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Chapter One
A Puncture In The Rain

Thirteen year old Toby Jacobs was an active lad. He loved spending time outdoors, be it with his many mates down the park playing football or on his own going for runs. His favourite pastime though had to be jumping on his mountain bike that his parents had bought him for his birthday and speeding off down the path by the side of the canal that snaked its way around the edge of his village.

The towpath was a popular exercise route for many people, and often the young teen would be seen speeding along, his shoulder length blonde hair blowing in the self made breeze as his firm young legs pedalled away, propelling bike and boy in one direction or the other.

The canal itself was well maintained and a popular route for boat enthusiasts. Within ten miles of each direction of the village were two small marinas, each capable of berthing up to twenty five boats at a time, and Toby loved looking at the brightly coloured vessels, with the many ornaments and plant pots adorning the outside of the boats. Many times on his bike rides along the canal, he would wave happily at the passengers and had become a regular visitor to the Water Mill Marina, south of the village.

Under pressure from his parents to find a summer job, Toby had scoured the local businesses asking if they needed any help, but due to his age most owners turned him away. In disgust one afternoon, he jumped on his trusty steed and pedalled to relieve his frustrations and found himself at the marina. As he locked his bike against the railings so he could get himself a soft drink, he saw a sign in the Marina office window advertising for a helper. A quick chat with the owner of the Marina and he was now the newest employee, whose duties involved basically keeping the Marina tidy, helping to unload deliveries into the shop and being around for four hours each weekend day to help with any queries while the owner and his wife went out.

Toby's parents were sceptical at first about the responsibilities for young Toby, but as they had been the ones pushing him, and after a visit to the Marina to discuss it with the owner, Toby was now the proud owner of a fifty pounds a week job.

As the summer progressed, Toby revelled in the weekend role, meeting all the boat owners who moored up. His sunny disposition and willingness to help everyone and anyone was a joy for the owner, and word soon spread around the boating community about how the Water Mill was a pleasurable place to moor up for a short time.

As school term started, the evening work had to be reduced to just an hour a day as homework took precedence, but the young boy ensured that his homework was finished before the weekend so he could continue his shifts.

One cold October Saturday, Toby was halfway through his shift when a man in his late fifties walked into the office. He looked very windswept and haggard.

"Can I help you sir?" the boy asked politely.
"Yes, is Mr Peterson about?" the man asked, looking for Toby's boss.
"I'm afraid he is out for a couple of hours," Toby replied. "Is there anything I can help with?"
"Probably not, unless you know how to uncouple the bilge pump and power connectors,” the man replied. "Unfortunately I'm no longer as strong as I once was and Mr Peterson was kind enough to hook everything up when I arrived. I need to get going now if I am to make my next stop before nightfall.”
"Oh, well I'm sorry but Mr Peterson won't be back for another couple of hours, but if you show me what to do, I can have a go for you," Toby offered, as always willing to help.
"That's very good of you young man," the older gentleman replied. "I'll tell you what, you get them undone and I'll tip you a fiver."

Well, young Toby was not going to turn down a chance for an extra five pounds. He was currently saving for the new i-Phone5 and after saving all summer long, he could nearly afford one. He jumped off his chair from behind the desk and followed the man to a seventy foot narrow boat. It looked superb and Toby could tell that the man had taken a lot of time, lovingly restoring it. Red and yellow patterns swirled around on a dark blue background and Toby could only stand and stare at the beauty of the vessel. His eyes were drawn to the intricate Egyptian symbols around the name `Aset'.

"Come on lad," the man urged. "You can drool at the boat later."

With a laugh, the man nudged the teen and they set to work, Toby's nimble fingers easily uncoupling the cables and fittings where needed.

"How far have you got to go mister?" Toby asked.
"My next stop is the Lockbridge pub," the man replied. "Do you know it?”
"Yes sir, it's about ten miles past where I live," Toby replied. "You know, you will need to get a shift on though when you leave cos the weather report says it's gonna turn nasty real soon."
"I heard, which is why I wanted to get going," the man replied, impressed at the boy’s knowledge of what was happening around him.
"Well, if it does get too bad before you get there," Toby started, "there are quite a few mooring posts along the side of the canal once you get past Kings Point. You can always ride out the weather if you need to."
"Why thank you for the information young man,” the man said. "I will definitely be leaving a good review on the website of the Marina telling everyone how impressed I am of you.”

The teen blushed at the compliment, and now that his work was done, looked to get inside as the wind was definitely picking up. The man handed the boy a note from his wallet and jumped onto the boat. Toby unknotted the mooring lines for the man, and cast them back onto the boat with throws of the experienced helper he had become during the summer. The man gave him a wave and started his engine. Toby watched for a few moments as "Aset" pulled away from her berth and with a small turn, cruised out of the marina and up the canal.

The first drops of rain splattered against Toby's face, bringing him out of his brief trance and the boy hurried back into the office. He switched the kettle on and made himself a hot chocolate before pulling the money that the man had given him out of his pocket so that he could store it in his wallet.

"Wow, he must have give me the wrong note," Toby said in surprise as he saw the purple colour of a twenty pounds note. "I'm gonna have to get Mr Peterson to contact him so he can get fifteen of it back."

The boy logged onto the computer to pull up the bookings page so that he could get the man's details. He scrolled through the berthings until he found it.

"Ahah, there you are," Toby said in self congratulatory mode. "Henry Philipps and Aset. Man she was a cool boat."

The boy made a note of the email address, and in a thought, decided it would be nicer if he emailed the man. He pulled up his yahoo account and opened a new message.

`Dear Mr Philipps,
I hope you enjoyed your stay at the Water Mill Marina, and that you made it to the Lockbridge safely.
You didn't need to tip me for helping you untether everything, but it was nice that you did. Thanks. However, I think you made a mistake and you gave me twenty pounds instead of five.
Are you staying long at the Lockbridge cos I can bike up tomorrow and give you the money back.
If not, please ring Mr Peterson and I'm sure he can get the money back to you.
Toby Jacobs'

He hit send, and feeling pleased that he was doing the right thing as he knew how tight money was for people at the moment, sat back and logged onto the internet on his phone.

"Come on you piece of crap," he moaned as the phone took forever to find a signal. "This is why I'm upgrading you!"

Finally he got a signal and was just about to log on to his favourite story site when he lost signal once again. Frustrated he slammed his phone down on the desk and reached into his backpack and pulled out a book. He was currently re-reading Orson Scott Card's book called Enders Game, in readiness for the release of the movie the following year. He loved the fact that all of the major characters were kids, and often imagined himself being up in Battle School in dormitories of teenage boys. He had heard that Asa Butterfield was going to play Ender, and recalled the attractive young actor from the film Hugo.

He lost himself in the story and jumped in surprise when the bell above the door tinkled announcing the arrival back in the office of his boss, Mr Peterson.

"Everything okay Tobes?" the man asked, looking fondly at his teenage worker.
"No problems at all Mr P," Toby answered, smiling at his employer who was more like an uncle now. "Aset pulled out a couple of hours ago but that's about it. How was the meal and Mrs P?"
"The meal was fantastic as always and the wife asked after you again," the man replied. "I swear if she had a chance, she would swap me for you!"
"Haha, well tell her I'm always here and waiting," the boy said cheekily.

Toby pulled on his coat and backpack and fished his key for his bike lock out of his pocket.

"Toby, why don't I run you home because it is lashing it down out there?" Mr Peterson offered, concerned for the boy's wellbeing.
“Nah, it's okay, I need my bike to get to here tomorrow," Toby replied.
"I can come and pick you up in the morning as well," the man countered.
"I need the exercise," Toby said. "I mean, look at my belly, I'm getting porky!"

Toby lifted his shirt, showing a stomach devoid of any fat whatsoever. All that Mr Peterson could see was a newly forming six pack of tight abs where he knew the boy worked out, and due to the somewhat annoying fashion sense of teenage boys, his jeans hanging low, dragging the top of his black boxer shorts down slightly, the man saw the contrasting skin tones where he knew the boy had spent all summer shirtless working on his tan, while the pale white skin just below led to pleasures that Mr Peterson had frequent dreams about.

Oh how he had dreamed on many occasions wishing for a quiet afternoon, alone with his thirteen year old employee, where he actually had the guts to initiate action that would lead to the pair of them having hot steamy sex. Almost every day, after Toby had departed, the man flicked the lock on the office door and wanked himself dry, thinking and dreaming that the boy's ruby lips were around his man cock sucking his spunk. After all, it had been that dream that had caused the man to override his normal age rule of employees and hire the young boy with whom he had fallen in lust with when he first laid eyes on him.

The man patted the boy's stomach, resting his hand on it for as long as he could without raising suspicion from the teen, before telling him to wrap up well and take care on the bike ride back.

Toby opened the office door and stepped into the rain. It wasn't too bad, thought Toby. He'd played football in worse. He fumbled with the bike lock, dropping the key a couple of times as the wind buffeted the boy before finally cocking his leg over the frame and with a push, set off out of the marina and onto the towpath. Ignoring the desire in his brain to go faster, the young boy knew that he had to be sensible and take his time on the now slick muddy path, otherwise he could very easily end up in the canal, and not alongside it.

As he pedalled, Toby's mind wandered back to the office and the moment that Mr Peterson had touched his stomach. He had revelled at the touch of the man's rough hand against his smooth skin and wondered what else he needed to do to get the man's interest to go further. As soon as he had met the man at the interview, he had been attracted to him. His strong body was obvious through his clothes and the kindness that he had shown the boy, only served to grow the boy's desires.

Toby had realised that he was becoming attracted to men and not girls over the summer months. He hadn't told a soul, keeping it quiet as he wasn't sure who would be accepting of him. He had thought that his employer was interested in him, with frequent touches that didn't need to happen, but as his plan of going shirtless for the summer months yielded nothing more than a gentle touch or hug, Toby was almost in despair that nothing would ever happen between him and the man he looked up to.

Toby's musings were brought to an abrupt halt when he pitched forward over the handlebars, hitting his head hard against a tree stump. Fortunately for the boy, he was wearing a bike helmet so no major damage was done. He scolded himself for losing concentration like that on a day of all days where he should be watching where he was going and tried to pick himself up out of the muddy puddle he now found himself in.

"Aw for fuck sake!" the boy whined as his jeans sagged with the waterlogged weight and started to slip past his thin waist. For the first time, the boy wished for a belt instead of the trendy fashion that he followed. He pulled them back up and in an effort to keep them up, tucked his shirt inside them. He saw that he had ripped the left knee and noticed a trickle of red on his tanned skin. Toby glanced down to see an exposed root and figured he must have caught himself on it as he fell. He looked for his back pack and saw it floating and bobbing on the water's surface. Cursing himself for only having slung it over one shoulder in his hurry to get going, he tried to reach it but the bag, as if sensing the effort, drifted out of reach and as the rain continued to hammer down, the boy watched in despair as it began to sink underneath the surface.

Sadly, he turned to pick up his bike. He mounted it again to start the soggy ride home but as he pushed forward, the front wheel refused to co-operate. Toby looked at it and saw that the wheel looked to be at an odd angle, the rim had twisted slightly and the normally full tyre was completely flat.

"Can it get ANY FRIGGIN' WORSE!!" the boy shouted in frustration. He reached into his pocket to get his phone, deciding he had taken enough crap and was going to ring home to ask his father to come and get him. As Toby touched the screen to unlock the phone, he saw the crack. Talk about asking for it, he thought to himself and put the phone back in his pocket.

Looking around at his surroundings, he figured he was already just over half way home so it was pointless turning back. He picked his bike up once more and with a push, started the long walk home.

After fifteen minutes of cursing all and sundry, tears started to fall from his dark brown eyes as he felt the ache in his left knee start to worsen. A flash of lightening brightened the sky, startling the boy who glanced upwards at the angry black clouds. Within seconds a crash of thunder growled across the countryside and Toby started to worry that he was going to be caught in a bad storm. He tried to pick up his pace, but with his left knee complaining and the front wheel of the bike wanting to remain stationary, his progress was slow.

As he continued his push, he rounded the sharp bend that had often caused him to fear for his dryness as he sped round it on his bike, and he saw lights on the surface of the canal. A boat was moored up at the side of the waterway. Maybe he could ask the owner for some help, or at least respite from the rain.


Henry Philipps dried his hair with a towel as he congratulated himself on finding the mooring post just as the storm had rolled in, causing the daylight to disappear into the dark rain clouds. He had brought his beloved Aset to a halt by the side of the canal and with agility that belied his age, had jumped to the towpath and quickly secured the boat.

"If this storm is going to be as bad as the boy reckons, it could get rocky out here," the elderly man said to himself.

A whistling wind reminded him that he wanted a warm drink to take the chill out of his now dry body, having shed the clothes that had gotten wet as he secured the boat, and he was now dressed in a loose fitting bathrobe. His furry Garfield slippers, a birthday gift from his niece, warmed his feet nicely. He filled the kettle with water and placed on his stove.

His mind wandered back to the young boy, who had been so polite and helpful at the marina. He had spent three nights there on his meandering journey along the canal, and he was almost tempted to have stayed longer, but having told the boy he was going when he was offered the help, he could hardly change his mind. That boy. Henry remembered the way that his blonde hair blew in the breeze, the easy smile that he had offered Henry as he helped him with Aset. He could see from the edges of the boy's polo shirt that he was very well tanned and imagined that the lad had spent most of the warm summer shirtless. Henry felt his cock begin to stir at the imagined sight of the blonde haired boy, dressed only in shorts and shoes.

"I am definitely going to have to stop there again," he said to himself, "especially next summer."

Henry did have a habit of talking to himself. Not that he was crazy or anything, but after taking early retirement from a job in investment banking, he found that all of the people he had thought of as friends, were in fact just work acquaintances, and as he stopped going to the work functions, he found himself more alone. In a fit of depression, he had hit the bottle and within a year had become a full blown alcoholic. He woke in the morning to a glass of vodka, would polish off a half bottle of gin before lunch at the local pub where he would drink himself into a drunken stupor before being helped back home by whoever took pity on him that particular day. And then the next day would repeat. With the amount of money he spent on not just his own drinks, but those bought for whoever was willing to provide even five minutes company, the publican had no intention of warning him of the dangers of over indulging as much as he was.

The wake-up call came for Henry one day when his thirty year old niece turned up as arranged to visit with her boyfriend. Leslie was so excited to be able to introduce Uncle Henry to Richard, her fiancé to be but on arrival, the woman found the front door open and her uncle passed out on the stairs. Richard helped her put the fifty year old man to bed and they stayed the night in the spare room. The following morning, Leslie literally dragged her uncle to a rehab clinic and within six months, Henry was bright eyed and back to being as sober as he was while he worked.

Henry knew that if he continued living where he did, he would fall back into his old habits so with a complete change of lifestyle, bought himself a narrow boat and set off on a life of travelling the length and breadth of Britain.

However, his new found freedom came with a price. Time. Time to think and ponder. His main focus was the disappointment that he had never met that someone special. He had always put it down to the lack of time due to the pressure of work, but now he had time to think on what he wanted and, more to the point, who he wanted. As he watched his television at nighttimes after mooring up or returning to the boat from the Marina club houses, he found himself getting more and more aroused at the sight of teenage boys rather than women, and with a lot of soul searching, Henry depressingly realised he was one of those cursed paedos that the media harp on about.

Suddenly the life on the canals was both an escape and a prison, as he would often see shirtless boys, enjoying themselves on the towpaths, waving at him as he sailed past. How many times had he wanted to moor up when he saw a lone boy and take the boy onto his boat and make love to the kid.

Of course, no self-respecting teenage boy would ever dream of looking at him, a bloke nearly sixty, and think there's a guy I want to lose my virginity to. Henry chided himself constantly over his dirty thoughts, whilst all the time fuelling them with the fictional stories from the net of how men and boys meet and have sexual, loving relationships.

The whistle of the kettle brought him out of his ponderings and he moved over to the stove and turned it off. He started to fill his cup when a flash of lightening brightened up the sky, illuminating the canal and its pathways. For a moment, Henry thought he could see a small figure, trudging towards his boat. The crash of thunder surprised him and he nearly spilled boiling water on the counter, so he placed the kettle back on the stove.

He peered again out of his window and sure enough, he could make out the diminutive form of what looked like a kid pushing a bike. Why wasn't the kid riding it?

As the kid drew closer, it became obvious to Henry that the kid must have been in an accident, the way the figure was favouring its right leg. Not one to let someone in need suffer, Henry quickly pulled on a coat, pulled up his hood and stepped out onto the rear of the boat.

"Are you okay?" Henry shouted, trying to make himself heard over the wind. "Do you need some help?"
"Yyyyeessss plu plu plu please," a young, high pitched voice came back.

Henry jumped off the boat and trotted to the kid and was shocked to see the young boy who had been so helpful a few hours earlier. He took one look at the situation, saw the buckled front wheel, the torn trouser leg and the drenched face of the young boy, who was unsuccessfully trying to hold back his sobs.

"Come on, give me your bike and let's get you inside the boat and warmed back up," Henry said, putting his arm around the crying boy.
"Thanks Mr Philipps," Toby said, accepting the strength of the man to take over his burden.

Henry picked up the bike and hoisted it onto the roof of the boat, quickly running a rope through the frame to secure it before ushering the sodden child inside. He grabbed the towel he had been using himself and rigorously rubbed the boy's drenched hair.

"So you know my name?" Henry asked the shivering child.
"Um, yeah, I looked it up in the bookings forms," Toby replied, calmer now that he was out of the driving rain.
"So what's yours then my little helper?" Henry asked.
"Toby," said Toby, obviously! "Toby Jacobs."

Henry held out his hand for the boy to take. He did and Henry was pleased to feel that the boy gripped his hand, rather than take it limply like some children do when offered an adults hand.

"Henry Philipps at your service my young wet Toby," Henry announced, trying to get a smile back on the miserable boy's face. It worked as the boy's white teeth showed through his lips as he wiped his dripping nose.
"Right then, we need to get you dry or you'll catch your death," Henry said, going all fatherly on the boy.

Henry walked over to a cupboard and reached on for a fluffy white towel and turned back to the boy who had taken his coat off. The boy's polo shirt was completely drenched, and the man could see pointy erect nipples showing through the cotton fabric as the boy shivered. Henry felt himself begin to get aroused and knew he needed to take his mind off it.

"Here's a towel," he said simply, "I'll go get you a shirt to change into."
"Thanks Mr Philipps," Toby said politely, taking the towel.

Toby watched the man disappeared through a door and felt a cold shiver run through his body once more. He peeled off his sodden shirt and rubbed himself dry with the soft towel. His jeans, now without the padding of his top, finally won their battle and slid halfway down his thighs.

"Crap!" Toby said to himself, trying to pull the mucky denim fabric back up.
"Looks like I'm going to have to dry those for you as well otherwise you will catch a cold," Henry told the semi naked boy.

Toby looked over at him, holding a shirt in his hand obviously meant for his small frame. He shrugged and with a little hesitation popped the button of his jeans and unzipped his fly. He let go of the waist of his trousers and they fell to the floor, leaving Toby standing in just his black boxer shorts, holding the white fluffy towel to his body to help cover his modesty.

Henry couldn't help but let out a quiet gasp as the almost full beauty of the teenage boy was presented to him. The boy's skin was as he had imagined, tanned completely all over, except for a small pale strip of whiteness at the top of his black boxers. The sodden black boxers that clung to his slender frame, leaving next to nothing to imagination. The wicked thought that he could possibly push the boy to strip completely crossed his mind, and nervously he licked his lips.

"Come on, those may as well come off as well otherwise you could get crotch rot," Henry joked to the boy, hoping that humour would win the teen over.
"Crotch rot?" Toby squeaked out, his voice betraying a little worry. "What's that?"

A feeling of guilt washed over the man but still deciding to push the boy's innocent ignorance, Henry took the opportunity to get the boy naked.

"Well, if you wear damp clothes next to your skin for too long, you can get fungus down there," the man said, pointing towards the boy's pubic area.
"Well fuck that!" Toby exclaimed and he quickly pulled off his wet boxers. "Sorry, I meant frig that!"

Henry felt as though he was in heaven as he drank in the sight of the now fully naked boy. The boy's flaccid cock had shrivelled in the cold, wet material and looked like a small walnut, his balls barely visible as they sought the warmth inside the boy. Henry was delighted to notice that they boy only had a small smattering of hair on the top of his dick, showing that they boy was only just entering the fun section of puberty.

Aware that the man was staring at his naked nether regions, Toby self consciously began to dry himself, starting with his arms.

`If the old man wanted a show for helping him out, then he would get one', thought the young teen.

Toby was also aware of feelings inside of himself that he rarely felt, normally reserved for the times that Mr Peterson was touching his shirtless upper torso. This was the first time that he had been fully naked in front of a man who wasn't his father, or a teacher or doctor, and Toby decided to see how far he could go to get some attention that his pubescent yearnings was desperate for.

"Um, Mr Philipps, could you get my back for me cos it's still wet and horrible," the teen asked, holding the towel out to the almost drooling fifty eight year old.
"Of course I can Toby," Henry said, taking the towel, ecstatic that the boy didn't seem to mind being naked in front of him. He reached out and laid a hand on the boy's shoulder to turn him around. The silky smooth skin of the teen felt like velvet to the man and he had to fight with himself to stop him from picking the boy up and carrying him to his bedroom.

`This is just him wanting to be dry,' the man scolded himself for having these thoughts about the helpless boy.

Henry padded at the boy's back, not looking at what he was doing but studying the small globes of flesh that formed his bum cheeks. He felt himself reach full hardness beneath his robe and began to have second thoughts about the situation. What if the boy didn't mean anything sexual by this and told someone that he had molested him? The boy knew his name and the name of the boat, and his details including email and mobile phone number were stored on the computer at the marina as part of the booking requirements.

"Well that's your back dry, so maybe you should put this shirt on to keep warm," the man said to Toby, handing him a white shirt.

Toby turned around, his cock a little more back to normal as it warmed under the attention that his back had received from the elder man. He flashed a look of disappointment and took the shirt. Maybe his thought that the man maybe was interested in him that way was imagined but he swore that he had seen the man's cock harden earlier. With a sigh to himself, he slipped his arms through the sleeves, giggling as he held up his arms with the material still a good eight inches past his hands.

"Um, I think it's a little big Mr Philipps," Toby laughed.
"Let me roll these up for you then you can button up and I'll get you a hot drink," Henry told him.

Toby buttoned up the white shirt, which hung down to just above the boy's knees, covering up his private parts, much to Henry's mixed feelings of relief and disappointment. The man concentrated on fixing up two big mugs of hot chocolate and by the time he turned around, cups in hand, Toby had finished towelling himself dry and was stood in the centre of the living area, shifted from one foot to the other.

"Something wrong?" Henry asked the boy.
"Um, yeah, I really need to piss, um pee, sorry," Toby announced.
"Oh right," the man chuckled. "Second door on the left."

The boy dashed off down the narrow corridor leading from the lounge and Henry set the two cups on the table. He picked up the wet and muddy clothes from the floor, and opened the door to the small washer dryer that he had gotten installed when he revamped the boat. Unusual on most due to lack of plumbing and the like, but Henry hated public launderettes and insisted on the work being done. How that foresight had now paid off, with the vision of the naked boy still fresh in his mind. As he felt himself begin to harden again, Henry looked down the corridor and satisfied that the boy was still taking care of nature's call, he lifted the wet boxers to his nose and sniffed.

A mixture of damp cotton and stale muddy water was the overriding aroma but as the man shifted the material, a sudden smell of the boy's crotch assaulted his nose. A moan escaped the man's mouth as he took a deep breath through his nose, his spare hand finding his cock, giving it a squeeze as he imagine what it would be like to get the smell direct from its source.

The noise of the toilet flushing brought Henry out of his reverie and he quickly put the boy's clothing into the washer and put it on a speed wash. He moved away and took went to take a seat in the lounge but pulled up before he did. Should he take a seat on the two seater settee as he normally did at night, or sit in one of the two chairs? He plumped for the settee, thinking that if the boy didn't want to sit next to him, the chairs were available. If he did sit next to him however??

Meanwhile in the toilet, Toby's thoughts were going ten to the dozen. He was confident now that the man, Henry, was one of those men that the teachers keep warning the kids at school about. However he seemed really nice, and having been reading and fantasising for the last four months about Mr Peterson, about Mr Vickers the PE teacher, and the two guys Kevin and Ron who live together next door, Toby was ready to take any chance that came his way to see if it really was as good as he thought and dreamt it would be.

"Okay Toby, this is it," the teen said to himself. "You're gonna go out there and make it blatant to him that you are willing to mess around."

He looked at himself in the mirror, and using the tap to dampen his hair down before running his fingers through it to get it into some semblance of style. He unbuttoned the top two buttons so that when he leaned forward, his smooth chest could easily be seen, and in a last minute decision, he also undid the bottom two so that maybe the shirt would expose his firm thighs. With a deep breath, he licked his lips to moisten them and walked back out into the lounge where he could smell the chocolate, hear the spin of the washer and saw the older man sat on the sofa, watching him walk back into the room, a look of interest in his eyes.

`Do I sit next to him?' Toby thought. With a mental kick up his backside telling himself that nothing would happen if he didn't, Toby took the seat next to Henry, making sure that his bare leg made contact with the older man's bare leg.

"All dry and warm?" Henry asked the teen.
"I think so," Toby replied. Maybe you should check he so desperately wanted to say but was still building up his nerve.
"Here, drink this," the man said, handing him the mug of chocolate.
"Thanks," Toby's politeness coming through again.

They sat for a few moments in silence, sipping their drinks, each of them working up the courage to make the next move.

"So you had the boat long?" "So have you worked long at the Marina?"
They looked at each other as they spoke at the same time, and laughed as the ice broke from underneath them.

Toby took first go, explaining how he got the job as the summer started and what it entailed, hoping to impress on the man how responsible he was and how he could be trusted.

Henry, realising that the boy was probably being more open than before slipped an arm around the slender frame and the teen responded by snuggling into the man.

As the boy finished explaining his role and what had brought him crashing into Henry's life, the man took his time in telling the teen briefly about what he had done for a living, seeing Toby's eyes light up at the description of multi-million dollar deals, before regaling the story of how he bought Aset and what he had done to her since. Henry decided to skip the low point of his alcoholism, thinking that he needed to paint himself in as good a light as possible.

"Man, Aset sure is sweet!" Toby enthused. "I'd love to get a boat when I'm older."
"Well I'm sure if you save your money, you will be able to afford one," Henry said, wincing slightly as the banker in him came out.
"Well I need to buy a new phone first, then I can start saving!" Toby said sadly.
"Well whenever I'm in the neighbourhood and you fancy a trip, just come knocking," Henry offered, hoping the enticement of being on board will appeal to the lad.
"You mean it?" Toby gushed. "You're so cool!"

The boy threw his arms around the older man and hugged him. Henry allowed himself to return the hug, his hands feeling the firm back of the boy's body through his own shirt. He was pleased that he had picked one of his thinnest just in case he got the opportunity. He knew that the boy wouldn't be cold, having turned the thermostat up as soon as he had gotten the sodden boy aboard.

"This is nice," Toby murmured to himself, just a little louder than he had thought.
"It is isn't it," Henry agreed. "It's been some time since I got to hug someone like this."
"Really?" Toby said surprised. "You give really good ones!"

He snuggled in closer, and Henry sighed as he felt the youthful body press against him. Toby, hearing the contented sigh of the man, built his confidence up and moved his right arm away from the outside of Henry's robe and with a gulp, slipped it through the opening so that it nestled around the man's chest.

"Mmmm," the boy purred as he felt the hairy chest tickled against his muscular arm.
"Toby?" Henry asked, looking down at the boy, whose look of contentment at having flesh on flesh contact broke the last barrier of resistance that the man had erected to defend himself.
"Is this okay, Mr Philipps?" the boy asked, a small smile on his face, while his brown eyes pleased for acceptance.
"I think you need to call me Henry, don't you?" the man told the youth.

Toby's smile widened and with the boy's cheek pressed against his chest, Henry could resist no more and leaned forward. He licked his lips in readiness and touched them against Toby's youthful mouth. It was a brief kiss, a peck really, but one that meant so much. Toby shifted his position, his smile so wide that Henry was concerned that the boy's face may split open, and he repositioned himself so that he was sat facing the tall man, his legs either side of Henry's.

"I knew you liked boys," Toby crowed exultantly, and leaned forward to smash his lips back against the man's.

Now Henry hadn't had a lot of experience of either sex, but the one thing he did know was how to kiss. He moved his hands up Toby's body to control the boy's enthusiastic movements and steadied the kiss into a more relaxed, romantic one. Henry opened his mouth to allow his tongue freedom to move towards the boy and when it pressed against Toby's closed lips, the boy got the message and opened his own.

Both man and boy were soon moaning as they ran their hands over the material that still clad each of their bodies. Toby, wanting to feel the man's body, was the first to pursue the chord that held Henry's robe to his body. With nimble fingers, he soon had the easy knot undone and he slid his young hands inside the woollen fabric. He eased his arms upwards and tried to pull the man towards him so that Henry's back would break contact with the settee.

Sensing what the boy wanted to do, Henry complied and stopped his own caressing of the teenage body to allow Toby to disrobe him. His blue dressing gown slipped down to pool at his waist and Toby sat back to see the naked chest of the fifty eight year old.

"Wow, you're still in pretty good shape, Henry," Toby complimented.
"Other than this little pouch, I think I am," Henry replied, wondering why the boy was so interested in the body of an older man. Shouldn't he be experimenting with his friends?
"Well I think you look great!" the boy said, leaning in to once again kiss the man, this time his hands having free access to the hairy chest.

They traded kisses for a few minutes before Henry started to get uncomfortable. Having the boy sat on his legs was beginning to cut off the blood flow that was mainly going in the direction of his straining boner.

"Let's move this to the bedroom shall we?" Henry suggested, hoping he wasn't pushing the boy too fast. "We'll be more comfortable there."
"Kewl!" was the simple response from the youth, who jumped up off the man, allowing circulation to restart.

Henry gingerly got up, allowing his robe to remain on the settee, and Toby stood in awe, looking at the first naked man he had seen outside of a computer monitor. Henry self consciously shifted, fully aware that the boy god in front of him was studying every detail of his body. He groaned in pleasure as Toby reached forward and touched his dick. He knew that he was only average, if that, measuring around six inches, but he guessed to the young boy, it looked impressive.

"If you keep that up Toby, I'm gonna cum far too quickly," Henry warned the boy.
Toby giggled and let go of the man's appendage. He allowed himself to be led down the narrow corridor, past the bathroom, and into a room at the front of the boat. Soft light played up the wood panelled walls, the light reflecting off the ceiling. A double bed held centre stage and a couple of small wardrobes were off to one side. As Toby looked around, he spotted a wedding picture. He walked over to the small bedside table and looked at the photograph showing a man and woman around the same age as his parents, and a slightly younger version of Henry.

"Who's this?" the teen asked, wondering if he was being nosy, or killing the moment.
"That's my niece Leslie and her husband Richard," Henry explained. "I gave her away as my brother had been killed, serving in the first Gulf war."
"I'm sorry," Toby said, feeling his erection start to wilt.

Seeing the boy's demeanour turn sad, Henry picked the boy up, gave him a quick kiss and threw him backwards onto the bed, where the teen bounced a couple of times on the firm mattress.

"You know, we can stop anytime you want," Henry told the boy.
"I really want to feel what it's like to be made love to," Toby replied seriously.

Henry rocked back slightly, having previously thought that all that would happen would be some hugging, kissing, mutual wanking and maybe, just maybe some oral play. Never in his wildest dreams did he think the boy would be so forward and wanting to go the whole distance. His mind played out the arguments for and against giving the boy what he thought he wanted, and realising that Toby was an intelligent young man who obviously wanted this and would get it sooner or later from someone else, Henry made his mind up to discard his own inhibitions.

He crawled forward onto the bed, taking the teenager into his arms and kissed him softly and gently. The pair allowed their hands to roam once more, but with Toby still wearing the shirt, Henry decided to have some fun.

With a growl, he rolled the boy onto his back and lifted himself off Toby's body. He slid his hands up the bottom of the shirt, giving the teenage dick a quick grope, much to Toby's delight, before tracing a path up the smooth torso of the child. Henry made sure that he bunched the material up as he went until he reached just below the nape of the boy's neck.

"Well this is going to have to come off!" Henry announced, and with a hard pull with both hands, buttons flew off the shirt and the boy was left bare-chested and giggling at the man's humour.

Henry leaned back on his heels and motioned for Toby to raise himself up off the bed and the man removed the boy's arms from the sleeves. Toby flopped back onto the bed and Henry sat there soaking in the sight of the beauty of the boy. A golden brown tan covered the entire body, except for the pale white area where shorts and speedos had kept the boy from going fully nude. He leaned in and placed a kiss on the boy's lips, before planting a kiss on his chin, still smooth with no sign of the dreaded hair that would cause the boy to choose between growing a beard or shaving every day. The neck was next on the agenda as the man nibbled and kissed, causing Toby to groan in pleasure. The boy tried to move from underneath him to return some favour, but Henry held the boy in place.

"This is about you my sweetie," Henry whispered into the boy's ear, before giving it a quick lick.

Both nipples were bathed, licked, sucked and grazed with his teeth as Toby began to squirm in delight. Henry traced a path of kisses down past the firm abs, pausing to lick the innie belly button that so turned the older man on.

Finally he reached his goal. The iron stiff three and a half inches of boy flesh that pointed up perpendicular to his body. Henry moved his face so that it was as close to the boy's flesh as it could be, before taking a deep breath in through his nose. The ecstasy that the man felt as the ambrosia smell of Toby's crotch hit his senses almost sent Henry over the edge.

Casting a quick glance up at the boy, who was looking down at him from the pillow, a sense of hope shining in the teenager's brown eyes, Henry deliberately and slowly licked upwards from the base of the boy's dick to the crown of the head.

"Aw Jeez that's feels great," Toby moaned as for the first time in his life, something other than his own hand was caressing his cock.

Spurred on by the boy's comment, Henry engulfed the dick in his mouth, Toby's moans increased as the man started to bob on his cock, rolling his tongue around the boy's flesh causing sensations the like of which Toby had never experienced. Henry let a hand drift to the small ballsac that had already been pulled tight against the boy's body and began a slow, soft massage.

"Oh FUCK!" Toby exclaimed at the new feeling and he started to pump himself into the older man's mouth. The motion of thrusting seems to be inherited from previous generations as the boy, having had no previous experience, started a steady motion in and out of the willing oral orifice of Henry.

The teen suddenly picked up the forcefulness of his thrusting and Henry knew that in moments, he would be tasting the sweet nectar of the boy's offering. He returned to his duties of mouth massaging and slipped a finger down underneath the boy's nuts. He found Toby's hole and lightly dragged his fingernail over the pucker, causing even more groans from the boy.

Toby was in a world full of pleasure. He couldn't concentrate on one as the man seemed to be giving him sensations all over his body. He felt his balls tightened and with a squeak, he erupted into the man's willing mouth.

Henry was in his own place of nirvana as the first spurt of teenage cum hit the back of his throat. He pulled his mouth slightly up the boy's pulsating member so that he could capture the offerings in his mouth and savour the taste of Toby's spunk. Three more shots fired from the boy's prick and as Henry heard the sounds of Toby enjoying his first ever climax at the hands of another person, he gave the cock head one last lick before sitting back on his heels, looking at the teen below.

As he rolled the cum around in his mouth, over the taste sensory receptors, he examined the thirteen year old boy lying underneath him. Toby's blonde hair had become messed up slightly where the boy had writhed against the pillow in pleasure, a slight sheen of sweat coated the smooth, hairless chest of the teen and the smile on the boy's face was a picture of new found delight.

Henry reluctantly swallowed the slimy but sweet tasting semen, enjoying how it slid down his throat, but knowing that he would taste it in his mouth for some time to come. He leaned forward again and gave the boy a sweet kiss on his lips.

"So how was that, my sweet little lover boy?" the man whispered softly.
"A -- fucking -- mazing!" the teen responded, giggling slightly at how naughty he was being, not only with his swearing, something which his parents would punish him for, but also the fact he was here, in an older man's bed, naked and having received his first blow job. Thoughts ran through the young boy's mind that it was now his turn to perform, and suddenly the prospect of having suck the man's cock and more, take it up his arse began to disturb him.

Sensing the subtle change in the boy, Henry spoke.

"Look kiddo, you don't have to do anything you don't want to," the older man reassured the frightened teen. "I'm just so happy that you let me do this and taste you, that this will be enough to keep this old guy going for years to come."
"No!" Toby said forcefully, more for his own benefit than Henry's. "I've waited long enough to do this, and now I've found a guy willing to do it, I want to do it. I need to do it. I have to do it!"

Henry was taken back a little by the boy's determination to give himself away and made up his mind to find out why.

"This is a onetime event here Toby," the man started. "You only get to give your cherry away the once. Are you sure that I am the right guy for you to give it to?" The devil side of Henry was demanding to know what the heck he was thinking, offering the boy a way out. Just flip him over and fuck the shit out of him. You know you want to!
“Henry, thanks for saying that stuff, but I want to have sex with a man, and you are nice and kind and gently. I mean you could have grabbed me at anytime out there but you didn't," Toby replied. His own little devil popping up in his mind telling him he was on the verge of losing the chance to get his arse filled finally. All those months dreaming about Mr Peterson, about Kevin and Ron, about the various hunky boat owners that showed enough flesh to keep the boy constantly horny over those summer months and none of them took his subtle invitation to take him and use him as their love toy.
"I want you to make love to me, please!" Toby begged, looking the man directly in his eyes, turning on his own puppy dog expression that works so well when he wants his own way.

As Henry felt the full force of the boy's expression and passionate words, his own fears and concerns disappeared. He reached out and gently stroked the boy's face with his hand before reaching over the kid to the bedside cabinet. Opening the top drawer, he easily found the tube of KY Jelly that had become part of his own solo sex life.

"Ok kiddo, here's what we're going to do," Henry started. "You're going to turn on your front, and we'll put this pillow underneath you to raise you up. I'm going to get your hole nice and slick and used to having something going in as it will try to reject it at first. What you will need to do is relax as much as you can all the way through. If at any time, the pain gets too much, tell me and we will rest."
"Pain?" the boy squeaked out.
"Toby, your hole will be tight and won't be used to something even the size of mine trying to go in. It will get stretched and there will be some discomfort for you." Henry explained, wanting the teen to know all the facts beforehand, so that when they did go ahead, he wouldn't look back after and feel he had been taken advantage of.
"Ok, well if it gets too bad I'll holler," Toby said smiling, knowing in his own mind that it would take a lot of pain to make him say something.
"Well let's get you ready then," Henry said and reached up to take one of the pillows.

As the teen rolled his smooth, thin body over onto his front, the man placed his hand on the boy's midsection and raised it so that it was at an angle. He rolled the pillow and placed it underneath the boy's crotch, thinking in his own mind that it would be a long time before he washed that particular pillow case again.

Henry sat for a moment, drinking in the sight before him. Toby was face down on his bed, arse raised by the pillow, legs already spread apart allowing access to his most private of places. He couldn't resist and hoped that the boy wouldn't freak out on him but he had to capture it so quickly reached across to his bedside cabinet once more and having already set the camera on his phone to silent, snapped off a couple of pictures of the prone boy.

He was obviously taking a little too long in getting down to action as the boy turned his head, fortunately missing the camera, and gave the man a little pout. That was the signal for Henry to commence and the man moved his hands onto the boys firm but smooth cheeks and spread them apart. The sight of the little pink pucker was a joy to behold. Toby was obviously a very fastidious boy when it came to cleanliness as not one mark of dirtiness was visible. Henry leaned in and placed his nose directly on the boy's hole that he was now aching with stiffness to penetrate. He took a long sniff, loving the smell of the boy and knew he had to taste him. His tongue traced a wet line from just underneath the boy's nuts, up and over the perineum and finally made contact with the tight opening.

Toby moaned in delight, not knowing that having something touch his hole like this would cause these sensations. The one thing he had yet to do in his own solo experimentations was penetrate himself, but he knew now that this was most definitely what he wanted to happen. The touch of the man's tongue on his hole was indescribable for the boy. When the man pushed with his tongue and he felt his anus accept the oral muscle inside his briefly, the young teenager ground into the pillow, groaning in pleasure.

Knowing that the boy had accepted his tongue without revulsion, Henry opened the tube of lube and squeezed some on his finger. He applied it to the tight pucker, warning the boy that it may be a bit cold. The giggle of Toby brought a little normality back to the situation and Henry relaxed again, knowing that this sexy teenage was going to be his to play with. A second application of lube went on and finally the man knew it was time to penetrate the hole with a finger. Making sure he had plenty of KY on his index finger, he placed it against the boy's love chute.

"Now I’m going to put a finger in you, sweetie," Henry said to the boy, making sure he knew exactly what was going on at every step.
"K" was the simple response.

He eased his fingernail past the tight sphincter muscle and heard the moan of joy from the boy. He pushed gently, making sure he didn't go too fast, hoping to cause the boy as little pain as he could.

"Aw man this feels weird," Toby groaned as the invading digit bottomed out inside him.
"Good weird?" Henry asked, slowly stroking the boy's lower back with his free hand as he started a slow finger fuck of the teenage bum.
"Very good weird," Toby replied, turning his head so that he could smile at the man who was inside him.

Henry felt that the hole was ready for a second finger so with a further coating of lube, returned his hand to the willing bottom. As he pushed in, he felt some resistance as the boy's anal defences kicked in.

"Uumph!" the boy grunted as the fingers suddenly slipped inside him, his hands gripping the bed sheet beneath him.
"Sorry," Henry apologised.
"S'okay, just weren't expecting it," Toby replied.

The older man was loving the tight grip of the boy's bum hole around his fingers and as he started to imagine how it was going to feel around his cock, his pre-cum started to leak from his cock slit. Knowing that this was nature's own lube, he started to slowing wank himself, maintaining his hardness and slicking his prick up for the soon to be deflowering act on the young boy.

Toby had more than gotten used to the two fingers inside him, and each time they ground into him, he felt a little jolt of electricity go though him. He found that he liked it and started to buck back against the motion of the fingers, trying to improve the sensations.

As the boy started his humping, Henry knew that the kid was ready to take his cock. Not being too long or too thick, Henry Philipps was the perfect man for a boy's first fuck. He had seen some videos online of men with nine or ten inch cocks forcing their way into eighteen year old bum holes and thought that either the twinks were used to having cocks inside them, or they must have doped up on painkillers.

Henry removed his fingers, much to the displeasure of the teenager beneath him, but with a whispered hush to the kid, the man positioned himself behind and above the prone body beneath him. He guided his cock head to the waiting hole.

"Last chance Toby," Henry warned. "Once I'm in, I'm in."
"Do it please Henry," was the begged response. "I'm ready I know I am."

With the willing acceptance of the boy, Henry pushed against the boy's body. His fingers had done their work as the man felt the boy's hole widen and suck in his cock.

"Aw gawd!" the muffled moan came from below. "Feels so fucking good."

Henry could only agree with that statement as the tightness of the boy gripped his dick like nothing before in his fifty eight years of life. He pushed in slowly, letting the boy get used to each inch of intrusion before finally his balls rested against the teenager's nuts.

Knowing that his arms wouldn't support his weight for too long, Henry eased his body down on top of the supple young teen, making sure he didn't crush him. The warmth of the boy fuelled the man's desires and he hooked his arms underneath the boy's and gripped him through his shoulders.

Now in position, Henry began to raise his hips, dragging his cock outwards from the boy's innards. Just as Toby thought that the man would exit his love canal, the cock was thrust fully back inside him. The boy thought he saw stars as the older man's prick grazed across that spot that his fingers had found previously. A groan of ecstasy escaped the teenager's lips and the man continued his love-making.

Unfortunately for Henry, he found he was just too tall to be able to find the boy's face with his lips as he would dearly have loved to be kissing the boy he was making love to. Knowing that he wouldn't last for long though, he cast that thought to one side and continued concentrating on making sure the kid enjoyed it. He knew that somehow he had found the boy's prostate and made sure that he was angling each thrust so that he pushed that particular button each time.

If there had been a passing walker, on a calm quiet night, he would have seen the strange scene of a moored boat, rocking gently against the slow tide of the canal. A keen listener may have heard the gentle slapping of flesh upon flesh and the contented groans that only come from two bodies enjoying a love making experience.

As Henry continued to press into Toby's bum, the boy was now fully in tune with his feelings and was matching the man's thrusts with those of his own. His own dick had returned to fullness and the friction of being humped against the pillow was sending the thirteen year old close to his second orgasm of the evening.

Toby was in heaven, loving the way that the man was holding him, almost trapping him beneath the older body. The heat from Henry's body was raising his own internal temperature and as he gripped the bed sheet tighter, he knew he was going to shoot at any instant.

"Cummin!" Toby shouted out as torrents of his boy juice spurted underneath him, soaking the pillow.

Henry heard the boy's shout and as the teen shot his load, his arse squeezed even tighter against the man cock inside. The added tightness was enough to send Henry over the edge and with pleasurable sighs, he felt his balls empty his load inside the boy's bottom.

Henry held the boy in his arms, as the afterglow of their orgasms subsided. His dick, growing limp after its exercise, slid out of the boy's bottom, so he shifted down slightly so he could nuzzle the neck of the amazing teen he was sharing his bed with.

"Mmmm that's nice," Toby sighed.

He took both of the man's hands in his, interlocking their fingers, holding himself tight against the older man's body. Wanting to kiss the man once more, he turned his head and gazed at into the blue eyes of his first lover. An unspoken word passed between them and their lips met. Now more experienced, Toby opened his mouth without prodding and their tongues met midway.

Finally, Henry knew that he had to finish this liaison before the boy's parents came looking for him.

"I think we need to get you home kiddo before your parents get worried," Henry told the boy.
"I guess so," Toby pouted. "But it's been good hasn't it?"

Knowing that the boy was looking for acceptance, Henry gave his affirmative.

"Toby, if I'd know that you wanted this all along, we would have gotten together the first time I saw you," the older man confessed.
"Really?" the boy said, surprised.
"Absolutely," the man replied. "When I spotted you unloading the lorry on Wednesday evening, I was drawn to the way you looked, the way your body moved. I fell in lust with you straight away."
"Fell in lust, what's that?" the teenager queried.
"It's not quite the same as love," the man replied. "I don't believe in love at first sight, as to love someone you have to get to know them. But you can find someone extremely sexy and attractive and want to do all sorts of naughty things with them."
"Like what we done?" Toby giggled out.

Henry cringed slightly at the grammar of the boy, but as he had just had an amazing sexual experience with the kid, he didn't say anything.

A beep of a clock, indicating an hour mark, startled the pair of them and Toby looked across the room to where the noise came from.

"SHIT!" the boy exclaimed. "It's eight o'clock already. My folks are gonna be pissed!"
"What time should you have been home?" Henry asked, wondering how much trouble the boy was going to be in.
"At least an hour ago, and with my bike fucked, it's going to take me at least another hour to get there." Toby said, tears beginning to well in his eyes, as he thought of what punishment would be handed out. Normally tardiness earned him a couple of swipes on the backside by his father's hand, but that was for being maybe a half hour late. By the time he would get home, it would be two hours.

Sensing the distress of the boy, Henry knew he had to do something.

"Toby calm down," he soothed. "I don't normally like cruising at night, but this time, why don't I move Aset to your village and we can go explain what happened."
"Um I don't think we want to tell my folks that we just had sex," Toby giggled out.

Henry, pleased to see the smile back on the boy's face could only agree.

"I meant with you falling off your bike, and the storm and all," Henry explained. "I helped you in, dried you off and let you ride out the storm, before bringing you home."
"But they'll want to know why I didn't ring."
"Do you know your parents number?"
“Not off heart, and my phone is fucked so that explains it," Toby shouted, pleased with himself.
"Well, let's get dressed and let's get going," the man instructed the boy.

The pair of naked sailors made their way back to the lounge where Henry emptied the now finished washer. The clothes were still not in the best of conditions but at least they were dry and warm. Henry watched in disappointment as the boy pulled his black boxers over his naked form.

"What?" Toby asked, seeing the sad look on the man's face.
"I'm going to miss you," Henry replied.

Toby went over to the man and gave him a hug.

"Well next time you stay at the Water Mill, I'll make sure I come and say hi, and maybe stay a while," the boy responded, plans already forming in his head.

As Toby stood in his boxers watching the man start to dress himself, the naughtiness aspect of his personality came to the fore.

"You know, if you are going to miss me, maybe you could take a couple of pictures of me to remind you of me," the boy suggested.
"Are you sure?" Henry replied, startled that the boy would suggest and allow it, and pleased that he could have the chance to capture his body for prosperity.
"Well, you already took a couple earlier so why not!" Toby said, a huge grin on his face.
"Busted I guess is the word," Henry grinned back.

He dashed into his bedroom to grab his phone and upon returning to the lounge, was unsurprised to see Toby, completely naked once more, sprawled across the settee. He clicked a couple of shots of the boy, a few close ups of the teenage cock before half a dozen of the boy's beautiful face.

They kissed once more, and upon instructing the boy to finally get dressed, Henry headed up to the steering section of the boat. He fired her up, hit a switch which lit the low beam lights at the front of the boat so he could see where he was going and told Toby to jump off and untie the mooring ropes. Once on their way, Toby leaned into the man who responded by putting an arm around the boy.

The angry clouds from before had now passed and moonlight shone through the clear night skies. Toby pointed out the various constellations that he knew, thinking himself to be an expert on space because of his love of all things science fiction.

Finally, after traversing a long, slow right hand bend, the lights of Kings Point came into view. Sad that their time together was coming to an end, the pair looked into each other's eyes and before the light of the village illuminated them, they exchanged a brief kiss.

"Thanks for helping me this evening Henry," Toby said.
"I'd do it anytime Toby," Henry replied. "Just a thought, you never said why you looked up my name."
"Oh that, yeah," Toby started. "Um well the tip you gave me for helping you earlier, you gave me a twenty instead of a fiver. So I emailed you asking how long you'd be at the Lockbridge so I could come and give it you back."

Henry looked fondly at the boy, marvelling in his honesty. He reached out and ruffled the blonde hair.

"Why don't you keep it all," the man replied. "I think you deserve it, and it can go towards fixing your bike."
"Thanks Henry," Toby exclaimed, hugging the man.

As they drifted to the side, Toby jumped onto the towpath, taking a mooring rope with him. He pulled, edging the boat to the bank and he looped the rope through the mooring ring. Just as he caught the second rope, voices rang down the steps of the bridge.

"TOBIAS PETER JACOBS!" A female voice shouted, in the manner than only an upset and pissed off mother can attain. "Where the hell have you been?"
"Do you know what time it is?" Added a male voice.

Toby jumped, nearly missing the mooring rope, and turned to his parents, knowing some fast talking was needed.

"Mum, Dad, I'll explain in a sec," said the boy, "but I need to secure the rope first."
"You'll explain now mister," his mother started, only to be cut off by her husband.
"Toby's right, he needs to secure the boat or it will drift," his father told her.

He reached his son, and placed his hands on his boy's and the pair of them pulled Aset into rest. Toby expertly tied the rope, securing her for the night.

"I'm sorry for the shouting, Mister..." Toby's father apologised.
"Philipps, Henry Philipps," said the older man as he stepped off the boat onto the towpath.

By this time, Toby's mother had caught hold of her son.
"Right, explain and it better be good or you'll be feeling the palm of your father's hand and you won't be sitting down for a week!"

Henry could see fear permeate into his young lover's eyes, and decided to step in.

"If I may, Mr and Mrs Jacobs?" he started. Receiving a nod from Toby's father, Henry explained how he had seen the boy, limping and pushing his broken bicycle along the towpath in the storm and offered to help. Questions about phone calls were answered with a look at Toby's cracked Samsung, and once Henry had untied and lifted the battered bike from the roof, the story was accepted.

"Look at your jeans!" Toby's mother exclaimed. "They were brand new just last week."
"I know and I'm sorry," Toby whimpered, wishing that this scene was not being played out in front of Henry. He knew that he had upset his mother and that he would be punished for it, just that Henry kept deflecting the supposed faults away. He knew that his mother would need to find something wrong. "I'm tired from it all, can we go home and finish talking then?"
"We will be talking when we get home young man, you can count on that!" his mother shrilled, and with a look of triumph on her face, turned and marched off up the steps of the bridge.

The two men and one boy watched her go before turning to each other.

"Well thank you Henry for taking care of my boy here," Mr Jacobs said, placing his hands on Toby's shoulders, pulling him into his body in a hug. "I was very worried that something had happened to him, especially when I couldn't get an answer on his phone."
"It was my pleasure looking after him," Henry replied. "He is a good little worker at the marina, and is full of conversation as well. You should be very proud of him."
"I am," agreed Mr Jacobs.

The fact he had answered with the word I rather than we was not lost on Henry. The man turned to Toby.

"Well young one, this is where we part," he said.

A tear started to trickle down the teenager's face, and even in the dark, his father could see that some sort of bond had occurred in the events of the evening. Toby squirmed out of his father's grip and hugged the older boat owner.

"Thanks for everything tonight Henry," Toby said, before lowering his voice so that just the two could hear. "And I mean everything."
"I'll see you in about six weeks," Henry told him. "I'm booked in to the marina for Christmas."
"Cool," was the simple reply.

Toby's father picked up the boy's bike and with a shake of Henry's hand as a thank you, the two Jacob males turned and climbed the steps of the bridge.

"What's my punishment going to be?" the teen asked his father, nervously, knowing that his mother was on the warpath.
"Oh, I think maybe you should buy a new pair of jeans and maybe some flowers for your mother from the money you've been saving for that new i-Phone you keep harping on about," his father replied.
"But what am I gonna do about my phone? It's bust." Toby whined.
"I have a spare Sony that will work with your sim card, so you can use that for now," answered Mr Jacobs.
"And my bike? I need to get to work tomorrow," Toby said, wondering how far he could push his luck.

Knowing how important the job was to Toby, Mr Jacobs hugged the boy to him.

"I'll drop it round to Kevin tonight when we get back and ask him to have a look at it," Mr Jacobs said. "Until it's fixed either way, I'll drop you off."
"Thanks Dad," Toby replied in relief. "You're the best!"

As they reached the far side of the bridge, Toby turned and looked down to the canal. Henry was stood on the aft of the boat, readying himself to go down. The pair locked eyes for an instant, and each waved at the other in farewell.

Six weeks could be a long time for a teenager.

End of chapter.

Phew!!! Made it to the end. I've not written something like this before as all my other efforts, published or not, have always been from a first person POV so this was a huge change for me. Please let me know if I did a good job as I am always looking to improve my writing style. You can email me at email_andy@rocketmail.com

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