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Ticks Chapter 7


At 1pm the next day, as planned the day before, Clay went to pick up Johnny at Glen Rose school. Johnny was waiting all smiles. When he got in the car he said, "You know that jacking off thing you showed me Clay. Well I tried it last night in bed thinking of you and how great a body you have and I came on my own. It felt really good but not as good as when you do it to me."

"That is pretty normal it always feels better when you do sexual things with someone else. Why else would people get married and have children."

"Gosh I never thought of that. My mom and dad had to do that to have me."

"Yes and you can bet they still do it at least once or twice a week. After a couple is married for as long as your parents they only do it two or three times a week unless they are both really sexual."

"That is why I hear their bed squeaking then. I never thought they were doing any thing like that."

"Well you have learned a lot in the last two days haven't you Johnny?"

"Gosh yes, an awful lot. Do you think you can stretch me enough where you can put yours in me today?"

"Yes your old enough you can take it after the stretching."

They pulled into the driveway and low and behold Pete was there on the doorstep. Clay though to himself Oh no, that is the last thing I need right now.

They got out of the car and Clay could see Johnny was disappointed too. "Hey Pete how ya doing?"

"Fine Clay my mother is making me work around the place every day so I had to wait until she gave me a day off to come and see you."

"Well I wondered where you had been Pete. I haven't seen you for a lot of days now. Come on in and have a pop. Pete you already know Johnny don't you?"

"Yea hi Johnny, what's happening."

"Well I just came to swim with Clay. Sure good to see you hear too. (lie lie).

"Here is a pop for each of you lets sit down at the table and drink them and talk."

"Are you looking forward for school to start Pete?" said Johnny.

"Yea I kinda am. I don't like all the work my mom is making me do."

"Did you come through the woods to get here Pete?"

"Yea that really is my only way as my mom hardly ever takes the car out anywhere."

"Well before we go swimming then I better check you out for ticks as I wouldn't want them in my pool dead or alive."

"Yea I know what you mean." said Pete.

"You know Pete, Johnny and I had to check each other yesterday as we went down the path you use to show him where I saw that moccasin. Is it alright if he checks you out since he knows how. I'll come along too."

"No actually that would be kinda cool if Johnny wants to."

"Yea Pete I'll do it for you. I don't mind."

So they all headed for the bedroom. When they got in there Pete started stripping and when he got nude he sat on the bed so Johnny could check his hair. Johnny was good at the head massage as he found one on him and showed it to him. Then he flushed it down the toilet. "Well that is one fewer ticks in this world. You know Clay I was in the woods this morning and never thought about it I should be checked too." With that he winked at Clay. So Clay spoke up and said, "Well that makes two of us then as I went down past the peach orchard and part of that is wooded so we are all in the same boat."

Pete spoke up and said, "I'll do you Clay if it is OK?"

"Sure Pete and then I'll do Johnny." said Clay.

This made Johnny smile as that was exactly what he was hoping would happen. Johnny had Pete lay face down and went down his arms and rubbed his hands looking between the fingers. Then he started at the neck and worked his way down to Pete's butt. He could hardly wait to get there so he could see Pete's ass hole. When he rubbed over Pete's cheeks he opened his ass and looked in. He held them open and even probed his ass hole as if checking it for ticks. Then he smelled his finger and it actually smelled good to him. He went on down the legs and rubbed each foot for quite a while, as they were clean. He could hear Pete moan as he did it. Then coming back up the leg he went to the inside of his thighs as Clay had taught him and Pete spread his legs which is the natural thing to do. He could see Pete's ass hol e a little again and really got hard and was leaking. Then he wet his middle finger and went for the perineum. He felt it getting harder and harder as he rubbed until it was hard as a rock. He knew he had given him a boner. "OK now Pete turn over on your back."

"Man I gotta tell you, you gave me a boner doing that. It felt so good." Then Pete rolled to his back exposing a hard on that was even longer than Johnny's. Johnny swallowed hard as he wanted that in his mouth so bad.

Johnny went down his stomach and intestines to his pubic hair and checked around in the pubic hair just to stay close to that hard on.

"Johnny I can tell you since you have all been done by me that Pete likes to be given head."

Pete said, "Oh Yea."

Johnny licked the end of it to taste all the precum and then wet his finger and started rubbing his ass hole to try and get more precum. Pete was going ape by now and loving every minute of this. Johnny then took his dick all the way down and was able to get it past the gag point a little as it was long enough to reach that point in his throat. He bobbed up and down for about 5 or 6 minutes and then wet two fingers and plunged them into Pete's ass hole all the way to the prostate hard.


When he came Johnny pulled back a little so the cum would go in his mouth instead of down his throat so he could taste it more. He loved the taste, as it was sweet and didn't have but a touch of salt taste to it. He stayed bobbing with his two fingers pushing and massaging his prostate until he gasped and it was over.

Pete said, "Oh it's starting to tickle now. But thank you so much Johnny that felt so good."

Clay said, "Johnny Pete has had his ass stretched to three fingers like I was going to do to you today."

"Yea it hurt some but it was worth it. Can I tell him what happened Clay?"

"Sure Pete it is all between us and I am sure none of us will ever tell anyone."

"That's for sure. Well after he stretched me for a while he put his dick in me and it was fantastic. I never felt anything so good. It hurt like crazy at first but the hurt goes away fast and then it is like nothing you could ever describe Johnny." said Pete.

"Wow! That is what I was hoping he would do to me today until I saw you but maybe now he still can."

"You bet Johnny, Pete knows all about it he has lived it."

Now Clay had two pretty excited boys on his hands and was leaking clear through his pants and showing a wet spot that no one as yet had noticed.

"Johnny you can three finger me if you want to and than fuck me too. I love it."

Johnny was beyond excited now and rolled Pete over and go t the tube of KY and started with two fingers as he had already had two up there when he came. He pushed his fingers all the way up in Pete and felt the wetness of the colon which he couldn't reach on Clay. "Gee it is wet and hot way up in here."

"Yea Clay told me that is liquid in our colon that helps keep us from getting constipated."

Johnny did like almost every boy does when he hears that and pulled his fingers out and smelled them. Heck he liked the smell so he went back in but this time with three fingers. He pushed them all the way in and asked, "Does that hurt you Pete?"

"Yea a little but that is all part of the stretching process. It hurts a little every time but after a few times it hurts less and less. Like it doesn't hurt me this time like it did when Clay did it."

"So is it going to hurt me bad when Clay does it?"

"Only for a few seconds it will hurt and burn and then the pain will go away and it just feels good."

"Oh OK then I am not too scared about it."

"Twist your fingers all the way up in me and it helps stretch me Johnny."

Johnny did as asked and loved every minute of it. It was so tight and smooth up there he couldn't believe how anything on a human body could be that smooth and hot and tight. "Tell me when you think your ready Pete?"

"I'm ready now as I will ever be. Lubricate your dick by jacking off with KY and then go ahead and fuck me Johnny."

When Johnny started lubricating his dick he found that he had enough precum, along with the KY to really make him slick. So he told Pete to turn over. When he did he lifted his legs and Pete pulled them back over his head almost.


That was the sound Johnny was waiting for so he pushed it in all the way. "Does that hurt Pete?"

"Yea a little but it will stop in a minute. There it is going away now go ahead and fuck me. I like to be fucked real fast and hard Johnny."

Hearing that Johnny turned into a fucking machine again and started his second fuck of his lifetime. But this time the tunnel was much tighter and really gave him a feeling. He knew he wouldn't last as long with this tight ass as he had with Clay. He kept going about 10 minutes and then, Ahhhhhh...Ohhhhhhhh....God.....I'm ....cumming..."

When the first hot sperm hit Pete's insides he went overboard and started cumming all over himself. The first shot hit him in his open mouth so he sucked on it before he swallowed it then the rest went on down his stomach. God it felt so good to be fucked. "Oh man that was some fuck Johnny. Thanks man."

"Thank you Pete. I can see where we are going to be good school buddies."

"Yea you bet."

Johnny lay there on top of Pete in his cum until the y finally caught his breath. Then Johnny said, "Before Clay does me let's rinse off in the shower OK?"

"Good idea Johnny."

So they went to the shower and got all the cum off. After they dried Johnny came back in and layed face down on the bed waiting for what ever happened to him when Clay got hold of him.

Clay said, "I'll try and be as easy as I can with you Johnny so this is a pleasant experience." Clay took KY and got it on all three fingers and started with his middle finger and pushed it up in the colon juices and stayed there for a few seconds as he loved that feeling so much. Then he started finger fucking him fast. He kept it up for a couple minutes and then went to two fingers. He twisted the fingers to get him use to being stretched and pushed real hard to get up in there as far as he could as he knew his fingers didn't go as far as his almost 8 inch dick did. Then three fingers went in and he heard Johnn y gasp. "That hurts a little doesn't it?"

"Yea quite a bit at first. But it is letting up. Go ahead."

Clay slowly went on in and started turning and twisting his fingers trying to stretch him as much as possible for the big event. He kept this up for about 5 minutes and then thought he was ready. "OK Johnny since this is your first time I want you to stay on your stomach and here put this pillow under your dick to raise your butt for me."

Johnny did as he was instructed and waited scared to death. He knew he was going to be going through a lot of pain as he knew how huge Clay's dick was.

"OK Johnny I am ready if you are?"

"Oh Clay I want it so bad but I am really scared. My stomach kinda hurts from my being afraid."

"Well I'll tell you what I'll use one more stretching tool on you which will make it much easier." Clay reached into the drawer and got out the biggest dildo he had and lubed it. "Now push out real hard Johnny this is gonna hurt some."


Clay knew it was always hard to get a dildo past the sphincter because of it's semi blunt end so he pushed real hard on it when he heard him push and he forced it right by the sphincter and all the way up in him as far as it would go.

"Oh God that thing hurts like mad. Ouch God..."

"I'm going to turn on the vibrator and that will take your mind off the hurt a little."

When the vibrator started it had been in long enough that it was already starting to feel better. "It is not hurting now nearly as bad Clay fuck me with it."

Clay slowly pulled it out and pushed it in several times and then started speeding up. "How is that now Johnny?"

"It's starting to feel good. But I sure feel full."

"OK I'm going to take it out as it is about the same size as the real thing so it shouldn't hurt bad at all now."

"Oh good I'm not as scared now."

"OK it is the ole push out but this time like you were trying to push out a baby. Push really hard and keep pushing until you have to take a breath OK?"

"Yea here goes. Uggggggggggg"

Clay pushed in fairly easy and since the dildo had been in quite a ways decided to get it over with and went clear up into his colon quite a ways. "How ya doing Johnny?"

"Oh it hurt and burned so bad but it is easing up now. Just stay there for a minute and let me get use to it OK?"

"Sure just say when."

After about 3 minutes Johnny said, "When."

Clay started short stroking him and kept that up for about 4 minutes. Then he was starting to hear pleasure sounds so he asked him, "Starting to feel good now Johnny?"

"Yea it is really getting good now go ahead an fuck me."

Clay started long stroking him and kept speeding up and speeding up until he was rabbit fucking him. He could hear all kinds of pleasure sounds now Johnny was really enjoying it. After about 10 to 12 minutes Johnny let out a holler.

"OH...God....Ahhhhhh....Ohhhhhh....Oh My God....I'm cumming....."

When the spasms hit Clay it really set him off because Johnny was the best looking guy he had fucked in one long time. It made him cum and cum until he shot about 8 or 9 loads. One doesn't count when one is on the way to heaven. He collapsed on Johnny's smooth back and hugged him as he really could get to like this boy. After about 5 minutes they had caught their breath and Clay said, "Well Johnny I just took your cherry. How was it."

"Oh after a few minutes it started feeling really good and I just loved it. That has got to be the most pleasurable experience a guy could ever go through. I loved it Clay and I hope we can do it ag ain another day. I'm too sore right now though."

"Well guys what you say we go swimming and get cooled off. Let's just stay naked and run for the pool. They did and they streaked their way through the house and all dived it. They played swimming games and both of them loved diving off Clays shoulders. So they were probably in the water for a good hour. Then Clay said, "I don't know about you but I could use a rest. How about a can of pop and some chips or something."

They liked the sound of that so they got out and dried and Clay told them to hang their towels to dry as they could use the same one several times and save him washing so much. They went in the kitchen still all naked and loving looking at each other that way. Clay handed them a pop and pulled out several brands of chips for them to gobble down as they had worked up quite an appetite with the fucking and the swimming.

"Clay this has been the be st day of my life. Can we do this again sometime." said Johnny.

"Yea Clay I feel the same way and now that we are all use to each other it would even be more fun the next time."

"Well guys don't think I don't feel the same way. Let's say we get together sometime after Wed. as my mind is kinda on the hunter's safety course right now and to be honest I am a little nervous about that as I have never taught anything and this will be a first for me."

Johnny spoke up and said, "Don't say you never taught anything you taught Pete and I how to have one hell of a good time."

"Yea I guess your right there."

"Pete do you think your mom would let you spend the night at my house tonight. That is if you want to."

"Yea Johnny I really want to. Can I use your phone Clay. You could just drop Johnny at Glen Rose and his house is real close to school."

"Sure you know where the ph one is."

Pete came back in smiling from ear to ear. "I had to promise to mow the lawn when I get back tomorrow but I can stay."

"Awesome, man we can have a great time tonight. I have a big double bed if you don't mind sleeping together."

"Heck no I wouldn't have it any other way."

Clay said, "Well it's getting along in the day why don't I drive you down to the school I want to talk to Mr. Chestnut anyway."

So they all piled in the car and in just a mile they were there. Clay let out two happy boys and started walking to the high school. He found Mr. Chestnut doing floors and told him a lot of the local kids didn't know about the hunter's safety course because they don't get the Malvern or Benton paper. "I'll tell you what Clay as soon as I get through here I'll make several posters and put one in all the area stores on my way home. The will be big and they will be seen."

"Th at outta work OK. Thanks loads." And with that Clay said good bye and went home with Pete wondering what tomorrow might bring.

Clay went home and decided to take a walk around the farm. He took Pete and went down by the apple tree where Short Pants his cow use to take him and he would get up in the tree and eat apples and throw apples down to her to eat too. She loved that. Then he walked over to the path where Micky his dog used to pull him in his wagon wagon, and then get in and want him to pull him back to the other end of the path. So many memories now he had to make new ones. And he certainly wasn't having a hard time there. When they got back Clay made dinner for Pete and himself, and then settled to watch the news with Pete in his lap. Well needless to say Pete had hold of his dick and got his mind off the news real fast. They ended up in the bedroom and Clay fucked Pete for about 20 minutes and then got the same in return. The same thing happened in the middle of the night. This boy was really sexy.

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