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By Lee Mariner


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Brett Perry is retired, low key, gay and respected in his community. At a neighborhood outdoor bar-b-cue, he and his neighbors meet the new residents, Chris & Janet Nicholson and their two children Toby, eleven- soon to be twelve years old and Clarisse, thirteen-years old. Toby is out-spoken and forward while his sister is shy.

So far, Janet has not made a good impression on the ladies of the neighborhood. Chris with Toby seem to have done the opposite. Chris is a magnificently built, obviously well endowed young naval officer and his son, Toby is walking in his father's footsteps. He has worked out with his father, and has developed the body of a young man three or four years older than his eleven years, and his hidden assets appear to have developed as well.

During the course of their introductory conversation at the bar-b-cue, Brett offers the use of his home gym equipment and spa to Chris and Toby. His main reason was to enable him and Chris to become a little better acquainted even though he anticipated that Toby would be with Chris on some of these visits, he assumed that since Toby was in school, Chris would be visiting alone at these times.

Chris and his family were transferred from San Diego, and he was assigned duty on an aircraft carrier based at a local naval installation. Without warning, the ship is assigned foreign duty for a period of six-months. Brett was unaware of this until one Sunday afternoon when he was alone, his doorbell rang and thinking of Chris, he rushed to the patio and found Toby stretched out on one of the patio lounges. He finds out that Chris is going overseas and while Chris and his wife and daughter are shopping, Toby decides to make a visit to Brett's dressed in a very skimpy red bathing suit and displaying a substantial bulge.


Chapter #4

Toby extended his hand for the glass of tea. His eyes met mine and then lowered to gaze at the distinct bulge in my groin. Laughing softly as he took the glass from my hand, he said, "it looks like you have been working out, Brett."

I was flabbergasted at the audacity of the decidedly desirable youngster that sat drinking ice tea as nonchalantly as if he was accustomed to exposing himself with the intent of seducing an older man. Even for his age, I couldn't help but feel a little excited about being propositioned by Toby. However exciting it was, common sense overcame the offer and I said, "Toby, I am flattered but, don't you think you had better return to your home so your parents won't worry about where you are?

"Oh, they won't worry," he replied, sitting his glass on the lounge table as he assumed a lotus sitting position which made the enticing bulge in his crotch seem larger. "Clarisse will tell them I am here with you, and Mom might get a little upset but that never lasts very long. Clarisse will hug her and it's all over. Dad, well, he will grin and then he will leave Mom and Clarisse together while he puts on his swim suit and comes over here."

Sitting my glass on a large rectangular cedar table, I threw a thick terry cloth beach towel around my shoulders and sat down placing my left leg on my right thigh to hide my stiff cock. Toby's eyes followed ever move, and I could see an impish glint in them as he watched. Feeling a little more comfortable, I took a sip of my tea and looking at the young Adonis said, "you seem to be awfully sure, Toby."

"Oh yes!!" He replied, breathing in deeply, his gorgeous chest muscles expanding and then relaxing as he exhaled before speaking. "It never changes that much, Brett. Mom has Clarisse and, I have my dad. They do what they want and Dad and I do what we want. We often went camping in the San Gabriel Mountains but, probably not as much since we have moved here. Mom and Clarisse don't like camping, they would rather go shopping but not me and Dad.

When we went camping, he taught me wilderness survival and how to swim. I was only eight years old and I really didn't know very much about sex but, when we went swimming naked, I would get a hardon from the feeling of his hands under my belly and my legs holding me up so I wouldn't sink. Sometimes he would move one of his hands over my, he called it a wiener. Sometimes, he would grin and squeeze it and, he would say, "You will be catching up with me if your wiener keeps growing like it is."

"Have you caught up with your Dad, Toby?" I asked, my interest suddenly quickening at Toby's comparison of his cock with his dad's.

"Nah, not yet," he said as he stretched his legs out giving a tantalizing view of the elongated bulge that extended at least five or six inches into the hollow created by his left hip and thigh bone joint.

Squirming and readjusting my position, I sipped my iced tea and said, "I don't see how you could match your father what with you being only eleven years old."

Placing his left arm behind his head, he took a swallow of his tea before resting his hand on his flat stomach, his little finger playing with the waistband of his swimsuit. I was hoping he would slide his hand inside of his swim suit but instead, he said, "Dad's pretty big but mine, for some reason when I turned ten, it suddenly started growing and ever since we have been working out, it has gotten bigger. Lot's of times when we are taking a shower it will start growing and getting hard and when Dad saw mine getting hard, his would too. We would play with ourselves and he would get so excited that his muscles would tighten and bulge like rocks just as his cock started spurting something he called sperm. He that he told me was the stuff that made babies and as I grew older I would be able to do it.

While Toby was talking, I couldn't prevent the feeling of excitement that was spreading over me, and I pulled the towel from around my shoulders and laid it across my lap. When he was talking about him and his dad playing with themselves, I slipped my hand under the towel and gently massaged my aching cock. The heat in my groin was spreading as Toby was talking and as he finished and looked at me, his azure blue eyes gleaming, I said, "You couldn't make any of the stuff your dad did?"

"Nah, not at first," he exclaimed. "But, I got feelings all over me and it felt like I was going to explode. When dad saw me shaking, he would grab me and hold me tight until it stopped. When I told him about the way I felt when I played with myself, he told me that all boys and men felt the same way when they were about to have what is called an `ejaculation'. That's when the white sticky stuff starts shooting out of the little pee hole in the end of your dick instead of pee, that`s yellow."

"Toby," I said, "you said `not at first', does that mean you are doing it now?"

"Just a little bit," he said, sitting up and swinging his legs around and placing his feet on the patio tile. Looking at me, he said, "Dad said I'd shoot more as I get older and the feelings would be better. I don't see how they could feel any better than the way they do now."

"Oh, there are other ways," I replied as I threw caution to the winds and tossed the towel aside, brazenly displaying the pre-cum slick crown of my rigid cock peeking out of my suits tight waistband. "I'm sure you will learn much more as you grow older."

Toby's brilliant blue eyes glistened and an impish smile played across his face as he stood up and moved toward me with almost cat like grace, thick thigh muscles rippling as he moved. When he was only three or four feet from me, he hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his skimpy red suit and in a guttural tone said, "would you like to show me?"

My eyes widened as Toby slowly, teasingly pushed the suit downward until his thick, rigid, at least six-inch cock sprang free swinging forcefully upwards, slapping against his flat stomach with a smacking sound akin to flesh slapping flesh. There was a thin growth of pubic hair surrounding it base and it`s pink crown peeked from the protection of its sheath. There appeared to be the hint of pre-cum emerging from it`s urethral canal opening.

"Jesus," I breathed while gazing at the beautiful Adonis standing only millimeters away from where I was sitting. The memory of a young hitch hiker whom I had met while traveling through the Great Smoky Mountains flashed through my mind. He was twenty-one years old, ash blond, blue eyed and extremely well-built. He appeared to be smallish, only five-foot six or seven inches tall and maybe one-hundred thirty or so pounds. When I propositioned him, I was skeptical when he told me how big his cock was, I gave him a quizzical look of disbelief.

He grinned and told me his cock was seven-inches long when he was nine-years and even though he jerked off at least twice a day, an old man who lived a short ways down the road from where he lived would be waiting for him behind his barn, and sucked his cock almost every day. Well, I was still doubting he had that much meat until he unzipped his jeans and pulled it out. From the thick, magnificent nine-inches that he fed to me orally and anally, I no longer doubted him and while I reminisced of those days gone by, I was thinking, "Toby may or may not reach the same length but, he would certainly have no reason to be ashamed."


Toby's cock was slowly waving from side to side with the beautiful, hypnotizing grace of a serpent. When I glanced up at him standing over me, he placed his hands on his hips and slowly gyrating his hips, he thrust his hips toward my face and, he whispered, "do you want to suck it, Brett?"

My lips opened and I felt pools of drool filling my lower jaw as he shuffled forward. Slowly inserting his cock into my mouth, I heard his soft hissing moan, "yes, yes, yes," as he pushed until the crown of his cock touched the entrance to my esophagus. I felt the rapid, throbbing beat of his heart as I tightened my lips around its silky soft girth. Quickly removing my swimsuit, I placed my hands on the smooth, soft flesh of his cheeks. When he felt my hands he started a maddeningly slow piston movement, retracting from, and pushing his cock back into my greedy mouth. Slowly massaging his soft ass cheeks and the velvety soft back of his thighs, I felt the warm feeling of passion building in my loins. My original feeling of reluctance to take him was replaced by the sheer joy of enjoying the immortal treasures of youthful exuberance and I reveled in the surreal feeling of abandon as Toby fucked my mouth. Moaning softly and running his fingers through my hair as he fucked my sucking mouth, Toby was in his own engulfing sphere of excitement and passion.

There were no guttural groans of animal sex, just the soft mewling of a prematurely well-endowed, sexy youth who was learning and enjoying the pleasures of male on male sex. Visions of his father, Chris flashed through my mind but at that moment only the need to bring Toby to an earth shattering climax was paramount regardless of however reluctant I had been. He didn't hesitate in offering himself , and showing the needs of a young stallion in heat, I succumbed to those needs and my own.

I felt the intensity of his passion increasing as the pace of his hips quickened, thrusting, reaching as deeply as my throat would allow, and my own passions increased with his. I felt the increasing flow of precum from my urethral canal intensifying, and the intense pressure of pending ejaculation slowly building. Toby must have sensed the intensity of my passion and his arms encircled my head. Holding my head, his soft moaning increased with each thrust of his hardening cock and I wrapped my arms around his thighs. I held him tight as we rapidly ascended the Mount of Excruciatingly Exciting Pleasure. A shroud of intense pleasure enveloped us, and Toby's moans changed to a low guttural growling, "suck it, Brett, suck it."

I felt his muscles tightening, and his not fully adult but substantially sized cock throbbed and jerked in my mouth as my own cum shot upward through the thick eight-inches of my throbbing cock spewing forth with volcanic force, landing on my heaving chest and stomach. I felt it's sticky warmth flowing down over the ripped muscles of my chest soaking the silky hair of my pubic bush. We held each other tightly for several seconds, my rigid cock pulsing, my balls slowly drawing up as the hot sperm was drained from my tightening nut sac. The intensity of Toby's throbbing cock slowly receded and with the tip of my tongue, I tasted a few salty-sweet drops of his youthful sperm oozing from the urethral opening.

Inhaling deeply, Toby extracted his wilting cock through my tight lips, my tongue removing a few remaining drops of the precious seminal fluid dribbling from his cock's urethral canal. When his cock left my mouth, he dropped down onto my lap, his soft ass covering my sticky, still partially flaccid cock. Leaning against me, he snuggled his head against my neck and whispered, "you aren't mad at me are you Brett?"

It surprised me at first until I remembered he was still, although very well developed, just a boy ever though he had performed sexually like a much older teenage boy would have under the same circumstances. Without thinking, I placed my arms around him rocking slightly, I said, "Why in the world would I be mad with you, Toby?"

"Because I made you do it with me."

`Do it!' I thought, smiling as I listened to his little boy confession. "Toby, you didn't make me do anything that I did not want to do. Only if someone rapes another person are they forced to do something they do not want to do, and you certainly did not rape me. The one thing I was wondering is what made you think I would have sex with you?"

Lifting his head and leaning back in my arms, he ran his fingers across my chest, his nails flicking the nipple of my right breast muscle. Smiling softly, he said. "from the way you were looking at me and Dad the other day at the party. I've seen other men looking at me that way since I started working out and building myself up but, that's not the only reason. Cops come to school and tell us about what older men do to little kids and not to trust anyone we don't know. And, the school the teachers are always telling us, girls and boys, to watch out for older men and not to trust them. But, I've heard what some of the older boys at school say about sex, and I wanted to see what it felt like to be with another man. Besides that, I liked you."

A feeling of warmth spread over me as Toby was talking and, I liked the way he was snuggling against me. I felt the muscles of his arms flexing as he drew us tighter together and I like the feeling of his butt sitting on my cock.


We sat quietly holding each other, enjoying the feeling of togetherness that seemed to have enveloped us. The initial feeling of guilt had dissipated and I was feeling good when Toby suddenly jerked his head up and said, "Brett, what time is it?"

Glancing over my shoulder at the large kitchen clock, I said, "It's almost four thirty, why?"

"Mom and Dad said they would probably be home between five and five-thirty."

"If that is the case, we had better get you cleaned up and back home," I replied as he slid off of my lap, his still only partially flaccid cock swinging freely as he stood up.

"Can I take a shower?" he asked a little nervously.

"Over behind the cabana doors, there is a shower. While you wash off, I'll get some towels," I said, pointing in the direction of the gaily painted free-standing doors that acted as a screen for the open showers.

I watched for a moment as Toby moved quickly in the direction that I had indicated. He was an awesome young man, and reflecting on what had happened, my thoughts were on Chris and what the future might hold.