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Ticks Chapter 8


Wednesday Evening 6pm

Clay was already to leave the house. He picked up his two shotguns, his 30-06, and his 300 Savage. He also took is fathers military police special 38 revolver. Then he got in his car and arrived about 6:30. He wanted to be there before boys started arriving and unload the guns from the car. He took all of them in in a couple of trips and then got out the books and stacked them on the stage. Like most old gyms it had a stage on one end so it could be used for more than one thing. He looked through the book again nervous as hell.

At 6:45 they st arted arriving. He had each boy take a folding chair and put it in the first row. Then as they kept coming the second row and so forth. By seven O'Clock there were 10 rows of about 10. 100 or so boys age 12 to 20. Now he was really nervous. He made sure to greet by name those boys he knew including Johnny, Pete, Jim and Kyle. There were also several he recognized from school although he couldn't remember all of their names. Right at 7 he sat up on the stage and called the meeting to order.

"Well I am surprised that there are this many of you. But hunter's safety is so important a subject the state has made it mandatory to take it before they turn you loose with a gun."

There are undoubtedly some of you sitting here thinking this is just something else the government wants to make us do but I assure you when you consider these statistics you many think again.

In 1998 alone 30,708 deaths caused by firearms. Consid ering there are approximately 100 people in this room that would be 307 groups like this one dying. What caused these deaths well suicide counts for 17,424 of them. Homicide 12,102. Accidental shootings 866. Undetermined cause 316. Now you see why you are here. I for one don't want you to be in this years statistics.

A rumbling of whispering went through the room.

Now if all these people died how many were shot and didn't die. Well over 200,000 people were shot and didn't die. So you see there is a real need for courses like this.

Now here is something that might hit a little closer to home. For men and women 10 to 24 years of age gunshot wounds were the second leading cause of death and injury in the United States. Second only to automobile accidents. 10 children under 19 are killed every day in the United States.

I know some of you are saying we never keep a loaded gun in the house but an a larming number of people of all ages are shot by unloaded guns each year. At least people thought they were unloaded. Now tonight I will teach you how to check a gun to see if it is loaded. And remember never, never point a gun at anything you don't want to kill even if it is unloaded. I personally really go off on someone if they even accidentally point a gun in my direction and so should you.

The rest of the hour was spent showing 10 at a time how to check the guns that Clay had brought with him to see if they are loaded. When he was through they all looked like they were glad they had come tonight. Clay said, "Will Jim Sandborn, Johnny West, Kyle Woods and Pete Clanton please come up here for a minute."

When they got there they were wondering why they had been separated from the group. "Boys I am talking low as I don't want the rest to hear but on Monday and Friday I am going to have a skeet shoot at my place and I have signed y our name up for Monday. If that isn't OK or you can't make it scratch your name off the list and add it to Friday if you can make it then. They all agreed they could make it Monday for sure.

"Now I have a general announcement for all of you. Up to 20 guys can sign up for a skeet shoot at my place which is one mile up the road toward Malvern. It is a white ranch type house with a white board fence around it. There is a red barn out away from the house in the pasture. If you sign up for Monday you can't sign up for Friday so everyone will get a chance to come that wants to. The clip board is here on the stage to sign. There is also a pen by it. Please don't take the pen. That is it for tonight thank you all for coming and I will see all of you next Wednesday night at 7."

When he dismissed them there was a line waiting to sign for either Monday or Friday. It didn't take long to fill the 40 slots. And then Clay announced that the skeet shoot for next week was full. Sign up next week for the following week if you wish.

Everyone started leaving. Cars were starting in the parking lot which incidentally was full. And finally Clay got out of there at almost 9PM. He told the four boys they were welcome to stop by anytime.

In the parking lot Clay ran into a guy he had known since he was in 8th grade and he was in 3rd. He use to help him with batting practice too. Gary Shillings was his name. "How old are you now Gary?"

"I will be 17 this year Clay. I'm sure glad to see you back. I hated it when you left three years ago. I guess I always looked up to you."

"Well thank you Gary. Say what are you doing tomorrow."

"Nothing really hay season is over and I just lay around."

"Why don't you come over to my place and swim with me?"

"Yea I would like that a lot. What time?"

"Heck why not come over around 11 and we will make a day of it. Maybe even go squirrel hunting or skeet shooting."

"Sounds like a plan. I'll be there for sure."

"Good now have a good evening."

I have always wanted to get in his pants I have to try tomorrow. He was cute in the 3rd grade now he is just plain good looking. He has kept the light colored hair, being light brown now. His face you could put on a magazine and his body well from what I could see if is good too. I will know better tomorrow.

Clay went home and unloaded the guns from the car. That took 10 minutes or so. Then he went in and made a sandwich and got a pop and watched the rest of a movie. He was so glad tonight went so well.

In the morning he was all antsy. He could hardly wait for 11 O'Clock to get here. He thought he might take him squirrel hunting first and then he would have to suggest they che ck each other for ticks. Boy I sure am glad we have those little bugs even though I hate them.

When 11 arrived he heard a car pull in the driveway so he looked out the window. It was a red nearly new car. He couldn't quite make out the make or model from the window. He came alone so he must have his own car. There was a knock on the door and Clay went to answer it.

"Well hello Gary. It sure was good to see you there last night. I always liked working with you on batting when you were little."

"Yea I remember it well. You used to take me and buy me a coke afterwords and talk to me. I remember I could tell you anything and you never made a big deal out of it. I trusted you with anything and I still do. You will always be my friend Clay."

"Well that goes two ways. How far did you have to drive to get here?"

"Oh only about 5 miles just past that little store toward Benton."

"Oh that isn't so bad a drive then. Would you like a pop and how about a sandwich."

"That sounds great it has been a long time since breakfast. I got up early this morning. I guess I was anxious for 11 to come."

"Yes Gary I have been kinda anxious to see you today too. Here have a seat at the table and I'll put on some sandwich makings."

Clay put several types of lunch meat and mayonnaise on the table then he just put the loaf of bread and a knife on the table. He gave them each a plate and put out some chips. Then he just gave him a Pepsi and got one for himself.

"Well it looks like there is just about anything here to make a sandwich with."

Clay jumped up and went to the refrigerator and got out the iceberg lettuce and a tomato and added them to the ingredients available. He got a small portable cutting board and sliced the tomato to make it easier.

"Gee now you have tho ught of everything."

They didn't talk much during lunch as they were both hungry and kept their mouths full eating. When they were through Clay put everything back in the refrigerator and said, "Well I hope that filled you up."

"Oh Yea."

"Are you into squirrel hunting. Going with me as hunter's safety instructor would satisfy any game warden. Although in all my years here I have never seen one. They leave private property owners pretty much alone."

"Well to be honest with you I have never been squirrel hunting so I'm game for anything new."

Clay told him to come on and got him one of the 22 rifles and handed him a handful of shorts. "Now I want you to show me how you check that it is empty."

Gary pulled back the bolt and looked into the barrel and cocked it a couple times to make sure it didn't have any shells ready to load and then he said, "Looks empty to me Clay." "Yea I know that is true from reading the newspaper."

"Now we won't load until we get to the woods. But like I said last night never point a gun barrel at anything you don't want to kill even if the gun is empty. So around me especially watch your barrel it really makes me mad to see a barrel pointed in my direction."

"Don't worry Clay I'll be careful."

They went out the back door and Clay related the story about the bees nest he shot with a BB gun when he was young.

"Boy I'll bet you never shot another nest of bees."

"You sure have that one right."

"OK we are at the beginning of the woods. So go ahead and put in about 5 22 shorts. Just pull out the tube and drop them in butt first."

Clay loaded his own gun as well. "Now cock your gun and put one round in the chamber and then put on the safety. It is right here."

"Now to check the safety is on point your gun ahead of you at the ground and try pulling the trigger. Nothing happened right?"

"No the safety is on alright."

Clay did the same thing with his and they started into the woods. Clay told him to keep his gun pointed ahead and down or up into the air one or the other. "But be sure if you are pointing ahead and down you never allow it to cross someones legs."

"Boy I really feel safe hunting with you Clay."

They continued walking slow and looking. Finally Clay saw a squirrel go around a tree trunk and pointed it out to Gary. "Take your safety off and watch for him to come around this side of the tree. Hold real still."

The squirrel popped around this side of the tree and Gary was already pointing his gun up there so he fired. The squirrel hit the ground. "I got him Clay..I got him."

Clay congratulated him and they went over to where the squirrel lay dead. Clay took his hunting knife and handed it to Gary. "Now I want you to cut him from hear to hear just through the skin to get the entrails out. There now reach in with you hand and pull everything out you can get hold of."

Gary made quite a face as he didn't know it was going to get gory. But he pulled all the entrails and guts out and threw them aside.

"OK now wipe your hands with this rag I carry for that. Also wipe the knife blade clean. Here put the squirrel in my hunting pack and let me have the knife and the rag."

"The reason we clean an animal immediately whether it be a squirrel or a deer is to keep the meat from spoiling as we are going to be eating it and you wouldn't want to eat spoiled meat."

"Yea I can see that alright ."

They continued the hunt for about another hour and got two more squirrels. Clay shot both of them. But at least Gary didn't get skunked. That made Clay happy. "I think we have had enough hunting lets take these back to the barn and skin them out."

After skinning the squirrels out they took them and washed them and put them in the refrigerator. Clay wasn't sure if Gary would be staying for dinner so he let that ride. "Well how did you like your first squirrel hunt Gary?"

"Man that is really fun. You never know when your going to see one. It is like playing hide and seek."

"Well now comes the part where we have to check each other for ticks. Those woods have quite a few. Come on in the bedroom and we can shower after we de-tick each other."

"Gosh I don't have to de-tick very often as I never get into the woods normally."

"Well there is really nothing to checking each other. Yo u know what a tick looks like so just look for any on me and I'll do the same for you. I'll tell you what I'll check you first and then you will know how. We have to take off our clothes including shoes and socks first."

"Wow! That's getting bare."

"Yes but we are both men and have the same equipment. Besides you shower with the guys at school it is about the same thing."

Clay started stripping and had all his clothes off while Gary was still taking off his shirt. But finally Gary was naked and Clay told him to sit on the bed so he could check his hair. Clay started massaging his head and did it longer than necessary but he ran into a bump and pulled a tick out of his hair. "See here is the first one we will probably find more. I'll flush him and continue checking you."

Clay went into the bathroom and Gary heard the toilet flush. Clay said, "Well that is one tick that won't bother anyone again. Clay continued on his hair to make sure."

"Gosh this feels good I don't mind it at all."

Clay told him to lift his arms one by one and there was a tick under his left arm in the hair. So he went and flushed it.

"Wow! You know I really didn't think we would find this many."

"Sometimes Gary you don't find any. It just all in the day I guess."

Clay started down massaging his way slowly down his back. "My dad always did me this way as he knew I liked it."

"Yea it sure feels good after all that walking."

Clay kept on going and when he reached his butt, which was really made to fit him exactly, he continued on down over the butt. Then he pulled the cheeks open and looked at his ass hole. Because of his light brown hair there was no hair there at all. Clay wanted to dive in with his tongue but thought that can come later. He went on down and did his legs and feet, rubbing each foot f or about 5 minutes each.

"Oh Gosh this feels good. I'm kinda half hard."

"Don't worry about it I get hard all the time when someone does this."

"You do? Then I don't feel so bad."

"You should never worry about those kinda things around me Gary I have thought so much of you since you were real young. It is like rubbing my own brother."

"Gosh that is a nice thing to say. I think that is why I am half hard because I feel like that about you too."

Clay thought to himself wait until I hit your perineum if you think you are hard now. As Clay worked his way up his legs he went into the inner thigh and Gary spread his legs and moaned. Clay could now just barely see his anus again. When he got to the butt again he wet his finger and said, "Now I am going to do like my dad used to do and sometimes he found a tick here because you can't see here very well. I use to think this fel t really good and get hard every time. Clay wet his finger really well and started up and down on the perineum pressing harder where the prostate was underneath. The perineum became extremely hard while he was doing this so he knew he had him hard.

"Oh that felt so good Clay you really made me hard doing that."

"Don't worry about it Gary I am hard too, just from doing it to you."

Gary looked back and sure enough Clay had a boner. "Now turn over Gary and I'll check your other side."

Gary rolled over sporting about 8 inches of hard on straight up in the air. Clay acted like he didn't notice and started checking his neck and then massaged his way down his chest making his nipples hard on purpose and then on down to the pubic hair which he examined making sure his hand hit several times against his hard on.

"Oh Clay that feels so good I am leaking like a sieve."

"So am I. Whenever so meone is touching you that you really like it is common to get hard."

"But isn't that considered gay?"

"Let me tell you something Gary and I hope you will never forget it. The words gay, straight, lesbian, dike, fag etc. are all words to degrade someone. So I never use them. My philosophy is if I am with someone I really like and doing something that really feels good then it must be right. So you and I having a hard on doesn't make us anything but good friends who really like each other."

"Gosh I never had it explained that way. But you know it makes a lot of sense. So I am not straight or gay I am just enjoying myself right?"

"You are so right Gary and the more you think like that the less guilty you will feel about any kind of sex."

Clay took hold of his balls and lifted them to look under them again making sure his wrist rested on his dick. "You sure are leaking as much or more than I am G ary. Has a girl or guy ever given you head?"

"No I had a girl play with it through my pants once but she wouldn't go any further."

"Well then if you don't mind I will show you what it feels like."

"Mind Hell no I wouldn't mind. Especially if it is you doing it."

Clay licked and licked on the end of his dick enjoying the sweet precum. It had hardly any salt taste at all to it. "I am going to make more precum Gary watch this." Clay wet his thumb and went to work on the under side of his dick and the precum flowed like lava. Clay was right on it licking all he could get. "I want to make you build up cum to the max so roll over on your stomach for a minute. Gary rolled over. Clay reached down under the bed and got the KY out and got some on his middle finger and started massaging back and forth all the way from his balls to his anus. He rubbed especially hard on the anus. "How does that feel Gary?" < P> "Like something I never dreamed of feeling before. That feels so good I could cum."

Clay knew this so he skipped over the prostate and launched his middle finger all the way up into his colon. It was so hot and wet up there. "How does that feel Gary?"

"Awesome Clay, Awesome..."

Clay finger fucked him staying away from the prostate for about 3 minutes and then told him to roll onto his side facing him. When he did Clay took his dick all the way to his throat. He gagged once before he gained control of his throat muscles and then down all 8 inches went. He swallowed so he could feel it and heard a loud moan of pleasure. Then he started bobbing up and down bringing it to his mouth and back down to what felt like his stomach. He kept this up listening to Gary go ape shit with sounds of pleasure he hadn't heard before. Then he took the KY and put it on two fingers without stopping the sucking and bobbing. He put both fin gers hard right into the prostate gland and brought the dick into his mouth so he could taste every drop when he came.

"'m cumming...ahhhhhhhh.. Oh my God....."

Clay was getting rope after rope of cum he had built him up so much. He kept sucking and swallowing for at least 8 or 9 ropes and then Gary collapsed in a deep sweat trying to catch his breath. Clay was having a little difficulty in that department too. Clay needed to cum and really bad he was hoping he would give him head too or he would be forced to jack off. Clay layed down beside him and put his arm around him and gave him a hug and got one right back.

After about 5 minutes of huffing and puffing they finally got their breath and were able to communicate once again.

"OH Clay thank you so much. I didn't even know sex could feel that good."

"Well believe it or not there are things that feel even better."

"Oh I don't see how that could be possible. Could you show me?"

"Yea later when you have recharged a couple hours. Can you stay for dinner?"

"Sure actually I am kinda on my own my parents don't monitor me in the summer just during school time."

"Fine, now would you de-tick me next?"

"Sure sit up and I'll check your hair first like you did me."

Clay sat up thinking I hope he does everything the way I did him.

(to be continued)

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