This story is based on the story “David” published on this website in 1995.

Standard warnings apply…

>>> TOMMY <<<

  by PHILIP (

I had been dating Tommy’s mom for about 6 months when she got switched to the night shift and asked me if I could take care of the little guy. I had been secretly lusting after the kid since I first saw him with his shirt off. He was only 8 but he had the most beautiful body I had ever seen. I had never been into boys before so it kind of shocked me when I got a hard-on just looking at him.

Judy left around 8 to go to work. I couldn’t wait any longer to get my hands on that hot little body. So I suggested to Tommy that he take a bath. He was all for it. We went into the bathroom and I got on my knees to help him undress. First I slowly pulled the tight white t-shirt off of his upper body. I casually ran my hand down his chest and stomach. His skin was as soft as silk and his nipples were the color of red wine. He was busy telling me about his Little League game so I proceeded to unbutton his pants. I could feel my dick swelling in my pants as I unzipped his jeans and slowly pulled them down over his milky white thighs and calves. He stepped out of them as I peered at his little cock hidden beneath his underoos. I took a deep breath and placed my thumbs under the waistband of his underwear and slowly pulled them down. His little penis looked to be semi-erect; I dreamt of just putting it in my mouth, but I didn’t.

Tommy went to get into the tub when we discovered that I had forgotten to put the water on. I started the bath and then sat Indian style on the floor pulling Tommy onto my lap. That naked round butt rubbing against my hard cock through my jeans had been dripping copious amounts of pre-cum in my shorts.

Tommy got into the tub as it filled up and started to run a bar of soap over his torso. I asked him if he wanted me to do his back and he said “Sure”. I soaped up my hands and ran them up and down the smooth skin. I worked my way down until I could feel the top of his ass crack. I washed what little of it I could, as my fingers wandered beneath him and started to rub his sweet little pucker. I inserted one finger and he let out a yelp so I quickly retreated. I asked him if he wanted me to wash the rest of him since my hands were already full of soap. He liked the idea so I began with his right leg slowly stroking my hand up and down touching his balls as much as I could. I did the same with his left leg.

I rubbed my hand all over his tummy and then headed south to the prize. I grasped his little cock in my hand and began stroking it. He was hard in no time—rock hard! I pulled back his foreskin and washed the beautiful red head. He seemed to swoon a bit as I washed his cock and bulls. I didn’t want him to cum just yet, so I stopped and said that it was time to get out of the tub.

He climbed out and I wrapped him in a big yellow towel and pulled him close to me, squeezing him as is I was squeezing all the water off of him. He laughed. I opened his towel and saw his still rock-hard cock sticking straight out. I toweled off his body and then asked him if he knew about cleaning under his foreskin. He said his mom had said something about it. I showed him how to do it; rolling back his foreskin to reveal the engorged head. I took the towel and dabbed it dry. When I was finished I realized that it was 9pm and my favorite TV show was on. I threw Tommy over my shoulder ran to his bedroom to grab his PJs and then down the stairs to the TV room.

I switched on the TV and sat in the big easy chair with a naked Tommy on my lap. I decided the PJs could wait. I took my hand and started running it up and down his thigh stopping just short of his ball sac each time. At the first commercial break I asked Tommy if he wanted to go to bed or stay up a little longer with me. He wanted to stay up-I decided it was time to make my move. I ran my hand up his thigh but this time I grabbed his penis, just kind of holding it in my hand. The sensation was incredible. It was like hot marble. I got temporarily scared of the repercussions of this situation so I removed my hand. He grabbed it and put it back around his penis. I had been given the green light.

About 10 minutes later Tommy had fallen asleep. I started to slowly jack him off, running his foreskin back and forth over the engorged head as I kneaded his ball sac. He quietly moaned in his sleep. This was so hot for me—to actually have a boy’s penis in my hands. Still asleep, he began to cum. His body tensed up and shook a bit, the climax of his orgasm waking him up. He asked what just happened and I told him he must have been having a dream. He believed it. It was way past his bedtime anyway so I carried him upstairs, his pajamas in my hand.

He lay down in his bed and I pulled his pajama bottoms up his legs. I buttoned the fly leaving room for his cock to stick out. He thought that was funny. I stroked his hair a few times as I looked down on him. He smiled at me. I got on my knees and kissed him softly on the mouth. As I was pulling away he kissed my forehead. I slowly caressed his still naked chest and stomach as we made small talk. He told me that he sometimes holds his hard penis as he’s going to sleep. I asked him if he wanted me to show him another way to go to sleep. He got excited and said “yes”. I kissed him once more on the lips then on his chest then stomach then my mouth was hovering over his cock. I licked up the underside of his shaft and around the soft head. I kissed the small opening in the head. I looked up at him and his eyes were closed. I then took his whole penis into my mouth and started to bob up and down. His body quaked and shook, he moaned louder and louder. His cock was even harder than before. His head was moving from side to side on his pillow. His dry orgasm reached climax and his whole body tensed up, stiff like a board.

It took him a bit of time to recover from his orgasm. I licked his nipples and chest as he did. He finally calmed down and said it was time to go to bed. One final kiss on his lips, this time lingering a bit, before I pulled up his covers and said “Good Night”.