In so far as disclaimers go, doesn't the forum that this story is posted to say it all? I must preface this story by saying that it is pure fantasy. As you might know, I don't always write fantasy. Sometimes I write fact disguised as fantasy. It's up to you to tell the difference. I avoid the usual disclaimers because, I figure, why are you here in the first place? Wouldn't you like to be surprised for a change?


by Larkin, .... jet2larkin (at) gmail (.) com
Copyright 2010


Tommy's Pubescent Transition


His rough cut blond hair stuck out all around his cap. It was the cap that he wore sideways on his head.
Seeing this irritated the shit out of his Mother. She didn't like the hat and she wanted his hair cut. When the serious discussion started, he would vanish in a flash.

The gym teacher said that if he ditched any more school, they would have to make other arrangements.
There was even talk of reform school.

The common complaint was, "Tommy, you are thirteen now and you are going to have to start applying yourself more and start being more responsible."

Tommy had a special vacant look in response to those situations.

It looked like it was going to rain again. He stood under the awning of a convenience store. His clothes were probably a nice looking outfit maybe three days ago, but he did need a change. Tommy could care less.

He had just the faintest peach fuzziness on his upper lip. It indicated to me, that he had just entered the first quarter of his puberty. He was cheerful and looked absolutely good for nothing, a quality I particularly like in boys. I know him and I have seen him naked before. He has a modest uncut pecker and an untidy bottom that is always in need of grooming. To me, these are among his special virtues

"What's up," Is always the opening line.

He had chipped front tooth that made him look so sweet and goofy. One smile was enough to make you crazy about him.

He had a few stories to share with me as we walked along together.
"So me and Cathy have been going out together, you know McDonald's and stuff like that. So, anyway, I was over at her house and we were playing around."

I was pleased that Tommy trusted me enough to tell me just about anything. Whether or not it was true was another story. We might have stopped and had a bite ourselves at McDonald's but Tommy was not always comfortable being seen in company of a strange and older man. His rabble of friends may make insulting accusations. I understood and we walked on.

"Cathy can be so stupid sometimes. We were both sitting on the couch in her parents den and I was feeling up her titties."

Tommy enjoyed telling me these tales because he knew, true or false, I genuinely enjoyed hearing about his exploits

"I was really getting into it. I was all over her on the couch and pulled up her shirt so's I could play with her nipples. She was pretending like she was all helpless or retarded and she couldn't stop me or anything. She was just letting me. I like it when she acts like that. It gives me such boner and I was having so much fun that I forgot that her mother was home. She spread her legs so's I could stick my hand down her panties and finger her. She had this stupid look on her face. Then her Mother comes flying into the room and starts screaming. We both jump up and Cathy starts crying like I had been hurting her. She joined her mother and was crying and yelling at me. It was like they were both against me. Her Mom said if I ever come to her house again she will call the police. I said fuck you and took off."

I had to ask a few questions. "Did you ever go all the way with her?"
Tommy looked a little pissed off.

"Well it's not going to happen now. We got together a bunch of times. She's got hot titties and her pussy gets all hot and wet when I finger her, but she just lays there and doesn't do nothing. Like I was saying, she's a retard."

I decided to challenge him. "Tommy, have you actually fucked a girl?" I immediately realized after that I shouldn't have.

He looked hurt. "Of course, hundreds of times."

I knew it was all bravado, but he had to defend his vanity. Tommy was ahead in some areas and not in others. I thought about his slim four inch erected penis and personally, even though I thought it was the cutest, I could see how he might have trouble penetrating the bubble of some young girl's self-centeredness with such a harmless little poker.

When we got to my apartment he didn't hesitate for one second to follow me in. He glided passed me and climbed up on my bed and made himself at home. I could tell he was excited. Tommy would never put words to it but he knew what was going to happen. He knew he was going to do something that could never happen between Cathy and him. I pulled off his shoes and stinky socks. He lay on his back, spread out so that the boner in his pants was evident. I gave it a firm tug. There could never be the slightest bit of doubt that Tommy was offering himself to me, freely and completely.

He stared off into space while I unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down. He wears the same underpants day after day. I'm sure they are the same pair he had on the last time he was over. I sucked his cock until it couldn't possibly become more ridged without squirting. I licked his compact little scrotum with its two Tommy's robin's egg sized balls.

Knowing me and what I like and feeling free to abandon all fears and apprehension, his skinny legs go into the air and are pulled back. He demonstrates his limberness by pinning his legs back with his arms. Tommy's rear entry is totally exposed. The whole area around his hairless boy butt hole has been greased by several days of boy turds. The intoxicating scent causes my heart to pound. I am powerless and cannot resist licking his whole bottom. I probe his delicious ass with my tongue. Over a small set of balls, I see his stiff penis, like an extended forefinger it twitches up and down each time I tongue his boy hole. He is swooning.

Strangely, this is all I want from Tommy. At this moment, I could die happy.

Tommy is not at all interested in being penetrated by my sizable cock, nor would I be interested in perpetrating on him the slightest amount of trauma. This, however, does not change the fact that he revels in the attention I pay to his dirty boy hole. Who but me would give him this kind of adoring attention? Certainly not Cathy.

After I have done these dirty deeds, in his mind he thinks that it's only fair and just to reciprocate.
The arousal caused by my lustful impulses has washed away his parental and school yard taboos. This allows him to use reciprocation as fair and reasonable excuse. It's the perfect excuse. It frees him to suck cock and it is my stiff cock that he wants in his mouth.

I know this is true because I have seen the look on his face when he strokes me. His eyes are fixed with excited fascination, his lips are parted and the tip of his tongue visible. He opens wide and me, with all my wickedness, take the advantage and slide my stiff cock into his sweet mouth. Aside from the lewd and appalling absurdity of a man's cock in a young boy's mouth, his expression is one of serenity, looking as if he has just gone to heaven.

Cathy's tits and her mysterious cunt are fun, but they cannot compete with staggering, un-intellectual lust of a large hard cock in his mouth. A little later in Tommy's life, women will probably be his primary passion and desire,

But, just for a little while, not now and not yet.




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