Toby’s Secret Journal – Chapter 21

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Chapter 20 ended like this ………. 

As we all three lay together on the bed, it reminded me of being a kid at home when my Dad used to hold me if I was upset, or when we were on the sofa watching TV together. It was his way of showing love to me. And here was another man doing something very similar with me. Except this time, we were more grown up – and nude – and aroused. It felt incredibly comfortable and safe to be lying together like that. We were touching each other and had access to each other’s bodies – and at the same time it was all very gentle and caring. I guess this is what it might be like to live with someone you love. I moved my head to kiss Boy on the lips. Then Tom moved to kiss both of us: “My two beautiful, hot boys.”

Now it feels like I’m getting into the adult world of grown-up sex. With Boy, Chakri and Mack it’s still boy-sex. But this new role-play with Tom and Boy is definitely different. He’s a grown man and we’re having sex together. He wants me and I’m fascinated by him. The stuff that’s developing with Charlie is different again. He’s clearly a man – a few years older than me and with more experience – and in one part of my life he’s also my teacher. But now he’s creating the Kadri/Carl role-play where we’re two guys who have met online and plan to get together. He’s definitely hot – and I want to do stuff with him. I imagine his body as being more developed. Yet he says he likes teen boys around my age.

This is all so much to take in. Maybe I’m still too young and inexperienced to make proper sense of it all. I’m just learning so much at the moment. Everything that’s happening – with Chakri, with Boy, with Tom, and now with Kadri/Charlie – feels so good. I don’t want it to stop.


It was a few days later that Charlie got in touch with me again. He sent me a message on GayRomeo with his phone number and we were able to talk and make arrangements to meet. The call was very business-like; there was none of the exploration or sexual references from our last chat. We talked a bit about his trip away and about what I'd been doing. It was all very innocent - almost as if it was a polite conversation between a teacher and his student. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but this felt a bit of a let down. We arranged to meet one lunchtime for something to eat. Charlie said it was his turn to pay. He didn't want to risk meeting anywhere near school, so he told me which Skytrain station to go to and then gave me directions to the near-by mall. I was to call him when I arrived.

When the morning arrived, I was both excited and anxious. It was completely unclear what would happen - if anything. Whilst I had been making everything happen up to now, it felt as though Charlie was in charge of what happened next. He was older, more experienced, and with a lot more to risk. Maybe he wouldn't even show up. I wanted to be strong but realised that if anything were to happen it would very much be up to him. The only thing I could do was make myself look attractive. I spent quite some time choosing which clothes to wear. In the end, I picked a tight-white tee-shirt that lots of boys were wearing, and a pair of skinny stretch jeans that I knew clung to my legs, thighs and bum. I wanted to be hidden, but 'revealed'.

Over breakfast, Dad asked me what I was planning to do for the day. I gave a very non-committal reply, saying something about going out to meet some people from school. Well, it was true - but not the whole truth. If I'd mentioned meeting Charlie again, he would have asked all sorts of questions about why someone would want to see a teacher in the holidays.

In the end, I set off way too early and got to the station I good 45 minutes before the time we'd arranged to meet. I didn't want Charlie to see me hanging about, so I walked away from the mall and wandered through a local market to kill some time. The minutes dragged really slowly. Maybe I was feeling guilty or something because I decided to be late before calling him. I thought that might make me seem less keen.

When I did eventually call Charlie, he answered on the third ring and asked where I was. I told him I was by the entrance to the mall and he said he would come and find me. A couple of minutes later I saw him descending the escalator and looking around to find me. He was dressed in a polo-shirt, a pair of long shorts, and some loafers. He looked good and relaxed. I wished I could feel so relaxed.

He came up to me and smiled. It was slightly awkward. There was no touch or anything. It was like I was still one of his students and he was maintaining a proper distance. He didn't even seem to check me out.

"Hi Toby," he began.

"Hello Kadri. Sorry to be late. I prefer to be Carl really," I responded.

"Oh yes, sorry, of course. That's what we agreed. Well, it's good to see you Carl. I've got a table in the Black Canyon cafe upstairs. They do all sorts of drinks, snacks and meals. It's not very busy. We can go there if you like."

I agreed and we made our way back up the escalator in a rather awkward silence. We sat at a table in the corner of the restaurant and the waiter brought me a menu. "Order anything you like," he said, "I was going to have their club sandwich and a smoothie drink." I ordered a simple green curry with some rice, one of my favourite thai dishes.

As we waited for the food, our conversation was very bland and stilted. It was like neither of us knew what to say or how to start. When the food arrived, we both ate and continued in much the same way. I realised that unless one of us made a start, we would finish our meal and walk away separately without anything having been said.

"I was really looking forward to seeing you again today Kadri," I eventually began, "After all that we talked about last time we met, and in our chat. I was wondering how you were feeling?"

"Um, a little nervous, I guess. I'm not used to this kind of situation. It's like I know you - and I don't know you."

"Well, I think we should stick to the names we agreed. I'm Carl and you met me on the internet. And you're Kadri. When we chatted online, we seemed to get on well, and our interests matched. We both felt good about that at the time. And now, here we are, face-to-face, meeting as Kadri and Carl."

"Yes, thanks. That's helful," Charlie/Kadri said, grinning at me for the first time, some of the tension obviously easing away. "It's good to meet and talk in a different environment ... Carl."

"And how do I look - in the flesh?" I asked a little provocatively, deciding to take a few risks.

"You look great! I've been checking out your photo online and then I had to remind myself that it was of Carl, not you, if you see what I mean. So I had to remember what you really looked like - in school, and when we met for lunch with your dad.” He stopped for a moment to look at me.  “That tee-shirt and those blue jeans look really good on you; they show off your developing body."

"Do you like what you see?"

"Mmm, yes, very much." He paused again. "But I have something to ask you Carl." I nodded to give him permission. "Did you really set out to tease me and show off your body in my room at school?"

"I thought we weren't going to talk about school. But since you ask, Kadri -" I wanted to emphasise the role names we'd adopted, "- after I'd recognised you online, yes, I did. I wanted to see if you were interested so I took care about how I looked and how I sat when we met. Did it work?"

He laughed. "Yes, for sure. I tried not to make it obvious, but I kept looking at your legs. Just the way you sat in the chair opposite me. Like you wanted me to look. And then one day you stood up to reach for a book from the top shelf and all your shirt pulled out. Later you had to undo your belt to tuck it all back in. You were really doing all that on purpose?”

“Yes. Did it work?”

“Yeah. I had to be careful when I stood up in case you noticed.”

“Hah – but I did notice! Did you think about what you’d seen later, when you got home?”

“Probably. I think about attractive people that I’ve seen a lot.”

“Well, I certainly fantasised about you afterwards.” I gave him a big grin. “And I have a question for you, Kadri.  In our online chat you told me you liked slightly younger guys, and you said you’d had a relationship with a Thai boyfriend aged something like 16.”

“Yes. He was called Moon. He was 16 or 17 and quite young looking. But he’s not around any more. He had to go back to his village to help out on his family’s land.”

“Where did you used to meet?”

“He chatted to me online; that’s how it began.  Then we met like we’re doing today. It wasn’t easy because we couldn’t really go anywhere. I share a flat with a few other guys – I think they’re all straight. And he was just living in a cheap shack somewhere near a building site. Sometimes I would just hire a hotel room for a few hours. And a couple of times we took the bus to Pattaya or Koh Samet and rented a room for a night.”

“Nice. Hope you had some good fun.”

“Oh yes, we did that. I liked him a lot. He was very quiet and polite in public. But he changed when it was just us together. I miss that. He was young, but he knew what he wanted.”  Charlie was quiet for a moment, looking at me. “And what about you – Carl – have you really been with other guys?”

“Yeah, I have. Don’t worry – I’m not a virgin – at least, not with guys. There are other gay boys at sch- .. I mean, I have friends my age who are gay. But mostly I prefer guys who are a little older and with more experience. I’m not a kid anymore.”

He laughed. “From what I’ve seen, you definitely don’t look like a kid. You seem very mature for your age – both physically and socially.” He looked at me again. “Otherwise I probably wouldn’t be here with you.”

“Well, I’m young, and mature, and I know what I like. Are you still wanting to find out just what I’ve got Kadri?”

It felt like the moment of decision for both of us.

“Um, yeah, I think I do – if you want to … Carl.  But it feels dangerous for me. I mean, if I walked away now, I would deny we ever met today. But if we go any further, then I’m crossing a line. Neither of us can pretend any more.”

“I’m not pretending with you. It might have been a game to begin with, but we both know what we’re talking about. There’s a risk for me too you know. But I trust you, Kadri. I trust that you won’t do anything bad to me. Or tell anyone else without asking me first. The question is: are you willing to trust me as much?”

The question was hanging in the air. We looked at each other eye-to-eye. There was nothing more I could say. The silence dragged on and I was determined not to be the first to break it. He must have been holding his breath. Eventually, he breathed out and said, “Yes, I guess so, Tob- Carl. Maybe my pants are over-ruling my head. But I need to know if you’re as hot in reality as in my imagination. I mean – you just look so sexy – and you’re a farang boy – and I can’t get you out of my mind.”

I smiled at him across the table. “I hope I don’t disappoint.”

“Oh, I know you won’t. Come on then. I’ll get the bill. I’ve borrowed a friend’s car and it’s outside in the multi-storey.” He signalled for the waiter to bring the bill. I made a quick visit to the toilet whilst he paid. Something was going to happen – although  I still wasn’t quite sure what. But we’d crossed that line and we were in a different relationship now with each other.

I followed Charlie out the back of the mall into the car park area. He led me to an old Honda and unlocked the doors. I got into the passenger seat. He turned the key in the ignition and the air-con came on with the engine. He turned to look at me. “Are you sure about this?” he asked.

“Absolutely sure,” I replied, “But it’s not going to work unless you think of me as Carl – or as another boy like your friend Moon.”

“I know, I know.” He looked out of the car windows, perhaps to see if anyone was watching us. Then, “Carl – can I touch you?”

“Go ahead.” He stretched out his arm to put his hand on my jeans. “That’s nice,” I said, “I won’t break – and I don’t bite!” He laughed. Again, the tension between us eased a little. His hand started to move slowly up and down my thigh.

“I wanted to do this so much before,” he said, leaning a little towards me to make the movement easier.

I deliberately opened my legs to give him more access. “And I wondered if you ever would. Please don’t stop now you’ve started.” I leaned my body in towards him until our faces were almost touching. I closed the gap until our lips were touching. Our first simple kiss. His hand moved directly to my groin and began feeling and squeezing me. I was already half-hard. The outline of my cock must have been evident in my skinny jeans. He opened his mouth and my tongue slipped inside. We kissed more deeply.

As we broke apart for air, he said, “I can’t believe this is happening.” His other hand moved down to adjust his shorts. He took hold of my hand and placed it over his crotch. I could feel his tumescence. There was a little damp patch showing on his light-coloured shorts. I gripped him and tried to stroke him a little. “Don’t! Stop! I don’t want to cum here in my shorts.”

“Where do you want to take me then?” I asked, putting him back in control.

“Are you really sure – Carl? We could stop now if you want to.”

“I’ve got this far – I’m not stopping now,” I joked back. “I’m either going to suck and wank you off here, in the car, in this car park – or we’re going somewhere more private to make it last longer. I don’t mind – but I know which I prefer.”

“OK, let’s go for longer to get to know each other better. It’s too risky to go to either of our homes. I can drive us to a small hotel. There are lots of motels around the city – everyone calls them ‘sex-hotels’ - where you can rent a room for a few hours at any time of the day or night, no questions asked. You just turn up and pay cash, all completely anonymous. Moon and I used a couple of them.”

“Are they clean and safe?” I asked.

“Oh yes. The ones I know have clean bathrooms with hot water, and they change the bedding after each guest has left. I guess some of them are quite sleazy, but I can take us to a modern and tidy one. The one I’m thinking off is about a 20 minute drive, if the traffic’s not too bad.”

I reached out for my seatbelt. “OK, let’s go sexy man. I guess I can wait another 20 minutes.”

We exited the car park and turned onto one of the main roads out of the city. Our conversation was more limited again. I think we were both nervous about what we were doing. I stretched out my hand to rest it on Charlie’s leg as he drove. I played gently up and down his thigh. The traffic was heavy across three lanes and there were frequent intersections with traffic lights. At one of the junctions my hand moved up to squeeze his bulge. “Oh, that feels great Carl – but I really need to focus on driving in this traffic. Can you wait a few more minutes? We’ll be there shortly.”

A few minutes later and he turned left onto a smaller road lined with a mixture of houses, shops, small apartment buildings and a few offices. After another kilometre, he turned the car through some gates where an illuminated display advertised the ’24-hour motel’. The building seemed quite new. It was just a single storey high stretching backwards away from the road. Charlie pulled up at the front reception. “I’ll go in and pay. Can you just wait in the car?” I nodded and he climbed out and entered the office.

A couple of minutes later he was back and gave me a key. “Room 29, towards the rear.” We drove down the length of the building. The rooms were arranged in a herringbone pattern, each one having a covered area for parking from which a door led into the room. Some of the rooms were clearly occupied and their cars were hidden behind a curtain that covered the end of the parking bay. We found number 29 and pulled in. “I’m going to pull the screen across behind the car. It means that no-one can see the car or who’s in it. I don’t want to take the risk of anyone seeing us together here.” He quickly stepped out and the parking area went dark as the screen was drawn across. I got out of the car and inserted the key in the door lock, unsure of what to expect inside.

As we stepped inside, I was quite surprised. After the secluded privacy of the parking area, the room was modern, light and airy. The windows were high up on the walls to prevent anyone looking in, thought the light could be restricted with some blinds. The walls were painted in warm colours and a large poster of a lush tropical forest covered most of one wall. A large bed and headboard took up another wall, made up with crisp white sheets. There was a small fridge, dressing table and a couple of chairs. A flatscreen TV was mounted on the wall. A rail was fastened to another wall with some clothes hangers. I opened an interior door to find a good-sized bathroom with a toilet, basin and walk-in shower; fresh towels and toiletries were lying on a shelf.

“What do you think?” asked Charlie, closing and locking the door.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect – but this looks like it’s well looked after.” I knew that many hotels and rooms were often badly maintained – unlike the hotel we had stayed at in Kanchanarburi.

Charlie put his keys, wallet and phone on the dressing table. He opened the fridge to take out some water and poured a couple of glasses, handing one to me. “Will you be able to relax?” he asked.

Suddenly it felt stilted and awkward again. Neither of us knew quite what to do next. I sipped my drink and sat on the edge of the bed. Charlie turned on the TV. “A lot of Thais like some background noise to cover up any other sounds from the room.” He came and sat down next to me. “Are you feeling all right?”

“It just feels a bit strange now we’re here. I’m not sure what you want to happen.”

“That’s OK. There’s no hurry. Let’s just relax until we feel more comfortable.” He moved up the bed and lay against the pillow. “Come and relax up here for a bit.”

I moved up the bed beside him. He put his arm behind my head. We both watched the TV screen for a minute or two. He pulled me closer. The feeling was similar to when Tom had held Boy and me together on his bed – warm, comforting, intimate. Was this really what I wanted from Charlie as well? A few moments later, I deliberately rolled over to lie on top of him. I rested some of my weight on my arms so I could look down at his face. Something was relaxing inside me. “Well, now that you’ve got me here – what would you like to do with me?” I asked him provocatively.

He looked up at me and grinned. His hands stroked my back “I’ve imagined so many things to do with you over the last few days,” he replied, “I don’t know where to start.” His hands gripped my buttocks through my jeans, pulling me into his groin. “I don’t think you realise just how attractive and sexy you look, Carl.” His hands roamed across my backside. I could feel him stirring beneath me. He opened his mouth slightly and pulled my head down to meet him until we could kiss. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and groaned in pleasure. I responded enthusiastically.

“Would you do something for me – to begin?” he asked between kisses.


“Would you sit in the chair, just like you did in my office, when you were teasing me with your body. I want to do what I couldn’t do then.” I climbed off the bed and pulled out the chair to sit on it. Charlie sat on the edge of the bed facing me. “You had your legs open wider.” I opened my thighs. He stared at my crotch. “This is what I wanted to do then,” and he leant forward to put his hands on top of my thighs. I pushed my knees further apart as he ran his fingers up the inside of my thighs. “I remember wondering what kind of underwear you wore. I could see the swelling in your trousers – I couldn’t believe how large you looked. I wanted to touch.” As he leant forward, one hand played across my crotch, the other tried to slide his fingers between my legs.” He looked up at me: “Are you OK with me touching you like this?”

“Yeah, don’t stop,” I replied quietly, “I want you to Kadri.”

He leant back for a moment and adjusted his own crotch. “See what you’re doing to me,” he exclaimed. “Do you remember what happened next? You stood up and reached for something from the top shelf, and your shirt came out of your trousers exposing the skin at your waist.”

I stood up from the chair, turning away from him to repeat the move and lifted my arms as high as I could. My tee-shirt pulled loose from my jeans. “Oh, yes!” He stood behind me, his hands touching my exposed skin. It felt electric. “I just want to undress you.” I kept my arms in the air as he took hold of the hem of my tee-shirt and lifted it up and off my head. The exposed skin on my chest and arms was tingling. He turned me round and pulled me into his body as we kissed again. His mouth moved to my neck and throat. He lifted an arm and pressed his face into my armpit as if he was smelling my body. After a few moments, his face came back to my chest and he sucked deeply on one nipple and then the other. “Toby – Carl – You’ve got an amazing body. You smell like a teenager; the hair is growing under your arms; your muscles are all developing; your chest if firming out. You’re perfect. And – your skin is European white! I love it.” His mouth went back onto my nipples and I winced with the pleasure/pain of his bite.

His hand went down to my waist. “I can’t wait to see the rest of you.” We looked into each other’s eyes as his hand undid the buckle of my belt and he fumbled to release the button of my jeans. I held his gaze as his fingers lowered the zip. My jeans were sufficiently tight that they stayed in place on my hips. He tucked his thumbs into the waistband on either side and pushed them down. When they reached my knees, he used his foot to push them to the floor and I stepped out, a little awkwardly. Only my hipsters remained. He held me by my shoulders and stepped back to look me up and down. “I love the way you look.” He turned me round to see my back and my bum. “You have a magnificent bubble butt. Your ass is so rounded – your ass-cheeks look like two half-moons standing away from your body.” I wiggled my butt to show it off to him. “Most Thai boys are so slim – they don’t really have a butt – it’s just a continuation of their thighs – but you, you have a wonderful, full rounded ass.” I enjoyed the feel of his hands as they touched the pants covering my ass. Then, without warning, he pulled them swiftly down my legs leaving me fully naked. He’d stripped me as he’d wanted.

I turned around to face him again, conscious of my full exposure. He couldn’t resist looking down. Perhaps in the apprehension of the situation, I was not yet aroused. My cock and balls hung heavy between my legs. He instinctively reached out to hold them. “Oh,” he exclaimed, “You really do have a farang man’s cock. Grajuu yai yai. [Such a big hung cock.] You’re even bigger than I imagined.” As he started to fondle me I began to thicken and rise.

I looked down at my own manhood. A few inches in front of me, Charlie was tenting the front of his shorts. His stripping of me had clearly made him very excited. “Ok, now it’s my turn,” I commanded in an assertive voice. I pushed him back towards the bed. The back of his knees hit the edge of the mattress and he fell backwards. I stepped between his legs, my shaft swaying in front of me. He lay back wondering what I was going to do. I leant over him and roughly tugged his polo-shirt up to expose his brown, hairless belly. I grasped the fastening of his shorts to undo it, then pulled the flaps apart. The mound of his engorged cock was covered by a pair of briefs that were way-too-small to conceal what has contained within them. An inch or more of his cockhead was exposed above the waistband. He didn’t resist as I tugged his shorts down to his knees. He even lifted his bum a little off the bed as I pulled his briefs down. His tanned, uncut cock lay fully exposed, so hard that it lifted away from his belly as it pointed upwards. Beads of pre-cum were covering the slit. There was a triangle of black hair at the base that looked to be trimmed. His balls and inner thighs were entirely smooth.

I dropped to my knees on the floor between his legs and pushed my face into his groin. I breathed in his sexual odour. I ran my mouth up and down his shaft before licking it. Then I lifted his cock upright with my hand and took him directly into my mouth. He groaned loudly and squirmed on the bed. I worked my face up and down on him, taking as much of his cock into my mouth as I could manage. I came up for air and licked his length. With my hands, I pushed his shorts and briefs down and off his legs. I forced his legs as wide apart as I could so that I could drive my face in between them and lick his balls and his perineum. I wanted my tongue to flick as far back on him as possible. Charlie was bucking and humping on the bed. “Oh fuck, fuck,” he exclaimed as I worked over every part of his groin, pushing his legs wide and using my lips, tongue and mouth to pleasure him. After a few minutes, I stood up briefly and pulled his body to the edge of the bed. I bend down to put our cock together and started to wank us both in my fist. My cock was both longer and thicker than his. I felt strong and powerful with this man. My wanking of us both was deliberately fast. This time it was me who was in charge of the action. His face was screwed up with pleasure as his eyes watched what I was doing.

“Oh fuck, fuck,” he repeated. “Shit, Toby, stop, please. You’re making me so hot. I’m going to make me cum very soon, I can feel it already.”

I didn’t. I let go with my hand and dropped back down between his spread thighs. I dived back into his root. I wanted to lick his crack as his thrust his hips into the air. I sensed his balls tightening up. I grabbed the base or his cock and forced it upright. I came out from between his legs and worked up and down his shaft again. Everything was covered with clear liquid. I took his head back into my mouth and jerked the base of his cock with my fist. I could sense his heat and his excitement. “Shit, Toby, I’m going to cum!” I kept going. I few moments later I felt my mouth fill with his juice. When I couldn’t take any more, I lifted off. He wasn’t spurting high up into the air. Instead, wave after wave of gooey white fluid was being pushed out of him. It ran down his shaft and over my fist; it covered his pubes; it spread over his belly. I couldn’t believe how much cum he was producing. It seemed to pool everywhere.

When he finally stopped, I climbed onto the bed astride his hips. I’d swallowed some of his cum but it was still in my mouth. I bent down over him and put my mouth over his. He forced his tongue into me and licked around inside my mouth. When we broke apart, I swallowed again. “Ahh, I can taste both you and me,” he said. He lay back for a few moments, his eyes closed. “Now I know you’ve had plenty of experience with this before.”

As his breathing started to slow, I climbed off and went into the bathroom to fetch a hand towel. I wiped as much of his juices from him as I could, softly stroking his belly, pubes and shaft. He remained half-hard. We climbed back on the bed together and lay facing each other.

“Who taught you to do that?” he asked.

“You’re the teacher,” I answered, “I’ve been wanting to do that to you – like you wanted to strip me. But you’re right – it’s just instinct and experience. I go with what I like. And you seemed to like it too.”

“Damn right I did. That was amazing.  You just make me so hot and horny.”

“Are you going to be able to go again then?”

“I hope so. Just give me a little time to recover. Do you have something else in mind, Carl?”

“Yes – but I’m open to suggestions.”

“Come in close then, and let me touch and feel that wonderful body of yours.”

We had our arms around each other for some time. We kissed and nuzzled and used our hands to explore each other. Now it felt very safe and intimate with him. I’d discovered what I really liked doing with guys who were a bit older than me. I didn’t have to be the junior partner. At times I could be strong and assertive and take control. At other times, I could be soft and sensual and sensitive.

We lay like this for maybe half-an-hour. I wondered how long Charlie had booked the room for. By some kind of mutual instinct, we both seemed to want to re-start some fun. Charlie moved to lie on his back on the bed. “I want to see that big cock of yours,” he said. I lifted myself up until I was sitting. His hand moved out to grasp me and that felt good. Within moments, my cock was rising strongly again in his hand. It was slightly awkward for him in this position, so I moved onto my knees and then knelt astride his chest. One hand had hold of me and was starting to stroke me. The other was playing with my balls. “You really are big, Toby,” he added, forgetting our agreement about role-names,, “You’re such a strong, virile, young man.”

With his encouragement, I leant forward, placing one hand on the headboard for support. I lowered my hips until my cock was fully in his face. Then I wiped the thick, purple helmet of my cut penis around his face, across his cheeks and nose, around his chin and over his mouth. I wanted to feel the sensation of his lips around my shaft so I deliberately bounced my cock up and down on his mouth until his opened his lips. Holding myself with my other hand, I pushed into his mouth. I tried to go deep, but he held me back with his hand as he adjusted to my size. Looking down, my cock seemed to fill his mouth. As I moved my hips, I could see my helmet filling out his cheeks from the inside. I retracted a little and pushed in again until I sensed him gagging. I reached behind me to feel him fully aroused again. He lifted his face and began to move his mouth up and down on me. I started to move my hips and respond by fucking his face. His hands moved up to my chest and played with my nipples which raised my excitement levels.

I looked down: I was sitting astride this young man whom I’d previously known as my teacher – and now I was naked and fucking his face. I was enjoying this so much. This is what I loved to be doing. I felt almost in control of his man as he fed on my body. It was a powerful position – and the heat was rising throughout my body. I felt in charge – and knew that I wanted more.

I pulled out of my mouth and moved to the side of his body. “Turn over Kadri,” I ordered. He did, without questioning me. I moved down the bed pulling his thighs apart, and knelt again between his legs. His brown-skinned butt was fully exposed to me – a smooth, muscled, firm ass – just what I dreamed about. I let my hands roam across his cheeks and along his crack. This was no longer gentle and tender. My fingers were pulling his crack open. I was kneading and squeezing his firm flesh. I pushed my cock down and ran my helmet up and down along his crack. I wanted him to feel my hardness against him. I realised what I wanted next.

Almost without being conscious of what I was doing, I slapped his buttock with my palm. There was a sharp smack sound. His ass lifted off the bed and he gave a sharp cry beneath me. I did it again on the other cheek, this time a little harder, leaving a light red mark on his skin. “Oh, yeah!” he exclaimed, with his head in the pillow. I let my fingers move roughly over him and between his legs. He was rigid against the sheet. I slapped him a couple more times and he lifted his hips off the bed offering me his ass. My face went down until my nose and mouth were buried deep in his crack. I smelt the musky, male aroma of his most intimate and exposed body. He was groaning beneath me and pushing back into my face. My hand went around his body to hold his erection and stroke him again.

His hand reached out to fumble on the bedside table, reaching for a small bag. When he’d got hold of it, he tossed it down the bed towards me without looking up. “Open it – use them,” he urged.

I took my hands off his butt to open the bag, leaving my cock rubbing up and down his crack. A couple of condoms fell out of the bag and a bottle of lube. I knelt in position and tore the top off a condom sachet, pulled the latex ring out and checked which way it unrolled. I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity! I held it over my helmet and rolled it down, watching as the membrane expanded to sheath me.

“Turn over again Kadri,” I ordered, “Get on you back at the edge of the bed.” This time, I wanted to be able to watch him. As he changed position, I stood up on the floor and squirted some lube onto my hand, rubbing it all over my cock.

He lifted his legs up towards me and I grabbed them to push them back. “Go on! I want to feel you.” He held himself behind his knees for a moment whilst I squirted some more lube into his crack. “I don’t know if I can take you – but I really want to try,” he said, watching me as I finished lubing him.

As I stepped closer between his legs, I looked down at myself. I took hold of my sheathed cock and started rubbing it up and down along his crack and over his dark ass-hole. I could feel the heat coming from both of us. The idea of what I was doing was so illicit and so exciting.

His crack was splayed wide open, his puckered ass-hole clearly visible. I placed my helmet against it and teased him for several moments. Then I started to push against him. I held his thighs firmly to keep him in place as I pressed forward. I heard him expelling air from his lungs as he tried to relax and let me in. I kept pushing until, at last, his muscles relented and my cockhead disappeared inside him. He shouted in momentary pain and his face grimaced as his eyes screwed tight closed. Looking down, I couldn’t imagine his hole opening any wider. I wondered just how painful it was. I waited for him to recover. After several long moments, I sensed the tension in his muscles relaxing slightly and I moved my hips to slide further in very slowly. My eyes were darting between the look on his face and the sight of my disappearing shaft. I stopped several times and occasionally withdrew a little to give him time to adjust to my penetration. It took maybe a couple of minutes but eventually I was buried deep in my teacher’s ass.

He opened his eyes to look at me. “I’ve never felt to full. I can feel every inch of you. It’s like you’re filling the whole of my gut.”

“Can you take it?”

“Yes – take it slow – I need to know what it’s like to be fucked by you.”

I began to withdraw a little and then push back in. I held his legs back to expose more of his ass. I began a steady rhythm of ploughing into his ass. I’d dreamed of doing just this. I’d fucked Mack and then Boy. Now I was fucking a full-grown man and he was urging me on. I could feel my own ass clenching and releasing as I built the rhythm. The muscles in both our butts were working. Charlie started to move beneath me, rocking from side to side and lifting himself up of the bed as he sought to rotate himself on my shaft. His had moved to hold himself. His cock was wet and very hard in his hand. More clear fluid was seeping from his slit and covering his fingers.

It felt amazingly good as he squeezed his butt muscles around my shaft as I fucked him. I didn’t want to hurt him but I did want to fuck him hard. As he loosened up, I began to pull out further and then push in deeper. My balls and my pubes were mashing into his thighs and ass. It was like I was staring in my own porn movie. His hand was moving faster on his cock. There was so much heat and pleasure and excitement within me. Sweat was starting to run down my chest as I began to fuck into him really hard. For a brief moment, I imagined fucking him across his desk at school. I couldn’t stop myself now even if he’d wanted me to.

Charlie let out a loud cry. I looked down at him without slowing my action. His cock was spewing out masses of goo. A pool of sticky white cum was forming on his navel. His hand was covered with the stuff. And still more juice was escaping from him. It began to run down either side of his abdomen onto the sheet. I’d never seen anyone cum so much.

The smell and the heat of it excited me even more. I was thrusting into him with my whole pelvis. My balls were on fire. The climax was approaching. “Ahh, I’m going to cum,” I shouted. I heard him urge me on and then I felt his hands grab my ass and pull me deep into him. I couldn’t stop myself. My juice was forcing itself up and out of me. I felt the ejection of my first blast deep inside him. It was followed by several more large blasts as I kept pumping into him until eventually my orgasm was spent and I started to slow.

“You’re amazing,” he said, as I came to rest, “I’ve always wanted a boy to do that with me but I never imagined it could be that good. My ass is probably going to be sore but it was absolutely worth it to feel you like that.” He pulled me down on top of him, my belly rubbing in the juices that lay across him. He groaned as my cock very slow slid out of him. “That was fantastic.”

We kissed a little and held each other. I felt a bit exhausted and needed to recover. Eventually, he suggested we go for a shower together. I got up of him, examining the mess on the bed. My cock was still enlarged and hanging thick between my legs, the cum-filled condom still covering the end. We entered the bathroom and I pulled the condom off to wrap it in a tissue.

As soon as we stepped in the shower I felt the need to pee. I made to get out again but Charlie urged: “Just let it go in here – it’s fine.” As I started to piss, he took hold of my cock in his hand and held me. At the same time, he released a stream of pee from his own cock which fell across our legs and feet. I guess we spent around ten minutes in the shower, soaping each other, cleaning ourselves intimately, and talking about what we’d done together.

After we’d got dressed again, Charlie said he would drop me off near to home. We seemed to make small talk, but as we drove into the city again he said: “I want you to know how much I enjoyed that. Thank you for teasing me and taking the risk to suggest it with me. I can see you enjoyed it too. I know it’s our secret and we will both keep it completely separate from school …. but …. if you want to meet again, I’d love to do some more.”

I smiled at him and grinned. My hand reached into his crotch as he drove and gave him a very big and obvious squeeze. “Me too.”

*** To be continued soon in Chapter 22 of Toby’s Secret Journal ***

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