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Ticks Chapter 6


In the morning they both woke at about the same time. Since Clay got in the shower to wake up Kyle thought, shit why not join him. So he got in with him without saying a word. They ended up fully washing each other and Clay jacked on Kyle until he had to cum all over himself and Clay. Then Kyle did the same thing to Clay. It didn't take Clay long to cum with a guy jacking on him that was as good looking as Kyle. He also made a mess on both of them. So they rinsed each other off and got out and dried. After getting their clothes on they went into the kitchen and both had cereal for breakfast.

"You know Clay I really feel great this morning. It must have been the cleaning out you gave me with all that water."

"Yea I feel pretty good too but I am use to doing that once a week. You know Kyle I got to thinking since you live so far away maybe it would be better if you got an enema outfit for yourself. They are easy to use and only cost around $8.00 at the drugstore. I am afraid we wouldn't be able to do each other every week as we may not see each other here at the house anyway, that often.

"Yea your right Clay. I think I will do that. I really do feel a lot better today."

"It use to be in the old days almost every family did this once a week because they couldn't afford to get sick and have the doctor bills but now with everyone having insurance to pay the bill they just go ahead and get sick and its paid for."

"It really doesn't make much sense does it Clay?"

"No but that is the way it is."

"Why don't we go for a swim and then I will take you back to Benton."

"Sounds good I have things I have to do today like cut the lawn."

So they both went out to the pool and stripped laying their clothes on the lawn chairs and dove in. They messed around diving off each others shoulders for a while and then they were tired and decided to get out and get on with the day. So they dried, and dressed and had a pop. Then Clay led him to the car and they headed the 10 miles to Benton. Clay dropped him off telling him that he would see him Wednesday night at the Hunter's Safety class and then he departed for home.

When Clay got almost home he decided to check out Glen Rose and see if anyone he knew was hanging out there. He parked as there were some boys on the other side of the field and he really couldn't tell who they were from where he was. When he got over there he found they were just Jr. Hig h students. "Clay do you remember me?"

"I remember your face but not your name. I have been away for 3 years."

"I'm Johnny West and you use to help all of us with our batting when I was in 4th grade."

"Oh yes now I remember you. You just live a little ways down the road don't you."

"Yea Clay just a piece up yonder." and he pointed. (In Arkansas a little piece, or up yonder, can mean anything from a block to two miles.)

"You have grown a lot. Are you in High School yet?"

"No it still goes 1st to 8th and then High school. I will be in the eighth grade though. Kinda tops in the grade school."

"Did you know I will be teaching hunters safety this coming Wednesday night at 7pm in the gym. I have been asked to start a new class."

"No my dad was asking me about that just the other day and I told him I didn't know if there was go ing to be one this year."

"Well now you can tell him different."

"Yea, he really wants me to go through it so I can start hunting with him. I can't get my license without it. Do you still live with your dad about a mile down the road?"

"No My dad passed away and now the farm is mine."

"Oh I am really sorry to hear that Clay. Was it recent?"

"Yea just a couple months now I miss him and have to live alone in the old house. I decided to move in and take care of the place. It has changed though as all the furniture is new. He kept up the swimming pool too."

"Gosh you have a pool?"

"Yea Johnny I do. Say if you aren't doing anything do you think you could get permission to come and swim for awhile."

"I could ask. There is a phone booth over on the other side of the building. But I don't have any money."

"Here I have some change let's walk over and see what your mom says."

After he called he said, "She said if it was you it certainly was OK she remembers even your mom Clay."

"Well come on my car is right over there let's go for a swim."

Johnny was so excited, not so much about the pool but getting to go somewhere with Clay. So they got in the car and took off for the house."

When they got there Clay invited him in a served him a pop. They sat and rambled over old news and new news and then headed for the pool.

"Gosh I forgot I don't have my swim trunks with me should I just go in my underwear?"

"No that isn't necessary Johnny I just swim nude, if that doesn't bother you."

"No I have never done it before but that will be OK it is private that is for sure."

Clay went and locked the doors so no one would walk in. And then stripped and got in the pool with Johnny. Johnny wa s tall for his age and had a swimmers body. Just the kind that Clay liked as the butt always fit the body pretty well. Johnny had dark brown hair and brown eyes that glistened. His face was already showing he was going to be a lady killer in High School. He was a good looking lad.

When Clay saw his butt he wanted to find an excuse to open it and look at his ass hole but didn't have one. His dick was cut and about 3inches flacid so it was probably 5 or so hard. He also wanted to see that. But he decided for now to go ahead and enjoy swimming with Johnny. He had him dive off his shoulders as at least he got to touch him that way. They wrestled around a little too but Clay was careful not to grab him in a private place. He didn't want it getting around that he liked guys. After they swam for an hour or so Clay said "I don't know about you but I have to get out and rest a while. I'm pooped."

"Yea me too Clay."

So they got out and dried and Clay had to resist staring at Johnny as his ass and dick were so inviting. Then Clay had an idea. He would take Johnny for a walk in the woods which would mean checking each other for ticks.

"Johnny did I ever tell you the story about the time I was taking the short cut through the woods and saw a water moccasin fall off a branch over hanging the creek?"

"No I'll bet that scared you. How old were you?"

"Probably about your age."

"Tell you what I'll show you where it was if you want to get out in the air for a while."

"Yea I love the woods and don't get out in them very often."

Well after we rest for a few minutes I'll show you where it was. It is only about a half mile walk and kinda nice to get out anyway."

"Yea I'm game."

They rested watching TV for one half hour daytime show and then headed out for t he woods. "You see that pear tree over there. Well when I was a little younger than you I shot a hornets nest thinking I could knock it down with my BB gun. I was this far away from it so I thought I was safe. Well I wasn't. Those hornets spotted what was hitting their nest, me, and took out after me like you wouldn't believe. I ran like hell for the barn or cover of any kind but still got stung 5 or 6 times. After that I stayed way clear of that nest until my dad took care of it early one morning with a bomb made for that before it got warm enough for them to be active. I was sure glad to see that thing go."

"Gosh that is almost as scary as seeing the water moccasin."

"Yea and it hurt a lot worse. Here is the beginning of the trail. I use to go visit a friend back here about a mile or so right near where Pete Stanton lives."

"Oh I know Pete he will be in the eighth grade too this year."

"Well he liv es at the end of this path and a little further. Every time he comes over I have to check him for ticks as this forest is full of them."

"Ooo that gives me the creeps do you think we will get any on us Clay?"

"Well it is very possible but if you don't mind checking me, I'll check you when we get back."

"Yea sure I don't mind. We have already seen each other in the nude anyway."

Clay was so glad to hear him say that as now he would be able to really check this boy out. After walking for another 10 minutes or so Clay pointed out the tree where the water moccasin was. They went over to it and looked down in the water but didn't see anything. "There are other kinds of snakes out here too but the only two poisonous ones I know about are the rattlesnake and the water moccasins."

"Yea that is what I have heard too Clay. I have never seen one though."

"No you don't often see one tha nk God." said Clay.

They were working their way back toward the house and Clay pointed out several squirrels. He told Johnny that he had been squirrel hunting the other day and got two and had them for dinner.

"Gosh that sounds like so much fun. I sure wish I had my hunter's safety so I could get a license."

"Well it is pretty safe with 22's and just squirrel hunting. I have done it since before I was your age. No one ever bothers me on my own property."

"Yea I guess they wouldn't."

"Well we are back to the barn. You know Johnny when I was your age, no I was in the 4th grade, I fed a one day old cafe until it was off milk and on solid food. I named her short pants because of her white feet made her look like she was wearing short pants, and when she grew up I rode her all over the 27 acres, at least the pasture part."

"Wow she must have been quite a good pet to you." < P> "Yea I also had a dog and a billy goat. But the billy goat was always eating my mothers flowers and so he wasn't very popular with her. But he went everywhere with me."

"Gosh all we have is a dog. But we sure think of him as a member of the family." said Johnny.

"Yea pets do get to be that way alright." They had finally reached the house and went straight to the refrigerator and grabbed out a pop.

"Oh Clay thank you this really hits the spot. I was so thirsty."

"Yea me too." They didn't say much as they were tired and wanted to devour their pop but about 5 minutes or so later Clay said, "Well as much as I hate to have to do anything (lie lie) I guess we should check each other for Ticks."

"Yea we don't have to do that at my house very often just during hunting season."

"Well come on in the bedroom and we will get it over with."

Clay said, "Wel l why don't I do you first then, then you will know how to do me."

"Yea like I say I don't go through this very often."

"Well since ticks can be anywhere, we found one between my legs under my balls the other day, the best thing to do is strip naked shoes, socks, and all."

"OK, like I said we already saw each other in the pool."

"Just put your clothes there on the chair."

Clay started getting hard just thinking about seeing his body again. He loved swimmers bodies and asses. When he was naked Clay had him sit on the bed and checked his head rubbing it as he did.

"Gosh that feels good even."

"Yea my dad always made a tick search into a sort of rub down so I never minded them at all."

"Lift up you arms and let me check out under your arm pits."

Then Clay had him lay down on the bed so he could see him better. "Lay on your stomach first Johnny."

Clay started massaging his way down his arms and even looked between his fingers rubbing them as he went. Then he went to the shoulders and started down the back. He massaged his way down his back and he was moaning it felt so good to him. When Clay got to his butt he spread his ass and just looked for three seconds or so. Oh how he wanted to go into that with his tongue. He lifted his balls and there on the underneath side of his left ball was a small tick. Clay picked it off and showed it to him.

"Gosh you really weren't kidding there are ticks in those woods."

Clay took the tick and flushed it to kill it for sure. Then he came back and rubbed his way down his legs. God this kid had the smoothest skin. Not a blemish anywhere. He continued to his feet and rubbed each foot for about 5 minutes each since he loved to do that as long as the feet were clean and his were.

"Man I have never had a rub down like this before it feels great."

"Yea I use to love it when my dad did it to me too. Say Johnny could I ask you to keep this between us. I wouldn't want your parents or anyone to be mad at me."

"Sure Clay my lips are sealed. And after all if you hadn't checked me I would have gone home with that tick and he probably would have buried his head and I would have to go to the doctor to get it out."

"Sometimes if they haven't buried too deep we can twist them out without breaking off the head if you know how."

Clay came back up the legs rubbing the inside of his thighs this time and Johnny spread his legs for him. Now Clay could barely see his ass hole and was really getting horny. When he got to the perineum he wet his middle finger and started the up down rubbing on it telling him this was how one was found on him last week. He kept rubbing and the moaning started again. The perineum got hard in about 10 seconds and it meant he had a full blown hard on. "OK now you can roll over and I'll do the other side Johnny."

"Many this is embarrassing Clay I got a woody."

"Don't worry that is normal when you get rubbed between your legs that is your perineum and it presses on your prostate gland which is a real good feeling gland to push on."

He rolled over and sure enough all 5 inches were sticking straight up in the air. He had precum oozing out of the end of it so Clay mentioned it. "How long have you had precum Johnny?"

"I didn't know I had it. What is it?"

"Well it is what happens when you really like something sexual and by the size of your dick you really liked what I did."

"Oh Yea that felt so neat."

"Like I said it is because I was pressing on your prostate through your perineum. You must be able to cum now huh?" < P> "I don't know. Is that the stuff I wake up and find on my sheets and in my briefs."

"Yea that is the stuff, surely you have heard of jacking off or beating your meat in the grade your in."

"Yea but when you don't have anyone to ask you just keep quiet not to sound stupid."

"Well let me show you something. Clay took part of the precum and tasted it. He really wanted it all but he wanted him to taste it too. Ummm that is precum alright."

"Does it taste?"

"Yea here let me take the rest of this an let you taste it."

Clay put it on his tongue and he liked it. "That stuff is like sweet."

"Do you want me to show you how to make more come out."

"Yea it really feels good."

Clay wet his thumb and rubbed it around on the under side of his hard on and it wasn't long before precum was flowing out.

"Oh look at that Clay there is a lot of it."

"Yea and if you want I can make you cum and you will have the best feeling you have ever had."

"Oh yea, I want."

Clay said, "Before I make you cum let me build you up a little more and make more sperm in your balls by massaging your prostate. Roll over on your stomach for me."

Clay knew he was playing with dynamite as a new comer could cum when he touched his prostate. So what he really wanted was to get up in him all the way so he tried to miss the prostate area on the way in. "Push out real hard like you had to shit Johnny."


In went the very wet middle finger all the way into the colon and almost past the first turn. But far enough to feel the colon juice and the smoothness. This was one hot ass.

"Oh Clay that feels so good I'm leaking a lot now I can feel it."

Clay knew he better not push his luck so he told h im to lay on his side facing him keeping his finger buried all the way in the colon. "Clay have you ever heard of someone getting a blow job or receiving head from someone else?"

"Yea that means putting someones dick in your mouth I know that."

"Well if it is alright with you I can make you cum best that way is it OK?"

"'t that dirty though for you?"

"No actually your dick is probably the most protected part of your body as it is always covered. I would much rather put it in my mouth than your thumb which has a lot of germs on it."

"Yea I see your point. And yes I would love to know what that feels like anyway. Go ahead."

Clay wasted no time he took all five inches in his mouth after licking all the precum off and swallowing it. Then he started tonguing the under side of his dick and then going up and down giving the best sucking and bobbing job he could. Johnny was going ape shit making every pleasure sound in the books. Then after about 3 minutes Clay knew this kid couldn't last long so he pulled his finger out and replaced it with two fingers right to the prostate gland and started massaging it and pushing on it and that was all she wrote.

" apart...ahhhhhh...ohhhh God.....ahhhhh....ohhhhhhh...shit." And he started pumping cum into Clay's mouth. He spurted at least 5 times and then collapsed.

After 10 seconds or so he said, "Clay that was the most awesome thing I have ever felt in my whole life. Is that what cumming means?"

"You got it Johnny that was your first cum while you were awake."

"Can you just keep doing it over and over again."

"No Johnny it takes a half hour or more to build up again. But then you could. It is not uncommon for a guy your age to jack off three or f our times in a day. Whenever he can get alone."

"How do you jack off?"

Clay took hold of his dick and said, "Like this." He started jacking him off and darned if he didn't get hard all over again.

"Oh that tickles now."

"Yes you have to wait a while before you do it again. Tell you what why don't you check me for ticks and then I'll teach you how."

"OK, do you want me to just stay naked."

"That is up to you but fine with me."

"Then I will stay naked."

Clay could feel his underware was soaked from precum after all this sexual excitement. So he took off his clothes and dried his dick on his underware knowing the precum would be right back.

"Here I'll sit on the bed first so you can check my hair."

Johnny rubbed his fingers through Clay's hair real thoroughly and hit a bump. So he dug deeper and sure enough a tick in hi s hair. So he got hold of it and said, "I found one already. Should I flush him?"

"Yea that will get rid of him alright."

Johnny came back and did the exact same thing to Clay that Clay did to him. Looking under his arms and having him lay on his stomach. He started rubbing down Clays back even though it was obvious there were not any ticks there. Then when he got to Clay's butt he sprung a real hard on. He spread Clay's cheeks and just looked for 3 or4 seconds as he had never really seen an ass hole up close. He even pushed his finger on it like he was looking for a tick. Then he smelled his finger and found it didn't smell bad at all. That was interesting. Then he went on down his legs and did his feet like Clay had his. On his way back up the legs he went to the thighs and Clay spread his legs letting him have a good look at Clay's ass again. He was almost dripping precum now. He reached down and took a swipe of it on his fing er and put it in his mouth. He liked the sweet taste. Then he wet his middle finger and started going up and down on Clay's perineum like Clay had done to him. He kept rubbing as it let him look at the ass hole some more. He noticed his perineum got real hard and when he started it had been kinda soft. "OK now Clay turn over."

Clay said, "You rubbing me like that made me get hard too."

"Oh good I would like to see it hard. I have never seen a man hard before." Johnny looked at it and rubbed his own hard on as it made it feel good. Then he started at his neck and rubbed slowly down his body and pressed on his hard stomach and intestines area and when he got to the dick he said, "Your dick has some precum on it too."

"I know you would like to taste it Johnny so go ahead. And you can touch my dick all you want as it feels good to me too."

Johnny took a swipe and put it in his mouth and said, "Hmmm almost like m ine but a little salty."

"Yes yours will be that way when you are older. Go ahead and touch any thing you want I don't care."

Johnny's mind went right back to that ass hole but he took hold of his hard dick and squeezed. Then he went down and licked the end to get more precum. "Can I put it in my mouth?"

"Sure I told you, you can do anything you want with my dick or my ass hole."

That is all Johnny wanted to hear he went down on Clay and started sucking. He went down until he gagged and Clay told him how to avoid gagging with a little practice. So he kept trying and got it down his throat almost all the way. Not bad for a first try. Then he wet his finger and asked Clay to turn over. When he did he stuck his middle finger all the way up Clay's ass. He had never felt anything like this. It was hot and so smooth he couldn't believe it. He moved his finger around and pulled it back and pushed it in several times.

Clay said, "You better be careful you might make me cum as turned on I am by you."

"OK the lay on your side like I did then." When he did Johnny took him in his mouth and started bobbing like Clay had on him. Clay was moaning as this felt so good considering the source. Then Johnny wet two fingers and pushed them in hard both at once. That did it Clay started cumming in his mouth and he didn't know what to do so he just started swallowing to beat the band as it really didn't taste all that bad and he kept bobbing until Clay had unloaded 8 or 9 times he lost count. When the cum stopped so did he. But he still kept his fingers up Clay's ass as he wanted to play there for a minute or two.

Clay said, "Hand me that tube that says KY on it on the table."

Clay took it and put some on his hand then he put it on Johnny's dick and rubbed it like jacking off to get him covered good. The he lay back on his back and pulled his ankles to his ears and said, "OK Johnny stick it in me all the way."

"You mean stick your..butt? That would be fucking you wouldn't it?"

"You catch on quick Johnny. This is way better than jacking off."

"Wow! I guess. I though I would have to be married to fuck someone."

"Not this way Johnny let me have it and fast."


When Johnny heard that he pushed his dick all the way in all 5 inches. Oh that felt so good. It was hot and smooth and so tight it was like being in a velvet tunnel. Then he started fucking him.

"Faster Johnny let me have it hard and fast."

That turned this 13 year old into a fucking machine. He started fucking so hard and fast he couldn't breath. He was sweating like mad in just 5 minutes. And he just kept going. Clay was moaning and groaning as his dick was big enough to give p leasure. This went on for about 10 minutes until Johnny looked like he was near collapse when he said, "Ohhhhh...Clay....I'm....getting...that feeling....ahhhh....ohhhhhh.....God...." And he shot about 5 or 6 times this time. When the hot cum hit Clay it through him into overload and he shot cum all the way to his chin and down his stomach. Johnny just fell forward and right into the cum not being able to even breath yet. After about 5 minutes of hugging each other Johnny said, "You were right Clay that was better than jacking off. That was supreme, awesome, stupendous...Oh God there aren't English words to describe it. Thank you so much for letting me do it."

"Hey Johnny thank you for doing it I enjoyed it just as much. Someday when you are up to it I'll have to do it for you."

"You mean stick yours in me?"

"Yea I said someday when you are ready for it."

"What if I think I'm ready now."

"Well neither of us have the steam today. Lets wait until I get a chance to stretch your anus with my fingers to the three finger level and then try it OK."

"Yea I guess that would be better. Can I come back tomorrow."

"Would you really like to."

"Oh yea we can do a pretend tick hunt if that is alright with you."

"Sure Johnny, Sure."

(To be continued)

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