clay that is really awesome all the hurt is gone now."

Clay said, "Have you ever heard of corn holing Jim."

"Yea, I know some of the team have done that."

"Well you are stretched enough you could do it now without it hurting just feeling good. Want to try it."

"Well...I...don't...know. Doesn't that hurt like a lot."

"Not when you are well prepared like you are now."

"OK try it then."

"Turn over on your back again." When he did Clay took his legs up on his shoulders and aimed his well lubricated dick right at the hole. "Now I want you to push out like you were having a baby."

A loud grunt and Clay was in and kept going until he was all 7+ inches into his colon. "How ya doing buddy"

"It hurt like hell at first but then you kept going and it got beyond hurt and started feeling that good feeling again. I can take it Clay."

Clay started fucking slowly at first but within 30 seconds he was jack rabbit fucking him. The he pulled out to the head and all the way in each time getting faster and faster. This went on for at least 15 minutes with Jim letting out "Ummmmmph.....ummmmmmmmph .....ahhhhh...ummmmph......Oooooo...God....I'm cumming....ahhhhhh....Oh God....."

When Jim started cumming it set Clay off with the spasms massaging his dick and he let go of 8 or 9 ropes clear up in his upper colon.

"How was that I just took your cherry."

"Oh Clay could we do this every day. It was the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. I loved it so much."

They caught their breath and then went into a 10 minute French Kiss probably, undoubtedly, Jim's first. When they broke loose Clay said, "How about a pop."

"Yea that sounds good before bed."

So they headed for the kitchen.

(To be continued)

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