chapter II


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This story contains scenes of young teenage boys engaged in sexual acts with older teenage boys and an adult.
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This story is copyrighted, ©2006. It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

     Freddy unlocked the stall door and the two boys exited. Tomas was so scared. He kept his eyes to the floor as he trembled. Tears were dripping on the floor as he stood there. The principal pointed at the open door of the janitor's room. Tomas looked past the mops and buckets at another door standing open in the back of the closet. Freddy pushed him forward and they walked through the closet into a bedroom.
     The principal shut the door behind him and said, "That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. You boy's are perfect for each other." Tomas looked up at a smiling face. He looked at Freddy and watched as he bent over to untie his sneakers then rise up and pull his tee shirt over his head. He stared right into the face of his little friend and smiled as he pushed his shorts and underwear down together. Now standing there in nothing but his white crew socks he smiled at Tomas.
     Tomas turned to look at the principal who was now naked with his workout pants pooled around his ankles and the largest cock in the world pointing straight out in front of him. Tomas was enthralled. Never in all of his life could he have ever conceived something this large in a man's belly. The thing had to be seven or eight inches long and as big around as, what? At least an old silver dollar. There was no skin over the brown, dry looking head. It looked positively naked. A small drop of clear stuff formed at the tip and grew until it dripped to the floor.
     The principal reached out and put Freddy on the edge of the bed. He pulled off the boy's socks and kissed his feet and licked them taking time to suck each toe. Freddy was laughing and wiggling around on the bed obviously enjoying the attention. His boy cock was bouncing up and down and clear liquid was slinging like rain drops around the bed from its head.
     Turning to Tomas the principal picked him up and put him on the bed. He and Freddy made short work of removing every stitch of clothes the lad had on. Tomas had a real tongue lashing. He was hysterical as the man's tongue laved his tiny little feet. He felt the tongue working between each toe. He had totally new feelings with his foot in the man's gentle mouth. The man sucked the big toe and fucked it into his mouth. Freddy was in his face kissing him as he struggled for air. Being attacked at both ends was so fine, he had never known happiness like this.
     Freddy took the boy's cock in his mouth and rolled over onto his back, pulling the boy with him. For reasons far unknown to Tomas he took Freddy's dick into his mouth and began a sixty nine. This was the first time he had ever had a cock in his face, in his mouth, in his soul. He was where he hoped to be forever. He was a little uncomfortable with his legs hanging off the edge of the bed. His legs wouldn't quite reach the floor and he was actually laying on Freddy with his full weight. The man picked both boys up and put them farther up on the bed. He then pushed Tomas' knees up beside Freddy's head and spread his little ass to the world.
     Tomas was sucking on the head of the huge cock in his mouth and enjoying a new set of feelings as it's silky hardness filled his little mouth. Somehow he knew to keep his teeth back. He thought for a moment about his aunt and how she would take her teeth out to clean them after each meal. It would be kind of neat to take his teeth out he thought, not. Then he couldn't eat apples and corn and all of the things he liked to eat while she cut her's with a knife.
     Suddenly Tomas sprang upright. A new sensation. He looked back and could see his school principal with his face buried in his ass. He could feel something wet on his backside and reasoned that it must be the man's tongue. He was getting his ass hole licked clean by a grown man, his principal no less. He went back to the delicious cock-tail lunch sticking up before him. He chuckled to himself as he thought about those old women and what they would say if they saw this. He reasoned that this must be sex. They had missed out on a very good thing. This was going to be a very pleasant education.
     In no time Tomas had that tingly feeling again and he hoped that it was going to be the same as in the toilet. He let it happen and was enraptured as he shot more of his juice from his dick. Then he remembered that his dick was in his friends mouth and was mortified. He started to pull off to apologize when he was hit in the eye with a strong spurt of the white goo. He realized that his mouth was full too. He swished the load in his mouth around and decided it tasted pretty good as another volley shot forth hitting his face. He watched as another and another shot issued forth then he took the cock back in his mouth and swallowed what came next.
     Freddy pushed him up and he rolled over. The man guided them onto the pillow and he lay down beside them. Freddy climbed over both of them to lay on the other side of the man. Freddy began to kiss and lick all over the man's face. Tomas raised up so that he could see better. Freddy kissed and licked down the man's neck and onto his chest. He rubbed his face in the black hair that covered the chest and then worked his way across to the nipples. Sucking first one then the other he elicited moans of deep pleasure from the very grateful principal. "Wow, maybe we will get an A for this," he thought. Freddy was digging in the man's navel with his tongue and Tomas had his face right there so he could see it all.
     Tomas felt himself being lifted up. He was being placed on top of the man as Freddy moved around to kneel between the large legs of the adult. Tomas moaned as his cock was sucked in and his body pulled down tight against the man's body. He felt like he was loved for the first time in his life.
     He watched in awe as Freddy took the huge piece of man meat and began to play with it. He was swinging it around in circles and he even hit Tomas in the face with it. Tomas watched as a long string of the clear liquid flung from the head and as if in slow motion tumbled through the air as it made its way across the room.
     Freddy was licking around the shaft and head. He licked as if he had a giant ice cream cone in his hand. Then he opened his mouth and took the whole head inside. The two boys had their eyes locked on each other and Tomas was hypnotized as he watched the entire length of meat disappear into the hungry sucking mouth. Freddy nursed his tasty morsel as he smiled with his eyes at the awestruck expression on his little buddies face. He then began to do a slow up and down movement, letting the meat slide in and out of his precious little lips. The man was moaning. He was pushing at Tomas' ass hole. It was feeling so good.
     Freddy bobbed away for a few minutes then his eyes sprung a question mark. Tomas watched as he pulled the pulsing cock from his lips to point at his own face. He picked up at what Freddy was asking and he moved forward. He opened his mouth wide and took the huge head inside. It hurt his jaw to stretch this wide but he was going to do it. He tried to take more in and he gagged. "Go slow. Don't try to take it all. It is too big for your first time." Freddy was a good coach.
     Determined, Tomas was now pumping on the man cock. He was able to get about three inches in when Freddy nudged him aside. Reluctantly, Tomas let Freddy take over. Freddy could handle it better, he conceded, as he watched his friend bob up and down on the long cock. Tomas had been unaware that the man had pushed his finger all the way inside his little bottom. He was suddenly aware of how good it felt. He was having those tingly feelings again and the man began to slide his finger in and out. He touched something in his ass and electricity shot throughout his tiny frame.
     Freddy was calling him with his eyes and Tomas opened his mouth, he was ready. A drop of the white stuff leaked from the corner of Freddy's mouth as his hand pushed against the back of his friend's head and guided him to the final moments of the man's ejaculation. Not wanting to miss a drop, Tomas began to pump and suck. He had all but an inch or more of the man's cock in his mouth and he could feel the cum blowing forth. The man's finger was fucking his ass with such force and he kept hitting that same spot. Tomas felt his whole body turn to focus on his cock and all his energy fired forth through his little spout into the sucking mouth of the cock hungry man.
     The three of them lay together totally drained of all energy as sleep overtook them. In about a half an hour Tomas awakened to Freddy sucking his dick. Freddy moved over the top of the boy with his cock pointing straight down. Tomas opened his mouth and let the large cock enter in. It was poking at the back of his mouth and he was tempted to gag. Fighting this feeling he remembered his CPR training and how to make sure you had an open airway before trying to breathe into your victim. He lifted his chin forward, kicking the back of his head toward his shoulders. Freddy's cock slipped directly into his throat. This was good. This felt very natural. "Don't wake me, I'm eating." he thought.
     The man was on his knees above Tomas' head. He pushed Freddy's knees forward. Tomas looked into a totally foreign site. Freddy's ass was flat with his crack spread wide. His ass hole sat there like a pink bull's eye on a pure white target. The man squeezed some clear jell from a tube onto his finger. He rubbed the finger around the pink bud and then pushed it inside. Tomas now knew what the man had been doing to him a few minutes earlier. The finger started going in and out of his friend's butt and it was causing a reaction on the other end of his body as Freddy sucked him harder.
     The man moved forward and Tomas could see his cock was all shiny and looked wet. The man pointed the head of his very large cock at Freddy's greased hole and pushed. Tomas gasped as he watched the head pop through and felt Freddy's body jerk. A few minutes later the man began to push his cock into the eager receptacle. Freddy was taking it all with moans of pleasure that were sending vibrations up and down Tomas' rigid cock.
     In a matter of moments the man began to fuck. The long cock pulled out almost to the end then went back in. The speed increased until he was fucking and moving both boys' bodies beneath him as he did. Freddy was now fucking Tomas' ass with three fingers. Tomas was in heaven. His cock felt alive. Freddy dumped another of his delicious loads in the sucking mouth beneath him as Tomas returned the favor. The man stiffened and pushed hard into Freddy. He stayed like that for a moment as Tomas watched the man's balls move up and down, each time getting closer to his body. Suddenly a drop oozed from Freddy's fucked ass. It fell and landed on Tomas' forehead. He wasn't exactly sure if that was a good thing or not. The huge cock was withdrawn from Freddy but now it was limp and dripping. Tomas looked at Freddy's gapping ass hole and watched the little lips pulse with his heartbeat and slowly close. Cum was leaking out and slowly ran down his thighs as the man's face moved back in. Tomas could see the man's tongue as he licked his own stuff off of and out of Freddy. Tomas lay there, eyes agape, as he witnessed perversions that he could only image being condemned in his earlier life.
     Separated again Tomas watched as Freddy knelt in front of the man, who was still on his knees, and sucked the soft dick clean. A telephone rang in another room. The man got up and walked out. A few minutes later he came back. The boy's were laying on the bed playing with one another's soft cocks. Tomas was intent on exploring every inch of his friend.
     "Why don't you come in here. You missed lunch I think. No, leave your clothes. Just run around like that when you're here with me."
     Four little legs dashed for the door, cocks flopping as they went. They were seated at the table and the man dipped up bowls of chicken noodle soup. He sat a plate of cheese and a loaf of bread on the table and got a bottle of Miracle Whip to top it off. Glasses of milk appeared and everyone started stuffing their faces. "There has been a change in the bed assignments. Freddy, I'm sorry. You are just to old to be with the little guys. I'm afraid they will learn too much too young. They need to learn at their own pace." Two very sad faces looked back at him.
     "Thomas, you are so far ahead of the boys in the dorm. You really have no peers amongst the students of this school." Again, the hang dog looks but this time with tears in Tomas' eyes. He was sure he was going to be kicked out to go live with his aunt again. "Thomas, you have so much that you could teach the other bo..."
     "It's Tomas, sir. Tow mas`, not Tah` mus." He was hurt and he was angry. He liked it here. He liked Freddy. This ass hole can't even say his name right.
     The principal got out of his chair and knelt beside Tomas. "I am so sorry. I never paid any attention to how it was spelled. Please forgive me." Tomas could see a tear in the man's eye. He really felt bad now. "I thought I had good news for you but...well Tomas you are so special. You have never had anything good happen to you have you?"
     "Not till I came here and met Freddy." The tears were pouring now and he was sobbing.
     "Okay, I'll quit playing with you. We have moved all of your things into the only vacant room we had in your building. You have a staff room, together. You will both share a room for the rest of this year. There is one minor problem. It is a staff room so it only has one big bed so you are going to have to sleep together." That brightened the room. Smiles and hugs were going around. "I do have to beg you. Please keep your door shut and don't let anyone in. I don't know what would happen if anyone found out you are sleeping in the same bed. Somebody would accuse you of having sex with each other and we all know that would never happen." Chuckles escalated into uproarious laughter.
     "As I was saying. You are so far ahead of the other boy's and I think that you can help teach others. For an experiment I would like you to teach Spanish. I understand that you are fluent and speak with no accent. We can use that as an excuse for giving you your own room. Now I want to be kept in the loop on your progress. I would like to ask the two of you to join me every Saturday morning, here in my cottage. We can see what comes up between us as I evaluate Freddy's progress." That got huge giggles and a couple of dicks waved around.
     "I know something that will come up."
     The boys walked back to the dorm alone. The house monitor met them at the door and showed them their new room on the fourth floor of the old building. The room was huge and had its own bathroom complete with tub and shower. All of their clothes were in the proper place. They were at home.

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