Toby’s Secret Journal – Chapter 22


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Chapter 21 ended like this ………. 

As soon as we stepped in the shower I felt the need to pee. I made to get out again but Charlie urged: “Just let it go in here – it’s fine.” As I started to piss, he took hold of my cock in his hand and held me. At the same time, he released a stream of pee from his own cock which fell across our legs and feet. I guess we spent around ten minutes in the shower, soaping each other, cleaning ourselves intimately, and talking about what we’d done together.

After we’d got dressed again, Charlie said he would drop me off near to home. We seemed to make small talk, but as we drove into the city again he said: “I want you to know how much I enjoyed that. Thank you for teasing me and taking the risk to make it happen. I can see you enjoyed it too. I know it’s our secret and we will both keep it completely separate from school …. but …. if you want to meet again, I’d love to do some more.”

I smiled at him and grinned. My hand reached into his crotch as he drove and gave him a very big and obvious squeeze. “Me too.”



The next few days passed in a blur. My mind kept going over the events with Boy and with Charlie. If this was what it was like to be a grown-up then I wanted a whole lot more of it! Charlie had texted me a few times after our afternoon together in the sex-hotel. He wanted to check that I was feeling OK about what we’d done. I got the sense that he was also pretty excited about being involved with me like that. He asked me if I wanted to meet up with him again. For a brief moment, I played with the idea of teasing him some more – then I realised that that was pretty childish behaviour and that we needed to respect each other as mature young guys. So I told him I was definitely up for some more fun with him. He seemed relieved to hear this and said he would be in touch in a few days to arrange something.

Chakri, Nut and I had met up again in town. Chakri had wanted to buy some clothes and he brought us both along to help him. I don’t think we were much help really. We kept suggesting things for him to try on but we were taking the piss. We ended up in the Platinum Mall where there are lots of different small, independent clothes stalls. He managed to find some nice shirts and also some sandals. I could see that the relationship between the two of them was clearly developing. They kept whispering together and making lots of playful remarks. A little bit of me was jealous that Nut was taking most of Chakri’s attention. I remembered our horny weekend together at Kanchanarburi; but then I also remembered what I had going with both Boy and with Charlie. Boy had clearly told his brother about me as they both seemed to know something of what had been going on in Tom’s condo. But I didn’t say anything about Charlie; I’d promised to keep this secret and it was still way too early to be revealing any hint of what we’d been up to.

Boy and I were texting and talking on the phone most days. He kept telling me that Tom had really enjoyed being with me, and that he wanted them to meet up with me again. The prospect of another session involving Tom felt great. There was lots of sexual innuendo in my conversations with Boy. He’d been away to visit his mother for a couple of days and had had quite a lot of work to do for Tom, so we’d not actually managed to meet up again. Apparently Tom was expecting a friend from the US to come and stay for a week or two – someone he’d known at university and who was visiting Bangkok. Tom had promised him somewhere to stay and to show him around the city. From all that Boy was saying, I just assumed this friend was also gay.

One morning Boy called me again. He was eager to meet up again, suggesting that I go over to their condo. “You can help me prepare the spare bedroom for Tom’s friend. He’s called Peter; he’s arriving in a couple of days. And, I have an idea that I want to discuss with you – but I’m not saying any more just yet!”

I went over to their condo that afternoon. It was a hot day and I was sweating by the time I entered the building and went up in the lift. Boy let me in at the door, telling me that Tom was out again for the afternoon but would be back home later. We sat out on the balcony for a time, with some cool drinks, and I recalled all the action that had taken place in that same spot last time I was there.

Boy took me through to the guest bedroom. I helped him make up the bed for Peter’s arrival. Then he swept and mopped the laminate floor and cleaned the guest bathroom. We checked there was space in the built-in wardrobe for Peter’s clothes, and laid out some towels and toiletries for him to use. By the time we’d finished, the room looked pretty good, ready for their guest to arrive.

“So what’s this big idea that you’ve had?” I finally enquired when we’d finished.

“Oh, yes,” Boy answered, “I’ve thought of something for Tom and wanted to check your reaction to it first before I did any more. I mean, with you and Tom both being farang, you might say that it’s a silly idea, in which case I’ll just drop it and think of something different.”

“So what is it?”

“Well …. I’ve discovered that it’s Tom’s birthday next week. I was wondering what to get him. Here in Thailand people don’t really give each other birthday gifts. Usually they just go to the temple and maybe to a restaurant for a meal to celebrate. I thought about buying him a small gift but I’m not sure what to get him; if there’s anything he wants, he normally just goes out and gets it. Maybe he’d like some new gadget or something, but I don’t really have the money to buy something expensive like that.”

“I see. Did you have any other ideas then?”

“I just have one idea. I can’t really organise a meal out at a restaurant without asking him for the money to pay for it. And I would like it to be a surprise for him. So instead, I thought about organising some kind of party here at the condo. I could invite some of his friends, maybe on the Saturday night next week. Peter will be staying here and maybe he could help me. And I wondered if you would like to come and then you could give me a hand to organise it as well. I might have to ask everyone for a small contribution towards the food – or tell them to bring their own drinks. That way it won’t be too expensive.”

“That sounds nice. It’s something that English people do – ask people round to their home for a party. But sometimes it can make quite a mess, especially if there are a lot of people.”

“I wasn’t thinking of inviting too many people. I don’t really know all his friends – only the people I’ve met since I started working for Tom. There’s Jack and Chai, two friends from Pattaya that he’s known for ages. There’s me and you. Peter will be staying here. I could invite Nut and maybe he would bring Chakri; Tom likes my brother a lot. You might want to bring someone as your guest. And I wondered about asking my cousin Thaksin; Tom’s played around with him when we spent the weekend together on Koh Samet. What do you think?”

“That sounds like a lot of guys! No women friends then?”

“Um … well I do know one or two of his female friends, like Jo and Zee, but I’m less comfortable with them. I think Tom likes spending time with his gay friends just now.”

“So this is going to be a gay party then?”

“Yes, that’s what I was thinking. Knowing what Tom’s interested in right now, I think that’s what he might prefer. And I have one more idea.”

“What’s that?”

“You said that it might get messy to hold the party in the apartment. So I was wondering whether I could arrange to book the roof-top terrace for the evening.”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea. Then you could give the party a theme – like a ‘pool-party’. People could swim, lie out, and enjoy the party outdoors.”

“Yes – do you think that would be all right?”

“It sounds great to me. One other suggestion: everyone could bring something to drink, but could you ask someone to prepare the food, so that it was all brought in from outside and you didn’t have to make such a large quantity without Tom finding out about it?”

“That’s an idea. Maybe I could ask Nut whether the restaurant where he works could make up some food for us. They’re not very far away. I’m sure they could deliver something. And if it was all up on the roof, then it could be prepared and set up without Tom knowing anything about it. I’ll ask him if that’s possible, and what the price would be.”

“Sounds like a plan. I can give you some money for the food. And hopefully everyone else will be able to contribute something as well.”

“Good. Why don’t we go upstairs and check out the terrace and the pool to see how it would work? We can have a swim as well. I’ll lend you a costume if you want – if you can squeeze into a pair of my trunks with your big bulges.”

We collected some towels and costumes and walked up the last flight of stairs to the roof terrace. There was no-one else about at that time of day. The pool was at one end of the terrace, surrounded by sun-loungers. Between the stairs and the pool that was quite a large area of open terracing. “This would be fine with a few tables and some chairs for the food and drinks,” I offered. We walked around the area and discovered that the plants in tubs could be re-arranged to make them more attractive. There were several corners where candles could be arranged in groups to provide some discrete lighting. Boy told me that there was a light glow which reached the terrace from the streets below. Off to one side were the changing rooms and the gym. All-in-all it seemed like a great place for a pool party. Boy said he would enquire about making a booking for a private party. He thought that other residents had done something similar in the past so he didn’t think it would be a problem.

“How about a swim then, now we’re here?” he asked. I agreed and we walked into the changing room. We were getting undressed when he suggested, “How about nude swimming – have you ever done that?”

“Yes – back in England in the summer, when I was a long way from anywhere, there was a river I could swim in.”

“Want to do it here?” he asked.

“But what if someone else comes up to the roof?”

“Oh, most residents are out at work in the afternoon. They don’t use the gym or the pool until the evening. We can leave some towels on the side, just in case. I’ve done it before when I’ve swum here in the afternoon.”

“What about the security guy who watched us in the gym last time?”

“That’s Chakorn. I think he’s a bit of a perv. If he comes up here, he’ll probably want to watch us for a time and then ask if he can join us. But I’d rather play with you!” And saying that, he pulled off his briefs, picked up his towel, and walked off out to the pool. I couldn’t help watching his wonderful ass as he went.

I hurriedly finished getting undressed and followed him out. Boy was already in the water. “What’s that sausage swinging between your legs?” he joked as I approached. I dived into the pool and swam towards him ready to duck him. He swam swiftly away. We raced each other for a few lengths. The feeling of swimming naked is always exhilarating. The sensation of kicking your legs and feeling the water move across and around your bum and your cock – it’s so liberating. We played grab-ass for a time. He enjoyed diving between my legs, making a grab for me with each pass. Whenever we were close we would give each other a playful kiss whilst our hands fondled bits of each other’s bodies. Even though I was worried about someone coming onto the roof and seeing us, I couldn’t stop my cock lengthening and filling. Boy noticed and dived down to suck on me underwater, holding onto my ass to keep himself in place. The feel of his hands on my butt was great. When he stood back up again, his cock too was pointing straight out.

“I want to feel you against me again,” he said, turning round and backing into me. My stiffness pushed into his crack and my hands went around his waist to feel him and stroke him. He turned his head round towards me. “Mmmm, that feels so good,” and we kissed deeply.

We played around some more with lots of touching and fondling in the water. “Last time you were here – when you fucked me, Toby – it felt great. You really filled me. It was like Tom, when he fucks me, because you’re both big, but that’s what I expected from a man. Knowing it was you, another boy, doing it to me, made it so horny. Would you like me to try doing it to you this time?”

I turned to look at him. Something in my face must have registered my panic. “Err … I don’t know … I’m not sure …”

“You don’t have to. I just wondered if you might like it.”

“To be honest, Boy,” I began, “I’ve never had anyone do that to me. I suppose I’m a bit scared of what it would be like. And I’ve always imagined myself as the one who is fucking someone else.”

“Really? Well, I suppose it does take a bit of getting used to. Tom was the first person to do it with me – and then you. He tried to prepare me first, using a dildo, to get me used to the sensation. But now I love being filled like that. You can fuck me again anytime!”

I smiled. Just the thought of entering him again was bringing back my hard-on. “Yeah, well, it felt good doing it with you,” I said.

“Come on then, let’s get out of the pool, and I’ll try something just to give you a taster of what it’s like.” He led the way back into the changing room, picking up our towels on the way. He sat on the bench. “Come and stand in front of me a minute,” he ordered. When I did as he said, he told me to turn around so my back was towards him. “Now bend as far forward as you can; use your hands on your knees if you have to.” As I did so, I realised I was exposing my butt directly to his face. He put his hands on my buttocks. “Mmmm, so nice Toby,” he said. Then he patted my thighs to make me spread my legs wider.

All of a sudden I felt his face in my ass. I could feel his nose and his chin squashing into my crack. Then his hand moved through between my legs to hold my balls. I wriggled my ass from side to side over his face, remembering how Charlie had reacted when I’d played with his ass. His fingers pulled my buttocks apart to expose more of my crack. Then something wet was pushing into me. His mouth was pressed against my crack; his tongue was licking me. “Aaarghhh”, the sensation was so different. I moved my feet to give him even more access. Never had anyone played with my ass like this. His tongue kept licking across my ass-hole. It was a fiery, exquisite sensation of delight. He was probing me and my ass didn’t know what to do. I wanted him both to stop and to keep going. He kept licking, all the way from my root to the top of my crack, but every time returning to touch my hole. Then suddenly, his mouth was removed and something more solid took its place. Judging by the pressure on my ass-cheeks, it could only be a finger. He was pressing the tip against my ass-hole. I squeezed the muscle to keep him out. This worked for a time, but when I took a deep breath the muscles must have relaxed and his finger slipped inside me. “Oowww,” I exclaimed loudly. He didn’t do anything more, just kept his finger in place.

“Just breath – you’ll get used to it,” he said from behind me, “I’m not going to do any more.”

I focused on the sensation. Something between wanting to shit and wanting him deeper. There was heat and fire from all around my ass. I thought I would have gone soft but when I put my hand down to check, I found my cock was fully rigid. “Aahh, no-one’s ever done that to me before.”

“And how is it?”

“I’m not sure. I loved it when you were licking all over me. That felt so hot. It tickled and excited and stimulated me all at the same time.” He held his finger inside me for a moment longer, and then slowly withdrew it. “And now you’ve made me so horny again.” I turned around so he could see the size of my erection. My cock was at the height of his head as he sat on the bench. He immediately grabbed me and took me into his mouth. He sucked and jerked me for a minute or two as I held onto his head. “Oh fuck, Boy, you’re going to make me cum soon,” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, that’s what I want,” he replied. “But I want you to do it inside me again – if you want to.” It was both a statement and a question. The prospect of fucking his ass again really turned me on. Both of us were naked. It would be so easy just to do it.

“I can’t – not here where someone could walk in and see us.”

“Well I don’t mind. But if it bothers you, let’s go into one of the toilet cubicles and shut the door.” He lifted his face off me and stood up, grabbing my hand to pull me towards the toilets. We both felt the urgency of the moment. As we went past the showers, he reached in to take a handful of gel from the dispenser. Then he led me to the far cubicle, where we both stepped inside and he closed and locked the door from the inside.

We kissed hurriedly as he wiped his gel-covered hand all over my shaft. “I just want to feel you again, moving inside me.” He turned around, put his hands against the wall, and bent forward. My cock lay against his ass as he pushed back towards me. I rubbed it up and down, smearing the lubricant along his crack. I took hold of myself and let my helmet touch, tease and press his hole. With his hands he pulled his buttocks exposing even more of his secret entrance. The heat of my glans mixed with the heat from his butt. I held his hips and tried to push into him. My cockhead slipped away the first time and he grabbed my shaft to line me up again. This time, with both of us pushing, I slipped into him. I gave him a moment to adjust before I slid in deeper. I began a thrusting motion beginning with the tip of my cock and then gradually working my way deeper and deeper into his ass. I could hear him moaning beneath me. He was jerking himself off with his hand.

I was increasingly familiar with the sensation of pleasuring another boy’s ass, yet still this felt so good. I looked down to watch myself sliding in and out of Boy. He was squeezing my shaft with his muscles to increase the pleasure for both of us. I used my hips to give him a full fucking. My body was tingling from the pleasure we’d been giving each other. The awareness that this was a semi-public toilet cubicle and that anyone could come in and over-hear us somehow added to the thrill of the moment.

It took just two or three minutes of thrusting. The heat rose all the way from my balls and through the centre of my body. I felt my sperm desperate to splay out. I didn’t give him any warning this time but he must have sensed my approaching orgasm. He pushed backwards with his arms, forcing his ass towards me. I slowed the pace and made several deep penetrations with each ejaculation into him. My legs weakened beneath me with the exertion. I wondered briefly if I was about to fall backwards against the door.

“Don’t come out of me Toby,” he urged as my thrusting ceased, “Try and stay in me. I want to cum whilst you’re still there.” His hand was working feverishly on his cock. I heard his breathing speed up. His ass muscles were continuing to spasm around me. Then with a loud groan he must have let fly. I heard his cum fall against the basin and the floor tiles several times. He slowly brought himself to a halt.

We were both breathing deeply. Boy gradually pushed himself upright and my cock slid out from inside him. He turned to face me and our cocks pushed against each other. We held each other and kissed. “One day I hope you’ll get to experience just how good that is,” he whispered to me between kisses.

We splashed some water on the floor to clean up. We listened to make sure that no-one had entered the changing rooms before leaving the cubicle to shower and get dressed again. We were joking and laughing as we collected our things. “Well, I think this will make a great place for Tom’s pool party,” he said as we left. I laughed and agreed, thinking of all the possibilities that might arise during that future event.


It was a few days later that I got a phone call from Boy. He wanted to tell me that Tom’s friend, Peter, had arrived from the US and was now staying with them in the guest bedroom. According to Boy, he was quite a good-looking guy, around the same age as Tom, but he didn’t think Tom was particularly interested in him sexually. “I really think Tom is only getting turned on by teens like you and me, now,” is what he actually said. I wanted to ask whether their usual rules of ‘no clothes necessary around the apartment’ was still in place with a guest staying, but this might be something I could check out next time I visited them. Tom had been showing Peter some of the sights of Bangkok and they’d been out for several meals together. Boy said that Peter had been to a couple of massage shops and he’d also been to a gay sauna that Tom had recommended, so he reckoned he’d probably had some fun in these places. They were planning to go to the sports centre that afternoon for a game of tennis. They wanted to know if I was interested in playing with them and being the fourth person in a game of doubles. I agreed and we arranged to meet at the sports centre in the late afternoon when it was a little cooler.

I got to the building around 5.00 and hung around in the reception area until the others arrived. Boy came through the doors first and walked up to me to give me a discrete kiss on the cheek. “Hello sexy man – great to be see you.” Tom seemed pleased to see me too: “Hi Toby – it’s good to see you again. I’m glad you could join us. This is my friend Peter from California who’s staying with us for a couple of weeks.”

I turned to Peter and shook his hand. He was tall, quite slim and fit, with a healthy tan. He had a firm handshake. “Hello Toby, pleased to meet you. Boy’s told me a lot about you.” I smiled, wondering quite what it was that Boy had said.

After Tom paid for our game and collected some racquets we went through to the changing rooms. Boy and I had lockers next to each other. In no time at all, Boy was doing his usual exhibitionism and stripping off all his clothes completely. He grinned at me as he caught me checking out his body yet again. As I looked at him, I could also see Peter taking in the sight of Boy’s butt from across the room. I tried to watch Peter in a mirror as he stepped out of his shorts and then his boxers but my view was limited. He certainly looked fit and strong as though he kept himself in good shape through regular exercise. He looked up and saw me watching him in the mirror. He smiled and then maintained the look as if it was my time to reciprocate. Anything Boy can do, I should be able to do. So as Peter continued to watch, I deliberately pulled off my shirt and then dropped my shorts, before making a big play of adjusting my tackle inside my pants. He was still smiling and watching when I checked in the mirror again.

Boy was dressed in his tennis kit now. “Hey, dad,” he said talking to Tom across the room, “How about if Peter plays with me, because he’s good and I’m not very experienced, and then you can team up with your other new son?”

Peter looked at each of us, clearly somewhat confused by these references.  “Oh, sorry Peter,” added Boy, “Sometimes I call Tom my ‘dad’ because that’s what he can be like towards me. And Toby has recently joined our family – he’s like our new ‘foster-son’. Does that make sense? If you feel in need of a ‘son’ of your own, maybe you can borrow one of us,” and he laughed at the joke. I could see Peter’s face going slightly red; his hand moved to adjust his shorts. “Come on – let’s go and play.” And we all walked out to the courts together.

It was still warm for playing tennis. We knocked up some balls for ten minutes. Tom and Peter were both pretty good and could serve well and make all kinds of shots. Peter was dashing around the court and jumping for overhead balls. We settled down to start a game. I was playing doubles with Tom and he took quite a lot of trouble to treat me as his partner, conferring on tactics and giving me compliments when he felt I’d made a good shot. We were winning quite clearly. Boy didn’t really have much experience or skill at tennis. He made several air-swipes and mis-hits. Peter was working really hard to make up for Boy’s lesser abilities; he was running all over the court chasing down balls and trying to send some awkward balls over to us – but we kept winning a lot of the games.

The couple who’d been playing on the next court to us finished their game and returned to the changing rooms. Shortly afterwards, two guys came out and started knocking up balls on the same court. I didn’t notice them at first, but after a time I became aware that both Boy and Peter were looking across at them and becoming distracted from our game. Tom and I started winning more points. This prompted Peter to become even more competitive, working really hard to recover some points for his side.

One of the guys on the adjacent court was probably in his mid-thirties. He was very fit and tanned. I’d seen him before, the last time we came to the sports centre. I think he was the tennis coach or one of the staff at the centre. He seemed to play his tennis shots effortlessly, making easy returns and passes. The person he was playing against was considerably younger – maybe 19 or 20 (although Thai guys still seem to look younger than their real age to me). He was slim and agile although nothing like as confident or skilled at the game. I worked out that this was the guy who was distracting Peter in particular.

Maybe Peter was trying to impress everyone with his fitness. The more games that Tom and I won (or perhaps that was games that Boy helped them to lose), the more Peter tried to win points with ever-more extreme shots. Perhaps that was his undoing. Tom had been serving and there had been a rally of three or four shots which included a really great lob from me over the heads of Peter and Boy. In an effort to save the point, Peter raced to the back of the court and made a twisting jump to try and hit the falling ball. As his feet landed back on the court he let out a loud shout, dropped his racquet, and fell awkwardly to the ground. When he didn’t immediately get up, Boy ran over to assist him. By this time Peter was holding the inside of his right thigh with his hand, rubbing it and pressing it as if to ease some pain.

Peter remained on the ground as Boy looked across to us for some help. We both ran around the net and as we approached Peter, I could see the older man from the next court coming across as well. Boy stepped back to let Tom and this other man tend to Peter.

“Have you noticed that young man on the other court?” Boy whispered to me, “He’s really good looking.” I gave him a longer look whilst pretending to take notice of something else outside the court.

Meanwhile the two men were examining Peter on the ground. He still seemed to be in some pain and was clutching his thigh. The older guy was asking him to try and stretch his leg. He asked Tom to fetch a chair from the side of the court. Together the two of them helped Peter up until he could sit on the chair. Then the guy was using his fingers to gently explore the area around Peter’s abdomen, hips and thigh. Eventually he said, “Well, I think you might have pulled a muscle in your groin or your thigh when you made that lunging jump. I can see that it’s painful. Are you able to stand on your leg?” Peter made an effort to stand up and then walk one or two steps. He grimaced in some pain as he limped on the injured leg. “Yes, that’s definitely a muscle strain. If you like, we can offer you some treatment here. The quicker you apply some treatment now, the less chance it has to swell up, and the quicker you’ll be back to normal again.”

Peter sat down on the chair again to rest his leg. “Yes, I’m definitely going to need something. It’s quite painful. Maybe I can get a strapping to put around it and support the muscle.”

“Yes, you could do that,” offered the guy, “But first I would suggest applying some ice to prevent any immediate swelling, and then maybe some Thai acupressure massage around the area to help the circulation and energy in your body. My colleague here at the sports centre is Deek. He’s a physiotherapy student. He works here some evenings to gain more real-life experience. I can ask him to take care of you for a time. We have a treatment room in the centre.”

He waved the young man across from the other court. “This is Deek,” he said, when the young guy approached. He turned to Deek: “Could you take care of this farang please and give him some treatment. He’s strained a thigh or groin muscle.”

“Yes, of course,” replied Deek, “What is your name please?”

“I’m Peter. Thank you.”

“Come, stand up please, and let me help you to the room where I can check you out and see what is best.” Peter stood up slowly with Deek holding on to his arm. Tom went around the other side to support him and between the two of them, they walked off towards the changing rooms.

The older man turned to us. “I’m sorry, it looks like your game has come to an end. I could offer to play with you, but I have a class to coach soon. Your friend will be in good hands with Deek. Why don’t you play each other for a time?” We thanked him for all his help and then collected the tennis balls as he walked away from the court.

“Ha – maybe Peter injured himself on purpose just to get that guy’s hands on him!” suggested Boy. I made to hit him playfully.

“I can see that you like the young man Deek.”

“Yes, sure – he looked pretty hot. And now he’s got his hands all over Peter. Do you want to play some more, or shall we go and get showered and then maybe have a drink in the café whilst we wait for Peter and Tom to reappear?” We walked back to the changing rooms. There were several other people getting changed, so not much opportunity to do anything together. We did manage to share a large shower which enabled us to have some touch play even though it was quite public. We dressed and went upstairs to wait

Upstairs in the café I bought us some drinks and snacks. “What’s it like having Peter to stay?” I asked, “Does his presence affect what happens between you and Tom?”

“No, not really. Peter knows about Tom and me, but we tend to keep things more private in the bedroom since he arrived.”

“So no nudity around the condo then?”

“Not yet – but I’m hoping that Tom will say something to him about that. Now it feels very strange to have to wear shorts when I’m at home.”

“And you’ve not done anything with Peter?”

“No. I don’t think Tom has either. I don’t think they were ever boyfriends. I told you that Peter’s been to see some massage boys and to a sauna, so I guess he’s been enjoying himself. But he’s not brought anyone back to the condo yet.”

“Do you want to do anything with him?” I asked.

“Hmm, not sure. I can see that he’s very fit, but somehow he’s not the same as Tom. I love what my ‘dad’ does with me and what he lets me do with him. And Peter is definitely not as sexy and hot as you.”

“I’ve been thinking a lot about the last time you, me and Tom were together at your condo – and how we ended up being very close together on the bed. You and Tom were doing a son/dad thing”

“Oh yes – that always feels great. It’s almost like we’re a little family together. Tom doesn’t say much but I know he loves it when I call him ‘dad’. Since then, he’s talked quite a bit about you too. Maybe you’re my ‘fuck-brother’. I think Tom is really enjoying playing this role with us both. Maybe that’s why he’s not doing anything with Peter.”

“Mmm, well I like it too,” I admitted. Then, “So what’s happening about this birthday party for him?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s all just about fixed. I reserved the roof terrace and pool, so it will be booked out as a private party for the evening. And the restaurant where Nut works will prepare some food and deliver it. Nut’s asked some of the people who work there if they will help to serve it. I’ve invited a few people and everyone is willing to let me have some money towards the costs. I talked with Peter and he said he would buy some drinks for everyone. You’re going to come aren’t you Toby?”

“Yes – I’m looking forward to it. It should be fun - though I might not know many people.”

“You’ll know me and Tom. And now you’ve met Peter. And you know Nut. I think he’s going to invite Chakri.”

“Would it be OK if I invite someone I know as well?”

Boy looked surprised. “Who is it?” he demanded.

“I’ve discovered that one of the guys from school who’s been mentoring and teaching me is also gay. He’s only around 20 but he likes younger guys. I think you’ll like him too. I found him on a gay website. We started chatting but I didn’t tell him who I really was at that time.  He’s really sexy and good-looking, so I started flirting in front of him at school. Then I set up a meeting with him outside school, and revealed everything to him about our online chat. He was really shocked.”

“And? Did you get to do anything with him?”

“That would be telling.”

“You have to tell me!”

“Let’s just say he was very keen. He took me off afterwards. We ‘got to know each other better’.”

“So you did do something.”

“Are you jealous?”

“No – but I’m interested in knowing a whole lot more about him. If you find him sexy, then I probably will too.”

“Would you like to meet him?”

“If he’s as good looking as you say, then definitely yes.”

“Then I’ll invite him to Tom’s party. He might not want to come if he thinks it will expose him more. And Chakri doesn’t know about him. He’s really anxious about his position at school, if he’s seen with a student. But I’ll work on him.”

I saw Tom and Peter coming across the café towards us. Peter was still walking a little awkwardly, but he no longer needed any assistance. Tom drew up a couple of chairs at our table and they both sat down.

“How are you feeling now?” I asked Peter.

“Quite a bit better, thanks. The student physiotherapist took me to their treatment room and that seems to have helped.”

“From what you told me just now, he seems to have been very ‘hands-on’,” added Tom.

“What do you mean? What did he do to you?” interjected Boy eagerly.

“Well …” began Peter, “His name is Deek. He wanted to examine me. He asked me to remove my shorts so he could use his hands to feel my muscles and work out where the damage was.”

“This Deek is pretty hot-looking,” said Boy.

“And sounds like he had an effect on you Peter!” added Tom laughing.

“Well, maybe – but I was in quite a bit of pain. He asked me to lie on the treatment couch he uses for massage and therapy. Then he felt my thigh and my abdomen. He asked me to turn over so he could feel the muscles running from my backbone and over my hips and butt. Then he told me to turn onto my back again. He was working his fingers deep into my thigh muscles all around my groin. It was pretty intimate!”

“And did that have an effect on you?” probed Boy, always eager for more details.

Peter began to colour up. “Yes, I guess so. He was touching me very close and I began to swell in my underwear. He must have noticed but he was very professional. He just gave me a smile and told me it was quite natural. Then he went on feeling me with his fingers for several more minutes. It felt really good and I think it made quite a difference. Then he put an ice pack on me and that certainly made everything subside again.”

We all laughed. “I wish he’d been working on me! Maybe I should come back and injure myself,” said Boy, adding, “I’d love to feel his hands on me.”

“He wants me to come back in a couple of days for some more treatment.”

“Oh great! I’ll have to come with you.”

The banter continued for a little longer as Boy and I finished our drinks. I remembered not to say anything about the surprise birthday party in front of Tom. When Peter had recovered a little more he offered to take us all out for some street food and we left the sports centre.

*** To be continued soon in Chapter 23 of Toby’s Secret Journal ***

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