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Toby Jacobs
Andy Mann

Chapter Two

The next couple of weeks passed slowly for Toby. After his sexual awakening at the kind hands of Henry, the teenager's hormones had kicked into overdrive. He was constantly horny, his small stiff prick causing him all sorts of embarrassing problems at school as he remembered the feel of the elderly man's hands running over his naked body, the way that his dick felt when Henry swallowed it into his mouth and the feeling of his bum hole being stretched open by the man's cock as he was penetrated for the first time.

Knowing that it would be a further month until he would have the opportunity to maybe get a repeat of the experience, the young teenager's desires started to find new targets.

There were plenty of opportunities at the marina, or so the boy thought. His friendly and open nature made it easy for him to start up conversations with the various boat owners and passengers that passed through the marina. However, there was a difference between talking to them and getting himself in a position where he could try his still fledgling seductive charms.

His first real opportunity came in the unlikely form of Richie. He was the delivery driver who worked for the company from which Mr Peterson stocked his shop, and he was a constant thought in the boy's mind. He could see the strength of the man as he lifted box after box, filled with cans and bottles, from the back of the lorry and carried them into the shop for Toby to unpack and stack the shelves. The boy started to look on the delivery days with dread, knowing that he would be working closely with the man, and his usual bright demeanour changed. He became more withdrawn from the man, not willing to exchange banter as he normally would.

"Is there something wrong?" Richie asked Toby, after the third delivery where the boy had hardly spoken a dozen words to the man.
"Um, no," the teen replied, keeping his head low to avoid the eye contact that he was sure would give his dirty secret away. "I'm fine, just got a lot of homework."
"Something is not right because that it the most you have said to me in the last two weeks," Richie said, giving the boy a friendly nudge, hoping to bring the smile back to the attractive face of the cute young boy.

Toby looked up at the man and forced a smile onto his lips. His face, still showing signs of the tan he had worked on throughout the summer, showed a different story to the man, as he looked into the boy's worried eyes.

"Look kiddo," Richie started. "I know that you only know me as the delivery guy, but if there is anything bothering you, I'm a friendly ear."

Toby smiled a sad little smile and shrugged his shoulders before picking up another box.

"I know I look like an old fart to you who won't know anything that could be distressing you," the man said, again trying to lighten the mood, "but I do have a son around your age as well."
"Really?" Toby answered, startled by the fact that the guy could be old enough to have a teenage son. The man didn't look to be more than his mid-twenties.
"Yeah, I'm an old fuddy duddy aren't I!" Richie joked.
"Nooooo you're not!" Toby replied, this time a genuine smile brightening the boy's look. "You're like, twenty five or something aren't you?"
"I wish Toby," the man replied. "Just hit forty one last week."
"Really?" Toby exclaimed. "You look real good though."

Richie paused, looking at the boy as he tried to figure out the meaning of the boy's compliment. He had been on the verge of asking his boss for a different delivery route, one that was closer to his home rather than the one which included the Water Mill Marina. However, when he had turned up for the delivery at the beginning of the summer and was greeted by the shirtless figure of the semi naked teenage boy, he had felt a desire inside him surface that he had thought long since gone. All thoughts of changing routes vanished as he chatted away to the boy, pleasantly surprised at the teenager's willingness to help.

Toby noticed that the man had paused in his unloading and was studying him. As he realised the implications of the last comment that he had made, a slow flush burned through his body.

"Um, what I meant was that you don't look old enough to have a kid my age," the boy stuttered out, hoping to cover his tracks.

`Oh how I wish I could have a boy like you,' though Richie. His wife had long since lost the figure that he had been attracted to as a younger man, and as he become more and more repulsed by the growth of his wife into something akin to Jabba the Hutt, his interest in the lithe, youthful forms of boys grew. For Richie, the body of the teenager at the Water Mill was perfection in itself.

"Why thank you Toby," Richie answered, letting the boy off the hook by choosing to ignore his blushing face and with a nudge, the pair finished unloading the produce.

"Do you want me to get you a drink?" Toby asked, wiping the sweat from the brown of his forehead. "I'm gonna get some squash for me."
"A cuppa would be great," Richie replied, using any excuse to spend more time with the boy.

As the man watched the boy open the fridge door to get the milk, he had to mask a moan of joy as he was presented with an unrestricted view of the denim clad boy butt. Toby had taken to wearing tighter fitting jeans than normal following his incident with the puddle, and they showed off his shapely arse very nicely.

Toby quickly poured some boiling water into the mug of coffee that he had prepared for the man, and turned to study him. He had heard the slight moan from behind, and suddenly realised that maybe Henry wasn't the only man who appreciated his teenage body. But Richie? He was married wasn't he? How could he see if he could push things further?

Thoughts ran through his mind, but with winter definitely drawing in, there simply was no way of getting himself to de-clothe in front of the man without it being obvious. If he was wrong about the man, well he thought he could kiss goodbye to the job and as he nearly had the money for his new phone, he certainly didn't want to risk it.

Not concentrating on what he was doing, Toby inadvertently bumped the delivery driver who in turn was caught in a daydream of the boy's nice arse and what he would like to do to it. The coffee cup went flying, and the boiling contents spilled down the front of Toby's shirt and jeans.

"Shit, shit, shit!" the teen yelled, pulling at his shirt to try to get it off before the scolding water made contact with his skin.

Richie was mesmerised by the sudden tanned torso coming into view. The smooth, firm chest of the young boy caused his dick to start to swell and as the boy's nipples came visible, Richie felt like he was in heaven. Oh how he wished that his own son was more like Toby and not a slob like his wife.

"Richie! Shit! Can you help me please, it's starting to burn," Toby begged out, bringing the man out of his dreams.
"Help how?" Richie asked, moving towards to boy.
"Undo my jeans for me, please," the boy asked. "They're starting to burn my knackers!"

The man reached forward and with shaking hands, he found the button of the boy's black jeans. He could feel the warmth of the coffee that had been spilled down the teen, but also as his hand brushed against the naked flesh of the boy's stomach, he could feel Toby's own internal temperature. He popped the button and found the zipper, pleased that he wouldn't have to struggle with the horrid button flies that had become so popular. He slid the zipper down and with his breath held in, he pulled the material down from the boy's slim waist.

Richie's face was staring directly at a pair of pale blue cotton boxer shorts as he finished relieving the boy of his wet jeans. The man held his position, knowing that it was wrong, but couldn't help but peek inside the flap of material that allowed the teen to fish out his cock when he needed the toilet. The way that the boy was standing had opened up the material, and Richie was staring directly at the boy's dick. A dick that looked as though it was beginning to stand to attention. A dick that had a smattering of hairs just above the base of the shaft, almost invisible due to the blondeness of them.

Richie couldn't help but to lick his lips at the thought that he would love to yank down those blue cotton shorts and take the boy in his mouth.

By this time, Toby had freed his upper body of the polo shirt and was watching the man who was so obviously interested in him. The teen felt a thrill run through his body as he had dreamed of following up his experience at the hands of Henry. He felt blood flow into his dick and it stiffened up, poking its tip out of the fly of his boxers.

Richie let out a gasp as he saw the boy's flesh make an appearance and quickly glanced up at the teenager. Finding himself caught, he panicked.

"Look Toby, I didn't do anything ok," Richie stammered out. "I was just doing as you asked and helping you stop from burning."
"Shush Richie," Toby replied. "I'm not gonna say anything to anyone, if you wanna, you know, have a feel."
"What?" Richie spluttered, still trying to play the good guy. "What makes you think I would want to?"

The man stood up to try to back away from the illegal temptation being dangled in front of him. As he moved away from the boy, Toby simply took a couple of steps forward and, with a boldness he felt he could get away, the teenager placed his hand over the crotch of the hunk in front of him.

"Oh fuck!" Richie gasped out as the smaller boy's hand grasped his throbbing cock through the coarse fabric of his uniform.
"I knew you liked me," Toby said softly, leaning into the man's space.
"Toby, we can't, I can't, I'm a married man," he said.
"But you like me don't you?" Toby asked, looking up into the taller man's green eyes. "You do want to see all of me don't you?"

As Richie battled with his inner demons, knowing he was going to lose, Toby pressed against the man, allowing the grown up's hands to touch his naked flesh.

The sound of Toby's phone ringtone startled the pair of potential lovers and they jumped apart. With an obvious look of disappointment on his face, Toby crossed to the counter and picked up his phone.

"Toby here," he said into the mouthpiece, after punching the answer button without looking to see who was calling.
"Tobes, it Mr Peterson," said his employer. "Did the delivery turn up?"
"Sure did Mr P," the boy replied. "We're just about finished unloading."
"Any problems?" Mr Peterson asked.
"Nah, everything was there," the teen answered.
"Okay that's good," the man said. "Listen I'm still about half an hour away so can you sign it off for me so that Richie isn't waiting around."
"Sure thing Mr P," Toby responded gleefully.
"See you in a bit," the man said, hanging up to end the call.

`YES!' thought Toby. `I get some more time to explore things with Richie."

"Great news Richie," Toby said. "Mr P ain't gonna be back for another half an hour so let's get back to where we were."
"I don't know about this, Toby," Richie said, nervously looking at the door. "Anyone could walk in and see us."
"Well let's go to your cab then," Toby suggested. "I'll stick the back in ten minutes note on the door."
"Ten minutes?" Richie joked. "It may take me a bit longer than that!"
"Are you sure?" Toby said, seductively pulling down his boxer shorts and turning around to show the delivery driver his naked rear.
"Oh fuck, would you look at that," the man said, licking his lips and reaching forward to touch the boy's fleshy globes. "Go get the sign and I'll meet you in my cab."

Richie left the office and rushed back into his cab. Was this it, he thought, was he finally going to get to have some fun with the kid? He felt his cock swell even harder at the thought and as he fiddled with the button and zip of his trousers, he looked across and saw the young teenager locking the door to the office. The blonde haired teen had put on an overall and his coat, but the bare legs could still be seen. Toby looked around before sprinting across to the lorry and jumping up and into the now open door to sit next to Richie.

"So Toby, have you done anything before?" Richie asked, wondering how far he could take his desires.
"Yeah, I kinda kissed a man a couple of weeks back and we ended up in his bed," the boy said, hanging his head slightly, embarrassed to admit his encounter with Henry.
"Hey that's really cool," Richie reassured the teen, reaching forward to brush the hair away from Toby's eyes.

The man pulled the boy's face towards him and kissed his sweet lips. He could taste a little of the chocolate that the boy had been drinking earlier. As he ran his tongue around the boy's lips and probing inside, Toby let out a moan as he once again experienced the pleasure of kissing another. The boy moved his hands onto the shirt of the man, wanting to feel his flesh against his but Richie put his hands on the teen's and stopped him.

"Look Tobes, we only have a short amount of time so it's going to have to be a quickie and not the full session I would so dearly love with you," Richie told him. "Shall we trade blow jobs?"

A look of disappointment flashed across the young boy's face and an adorable pout came onto his lips.

"Would you be able to do me in ten minutes?" Toby asked, hopeful of getting his bum filled. The desire and itch that he had constantly felt ever since that wonderful encounter with Henry needed fulfilling.
"As much as I want to get my cock up that bum hole of yours, I don't think we have the time," Richie relied sadly. "I want to take my time so we both enjoy it."

Toby's puppy dog expression almost won past the driver's sensible approach, but Richie held strong. He motioned for the boy to move slightly on the seat and the man laid down. He waved for the teenager to shift around in position so that they were in a classic 69 pose. Toby's hands soon had Richie's trousers open and with a lift of the man's backside off the seat, the offending material was pulled down to his thighs, along with his red y-fronts.

"Oh man, that's a biggie!" Toby exclaimed as Richie's eight inches of flesh came into site. It was also extremely thick, nearly as thick as a can of coke.
"You see why I want us to take time?" Richie asked.
"Uh-huh," came the reply.
"I'd hate to hurt you so I need to make sure you are properly lubed and stretched before you ride my horse dick," Richie told the boy, making him giggle. "Now, get your mouth around it, and get your bum over here."

Toby reached forward and took the man's huge cock in his hand, revelling in the soft feel of the hard member. He gave it a couple of strokes before leaning in and kissing the exposed head.

"Oh Tobe, that's it," Richie groaned. "Kiss and lick it baby."

Encouraged by the man's moaning, the teenager opened his mouth as wide as he could and swallowed the thick red head of the driver's prick. He could already taste the pre-cum that was leaking from the slit as Richie knew he wouldn't last too long after dreaming about this moment for the whole of the summer.

As Toby struggled to get more of the monster dick into his mouth, Richie looked up at his own vision of heaven, namely the tight, pink pucker winking at him from between the boy's cheeks. He pulled the boy's hips towards his face and savoured the musky smell of a teenager's sweat. He stuck out his tongue, lifted his head from the seat and gave the boy's crack one almighty lick.

Toby felt the dampness at his boy hole and moaned at the pleasurable sensation of the driver's long tongue licking and probing against the tight pucker. The vibrations from the boy's groans caused Richie to gasp in delight as the teenager began to bob his head up and down on his shaft. Richie made sure that he was giving the little hole plenty of attention, ready for what he had planned next.

"Tobes, shift up slightly mate," Richie said to the boy, who without missing a suck, allowed the man's firm grip to move his lower body slightly so that his stiff little prick was within sight of the man. "Oh fuck, that looks so tasty."

Richie swallowed the whole of the boy's cock and balls into his mouth and Toby let out a squeak of enjoyment as warmth surrounded his private parts. Richie released the cock, allowing him to suck on the boy's small testicles.

Toby felt like he was back in heaven once again. He had the huge cock of the delivery man in his mouth, his taste buds working overtime as the salty pre-cum flowed freely from the fleshy member he was sucking on. His small hole was still wet from the tongue bath that Richie had subjected him to, and as much as he wanted the man to continue the feeling of the mouth on his pricklet and balls was worth passing his bum probing up for. As he felt the man's mouth return to his cock once more, he released the huge member in his own.

"Richie, please will you play with my hole or something?" Toby begged the man.
"Ok, kiddo," the man panted out, feeling relieved that for a moment his cock was out of the amazingly tight vacuum of Toby's mouth. He certainly didn't want to shoot within a couple of minutes of getting head from the boy, but he also realised he needed to finish soon before Mr Peterson came back from wherever he had gone to.

Richie reached into the side pocket of the door and found his tube of lube that he always carries for when he needs to whack one out, normally after leaving the Water Mill. Today, it would finally get used for part of the true reason it was invented. Richie fiddled with the lid, opening it and generously coating his index finger with it. He dropped the tube on the seat next to him and while still sucking the boy's hardness, moved his hand up and in between the teenage buttocks and pushed into the protesting hole.

"AArrgmmmmm!" Toby groaned onto the cock in his mouth as he felt his chute stretch and fill with the thick finger of the man. He pushed back against the invading digit as the pleasure of feeling his innards probed filtered into his brain.

Richie, hearing the happy moans of the teenager, started to push in and out of the tight hole. He couldn't believe how the boy's bottom seemed to want to suck his finger inside and as he moved his digit around, he looked for the prostate that would cause the boy ultimate satisfaction, a feeling he knew only too well himself after reading about anal penetration on the internet.

"Fggufgckk!" Toby's muffled exclamation was heard as he felt the fingernail of the man graze over that spot that Henry had so lovingly fucked against a fortnight earlier.

Richie felt the boy's body stiffen as his finger slide over a harder part of the boy's internal structure and as Toby's dick throbbed in his mouth, he pushed harder against the little nub inside the boy's bottom.

Toby's sucking stopped completely as he lost himself to the throes of his orgasm as he shot spurt after spurt of his creamy boy juice into the man's waiting mouth. Richie was in paradise as he savoured the nectar of the boy, so willingly given.

Tiredness swept over the teenager, but he knew that he had to finish sucking Richie. It was only fair after the intense climax he had just experienced so he resumed his sucking. The teen clamped his lips onto the fleshy hardness, being careful to mind his teeth, and sucked and slurped with all his might.

Richie was in ecstasy. Here he was, a forty one year old man, in a sexless marriage to an overweight slob of a woman, and he had the most perfect and gorgeous young teenager sucking his cock after shooting his load into Richie's mouth. As the driver felt his balls begin to tighten ahead of his rising climax, he slid the finger that had been inside Toby's anus into his mouth, tasting the tangy juices that had been left on his digit.

The situation caused his brain to overload in sensory delight and with a gasp, shot his first thick stream into the boy's mouth. He felt a little bad for not warning Toby but as the teen made no effort to release his vacuum suction on Richie's cock, he allowed himself to continue shooting, not that he could have stopped anyway.

As the man collapsed back onto the seat of the cab, breathing heavily at the most intense orgasm he had experienced in many a year, he felt the supple body of the sexy teen twist around.

"So was that okay, Richie?" Toby asked, looking down at the man he had just gotten sexy with.
"That was perfect Tobes," Richie replied. "If you want, we will organise it properly next time so we get plenty of time."
"Really?" Toby shouted, bouncing up and down slightly on the firm chest of the driver. "You wanna do this again?"
"This and more my sweet little boy," Richie told him, earning a big grin from the teen.

Toby bent over to kiss the man as a thanks, and as they locked lips, the gravel of the car park crunched under the weight of a car arriving by the side of the office.

"SHIT!" Toby yelled. "Mr P is back!"
"Crap!" Richie agreed. "Look, I'll go distract him before he gets to the office and you go and put your clothes back on."

A quick scramble to make themselves look presentable and Toby bolted out of the door and round the front of the building so that he could enter through the locked front door. Richie took a deep breath and exited the cab and wandered casually over to Mr Peterson.

"Still here Richie?" Mr Peterson asked. "There isn't a problem is there?"
"Oh no, Fred," Richie replied. "This is my last delivery and Toby was kind enough to make me a coffee and we got talking."
"That's good then," Fred Peterson responded. "I hate leaving him alone as much as I do, but he's a good lad."
"Yes he is," Richie agreed, thinking if only Fred knew how good the boy really was! "Well I need to be getting on, the missus will complain if I'm not back before too long."

The men shook hands and Fred watched the lorry pull away. `I'm sure that Richie's trousers were undone at the fly' though Fred. `Must just be my imagination.'

He turned and entered the building through the store room door and was pleased to see all the boxes neatly stacked. Whistling to himself, he entered the shop cum office and saw his young helper on his knees, emptying a cooler box of food into the freezer. He stood transfixed for a moment, taking into view the pert young buttocks of the boy.

"Hey Tobes, it's about time for you to knock off kiddo," the man said, with a hint of regret in his voice.
"Oh hey there Mr P," Toby said, forcing himself to jump slightly as if surprised by his return. "Didn't hear you come back."
"Sorry I was held up, the damn accountant wanted to go through the books in more detail," Fred explained, but seeing a slightly glazed look in the boy's brown eyes and thinking he was boring the kid, waved him to get his coat to go home.

As the teen zipped up his coat, making sure that his hoodie was in place so his ears wouldn't feel the sting of the cold on his bike journey home, he turned to say goodbye to his boss.

"Here you go Tobes, this week's pay," Fred said as he handed over seventy pounds to the young boy.
"Um, Mr P, you've given me too much," Toby explained, fanning the money out.
"Keep it as a bonus for the week," the man explained, still feeling guilty at leaving the boy on his own for so long.
"Thanks Mr P!" Toby cheered, throwing his arms around the middle aged man. "I can finally get my phone now!"
"That's quite alright young man, you've deserved it." Fred reassured him, happy that the boy's face was beaming with a smile. "Hold on a sec Tobes, looks like you've got a bit of a milk moustache here."

The man licked a finger and rubbed it on the top of Toby's red lips, cleaning off the white `milk' stain. Toby recoiled slightly after the man's finger left his face, rubbing himself.

"Argh! Mr P! You're as bad as my Mum!" Toby complained.

With a laugh, and a swift slap to his bum, Fred sent the boy out the back to get his bike and leave for the day. `I know I shouldn't slap his arse but it's the only chance I get to cop a feel of it.' Fred chided himself. He felt his finger was still sticky from the milk he had wiped off the boy's face and with a quick glance around, brought it to his mouth. `If it's something from Toby's mouth, it is almost the same as if I'm kissing him,' the man thought as he sucked his finger.

"That wasn't milk," Fred said out loud. "That tasted like......cum."

End of chapter.

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