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Ticks Chapter 9


Gary started with Clay's hair. He massaged his head as good or better than Clay had his but found no ticks. He went down his arms and felt all his fingers and looked between them. "Clay let me show you something that feels good to me. Turn you palm up." When he did Gary started tracing the lines on his hand real gently over and over on both hands. It sent chills all up and down Clays back.

"Man that is so awesome. I never had anyone do that to me before."

"I had a girl I used to date that did that and I liked it too."

Then Gary went to his shoulders and lifted each arm and under one he f ound a big tick. "Wow! Look at the size of this one."

"God I'm glad you got that thing off of me if he ever got buried I would probably have to go to a doctor." Clay heard the toilet flush and Gary came back.

Gary lifted the other arm but nothing. He started rubbing down Clay's chest and rubbed his nipples like he had done his. Of course they turned hard and Clay was turning hard now. Then he rubbed on down over Clays muscular stomach and rubbed his intestine area and on to the pubes where he rubbed his hands through the hair to make sure no ticks were there. In doing so he accidentally hit Clays dick and was semi surprised he was hard already. But he didn't make any thing of it just kept going on down. He lifted his balls and looked under them and sure enough under the right ball was a small tick. He pulled it off and went and flushed it. Then he went on down Clay's legs rubbing them really well like he was enjoying it. He got to the feet and gave each one of Clay's feet the best foot massage Clay had ever had. Then back up his legs on the inner thigh just as Clay had. Clay moaned and spread his legs. He told Clay to turn over and he would do his back next. Clay turned and Gary started down his back. He went on down massaging his way all the way to the feet and then back up to the butt. He spread the cheeks and looked at Clay's ass hole. This made him spring a boner real fast. He had never even thought before about a guys ass hole being sexual but Clay's sure was. He wet his middle finger and went down and rubbed up and down on the perineum. Of course Clay couldn't get any harder so the perineum was hard as a rock. "Clay where is that stuff you used to make you slippery."

"Here I stuck it under the pillow."

For some reason that ass hole intrigued Gary so he put some KY on his middle finger and pushed it in all the way just like Clay had. When he got up in the colon he felt heat and wet. He couldn't understand the wet so he asked.

"That is just liquid in your colon that keeps you having bowel movements it really hasn't got much of any smell to it."

But Gary had to pull out and smell for himself. It didn't so he stuck his finger back up in there as he loved how hot and smooth it was and tight my gosh was it tight up in here. "Is this what made me make extra cum like I did Clay?"

"Yes that and remember what I did with my thumb on the under side of our dick that helped too."

"Oh Yea I forgot about that. Would you turn back over now Clay?"

Clay turned over displaying a dripping wet hard on. Gary took his thumb and started rubbing it on that spot. Precum just oozed out of Clay. He wondered what it tasted like so he took some on his finger and tasted it. It was sweet and just a touch of salt taste to it but he really liked it. "Gary would you put your mouth on it ?"

"I was hoping you would ask that. I can't imagine right now anything I would enjoy more."

Gary started licking precum and making more with his thumb and licking that until Clay thought he would go crazy. The all at once he was on it and had it half in his mouth. He went on down and gagged. Clay told him how to avoid gagging and he tried it two times before he got all of Clay's dick down his throat. He bounced up and down on it with it in his throat but had to come up for air and started sucking it and bobbing up and down at the same time. Then he remembered the two fingers in his ass and put some KY on two fingers and after about 10 minutes of sucking and bobbing he plunged his fingers all the way in until they hit the prostate. That did it.

"'m ....cumming....ahhhhhh...Oh my God ....what a feeling...."

Clay thought he was going to turn inside out he hadn't cum this hard in so long he had forgotten he could. "God Gary do you give good head. That is the best blow job I have ever had I think."

"Thanks Clay, I can't believe I actually did that and swallowed it too. But I like you so much Clay I would do anything to please you."

"Well all I can say to that dude is ditto."

They lay there in each others arms for about 4 or 5 minutes trying to get their breath back and then Clay said here I'll show you something else nice to do with someone you like. Clay put his lips to Gary's and pushed with his tongue until Gary opened his mouth and went into a tongue sucking thing with him. Gary didn't take long to catch on and started sucking right back just as hard. This lasted at least 10 minutes and they broke off.

"What you say we take a shower and fix dinner Gary."

"Sounds like a winner. I sure hope I get to come back over here again."

"As far as I am concerned you could come here every day. I really like you Gary."

They headed for the shower and washed each other everywhere. Clay stuck his finger in Gary's butt and fucked him with it a few times to clean it and so when it came Gary's turn Clay got the same treatment. hey dried off and then went in to prepare the squirrels. Clay had a can of candied yams and some corn and made that too. They ate the squirrel dividing it in half since there were three squirrels. When they were through Gary said, "You know Clay that is the first time I have ever eaten squirrel but it is somewhat like cotton tail rabbit.

"Yea I think so too. Say Gary since your your own boss could you spend the night. I would love that if you could."

"Sure all I have to do is call home and tell them I won't be home so they don't worry. I would like to stay too."

He made the call and it was final he would spend the night. And Clay was thinkin g there goes his cherry.

"Shall we watch the evening news both regional and national."

"Yea I always watch that at home."

"Here is another Pepsi lets go into the living room."

They watched the news and of course most of it was bad. It is hard for them to accept that almost every country in the world hates our country. When they were young every country loved America.

"Hey Clay you said you had something to show me that I would like better than that awesome thing you did a while ago. Are you game?"

"Sure Gary let's go into the bedroom. Take off all your clothes it makes it more fun and more sexually exciting."

So they both stripped to where they were naked. "Now I am going to show you how to rub the prostate area at the same time you stretch the anal area. Lay down on your stomach Gary."

Gary didn't understand but did as he was asked. Clay took the KY and lubricated three fingers real good. "Now after I do this to you I want you to do it to me OK?"

"Sure you have me willing to do almost anything. Clay I never dreamed of a day that was this much fun."

"Well we are just getting started Gary." Clay took his middle finger and told Gary to push out. When he did he pushed his middle finger all the way up into Gary's colon. Loving it like he did he played around up in the juice area for a minute before starting to finger fuck him. "How's that feel Gary?"

"Real good when you push hard."

Clay started really ram rodding him when he said that. Then after a couple minutes he pushed in the second finger and heard an "Uhhhhh" know it hurt a little at first. He pushed all the way up into the colon with both fingers hard like he liked it. He started ram rodding him with two fingers.

"Oh Clay that feels even better."

Clay was think ing if you only knew what was coming. "I'm glad you are enjoying it Gary." Then after about 5 minutes of pounding he pushed in the third finger and heard "Oh God...ugggg...ouch..."

"Hang in there Gary it only hurts for a short time then it feels good again." So Clay started slowly up into the colon area with all three fingers. Then after about 30 seconds he pulled back and started twisting and turning his fingers to really get him stretched. He alternated this with finger fucking or finger pounding all the way up into the colon. "How ya doing bud?"

"Fine I can see what you mean you get used to it."

"Yes that is because when God put us together he made the anal passage flexible so you would be able to pass huge turds once in a while. If you notice when the turd is about half way out it quits hurting so bad."

"Yea I never really thought about it before but your right."

"Now I wan t you to do the same thing to me. Do you think you would like that?"

"Oh Yea!"

Clay handed him the KY and let him go to work. And go to work he did because he was up in Clays colon with his middle finger pounding as fast as he could get there. He finger fucked Clay that way for a good 5 minutes and then added the second finger hearing Clay "Uggggg" but he kept right on going faster and harder. Clay had never been finger fucked quite so fast and hard before but it felt good because he had had experience. Then the third finger went in and again Clay let out another "Ugggggg". "You OK Clay?"

"Oh yea it is just always a little painful when you first change sizes. With more experience it hurts less and less though."

Gary really went to town twisting and turning as he pushed and pulled all at the same time. Clay had never experienced anything like this before. Then Clay said, "OK now stop . Pull your fingers out."

Clay turned on his back and pulled his ankles to his ears and said, "OK now put KY on your dick by jacking off with it and then put your dick up in me."

" you in the ass Clay?"

"You got it champ I told you you were going to get something better. Wait until you see how this feels."

Gary did as told and jacked off with KY until his dick was covered. Then he put his dick to the hole kinda scared he might hurt him with his long dick. "Are you ready Clay?"

"Yes I been waiting all day for this as it will feel real good to me too."


Gary heard the pushing and sunk his dick in slowly but kept going until he was all the way up in Clay's colon. And I mean all the way up in it. He was 8 inches long and Clay wasn't even used to that. He pulled back about half way and pushed it in again. "How are you doing Cl ay."

"Fine Gary, this is awesome. Go ahead now and fuck me hard and fast."

Gary was a strong young man at his prime age for sex at 17 so he let loose and fucked like there was no tomorrow. He was going so fast it was a blur to look at. Clay was in heaven but man was he getting fucked. Never had he had an experience like this.

After about 10 minutes of this speed Gary was dripping more sweat on Clay than he had ever seen come off a man before. Finally Gary said, "Ohhhhh...God....I'm....going to cum.....ahhhhhhh....Ohhhhh...ugggg..."

Clay had to cum so bad but gritted his teeth not to as he wanted his turn next and didn't want to waste the built up sperm. He wanted to put it all up in Gary's ass.

Gary finally finished with 8 or 9 ropes and fell forward on Clay and hugged him and don't think he didn't get hugged back. They were stuck together with both of their sweat. They lay there a good 5 minutes before they could get enough breath to breath. Finally Clay said, "Wow that was the wildest fuck I've ever had in my life. Man who turned you loose."

This set Gary off laughing. He said, "I don't know it was just so much fun I couldn't stop myself. Now I suppose I have to give you a turn and I am virgin. So It scares me a little."

"Don't worry Gary I have broken in a few virgins before and they are all still alive and breathing. ha ha."

"How would you like a pop before we get into it though and cool off a little. I'll tell you what after we drink the pop lets dive in the pool for about 5 minutes that will cool us down for sure."

"Boy you get the best ideas Clay."

They stayed nude and went and got a pop. They took it out by the pool and sat in a lawn chair to drink it. It was gone in nothing flat and they were diving in. Oh the pool water felt so good to both of them they swam a couple lengths without stopping. Then they came together and Clay got his mouth close to Gary's and they ended up in a French Kiss. It only lasted about 2 minutes but it showed they had real feelings for each other. Who wouldn't they were both about as handsome as they come.

They got out of the pool and Gary followed Clay back to the bedroom. Clay said, "I'm going to do one more thing to you Gary before I fuck you as I don't want it to hurt hardly at all." Clay got the big dildo and Gary's eyes got as big as saucers as he knew where Clay planned on putting that big thing. Up his ass.

"OK now this won't hurt as much as you think because you just took three fingers a short time ago and your sphincter muscle had a memory. SO it will just take over from there. Now push out as soon as I get the KY on this thing. There I'm ready lay down on you stomach and spread you legs. Now push out real hard and hold it."

"Ug hhhhhhhh."

Clay wanted this to be easy but it is never easy to get the first part of the big dildo to go through the sphincter. So he pushed real hard on it to get it to slip through and before Gary could yell he pushed it all the way in. "There Gary it is in. Now the hurt will go away real quick take my word for it."

"Oh God when that thing first went in I though my ass hole would never be the same. It hurt like hell but as you pushed it on in it relaxed and felt fine."

"OK now I am going to fuck you with it to get you used to it." Clay started the vibrator and started fucking him hard and fast like he liked it.

"Wow! That feels so cool with that vibrator going."

"Yes Gary it does make a difference." Clay kept really fucking him with it for 3 or 4 minutes and then pulled it clear out.

"I feel like I just lost something that was part of me."

"Well now I am going t o replace it with something I hope will become part of you real often. Push out and I mean hard and hold it until you have to breath. That will relax your anal muscles and make it easier."


Clay slipped in right in easy after the dildo and kept right on going clear up into the Colon. "How ya doing Gary?"

"Oh Wow! You just took my cherry. It is feeling fine now. Push real hard when you do it will you Clay?"

Clay had no trouble trying to please that request. He pushed hard right where he was and slipped another half inch on in. He started fucking him really fast and long as that is what he liked. He went like a house a fire for about 5 minutes. "Now We are going to change positions. Roll over on your back and pull your ankles to your ears."

Gary did and Clay just stayed in him as he rolled. Then his dick went in another inch or better.

"God your went in a lo t further I could feel it."

"Yes this position really gets in you." Clay started humping and I mean humping pushing hard at the end of each thrust. He got to going almost as fast as the 17 year old but not quite. He couldn't believe how fast Gary had fucked him. He kept this up until they were both wringing wet with sweat again. Clay was panting and so was Gary. All of a sudden Gary yelled, "Oh...shit...I'm ...cum...again. Ahhhhhh...Ohhhhh....ugggggg...Oh my God...."

When he started the spasms it set Clay off and he shot at least 9 ropes clear up into his upper colon. God did that feel good. Clay though no one else ever felt this good. I sure love this wonderful guy.

After the 5 minutes of laying on top of Gary they finally caught their breath again. Clay said, "You know what that is the best sexual experience I have ever experienced. You are fucking good dude. Your ass is so tight and warm and so fucking smooth I loved every minute of it."

"Oh Clay I feel the same. Even though I have not had experience I can tell nothing could beat that. That was so awesome dude."

"Let's hit the pool again and cool off and have another pop."

"You bet man."

They both skipped the refrigerator and headed directly for the pool where they swam for a while and then just sat in the cool water talking. When they got out they dried and went in to the get the pop they both needed so bad.

They were both sitting on the couch in the living room when Gary said, "You know I've been doing a lot of thinking Clay."

"Yea what about?"

"Well you know how you said that the world would be better off without the words gay, lesbian, dike, fag etc. Well I have been thinking a lot about that all day. Clay I have never had a more fun, more complete day than I had today with you. The only label I could put on today is fun, happy, exciting, awesome and words like that. I have always though a lot of you since 3rd grade but today I realized there was something more to it. Like the way I love my mom and dad only stronger. Do you get what I'm saying Clay?"

"Well it is strange you brought that up because that is exactly what I have been thinking about you all day. And especially after we got together. I have never enjoyed being with someone like I did you. Even when we were squirrel hunting I couldn't take my eyes off you. You are one handsome dude you know."

"Gosh that is what I have been thinking about you too. No one is better looking to me than you. And they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I am the beholder in this case."

Clay thought for a moment and then said, "Yea I guess I am the beholder when I look at you that way too. And I behold a wonderful guy who just happens to be a magazine cover no fault of his own. I am so glad you are spending the night tonight."

They looked at each other and they both were hard and they weren't even talking about sex. Gary said, "Gosh I guess our dicks think like we do."

"Yea I guess your right I am really hard right now just talking about how much I care about you."

"Clay have you ever seen a boy or girl sitting with their legs spread open wearing shorts and tried to look up their legs and see if you can see anything. Am I weird or something Clay?"

"Well if you are weird then so am I because I do the same thing. I especially like to see if a boy has a big dick."

"Yea I guess I look for big dicks too ha ha. I guess I am not weird then huh."

Clay said, "Well if that makes you weird then I am weird too. I even get hard when I de-tick one of the boys that comes though the woods to get here, or after I have been hunting with one of them and we de-tick each other."

"Yea I would get hard too. And after today I might even be thinking I wish I could put my finger up that ass or my dick."

"Well then we certainly think alike. If we are weird I guess we are both that way huh."

"Yea." With that they fell into each others arms and started French Kissing which was really cool as they were both still naked from the pool.

Clay said, "It isn't really late but I wouldn't mind going into the bed and talking more there. How about you?"

"My thoughts exactly. I think I love you Clay."

"Ditto Gary."

(to be continued)

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