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To the Max
by: Kewl Dad

He looked as if he had lost his best friend. That was the first thing I noticed as he slipped into the passenger seat of my 72' Monte Carlo.

"Where you headed?"

"He shrugged and I noticed he had green eyes, not just green, but jade green, and in perfect contrast to his red hair.

"I take that as,  wherever you're headed I'm going there too," I laughed.

"How far you going?"

"I am going nowhere and won't get there anytime soon," I chuckled.

He looked at me like I was crazy, then laughed, "You some kind of comic or something?"

"Something," I assured him. "What about you, what are you?"

"Huh, I'm a kid....uh, well not a kid, I'm 16."

"And do you have a name 16 year old non-kid?"

"Uh, I'm Max, do you have a name?" he snorted.

"Why, yes I do, I'm Andy. Glad to meet you Max." I said offering my fist to bump.

"He gave me a wry smile revealing perfect white teeth and a pink tongue as he bumped my fist. He had a band of freckles across his nose extending onto his cheeks, but they only made him cuter.

"Do you go to Rogers or Hilldale?"

He eyed me with interest when I mentioned the names of the two high schools in town. "Rogers, why you a teacher or something? Let me guess..or something," he smirked.

"No, I'm banned from all schools," I teased, "Apparently they frown on older men hanging around the boys bathroom."

His mouth dropped open and he eyed me nervously. Then seeing the smug, amused look on my face he burst in laughter, "Yah, I guess so. But there's always the mall."

I liked this smart assed kid right away and he was endearing himself to me more by the minute. "Yah, I suppose, but usually I just pick up hitch hikers."

"Like me," he chuckled, "why do you think I'm queer or something?"

"Something," I said grinning and keeping the joke alive.

"You...uh gay or something...wait...not something again," he groaned.

"Yes." I said simply.

He was quite for a long time then he finally looked at me sheepishly and muttered, "Yes you're gay, or yes you're something?"

"Gay, does that bother you?"

He shrugged and I noticed how long and lean his body was. "I got gay friends, it's no big deal."

"Cool, cause you being straight doesn't bother me either," I said grinning.

"How do you know I'm straight?" he said handing it back to me.

"I don't suppose you kids today put a label on your sexuality, do you? If it feels it." I chuckled.

"I wouldn't know, I'm a virgin." he said looking at me with those piercing green eyes and daring me to make fun of him.

"A condition easily cured," I said seriously, "but if it's a matter of saving yourself for the right person, then bravo. I mean a cute guy like you could have pretty much any girl...or boy you wanted."

"Whoa, you think I'm cute dude?" he chuckled.

I made a face,"Well...yah..." I said sounding like a Valley Girl.

"He laughed and shook his head, "Dude, I am freckled faced, my skin is white as milk and my eyes look like two pieces of Kryptonite."

"I frowned, "Who told you that crap?"

"Just about everyone I know," he said sadly.

"Well, they must be blind or stupid, because I think you are awesome."

"Sure, cause you wanna do me," he laughed.

"I'm hurt," I said giving him my hurt look, then smiling, "But seriously...In a heart beat. But...I know you're not that way, so I will just have to die of a broken heart instead."

He laughed and it sounded wonderful, "If I was gay, I'd let ya do me," he assured me.

"Good, now...about you being a it because you want to be or because you think no one would have sex with you?"

"That I guess. No 16 year old boys I know want to be a virgin."

I chuckled, "Yeah, I think you're probably right. I know I lost my virginity when I was twelve."

"Really? Oh, with another dude right?"

"Actually with the 14 year old girl next door, but she was my first and last girl. I discovered boys after that and, well...girls just didn't do it for me anymore."

"Damn, dude, what did you do..with that girl...I mean, did you go all the way?"

"You have any idea how quick a 12 year old boy's trigger is when he's touched by someone else for the first time?" I laughed, "The minute I got it in her pussy folds I blew my wad."

"She thought it was cute, and then she made me lick her cunt till she came about ten times."

"God, I am so hard," He said shivering. "I wish I had her here right now. I'd lick her cunt then put it to her good."

"She'd be...umm 30 by now," I said thoughtfully and I bet she'd let a young stud like you do anything he wanted."

"You think? Do you still know her?"

"Actually I haven't seen her since she moved the summer after we did it. Her name was Candy," I laughed, "but she wasn't that sweet, more salty than sweet."

"What does pussy taste like?" he said in a husky voice full of tension and angst.

"Well, sort of fishy," I teased and he cuffed me gently. "But seriously it was a long time ago, but I do remember it being sort of good. Salty and a little bitter sweet, but that might have been the douche she used," I added grinning. "Look dude if you want to eat pussy, you should have no problem finding a dozen girls who'd let ya."

"Yeah, right...I just walk up to one in the hall and say, excuse me, but would you like your pussy licked?" He said sarcastically.

"Of course not, first you say my name is Max, then you add...please."

"I can see you're not going to be any help," he sighed.

"Look dude, no shit, you are a good looking guy and sexy too, you just need to have faith in yourself. Of course with girls you have to be..uh nice and romantic. I guess I forgot that. With guys you just give them a look and they follow you like puppies...he he."

"So if I gave you that look, you'd follow me?" he teased.

"You did and I am," I teased back.

"So...what would you do...if I was gay?" He asked looking curious.

"Well, if you were gay you might make the first move, cause I'm so hot," I said grinning, "but let's say you were curious or gay friendly and open to some stuff. Then I'd probably start by touching your leg," I said reaching over and rubbing his leg gently. When he didn't freak or push me away I continued, "Then I'd let my hand roam up a bit and touch your stomach," I said doing just that. It felt soft yet firm and he trembled a little but still didn't push me away. "Then if it was still okay with you, I'd run my hand up under your shirt like this and feel your buff chest," I said snaking my hand beneath his tee and running it up to his chest. It wasn't a six pack, but it was nice and his nipples were rock hard. I looked over at him and his eyes were closed and he had a goofy look on his face. Just to be mean I pulled my hand out of his shirt and returned it to the wheel, "But since you're straight and not curious....."

His eyes jerked open and he looked like he'd been slapped, "Huh, why'd you stop?"

"You want me to continue?"

"Uh..yeah, I guess." He said so lowly I could barely hear him.

"What do you want me to do Max?" I said in a soft seductive voice.

"I don't know," he whined, "you're the expert."

"Not here Max, do you want to go home with me?"

He nodded slowly and looked at me with raw need in his eyes. "I want to....but...I'm scared Andy."

"I won't hurt you Max, I won't do anything you don't want me to. I'm not a bad guy and I can help you. Do you trust me Max?"

He nodded again and gave me a nervous smile, "Okay, let's go."

I patted his leg affectionately and gave him a reassuring smile, "I don't live far. Over by the river."

The cynic in me expected him to change his mind before we got there but he kept quiet and stared out the window the whole time and only when we turned into the complex did he speak, "Nice place."

"I like it, my apartment overlooks the pool, lots of eye candy in the summer," I said grinning.

"Can we swim?" He asked sounding like a little boy and not a 16 year old who practically begged me to teach him about sex.

"Sure, did you bring a swimsuit?" I teased, "or did you plan on skinny dipping?"

"Oh, I forgot," he laughed nervously.

"I'm just busting your balls, I have a skimpy bikini you can wear," I teased.

"Awww...stop it, it's not funny," he said clouding up.

I parked the car and turned off the ignition and reached over and put my finger under his chin and turned his head toward me. I looked into his beautiful green eyes and smiled, "Max, loosen up. I'm just kidding. I have a regular swimsuit you can use. And if swimming is all you want to do, that's fine too." And amazingly, I meant every word of it.

He gave me the most beautiful  smile and blushed making his pale skin pink. I still couldn't believe he didn't know how wonderful and special he was, but before he left me I hoped to change that. I led him upstairs to my apartment and ushered him inside and he paused a moment to look around. I'm pretty proud of my apartment and though I'm not an interior decorator or anything I had made the place my own and it looked pretty nice.

"You live here alone?" He asked looking around, but I knew what he really meant was "are you married", because my apartment had a little of the feminine touch to it.

"Just me, although I once had a live in lover for about six months, but he's long gone."

"Uh...a guy?"

I laughed, "Well....yahhh."

He laughed too. He was starting to understand me and realize that my teasing wasn't mean, it was just the way I was.

"Are you thirsty?  I have soda or beer."

"Uh,, I can't go home smelling like beer."

"So..don't go home then, stay the night."

"What...I...don't know....I guess I could call and say I was spending the night at my friend's house."

"Say, by the way, where were you headed when I picked you up?"

"Nowhere really, just trying to get away for a while. I figured I'd hitch a ride and see where I wound up."

"Ahhh...okay, so what do you say, wanna spend the night, or wait till you see how things go?"

"What the hell, I'll have a beer. While you get it I'll call my mom."

I got us a beer and when I returned Max was on the phone with someone, "Okay mom...I promise..yess...don't worry I'll borrow some of ya too.....night." He hung up and looked at me and smiled, "It's cool. She thinks I'm at my friend Don's house."

"And I don't suppose she will check to make sure?"

"No way, she trusts she don't really care where I am as long as I'm not in trouble."

I cackled, "Who says you're not in trouble."

"Am I?" he said grinning.

"Depends on what kind of trouble you like. Let's sit a little while and talk about it."

We sipped beer and got to know each other better and I learned that he was actually a very intelligent and sweet kid. He lived with his mom and step dad and a ten year old step brother that hated him. I felt sorry for him as he described his life, but just like every other kid he was stuck with his family and had to make the best of it.

I got us another beer and we drank it in silence glancing at each other nervously from time to time. I who had conquered a dozen virgins before and he who had never known the joy of intimacy with another human being. I didn't want this to be a sleazy tawdry affair, I wanted it to be something special for us both and there was no hurry.

"Why don't we get a little more comfortable," I suggested when we got to the third beer. It was obvious he was no stranger to drinking beer but he was beginning to show a few signs of relaxing under it's effect.

"Okay," he said waiting for me to start.

I stripped off my tee and his eyes went to my chest. I'm not a gym God, but I take care of myself and if not a six pack I at least have a four pack. My chest is smooth and my stomach flat though I do have that little trail to paradise that leads down from my belly button to my pubes.

Max sat his beer down and stripped off his tee and revealed exactly what I had imagined, a slender but not skinny upper chest of milky white skin with little pink eraser nipples that were already hard. I smiled and he blushed as my eyes traveled down his smooth snowy flesh to the tiny knot of his belly button. He reminded me of a puppy, cute and eager, and I guess I sort of loved him at that moment.

I pulled off my shoes and socks next and his eyes were glued to me the whole time. He hesitated a minute then pulled off his Nike's without unlacing them but didn't take off his socks. I knew that some guys were foot shy and over the years I'd met more than my share but usually they gave in if I was persistent enough. See I like feet and I was dying to see this ginger's peds.

I stood and unbuttoned my jeans and let them fall to my feet then sat down to finish pulling them off. When I looked over at Max he was staring at my crotch and making no move to catch up. I folded my jeans and laid them on the coffee table and he finally began to remove his jeans. He unbuttoned them as he sat there then raised his hips and slowly pushed them down giving me quite a show. His legs were almost hairless and as milky white as his chest but not nearly as skinny as I'd envisioned. All in all I'd say the kid had what I thought of as a swimmer's body....slim, but not skinny and nicely muscled.

As he stripped his pants off he bent down a bit and I got a glimpse of his pert little butt and it was spectacular. Even if all I got to do was blow this kid, it would be worth it just to touch that hot body of his. He mimicked my actions and folded his jeans and laid them on the coffee table next to mine and looked at me nervously.

He wore plain white briefs but I noticed they were a designer label and not Fruits or Hanes and that made him seem even more exotic to me for some reason. I on the other hand wore red KC Bikini briefs and they fit me quite well hugging my crotch and seven inches of man meat nicely and I guess from the look on Max's face he thought so too. 

"I...uh, really need to use the bathroom...." Max said finally looking up.

"Oh, sure down the hall. I'm gonna grab another beer, you want one?"

"Uh, right back."

I waited till I heard the toilet flush then met him in the hall. He looked surprised when he almost ran into me and I grabbed him to steady him. He felt warm and solid and as our eyes met he bit his lip nervously.

"Just had to pee, why don't you get the beers for us? Be right back."

I passed him and went on in to pee and when I got out he was on the couch with the beers in his hands. He handed me one and we popped the tops and took a deep swallow and belched almost at the same time. We laughed, a shared guy thing, and I saw him visibly relax a bit more.

"So....when we gonna start?" He finally asked shyly.

"Well...there's no hurry, but I'm ready when you are."

He sighed and I saw his hand tremble a little as he took his next drink of beer, "I should take a shower or something," he said looking at me for my opinion.

"Personally it doesn't matter to me, but if that makes you feel better then, sure....there are towels on the rack over the toilet and everything else is in the shower caddy."

He nodded and got up and a few minutes later I heard the shower running. I waited till he was good and wet then dropped my undies in the living room and quietly went down the hall and opened the bathroom door. The mirror was fogged up and the shower was running so hot steam rose above the shower curtain. 

Taking a deep breath I walked to the tub and pulled back the curtain and stepped in. He was shampooing his hair and he couldn't see but of course he knew it had to be me. Even so he jumped and sputtered and tried to get the soap out of his eyes and I laughed.

"Relax, I decided I need a shower too. Just wanted to save water. Besides we can wash each other's backs. I never can reach that spot right between my shoulder blades."

"O...okay," he stuttered, "but I'm sort of embarrassed. I'm not that big," he said covering his crotch with his hand.

"You know despite what you've heard, size isn't all that important. A hard cock is fun no matter what size it is. In fact when they get to a certain point they're just ridiculous and not fun any more."

"How big is too big?" he asked curiously.

"Well, I once met this black dude that had 12" and I took one look at it and said, Dude, I can't do anything with that, and I walked away."

Max laughed nervously and let his hand slip away from his crotch and I let my eyes drift down there. He was uncut (wow, a special treat) and slender but actually a nice size for a 16 year old. I guessed hard it was probably six maybe six and a half and he had those kind of balls that look like one piece and they clung to his body looking nice and ripe. What little pubic hair he had was just above his cock and a shade lighter than that on his head. He was one sexy little ginger and I was going to enjoy gobbling him down.

"I don't know why you're hiding that, it's awesome. I don't think I was that big at your age and you're uncut which makes you even sexier."

He blushed but I could tell he liked hearing that and maybe even that he believed me. "It gets bigger when it's hard." he said shyly.

"Well, let's see if we can't make that happen," I said moving closer.

He bit his lip and nodded and I moved the last few inches till I was bumping his hip with mine. I looked into his eyes and saw the raw need there as I reached for his cock. It went from semi-hard to hard in seconds and stood proudly at an angle. I'd guessed correctly about the size but against his slender body it actually looked bigger. The head was partially exposed at the tip but the skin was plenty loose enough to cover it and then some. It felt warm and soft to the touch and when I pulled the skin back a little he shivered and placed his hand on me to brace himself.

"Turn around," I whispered in his ear. When he didn't move I placed my hand on his hips and guided him until he was facing the shower head. Then moving up behind him I pressed my hard cock against his crack angling it upward so the head was at the swell of his butt and reached around him and grabbed his cock again. He leaned back against me and sighed.

"Just relax, I'm not going to hurt you. I only want you to feel good. Do you feel good?" I whispered.

"Uh huh," he said in a husky voice.

I let his cock go and pulled away from him and started soaping him up as if nothing had happened.

"Hey..." he protested.

"Not here," I said simply, "in bed and I want to take my time."

"O..okay, I guess that's better."

I washed his back and he washed mine and we somehow managed to get rinsed and dried off without things getting out of hand. I wanted this to be special and I think he did too and we had the whole night to do it in.

We didn't bother with our underwear and as I led him to my bedroom he was like a little kid, eager and excited, but still a little scared. I turned the bed back while he looked around the room. It was done in peach and light green with a floral bedspread and matching drapes. Behind those drapes were mini-blinds and over that a room darkening shade. I liked it dark when I slept during the day.

"Hop in," I said grinning, "do you mind if I put on some music?"

", that's cool. What kind of music?" he asked glancing at my bookcase stereo system.

"A special mix just for such an occasion as this," I said proudly, "I have included the best of the best and I think you will like it."

As Blood Hound Gang began to sing The Bad Touch, I hopped into bed beside Max and turned out the bedside lamp. It wasn't completely dark since I kept a small night light behind the bed. It cast it's soft light upward and once our eyes adjusted I could see Max staring at me with those green eyes and I swear they looked like they were glowing. I smiled at him and rolled over on my side and placed my hand on his hip. Leaning into him I brought my face closer to his and waited. When I closed my eyes  I was rewarded by his soft lips on mine and to my surprise the kiss that followed was both passionate and intimate.

His breath tasted of beer and his own sweetness and when I offered my tongue he accepted it willingly and offered his own in return. We kissed for a long time as we slowly explored each other's bodies with our hands. I scooted a little closer and our cocks pressed together and he moaned softly into my mouth.

I broke the kiss and moved down and nuzzled his neck and he shivered and sighed. I moved on down to his chest and teased his nipples with my lips and tongue until he was moaning softly.

"I...I never knew that would feel so good," he panted.

"Oh, there are lots more places to explore before the night is over."

I moved down to his tummy and licked my way down to that white knot of a belly button and tongued it gently. He giggled and trembled a little and when I let my tongue trace a trail from his navel to his pubes I thought he was going to explode. He smelled of soap and teenage boy and I couldn't wait to taste him. 

"Before I go any further," I said gently, "are you still sure this is what you want?"

"Yeah, I'm sure," he said with a tremble in his voice, "but....remember, I've never done anything so you gotta tell me what to do."

"All you have to do is lay here and enjoy," I said patting him gently on the leg, "If I do anything you don't like, just tell me, okay?"

"O...okay, but so far it's all been good."

"It will only get better."

I nuzzled his pubes and he shivered again then grabbing his cock I pulled back the foreskin and gave the head a quick lick. One thing I like about uncut cock is that it has a unique flavor all it's own. Some call it cock cheese, but it's not a bad flavor and I knew he was clean because we had just showered.  He was leaking pre-cum like mad and when I squeezed his balls they felt full and ready to give me his baby makers.

I didn't want him to come yet, so I decided to work on those balls and when I began to lick them he started pawing at the covers and panting like he was in distress. I chuckled at the effect I was having on him but I didn't let up. Taking both his balls in my mouth at once I began to gently suck on them while he moaned and squirmed beneath me. When I spit them out and began to lick them again he reached down and grabbed his cock and began to work the loose skin desperately.

"Uh uh," I said pushing his hand away, "that's mine and I'm taking it to the max," I said making a play on words with his name.

"O....okay," he said shakily, "but I need to get off...bad."

"How do you want it?" I asked looking into his eyes.

"Uh, what do you mean?"

"I can suck you off, or you can fuck me, your choice."

" mean in the butt?"

I laughed, "Well, I don't have a pussy, so...yeah, in the butt. Ever thought of doing that before?"

"Uh, isn't it dirty?"

"No, if you decide to do that, I'll go clean out till I'm squeaky clean."

"Uh, I don't know...maybe I better, take the blow job...this time."

I liked the "this time", that meant he was already thinking about the next time and repeat business was a good thing, especially  with a hottie like this one.

"Good choice, I really wanted to taste your cum anyway. Okay, just lay back and enjoy. I've been told I give amazing head."

He nodded and covered his eyes with his arm as I began. I began by pushing his foreskin back with my lips and was rewarded by a tasty puddle of pre-cum. I licked it off and savored his salty/sweet flavor and inhaled his heady aroma and I was drunk with him. He was without a doubt one of the sexiest young guys I had ever been with and I hoped we would be a regular thing after today. But if this was all we had, then I was determined to make the best of it.

Even as I began sucking him with gusto I was thinking about the next time. If he was like most teenage boys once he came he would be spent, but not for long. I could see me coaxing him into a second orgasm deep in my ass and leaving me with a sticky load of his baby makers to remember him by. The thought of him pounding my tight ass as he held on for dear life made my cock throb and leak like crazy. I was leaving a snail trail on the sheets as I scooted around and worked on my darling ginger boy.

To say Max was verbal would be an understatement. I had never been with anyone who moaned, and oooed and ahed as much in my life. He clawed at the covers and ran his long skinny fingers through my hair and cried out every time I tried something new.

Knowing this might be my only crack at this God of a boy, I decided to try a little more. Pushing his legs up I licked his taint to see how he would react and the moaning got even louder.

"Oh...shit....yess...oh my God, that"

I took that as an invitation to go further and pushing his legs even higher I found his hole and began to rim him. He went crazy as my tongue touched his hole, pushing back as if desperate to get more of it inside him, and I wondered if this boy would eventually want more than my tongue. That made my cock leak even more and I didn't know how much longer I could wait for release. But Max was my priority as I rimmed him until my tongue was numb while working his hard cock with my hand.

It was time to collect my reward and putting his legs back down I attacked his dick with my mouth once more. I slobbered and sucked and licked and tongued and gave him the best beejay of my life and needless to say he didn't last long. When he cried out and arched up into me I took all of his slender cock into my mouth as he began to come. His cum was hot and shot out of his dick almost violently. The first volley went down my throat and I barely tasted it, but I pulled up and caught the rest on my tongue. I held it in my mouth while he continued to come and soon I had a mouthful. He finally stopped shooting and began to ooze and I swallowed a little and held the rest as he continued to replenish my supply of delicious teen boy cum. Max's cum tasted like cinnamon and salt and pure teenage boy and I would have gladly stayed there and ate it all day if he could have kept producing it.

When he was spent, I held his still hard cock in my mouth as I squeezed his balls gently hoping to coax some more of his baby makes out so I could swallow them. When I finally came up off him I kissed his slick cock head and nuzzled his pubes with my face and kissed his tummy lovingly.

"That was amazing," I said crawling up and laying beside him, "you taste so good and there was soooo much cum. I loved it."

"Really?" he asked breathlessly, "I tasted it once, it was sort of salty, but not bad."

"Not bad? It was delicious. I loved it, I swear. I could eat your cum all day long and never get tired of it."

He blushed but I could tell he was pleased at my reaction at what he had produced for me. I sighed and put my arm around him and nuzzled his neck softly, "So...what did you think, was it good?"

"Good?" he laughed nervously, "uh uh, it was awesome. The best feeling I ever had. I never knew anyone really did that kind of stuff....the butt stuff, I mean isn't it dirty back there?"

"You tasted nice, I mean you had a shower. I wouldn't eat a dirty ass, but a nice clean one is fun and yours was awesome."

"Well, I guess I'm not a virgin any more, huh?"

"Well, no...but there is one more thing that you could do that would end your virginity forever."

"Uh, what..fucking your ass?" he asked sounding shy all of a sudden.

"Yep, nothing like fucking to make you feel alive and in control of things."

"Uh, do you only get fucked or do you fuck too?"

"I'm versatile, I liked it both ways equally. I can fuck like a maniac or lay down and take it like a good little bitch," I chuckled.

He was quiet for a minute as he digested what I'd said then he looked over at me with those piercing green eyes. "I...wouldn't mind trying it next time."

I grinned at him and rubbed his tummy gently, "Like next time you come back, or next time like later after you rest a minute?"

"Uh...I can go again...I sometimes jerk it two or three times in one night," he said blushing.

"I thought so, nothing quite as horny as a teenager.  I remember when I was your age, I had two boys I was messing with and sometimes I took both of them on in one day. One was a dedicated top and the other a pussy bottom boy so I had the best of the best. But a lot of times we just sixty nined the second time around."

"Uh...sixty nine is like both doing it at once, right..sucking I mean?"

"Yup, mutual oral, it's awesome," I said nuzzling his neck again and making him shiver.

"I...never thought about that till now, but I wouldn't know, trying that too. I don't know if I could swallow cum, but I could suck a dick....I guess," he said blushing.

"My dick?" I asked curiously, "or are you just making a general statement?"

"Uh, yours. I don't know nobody else who'd let me."

I chuckled, "You may not know which ones they are, but I guarantee there are lots of boys at your school who would jump at the chance to have your sweet mouth on their dick."

"I'd be scared to ask anyone. You can get beat up for being gay there."

"Yeah, good point, but I guarantee it goes on a lot...especially among jocks."


"Yeah, all those raging hormones and all that touching and showering together...ummm...I used to score almost every day in gym class when I was your age."

"No way," he said grinning, "how did you know they were interested?"

"Well, I had a rep as being a cocksucker and I didn't get beat up because I was a tough little queer who could hold his own and I had protection from a few of the guys on the footballs team. In return they got head whenever their girlfriends didn't put out. They weren't gay, just horny and they knew a queer boy like me could give better head than any girl."

"Wow, I'm getting hard again just thinking about that."

I looked down and smiled, he was rock hard and leaking and when I reached down and grabbed his dick he closed his eyes and moaned lowly, "Ummm....I think I could come again," he muttered softly.

"I'll be right back," I said rolling out of bed.

It didn't take much to clean me out, I try to stay ready at all times, and when I got back to bed Max was looking at me with nervous but excited eyes. He was so cute, his red hair in  disarray from the thrashing around he'd done while getting blown and his green eyes staring right into my very soul. His milky flesh had a pink tint to it as his blood pumped through his hot teenage body anticipating what was to come.

I decided the time to ask permission was over and I took total charge. I was desperate to get his hot teenage  cock inside me and feel him flood my insides with this swimmers. I knew for a first time there wouldn't be much intimacy, and even though we'd kissed and he seemed comfortable with it, I opted for the less intimate and more direct position, on my stomach with my ass in the air.

He seemed shy at first but once he got his cock against my hole he seemed to come alive and he caught on quickly. 

"Take it slow stud, don't try to push that monster all in at once. Yeah, that's it now stop and let me get used to it. Ummmm...your cock feels so good in me. Go ahead push a little more in...ummm...yeah...pffff....yes...okay..a little more....mmmmm...yeah, okay push it all the way in."

He did and it was Heaven, "Okay stud, you know what to do next. It's instinctive, just push and pull but don't come all the way out. Yeah, that's it...feels wonderful"

"Yeah..." he moaned, "so...good."

He fucked slowly at first supporting himself on his arms as he pistoned in and out of my tight hole but when he grew tired he laid down flat on me and snaked his arms beneath my shoulder and pulled himself in and out of me slowly as he drooled on my neck. It felt wonderful to have his soft warm body on mine and  I wished I had gone for the missionary position so I could see his face. I imagined a peaceful but goofy look as he learned to do what every man found natural, fucking.

Eventually his need to nut built to the point that he was almost desperate to get it and he raised back up on his arms and began to long dick me with his slender rod. It felt more than awesome and I was moaning almost as loudly as he was as he approached orgasm.

"Oh...shiiiit...I'm want me to pull out?"

"NO," I growled, "I want your baby batter inside me."

He let it go then and as the orgasm washed over him he shook like a tuning fork. His cock began to shoot his hot thick spunk into me and I could feel it bouncing off the walls. It was hot and plentiful and I knew I would a leaky mess once he pulled out. But I loved the feeling and the effect I was having on him and I never wanted that feeling to end. He continued to thrust and gyrate and swear and gasp for breath as he kept on unloading in my hot tight guts then suddenly he fell down on top of me and squirmed around like a little kid humping a pillow.

His mouth was open and on my neck and I could feel his hot breath on it making me shiver. I found his hands and brought one to my lips and kissed it gently. I wanted to say those three little words, but I knew this kid wasn't ready for such a declaration and I kept my mouth shut. I waited for him to make the next move but all he did was lay there on top of me and pretty soon I realized he had either passed out or was asleep.

I chuckled to myself, but in a way it was sort of sweet that he was so relaxed and spent that he fell asleep on me and in me. His cock remained hard for a good long time and occasionally he would involuntarily gyrate his hips keeping himself aroused. I savored the feel of his soft warm skin on me and dozed a little myself. 

I awoke a short time later and Max was gone and I panicked for a moment. Then I heard the toilet flush and shortly he climbed back into bed beside me and rolled onto his tummy. I was so tempted to reach over and feel that sweet ass of his while I beat my meat, but I didn't want to mar the beautiful experience we'd just shared by making it about me all of a sudden.

Instead I waited a few minutes till I was sure he was asleep again and I began to take care of my aching cock. I thought I was being quiet and subtle, but suddenly he rolled onto his side and reached over and began stoking my stomach. I moaned softly at his touch and he scooted a little closer and suddenly his hand nudged mine away and he took over.

I've had sex with dozens of guys all ages, but nothing, and I mean nothing, compared to the feel of Max's hand on my cock that night. But as good as that felt a few minutes later I felt his soft warm breath on my crotch and then his warm wet mouth surrounded my cock head and it was my turn to freak out.

I grunted and moaned and humped against him as he gave me what can only be described as the perfect beejay and I knew I wouldn't last long. I tried to warn  him when I turned the corner and headed down orgasm avenue, but either he didn't understand or care because he just sucked harder and moved faster and suddenly my cock exploded like a water balloon in his mouth. Only instead of water his mouth was suddenly filled with my hot thick two day load of cum.

He sputtered at first then managed to gulp some of it down but he didn't give up or in, not once. He lapped my cum up like a cat and swallowed every drop without complaint and when I finally had to push him away because I was growing too sensitive he licked his lips as if he had just eaten an ice cream sundae and fell back down beside me.

"," I gasped, "that...that was amazing. I thought you said you had never...."

"I haven't," he quickly interrupted, "I just did what you did and it wasn't so bad. In fact I sort of liked the taste. Does that make me queer?" 

"Nope, it just means you like different things. You'd probably like eating pussy too....and fucking a pussy. I wouldn't worry too much about anything at your age. You're still exploring and finding out what you like. I envy you kids today. You have so much more freedom than I did growing up, but I did okay."

"Heck, sounds like you had more sex as a kid than most people do as adults," he chuckled.

"Well, I was a bit of a whore," I laughed.

"So, I guess I'm really not a virgin any more," he sighed.

"Nope, you're a real stud now. You nailed me good. So...of all the things that you did tonight which one did you like best?"

"Ummm...well, it was all cool, but I really liked it when know, licked my butt," he said blushing.

"Yeah, most guys dig that, even the straightest ones. I don't know what it is about having a tongue up our ass that turns us guys on so much."

"It's just that it was unexpected and dirty...but it felt wicked, so awesome."

I grinned, "Yeah, I guess that's true."

I reached over and rubbed his chest and he purred. His eyes fluttered closed and his mouth was working as if he were trying to figure out a hard problem, then he opened his eyes and leaned in closer, "I think...I think...I'd like to try getting fucked some time."

"I'm not surprised after the way you reacted to my tongue. It's  not something you want to rush into but when you're ready I'd be happy to help you make that happen. I'm pretty good at breaking in virgins."

"Ummm...okay, that's what I was hoping. I mean since I'm here and all....when do you think we could try it?"

I laughed, teenagers were always horny and ready to go, "Well, let me get a little sleep while I recover and then if you're still in the mood..."

"I will be. I want to do it while I'm here tonight. Then next time....I mean if you ever invite me back, we can do it again."

"If I invite you back?" I said taking his hand and kissing it again, "You are welcome here any time, any day, for as long as you want to stay. Heck, I'll even give you my phone number so you can call me and I'll pick you up." I admitted laying my heart on the line once again.

He smiled and my heart melted, "You mean it?"

I nodded unable to speak and leaned in closer and was not disappointed as his lips met mine. We kissed chastely for a minute before the kiss turned passionate and our tongues dueled in each other's mouth. I pulled him to me and wrapped him in my arms and he surrendered willingly. His cock was hard again and I chuckled, then realizing mine was just as hard, I wondered if I really needed some rest before I fucked him.

"You want to do it now?" He asked sounding excited.

"I seem to be up for it if you are," I chuckled.

"Yeah, but....if it hurts will you stop," he said nervously.

"I promise, " I said sincerely, "you just say the word and I'll stop."

I thought about what position might work best, but I wanted to see his face so I laid him on is back and pushed his legs up. He watched me closely as I stared at his cute little pucker then bent down between his legs. I started by rimming him again to loosen him up and get him excited again hoping he would forget his fear of pain if he was in ecstasy. His pucker was pink and inviting and tasted wonderful as I let my tongue explore every wrinkle of it. I rimmed him a long time and his hole opened up nicely and I was sure penetrating him would be a snap if I took my time and kept him aroused.

I grabbed a bottle of lube and squeezed a bit on my finger and began to massage his pucker letting him get used to something besides my tongue there and soon I was able to insert it to the first knuckle. He clinched it with his ass muscles and pushed it back out and giggled, so I knew he was in control and just playing around. I slathered up another finger and went after his hole with two fingers and easily slipped them inside as far as I could go. I swirled them around and touched his boy nut and he moaned lowly and his butthole clinched me tighter.

"Uh...what was that?"

"Your g-spot," I said softly, "it's called a prostate and a guy can actually nut from just having it rubbed by a finger or a dick."

" that why you like getting fucked so much?"

"Well, that and the fact that I like the feel of a hot guy on top of me and inside me."

"I think I'll like that too," he said dreamily, "are you gonna put it in me soon?"

"Yeah, I think you're ready. Just relax now and trust me, okay?"

"I...I you," he said shivering a little.

"Okay, cause I would never do anything to hurt you...I...ummm, like you too much," I said smiling. It was more like love, but I didn't think he was ready to hear that or to understand it.

He nodded and I began. I lubed up my cock and placed it against his hole but instead of trying to penetrate him I just rubbed the head all around his hole and against it and up and down his crack just so he could feel what a cock felt like. He seemed to like it just fine and after a while he was pushing up against me as I held his legs up high. 

I let the head of my cock push against his hole and to my surprise he pushed again and I slipped in a little bit. It wasn't much but it was enough to let me know that he could be penetrated if I took my time and I was a very patient man. I let him rest a second and get used to the feeling then pushed a bit more in as I felt his ass unfold for me. He was tight but opened up like a flower as I pushed, then rested, then pushed again and pretty soon I had all of the head inside him. His heat was overpowering and I was tempted to just plunge in and be done with it, but he was not my first virgin and I knew I had to be patient and gentle.

I felt his ass clinch around my cock and I threw my head back and moaned softly and he seemed to be inspired by the effect he was having on me. Before I could move he was rotating his ass upwards and climbing my dick inch my inch until all 7" was planted firmly in his tight hot chute. I gasped and let out the breath I hadn't been aware I'd been holding then leaned down and kissed him.

I pulled up and watched his face as I began to move inside him and was happy to see there was no pain, only pleasure in his eyes. I had pegged him right when I guessed he was going to like bottoming, but the way he had fucked me told me that he was as versatile as I was. That would be a great mix if we decided to have a relationship of some kind, but I would have been just as  happy if he had been either a bottom or a top. I loved his body and most of all his spirit and I was glad to get whatever I could from him.

I fucked him slowly for a long time, holding onto his feet and staring into those beautiful jade green eyes looking for any sign of discomfort, but all I saw was raw need and satisfaction. I wanted it to last but I was so horny and so desperate to get off that I started to fuck him faster and faster as I jarred him and the bed almost violently. 

He didn't seem to mind though and was panting hard as if it were him doing all the work. I reached down and grabbed his semi-erect cock and it plumped in my hand and I jerked it as I pounded us into orgasm. I came first and it was intense. I saw black around the edges of my vision then my cock was gushing forth into his hot wet insides and moments later I was handling his gusher as it shot between my fingers and splattered on my stomach falling back onto his pubes and tummy. 

We were in that moment joined by more than our bodies. We seemed to be experiencing the same orgasm at the same time and when I came down from my orgasmic high he was right there with me. I leaned down and kissed him and he pulled me on top of him and my dick slipped out of him making a gooey mess on the sheets and both of us.

"Well, did you like it?" I managed to gasp out between kisses.

"It was awesome, now I know why you like it so much. It's like....I can't describe the feeling, it's hurts but it feels good too, kind of like scratching an itch till it bleeds."

I laughed, "You know that's sort of what it is I guess. I've never heard it described quite that way before, but it fits. And now, you are totally virgin free in all ways. You've even lost your butt cherry...he he."

"Is that really a thing?"

"Yeah, it's real. Once you've been fucked, it's all down hill from there."

"I guess. Well, I liked it so I guess I'll try it again...with you if you want."

"I'd be perfectly happy to suck you and have you fuck me for the rest of my life, but if you want to offer me your sweet ass I will accept it willingly," I said rolling off of him and snuggling up to his side.

He smiled, "I...thanks, I used to think I was stupid and ugly and no one wanted me," he said as tears filled his eyes, "but you made me feel special."

"You are special," I said tracing a tear from his eye to his rosy cheek, "more special than you will ever know. I can't believe you never knew that, but I'm glad in a way, because I got to show you that you were."

"I...think you're pretty special too. I've never met anyone like you before. You're smart and handsome and you make me feel good."

"I feel the same way about you," I said nuzzling his neck, "can I tell you a little secret?"

He nodded, "Like what?"

"From the  first moment I saw you I loved you," I finally confessed, "and after spending this time with you I"m hopelessly in love with you. I know, it's crazy and confusing and I know you don't feel the same way...I can't expect you to, but I just had to be honest with you," I shut up quickly as I started to realize how stupid I must sound, but when I looked at Max he was crying softly.

"I...I never had anyone love me before...except maybe my momma," he sniffed, "how could you love me, don't even know me?"

"What's to know, you're sweet and kind and oh...oh so beautiful, so gentle so...damn sexy," I said sniffing back a few of my own tears.

"I...think I love you too, and it's not crazy. I...I think it's awesome that you love me. I still don't get it and I still don't think I'm that great but if you love me like I am, then that's okay too."

I kissed his cheek and he pulled me into a real kiss and showed me just how he really felt. We hugged and kissed for a long time then relaxed and snuggled up and soon we were asleep. Neither of us knew exactly what the days and weeks and months ahead would bring, but where there was love there was hope and after all when you're taking it to the Max, that's all you can ask for.

The End

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