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By Lee Mariner


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Chapter #2

fter Chris and his family had left our neighborhood get-together, the buzz was all about what lovely people Chris and his wife and children were. There was a comment or two about Janet seeming to be just a tad aloof but in general they were an impressive family.

I agreed with my neighbors and with the general evaluation that from Janet's demeanor while talking with some if the women, she did seem to be a little aloof for someone just meeting her neighbors. Two or three of the women mentioned that, for whatever her reason was, she seemed impatient to leave. The husbands agreed with their wives.

I had noticed while talking with Chris and Toby that, although we had met before, Clarisse shied away when I tried to speak with her; whereas Toby was much friendlier and outgoing. I hadn't noticed it when we had met the first time; but there did seem to be a physical and personality difference between the two children.  Chris and Toby were ebullient and from Toby's appearance and actions it was obvious that he had inherited his father's genes. Toby's impressive physique, golden hair and brilliant blue eye color matched his father's. While Clarisse's hair was blond, it was a darker ash blond hue that matched her mother's, and while I had not previously paid any attention to their physical characteristics, mother and daughter had hazel eyes. I wasn't an expert in genetics but it did seem unusual for there to be such a distinct difference between the parents and their children. The why would become known at a later time.


After the Nicholson family had left, I pulled a fresh beer from someone's ice chest and sat with Jim. At first, he spoke about the gathering and Chris and his family before switching to talking about our upcoming Saturday golf game, I was only half listening to him, my mind was zeroed in on Chris and Toby.

It had been some time since I had met a man who's very appearance was so stimulating that my cock responded as my eyes devoured his physical. In the case of Chris and Toby, it was doubly exciting.  My mind was filled with lurid visions of handsome, young, well-endowed and magnificently built studs. As I visualized the three of us in bed, I felt sticky pre-seminal fluid oozing from the urethra canal opening in the corona of my throbbing cock, and if I didn't leave and leave quickly, it wouldn't be but an instant before my burgeoning cock erupted, soaking my briefs and trousers with hot sperm.

"Jim," I said, interrupting him in the middle of his dissertation on golf, "I hope you will excuse me but, there are a few things that need doing at the house that I've been putting off. If you don't mind, I'll catch up with you later."

"Sure, Brett, no problem," Jim replied. "But, if you get a chance, why don't you see if Nicholson play's golf? Larry Graham has been asking me about playing with us but, you know we need a foursome."

"I'll try," I said as I dropped my empty bottle in the re-cycle receptacle.


I managed to avoid displaying the results of my passion to several people as I walked quickly to the gate in the fence that separated my property from Jim's. It would have been difficult to explain the large bulge and growing wet spot in the crotch of my khakis.

By the time that I reached the small porch off of the kitchen, my burgeoning cock had softened to a partially flaccid state. I could feel sticky, pre-seminal fluid flowing down my inner thigh and instead of undressing in my bedroom, I undressed in the utility room.  Kicking my loafers off, I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it out of my trousers waistband. The air-conditioning sent a shiver down my spine as I removed the shirt, and I instinctively tensed, inhaling deeply in reaction to the cooler air. Stuffing the shirt in the washer and unbuckling my belt,I unsnapped the waistband clasp and unzipped the fly letting my pants drop to the floor. Quickly pulling the pants off, I stuffed them in the washer with my shirt. My briefs were as soaked as the pants, and they joined the other items of clothing for washing. Grabbing a beach towel from the folding table, I threw it around my shoulders in attempt to offset the cool air.  My cock had shrunken to its normally flaccid state, and in unison with my balls they swung from side to side as I dashed half-naked to the bedroom.

I intended to take a quick shower to remove the stickiness from the thick pubic bush surrounding the base of my cock and my inner thighs. The warm water struck my cooler flesh and I felt my body relaxing as the water warmed me. Memories of the earlier visions of Chris and Toby flashed in my head and, instantly, my cock hardened to it's full, thick, seven and a half uncut inches. The warm water enhanced the excitement that spread throughout my body as I pumped my granite hard cock. "Good God," I cried  while pictures of the magnificent naked bodies of Chris and Toby jerking off with me flashed through my mind. Warm clouds of euphoria filled the shower stall, and my hand automatically increased as the muscles in my body tightened in unison with my nut sac drawing up tight against the soft perineum flesh between them and my quivering anus.  Waves of surreal feelings akin to an outer body experience swept over me as hot sperm erupted with volcanic force from the urethral opening.

It seemed as though my cock would never stop gushing gallons of pure white sperm onto the floor of the shower stall. My legs weakened, shaking with each explosion and off in a world of erotic purity, I felt soft guttural exclamations of pleasure escaping from the depths of my chest as the intensity of the climax drained the life producing fluid from my slacking scrotum.

Gripping the granite hardness of my cock, I gently squeezed its softening length and slowly drained the remaining, wasted, elixir wishing that it was flowing down Chris's throat.