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By Lee Mariner

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My youngest nephew Wayne came into the world during the afternoon of August 3, 1963. Adam, my younger brother by twenty-two months, kidded me that Shirley had tried to hold off delivering Wayne in order to have both birthdays together so they could save money on parties and presents. I have not figured out the reasoning behind that one out yet but, what the hell, why not.

Wayne weighed eight pounds, eleven ounces and he was twenty-inches in length. Those statistics would change considerably in future years but we will get to that a little later.

What we did not know was his best friend to be come onto the scene fourteen-months later to the day. As we were not privy to his vital statistics at birth, I can only say that what ever they were, they would also change considerably in the coming years.

Wayne and Tommy attended the same kindergarten class, and while I cannot say that is where their friendship started, it was probably the starting point. Over the years they attended the same classes, joined in sports and became fast friends.  At some point between their twelfth and fourteenth years, they suddenly realize there are girls in their heretofore-private world of snakes, worms, spiders, baseball, and football and other sports or male only activities.

The sudden changes in feelings in their loins and the sudden growth of hair where none had been before was confusing and almost inexplicable until they heard the whispered stories of older boys putting their hard willies into an unknown part of a girls bodies called a “pussy.” When trying to make inquiries of some of the older boys, the younger boys were ignored and thrust aside with a jocular “you’ll find out when you get older.”
It was not until they caught Billy Marple in the boy’s bathroom sitting on a toilet with his pants and underwear down around his ankles playing with his impressive Willy that their sexual educations improved considerably.  Billy was only a few months older than they, and while his Willy was not much larger then theirs, he seemed to enjoy telling and demonstrating to Wayne and Tommy how to enlarge their willies and enjoy stroking them to a point where it felt like they could hardly breathe. It became an exercise that they became quite expert at in performing together.

During their junior and senior school years, Wayne and Tommy seemingly took little interest in girls and became almost inseparable. The parents of both families thought it was a little more than unusual for two unrelated boys to be closer to each other than many brothers are. The father's of both boys’ tried to explain it away as being a phase that all boys go through, and at some point, it would change. They were only partially right as I would find out later.


Chapter ONE

I was in the eighteenth year of my naval career and serving in what would or should be my last duty station before retirement. Instead of living on base, I took an apartment in town. Living off base enabled me to live more or less like a civilian and able to entertain certain amenable guests overnight or for a weekend.

On this particular weekend, I had removed my uniform in my room and was taking a shower in one of the large communal shower rooms with a couple of sexy, young men their flaccid yet prominent cocks swinging in unison with their steps walked into the shower. Fortunately, they were involved in their conversation and ignored me. I say fortunate since was horny as hell and it took all of my will power not to show just how horny I was.

To play the game and keep up appearances, I had agreed to join a couple of the people that I worked with at the CPO Club for a couple of beers before going on to my apartment. It was not good policy to refuse to often the invitations of men I was stationed with without good cause. After lifting a beer or two, I could always make some inane excuse and free myself in sufficient time to visit a popular gay bar that was within walking distance of my apartment. Usually that would be then sufficient. However, as the saying goes, “best laid plans of mice and men oft times go astray.”

After my second beer and too much shop talk, I was racking my brain for an excuse to leave when a young, gorgeous blond male came into the public room from some inner sanctum within the club. My breath caught quickly at seeing such an unanticipated vision of male magnificence. I glanced at my drinking mates hoping they had not heard me inhaling so quickly but they were engrossed in some ridiculous yet friendly argument over what they had probably forgotten.  

His wavy golden hair was neatly trimmed, and he was dressed in a fitted white open throated short sleeve shirt with an ankle length white apron tied around his narrow waist to protect his black trousers. He was carrying a large metal serving tray and while glancing briefly at our table, he started cleaning the surrounding tables of empty bottles and glasses. The club’s Board of Trustees had long ago instituted the rule of no smoking. Hence, there were no ashtrays to be cleaned.

Surreptitiously watching him work was a symphony in motion. Strong back muscles rippled under the thin shirt material as he cleaned the tables after clearing them. Sinewy biceps swelled, stretching the sleeves of his shirt when he lifted his tray filled with empty glasses and bottles. Moving with the grace of a ballet dancer, he carried them through a swinging door into the kitchen area.

More than once, while he worked, I caught him glancing in our direction and our eyes would meet briefly. A fleeting smile would pass over his smooth, clean-shaven face and unless it was my imagination, he would grin softly and wink.

My “gaydar” kicked into high gear and I knew that I had to have this Adonis. The only problem, since I was sitting with three full-blown heterosexuals, was the how and when. My bladder and the boy would solve the problem.

I was taking a sip of my warm Schlitz and mulling over the needed discretion that would be required to disassociate myself from my drinking companions when the object of my musings swept through the swinging door still carrying his tray. Devine intervention could not have handled the problem any better than Adonis did. Moving directly to our table, he spoke in a soft melodious, “if you are going to have another beer, fellas, it’s almost last call.”

Taking the lead, I slid my chair back and answered quickly, “not me, if I have another beer, I will bust a gut.”

“Awww, come on Bart, one more won’t hurt you,” Matt the better looking of my friends stated.”

“Matt,” I said as I slid my chair back and stood up. “It’s not your bladder that is about to burst. Besides it is late and I’ve got to drive downtown.”

“Yea, you’re a lucky bastard to have your own bachelor pad off base. My wife will be sitting up waiting," Matt, complained. Almost in unison the other two joined Matt in saying, “you ain’t alone there.”

“You reap what you sow,” I exclaimed airily, glancing in the direction of my Adonis as I strode toward the head.”


I had unzipped my fly and was in the process of fishing out my partially engorged cock when I heard the squeal of the outer door to the head open. Adonis walked into the head untieing his apron as he walked. His eyes flashed and a big grin spread across his face, ear to ear. “Boy,” he exclaimed, throwing the apron over his shoulder as he moved toward a urinal once removed from mine, “I didn’t really need to go to the head until you mentioned it.”

“That’s called the power of suggestion,” I said, flipping my partially flaccid four-inch uncut cock into full view. As a powerful stream splashed into the urinal catch basin, I glanced in his direction. He had deftly freed his cock from its confines. His equipment appeared to be of the same size and was uncut.

I felt my cock growing and lifting it with the fingers of my left hand; I glanced to where he was standing, his fingers slowly massaging the growing  length of his gorgeous cock. The sight was mesmerizing and swallowing deeply, I was about to speak when he spoke, echoing my thoughts.

“It looks like you have more of a problem than needing to piss,” he said, moving to occupy the empty urinal between us and turning slightly to afford me a full view of his magnificent cock.

“It looks like we both do,” I replied, nervously.

“What are we going to do about it?” he asked as he moved his left hand toward my now fully erect eight-inch cock and I reached for his at least seven-inch cock.

We inhaled deeply as we gripped our respective steel hard shafts. Exhaling softly, “I know what I want to do but we can’t do it in here.”

“I live on base, but we could go out back of the club after it closes,” he said. “There are some real thick bushes, and I’ve had sex back there.”

“I don't know about that", I replied nervously." Are you on duty this weekend?” I asked, mentally offering a prayer that he was not.

“Nah," he replied. "I'm off until Monday after I get off work, but I live on base in the barracks,” he answered an almost mournful look in his brilliant blue eyes.

“Hope sprang eternal,” I thought to myself before saying, “My apartment is off base if you would want to go there with me.”

“Would I?” He exclaimed. “Man, I‘m so fucking horny I could almost fuck a snake,” he continued, unconsciously in his excitement, squeezing my drooling cock with such force as if to cut the blood off. “The club closes at eleven o'clock but, I don‘t have a car.”

Releasing his pre-cum sticky cock and withdrawing my cock from his grip, I said, “That’s okay. Meet me outside of gate two; I will be driving a blue Chevrolet Impala convertible with Ohio license plates. Will you be in uniform or civilan clothes?”

“Civvies,” he answered as we both returned our partially rigid but quickly deflating cocks to the interior of our pants.

"It's a half hour before closing," I said while re-arranging my clothes. “Follow me by a couple of minutes, and after I get clear of my friends, I’ll meet you outside the gate.”

“I’ll be there, count on it," he replied a little excitedly. "I want some of you real bad,” he said in a husky voice.

Glancing quickly at him as he arranged his clothes, I smiled and left.

My friends were at the table talking and finishing their beers. As I walked up, Matt looked up quickly and said, “Hey Bart, I was getting ready to send out a search party.

A quick thought that maybe I had missed something entered my mind as I noticed that he had said, “I” instead of “We” as would usually have been said. “Could I be mistaken about Matt,” I mused to myself. “Nah,” my inner self disclaimed as I said. “You know how it is, Matt. I did not ever think I would stop pissing. Right now though, it's getting late and, I am going to head out. See you Monday.”

“Not unless I see you first,” Matt replied in the singular.

“Might be,” I answered, grinning at him as I left.