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Ticks Chapter 4


Clay and Jim enjoyed their bedtime snack and drink. Then they crawled into the sheets in the raw. Clay said, "You know Jim I am so excited to have you here tonight. I spend so much time alone it is a real pleasure to have someone around. Someone as nice as you."

"Thanks Clay what you may not know is that I have looked up to you since I first knew you in 6th grade. It is so great you having me over here tonight."

Clay without saying anything reach over and got hold of him in all his nudity and gave him the biggest hug. Jim hugged back just as hard and Jim reached up and kissed Clay on the mou th which started a long French kiss. This of course started the groping and two rock hard dicks. "Jim you let me corn hole you. Would you do that to me?"

"Would I, Would I, Wow would I. I have been wanting to ask you but was afraid to thinking you might think bad of me."

"Grab the KY over there on the night stand and prepare me like I did you."

The sheets were kicked off and Jim spread Clays cheeks. He wanted to see his ass hole so much he dove right in and started licking it. He pushed his tongue in just like Clay had him. Clay pushed out so he could get deeper, and deeper he got. Jim was going wild with this he started pushing harder and harder with his tongue until he had it all the way in on each plunge. But the tongue muscle tires quickly and he had to go to the fingers. He put KY on his fingers and pushed his long middle finger clear up into Clay's colon. It felt so hot and smooth and wet. He couldn't understa nd the wet but he loved it. He then used two and finally three fingers on Clay. Clay was moaning and groaning as he had big hands and he could sure feel it. After about 15 minutes of finger fucking Jim said, "If you are ready I sure am. I have never done this before."

Clay rolled over on his back and put his ankles to his ears. Jim jacked off with KY and put his dick on the hole. "Ready Clay?"

"Boy am I ready I'm pushing out right NOW."

Jim pushed in and just kept going all the way to the hilt. He never felt such a sensation in his life. Where else can you find something soft as velvet, hot as a cannon barrel, and smooth as satin. He started short stroking him and then sped up. Clay was moaning big time now and it was all pleasure moans. This went on until Jim was dripping sweat all over him. Then he started long stoking him a few times he pulled too hard and had to plunge it all the way back in the hole again but he lo ved it and so did Clay. He was hitting Clay's prostate on almost every thrust sending shock waves through Clay's body. Finally after 20 minutes or so they both came at the same time.

"Ahhhhhh....Ohhhhhhh...God.....that.....feels so....good..." said Clay."

Jim was ecstatic with the feelings he was getting as he let 8 or 9 ropes go into him. Oh how could anything be better. When he was through with his orgasm he realized so was Clay as the spasms had stopped so he lay down on his chest in all the cum Clay had just put there. He kept his dick buried and just hugged Clay trying to catch his breath. Clay was also having a hard time breathing but he hugged him right back. This was pure heaven. They finally caught their breath and Jim started another French Kiss which went on and on. His dick was still hard enough it was staying inside Clay. They actually ended the kiss and fell asleep this way. About half an hour later they woke. Jim's dick had f inally gone down and come out and so he rolled off of Clay and just cuddled with him. This is how they spent the night spooned with each other and hugging. Clay was in heaven every time he woke for a minute.

When morning came they both got up and put on just their underwear and then headed for the kitchen where Clay made coffee and they had cold cereal. They sat their and talked about hunting and where he was going to hunt this deer season. "Oh I'll probably go with my dad. They go quite a ways from here and camp each year."

"My self I haven't decided yet just where. There are deer right here on my own acreage. I might look over that area first."

"After breakfast I have somethings I want to do in Benton. So I'll take you home first. I don't want you walking through the woods unless your walking this way so I can check you over for ticks."

"Fine I sure enjoyed myself this time. Let me give you my phone n umber so you can let me know if your going to skeet shoot OK?"

"Sure I will be doing that at least once a week probably."

When they finished they showered together and washed each other getting hard all over again. But they didn't carry it on into sex they just enjoyed each other and then dried and dressed.

"Well I guess we are ready. I want to be in Benton at noon. So lets go."

They climbed into the car and headed for Jim's house. When they got there no one was outside so he just dropped him off and then took off for Benton. He wanted to get some 22 shells for squirrel hunting and also buy another 22 so someone could go with him when he hunted. It was a lot more fun that way.

He went into a hardware store that had always been there since he was around and found the gun he wanted and got 2 boxes of shorts and a box of longs. On the way back to his car he heard his name and tur ned to see Kyle. He hadn't seen him since he was a little fellow either. Boy had he grown into a fine young man probably around 15 now. He had brown hair with streaks of Blond in it still and blue eyes that looked right through you. He was one fine looking lad.

"What ya all doing in Benton Clay?"

"Well Kyle I bought this gun and some shells for one thing. That was the main reason I came to town anyway. I haven't seen you since you were a little tyke going to Glen Rose School."

"Yea I remember you quite well Clay as you were always so nice to everyone regardless of their age."

"Well that is the only way to get along in this world Kyle. Did you know there is going to be a hunters safety course starting this coming Wednesday at Glen Rose gym."

"Yea my dad saw it in the paper and is going to take me."

"Well then I will be seeing you on Wednesday nights for a while as I have been asked to be the instructor."

"Wow! That is really great. You did hunt with your dad didn't you?"

"Yea I hunted with him since I was 12 years old."

"That makes me really excited Clay that you are teaching it."

"I just bought this 22 even though I already have one so that I can take people hunting with me when I go after rabbits or squirrels. I plan on squirrel hunting this afternoon as a matter of fact."

"Gosh I wish I could go with you but you probably couldn't take me since I live 10 miles from you."

"Well that isn't the reason Kyle I wouldn't mind bringing you home but I doubt your parents would want you going that far with me."

"Oh my mom has known your father for years and she knows you too. I know she would let me go."

"Well there is a pay phone over there and here is a quarter why don't you find out?"

"She said sure and that I don't have to worry about what time I get home as long as I am with you."

"Well that is great I won't have to go out alone then. My car is right down the block lets get going."

They drove the 10 miles and Clay put the car in the garage. It had an automatic door so they drove right in. When they walked into the kitchen Clay asked Kyle if he would like a pop?"

"Yea that would be great I am thirsty."

Clay got two pops out and they sat in the living room drinking and talking about old times. Clay said, "Have you been working out you sure have good arms and I imagine a good chest?"

"No but I help my grandpa at the feed store and those sacks weigh 100 lbs a piece so I get a workout a couple times a week." < P> Clay reached over and felt of his arm muscles and said, "Boy you are as muscular as I am. Let me see your chest."

Kyle was proud of his body so he pealed his T shirt off to show him.

"Just as I expected you have a chest to die for." And with that Clay reached over and rubbed over his tits longer than necessary but they got hard. Then he rubbed his hands on down his stomach and found his six pack quite impressive. "Tighten your muscles Kyle." When he did it showed his muscular chest and six pack real well. He was also golden tan.

"Gosh I don't think I have seen a 15 year old so well built and what a beautiful tan too. Let me see how brown you are." Clay pulled down on his pants and when he did Kyle undid his belt and pulled them down to where his pubes showed. "Boy you really are tan are your legs just as brown or do you always wear long pants."

Kyle stood up and let his pants fall to the fl oor to show off his tan legs. What he was also showing off was his 6 inch hard on poking out his briefs pretty good. "Oh yea you are tan all over let me see how white you are above your legs and with that Clay pulled his briefs up to the white part and his hand was brushing Kyle's dick (of course on purpose) as he did it. "Yea you are a white boy under all that tan. ha ha. You also have quite a woody there."

"Yea I got it when you were touching me. I love the way you touch me Clay."

"Would you like me to give you a rub down I am pretty good at it?"

"Yea." and he said it short of breath.

"Let's go in where you can lay on the bed and I'll rub your back for you."

They headed for the bedroom and Kyle lay face down on the bed.

"Why don't you lay lengthwise and put your head on the pillow. Then make room for me to sit down."

Kyle couldn't get there fast e nough. So Clay started on his shoulders and rubbed them first. He couldn't believe how soft his skin was but of course he was a tow head as a youngster. Clay rubbed down his arm and took his hand and rubbed each finger and then traced the lines on his palm. That always sent chills up his body. Then he did the other arm and hand and he had this kid in his power. "Does that feel good to you Kyle?"

"Oh good."

He kept on going down his back and came to the most perfect butt. God had just made it for his body. He rubbed over his butt slowly massaging it as he went and then went on down to his feet. He took off his socks which were clean with no smell at all, and started a 5 minute rub on each foot. He brought out moans of pleasure doing this.

"Oh that feels so good Clay. No one has ever given me a rub down before."

Clay started back up his legs and went to the inner thigh and Kyle spread his legs wide so he could reach good. He kept going up and when he got to the butt again he put his middle finger in an up down positron and started rubbing his perineum which was semi hard. With in one minute it was as hard as a rock which told Clay that his dick was just that hard too. "Does that feel good to you Kyle."

"Oh Yea I got a woody again it felt so good."

Why don't you turn over now and I'll rub your front for you."

He rolled over and his dick was sticking straight up hard as a rock. "Don't let the hard on bother you I have one myself see."

Kyle looked down and saw it and it made him even harder. "Gosh Clay you have a nice size dick."

"Yea I think it measures between 7 and 8 inches. How long is yours?"

"I don't now I never measured it."

Just what Clay was hoping he would say. "Let me get a ruler and we will find out. Clay went to the desk and came back with a ruler and asked him, "Do you care if I move your briefs for a minute?"

"No you can just take them off if you want to."

Off they came. Clay was really leaking now. What a perfect head and beautiful dick this kid had. It was cut perfect and had a beautiful mushroom head. He was leaking precum like crazy. "Here let me wipe off the precum before we measure it." He dipped his finger in it and said, "Hmmm it really is sweet, much better than mine."

"I don't know I never tasted it before."

Clay got another gob and said, "Well it is about time you knew what you tasted like. Here lick my finger."

He hesitated for a second and then stuck out his tongue and licked it off. "Hmmm that really isn't bad. Does yours taste like that Clay."

Clay dropped his pants and underwear and got a gob of his own and said, "Here find out for your self."

Again a hesitation but he licked it off. "Hmmm it taste about the same as mine except it has a little salt in the taste."

"Haven't you ever had anyone give you head before?"

"No but I always wondered what it would be like. I hear the kids at school talk about it but I don't want them to think I'm gay so I never comment."

"Well you don't have to be gay to like to receive head or for that matter give it. Lot's of guys do it. I did it when I was your age and younger. Here let me measure you now."

"It measured just over 6 inches. You are going to be 8 inches before you stop growing. Would you like to see what getting head feels like Kyle?"

"Well if no one will ever know sure I would."

"Well no one will ever know that is for sure they would put me in jail because you aren't 18 yet." Clay went down on him and used his tongue all around the head. And sucked more precum up it was delicious. Then he went down on him and took him into his throat. He bobbed up and down on it a few times and then came off and said, "How does that feel Kyle."

"Oh I don't think I have ever felt anything that good Clay."

"Before you cum let me show you something else that feels real good. Turn over on your stomach." Clay reached under the bed and got his tube of KY and put some on his fingers. Then he started rubbing his perineum with the slippery stuff bringing out loud moans and then he went down and started rubbing the perineum and the ass hole on each stroke sending Kyle through the roof. "I'll bet you like that."

"Oh Yea that is so great I feel like I could cum."

Clay went to the ass hole and started rubbing and pushing on it knowing how good that felt. Then he told him he was going to show him where his prostate gland was. He pushed his middle finger in to the prostate and got a real loud moan, he knew he better move on or he would cause a newcomer to cum and he didn't want that yet. So he took his finger all the way up into the colon just past the first turn. He bobbed it around up there and then said, "How does that feel Kyle."

"Like something I couldn't even imagine before you did it. It is spectacular can you push harder on your finger it feels so good."

Clay pushed real hard and kept pushing and releasing pushing and releasing getting loud moans of pleasure from the boy. Then he pulled almost out and told Kyle to lay on his side facing him.

When he got on his side Clay, not wanting to miss all this cum he had built up in him got right on his dick and started giving him head supreme. After about 2 minutes of this pleasure he plunged two fingers into the prostate hard causing him to start cumming. He came and came and came.

"Ohhhhhhh...Ahhhhhhhh....ummmmmph......ahhhhhhh...God.... Oh my God I have never in my life had such a feeling that was awesome Clay Thank you so much."

"I thought you would like that."

"Now can I do that to you Clay, I really want to."

Clay slipped out of his pants and shirt and lay naked waiting for him to tell him what he wanted. "Just tell me how you want me Kyle."

"On your back first." Clay lay on his back and before he knew it Kyle was on his dick giving him head. He heard him gag and so he told him how to prevent that and it wasn't long before he was deep throating him like a pro. Clay was in heaven this guy was a natural.

"Before you cum Clay roll over and give me the slippery stuff."

Clay handed him the KY and he put some on his fingers. He pushed his longest middle finger all the way up into Clay's colon and asked "What makes it so wet up here?"

"Well that is the natural juices that every human in good heath has to keep his system moving othe rwise you would be constipated all the time."

When he heard that he pulled his finger out and smelled it. It really didn't have a bad smell to it at all so he stuck it back in this time with two fingers. He pushed them both all the way up in Clay and Clay wasn't sure he was going to be able to hold off cumming because of who it was up inside him. "Better be careful I might cum if you do much of that."

"Roll on your side then." When he did Kyle took his dick in his mouth and started sucking and tonguing and then deep throated him again. Then Kyle took two fingers, like Clay had, and plunged them into his ass not knowing where the prostate was he just pushed hard. But that was all it took Clay let loose and started sending rope after rope of thick cum into his mouth. It kinda overwhelmed Kyle but he kept up with it. He swallowed it but kept some in his mouth as he liked the taste now.

"Come up here Kyle." When he d id Clay grabbed him and told him to stick out his tongue. When he did Clay was on it sucking tongue instantly and that started Kyle doing the same thing. This was Kyles first French Kiss. Probably his first kiss ever except his mother. This kept up for over 5 minutes and when they broke Kyle said, "You know what Clay. This has been the most fun I have ever had in my entire life. Thank you so much."

"Well don't think I didn't enjoy it just as much. You are about the nicest guy I have been around in a long time Kyle. I always have liked you a lot."

"Thanks Clay and ditto."

"Well what you say we get dressed and go hunting now?"

"Sounds like a winner Clay."

So they both got dressed and Clay got them another pop and explained the 22 rifle that Kyle would be using and a few of the hunters safety rules that must be known before going into the field.

They started out across the bac k field toward the woods. Past the barn my dad had built with a white board fence around it. And then the woods. We followed a path that had been there since I could remember and watched the trees for signs of squirrels. "Kyle when you see a squirrel they also see you and it is real hard sometimes to get a shot off. So don't hesitate aim and shoot. We are using shorts so they won't carry into the next county so it is pretty safe."

"Oh OK Clay I have never been hunting before so I am a little nervous."

They kept walking and Clay spotted one he tapped Kyle and pointed. Kyle aimed and fired but missed. So they went around the tree and saw it again. Kyle aimed and fired and the squirrel fell. We went over to it and he picked it up so proud of himself I thought he was going to burst. I showed him how to gut it out right there on the spot to keep it from spoiling and to start cooling out. I had him reach his hand in the opening and p ull the guts and entrails out. He made a face but did it anyway. I gave him a rag I always carry in my pack to wipe the blood and guts off his hand and he just smiled.

"Well congratulations Kyle you are a hunter."

"Gosh I feel so good."

"Yes I can remember my first squirrel like it was yesterday."

They put the squirrel in Clays pack and continued on. It was 10 minutes before Clay spotted another. It was at an angle that Kyle wouldn't be able to shoot so Clay pulled up on it and nailed it and it fell. This time he gutted it out. Wiped his hand off and put it in the pack. They walked on but even after an hour or so didn't see any more squirrels. Lot's of birds but no squirrels. Oh well they had two that would make a good dinner for them anyway. "I think we should head back Kyle as I want to skin these and have them for dinner."

"You mean we are going to eat them."

"You bet hav en't you had squirrel yet?"

"No I never even knew you could eat them."

They got back to the house and the sun was low in the sky. Clay skinned the squirrels on the workbench in the barn and then they took the meat in the house where he prepared it like his father taught him. He cooked some potatoes to go with it and opened a can of corn.

When they started eating Kyle waited until he took a bite and watched his facial expressions before he took a bite. Finally he got brave and took a mouthful. It was delicious. It tasted a lot like cotton tail rabbit which Kyle had eaten.

"Gosh I wish you were staying the night Kyle we could go swimming and just hang out."

"Let me call my mom I think she will say OK. I stay over at friends houses all the time."

So he made the call and got permission. Clay was thinking to himself another virgin. I just love th at ass. I can't wait.

(To be continued)

So many cities are rolling in I started another story. Ticks goes to chapter 22. Then I am writing "Terrifying Change" Please keep those cities coming. I feel like writing more with each one.

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