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by: Kewl Dad

In my last story I told you about my Little Runaway, Billy and a little about the relationship we shared for five years. But of course all good things must end and when he went off to college a hundred miles away things just sort of fell apart. We saw each other a few times after that, but the magic was gone and I suspected he had found someone else and was only visiting out of respect for what we once had. I took it like a man and moved on and this is that story.

Flash forward five years from when I first saw Billy walking along the road that day, it was 1990 and the world was already a different place and not nearly as boy love friendly as it once had been. I was more cautious now and I didn't go picking up strange boys I saw walking along the road. However this one more or less picked me up.

It was August and as hot as Hades and I had taken the week off to use some of my built up vacation time. I didn't really go anywhere or do anything on this vacation but it was nice to be off work and free to sleep late and just kick around. This particular day I decided to go to the park. Not just any park, but the one next to the zoo where a lot of gay guys went cruising. I wasn't particularly looking for a hookup, but if it happened that was cool with me, and if not that was cool too. I just want to get out of the apartment for a while. A guy can play only so much

I had parked my car in a shaded spot and walked a short distance to the little creek that ran through the park in hopes there might be a cool breeze near the water. It was shady there and the temp seemed to me about ten degrees cooler so I stripped off my tee shirt and placed it on the ground and sat down. There was no one in sight, not even any traffic on the nearby road and I sort of found the quiet and the cooling breeze liberating. 

I thought about Billy a lot that week. I had last seen him at Spring Break and he looked good. Still cute as sin and that bubble butt of his was something to be reckoned with these days. I wondered who was tapping it now and I felt a little sad. I sighed and closed my eyes and laid back in the cool grass. 

The next thing I knew I was being prodded by the toe of a tennis shoe. I opened my eyes slowly and looked up but the sun had crept through the branches of the trees overhead and I couldn't see who the shoe belonged to. Shading my eyes with my hand I got a better look just as he spoke.

"You okay mister, I thought you was dead or something," the prodder said in a voice unmistakably a boy's.

"I'm fine, just fell asleep I guess," I said as my head cleared.

Before I could think of what to say or do next the kid dropped down on the ground beside me and stretched out on his back. I looked over at him and took in a sharp breath. The kid was probably about 12 and had the face of an angel and the body of a little Adonis. He was shirtless and wore cut off shorts that had seen better days and had frayed at the bottoms until they were so short the leg of his underwear showed. 

He wore red and white tennis shoes that had seen better days and no socks and as my eyes ran back upward along his smooth muscled legs he sighed theatrically and said, "I am sooooo bored."

"I'm Ron," I joked, "glad to meet you Bored."

Most kids don't get my sense of humor but he got it right off and laughed as if it were the funniest joke he had ever heard.

"But really my name is Tommy," he said looking over at me and grinning. He was so cute that I wanted to roll right over on him and shove my tongue in places he could only imagine in his wildest dreams.

"Well, Tommy, glad to meet you. And for the record I guess I was sort of bored too. That's why I fell asleep."

He nodded as if he understood completely, "Couldn't find any guys to hook up with today?" he asked causing me to give him a shocked look.

He giggled, "I know why guys come here," he said as if he were explaining things to a difficult child, "Hell, they hit on me all the time."

I was over the initial shock and pushed him a bit farther, "So, is that why you come here?"

He giggled, pure music to my ears, "No silly, I'm not gay."

"Oh, okay....but you figure I am just because I'm laying here in a park where gay guys hang out?"

He frowned, "Did I get it wrong. Sorry," he said sounding embarrassed.

"No, you got me pegged right. I'm as gay as Rock Hudson I said wondering if the kid even knew who Rock Hudson was. I had always had a thing for Rock and when he died in 85 it sort of brought things home for me. He was a man's man and all the women were crazy about him and yet he had this secret life that very few knew about and to reveal it would have cost him his career.

"Thought so," he said smugly.

"And you don't have a problem laying with a gay guy?" I teased.

"Naw, not a nice looking guy like you. It's the old fat ones I don't like," he said making a face.

I laughed, "Yeah, they do tend to hang out around here a lot, but I sort of feel sorry for them. I mean someday I may be old and fat, well old anyway, and looking for love."

"You looking for love?" he said sounding thoughtful, "Or just sex?"

"Neither today," I said rolling over to face him. He took the cue and rolled over as well and now we were face to face, "I'm just enjoying a day off with nothing to do but relax."

"Oh, okay. So if some hot guy came up and like wiggled his butt at you you wouldn't follow him off to the bushes?" he giggled.

"Well....I am human," I laughed, "But he'd have to be awfully hot to lure me away from you." I said wondering how he'd react to that.

"So, you think I'm hot or something?" he laughed, "I told ya I'm not gay."

"So what, I can still enjoy looking at you and talking with you can't I?"

He shrugged, "Yeah, that's cool. Just don't go grabbing my dick or anything," he laughed.

"Okay, I'll try to control myself. Doesn't look like there's that much to grab anyway," I teased.

He frowned, "Don't go making fun of me now, I get enough of that already."

"I'm sorry, I was only teasing," I said daring to reach out and touch his arm, "I bet it's actually pretty big for a boy your age."

"How old do you think I am?" he said seeming to have recovered from his hurt already.

"11 maybe 12," I said looking him over closely.

"I'm 12 and a half for your information and I already got my hair and sperm," he said proudly.

Now that was the kind of information that could go a long way with a boy lover like me and I digested it carefully before answering, "That's great, I didn't get mine till I was 13. Do you shoot a lot?"

"What's a lot?" he asked looking as cute as a puppy.

"Well, do you ever cover your chest or tummy with it when you beat off?"

"Hey, who says I beat off? Okay, I do," he giggled, "And yeah, once or twice I really made a mess."

I nodded, "I'm a big cummer myself. I usually keep a towel by my bed just for such emergencies."

"You mean you beat off too?"

"Well, yeah.....who doesn't?"

"I just thought that since you were know, that you just had sex and stuff."

"I have plenty of sex I guess, but sometimes no one can make me feel as good as I can," I chuckled.

"Oh, okay...I guess that makes sense. Me, well...I don't have sex but I do beat off a lot," he said boldly.

"Man, I'd pay money to see that," I muttered between my lips.

"What?" he giggled, "You pervert." he said with mock annoyance.

"Guilty," I said shrugging, "I confess....I love watching dudes jerk it."

He seemed to be thinking about that for a minute then he said, "How much?"

"Huh, how much what?"

"How much would you pay to watch me beat off?"

"Oh...oh! Well, I was teasing but....well, if you're serious...I guess...ummm, five bucks."

"Five bucks? Really?" he asked sounding excited.

"Five sounds about right, unless I get to help then I'd pay ten." I knew I was getting into dangerous grounds, I didn't like to pay for sex and once you did it you didn't get any for free and I really wanted this boy to come home with me and spend some quality time with him.

"I don't do stuff for money," he said making a complete 360° turn around.

"I don't blame you," I said smiling, "if you have to get paid for it then it's not fun anymore."

"So....if I do if just for fun then it's okay," he said grinning, "but if I get paid then I'm a hooker right?"

I laughed, "No, boys aren't hookers they're called hustlers. Sounds better doesn't it?"

He laughed, "Yeah, but I couldn't do that. Like I said, I'm not gay."

I nodded, "I understand." I said letting him lead the way. I already knew exactly where this was all headed.

"But just cause some stuff, that doesn't make you gay, does it?"

"No, not at all. I have been with lots of straight guys who just needed a little relief and they couldn't get it from their girl."

"Really?" He asked looking relieved to hear that, "I guess I can see that."

"Why, do you think maybe you'd like to try some stuff some time? As long as the other guy understood you weren't gay?"

He nodded, "Maybe, I don't want to get my ass fucked or anything," he chuckled.

I stretched my neck out and pretended to be looking his ass over. It was cute. "I'd definitely charge for that if I was you. It's pretty cute," I chuckled.

"Shut up, I'm not like that." he sulked.

"Okay, you're  more of a top then?"


"A top does the fucking, a bottom gets fucked."

"Oh, yeah...I see. Yeah, I guess if I was anything I'd be a top."

Till you finally felt a tongue in your ass and wanted more, I thought. "I cold totally see that," I lied. He was too pretty not to be fucked.

He pursed his cute lips and I thought about how kissable they looked. Then he rolled onto his stomach and propped himself up on his arms as if showing off that cute ass. I didn't hesitate to look and he didn't call me on it.

"You got pops in your car?" He asked looking just like a little kid.

"Nope, but we could go get a drink if you want."

"Cool, that your Stang over there?"

"Yep, that's my ride." It was a 65 and as cherry as any Mustang I had ever seen. I took good care of it and never wanted to trade it.

He jumped up then and when I hesitated he held out his hand and when I took it he pulled me up off the ground. He was amazingly strong for a kid his age and I looked him over again and saw why. If I thought Billy was buff when I first met him, Tommy was even more so.

I let him lead the way and I ogled his cute ass the whole distance to the car. Those denim shorts left nothing to the imagination and there was a quarter sized hole in the right butt cheek that let his undies show through. It was quite a sight to see and I was hard by the time we reached the car. 

He buckled up without prompting and I started the engine and he looked over at me and smiled, "I suppose after we get that drink you're gonna take me back to your place."

My mouth fell open but I recovered quickly, "Why, is that what you want? Because it's your choice."

He looked at me smugly, "You want me to, don't you?"

I shrugged, now he was pissing me off with his arrogance. I wanted him, but this was rocky territory and I wasn't sure I wanted to deal with his "I'm not gay" attitude when it was obvious he was curious as hell and coming on to me every chance he got.

"Actually I think I'd just like to drop you someplace after we get the drink and go play some pool."

The look on his face was priceless. He was so sure of himself and now I had dashed his hopes on the rocks. He looked out the car window for a little while and I ignored him then when he spun back around he was crying, "You don't like me either. No one likes me. I'm no good, I'm worthless and no one wants me," he sobbed.

Boy talk about a shocker for me. I don't usually cause boys to cry and I wanted to fix this as quickly as possible. "Hey, Tommy don't take it so seriously, I just didn't think you really wanted to go to my place or I'd never have said that. I would like for you to come over. I have a cool gaming system and a big TV and lots of sodas. We can skip the drive in and go straight there if you want."

"," he sniffed, " it?"

"Yeah, I don't live far. We'll go there now."

So that's how I wound up with a 12 and a half year old hottie in my apartment that day. He was as impressed as most boys were by my gaming system, TV, and stereo and the apartment in general and he calmed down quickly. His eyes were still red and he occasionally made a sniffing noise, but as far as I could see the tears were dried up now.

He drank Mt Dew and played Nintendo while I watched from my perch on the couch. He was sitting Indian fashion on the floor in front of the TV and barely paid any attention to me, but occasionally he would look back and smile at me. 

Eventually he grew tired of Nintendo and laid down the controller, uncrossed his legs and stretched out on the floor. His bare tummy was flat enough to serve dinner off of and his upper chest was a little powerhouse of muscles. His nipples were barely visible but I figured when he got excited they probably rose to the occasion.  

His eyes were closed and I took my time looking him over from head to toe. His feet were bigger than I remembered Billy's being but they were a nice size. I could see a blue vein on the right one and it contrasted against the pale flesh there where his socks had kept his ankles from browning. That meant he didn't always go sockless, just a silly fact I tucked away as I made my initial appraisal of him.

His legs were smooth and tanned but his knees were a little knobby, a weird contrast but they were cute anyway. I let my eyes travel up to his thighs and the ragged edges of his shorts. His undies were hanging out on one side and I noticed they were ripped as if he had caught them on something. The had been white at some point long ago but were now a yellowish blah color and looked as if they needed replacing bad.

His eyes flicked open suddenly and our eyes met and he smiled almost shyly. It was the first time he showed any docility but I wasn't surprised. I had dealt with too many boys to not know one who was insecure and hurting despite his rough exterior.

"Need a nap buddy?" I asked softly.

He shook his head, "Naw, just thinking, that's all."

"Ah, okay. Anything I can help with?"

He shrugged, "I hope so, but I can't talk about it right now."

I nodded, "I understand. I'm here when you are ready." I didn't press and he seemed to appreciate that.

"Uh, do you have anything to eat? I'm kind of hungry," he said shyly.

"Oh, sure...yeah, I can fix something here or...we can go out and get something to treat."

"Okay, how about pizza?" he said hopping up and offering his hand again to help me up.

I didn't need his help, but I sure did like touching his soft hand so I let him pull me up off the couch and pull me toward the door. He let go once we were outside but the touch had been enough to make me happy again. I drove us to Pizza Hut and ordered a large pepperoni and a couple of Pepsis and we sat in a corner booth and talked as we waited for our order.

"So...Tommy, where do you live...I mean what part of the city?"

"Near the park, over by the water place."

The water place was a sewage treatment plant and if he lived near it he must've lived in that trailer park next to it. I didn't know of any houses out there and there were certainly no apartments that far out. I nodded, but didn't comment. Suddenly everything fell into place. He was a poor kid with trailer trash folks who didn't love or appreciate or want him and he was looking for someone who did and I could be that someone if I treated him right.

"Mom and dad don't understand you, do they?" I ventured.

"Just my mom, my dad ran off when I was like nine with a bar maid or something. My mom draws Welfare on me and my little brother and sister,  but she dates this jerk named Ken and he's a real dick when he's there." he said in a voice devoid of any emotion as if he had divorced himself from the whole situation.

"How old are your brother and sister?"

"Dougie is 8, Sarah is 9, why you like little kids," he snorted.

"Have I done something to piss you off?" I said letting him know I was hurt and bothered by his attitude, "Have I treated you like anything but a friend? Do you really think I deserve to have you insult me over and over?"

I guess he hadn't thought of it that way, but once I put it out there he blushed bright red and shook his head,"Sorry. No man you been nice. I'm just a dick, that's all. I totally didn't mean the little kid crack. I know not all gay guys are pervs." he said looking sad.

"So stop busting my balls and just talk to me, okay? Maybe I can help you, but even if I can't, sometimes it helps to have someone to talk to."

He sighed, "I know. It's just so hard. I aint never told anyone any of this stuff before," he said sounding panicky.

"Then don't. Don't say a word until you're ready. I can wait as long as it takes. If it's not today then maybe tomorrow, or next week, or next month," I said smiling.

"You...wanna be my friend, is that what you're telling me?' he asked in disbelief.

"I would like that, but it's up to you. I like you already and I only just met you, and it's not because I'm gay," I said heading him off before he could suggest that.

"But you like me that way, right?" he asked sounding uncertain of himself.

"I could, very easily, but not unless it was mutual and....since you're not gay I don't think that will ever happen, so I could just be your friend if that's all there is."

He seemed confused by my giving in so easily to his "ungayness" and started backtracking quickly, "I'm not gay, but I might be bi, or just curious so we know, be that kind of friends too."

I nodded, "Whatever you decide is fine with me, but for now we're friends, okay?":

He nodded enthusiastically and then the pizza arrived and he was too busy eating to speak for a while. When he did he surprised me by saying, "I've done some stuff already. I sort of lied about the sex thing," he said lowering his head as if ashamed of that fact.

"Cool, good for you. I mean if it was your choice and no one forced you or anything."

He nodded, "I was cool with it. It felt great, but kind of confusing. Know what I mean?"

"Actually, yeah I do. Sex can be very confusing. Everyone wants it but when it happens it is so overwhelming that we begin to have second thoughts about it. Can I do this? Is it too much? And what do I say to the other person when it's over, stuff like that right?"

He nodded, "Yeah, stuff like that and should I do something back if someone does it to me, stuff like that."

"Well, my answer to that depends on the person, the situation, and whether they want it or not. A lot of guys just want to make you feel good and they don't want anything in return."

"Really, how come?"

"Well, I'm sure they all have different reasons, but I'd guess that they just love getting someone else off and if they get off then they might not be so excited to do it again. If they don't come then they can please another guy, and another....for as long as they want."

"Yeah, I guess that makes sense."

We finished our pizza and I waited for him to tell me what was next, it didn't take long for him to decide.

"Is it cool if we go back to your place. I promise I won't be a dick anymore," he laughed nervously.

I chuckled, "Well, if you promise, then...yeah, that's very cool. I could use some company tonight. I mean I've enjoyed my time off and all but I was starting to get a little bored and a little lonely. Meeting you has got my blood racing and my head straightened out."

He cocked an eyebrow, "Your blood's flowing huh? Does that mean you're horny?" he laughed. It wasn't said in a mean way as before, it was more joking and light hearted and I laughed too.

"No, not yet, but I feel more energized if that makes sense. I like you and I hope we can be friends. Making a new friend is like the coolest thing in the whole world to me. And when I make a friend I'm very serious about it...sometimes too serious."

"I don't really have any friends so I don't really know what I'm supposed to do," he said sounding doubtful.

"Don't worry it pretty much comes natural once you drop that tough guy attitude," I chuckled.

"What do you mean?"

I sighed, "Ever since I met you you've been acting like someone shit in your cornflakes," I laughed.

My mom used to use that analogy and I doubted Tommy would get it but apparently he did, "Well...maybe they did, sort of. My life aint that great you know," he said sounding defensive.

"Well, my friend, it just got better today because now you have me," I said grinning.

He smiled despite himself and punched me playfully, "Oh thank you," he said with mock enthusiasm, "My whole life is gonna be soooo much better now."

"Yep, it is." I said simply and he looked at me and smiled for real this time.

We drove to my apartment and this time he led the way up the stairs and impatiently waited as I unlocked the door. He headed straight to the bathroom and I heard it flush several times, then the water running in the sink and when he returned he looked at me shyly and said, "I hadda go poop."

I laughed, "Thanks for sharing. But I'm glad you washed your hands afterwards. That's a good thing," I said praising him for something simple. I knew that kids needed positive reinforcement and a little went a long way.

He piled down on the couch and looked at me and smiled, " what do we do?"

"Well, if you're bored with the video games we can watch a movie. I have quite a few VHS tapes over there. I'm sure you could find something you like."

He shrugged, "Naw, I don't wanna watch a movie....not right now anyway."

"Okay, what do you want to do?"

"Well...not that," he said smiling lewdly.

I gave him a warning look and he made a scared face, "Sorry, sorry...I was just kidding. I don't mean nothing by it. Honest...I swear it don't bother me that you're,"

"I hope not," I said grinning, "and being with a bi-boy doesn't bother me either." I said chuckling.

He grinned, "So, do you have a boyfriend or anything. I mean how does this stuff work. Do you date and stuff."

"No, not I mean. Most gays guys just want to have sex and that's it. I don't really have very many gay friends and strangely enough the ones I do have I don't have sex with." One was a flaming Drag Queen and most of the others were a little more efiminate than I liked, but I loved them anyway.

"You didn't say if you had a boyfriend or not," he said impatiently. What was he getting at? I wondered.

I shook my head as I was suddenly overcome with emotion. Billy had been my world for almost five years and I guess I still wasn't over him. Tommy seemed embarrassed that he had brought it up and quickly changed the subject but the damage was done. I couldn't get the image of Billy out of my head. I remembered that first day when he had been walking along the road looking like he had fell out of some soccer mom's van and I began to cry.

I'm not usually that emotional especially around strangers but I couldn't control myself and I finally had to excuse myself and go to the bathroom to get myself under control. I could tell Tommy wasn't comfortable with my show of emotion but when I came back he surprised me by asking me if I was okay.

I nodded and he surprised me again, " you want to talk about it? I mean it's like you said, that's what friends are for and we're friends, right?"

I didn't know what to say. I had had no intention of discussing my relationship with Billy with Tommy or anyone else for that matter, but suddenly I found myself telling him everything. I managed to keep from crying but I was one miserable dude by the time I finished.

He had kept quiet the whole time but when I finished he looked at me with tears in his eyes...wait, tears in his eyes? Oh my God, the kid was mistly eyed over my tale of woe about my lost love. That was way more than I ever expected from a kid like Tommy. I had a whole new respect for him now, he wasn't just a selfish little punk, he was a feeling human being and that was an awesome revelation.

"So...he was like my age when you met?" Tommy asked softly.

I nodded, "Pretty close, he was 13, but very mature for his age." Now why did I have to say that? Was I trying to justify my relationship with a teenage boy."

He nodded, "And you like fell in love with each other?"

I nodded, "I loved him more than anything in the world and I guess he felt the first anyway, but things changed when he started High School. And then when he went away to college it was really over, it just took me a while to accept it."

He looked down at his feet and I followed his gaze. His shoes were so worn out I was surprised he could walk in them. I felt sorry for him and decided if we did become friends he was going to get new shoes and new clothes and anything else he needed.

"I...I'm sorry. It must've hurt a lot. I've never loved anyone so I don't really know what it's like, but it must suck to loose someone you love."

I nodded, still looking at his feet. I wished he would take off his shoes. Why was that so important to me all of a sudden? I frowned and he looked up in time to see it and misunderstood it, thinking I was directing it at him.

"I'm sorry, I don't know anything about love or any of this stuff and I'm sorry if I say dumb stuff."

"No, it's not that, you've been great. I have never opened up to anyone like that before. Like I said sometimes it just helps to talk to someone and I guess you were that someone. I reached over and touched his arm and he didn't jerk it away. That's always a good sign.

"Well, okay. I'm really sorry about that boy....Billy, but you got me now," he said then blushed.

I tried not to make more of it than it was, he was simply saying that he was there for me as a friend and nothing more. At least that's how I interpreted it.

"Thanks, I appreciate that. It's nice to have a friend around when you're down. But I don't want to ruin your time here by being all sad and stuff so...let's just forget about that and have some fun."

"Uh, what kind of fun?" he asked sounding nervous.

"Have you ever been bowling?" I asked grinning. Billy and I used to go once a week and we both loved it.

"Once, on a school trip. It was pretty cool, why?"

"Let's go then. I'll teach you anything you don't know. It will be a lot of fun."

I didn't bother to ask him when he had to be home, if ever, because I figured he'd tell me if it was important. But I was pretty sure this boy lived in the kind of home where his coming and going wasn't monitored too closely. I'd known boys like Tommy before and though I felt sorry for them because they didn't get the attention they needed at home, I more than made up for it with my own attention. 

Tommy Boy (I started calling him that while we were bowling and he seemed to like it) took to bowling like ducks take to water. He was a natural and could bowl three out of five strikes almost consistently. He put me to shame but I was glad for him. It seemed to be important to him to excel at something and I understood that need. He was bubbling over with happiness as we took a break and had a soda and some popcorn. 

"I beat you," he said smiling, then he frowned, "You didn't let me win did you?"

"How could you ask that? You are practically bowling strikes every time you're up. You're a natural at this."

He was beaming then and the smile on his face said it all. We bowled another set and then I suggested we go get ice cream and as much as he loved bowling I think ice cream won out in the end. I drove us to the DQ, the one where Billy and I had spent many enjoyable evening , and as luck would have it they were having a parfait sale. We sat in the same corner booth that Billy and I have shared a hundred times and the nostalgia was overwhelming, but I managed to keep my emotions under control this time. If I was to start fresh with Tommy, I needed to let Billy go and as hard as that might be, I was sure I could do it Tommy's help.

Tommy Boy wiped a glob of ice cream from his cute face and I smiled. He might be on his way to being a teen, but for now he was still a boy and at times like this it showed through. He smiled when he noticed me watching him and stuck out his tongue and giggled. I think it was at that moment that I fell completely head over heels in love with Tommy Boy.

I watched him then through loving eyes and all his little foibles and flaws disappeared  and he was as perfect in my eyes as....well as Billy had been. I smiled at him and maybe he could see the change in me, because there was definitely a glimmer in his eyes. 

He tilted his head like a curious puppy and said, "What?"

I shook my head, "Nothing, just thinking, that's all."

He frowned but didn't pry any further. We finished our parfaits in companionable silence and then I drove us back to my apartment. Still there was no mention of his going home and I didn't ask. I wanted to be with him as long as I could and asking might cause him to leave so I kept quiet.

We did watch a movie then and as we sat side by side on the couch sipping Mt Dew and sharing a bowl of popcorn. He sighed a couple of times, but from contentment and not boredom. I was happy just to be with him and I think he could sense that and it seemed the feeling was mutual. When the movie was over he finally uttered the words I had dreaded all evening.

"I guess I should get home, my mom might get mad if I stay out and don't call her."

I nodded,  but he must've recognized the disappointment in my eyes because he said, "Don't worry, I'll come back tomorrow....if it's okay."

I smiled, "Sure, in fact I'm gonna be at the park again tomorrow so if you want to come by I'll be in the same place."

He smiled back almost shyly, "I can do that. Well, I hate to ask, but can you drive me home or at least to the water place?"

"Well, of course. I wouldn't make you walk Tommy Boy."

He grinned, "Why do you call me that?"

"Oh, I don't know I just like it. Do you want me to stop?"

"No,'s cool. I just wondered that's all."

Of course this was a good five years before the movie Tommy Boy came out, the one starring Chris Farley, so I didn't steal the name or anything. It just sounded right to me. Tommy was my boy was what I was really saying and if things went like I hoped that would be true before too long.

I drove Tommy almost all the way home, but he had me stop at the entrance to the trailer park he lived in and we said our goodbyes there. I couldn't resist touching him in some way to express my feeling but I figured a hug was out of the question at his point so I settled for squeezing his shoulder as I put my arm around him.

"I'll be looking for you tomorrow and we'll have some more fun," I said as he unbuckled his seat belt.

He nodded, "I'll be there, I promise. Thanks for...well, for everything. It was fun. You're really a cool dude," he said grinning, "I better go....but I'll see ya tomorrow."

I let him go then and I watched him as he walked away. He looked back once and gave me a little wave then he disappeared into the shadows and I drove home feeling lost and lonely. Why did I always let myself fall for every kid with a problem that came along? I sighed, oh well it had worked out well enough with Billy, so maybe it would work with Tommy Boy. At any rate I couldn't wait until tomorrow so I hurried home and showered and jumped into bed hoping to sleep the night away so tomorrow would come quicker.

I awoke around nine and ate a bowl of Frosted Flakes and a banana and took my time getting ready. I didn't figure Tommy Boy would be there that early and I didn't want to hang around longer needed so I stopped at Kmart and did a little shopping. I found myself in the shoe department and I thought about Tommy and his ratty shoes and I felt a pang in my gut. I wished I knew his size because I would have surprised him with a new pair of tennies but instead I bought some snacks and some sodas for us and an ice chest. I stopped at 7-11 and got ice and packed the sodas and some chocolate candy bars in there so they wouldn't melt and decided to go to the park and see if Tommy Boy was there yet.

It was around noon when I pulled into the park and I quickly made my way to the area I had been in the day before, scanning the park for any sign of Tommy but with no luck. I parked my car in a shady spot and hopped up on a picnic table and waited.

Around one o'clock I saw someone on a bike pedaling up the road headed my way. I thought it was Tommy but as the bike got closer I could see that it was an older boy, maybe 16 or so and he had blond hair and was dressed much better than Tommy had been. 

When the kid saw me he slowed down a bit and turned into the lot where I had parked. Even at this point I didn't realize he was heading toward me until he was almost upon me. He skidded to a stop just a few feet away and looked me over before speaking.

"What's up?" he said coolly.

"Not much," I said still a little surprised that he was there before me. I looked him over then. He was a little younger than I first guessed but not by much, maybe 14 or 15 and very cute. He had sparkling blue eyes and a cute face, but it was marred by a small strawberry birthmark on the left cheek. I doubted it turned anyone off though and it sure didn't bother me, because the rest of him was so cute it hurt. He was a real work of art and the way he was dressed left little to the imagination. His tank top clung to his upper body showing off a well defined chest and it was short enough that his belly button and flat stomach showed beneath it.  He wore loose cotton shorts and the bulge in them said he was well hung for a boy is apparent age. Unlike Tommy's shoes, this kid's were new and fashionable and he wore clean white socks with them.

"I saw you sittin here and thought I'd say hi. I like your car," he said trying to keep a conversation going. He was as nervous as I was but for different reasons. 

If Tommy came along and saw me with this kid it might blow everything so I figured I had to get rid of him quickly.

"Yeah, I've had it since High School. I wish I could keep it forever, but I guess that's not very realistic, is it?"

"Maybe," he said but I didn't think he was really listening. He had his own agenda and was maybe in a hurry of his own, "Think we could go for a ride in it?"

If there had been no Tommy Boy, if I hadn't already fallen hopelessly in love with that trailer park boy, then yeah, this kid would be riding in my Stang and very soon be back at my place probably naked and moaning as I sucked that big dick of his. But there was a Tommy Boy and he was coming, I hoped, and I couldn't let him find me with another boy. I knew what that would do to his ego and to the chances for a relationship with him and I wasn't going to risk it.

"Sorry but I'm meeting someone and he should be here any minute."

I could see the look of disappointment on the boy's face but there wasn't anything I could do about it. He would find someone before the day was over, of that I was sure. They might not be as cute or cool as me, but he would find someone.

"Maybe we could all three hang out together," he offered. 

I chuckled, I knew is type. He was a hustler and at some point price would come up if I continued the conversation long enough.

"I doubt it, he's only 12," I said letting him assume whatever he wanted to.

"Wow, pretty young. Hey, I'm only 14 but I can be 12 if you want," he said grinning, "And for 20 bucks I can do both of you."

Ah, here it was at last, the money part. And I was sure he was worth every penny of it, but why pay for what you can get for free. If I had more time to spend with the kid, I was sure I could get in his pants for the price of a meal and a few sodas.

"Sorry, it's not like that. We're just buddies. He needs some help and I'm helping him, that's all."

"Oh, uh...yeah. Too bad, your loss man. I got seven inches hanging down here," he said grabbing himself for show, "and a sweet, tight ass you could fuck all day long."

I chuckled, "I bet, but I don't pay for sex, ever. It's sort of a rule I have."

He sighed, "How about 10 then? I usually get 20 but you're hot and I can do it for 10." What was this a blue light special?

"Sorry, like I said...I'm expecting someone and no offense but I'd prefer you weren't here when he comes."

He frowned, "You're hard man, I aint ate all day and I need to make some money," he said looking forlorn.

I fished a five out of my wallet and handed it to him, "Here's enough to get something to eat. I'm not hard, I'm just trying to help as many kids as I can and the one that's coming today needs me badly."

He pocketed the five and smiled, "I can come back later if you change you mind."

I smiled, "It's tempting.....uh, I don't even know your name."

"William, but my friends call me Willy and then laugh about it. I guess in England a willy is a dick."

I smiled, "Yeah, and a wank is jacking off."

He grinned, "Wanna wank my willy then. Sorry, just had to ask. Okay, I'm out of here, too bad man we could have had some fun."

"Thanks, I'm sure you're right. By the way, I'm Ron I said holding out my hand to shake. He shook it briefly and then said goodbye and pedaled off to find another trick. I hoped he found one that was decent and kind and I hoped he got what he was asking for.

I didn't have to wait long for Tommy to show up but when he did I was off the table and headed toward him as soon as I saw his face. Even from a dozen yards away I could see the black eye and fat lip and I was livid with rage at whoever had done this to my boy.

"What happened?" I asked with concern as I put my arm around him and sat him down on the picnic bench.

"It's not a big deal. Don't worry about it. Happens all the time. If you're gonna be my friend, better get used to it," he said wincing a little as he talked.

I drew in a deep breath and sat down beside him. "First of all if we are going to be friends, this isn't going to happen again because if I find out who did this to you, they are going to get it back double."

"No, can't do that," he said sounding panicky, "then he might hurt my little brother or sister."

"Is it...your mom's boyfriend?" I asked in horror.

"Yeah, its him. He hates me for some reason and ma, don't believe me when I tell her. She thinks I get into fights at school all the time and get beat up there."

"Are you fond of this man?"

"Huh, what you mean? Hell no, I hate the bastard."

"So if he was dead or in jail you wouldn't mind?"

"Hell no, he don't work at all, just hangs around and makes our life miserable."

I wasn't a violent person, but if someone messed with my boys I was a tiger. I could very easily have beat holy crap out of this guys if Tommy hadn't calmed me down quickly. 

"No, don't go thinking about doin anything. You'll just make it worse and he might hurt Dougie or Sarah. Please, just drop it...please," he begged.

I pulled him into a hug despite my fear he might resent that, but when he melted into me I knew things were going to be okay. He didn't cry but he was shivering and close to tears. I didn't care who saw us, we weren't breaking any laws so I kissed him on the forehead and looked into his eyes.

"I am going to fix this somehow, but I promise I'll be careful and your little brother and sister won't get hurt."

He nodded, I think at the moment he would have believed anything I said and that gave me a giant head rush. But I had to be able to walk the talk and I was already thinking about ways to keep my promise. First on the agenda was keeping him with me as much as possible.

"I almost didn't come," he said softly as he leaned into me. He was still shivering but the danger of tears was long gone.

"Oh, why?" I asked feeling a little hurt and confused.

"I saw you with that kid on the bike and I was afraid you were going to take him home. Then I saw him ride away and thought I'd come see if you still wanted to hang out."

"I didn't go looking for anyone. I was just sitting here waiting for you and he came along. I told him up front I was waiting for someone but he didn't want to go. He said he was hungry so I gave him 5 dollars, that was all, I swear."

He grinned, "I know, you're a good dude and you wouldn't stand me up. But if I hadn't been'd have taken him up on his offer wouldn't you?"

I sighed, "I don't know. I can't say for sure, because I'd rather be with you. But if I hadn't met you, and there was no one else in my life, yeah, I'll be honest, I probably would have taken him home with me. Does that make me bad?"

He shrugged, "Naw, not really. Just horny maybe. Do you really mean it though, that now that you know me you aren't gonna go looking for other...uh, boys?"

I laughed, "You make it sound like I cruise the streets looking for boys to pick up. Well for your information, I don't, but....occasionally one comes into my life somehow and I fall in love with him and....(sigh) the rest is history."

"Hey, don't go falling in love with me," he snorted, "I aint gay remember."

"Why would you have to be gay for me to love you? I could love you and never touch you...uh, sexually, that's not what love is about. Sure, sex is an expression of love, but we don't have sex with everyone we love."

He looked at me thoughtfully, "But how could you love me if I didn't let you do that stuff to me? I aint worth nothin and I'm not that great looking."

I laughed, "I'm sorry, I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing because you just don't know  how great you are. First of all, you are worth something. Just in the short time I've known you I've seen how smart and funny and sensitive you are. And as for not being good looking, Oh My God, you are drop dead gorgeous, a little Adonis to be exact."

"What's that...A...Adonis?"

"He was a young God in mythology and he was hot, so if you're an Adonis it means you are hot."

"Oh, so I'm hot. But doesn't that mean you want to have sex with me?"

"I want to be your friend Tommy Boy, if that leads to sex that's wonderful, but if not I still want to be your friend."

"But if I don't have sex with you, then you'll find another boy to do that with, won't you?" he asked sounding sad.

"No, not if it bothered you. I am very loyal to my friends. Besides I don't always just get with boys, sometimes it's guys my age or a little younger. Would that bother you, I mean I do have my needs?"

He laughed, "As long as I didn't have to watch. So, no boys if I'm your friend?"

Why was he imposing these limits on me? I wondered, Was he keeping me available in case he decided to swing that way?

"Is that what I have to do to be your friend?" I asked pulling back enough to look into his eyes.

He blushed, "I can't tell ya what to do. I'll be your friend anyway. Just don't rub it in my face, okay?"

I leaned forward and kissed the top of his head. His hair smelled as if it had been awhile since he'd washed it but I didn't care, "I promise. If it ever happened I'd keep it private."

"Can we go to your place now? I'm afraid if we stay out here, someone will come along and steal you away," he laughed.

"Not a chance," I said kissing his forehead once more as he blushed, "I'd rather spend time just talking with you than in bed with most guys."

"Liar," he chuckled, but I could tell he was pleased with my reply.

I stopped at the DQ and we got ice cream before heading to my apartment. He was quiet on the way home and his ice cream was melting faster than he was eating it. It never occurred to me that his mouth hurt too much to eat but when I finally saw him wince as he took a bite I finally spoke up.

"Is your mouth worse than it looks?"

"Huh, naw, it's okay. Just tender that's all. This ice cream actually feels good on it."

"I'll take a look when we get to my place. I wish you'd let me rough up your mom's boyfriend, just a little," I teased.

"You'd really do that for me, wouldn't you?"

"And more."

"You must be like the nicest guy I've ever met. I treat you like crap, I insult you, and you still offer to defend me."

I shrugged, "I am a nice guy, but you're not all that bad yourself. I understand why you are like you are and I want to help."

"I don't know if you can or not, but thanks for offering."

We arrived at my apartment and once again he led the way. If things worked out, eventually he'd have his own key, but for now I had to open the door. He rushed in and went straight to the bathroom and was gone a while and when he returned he looked flushed but relieved. I'd begun to wonder if he had a bathroom at home or maybe it was just that he was afraid to use it.

"Ron, can I spend the night tonight?' he said surprising me with his sudden request.

"Anytime, buddy. But what about, mom?"

"I already covered that. I told her I was spending the night at my friend Ron's house. I really do have another friend named Ron," he giggled.

"But what if she checks?"

"Ha, she don't care where I am as long as I'm not home and causing trouble. Only ones that miss me is Dougie and Sarah."

I smiled, "Well, the couch is pretty comfortable so you're welcome to stay if you're sure."

He eyed the couch but didn't say anything...not then. He seemed happy then and didn't protest when I insisted on looking inside his mouth. His lip was split and there was a little tear in that part that joins the bottom lip to the gums but it didn't look serious, just painful. I surprised him by kissing his split lip quickly and he gave me a curious look but didn't protest. 

"I think you'll live. Give it a day or two and you'll be kissing girls again."

"Thanks doc," he teased, "Who says I like kissing girls?"

"Who doesn't? Even I used to like kissing girls."

"You did? How come?"

"Well...for one thing, they have soft faces and lips, not like most guys, and they really enjoy kissing and most of them know how to make it fun. Even though I wasn't interested in the other parts of their bodies I did like their lips."

"I...I've never kissed a girl before," Tommy admitted looking embarrassed.

"It's never too late to change that," I teased, "Want me to hook you up?"

"Yeah, like you know any girls," he said rolling his eyes.

"I am hurt, I know plenty of girls," I whined, "I can fix you up with a nice blond or a red head or a brunette...."

"Okay, will they let me do more than kiss?"

"Well, that's up to you and her I guess, but cute boy like you should be able to get in a girl's panties pretty easy," I laughed.

"Okay, then...hook me up."

I reached for the phone but he knew I was only bluffing and when I pulled my hand back he started laughing and slapping at me like he was crazy, "You got me all horny and now you aint gonna come through? I just may have to take it out on you," he said laughing maniacally.

I raised an eyebrow and held my arms out for him, "Bring it on baby, I know how to please horny little boys like you."

"I got your boy right here," he said grabbing his crotch lewdly.

"Bring him over here, I'll show him how to kiss," I teased.

"I bet," he grunted, "I bet you'd like to suck it wouldn't you?" He said sounding almost angry now.

I picked up on his change of attitude and eased up on him, "That's just what us gay boys do, but only with guys who want that."

He was quiet for a moment then he looked at me almost apologetically, "What can we do now?"

"Well, I don't know about you, but I'm gonna go take a shower," I said hoping he'd take the hint.

"Want some company?" he laughed. He was so up and down and back and forth I couldn't figure him out.

"I think I'll pass, might not get much washing done if I had that kind of distraction."

He laughed, "You want me bad, don't ya?"

I yawned, "What? Oh, yeah....oh baby, I want you so bad," I said mockingly.

He laughed, "Keep it up, you might get a big surprise before the night is over."

"Promises, promises," I said as I headed off to the bedroom to get my clean clothes gathered up.

Tommy didn't follow me and when I looked in on him on my way to the bathroom he was in front of the TV playing Nintendo. I have to admit I wished he would have followed me and tormented me some more, but if he had who knows what might have happened?

I was half way through my shower when I felt a draft and heard the bathroom door open. Suddenly I heard the unmistakable sound of piss hitting the water in the toilet and I knew it was Tommy Boy come to relieve himself. I considered choosing that moment to finish my shower and throw back the curtain, but I was getting too many mixed signals from him and didn't want to spook him. I heard the toilet flush and that took away some of my cold water and I yelped when the hot water hit me.

"Oh, shit...sorry man, I hate when my little brother does that to me. I'm sorry...are you okay?" he said, his voice louder now and I realized he was just on the other side of the curtain.

"It's okay, just surprised me, that's all. I'm so used to living alone I forget about stuff like that."

"You almost done?" he asked suddenly.

"Almost, stick a fork in me to make sure," I teased.

"I got something else I'll stick in you," he muttered lowly. There it went again, that on again, off again sexual heat in his conversation.

"Oh, is it big and hard?" I said throwing it right back at him.

"Don't know if it's big, but it's hard," he said in a lusty voice.

"Stop teasing me or you'll wind up with that hard thing in my mouth," I said turning off the water.

"Or your butt," he added, his voice further away now as he headed for the door.

By the time I threw the curtain back he was gone and I was left to wonder just what was going on between us. Was it just playful sparring or was he actually interested in taking this relationship to the next level, i.e. sex? I dried off quickly and dusted my self with baby powder and put on deodorant and a dab of cologne, just for show. I grabbed my gym shorts and slipped them on not bothering with underwear and hung my towel up before going out to check on Tommy.

He was not in the living room, but he wasn't hard to find. He was laying across my bed on his back and when I came in he said, "This bed is pretty big, maybe I could just sleep in here with you tonight. Whadda you say?"

I shrugged, pretending indifference, but I was elated. It was just like when Billy first spent the night, the couch was denied and now both had chosen to sleep with me. If ever anything was going to happen it would be in the dark and quite of my bed where intimacy was so much easier to entertain.

"Billy always slept with me, does that bother you?"

"Naw, not really. That was then, this is now. Maybe someday I'll be as good a friend as Billy," he said surprising me.

"I hope so, that would be really cool. Well, I hate to sound rude, but you really could use a shower, especially if you are sleeping in my clean bed."

He blushed but didn't seem too offended, "Yeah,  I was gonna take one, but I aint got nothing to put on afterwards."

"'ll have to sleep naked. Is that what you're trying to tell me?" I teased.

"No...pervert, I guess I can put my dirty underwear back on."

"Or...I can loan you a pair of shorts, they have a drawstring so you can gird them up tight to protect your virtue from my roaming hands," I giggled.

"Who says I want my virtue protected?" Maybe I want to be molested."

"You can't molest the willing," I said grinning.

I dug out a pair of shorts that were a little small for me and handed them to Tommy and he took them and headed off to the bathroom. Soon I heard the water running and for the next fifteen minutes he enjoyed the luxury of a hot shower. When he returned looking freshly scrubbed and smelling much better I noticed he'd even washed his hair and brushed it. He looked like a different boy, especially half naked and I liked what I saw. 

I didn't know how I'd keep my hands to myself if he didn't initiate some play later, but I was damned if I wasn't going to enjoy his company in my bed.

We had a snack and watched a movie and around eleven o'clock I yawned widely and suggested we go to bed. I was surprised that Tommy didn't protest and after we peed and brushed our teeth we headed off to my bed. I didn't know if he was as nervous as I was, but my heart was beating ninety miles an hour and I was literally shivering with anticipation.

He climbed in on the side Billy has slept on for so long and my heart did a little hop as I thought about how much I had loved Billy and the wonderful times we had had in this very bed. Maybe it was wrong of me to take another boy into my bed so soon, but somehow I knew that what Billy and I had had was over, and no matter how wonderful it had been, it was only a memory now and I had to move on.

It was cool in my bedroom, I kept the a/c cranked up because I preferred it cool enough to cover up and Tommy crawled beneath the covers with me without hesitating. He stretched out and yawned and suddenly I felt his warm soft foot against mine. I expected him to jerk it away quickly but he rubbed it against mine slowly before moving it a short distance away as if he were teasing me. My cock jumped in my shorts and I shivered a little harder. This was going to either be Heaven on Earth or Hell before the night was over.

"So this is where all the sex took place?" Tommy said softly with a little laugh. "With that boy Billy?"

"I prefer to call it love-making," I said feeling especially nostalgic over my lost love.

"Oh, okay. Well, I bet there was a lot of love-making went on here, right?"

"I won't lie, Billy was very passionate. He was a hot hard young teen and sex was pretty much all he thought about, but it wasn't just about the sex. We did other things, we liked to bowl and go places together. We were more like a married couple than anything else."

"Is that what you want again...that married stuff?" he asked sounding more curious than critical.

"Yeah, I miss it. The loving, the cuddling, talking and having fun together. I really, really miss that. Sometimes.....well, you don't wanna hear all this lovey dovey crap I'm sure."

"No, no..I do. I...think it's kind of cool really," he said sounding embarrassed to admit such a thing.

"Well, sometimes we'd just sit on the couch and hold hands and watch TV, or he'd stretch out on the couch with his head in my lap and I'd play with his hair. He liked that a lot and sometimes he'd go to sleep," I said remembering with fondness our happy times together. "He also liked to have his feet rubbed and that usually led to a little love-making," I chuckled, "especially when I sucked his toes."

" sucked his toes," Tommy said, but he sounded more interested than put off.

"Yep,and he loved it."

"Really, what does it feel like?"

"Well, I can't really describe it, it's something you have to experience to understand."

"I guess I wouldn't mind trying that," he said so softly I almost didn't hear him. My heart skipped a beat when I realized what he had just said, but I didn't rush my answer.

"Well, if you ever decide you want to try that, I'd be glad to do that for you. And if you don't like it all you have to do is say so and I'll stop."

"Okay," he said, making his decision right then and there," do it!" he ordered.

Ohhh, I like it when a boy orders me to do something sexual and I was out of bed and at his feet in a heart beat. He kicked off the covers to expose this feet and with trembling hands I picked up the right one and sniffed it comically. He giggled but when I licked the bottom of it from heel to toe he took in a sharp breath and made a little "oh" sound.

When I began to lick his toes he was squirming like crazy and pushing his foot against my tongue as if he wanted more contact. Then when I took his big toe in my mouth he clutched the covers in his hands and moaned lowly. I had him now and there was no going back and I think he knew it as well as I did. What would happen tonight would either seal the deal between us put a rift in it forever. Either way I was too far gone to care at the moment.

I sucked each toe nosily as he squirmed and moaned and when I finished I set down the left foot and looked up at him. His shorts were tented with his boy cock and I smiled at the effect I'd had on him.

"Want more?" I asked with a devilish grin on my face.

He nodded, "I....don't know what to do," he said apologetically.

"Baby, all you have to do is lay back and enjoy and let daddy take care of you."My calling him baby didn't seem to offend him and I think my calling myself his daddy actually excited him as I could visibly see his cock jump in his shorts.

"I moved up to his legs rubbing them gently and marveling at the silky smooth skin there. If he had leg hairs they were too fine to see or feel, but I suspected he had none yet and that made me wonder if he had pubes yet and if he had even reached puberty. It didn't matter, I supposed, but I had been looking forward to a mouthful of boy cum if he was capable of producing it.

He sighed as I approached his thighs and when I reached up to tug off his shorts he helped by raising his butt off the bed. The shorts slid down his long smooth legs revealing a hard straight boy cock that was at least 5" and fat for a kid. I was happy to see a downy patch of hair above that perfect cock and I knew he was a cummer. I inhaled that sweet musky odor and shivered with desire, but no way was I going to take my prize yet. I wanted to explore all of him first if he would allow it.

I nuzzled his balls and he instinctively spread his legs wide to allow me better access. He whimpered a little then drew in a deep breath as I took his balls into my mouth and let my tongue wash over them. 

"Oh, shit...shit...shit," he muttered grabbing me by the hair and pushing my face into his crotch. This was going great, he was already taking control and that only meant he wanted more.

I spit out his balls and began licking the shaft of his penis as he made little "ahhh" sounds and shivered with excitement. I hated to tease him like that, but no way was I going to finish his off before I had feasted on the rest of his hot boy body. 

He whined as I moved up to his belly button and tried to push me back down to his cock, but I was stronger and  he gave up after a few moments and began to relax and let me take control again. I tongued that hot little innie of his and savored his salty/sweet taste and moved up to his flat tummy. His stomach muscles were taught as if he were wound up like a spring and when I began to kiss him there he giggled and tried to push me away.

"Tickles," he giggled

I bit him playfully there and he yelped but laughed as I moved up to his nipples and began to suckle them. They were hard little pink erasers now and I knew they would be very sensitive and they would probably be sore after I got through mawling them but I couldn't resist. They felt so good against my tongue and in my mouth and I just couldn't get enough. I let my hands wander across  his washboard stomach and baby six pack as I worked over his nipples and he seemed to be enjoying it as much as I did. 

Now came the real challenge, would he let me kiss him? I nuzzled his neck to see how he reacted to that and he seemed fine. Growing bolder I moved up and nuzzled his ear and stuck my tongue in it. He shivered but didn't push me away, another good sign, so I continued.

First I planted little kisses on his forehead and face. His eyes were closed but the look on his face was one of serenity mixed with lust. I leaned down and let my warm breath brush his lips, and his eyes jerked open. I saw panic in them at first, then a sort of resignation and as I lowered my lips to his he didn't protest.

It was obvious the boy had been truthful when he said he had never kissed anyone, but kissing is sort of a natural instinct and pretty soon he was taking my lead and kissing back enthusiastically. His little tongue would dart around in my mouth like a frenzied animal then retreat to allow mine to pursue it into his hot wet mouth. I have to say that as good as  Billy was at kissing Tommy was somehow better, somehow more sensual, and I felt like I was betraying Billy with those thoughts.

I broke the kiss and looked into his eyes. He sighed and looked at me nervously, "Does this make me queer?" He asked in soft little voice tinged with fear.

"No, not really. It might be that you are just young and horny and learning things and this is something that feels good. You may be bi, like girls and boys, that's cool too, or this may mean nothing and tomorrow you may not want to see me again because I was the guy who made you wonder about being gay." I said sadly.

He picked up on my sadness and reached up and put his arms around my neck as if to assure me that wasn't going to be an issue, "It's okay, I'm cool with it. But there's more, right?"

I nodded, "Lots more before I'm satisfied, " I chuckled, " but you have to trust me. Can you do that Tommy Boy?" 

He nodded, "Yeaaahh..."he said in a shaky voice, "I trust you."

"Okay, then. Roll over on your tummy." 

He hesitated only a moment without saying a word before slowly rolling onto his stomach to reveal the second cutest ass I had ever seen in my life. Billy's being the first of course. It was full and perfect without any blemish and I wanted in there so bad I was almost shaking. But I knew that wasn't something that I should attempt this early in our relationship and I knew there were other things I could do with that ass that would be almost as satisfying.

I positioned myself behind him and straddled his legs and I felt him tremble as I placed my hands on his lower back. I think he thought I was going to fuck him and though he was understandable nervous, he was too proud and too tough to protest. I felt it necessary to reasure him that he wasn't about to loose his cherry. Not yet anyway.

"Relax, I'm not going to hurt you. I'm going to rim you, do you know what that means?"

"Uh...fuck me?" he asked with a tremble in his voice.

"No," I chuckled, "well, only with my tongue. I'm going to lick your ass crack and your ass hole and put my tongue in your hole. Don't worry, you will love it. Trust me."

He seemed to relax and when I began kissing and licking his butt cheeks he giggled like a little kid. I heard him sigh and then as let my tongue run down his crack he moaned and raised his cute ass to let me in. My tongue rolled across his butt hole and he swore before moaning lowly and pushing up even higher. He smelled wonderful, not dirty at all, like a boy in heat and it made my cock leak with desire. I was going to breed this boy eventually but right now it was all about his pleasure and letting him know just how good his ass could feel if handled properly.

As his hole loosened up my tongue pushed further inside until I had a good inch and a half buried in his hot wet hole. There was no bitter taste as there had been when I rimmed Billy the first time, and that told me that for some reason Tommy had taken time to make sure his ass was clean when he took his shower.

He was pushing back against me trying to get more of my tongue up his ass and I knew that he would be eager the next time to have more than just a tongue up there. He would be mine and soon, but for now it was all about pleasing him and getting to know his perfect youthful body. I intended to know every every one of his ins and outs and all of his erogenous zones before the night was over. I already knew he loved the foot service and though he was a little ticklish in the tummy area, he had enjoyed the nipple play and chest rubbing.

I have never met a boy who didn't like having his balls licked and sucked and none that had ever refused a rim job, and Tommy was no exception. The way he was moaning and pushing against me was making me wonder if he hadn't been lying about being rimmed before, but truthfully a lot of boys reacted that way when given there first rim job.

I was too caught up in my own desires to end this trip up the Hershey highway anytime soon and Tommy seemed to be in no hurry for it to end so I continued tongue fucking his now not so tight hole. I reached under him and grabbed his cock and it was hard as steel. He gasped as I began to stroke him slowly and he pushed back even harder against my tongue forcing a little more into his poop chute. I could sense he was close to coming and I wasn't about to risk his sweet boy cum spewing all over the bed and not in my mouth.

Pulling back I grabbed him and rolled him over before he could protest and went down on him. He lasted maybe three or four minutes and then began to unload down my throat. I pulled up in time to taste his second volley and for a kid his age he certainly could produce a  lot of cum. It was sweet, with just a hint of salt and I wondered if this boy ate nothing but sugar. His dick continued to pump out more sweet cum as I squeezed his balls gently and then he was done.

He fell back exhausted and I just held him in my mouth until I was sure I had all his tasty boy nectar. I deep throated his still hard cock and let it just rest in my throat until I needed to come up for air and then I pulled off, kissed the head nosily and fell down beside him on the bed.

"Well, how did you like it?" I asked smugly.

"" he panted, "It...was....fucking....awesome." he said breathlessly.

"So, I am assuming that you are no longer worried about whether it makes you gay or not?"

"I don't even care," he said finally catching his breath, "if being gay feels this good, I'm all over it."

I laughed and rolled over to face him and put my arm around his waist and hugged him one handed, "Welcome to the family," I teased. 

" what?" he asked sounding nervous, "Is there where you fuck me?"

I hugged him closer and nuzzled his neck, "I think I'll let you keep your virginity a while longer. Maybe until you beg me to pop your cherry."

He laughed, "You're pretty sure of yourself. What if I don't ever beg you to?"

"Then we won't do it," I said simply, "it has to be your choice. I'm not in charge here, you are?'

"What? I don't get it, it's your place and you're older..."

So I explained my philosophy of life when it comes to boy just as I did for Billy and Tommy seemed to accept it just as easily as Billy had. He seemed a little surprised that I was willing to let him decide about his virginity but he let it slide. He seemed happy and content at the moment and I knew I was. Even if I still hadn't gotten my rocks off. I figured I could rub one out later after he went to sleep if I didn't fall asleep first.

We took turns peeing and settled back into bed and  I snuggled up to him just to see how he would react. He didn't seem to mind and  before I knew it he was snoring softly. I smiled and kissed his cheek and soon I was asleep too. 

I awoke a few hours later with a full bladder and got up to pee. When I came back I was aware that Tommy was awake and watching me with bright eyes.

"Hi," he said softly. His voice was silky and warm and caused goose flesh to appear on my arms.

"Hi yourself. Can't sleep?"

"I...heard you get up and I woke up," he said in that same sexy voice, "I was wondering...why do you think I will beg you to...ummm, you know, fuck me?"

I chuckled, "Well, not to be rude, but you aren't the first boy I've been with. I just find that most boys enjoy getting fucked and are eager to loose their cherries once they figure out what they want."

He frowned and I smiled, "Does it hurt much?"

"It can hurt the first time, but not much. Probably less than that split lip or black eye. And once the pain is over the pleasure is enough to make you forget about the pain."

"It really feels good huh?"

"Did you like the rim job?"

He nodded enthusiastically, "Yeah, that was awesome."

"Well, then doesn't it stands to reason that if you like a tongue up there, you might like something else."

He nodded, "I guess that makes sense. But, you're like really big...aren't you?"

"I'm about 7" but not too thick. And I know how to break a boy in slowly."

He frowned again, "Then I guess I want you to do it....uh, pop my cherry."

"Nope, no guessing. When you can say "I want you to pop my cherry" and really mean it then you'll be ready. Not before."

"Do I have to beg?" he asked sounding confused.

"No, you just have to really, really want it and I don't think you do....not yet. But you will...and maybe soon. But until then, the only thing that will come near that sweet ass of yours is my tongue."

He laughed, "Okay, I'll wait. But what about you, don't you...ummm, want to get your nut tonight?"

"So bad I can barely stand it," I admitted.

He giggled, "Well...I could try...umm, sucking you or something."

"How about you jerk me off, I'm sure you know all about that," I chuckled.

"Oh, okay. I can do that," he said looking relieved, "Do I use lotion or what?"

I have some really good lube in the night stand. I reached over and grabbed it and handed it to him. I let him lube up my hard cock. His hands were shaking but he soon got into it as he began to jerk me off. He had a good technique and before too long I was breathing heavy and shuddering with each stroke. 

"I'm close," I whispered in a raspy voice. Squeeze my nuts."

His small hand found my hangers and he gently squeezed my walnuts and then I let loose. The first volley hit him squarely in the face and he giggled. The next volley hit my chest and the third one shot straight up and then came down into my pubes. I dribbled  a bit more and when I was done I was a freaking mess.

Tommy looked at his cum covered hand and I could see the indecision in his eyes. He hesitated only a moment though before beginning to lick my cum from his hand. I don't know what he expected it to taste like but the look on his face said he was pleased with his choice and he continued to lick it off until his hand was clean. Before he could get to the cum on his face I raised up and pulled him to me and began licking his face clean. He giggled and when I had it all cleaned up I kissed him sharing the last of it as we tongue wrestled. 

I pulled him down on top of me and I could feel his hard cock pressing against my semi-erect one and soon I was rock hard again. As we continued to kiss he began to kiss more passionately as he ground his hard cock against me and I knew he wanted to get off again. It was then that I decided to introduce Tommy Boy to fucking.

I managed to move him enough to get my legs raised up and I could see first confusion then excitement as he realized what was about to happen. I used the lube and a little of my left over cum to grease up his cock and grabbed it and placed it against my hole and got the tip in just a little before reaching up and grabbing his hips and pulling him into me. He moaned loudly as he bottomed out and I didn't need to tell him what to do next.

He moved slowly at first, fucking me as if he was afraid I might break, but as his heat built he began to move faster, and eventually he was pounding me like he was trying to tenderize my ass. It felt great, I hadn't had a good fuck thrown my way in a long time and I was enjoying the hell out of it. This boy might have been a virgin up until a few minutes ago, but now he was a fucking artist as he pounded in and out of my hot wet hole making me grunt with every thrust.

He lasted much longer than I would have ever imagined, possibly because he had come earlier, but when he came he erupted as if he had been storing it up for weeks. I know they say you can't feel the actual sperm hitting your insides, but I could feel his cock throbbing and I swear it seemed to grow to twice it's size inside me. He stayed in me till his cock began to shrink a little then pulled out and left a slimy trail across my ass and thighs as he fell down on the bed beside me. 

The look on his face was priceless as I leaned down and began cleaning up his cock. Licking off the lube and what little bit of his cum still clung to his cock I tasted my own unique flavor and being the sicko I am that made me hard again.

"Okay, forget the other stuff, that was the awesomest shit I ever felt in my life. If getting it feels anywhere near as good as giving it then I want it now."

"So, what are you saying?" I wasn't about to make it easy for him.

"I want you to pop my cherry." he said softly.

"What? I can't hear you." I said loudly.

"I said, I want you to fuck!" He almost begged.

"Are you sure? 100% sure?"

"Yes! I want your cock inside me bad!"

"Okay, then. Let's do this," I said excitedly. There was no turning back now. He would either be begging me to fuck him harder or to stop, and either way I would obey, but my gut instinct was that he would be begging for more cock not less.

I chose my favorite position to break my new boy in and he was like putty in my hands as I positioned him on his stomach and began rimming him again. He raised his ass pushing up against me and my tongue sank in even deeper this time. His ass was giving off pheromones that were driving me crazy and I knew I had to get in there soon or I'd go nuts. I lubed up my fingers and replaced my tongue with my index finger and Tommy nearly came unglued as he felt that finger rub against his boy g-spot. 

"Uggggg," he moaned.

"Your g-spot. It's called a prostate. It's the thing that makes your nut juice. Sometimes you can make a guy come just by rubbing against that place inside your butt hole."

"Uhhhhh.....oh gawd....will it feel this good when you put your dick in there?"

"Better, but first we have to stretch you out a little."

I progressed to two fingers and he flinched a little but didn't try to pull away. After a moment or two he relaxed and my fingers slid in easily. I was pleased at his progress and when I tired three fingers without any problems I knew he was ready for the real thing.

"Okay, baby, I think you're ready. Here's the deal, I'm gonna  very slowly put my cock in you. It's going to hurt a little at first, but if it's too much for you just tell me. I will stop and we'll try it another time or I'll work on stretching it some more, it's your choice.

"I won't give up till it's done," he said stubbornly and I believed him.

I lubed up my cock and ran it up and down his crack a few times just to get him used to the idea of a cock back there and he pushed back as if trying to hurry me up. After a few minutes I began to rub the head of my cock against his hole letting him feel the hot hardness of it and he moaned lowly. He was shaking a little as I pushed against him slowly and again he pushed back. 

I pushed a little harder and the head of my slick clock slipped in just a fraction of an inch. It wasn't much but it was enough for now. It would be a slow process but eventually I would be deep within Tommy Boy's ass. I let him adjust to the slight intrusion of his ass then pushed a little more inside. He grunted but didn't protest as I continued to push a little harder.

"Uhhhhh.....don't stop." he said sounding far away and drugged.

"Don't worry, I'm not. It's going great so far."

"Is it in there yet?"

I laughed, "No, not yet. Only a little, but once I get the head in we're home free."

"Then just do it," he said forcefully, "Just shove it in and get it over with."

I had been with boys who wanted it that way, but they usually took control and just shoved back and impaled themselves on it. 

"Are you sure, It's gonna hurt like hell for a minute, then it will be better."

"Do it!" he said forcefully, "Now, dammit!"

He almost scared me with his tone of voice and I wasn't about to disappoint him. Bracing myself I grabbed his hips in a powerful grip and shoved my cock up his ass in one movement.

"Holy shit, that hurt," he yelled, "am I bleeding?" he said with concern.

I could feel him trembling beneath me and his heart was beating so fast I could almost hear it. I eased  my grip on his hips and just knelt there letting him get used to my cock up his ass as he breathed heavily and got used to having seven hard inches of dick up his ass.

"You okay?" I asked patting his ass gently.

"Great," he said through gritted teeth, "it doesn't hurt as bad now. When will it start feeling good?"

I laughed, "Soon, I promise. But I'll pull out anytime you want and we can call it quits for tonight."

"NO!" he said forcefully, " I want you to fuck me. NOW!" he barked.

Again he scared me a little with his tone of voice, but then I laughed at the obsurdity of a twelve year old screaming to be fucked and I did just that.

I pulled out almost all the way then pushed back in quickly and he grunted, but amazingly he didn't try to pull away. In fact he actually pushed back against me forcing me deeper in his hot slick tunnel. Maybe it was starting to feel good now.

I positioned myself in such a way that my cock rubbed against his prostate with each stroke and soon he was moaning with pleasure and pushing back to meet each thrust. I took him at his word and I fucked him hard. The bed springs were squeaking and the head board was banging the wall almost comically, but I didn't let up. I was hard and I was horny and I was banging that ass like my life depended on it and he seemed to be enjoying it almost as much as I was.

He was making little animal noises now and my balls were making a slapping noise as they banged against his ass. I was close but I really wanted to make it last so I suddenly stopped moving and laid down on top of him with my cock buried deep in his guts and started kissing and nuzzling his neck.

"Why'd you stop?" he panted, "Did you come?"

"No baby, not yet. I want to make this last. Is that okay?"

"Yeah, that's cool. It just felt sooo good when you were fucking me....not like I thought it would feel at all."

"That's great, Tommy Boy. I'm gonna do it some more as soon as I cool down a little and this time I'm gonna fill your guts with my hot thick cum, is that okay?"

"Yesssss," he hissed, "fuck me and put your cum in me. I want it bad." he said shivering.

I raised up and began again this time working my way up to a nice rhythm that didn't jar us as much but that scratched both our itches. I was in Heaven, deep within his hot wet hole and from the sounds he was making he was pretty happy too.

I pulled out and he whimpered but as I rolled him over he didn't hesitate a second before raising his legs and throwing them over my shoulders I plunged back in and began pounding him hard. I bent down and kissed him and he returned the kiss with passion, biting at my tongue and lips and filling my mouth with his spit.

I was too far gone to even think about pacing myself. My entire being was suspended in the seven inches that joined us and I felt as if we were one person as I pumped harder and faster into him. I broke the kiss and really went at it then and suddenly he moaned loudly and began to spurt boy juice all over the both of us. That was all it took to send me over the edge and I almost blacked out as I began to unload inside Tommy's hot tight ass. I shot for what seemed like hours but I'm sure was only a minute or so as my cock swelled and spasmed all over again filling him up with my hot cum.

He whined a little like a puppy being scolded and then sighed contentedly and closed his eyes. I was hoping I hadn't killed him, but if I had he died

I let my cock empty completely before attempting to pull out and when I did Tommy's eyes flew open and he reached up and grabbed hold of me and pulled me down on top of him and crushed his lips against mine. He kissed me wetly and passionately as my cock continued to throb long after my nuts were empty and it remained hard the entire time. 

I considered fucking him again, but I was exhausted and I didn't want to wear his ass out the first time. There would be many more times like this and I was happy this time had been so good for us both. I broke off the kiss and nuzzled his neck and he sighed again. God, I loved it when he sighed. I found his ear and nuzzled it and stuck my tongue in it and he shivered.

My cock eventually shrank and slipped out leaving a slimy trail on Tommy's thighs and stomach as I rolled off of him and fell down beside him. I reached over and rubbed his tummy and he purred. I wanted to lick him clean but I was still shaky from my orgasm and anyway neither of us was going anywhere for a while.

"So, how was it?" I teased, "Think you'd want to try it again?"

"Now? Yeah, let's do it again," he said breathlessly.

"No, not now. I'm still recovering from the first one. I meant was it good enough you'd come back for more? but I guess you answered that."

"It really hurt at first, then....then, it felt awesome. That thing...that prostrate...or whatever it is, it feels so good when you rub against it. made me come," he said excitedly.

"I've never know a boy who didn't like it," I admitted, "and I've broke in my share of them."

"How many?" Tommy asked rolling over to face me. 

"Hmmm...less than 50, more than 40," I teased. It was actually closer to a dozen.

", that many...really?"

"Naww....not really, I was teasing."

He smiled and leaned in and bit me playfully on the nose and I started laughing so hard I thought I was going to pee myself. He thought it was funny too and then he jumped me and started wrestling around on me pressing his slimy cock against me and before  long we were both hard again.

I moaned as he kissed me and before I knew what was happening he was pushing at my legs and trying to get at my ass. I grinned at my horny new bf and raised my legs high and let him go after it like a dog in heat. He was quick as a bunny and didn't last more than a dozen strokes before he threw his head back and howled loudly as he began to come. I felt his cock throb and throb and then he fell against me and kissed my face.

"I....I think you," he said planting butterfly kisses on my face.

"I know," I teased, then I added with deep emotion, "I think I have loved you since the first time I saw you kicking me with your foot."

"I wasn't kicking you," he said giggling, "I was just making sure you weren't dead."

"Well, thanks then. And thanks for trusting me enough to let me....well, you know," I said grinning.

"What? Fuck me?" he said laughing, "I fucked you twice." he said sticking out his tongue.

"And it was the best two fucks of my life," I chuckled.

"Really? What about your old boyfriend?" he asked softly.

I sighed, "Let's not talk about him, okay. What we had was wonderful, but it's over and now...and now there is only you," I said, my voice breaking a little as I spoke. 

He smiled shyly, "So...I'm your new boyfriend?"

"If you want to be," I said feeling a little insecure.

He hesitated for a second and my heart sank, but when I saw the big grin on his face and he wrapped his arms around my neck I knew it was okay, "Yes," he whispered, "I want to be your boyfriend forever."

I didn't mention that at best we had six years before he moved on, or that since he was a kid he had little control over his own life and could be snatched away from me at any minute, because worrying about things like that would have only taken away from what we could have. I kissed him and cuddled him and whispered my love to him and he fell asleep in my arms. 

He sighed in his sleep and I cried a little as I held him in my arms. He was warm and soft and all mine for as long as we could make it work. I would always miss Billy but I still had the memories of our time together and Tommy to make new ones with. My life was blessed and with a smile I fell asleep in my boy's arms.


Eventually Billy's life at home became so bad that he had to move out and guess where he moved to? Yes, he moved in with me and with his crazy mother's full approval. Dougie and Sarah visited us often. I would pick them up some Fridays and return them on Sunday and the four of us were sort of like a family then. I think Dougie suspected that Tommy and I were more than just friends but he never said anything or acted as if it bothered him in any way and I often suspected he might have gay tendencies as well. Years later when Tommy moved on I discovered I had been right about Dougie and he became my new boy. I was 35 then, Tommy was 17 and in a relationship with a hot little black boy at school and Dougie who had just turned 13 and I just naturally came together. But that's another story for a another time.

The End

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