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Ticks Chapter 5


They cleaned up the dishes and went into the living room. Clay sat on the couch and turned on the TV. Kyle sat as close as he could without getting in his lap. They watched the news with Clays arm around his shoulder and him cuddling up against Clay. Then Clay said you know Kyle we have spent some time in the woods we should really check each other for ticks and then take a shower.

Kyle agreed so they headed for the bedroom first. Clay started stripping knowing that Kyle would follow suit. When they were both nude Clay said, "Let me look you over first Kyle. Bend over so I can check your hair first." Kyle bent o ver and Clay massaged his scalp while looking making him moan.

"Gosh that feels so good. My dad never does that."

"Well if it has to be done I might as well make it feel good to you don't you think?"

"Yea I love it when you touch me anyway."

Clay rubbed on down his back and had him lift his arms. When he lifted his left arm Clay found a small tick just starting to bury its head. So he pulled it off and showed it to Clay and then went to the toilet to drown it. He flushed the toilet and came back to finish the job. "Well let's hope that is the only one we find. Lay down on the bed so I can see you better your so tall." When he did Clay continued the massage and when he got to the butt he spread it and just held it open for a minute to look at his perfect anus. He wet his finger and went up and down on the perineum to get him hard saying, "My dad always checked me here this way as it is hard to see in here."

"Oh Yea that feels good too. Even gave me a woody."

"Don't worry about that I get one from rubbing you too." Kyle checked his groin and saw he was hard alright. Clay continued down his legs and checked his feet. "Now turn over on your back Kyle." When he did his dick was straight up. Clay saw it but didn't say anything as his was the same way. He checked down over his chest and then pulled up on his balls and looked under them and rubbed them as he did it. He heard Kyle moan when he did it. "That must feel good to you."

"Oh yea. But not near as good as when you give me head." Clay took the invitation and swallowed his dick all the way down and bobbed on it until he thought Kyle was going to wiggle off the bed. He kept going for about 10 minutes and then Kyle said, "Oooooo...Ahhhhhh... I am.....cumming......ahhhhhhh..." Clay just drank it down as he loved the taste of a teens cum.

"So you like that huh?"

"Oh God yes. Nothing beats that."

"Well I might show you something later that does beat that but I won't tell you now." Wait until I take his cherry in bed tonight.

Clay went on down his legs and feet checking for ticks and then said, "Well that one was all I found now you want to do me?"

"Oh Yea lay on your stomach first." When he did Kyle checked his hair first massaging his scalp just like Clay had done him. He bumped into a lump and checked and indeed it was a big full grown tick. So he pulled it out and showed it to Clay.

"Wow! That mother would have buried himself good. I am glad you are so thorough."

Kyle flushed it, and came back and started going down his back rubbing the same way Clay had him. When he got to Clays butt he wanted to see inside it too so he spread his cheeks and looked for quite a few seconds at Clays ass hole which he felt like li cking. But then he wet his finger and did the prostate thing and boy did that make Clay hard. He felt another bump and asked Clay to open his legs and sure enough there was another big one right in the middle of his perineum. So he showed it to Clay and went and flushed it too. "Wow! it is a good thing you suggested this for both our sakes. He went on down Clays legs and feet and had him turn over. Of course Clay was really standing hard now. He checked Clays armpits and then rubbed his hands over Clay's tits making them hard and then rubbed down over Clay's muscular stomach which made Kyle hard again. Then he went down on Clay without saying a word and gave him head until he let loose of about 8 rounds. Kyle just swallowed it all and loved it. He kept some of it in his mouth for a while just to taste it longer. Then he lifted his balls and checked there, and on down the legs and the top of Clays feet. "Well that's about it Clay. Boy am I gla d I got those off of you."

"Not half as glad as I am that you found them Kyle, Thanks. Now for that shower."

Clay started the water and they both got in taking turns washing each other and their hard ons stayed hard the whole time. Kyle jacked on Clays and Clay jacked on Kyles as they went by them. Then both of them stuck their fingers in each others butts to wash that area good. Finally they got out and dried.

"Lets go ahead and put our clothes back on and I'll let you shoot a few skeet would you like that?"

"Oh you bet."

Clay showed him the gun safety tips about handling a 4-10 shot gun and then took him and the 12 gage out to the skeet area. They shot 10 times each and Clay got 9 out of 10 and Kyle got 7 out of ten. Not bad for a beginner. Then they went back inside to watch TV until bedtime.

Again Clay and Kyle sat practically on top of each other watching TV. Clay reached over and started rubbing Kyles leg above the knee and heard a moan. "Does that feel good to you Kyle."

"Yea you bet."

This gave Clay the permission to continue with the venture. After all they had already rubbed each other in the shower. So Clay went on up and rubbed his balls. When he saw his dick pop up he reached over and rubbed on it. With that Kyle had all he could take without participating. So he reached over and felt Clays hard on. They both sat there rubbing and squeezing each other without a word pretending to be watching TV. Clay said, "Would you rather go into the bedroom and rub each other there?"


So Clay used the remote to turn off the TV and headed for the bedroom. "Would you like to sleep in the raw like I always do?"

"Yea at home I wear my briefs but naked sounds better."

So they both got naked just like Clay wanted him,so he could take his cherry. Clay went to the bathroom and brought back some lotion. Since we used soap on each others ass holes it will make you feel better tomorrow if I put some lotion on it to sooth it. So Clay took three fingers full of Lotion and started in with his middle on. He told Kyle to push out like he had to shit and when he did he pushed his finger all the way up into the colon. God did that feel good. This guy was so soft and hot. He was also smooth as velvet and had a lot of colon juice up in there. "How does that feel Kyle."

"Wow! Like I've got something up my ass. But it feels so good too."

Clay started finger fucking him slowly listening to him moan and then speeded up to full speed. "That feels real good to me Kyle."

"Me too."

Clay then went in with two fingers and all the way to the colon. Not hearing any complaints he started fucking him with two fingers. He kept this up for about 5 mi nutes twisting and turning his fingers trying to loosen him up. "Now this might hurt at first but It will quit hurting real soon. I am going to use three fingers."

Clay went in with three fingers and got a real loud moan out of him. "Am I hurting you Kyle?"

"Yea at first but it's OK now."

"Kyle have you ever heard of corn holing?"

"Yea around school some."

"Well that is why I am loosening you up to three fingers because I wanted to try that with you. It feels even better than fingers."

"Really, you mean you stick your cock up in there?"

"Yea but it only hurts for a second or two when it first goes in, just like the three fingers did but as you can see the three fingers are not hurting you now are they?"

"No I am used to them and they feel kinda good when you push real hard."

"Good I think you are ready then. I will let you do t his to me after OK?"

"Yea I would really like that."

Clay lubricated his dick real well as his ass was well lubricated with the fingers. "Now Kyle I want you to push out like you were having a baby as hard as ever." When Clay heard the loud grunt he pushed his dick all the way into the colon so he wouldn't have to suffer going in slowly. This way all the pain is over instantly and they just have to wait for it to subside. "How is that Kyle."

"Oh God It hurt and burned at first but it is slowly going away now. I think I will be OK soon."

Clay waited for him to say to go ahead, and when he did he started short stroking him, slowly at first and then slowly speeded up. When he was really used to it he started long stroking him until he was rabbit fucking him really fast. He was starting to drip sweat all over Kyle and Kyle was sweating like a stuck pig himself. Clay rolled him over on his back and lifted his legs up as he wanted to get all the way up in him. He got another inch or two inside his colon by doing so. "How ya doing Kyle?"

"Oh It feels really good now. Fuck me hard. Push harder when you go in."

Just what Clay wanted to hear. He started rabbit fucking him hitting him hard every time he went in. Kyle was making every pleasure sound in the book. They had been at it for 20 minutes now and it wouldn't be long before one of them came. Kyle finally gave up the ship first.

"Ahhhhhh...Oooooooo.....Ahhhhhhh...I'm ....coming....ahhhhhh...."

When Kyle spasms hit from his orgasm it set Clay off right away. He let loose of 8 or 9 ropes as far up in him as he could get. Then he was so out of breath he collapsed on Kyles stomach which was full of his cum and they both lay there for 5 minutes or so before Clay said, "Stick out your tongue Kyle." When he did Clay started sucking on it really hard setting off Kyle to do the same back. They kept this up for about 6 or 8 minutes. Kyle had not only lost his cherry he got his first French kiss while having sex.

"Did you like it Kyle?"

"Shit man I could do that several times a day that felt better than anything man."

"I told you there was something better a while ago remember?"

"Yea but I didn't believe you then."

"Lets step in the shower and get all this cum off us."

So they did. It only took a couple minutes and they were drying off and back in the bedroom. "How about a pop while we recharge Kyle."

"Yea I am really thirsty now."

They both got a pop and sat in the living room to rest. They watched the rest of an hour show and then Clay said, "Well you ready to take your turn."

"Yea man, I have never done this before."

"Don't worry just do like I did to you and then I'll be ready and I am sure you are ready. I see you are tenting those briefs pretty good."

"Oh yea, I am really excited Clay."

Clay lay down on the bed face down waiting for the finger work to start. Sure enough it started as quick as Kyle could get his hands on the KY. Kyle stuck his middle finger, which was real long, all the way into Clay's colon and then some. He was way up into the wet zone. "I can really feel the colon juices up in here. It makes me even harder." Then he stuck in two fingers all the way and reached the colon once again. He turned and twisted his fingers the same way Clay had. "Now I am going to do the three finger thing tell me if I hurt you?"

"Don't worry Kyle I have been done enough times I can take it."

"OK then here I go." Kyle started in with all three fingers turning and twisting just because he liked the feeling. He spread his ass so he could see the ho le good as he loved looking at Clay's ass hole, especially with three of his fingers in there. After about 5 minutes he said, "Think you are ready now Clay."

"Yea you got me pretty well lubricated and stretched so go ahead and fuck me."

Kyle felt dizzy from the excitement he was going through but he put his dick to the anus and said, "OK push out."


When he heard that he went all the way up in Clay just as Clay had done to him. He never felt anything quite this good before. He didn't realize it was so tight, so hot, and so velvety smooth. And way up in there he could feel the hot colon juice on his dick which all most set him off. "Can I go ahead now Clay?"

"You bet you have got one nice big dick and it feels really tight and good. Fuck me hard and fast."

Kyle heard that and turned into a fuck machine. He didn't bother with short stroking he pulled it all the way out to the head and punched it in again, and again. He kept it up for about 15 minutes and was dripping with sweat. He knew he couldn't last much longer but hoped he could. He started pulling it all the way out and plunging it back in each time. This was new to Clay and he started "ugggg...uggggg...uggg." This was wild and he was hitting his prostate doing that with each hard thrust back in. Finally Clay couldn't take it anymore and let loose. "Ahhhhhh....Ohhhhhhh...fuck... you good." And he started cumming.

When the orgasm started Kyle took about two spasms and it set him off and he came harder than he ever had in his whole life. This was so great he loved it. " to fuck." He kept going until all the cum had been deposited clear up in Clay's colon.

"Wow! That was one wild fuck. I have never had anyone come out and go in that many times. It was wild." Said Clay.

They lay arm in arm trying to catch their breath for about 5 minutes. Then Clay sat up and pulled Kyle up to a sitting position and started a French Kiss to end all kisses. They stayed at it for about 10 minutes finding it hard to breath.

"When they broke Clay said, "Lay on your stomach I will show you something else."

Clay went under the sink in the bathroom cupboard and got a large balloon type douche. He filled the sink with hot water just hot enough that it wouldn't burn and then squeezed the bulb all the way and sucked up the water to fill it. He took it in to Kyle and said, "I'm going to rinse out your insides. It will get rid of all the sperm and you may not realize it your colon builds up a layer of shit just like rust sticks to pipes, and then that eventually bleeds into your blood stream as toxins through osmosis. When that happens it affects every part of your body as your blood stream goes through every major organ in your body. They have done this since the time before Christ to stay well and many families still use enemas to keep from getting sick. Now I am gong to Lube this tube and stick it up your ass and push the water in. Try and hold it in for 5 minutes and then head for the toilet and you will dump not only cum but 90 days of build up in your colon or at least some of it." Clay put KY on the tube and his ass hole and pushed it way up into the colon. "Now I am going to release the water and it might cramp you a little but it won't hurt you." Clay started squeezing the bulb and put a couple quarts of warm water up in Kyle.

"Oh man I can feel that. It is so hot and I feel so full. Man do I gotta shit."

Clay finished pushing in all the water and removed the tube. "Now if you can hold it 5 minutes it will wash you out better."

"Oh I don't know about 5 minutes but I'll try." After about 3 minutes Kyle shouted, "I gotta go now and bad."

"Head for the toilet then. Pull in on your cheeks till you get there so you won't have an accident."

When he sat on the toilet he had a shit more than he had ever shit at once. It just kept coming out and he heard a lot of lumps hit the water too. When he finally finished Clay told him not to flush the toilet but to wipe his ass and look at what had come out of him. When he looked it was sickening. The water was so dark brown it was almost black. "You mean all that was up in there?"

"Yes that all collected in the last 90 days or so. You will feel a lot better tomorrow."

"Gosh I guess. Now should I do it to you?"

"Yes I'll show you how. He took him in the bathroom and filled the sink again with pretty hot water. Now squeeze the bulb as tight as you can to get all the air out of it. Put the tube in the water and let go and it will fill with water."

"Do you do this to yourself Clay."

"Yes my family had to do it once a week. So I am not in as bad a shape as you were."

Kyle lubricated the tube and stuck a finger in Clay, as he loved doing that, and then inserted the tube and pushed the water in. "How's that feel to you Clay?"

"Like I am really full just like you felt. Now I gotta try and hold it for 5 minutes."

After about 4 minutes Clay jumped up and ran for the toilet. The same flood hit the water in the toilet that had with Kyle because it was still two quarts of water. But when he got up the water was only light brown. "Gee Clay your water is almost clean."

"Yes that is because I take care of myself once a week."

"Should I be doing that too?"

"Well that is up to the individual. It use to be in the 17th and 18th century almost everyone did this. But now that we have lots of doct ors wanting our business no one ever talks about staying well in the first place."

"Well I sure feel better getting cleaned out like that would you care if I did this with you each week?"

"No Kyle I'll let you know when I am going to do it and you can do it if you want to."

"OK, I sure feel better already though."

"Yea so do I."

"Why don't we have a snack and a pop and watch some late night TV and then go to bed Kyle?"

"Sounds good to me. I'm game."

They went in the kitchen and each grabbed a breakfast roll and a pop and headed for the TV. Where they watched the Late night show. After they finished their snack they decided to hit the bed. So they went to the bedroom, both stripped naked, and got in bed. They Wrapped their arms around each other and ended up in a French Kiss for about 2 minutes. Then they broke and Clay said, "We better stop or we will be going at it again. We need some sleep."

"Yea I agree. Good night Clay."

"Good night Kyle."

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