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It was a dark and dank Saturday Morning as I went about the business of my weekly know, shopping, dropping off the dry cleaning, etc. The weather had been foreboding since the night before, and the forecast included hail and possible tornado activity. It was a special day. David, my wonderful David was due in on a flight later in the day. With him would be my equally beloved Travis, who had spent a month with David during the summer school break from college. I missed them both tremendously and was very eager for them to arrive.

I had finished the dry cleaning run and was on my way to the grocery store when the rain unleashed itself on the area. It was, to use a Texas colloquialism, a real "frog strangler". The windshield wipers could barely keep up with the torrent. I began to consider temporary shelter, someplace to wait the storm out.

It occurred to me that my favorite restaurant Trey was only about a half mile away so I set out in that direction. When I arrived, Trey, himself, was standing under the canopy in front of his restaurant watching the developing storm. When he saw my car, he motioned for me to park and join him. I wasted no time in doing so.

We greeted each other with the customary hug and turned, once more to face the storm. Trey had been a friend for many years, and he and I had seen each other through our respective hard times. We were very close. Trey was close friends with David and Travis, Hell, he was friends with all my friends...we were a close gaggle of queens.

Anyway, the storm was intensifying with each moment. Almost simultaneously, the hail began as the emergency sirens began their wail. Trey pointed out to the Northeast. Sure enough, a funnel cloud had formed and was dipping down from the clouds, then retreating, only to dip down again. Our gaze was fixed on the spectacle such that we were late to notice a boy on his bicycle peddling down the street, being pelted by hail.

Trey, whose voice was much more booming than mine, hailed the boy to join us with a repeating wave of his hand. The boy turned his bicycle in our direction and soon approached us at the canopy. He was soaking wet. As he approached, I put my arms out to welcome him into my embrace. He jumped off the bike, allowing it to fall onto the parking lot, then ran into my arms.

"Please Mister, don't let it get me!" He exclaimed.

 "I won't, don't worry...don't worry." I responded gently.

Having held him in my embrace for several minutes, until his shivering subsided, I was now nearly as wet as he. Trey was watching this interchange and slowly shaking his head from side to side.

"What?" I remarked to Trey.

"How do you do it? You really are a boy-magnet, aren't you?" Trey observed.

I hugged the boy tightly and stroked his wet hair.

"Look, it's going the other way. It's not coming in our direction at all...Look!" I suggested.

He peaked out from my embrace to see for himself.

"These damned things scare the shit out of me...especially thunder and lightning!" He declared.

"Me too!" Trey chimed in.

The sky had taken on an eerie green tint. The hail continued. I looked over the shoulder of this boy in my embrace to try to determine if the hail was putting pings into the finish of my Camaro.

My newly made young friend was still squeezing me tightly, his cheek on my breast.

"Thanks, mister. I'm sorry I'm such a pussy, I've been afraid of storms since I was little." He said.

"No Problem, my young friend! What's your name, anyway?" I asked.

"Danny" He answered.

"Well, Danny, don't think yourself a pussy. Many grown ups are similarly afraid of storms, particularly those as threatening as this one." I suggested.

"Me Too!" Trey repeated.

This struck Danny as humorous. He chuckled and turned to Trey saying: "Really?"

"Lord Yes, since I was a little boy. I'd run and crawl under my bed to wait storms like this Daddy thought I was a pussy you're not in the boat alone." Trey confessed.

Trey took a longer look at us both.

"You're both going to catch your death of pneumonia, if we don't get you into some dry clothes."

"We are a bit on the damp side, aren't we?" I observed with a smile.

Let's go inside and see what we can do. Trey suggested.

Danny kept one arm around me as we walked into the restaurant. It would be several hours before the restaurant opened for business, so we had plenty of time to dry out near the fireplace in the middle of the restaurant.

"There's an employee shower and restroom in the back, you know where it is, Barry. Why don't you both go in there and strip, give me your clothes...I'll wash and dry them while you shower and warm up afterward at the fire. I know you're not shy, Barry. How about you, Danny, are you shy about being naked?" Trey said.

"Hell No! I shower with my brothers all the time. I've seen plenty of naked guys before. It doesn't bother me at all, except I wish my dick was bigger." Danny replied.

"Well, if you change your mind, you can wrap yourself in a fresh tablecloth until your clothes are done. They are a little starchy, but they're clean, white, and you're welcome to one if you want." Trey offered.

"I'll be fine...just don't laugh at my little dick" Danny said with a smile.

"Don't laugh at mine!" I countered with my own laugh.

"OK, then. Barry, I'll follow you two to the shower room and collect your clothes." Trey said.

We soon found ourselves in the shower room. I began to undress. Danny was way ahead of me. He was naked almost instantly, and handed his clothes to Trey for the promised laundering. I followed suit. Now we were both standing naked next to each other. As if on cue, a loud thunderclap occurred. Danny practically leapt into my embrace once more.

 Danny's dick, not really all that little, rubbed against me as he embraced me, as he had before.

I squeezed him in another hug. He was shivering again. He was frightened.

"Shhh...Shhh, It's OK. I won't let anything bad happen to you. I promise". I whispered into his ear.

"Thanks mister." He said.

"My name is Barry, Danny, you may call me Barry. We're friends now, if you allow, that is." I said.

"You think I'd be hugging you like a little boy if I didn't already consider you a friend?" Danny replied.

" I suppose not, Danny." I said.

I went on:

Do you want to take your shower first, or shall I?" I asked.

"Can't we shower together?" My brothers and me all shower together." Danny suggested.

"I" I corrected.

"Huh?" Danny said.

"My brothers and I" I said.

"Whatever" Danny replied.

Then it hit me that I was being a pompous a-hole...I had no right to correct this boy's English. I spanked myself mentally and went on:

"Well, I suppose we can shower together... especially if you find it acceptable. Many people would not, you know?" I said.

"Screw `Em!" He declared.

"OK, then." I said, as I reached in and started the hot water running.

When the mix of hot and cold water got to about the right temp, we both entered the shower, Danny still holding me in a hug, awaiting the next thunderclap, I supposed. He didn't have to wait long. When the thunderclap shook the whole building he turned to face me, still holding me in a hug. Now his penis pressed itself between my legs. It felt good. It was pulsating as it became increasingly erect.

When he recognized that he was sporting a boner and that it was squeezed between my legs, he blushed and slowly retracted it.

"Sorry, Mister...I mean Barry. Hot water gives me a hard-on. I didn't mean anything by it." Danny apologized.

"Me too, Danny." I replied, pointing at my own erection.

"Yeah, I see, that's a nice dick, Barry. Your balls are huge...shit I've never seen balls that big". Danny proclaimed.

"Yeah, I guess they're my only claim to fame." I chuckled.

"Hell Yeah, I hope mine get that big." Danny said.

"Well, let's not waste the hot water. Would you like me to shampoo your hair, Danny?" I offered.

"Would you do that for me...really?" He answered.

"Sure, why wouldn't I?" I responded.

"Hell, even when I was little, my Dad would never help me bathe...he was such a bastard." Danny commented.

"Was?" I asked, as I opened the shampoo bottle placed on the little ledge above the showerhead.

"Oh, I didn't mean he was dead or anything...he's still around, and he's still a bastard." Danny said.

"What about your Mom. Wouldn't she help you with your hygiene chores when you were little?" I inquired.

"Mom's the one who's dead. She died in childbirth with my baby brother. I don't really remember her much." Danny said.

"Sorry, Danny." I offered.

"It's OK, like I said, I don't really remember her anyway."

"I wouldn't have brought it up if I realized, never the less." I said.

"It's OK, Barry, forget it." Danny repeated.

I began rubbing the shampoo into his hair, and massaging his scalp with my fingernails. His hair was somewhat matted, requiring a rinse and a second application of the shampoo. As I continued the shampoo- scalp massage ritual, Danny pressed his cheek into my breast and hugged me, this time with more affection. He looked up at me, as the shampoo ran down his face. I was afraid it would run into his eyes so I looked down at him and said:

"Keep your eyes closed for now, OK?"

He closed his eyes, as I had requested and added a smile as he resumed pressing his cheek against me.

"I wish you were my Dad, Barry. You're so gentle and loving. My Dad would never have done this for me." Danny said.

"That's a true shame, Danny." I said as I completed the final rinse of his hair.

"Yeah, he's a real bastard." Danny restated.

"Well, let's get the rest of you. You want to do your own washing, I assume." I said.

"You mean, if I asked, you'd do that for me too?" Danny asked with a smile.

"If you wish...SURE!" I said.

"Go Ahead!" Danny said, still smiling.

"Are you sure it's OK...shall I wash know...everywhere?"

"Please do, if you're OK with it." Danny replied.

"I'm OK with problem. I've done it for a lot of guys." I said.

"Really?" Danny asked.

"Sure have." I assured him.

"Cool!" Danny declared.

"OK, then. Place your hands palm down on my shoulders." I requested.

He complied, immediately.

"We'll start with your arms and underarms, and your hands." I said, as I began lathering him up.

"Cool, Barry. I've never had this done feels really good." Danny interjected.

"I'm glad you find it pleasurable, Danny. I'm happy to do it." I replied.

"No one has ever put his hands on me like this. I didn't know it could feel so good." Danny observed.

"Yeah, it's like your first massage. You didn't know what you were missing, huh?" I remarked with a chuckle.

"Don't know...never had a massage...will you give me one?" Danny asked.

"If we have time, sure." I replied.

"OK, I'd love it." Danny asserted.

"In the meantime, let's wash your torso, back and butt. OK?" I suggested.

"You'd wash my butt?" Danny asked.

"Remember, I said all of you." I reminded him.

"Cool, really Cool. Even my balls and my dick?" Danny asked.

"Of course...all of you, remember?" I said again

"Wow, if you handle my dick, you wash it and all, I might shoot cum all over you. Would that gross you out?" Danny asked incredulously.

"Not at all, silly. I'm a boy too, your cum would not gross me out in the least. After all, we boys all make cum, don't we?" I said.

"I sure do, and I shoot it out by the cup full." Danny said with a mischievous smile.

"Me too. Maybe we can have a contest." I laughed.

" I win." Danny proclaimed.

"I wouldn't be surprised." I said.

As I proceeded washing his torso, I became aware that Danny was in pretty good shape. His muscle tone was quite good. As the lather ran down his front and onto his dick, it produced an even harder erection.

"I don't know why you think you have a little dick, Danny. I think you're a grow-er, not a show-er. I'm the same way. My penis isn't all that much to show off while it's flaccid, but it really grows a great deal when it's hard." I said.

"By the time you finish washing it, it will be as big as it gets, I guess." Danny suggested.

 "We'll soon see, my young friend. I'm about to wash your penis and balls right now." I explained.

"ALLRIGHT!" Danny said.

Danny leaned back against the shower wall and pushed his pelvis forward to give me maximum access to his abdomen and genitals.

I started with his balls. I lathered them up slowly with liquid body-wash.

"Damn, that feels good." Danny exclaimed.

I kneaded his balls gently, and felt them trying to pull away from me to prepare for emission phase. I held them down, low in Danny's scrotum to slow his response.

"Wow, let's slow down a bit. You're already getting ready to cum, Danny." I observed.

"Yeah, I can feel it." He replied.

"Well, let's try to make it happen at a rate that produces maximum semen and maximum orgasm for you...OK?" I suggested.

"OK, you're in control. However you want to do it, Barry." Danny asserted.

I continued to play with his balls. I could feel his testes pumping sperm into his eppidydimus  to travel up his vas deferens to his  seminal vesicles. He was packed tight. He was going to cum like he had never cum before.

I used the lather that had run down his dick to trace a path around his corona ring and used my thumb to stroke his frenulum.

"Holy Shit, Barry...I'm like a firecracker about to explode. I can't hold off much longer." Danny proclaimed.

"No need, my friend. Let me give you the final strokes and you can fire away." I said.

Danny nodded.

I knelt in front of him, and slowly stroked his dick, holding it tightly enough that the lather really operated on the nerves of his corona ring. His testicles retracted completely, his scrotum pulling them high against his abdomen.

Danny closed his eyes:

"I'm gonna cum, Barry...right NOW!" Danny warned me.

I opened my mouth to accept his load. What a load it was. I hadn't put his dick into my mouth, as I didn't know at what point he'd get turned off to it all. Still he shot straight into my mouth filling it completely, as I struggled to swallow fast enough to keep up with him.

He had been telling it like it is when he said he could cum by the cupful. It wasn't much of an exaggeration. It was sweet, as is most young cum. That's not true of drug using young ones, but in Danny's case it was sweet. The strong smell of chlorine accompanied his ejaculation...also a characteristic of young cum. I had turned beet red in the passion that Danny had stirred in me.

When Danny's ejaculatory spasms finally came to an end, he opened his eyes and looked down to see his cum running down my chin from my lips, which were coated with it, and dripping onto the shower floor.

"OH SHIT!" I came in your mouth, Barry...I'm so sorry." Danny exclaimed.

"I'm not." I replied.

"Really?" He replied.

"Of course not, Danny. You're my friend. Your cum is not gross to me. It's part of you. It's delicious. I'm only pleased to give you some pleasure. I hope it was good for you." I said.

"It was the best damn orgasm I've ever had, Barry. Thanks. I learned a lot from you just now. I can't believe you let me cum in your mouth, though." Danny repeated.

"I'm glad I did a good job for you, Danny. That's what I hoped to do." I said.

Cum was still dripping from his penis onto the shower floor.

"You really mean it when you said I was delicious?" Danny asked.

"Want me to show you?" I replied.

"Sure, if you want" Danny said.

I lifted his penis and licked the residual cum from his meatus, squeezing his shaft to bring it all to my tongue. He shuddered at the pleasure since his penis, as one would expect, was still super sensitive after his ejaculation.

"HOLY SHIT!" He proclaimed.

"OOPS...did I gross you out, Danny. I'm sorry...I just wanted to give you a new pleasure." I apologized.

"Hell no...I'm not grossed out...this is GREAT! I just never thought anyone would be willing to let me cum in their mouth." Danny said.

"I'm happy to do it for you, Danny."

"This is unbelievable. I love it. Thank you, Barry." Danny said.

"Now, then, turn around and I'll finish with your butt and legs."

He did, and I did.

Finally, Danny turned to me and said:

"So, I guess you're gay, huh?"

"I am, is it OK?" I replied.

"Sure, my older brother is gay. He's cool. I don't know for sure what I am yet. I haven't really done much more than the jerk off sessions I have with my brothers. We do each other all the time. It's cool." Danny informed me.

"Sounds cool. I was an only child, but I was experimenting with other boys since before I was even in the first grade." I confessed.

" brothers and me too." Danny said.

"Guess we have some things in common, huh?" I said with a chuckle.

"Can I wash you now, Barry?" Danny asked.

"You want to?" I said.

"Hell Yeah." Danny asserted.

Danny's touch was electric. By the time he worked his way to my genitals, I was hard as a rock and my penis was palpitating so hard I thought it would detach itself from my abdomen.

"Wow, Barry. I'd say you're ready, huh?" Danny observed, as he took my penis into his grasp.

Duplicating my techniques from earlier, he caressed my scrotum, and traced lather around my corona ring. I was going absolutely crazy. It had been months since Travis and I had been together, so there was one Hell of a load in me awaiting release.

"I don't think I'm ready to take it in my mouth, Barry...OK?" Danny said

"You don't have to do this at all, Danny, if you don't want to." I replied.

"No...I want to...a lot...I just don't think I'm ready to take someone's cum in my mouth yet. I'll make you cum problem" Danny said.

"You won't have to wait long, Danny. I'm locked and loaded right now...I'm going to cum." I announced.

I shot cum all over Danny's face. It ran down and dripped from his chin onto the shower floor. Danny remained in place and stroked my penis until he was certain that I had produced every drop. Only then, did he stand up to place his face into the shower to wash my cum off his face. I couldn't help notice that he licked some of it off his lips and onto his tongue before washing the rest off. He didn't react as if he was revolted by the experience. I was relieved.

"I can't believe we didn't run out of hot water, Barry." Danny observed.

"This is a restaurant, Danny. They have a hot water system that you'd be hard pressed to run dry. If we were at home we'd have run out of hot water by now, I'm sure." I assured him.

"That's part of why my brothers and I shower together. If we don't, we run out of hot water." Danny said.

"I see." I replied.

 We dried off. I peaked out the door to make sure that no one besides Trey was in the main dining area. In fact, not even Trey was there. I noticed he had put two tablecloths on the table closest to the fireplace in case we wanted to drape ourselves in them. 

"The coast is clear, Danny. Want to warm up next to the fire?" I suggested.

"COOL!" He replied.

We walked casually out into the dining area; naked as God made us, and approached the fireplace.

Trey stuck his head out from the kitchen area and said:

"It's about time you two showed up."

"We were enjoying the shower, Trey...thanks a lot!" Danny answered.

"The tablecloths should be warm if you want them, guys. Anyone for a drink?" Trey asked.

"GREAT!" I exclaimed.

"Your usual, Barry?" Trey asked.

"Of course!" I replied.

"What about you, Danny? Want a coke or something?" Trey suggested.

"Can I have a glass of red wine? I'm allowed to at home." Danny requested.

"OK." Trey replied.

Danny and I sat next to each other on the bench seat in front of the fireplace. The heat radiating from the fireplace felt really comforting. We could hear the rain pounding away at the roof and, suddenly a flash of lightning and almost immediate clap of thunder caused Danny to practically jump from the seat onto my lap and press his cheek against my breast as before. He was still warm from the shower, and he felt good on my lap. His butt crack made a home for my penis, which wasted no time in taking up residence there.

"Sorry, am I hurting your dick, Barry?" Danny asked, as I'm sure he could feel my penis pinched into his butt crack.

"You're fine, Danny, Fine." I reassured him.

"I could stay in your arms like this forever. I really could." Danny said sweetly.

"Thank you my sweet friend. That would please me too." I said.

"Seriously, I feel secure in your arms...I really like it." Danny said.

Trey appeared with our drinks and handed each of us our respective one.

"Your clothes should be dry in about 15 more minutes." Trey announced.

"I'm fine without them, frankly. Unless you're expecting company, Trey." I said.

"No it will be many hours before we open and the staff won't be here for at least another two hours.  The doors are all locked. So you can warm your chestnuts by the open fire for as long as you wish." Trey said, as if singing the lyrics "chestnuts roasting by an open fire"

I smiled. Danny did as well.

Then it occurred to me:

"Danny, won't your Dad and brothers be frantic wondering where you are?"

"Hell NO!" Dads' at the Armory. He won't be back until tomorrow night. He doesn't give a damn where me or my brothers are at anyway." Danny said.

I nodded.

It didn't take long for the wine to have its way with Danny and he was asleep in my arms.

I continued to sip at my bourbon & drink of choice, as I held Danny snuggly..

 He twitched slightly, but was out for the count...dead asleep. His eye movements would suggest he was in REM.

Trey reappeared from the kitchen with a drink for himself and sat across from Danny and me in a chair.

"You OK, Barry?" Trey asked.

"Fine, Trey. You're a lifesaver. Thank you very much." I replied

"Barry?" Trey started.

"What is it, Trey?" I answered.

"Well, this damned weather makes me think of how you met Travis. You know, you never told me that entire story, only snippets of how the two of you met. Would you please elaborate? I've always wanted to know the details." Trey asked.

"Sure, Trey. I'd be happy to tell you the story. You're recollection is good; we did meet during a really bad weather event. It was that abominable ice storm that occurred a few years ago. You shut down the whole damned town for a while." I began.

"I remember, indeed, I was iced in here at the restaurant. I guess it's a good thing I live upstairs. Still, it cost me a lot of business." Trey recounted.

Well, I guess I should begin at the beginning, huh?" I smiled at Trey. He smiled back. 

"I was lying on the sofa, pining about David and how much I missed him when this horrible clatter began outside. I opened the front door and stood there, only the storm door protecting me from the freezing rain, now coming down at a rate I don't think I have ever seen before. Steam rose from the mug of Hot Cocoa I had brought with me to the door. It was somewhat comforting to hold the mug up close to my mouth and allow the happy vapor to tickle my nose. I needed a little comfort as I had been in a down mood all day.

DAMN! I said aloud. It's just NOT supposed to get this cold in Dallas. The temperature continued to drop and even more quickly after the freezing rain had stopped. The street was now glazed with what appeared to be, perhaps, a half inch of polished ice. I glanced at the thermometer on the porch. It read 22 Degrees F.  DAMN! I repeated.

There was zero traffic. No one was stupid enough to venture out into this weather. Down the block, a lone mercury vapor lamp began to flicker to life, as if awakened to the call of the setting sun.

I left the door open, knowing I would return after refilling my mug.

Not enough remained for a refill, so I put on another small pot of milk to warm for a fresh batch of cocoa. While it warmed, I stacked some wood into the fireplace and started a fire. I was ready for a soothing session in front of the fire. The wood began to crackle and that wonderful aroma of a wood fire began to find its way to my nose. It seemed that, perhaps, some appropriate music would fill out the experience, so I placed one of my favorite CDs into the player. It was Dan Fogelberg. I selected track 7 "Make Love Stay"

... My very favorite, although the CD was filled with other very good songs as well.

I reclined, once more, on the sofa, and while the CD player exercised its mechanism to take in the CD and search out track 7, I put on my headphones so as to enjoy it "close up". It began to play and I released myself to its compelling strains. Tears began to well up in my eyes. This was a special song and its lyrics held special meaning to me and to young David, with whom I had shared a very special relationship. I don't know why I listen to that song, it always brings back memories of David, which, in turn, always cause the tears to well up. God!  I love him so.

I continued to lie there, lost in my memories of sweet David, while the remainder of the CD played through. Dear David, the sweetest and most loving boy in the whole world, I thought. David had grown up, as boys tend to do, and had exploited his tremendous musical talents to graduate Magna cum Laude from the Boston Conservatory of Music and move on to a very successful career. He still owns my heart and I remain his fan and love him beyond words. I hear from him only occasionally now.

Shaking me from my thoughts was an URGENT ALERT from my nostrils, informing me I had burned the milk. I hurried to the kitchen and confirmed that my olfactory was correct. I poured the spoiled milk down the sink, flushing it with copious amount of hot water, hoping to dispel the smell as quickly as possible.

Oh well, it was time now, "Post- Fogelberg" , for a drink more suitable to my mood and one to help ward off the icy weather and its chill. Ah, I thought, time for a visit with my dear counselor Dr. Jack Daniels.

I returned to the fireplace with my bourbon on the rocks and once more reclined on the sofa. Just as I settled in, and as if on cue, the lights went out.

GREAT! I thought. The last time that ice had brought down the lines, I was without power for a day and a half. My eyes quickly adjusted to the only light remaining, that of the fireplace. Its warm glow now irresistible, I moved to a chair closer to it and took a sip from my drink."

"HELLO!......HELLO?" , A voice startled me from the foyer. What the Hell, I thought.

"Coming!" I replied, as I hurried to the front door. As I reached the foyer, I beheld a boy, perhaps 12, his clothing soaked completely through and then frozen again. His hair facetted with ice crystals, he stood there freezing and shivering before me.

"My God! How long have you been out in this weather with no coat or warm clothes" I asked.

"A long time" He began in answer.

 I interrupted:

"Well, never mind that now. We must get you out of these wet clothes NOW! Before you wind up with frostbite!"

"Take your shirt off, quickly!" I ordered. Simultaneously, I reached for his belt and said:

" This is no time for modesty, my young friend; we must get you out of these immediately."  With that, I pulled his pants and briefs to his ankles. He removed his shirt and undershirt.

"Just throw them on the floor for now." I said.

" Now sit down there and I'll pull those pants all the way off." I ordered. He did as I asked.

"Your lips are blue, so are your feet and testicles. We need to get you into some warm water right away." I observed. 

"Come with me!" I said.

He followed me into the too dark bathroom. Damn, No Power!

I placed my bathrobe around him, started the hot water running, and said I'll be right back; I need to get the oil lamp from another room. I returned immediately and found him standing there, still shivering.  Poor Baby, I thought.

Thankfully, the power had not been off long enough for the hot water to cool. I began filling the tub with lukewarm water.

"What's your name, young man?" I asked.

"Travis." He replied.

"Well, Travis, hop in there, let's get you warmed up." I suggested. 

He wasted no time getting into the tub.

"HOT!" He exclaimed.

"It's only lukewarm, Travis, it just feels hot to you because you are nearly frozen. You'll acclimate to it in a moment." I replied.

"Thank You, mister." He said, looking up at me lovingly.

"No Problem." I replied.

I took the glass from the counter and dumped out the toothbrush. I began using it to gently pour warm water over his head, as the water level hadn't risen to a level where he could dunk his head under it.

"Better?" I asked.

"Yes Sir." He replied. "Thank You! You've saved my life."

My heart exploded with an instantaneous rush of emotion for this poor boy.

"You're quite welcome, Travis. I'm only glad I was here to help." I said.

He nodded in acknowledgement.

"Travis, huh?"  I inquired. "A good old Texas name isn't it?" I added.

"Yes Sir, Dad says we're related somewhere way back, I don't know exactly how." He said.

"Interesting." I inserted.

I went on:

"Well, Travis, just how is it that you came to be here at my house anyway?"

"It's cooling down now". Travis interjected. 

"Let's add some hot water, then". I said, reaching for the hot water valve.

"That's good." He said, after a minute.  I shut off the water.

"Mister, if I tell you what you asked me, you won't get mad and make me leave will you?" He asked.

"Of Course NOT! Travis.  Why would I do such a thing? I'm only delighted you're here, safe, and out of this beastly weather." I assured him.

"OK" ... But I don't even know your name, sir." He said.

"I'm so sorry, Travis. In all this urgency to get you warmed up, I forgot. My name is Barry." I told him.

"Oh, I like that name... Barry." He remarked.

"Thanks, So did my mother." I chuckled.

"OK, then, I'll tell you, Barry." He said.

He began:

"It's called Tough Love... My Dad, you know." 

"No Travis, I really don't know. Please tell me." I asked.

"Well, he paused, you sure you won't think bad of me?" He said.

"Of course NOT." I said.

I continued:

 "I'm the most open-minded person you'll ever meet. I can't imagine anything that would cause me to think badly of you. Indeed, I already feel very close to you and regard you as a dear friend, Travis, so feel free to talk to me about anything."

"OK." He said.

"You know The Assembly of God Temple in Waco?"  He asked.

"No Travis, I can't say I do. Is that where you're from?" I asked.

He nodded in the affirmative.


"My Dad is the pastor; he's in charge of the whole evil place." He said.

"I see." I said.

"It's cooling down again." He said.

"OK." I answered, as I, once more, turned on the tap to add some more hot water.

"We should let some of this cooler water out, Travis, so the hot water we're putting in doesn't cool as quickly." I suggested.

"Yeah, OK." He said.

I reached across him to remove the stopper. After a minute, enough water had drained from the tub to expose his magnificent physique, including his perfectly formed and proportioned genitals. At this moment I realized that he was absolutely beautiful... An ambulatory work of art. Soon the fresh water had covered him again. I shut off the tap once more.

"He Hates Me!" Travis blurted out. "He Hates Me!"

"Your Dad?" I asked.

"He Hates Me!" He repeated, as tears welled up in his eyes.

"Don't be sad, my young friend. You're safe here with me now. No one will hurt you now." I assured him.

"Your Dad maybe upset with you, Travis, but I can't imagine anyone, least of all your dad, hating you." I said.

"He Hates ALL FAGGOTS!" Travis added.

"I see, he's one of those, huh?" I asked.

"He says they all go to Hell! Do you think that's true?" Travis asked.

"I certainly DO NOT!" I hastened to say.

"Does your Dad think you're gay, Travis?" I asked.

"I AM GAY! ... I AM!  Is it OK? Do I have to leave now?" He sobbed.

I reached over and pulled his head to my breast.

"Of Course Not, my young friend." I said affectionately

"Travis, my sweet boy, Ganymede, himself, must have lead you to my door." I said with a smile.

"Who?" He asked.

"Never mind, I'll tell you about him later." I said.

"He found out I was doing, he paused, certain things with Jacob, my friend from the temple. Jacob told on us to save his own butt, or he'd probably be here with me right now. I hate him now." He explained.

"I understand." I said.

"My Dad and the Elders packed some clothes for me, gave me a bus ticket to Dallas, and a hundred dollars." He began his story.

"Oh Travis, I'm so very sorry, I can't imag... " I began in reply

"I can NEVER come back, they told me NEVER!" Travis sobbed. He went on:

"When I got to Dallas, I was to ride the D.A.R.T. till it runs out and then walk to the Boy's Ranch in McKinney. They take in boys like me, I guess."

"My God! What Hypocrites!" I exclaimed

"When I got off the D.A.R.T., I started walking and then the ice storm began, and well, I started looking for shelter. Your porch had a roof and your door was open and I could see the fire burning and I ... "

"OK, Travis, I understand. It had to be Ganymede, He brought you to me." I smiled.

"Who's Ganymede?" He asked.

"Well, I began; Ganymede is a character from Greek Mythology. A young Boy, a shepherd boy. A boy so beautiful that even the gods envied him and fought over him."

I continued:

"But, for now, let's just think of him as a mutual friend who brought you to me for he knows I would love and care for you." 

"Travis smiled up at me and said, Thank You Ganymede."

"Indeed; Thank You Ganymede, for bringing this sweet and beautiful boy to me. I will take good care of him." I stated firmly.

Looking down at Travis, I said, "I promise."

Travis smiled and said: "Ganymede Huh?"

"Sure, It only makes sense, you see. Travis, he brought you to me cause I'm gay too!" I said.

"WOW! Thank You Ganymede." Travis repeated.

"Are you warm now, Travis?" I asked.

"Pretty Much," he said, "except the top of my head."

Looking at his matted hair, I asked,

"Travis, when did you last shampoo your hair?"

"Before all this began. I was isolated to my room for several days, so probably 5 or 6 days, I guess. He reported.

"Well Travis, here's an idea. I need to shower before the hot water runs out. Why don't you join me, you're already wet anyway, and we'll see what we can do with that hair. If, that is, seeing me naked won't gross you out." I suggested.

"NAW!" He said. Then he went on:

"I have been sharing the showers with my classmates for years, I'm used to being naked and seeing other boys naked. It's OK!"

"OK, then." I said.

Travis stood up, I dropped my shorts to the floor, since that's all I had been wearing, and got in with him.

Thankfully, the water was still hot enough for our purposes. I lathered Travis up with body wash and squeezed out an ample amount of shampoo and gently massaged it into his hair. He made no effort to take over the job from me, allowing me free reign over his magnificent body. Even while I was washing and handling his perfect private regions, he neither resisted nor recoiled in any way.

By now I had an erection, the likes of which I hadn't had since my days with David. Throbbing and making a show of itself, I noticed Travis observing it as I rinsed the shampoo from his hair.

"Sorry, Hot water always gives me a hard on." I proclaimed.

"That's OK, It's normal. Me too! See!" He said, taking his penis in hand and gently shaking it at me.

"Yes, I see." I said.

"Travis, you have a truly beautiful body. The gods were very kind to you. Not a blemish of any kind anywhere on you. Any chance you're really Ganymede in disguise?" I smiled.

"Nah, he said. You just don't know where to look."

"Guess you'll have to show me, Travis. I don't see any blemish of any kind." I restated.

"OK." He said. He went on:

"Lift up my balls and look at the area between them and my hole. See the little black spot?"

I did as he asked. I got to my knees to look. Sure enough there was a tiny beauty mark there on his cute little taint.

"Travis, that is hardly a blemish, dear boy, it's a beauty mark. And beautiful, indeed, it is." I said.

It was all I could do to restrain myself from taking into me the gorgeous genitals that lie before me. I quickly decided to break the spell before I did so.

I stood back up and said.

"Travis, I think you may need a second round of shampoo, my friend, so let's get that done before we run out of hot water."

As the suds from the second rinse of his hair ran down his perfect body, I followed with my hand to gently sweep them away. As I passed over his genitals, I stopped at his still erect penis, taking it gently into my hand. He did not resist.

"There have been some studies recently, Travis, which would indicate you are lucky to have been circumcised. Did you know that?"  I asked

"Really! It's nasty otherwise." he added: "Like Jacob."

I laughed and added; "Well, if Jacob had poor hygiene habits it would be especially unpleasant."

"STINKS!" Travis insisted. Why is that anyway? He asked.

"Well," I began," in the case of the uncircumcised penis, a substance produced by the glans..."

"Glans?" Travis interjected.

I smiled and reaching again to his penis, I gently squeezed the head of his penis.

"This is the glans, Travis, it's the head of your penis."

"Oh! He exclaimed, I never heard that term."

"It's OK." I said.

I continued:

"Anyway, the glans produces a rather nasty substance called smegma. In the case of the circumcised penis, smegma is typically wiped away as it forms on the underwear or other clothing, so you might never have noticed it. In the case of the uncircumcised penis, like, apparently, your friend Jacob, smegma collects under the foreskin producing a sort of cheesy, unpleasant odor."

"STINKS!" Travis insisted.

"OK! STINKS!" I smiled.

"But it doesn't have to be that way. If Jacob had proper hygiene practices taught to him his smegma would be removed during bathing and would not be a problem." I reassured him.

"Barry? Is it really OK if I call you Barry?" Travis asked.

"Of Course! Travis." I insisted.

"Well, as long as you have hold of me there, I really could use some release, if you know what I mean. All this hot water and all, I..."

"I get it Travis. You need to have an ejaculation, Right?" I suggested. 

"Ejacu..."He attempted.

"Yes, ejaculation...release, as you called it." I instructed.

"Yes, would you help? Please? It always works so much better when someone else does it for me. Otherwise, I'll do it myself, if you don't want to. I just thought that since we're both gay and all..." Travis suggested.

"I'd be very honored to service my very own Ganymede." I smiled.

"Would you like to be masturbated by hand or do you prefer one of the other techniques?" I asked unabashedly.

"What else is there?" He asked.

"You serious?" I asked.

He blushed.

"I'm sorry sweetie; I didn't mean to embarrass you". I hastened to add.

"It's OK What else is there?" He asked again.

"Well, there is fellatio, which is the oral stimulation of the penis. There is also anal..."

"Wow!" Travis interjected. "I never heard of mouth-masturbation."

I smiled:

" Sure, it's far better!" I exclaimed.

"You mean you don't mind putting my penis in your mouth and all?" He asked.

"Of Course Not! I'd be honored to provide you with that pleasure. And, also, when you release you just keep it in my mouth. It's wonderful, you'll like it." I said

"Well, OK! If you're sure it won't be nasty for you to do it. I never thought of mouth masturbation. Whoa! OK! If you're sure." He asked.

"It's OK... It's OK." I interjected. 

"First, let's turn this water off; it's beginning to run cool anyway". I reached and turned off the tap.

"What do I do?" Travis inquired.

"Just enjoy, my Ganymede, do what seems natural." I said.

With that, I slowly came to my knees and slowly, gently, placed his beautiful penis, his perfectly formed penis, into my eager mouth. He tilted his head back and emitted a low Mmmmmmmm.

"It is wonderful", he whispered, "Wonderful!"

I began gently sucking and moving his penis in and out while simultaneously playing with his testicles.

His penis began really throbbing wildly and his scrotum began to retract, pulling his testicles up close to his body, making it obvious that he had reached the emission phase. I tried to relent a bit, hoping to prolong the time before emission became ejaculation...too late.

Travis exploded into my mouth, filling it instantaneously beyond capacity, before I even had the presence of mind to swallow.

I slid my middle finger to his anus to monitor his ejaculatory contractions. There were seven more beyond the one that had initially filled my happy mouth. Judging from the anal reflections, they were quite powerful.

We remained in position for a while till Travis' penis began to soften and I sucked every last drop, gently pushing it from his urethra, starting at his anus and along the length of his urethra and up and into his penis till I had received every precious drop.

Removing Travis' penis from my mouth I looked up at him and proclaimed;

 "You're not only beautiful, my Ganymede, you're delicious."

"Think so? Really?" He asked.

"Absolutely!" I exclaimed.

"How was it?" I asked.

"Wonderful, I've never had anything like that done before, it's wonderful...WONDERFUL! He complimented me.

"Thank you Barry!"" Travis said affectionately.

You're welcome Travis. I don't do that for just anyone, you know. But you're special, aren't you, my sweet Travis."

Travis smiled down at me, still on my knees, and gently pressed my head back into his private region proclaiming:

"You're the one who's special Barry, you are. You're very special, and you're right too. Ganymede must have brought me to you. If he hadn't, I'd have surely frozen to death out there in the ice by now. Thank YOU Barry, I will always love you for this."

Rising to my feet, I hugged him and said:

" I love you too, Travis. I can't imagine that anyone who has come to know you could not love you. I don't know what manner of sickness your father suffers from, but I will love you always and you will never need to worry about him again."

I went on:

"Well, let's get dried off before we start to get cold. I feel the house cooling down, now that the furnace has been off for a while." We dried hair and bodies and prepared to return to the den to enjoy the fireplace and stay warm and cozy.

"By the way Travis, I'm very impressed." I said.

"Why?" He queried.

"You produce more ejaculate than most men, much less a guy your age, which by the way, I didn't even ask, did I? So how old are you sweetie?" I explained.

"Thirteen, I'll be fourteen in February...the third." He said.

"Anyway, You're amazing! I've never had trouble swallowing fast enough to keep up with an ejaculation before you, my sweet boy." I proclaimed.

"Thanks", he said. "I've been that way since I was eleven and a half."

"Wow!" I exclaimed.

"Eleven and a half. Really?" I asked.

Travis smiled at me and proudly proclaimed:

"YUP! But I never knew it was a big deal or anything."

We stood before the fireplace, still nude, warming to its glow. As the heat worked its magic on Travis, his scrotum began to extend, revealing the reason he was so potent. His testicles were very large indeed.

"Wow! Travis, you really pack a load here, don't you." I said, as I reached across and gently began to knead his nuts.

"I guess so", he said.

 "I notice Barry has a big set of berries too." He smiled.

"Yes, I said, it's the only kindness that Mother Nature granted me." I chuckled. 

"NAW!" Travis replied.

"Your penis is just right too, not too big and you're circumcised also." He added.

"Yeah, my parents got that much right." I said.

"At least it won't STINK, like Jacob, when I take my turn on it later huh?" He said in a matter-of- fact-ish manner.

"You would do that for me, Really?" I asked.

"Sure, Later!...I want to! Really!" Travis exclaimed

"I love you Travis, it's like a dream that you're here with me. I'm so grateful." I said lovingly.

"I love you, Barry, more than I've ever loved anyone. You saved my life, I will always love you. ALWAYS!" He proclaimed.

My heart melted in place and all I could think to do was to place one arm around his back. He returned the favor. We stood there for a while when it hit me.

"My God, you must be starved Travis, would you like something to eat?" I asked.

"Please, I really am a little hungry." He replied.

"Well", I said, "the power is out, so the microwave won't help. I wonder if the pizza place is delivering in this weather." I picked up the phone...NO DIAL TONE.

" I guess it's not just the power lines that are down, the phone lines are down as well." I reported. 

"That's OK", how about a sandwich or something. Travis suggested.

I could feel Danny repositioning himself in my lap. It distracted me from my story telling momentarily.

Trey pointed at my glass and said:

"Ready for a refill?"

"I am, Trey, thanks." I replied.

Trey returned with my drink in short order, as well as one for himself.

"He looks so angelic in your arms, Barry. He's really quite beautiful, isn't he?" Trey observed.

"Yes, he really is. He's not sure yet, based on what he told me in the shower, if he's gay or straight. He says he has a gay brother, but he's not figured out about his own orientation." I recounted.

"I hope he's gay...he's far too beautiful to be straight". Trey said with a wink and a smile.

"He really is. I agree. Having him asleep in my arms reminds me of my early days with Travis." I recollected.

"Hard to believe that Travis is in college and all grown up. You know, Barry, he loves you beyond the telling. He lives for you." Trey proclaimed.

"I know...don't get me started crying now Trey, you know how I am." I said.

"I know." Trey replied.

"You know, Trey, David and Travis are my reason for living and my reward for doing so." I could not go on should I ever lose either of them." I declared.

Trey nodded in agreement.

"So, on with the story, Barry. I'm really into it." Trey asked.

I took a big sip from my drink and tried to remember where I had left off.

"Oh, Yeah...I remember:"

Travis made quick work of the two sandwiches and fruit plate I had prepared for him He was still drinking some bottled water, when he noticed my drink.

"Whatcha drinkin'" He asked.

"Oh, this is just a little bourbon- on- the- rocks. I said. It'll warm your cockles." I suggested.

"Warm my what?" He smiled.

"Warm your insides." I instructed.

"Oh, I thought..." He started

"I know what you thought. I chuckled.

"It'll probably warm those up as well." I added. 

"Can I try some?" He asked.

"You think you can handle it?" I asked.

"Don't know, but I'll try. I'm not shy about trying new things, as you have already seen." Travis stated proudly. 

"OK, I'll prepare a glass for you. Just sip it slowly till we see how it affects you." I suggested.

I returned with the cocktail and handed it to my sweetie.

"Thanks." He said.

"Sure." I replied.

By now, he was reclining in front of the fireplace. His scrotum had assumed its fully extended state. This kid had the equivalent of three balls; I couldn't get enough of looking at them.

"Travis, do you mind if I check something, just to satisfy my curiosity?"  I asked.

He saw that I was looking at his testicles when I asked the question, so his reply was in order.

"Barry, these belong to you now too. I love you. You saved my life. I'll never forget it." Help Yourself.

"Well, I just want to check your epididymis." I said. 

"My epi.. What?" He asked.  

"It's a set of feeder tubules attached to your testicles that transport sperm up through your vas deferens and into your seminal vesicles awaiting ejaculation." I instructed

"Right!" He replied. "Whatever!"

"Help Yourself!" He repeated.

I assumed a sitting position between his legs and gently spread them for full access to his testicles.

I began by gently feeling and squeezing his testicles and slowly moved my probing fingers around to the rear of his testicle and located his epididymis. It was packed solid, stuffed to capacity. I could feel the sperm move up into his vas as I gently squeezed his epididymis.  It was the same on each side. I was amazed.

"My God!" I exclaimed.

"You really pack a Hell of a load, Travis. Did you know that?" I declared

"I do?" He asked.

"Show me." He requested.

"OK." I replied.

Travis rose up on one elbow to observe what I was doing. He set his drink on the hearth to free up his other hand. Again, he looked down at what I was doing.

"Travis, you see where I'm feeling and putting very slight pressure?" I asked.

"YEP." He said

"Can you feel my touch there?" I asked.

"YEP." He said again.

"Well, replace my thumb and finger there with your own and you can explore your epididymis and you will see that it is engorged...full, that is, to capacity." I said.

Slowly Travis did as I had asked. After a short time exploring himself he said.

"So, that's a load, huh?"

"Oh Yeah!" I replied.

"Is it really that much? Is it more than in Barry's berries?" He grinned.

"Well, I smiled back, I do pack a load also, but I'm a good bit older than you, my sweet Travis."

"Let me see." Travis demanded. "I really want to see. OK?" He added.

"Sure! If you really want to Travis. As you said earlier, Help Yourself." I offered.

With that, Travis slowly placed his hand on ecstasy in itself. He began kneading my balls in reciprocation to my own earlier caress of his beautiful genitals. After a moment, he positioned his thumb and forefinger to squeeze my epididymis and check its fullness. He, simultaneously, checked his own with the other hand. He moved slowly and gently, watching as my penis became quite erect at his touch.

"You like that?" He asked.

All I could do is nod in the affirmative.

"You pack a Hell of a load yourself." He complimented me.

"Like you, Travis, I always have." I said.

"Would you like some release?" He asked sheepishly.

"Oh God Yes!" I exclaimed. "Would you really do that for me?" I asked.

"I keep telling you, I belong to you now. I hope these," he squeezed my genitals lightly, "belong to me in return. OK?" He asked.

"Oh Yes!" I said.

"You know how much I love you." I added. 

Travis smiled at me with his boyish, magnetic smile. He looked particularly inviting in the light of the fireplace.

He looked down at my penis, taking it into his hand and positioning it for his mouth.

"You don't have to do..." I began to say.

"Hush", he whispered, "Hush now."

I felt the warmth of his tongue and then his full mouth, as he took in all I had.

"Oh Travis", I whispered, "I truly do love you. I love you so very much".

He held my penis still in his mouth for a while, while he kneaded my testicles and pumped a maximum load up into my seminal vesicles. After a while, he began moving his head up and down on my erect penis. He had learned well from our earlier encounter.

Soon, I was at the emission phase and, quickly, I experienced the most mind-blowing, fabulous and long lasting orgasm I had ever had. Only David had produced such an ejaculation in me, and that was years ago.

What's this? I thought, as I felt Travis gently insert his finger into my anus to track my own spasms, even as I had done to him earlier. My semen continued to spurt for many more contractions and I watched as the excess ran down Travis' chin.

"I'm sorry, Baby!" I said.

"I'm NOT." He said.

"It was Great! You're delicious too. " He assured me.

"Oh God, Travis, don't ever leave me, PLEASE!" I begged.

"Don't worry, Hush now. Why would I ever leave you after Ganymede, personally, brought me to you?"  He whispered.

We both lay in front of the fireplace now and Travis had rested his head on my abdomen, his nose practically in contact with my penis.

"You used to lie with Jacob like this, didn't you, sweetie." I asked.

"Yeah, I never put him in my mouth though. How'd you know?" He inquired.

"It's how you encountered the stink, isn't it?" I suggested.

He chucked, "YEP! And it did STINK too." 

"You don't though". He hastened to add. "You smell sweet, and taste sweet too." 

"Thank you Baby." I said.

"Thank you Ganymede!" I said rather loudly.

With that, he kissed the last drop of semen from my, now soft, penis. I was in Heaven.

"Are you warm enough, baby?" I asked him.

"I'm with you aren't I?" He replied.

"You're so sweet." I said.

He squeezed me a hug in return.

Well, let's throw some wood on the fire, and fold out the hide-a-bed and get some sleep. We'll have to sleep in here, near the fire, tonight since the furnace is off. Aren't you tired, my sweet boy? I asked.

"Barry, are you sure I can stay with you?" He asked; as we folded open the hide-a-bed.

"Travis, my love, of course you can stay with me for as long as you care to." I replied.

"I love you, Barry". He said.

"I love you more, Travis." I replied.

He smiled.

"Tomorrow, if the power ever comes on, we'll wash and dry your clothes and, if the streets are passable, we'll go get you some new stuff." I said.

"Oh, that reminds me. You remember I told you that the elders packed me some clothes and stuff." He said.

"That's right." I said.

"What became of them?" I asked.

"They're on your porch, in my suitcase." He said.

 "Can I bring them in now?" He asked.

"Of course, silly, let's go get them." I said.

When we arrived at the door, we saw that the ice and sleet had turned to snow.

"Will anyone see me if I run out there naked and grab my suitcase?" Travis asked.

"It's 3:30 in the morning, sweetie, they're all asleep." I said.

"Here, let's go together." I suggested.

We were both giggling as we darted out onto the porch, naked, to grab his suitcase.

"Holy Crap!" I exclaimed. "It is so COLD! I may never get a hard on again." I laughed

"We'll see about that later." Travis chuckled.

"Wait!" I said, as Travis ran back to the door. "Allow me."

With that, I picked him up in both arms and carried him across the threshold. We were both still giggling as I set him down in the foyer, suitcase still in his hand. I also stopped in the foyer to pick up his wet clothes, which had been there since his arrival, to place them in the bathroom to drip dry to the next day.

"Get into bed, sweetheart, I'll be there as soon as I hang these up to dry." I said.

When I returned to join Travis in the bed, I observed him crying his precious tears onto his pillow.

"What's wrong, my sweet boy. Please don't cry!" I exclaimed.

 "Tell me what's wrong." I begged 

He looked up at me with his beautiful deep blue eyes, tears still rolling down each cheek.

"What is it Travis? What?" I asked again.

He threw his arms around my neck and, still sobbing, said,

"No one has EVER shown me love and kindness like this. No One! Ever!

 He sobbed his precious tears onto my shoulder and continued:" It's TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. YOU WON'T WANT ME FOR LONG EITHER, THEN I'LL BE BACK ON THE STREET, WON'T I? "

"Shh...Shh, my love." I said as he trembled in my arms.

"Have you forgotten already? Ganymede brought you to me and me to you. You remain mine and I yours for as long as you want it so. Do not fear, my sweet boy, you are home now...home with me." I assured him

"Tomorrow morning, my sweet Travis, we'll sort it all out and figure a way to make it all work. Don't worry." I said as I stroked his beautiful blond hair. 

"Sleep now, my beautiful boy, sleep. I'm right here, and will be tomorrow when you awaken, and every morning thereafter...sleep now...sleep. " I said as a lullaby.

He slept peacefully through the night with his head resting on my breast and one arm around me.

God, how I love this boy. I thought.

At some point during our sleep, the power had returned. I awakened first. His arm was still around me as before. Now, with the lights back on and the sun up, my eyes could feast upon this boy in the light. As the firelight had hinted at the night before, he was truly beautiful. Fair skinned, and sporting a lithe, swimmer's build. His hair was blond, very blond, and having been shampooed the night before was shining with a compelling sheen that made me want to run my fingers through it then and there.

What sort of despicable bastard would put this boy out onto the street! I thought. What sort of scum would hurt this boy, this beautiful and loving boy?

I tried to lie as still as possible, not wanting to wake him. Eventually, I felt him begin to stir. He squeezed me tightly and snuggled up to me closely.

"Barry?" He said, his eye still closed.

"I'm here sweet boy, just as I promised to be." I whispered.

Slowly, he opened those beautiful blue eyes and looked at me saying:

"I was afraid to open my eyes. I was afraid it had all been a dream, a wonderful dream, but that it would all be over when I opened my eyes."

"I'm here, sweet boy, I'm here." I repeated.

"Thank You Ganymede!" He said he said with a grin.

"Thank You Ganymede!" I agreed.

I added:

 "Thank you for bringing this beautiful, sweet boy to me. Don't worry, Ganymede, I love him as you knew I would, and I will take good care of him."

I looked down at Travis and said: "I promise!"

He squeezed his hug around me tightly.

"Are you hungry, my sweet boy?" I asked.

"I'm getting there." He replied.

"I'm getting there too, sweet boy." I said. "Let's see what we can do about that." I added.

"OK". He said.

"First, let's see what they packed for you to wear, sweetie." I said.

 I placed his suitcase at the foot of the bed. Opening it, the first thing to be seen was THE HOLY BIBLE.

"What Hypocrites!" I blurted out, before thinking.

"Sorry, sweetie." I said to my beautiful boy who was still keeping warm under the covers.

"It's OK." He replied.

 "They just hate me cause I'm a FAG. They said I should read that Bible and get saved, like them. Otherwise I'll surely go to Hell." He said sadly.

My blood was boiling by now at the very thought of these sadistic hypocrites.

"Travis, my sweet boy, please don't ever refer to yourself, or to anyone else, as a FAG. It's an ugly word used by hateful people. Please don't soil your precious lips with that word again---Promise?" I asked.

"OK". He said, looking at me lovingly.

"As for their bizarre soteriology, we'll discuss that later." I said.

"Their soteri-what?"  He asked.

"Soteriology, sweetie." I declared.

"It's a theological discipline that concerns itself with salvation and how it is achieved. We'll discuss it sometime. For now, just do your best to forget all the crap that those twisted hypocrites have put into your precious mind." I explained

"Travis, my love, you are home with me now. Those twisted fruitcakes can't hurt you any longer." I promised.

Travis smiled at me. "I'm Home! That sounds so good". He exclaimed.

"Well, let's see what else we have here." I said, still rummaging through his suitcase.

"This will come in handy," I said. "It's your school transcript".

"Sweetie, they only packed you one change of clothes. Where's your toothbrush, your toiletries, and such?" I asked.

"I dunno." He replied.

"Guess I'm supposed to buy those things with the money they gave me." He offered.

"It's still in my pants". He said.

"Well, we need to empty the pockets of you clothes from last night and put the lot into the washer. I'll go get them". I said.

"OK". He replied.

I returned with his clothes from the night before. They were stiff as a board.

"Well, sweetie, let's empty your pockets and put everything into the suitcase for now. OK?" I asked

"OK." He replied.

It didn't take long, as the only thing in his pockets was a roll of bills, which he promptly reached to me, saying:

 "Here, you'll need it to help take care of me."

It broke my heart for him to offer me all he had in the world, all his money in that way.

What love this boy has. I thought.

"You hold onto it for now, sweetheart. I'll ask for it as I need it. OK?" I asked.

"OK." He said.

"It's all wet!" He proclaimed.

"Here, let me straighten them out to dry on the hearth." I said. 

"OK." He said, reaching the roll to me again. 

I unrolled Travis' stash of money only to discover that what Travis believed to be one hundred dollars was, in fact, a ten and nine ones.

Those Bastards! I thought. How far did they think he'd get on this?

"Sweetie, I don't know what they told you but this is not a hundred dollars. But, don't worry. I've got plenty of money for us both. Anything more...well, Ganymede will provide." I said.

"You Rich?" He asked.

"Hardly!" I replied.

"What do you do?" He asked.

"I'm a writer for the Dallas Herald". I said.

I continued:

"I'll write your story someday, if, that is, it's OK with you"

"OK!" He chimed, "will I be famous?"

"Maybe, if I do a good job. I said with a smile.

OK! He replied.

Once more I felt Danny twitch in my arms, though he remained sound asleep. The heat from the fireplace had done its work on both our scrotum and they were both fully extended.

I looked over at Trey to see he had been wiping tears from his eyes.

"I had no idea that Travis had been through so much before he met you, Barry. You really did save his life." Trey suggested.

"Travis likes to amplify it in that way. He makes it a bigger thing than it was. I was blessed to be there when he needed me. Now I don't ever want to be without him." He is my life...him and David." I declared.

"I don't know, Barry, It seems to me that it was a big thing." Trey insisted.

"In any case, he blesses my life every minute he's in it, Trey. Words can't describe the pleasure he has brought me. I love him so very much, Trey, God I love them both so much." I said, nearly tearing up.

"Now, now, no crying remember?" Trey smiled.

I nodded.

Trey looked at Danny and then at me:

"This boy seems as though he could use a Barry in his life, as well."

"Maybe, Trey, maybe. He's gentle as a lamb in my arms. I can only hope his Dad really loves him and cares for him properly." I said.

I bent slightly to look at Danny's eyes. REM had stopped, but he was still sound asleep. I gently ran my fingers through his hair.

I looked at Trey and asked:

"Do you think he'd freak out if I kissed his forehead?"

"Let's find out." Trey smiled.

I kissed Danny on the forehead, gently, but deliberately. In his sleep, he formed a precious smile.

"That was sweet, Barry. You really are a boy-magnet, aren't you?" Trey remarked.

"So they say, Trey, so they say. I don't really do anything extraordinary, I don't know why I seem to have a way with them." I replied.

"They're all precious in their own way, aren't they?" Trey observed.

"Yes, they are, Trey, they really are. If you show them a level of respect, don't treat them as though their youth constitutes ignorance or, worse, stupidity, and compliment that with a healthy dose of love, they will respond reciprocally. I've seen it so often, and I know it's true." I commented.

"I've known a few..." Trey began.

I interrupted:

"Yes, there are those who are recalcitrant by nature and who, for reasons unknown to me, can't be reached. They are rare, to my observation, but they are out there." I added.

"I tried to cooperate in a program, a few years ago to offer second chance opportunities to juvenile offenders...what a disaster." Trey offered.

"Fr. Flanagan, of Boystown Fame used to say: "There is no such thing as a bad boy." I offered.

"Trey did not hesitate to respond: "I could have introduced him to a few."

I smiled and nodded.

"So, back to the story, please." Trey requested.

"Very well...we were about to have breakfast..." I responded.

The sand trucks had run during our sleeping hours, so the roads appeared passable.

"Let's go over to Chubby's and get some breakfast." I suggested.

"Chubby's?" He queried.

"Don't worry, Sweetie, I don't think you have anything to worry about from one visit to Chubby's." I said with a smile.

"Later, we'll go shopping and stock up on more healthy fare and pick up your favorite cereals and such." I added.

"OK." He replied.

During the drive to Chubby's, and to the grocery store, and to the clothing store, I listened carefully to the radio, fearing an Amber Alert would be issued for my Sweetie. Travis figured me out and told me rather matter-of-factishly:

"Don't worry; no one will be looking for me."

(Sadly he proved to be right, then and since.)

"What about the boy's Ranch? Weren't they expecting you?" I asked.

"NAW! They didn't know I was coming. I was just going to show up there and hoped that they would take me in. I guess Ganymede had other plans for me, huh?" He grinned.

We looked at each other and, simultaneously, chanted "THANK YOU GANYMEDE!"

By the time we returned that afternoon, the clouds were rolling in for round two of our winter storm.

"Would you prefer your own room, sweetie?" I asked.

"No Way!" He exclaimed.

"I never want to wake up and find you not there next to me." He insisted.

"That's what I was hoping you might say." I grinned.

"Then, let's get your new clothes de-tagged and into the washer." I suggested.

"You have to wash new clothes?" He asked, with a puzzled look.

"Sweetie, these are made in some of the most God-forsaken places in the world and are crawling with every sort of cootie imaginable." I remarked.

"YUK!" He exclaimed. "I never thought of that. YUK!" He repeated.

As we loaded Travis' new clothes into the washer, the freezing rain began again, and in earnest.

"Look's like another good evening for a blazing fire and a lot of cuddling." I proclaimed.

Travis smiled and said: "I'll get some more wood. Where is it?"

"You'll find it stacked in the garage, Sweetie. Grab an armful. That should last until bedtime." 

"OK." He said.

Soon, we were enjoying the warmth of the fire and the warmth of each other.

"Can I have a bourbon, please?" Travis asked.

"Let's try something a little different tonight, OK?" I suggested.

I returned with a glass for each of us and gave him one.

"What is it?" He asked.

"It's Wild Turkey Liqueur, Sweetie."

I continued:

"It's a sort of pre-packaged Hot Toddy, it'll warm your..."

"Cockles, Right?" He interjected.

"Right!" I replied with a smile.

We sat watching the fire, listening to the freezing rain spatter against the window, and me holding my Sweetie as he reclined against my breast.

"That's a neat stereo." He remarked.

"Thanks." I said.

 I explained: "I'm an audiophile, that's someone who really appreciates good music and excellent equipment to play it on; I have spent some serious bucks on it. Would you like to hear some stuff?" I asked.

"Sure." He said.

"What kinds of music do you like Travis?" I inquired.

"Well, we aren't allowed to listen to the radio or anything at the Temple, so all I know is gospel music." He explained

"My tastes are eclectic, sweetie, but not quite that eclectic." I responded.

"Eclectic?" He inquired.

"Yeah, Sweetie, it means that one has tastes that are varied in a manner that one appreciates things that wouldn't seem to go together." I offered

Like what?" He asked.

"Like I appreciate Dan Fogelberg, and I also like Gregorian Chant." I said

"Gregorian what?" He asked.

"It's a type of ancient religious music written in the sixth century for Pope Gregory. It's really quite beautiful." I commented.

"So you like ancient music and modern music at the same time, huh?" He asked.

"Exactly," I confirmed.

"I like music, ancient or modern that moves my soul". I added

"Can we listen to some?" He asked.

"Sure, Chant is something we can, perhaps, grow into, unless you speak Latin, Sweetie, I smiled. Let's try some Fogelberg." I said.

"OK." He said.

Fogelberg's Greatest Hits CD was already in the mechanism. So I selected track 7:

 Make Love Stay.


"Travis, this is my favorite. Listen to the music; you'll hear a saxophone made to cry over a lost love, joined shortly thereafter, by violins crying in response. It's brilliantly composed. Listen also to the words. The lyrics are absolutely inspired."

"OK." He said, as the music began.

My mind tracked along with it:

..."Elusive as like a phantom flies."

Then came those lyrics that have come to reside in my very soul:

"Moments fleet taste sweet within the rapture, when precious flesh is greedily consumed. But mystery's a thing not easily captured, and once deceased, not easily exhumed"...

As it ended, I quickly switched off the stereo.

This prompted Travis to turn to me abruptly and say:

"You're right, that is beauti..."

"Barry, you're crying! What's wrong?" He reacted.

"Sorry, baby." I replied. "That song touches a place deep in my heart, indeed in my very soul. It's a special song I shared with someone a while ago."

"Don't be sad, Barry. I'm here now and I'll always be here. After all, Ganymede brought us together, Right?" I never want you to be sad. He explained.

"Right!" I said, confidently.

Travis stretched out his young arms to me and I fell into them without reservation.

How long I slept in his arms, I don't know.

"Barry... Barry...let's go to bed now. It's getting late. He said.

"OK, sweetie. Tonight we have heat, so we can sleep in my...I mean OUR bed." I said.

"Great!" He exclaimed.

After the evening rituals, tooth brushing, etc. we shared a hot shower and climbed into bed. We snuggled all-night and slept, as before, with Travis' arm around me.

Trey interrupted my tale spinning:

"Travis is a truly wonderful young man, Barry, I've been impressed with him since the first time I met recall, the first time you brought him here for dinner...he was so polite and well-mannered."

"He's very special, Trey. There are few like him." I added.

"He's not only physically beautiful, but quite the intellectual...he's very bright, isn't he?" Trey observed.

"He's more than bright, Trey. He has a level of wisdom that one would expect from a much older person." I said.

"That's it, Barry, you've put your finger right on it. I was having trouble expressing what I see in him." Trey remarked.

He went on:

"So you went to Chubby's, huh? Trey looked at me somewhat scornfully.

"Well, when you open for breakfast, Trey, we'll come here, of course."

Trey smiled and said: "I was just kidding. I've been to Chubby's, they do a good job with breakfast."

"Where were we?" I pondered

"We were asleep. Barry" Trey reminded me.

"That's right. Well..." I began

Our sleep wasn't as peaceful this time and I woke in the middle of the night to find Travis holding on to me, ever so tightly and sobbing in his sleep.

"Travis, I said, shaking him very gently. Baby, wake up, Sweetie. You're having a nightmare."

"Barry? Thank God it's you". He declared, as he wiped the tears from his precious eyes.

"Who else would it be, Sweetie?" I asked.

He smiled at me and said: "Usually, when I have this dream, one of the other boys throws a pillow at me to wake me up and shut me up."

"What sort of recurring dream are you having, my sweet boy, that upsets you so?" I asked.

"My Dream? Well...It's my Dad and he's handing me over to Satan cause I'm a Fa...cause I'm gay." He explained.

"I'm sorry to say it, Travis, my love, but your Dad has stinky stuff for brains."

"Like smegma?" He asked.

"Actually, Sweetie, I had something even more stinky in mind, but smegma works too." I said.

"Your Dad is a smegma-head, sweet boy." I smiled.

"YEP!" He agreed. "So why do all the smegma heads want to put gays in Hell?"

"Oh Boy, What a question!" I remarked. 

"This may take a while sweet Travis, so hold on." I informed him.

He snuggled up tightly to me, replaced his arm around me and said

"OK". I'm holding on.

I chuckled and said: "Well then, here we go."

"The hatred of gays and the notion that love between two men is an abomination is all rooted in a fundamental misunderstanding regarding how sex works, sweet boy.

In ancient days, and really up to the last hundred or so years, the male semen was regarded as the "seed". In fact the word semen means seed. The notion of sperm and ovum were completely unknown. Thus, the ancients thought of semen as a potential or even as a first phase human being, in and of itself. The womb was only a vessel for the "seed" to be placed to grow to fruition within.

So, Sweetie, when one believes that semen is already, in and of itself, the initial stage of a human life, then certain conclusions are the inevitable result. Such conclusions are largely found expressed in the Bible. Fundamentalists like your father..."

"Smegma-Head!" He inserted.

"Yes, Sweetie, Smegmahead." I agreed with a grin.

"So, as I was saying, all the conclusions arrived at from this misunderstanding regarding the nature of sperm are to be found in the Scriptures. While most of them are logically sound, they all spring from a false major premise."

"Major what?" He asked.

"A major premise is the starting point, upon which one builds a syllogism or argues a case. If it is shown to be false, the entire argument, or case, immediately falls apart

Have you ever noticed, sweet boy, that all the condemnations in the Scriptures regarding homosexuality are directed at the Male?

Only Male homosexuality, and even Male masturbation, is condemned as abomination. There are NO Scriptural condemnations of Female homosexuality or Female masturbation, are there?" I asked.

"None that I've ever read." He replied.

"Females masturbate!" He blurted.

"Sure they do, Sweetie, but that's another topic". I instructed.

I continued the lesson:

"If the ancient understanding of the nature of semen had been correct, then the following ramification would be equally correct. Any expulsion of the semen, other than into the womb, would be infanticide, like abortion...the murder of a baby. Thus, the ancients condemned Male masturbation and homosexuality, more so because they considered each an act of infanticide, not so much of being sexually naughty. This was because the sperm or semen was expelled, in either case other than into a womb.

Females, therefore, Sweetie, found no condemnation on such matters in the Scriptures because they are not semen producers.

The role of the Female, in those days was considered quite secondary and resulted in a mindset of male superiority and the celebration of the birth of sons over daughters. Daughters could never be more than a mere vessel for the sperm of someone else's son and of some other family. 

So, Male homosexuality and Male masturbation were especially condemned as abominations because they were considered acts of infanticide.

Modern science has taught us, only within the last hundred or so years, that until a sperm actually unites with and fertilizes an ovum, or egg, which we refer to as conception, THERE IS NO HUMAN BEING INVOLVED!" I concluded.

"That's RIGHT!" He interjected. "I knew that from science class."

"But you didn't make the connection, huh?" I asked.

"NOPE!" He replied.

"So, you see, dear boy, semen was sacred to the ancients, and the testicles, which produce the semen, were cradled in their sacred tabernacle, the scrotum." I explained.

"Didn't think of your scrotum as a sacred tabernacle, did you Sweetie?" I asked.

"Nope! My family and the Temple think of ones private parts as something nasty, dirty, and evil." He replied.

"Nonsense." I replied. "Ganymede would never think such a thing...Neither would most educated and enlightened Moderns."


"Well, it's not so much that they are inherently stupid as that they are ignorant, my precious one, but if one believes in something called culpable ignorance, the smegmaheads will have much to answer for one day." I instructed.

"Where did you learn all this stuff, Barry?" He asked.

"I, long ago, felt that I owed it to myself to, at least, consider all sides of the argument and understand what goes on in the minds of these Neanderthals, who would like to put us in Hell in God's name. So, I spent a lot of time studying Hermeneutics, Soteriology, and other serious theological disciplines, as well." I answered.

"Herman-whatics?" He inquired.

"Hermeneutics, Sweetie, is the serious, scholarly study of the scriptures. It involves understanding the scriptures as expressed in their original languages and in the context of the literary constructs of those languages. It's complicated to explain in a short session. Just know that persons who think they "know the Bible" simply because they have read it, and usually in the King James Version, in fact don't know crap. Bible scholarship is something one can spend a lifetime at, literally, and many have.

So, my love, you must try to put all this repressive brainwashing, inflicted upon you by these Neanderthals, behind you. It'll take time, of course, but I'll be right here with you.

You are precious to me, to Ganymede, and certainly to God. Hell does NOT await anyone with the kind of love you hold in your heart, sweet boy. For God is Love, as they say. He understands true love in every case."

"End of lesson, Sweetie." I proclaimed.

Travis looked up at me with those compelling blue eyes and said:

"Barry, I love you so much!"

"And I love you, my sweet boy, now and always." I affirmed.

I concluded:

"Now try to get back to sleep. Morning will be here before you know it."

Travis never suffered from that horrible nightmare again.

Trey interjected once more:

"How sad that Travis had that recurring nightmare."

"Yes, the bible-thumping villains had their way with his young mind. He seems to have put it all behind him now, thank goodness." I said.

Danny's body heat felt so comforting as he remained in my arms. I leaned again to kiss his forehead. Once more he formed a sweet smile. This time, he also reached to place an arm and rest a hand on my neck.

"He's a lamb." Trey observed.

I smiled and nodded in return.

"OK, Barry, back to the story." Trey requested.

"OK...let's see, I had delivered my lesson on Hermeneutics...and we were back to sleep, right?" I began

"Right". Trey affirmed

"Well..." I started.

Morning, indeed, arrived quickly. I awoke to Travis' beautiful head, still resting upon my breast, but his hand was gently massaging my testicles and, alternately, slowly stroking my very erect penis.

As he detected my stirring, he said;

"Barry's berries are really packed this morning, huh?"

"Yeah, they pretty much stay that way, Sweetie." I replied.

"They're a lot heavier than mine." He asserted.

"They're not much bigger though." I said.

"Yeah, but they're heavy."  He said as he cupped his hands under my balls and lifted them gently in my fully extended scrotum, his hand acting as a scale.

"My testicles, like yours, Sweetie, have always been unusually large and they stay packed. I suppose, as you get a little older, yours will be the same." I suggested. 

Travis threw back the covers to better survey my testicles. This completely uncovered him as well.

I was taken by the breathtaking sight of his physique.

God! I thought. The Greeks were certainly right about one thing...Boys really are most beautiful when "first down" appears.

His, still sparse, pubic hair formed a delightful, almost artistic, pattern around his genitals. There was virtually no hair on his balls yet, accentuating, even more, the larger than normal size of those beautiful testicles, resting proudly in their tabernacle.

"God Travis!" I exclaimed, "You are beautiful beyond words. Ganymede, himself, would be envious."

"You're just saying that." He suggested.

"No Way! You truly are." I insisted.

"You see me that way because you love me so much". He argued with a grin.

"No question, I love you more than I could ever express with mere words, sweet Travis. It doesn't diminish the fact that you are genuinely beautiful". I retorted,

"You really find me that attractive, Barry?" He asked.

"No! I find you irresistible. Really! I insisted. I'm not trying to flatter you. You are genuinely beautiful." I said. 

I continued:

" Bet all the guys at the temple were jealous of you. None of them could possibly have been as beautiful as you, sweet Travis."

"I don't know about jealous. They used to make fun of me and call me "Pretty Boy". They used to make fun of me in the showers, after swim team practice, because of my big balls. Like they thought I was a freak or something." He explained.

"No Sweetie, they didn't think that at all. They were jealous and only wanted to hurt you. I instructed. Kids can be so very cruel, Sweetie, don't let them get into your head." I instructed.

This whole time, Travis had continued to knead my testicles and I was moving quickly to the point of no return.

Travis, Sweetie, you're taking me to the point where I will require some release.

"All right!" He said. "That's what I had in mind."

"You started, the other night, telling me about another way, but you didn't finish telling me about it."

"Oh" I said. "You mean anal sex."

"Anal!" He exclaimed.

 "You mean butt hole sex?" He asked in bewilderment.

"Sure." I said. "Lot's of people prefer it."

"You ever done it?" He inquired.

"Sure, but not recently." I said.

"It feels good, Travis, no question about it. But the semen is wasted, you might say, so I don't normally do it." I explained.

"You see, Sweetie, like the ancients, I consider semen, not sacred, but precious. To expel it into the rectum strikes me as an insult to the sperm contained in the semen. Whereas, receiving it into the mouth and consuming it, invites it to become a part of oneself. What do they say; "You are what you eat".

So, because we have consumed each other, sweet Travis, we are now actually part of each other. It's a tremendous honor; at least it is for me, sweet boy". I explained.

"I never thought of any of that, Barry. You're right." He said.

"I don't want my semen treated like poop." He declared.

"Right, I said...but it's your decision ultimately. If you decide to try it, at least you'll be safe with me." I explained.

"I'm always safe with you, Barry. I love you very much." He said.

"I love you too, Travis. I love you very much. In this case, however, I'm referring to the fact that you'll be safe from AIDS with me." I amplified.

"AIDS! I've heard of it, but I don't really know anything about it. Not Really!" He said.

"Well, it's a horrible disease, caused by the HIV retrovirus, usually fatal in the long run; it's most often transferred from man to man via anal sex. It is especially dangerous to uncircumcised guys, because the foreskin, and its Langerhans receptor cells, acts as a sort of welcome mat to HIV. That's why I told you it was a good thing that you were circumcised. The recent data, which we published in one of my articles at the Dallas Herald, would suggest that your chances of contracting AIDS are reduced by as much as 70% if you are circumcised."

"You Too! Barry, you're circumcised." He said.

"Thank Goodness, and my parents, for that favor." I declared.

"Let's not do the anal thing, then, OK?" He said.

"I don't prefer it anyway, Sweetie." I said.

"On the other hand, you've taken me nearly all the way...HELP!" I begged.

"Great!" He exclaimed. "I guess a bunch of you is about to become a part of me."

He barely got my penis into his warm, sweet, mouth before I unloaded into him. He took it all and seemed to want more.

He gently traced his forefinger along my taint, pushing the remaining semen along my urethra and out my penis, as he kept it, still erect, in his mouth.

Heaven! .... I was absolutely in Heaven.

Surely, I thought, this is the most beautiful and precious boy that God ever breathed life into. The most precious soul He ever wrapped flesh around. I must take the best care of him possible. How could I possibly deserve such a treasure as Travis?

As he finally rose up from me, I could see his own throbbing penis. It already had pre-cum glistening on its glans and, obviously, was begging for some "release", as Travis would put it.  

"Travis, sweet boy, your penis is beckoning. I can see it is ready for a visit from me. What do you think?" I said.

"Yes, Please, Barry, before I explode." He exclaimed.

I quickly repositioned myself to accept his sweet, and I really mean sweet, penis into my mouth.

I barely got in a few strokes with my tongue and mouth when I saw his scrotum retract. I knew it would only be a matter of seconds. Sure enough! He exploded into my mouth, filling it beyond capacity as he always does.

It was magnificent! I think I could go without meals if Travis would feed me this way a few times a day.

His semen is actually sweet. Perhaps like sugared milk, I thought. I don't know what in his diet, or for what other reason it was sweet, but it was.

"Travis, YOU are Magnificent!" I said when I had finally swallowed it all.

"Thank you, Barry. I love you more and more each time you allow me to become part of you." He proclaimed.

"I feel the same way, sweet boy. I'm so honored that you would receive me in this way and my love for you grows and grows each time". I explained.

"I guess Ganymede had us in mind for each other, huh?" He suggested.

I looked at him and smiled. He recognized the cue.

"Thank You! Ganymede!" We declared in unison.

Trey jumped in, once more:

"I guess Ganymede is as good a reason as any. Perhaps he really guides all these boys to you,'s otherwise too much for coincidence."

"Works for me, Trey. As I said, I can't offer any logical reason for my ability to generate trust, immediately, in these boys. I don't know what they sense in me that makes them willing to accept and trust me." I responded.

The last time that Danny had shifted in my lap, the bulk of his weight had ended up on my left leg...which was now falling asleep. I reached down and lifted his left leg and separated it from his right such that my legs more evenly shared his weight. Spreading his legs in this fashion, allowed his fully extended scrotum, to fall between his legs and settle there in all their beauty.

My penis, however, was still pinched in his butt crack. It felt natural and, simultaneously, exciting. My refractory period had expired, and my penis was becoming erect in Danny's butt crack. He sensed this and, in his sleep, pinched his butt cheeks together more tightly to entrap my penis. I don't think Trey was in a position to see what was going on, so he, instead asked me to continue with the story.

"Well, Trey, let's see":

We continued to lay there, Travis' head on my breast and arm around me. My arm, in turn, around his midsection.

"You know," he said, "this is becoming my favorite sound. It makes me know that I'm safe with my wonderful Barry."

"What's that, sweetie?" I asked.

"Your heartbeat." He said so seriously.

"You're so sweet, Travis. I love you so much." I responded.

"It's true. I think I sleep more soundly than I ever have when I can listen to your heartbeat". He said.

"I've given my heart to you, Travis; it's yours to listen to for as long as you want." I said.

"Barry?" He said.

"Yes Sweetie." I replied.

"Thank you for everything you've done. I love you like I've never loved anyone before. I always will". He declared.

"And I you, sweet Travis. Always! And as we say here in Texas, "you can take that to the bank." I said as I kissed his head.

We continued to lie there in each other's embrace until the Sun insisted we rise, if for no other reason than to shut the blinds to get its rude glare out of our eyes.

"Wonder what it's doing out there?" I said.

Travis replied: "I'll go look and close the blinds."

As he stood there, looking out the window, his beautiful physique was, once more on display, this time from a different angle. It became obvious that his torso was beginning to take on that more mature V-Shape and his little butt was firm and beautiful in its own rite.

"God! You are so beautiful." I declared.

He turned to me and only smiled.

"It's stopped". He said. "No ice or sleet or snow."

"Good!" I proclaimed.

"I've had enough of this Yankee weather." I grinned.

"It feels really cool to be able to stay naked like this all the time. I like it." He said.

"Yeah, I lean toward the naturist ideal somewhat, myself." I said.

"Naturist?" He inquired.

"Sure sweetie, Naturists or Nudists feel that being nude as much as is practicable is quite proper since it is how were created. So they have developed colonies and such where they can enjoy each other's company in the nude." I explained.

"Really?" He interjected. "How do they keep from getting arrested?"

"They have private areas, not open to the public, where they gather." I said.

"Anyway", Travis said, "I like being naked like this, at least around you Barry. Especially since you think I'm so attractive."

"Yes." I said, "It is somewhat liberating. I enjoy running around in my birthday suit as well."

I continued:

"We can do as much of it as we want, dear Travis. Around here, you can be naked all the time you wish. It would be like having a living work of art in our home." I said.

"You' really not so bad yourself, you know." He suggested.

"Well, I've made an effort to stay in shape as best I can, but I have never had, and will never have a physique like yours, Sweetie." I said.

"Thanks!" He grinned.

After some breakfast, I said:

"Well, Sweetie, I've got to do some work ahead of tomorrow's deadline at the Herald."

"You gonna drive to work on these streets?" He inquired

"Heavens NO!" I exclaimed.

"I do nearly all of my work, via the Internet, from my office here in the house. I only go into the main office for occasional staff meetings and such." I explained.

"Oh, I see" He said. He added: "Good, then you can stay naked with me. OK?"

"Absolutely!" I declared.

"Want to see my office?" I asked.

"Sure." He said.

I took him to the now-converted spare bedroom, which had become my office.

"Whoa! Look at all the Computer stuff." He exclaimed.

"Yeah." I affirmed. "It's all part of doing my job. Nothing special, really." I said.

"While I do a Little research on the web, you might want to watch TV or a movie or something, huh?" I suggested.

"What kind of movies do you like?" He asked.

"Well, again my sweet Travis, my tastes are quite eclectic." I replied.

"Let's take a look at what I have." I suggested.

"I already know what you have, and I like it!" He winked.

"I'm flattered you do, Sweetie, but let's go to the den and rummage through my movie collection." I responded with a chuckle.

"OK." He winked again.

"Let's see." He said... "Becket...Lion in Winter, Hepburn and O'toole?" He asked

"Oh, It's a classic." I said.

I went on:

 "They did a remake of it recently, but it does not stand up against the benchmark set by Hepburn and O'Toole."

"Maurice...Torch song trilogy ...he continued...The Champ?" He asked inquisitively.

"Well, I told you, eclectic." remember?

I amplified on The Champ:

"It's a movie with a rather dubious story line, I suppose, but some really great acting, particularly on the part of a little guy whom I regard as the best boy actor of all.

There are two scenes in this movie that absolutely rip my heart out. One that I call "the slap". The other...well, let's just say that the final scene of this movie is almost un-survivable for me.  It's actually an 80's vintage remake of a much earlier version. But I think that the acting in this version is far superior."

"Genesis Children?" He asked. 

"It's an early 70's vintage Naturist movie, about of group of boys who spend most of the movie running around nude."

"Whoa!" He injected.

"Whoa, indeed." I said. "That's about its only redeeming attribute. The story line is virtually nonexistent, and the continuity...well, there isn't any." 

"But Who Cares!" I declared.

"No one watches it for the story anyway." I chuckled.

"I'll watch it, then, while you are working. OK?" He asked.

"Sure." I said. "I might get jealous though; there are some really beautiful boys in this movie. I could certainly never compete."

"Naw"! He exclaimed. "I could never love anyone the way I love you, Barry."

"Well...OK, then." I asserted.

I went about my research and began composing my offering to the Herald, only distracted by an occasional Whoa! emanating from the den.

I hadn't checked my e-mail in days, as the lines had been down, and with them, my DSL connection. I logged in and searched through my inbox. Junk, Junk, Work, Junk, Boss, Junk...Wait! It's an e-mail from David. My heart jumped with joy.

I opened it quickly and savored its delicious opening lines:

"My Love" he wrote, "I do so miss you and hope this finds you well. Be watching your snail mail as I will be sending you tickets...All my Love, David."

I went, immediately, to the den, just as the final credits were rolling at the end of Genesis Children.

My sweet Travis was there in the recliner, in a mild state of arousal.

"I see you reacted normally to the movie". I asserted.

He smiled in return, and said: "Pretty Cool!"

"Pretty Cool is right!" I agreed.

I went on:

"My two favorites are Peter Glawson, the cute blond with the athletic build, and David Johnson, the uncircumcised guy with the cute face and the warm brown eyes".

"Glawson, huh?" He queried. 

"Not to worry, my angel, you're far more beautiful than Peter or David." I insisted.

"Speaking of Davids, I said, that's why I came in here. My David will be paying us a visit during the Christmas holidays. I can't wait for the two of you to meet." I insisted.

"David." Travis queried, "Is that whose pictures you have on your dresser?" 

"Yes." I said. "He'll just love you."

"He's cute." Travis said.

"Yes, I said, he is. Very Cute. He always worried that his Italian genes had left him with too large a nose. I never thought so, though."

"Anyway."  I said.  "He'll be guest-conducting a Christmas Concert in Fort Worth this year and is sending us tickets."

"You'll really like him, Travis. He's a wonderful and loving guy." I explained.

"Is that what he does?" Travis asked.

"Yes, Sweetie, he's a conductor. The youngest recognized conductor in the business. He lives in Europe now, so I don't get to see much of him."

"It'll be a treat for us both. You'll see." I declared.

"He'll be wild about you, Sweetie, and he'll be so glad that Ganymede brought you to me. You see, Ganymede brought David to me as well...but that's another story, I'll let him tell it. It's his story." I explained.

"OK. Sounds Cool." Travis said.

"He won't take you away from me will he?" Travis asked, his eyes falling to the floor.

"Of Course Not! Silly. No one could possibly do that. David will be so happy for us both" I explained.

His gaze returned to my waiting eyes and said: "I love you Barry, I love you so much."

"I love you more, sweet Travis, I always will, don't worry! No one could ever threaten our relationship, my love."

He smiled at me lovingly, even as his penis began to demonstrate its agreement.

"I see you are ready, are you willing?" I smiled.

"I am if you are." He said. "What about your work?"

"It'll keep." I said.

"Race you to the bedroom". I yelled, as I stole a head start. 

After another beatific experience with this young god, including some good natured kidding about Travis having a three minute refractory period, it was time for Lunch.

"After Lunch, Sweetheart", I said, as I nibbled some grapes, "I'll finish my article and get it sent off to the Herald. Then, you and I have some work to do."

"We do?" He asked.

"Yeah." I said.

"I need to start making plans on how to take the best possible care of you in every regard, it can get complicated." I amplified.

"Really?" He asked.

"Sure." I said.

"I'll need to call my lawyer..."

"Lawyer!" He exclaimed.

"Don't worry, he's a good friend, and he's gay too." I winked.

"I'll need him to get an official copy of your birth certificate and all the other necessary documents to get you back into school...

What if you become sick, Sweetie, I need to get a medical insurance policy into effect right away to make sure you are taken care of.

I need to talk to the lawyer about a revocable trust, to take care of you if I should die."

"Oh God! Barry, don't even think of such a thing!" Travis interjected.

"I know, sweetheart, but I must make sure you are cared for, no matter what."

"I did all this for David, too. My lawyer does all the real work; I just sign the paperwork.

He'll secure the necessary I.D. for me from one of the Illegal Alien phony I.D. vendors so that I become your guardian or father, depending on how he thinks we should proceed.

My doctor, also gay, will perform your pre-class physical exam and indicate me as your guardian/father on his paperwork, as he did for David.

It's good to have friends, Sweetie, Gay Friends! We all stick together.

Another gay friend of mine is on the school board, so it should all go pretty smoothly.

Anyway, my love, we'll get it all done. You'll see."

"Barry." He said, "You can't imagine how I love you! I've never loved anyone like I love you. I never could have imagined that anyone would do all this for me. I Love You! I will ALWAYS love you."

"And I you, sweet Travis, ALWAYS! You can take it..."

"To the Bank?" He smiled.

"Exactly!" I declared, with my own smile.

"I have an idea, sweet boy." I suggested.

"OK." He queried.

"Let's answer David's e-mail and surprise him with you." I suggested.

"Yeah, OK, I wondered how he knew to send me a ticket." He puzzled.

"Oh, he always sends me several tickets when he performs in the DFW area, so I can bring along friends if I want" I explained.

I went on:

"He doesn't know about you yet. That's the surprise."

"OK!" He said.

"Let's go and send him an e-mail." I repeated.

"How will he know who I am? Won't he just delete it; he won't know my name." He questioned.

"Well." I said, "It'll arrive from my e-mail account under my name, Sweetie. He'll open it. Don't Worry."

I coached Travis through some wordsmithing and we wound up with...

Dear David; my name is Travis. You don't know me yet. I look forward to meeting you.

Like you, Ganymede brought me to Barry recently for safekeeping. We can exchange our stories when we meet. Barry says you are very special and he loves you very much. He can't wait to see you. We'll be counting the days till you are here. Barry says he knows we'll be fast friends and I look forward to that.


Write Back.




p.s. Thanks for the tickets.


After some time discussing such mundane things as Social Security numbers, Medical History, and a variety of other Yawn Generators, Travis injected...

"Can we go see if David wrote me back yet? I hope he'll like me. Do you really think he will?"

"Of course, my love. Don't Worry! He'll be wild about you. You'll see." I assured him.

Dear Travis; Thank you for writing to me. I am very anxious to meet you, and very happy that Ganymede intervened in your life to bring you to my precious Barry.


For him to have done so, tells me he wanted to take you away from some horrible situation.


As you said, we'll exchange stories when we meet.


Know this in advance, Travis. If Barry loves you, so do I. If Barry is in your corner, so am I.  I don't know what would have become of me had it not been for Barry. I can only assume your situation was similarly dire. Love Barry for all you're worth, I don't know anyone so deserving of your love as Barry. Love him for me too, PLEASE!


I'll send along some back stage passes with the tickets. I can't wait to see you both. Give Barry ALL MY LOVE, and know that I love you too, Travis.


p.s. Tell Barry not to allow anyone else to place my ornaments on the tree. I'll do it during my visit.


Can't Wait To meet you, Travis.



"Wow!" Travis exclaimed.  "Now I'm really anxious to meet him."

Trey interjected:

"I remember that Christmas Concert. Travis wore a tux...he was the most gorgeous sight imaginable."

"He's always that, I suppose, Trey, but that attribute was amplified in a tux...I admit." I replied.

"It's odd, Trey, Travis always positioned himself in my arms in the same fashion as Danny has now." I offered.

"Why would that be?" Trey asked.

"So he can hear my heartbeat, Trey. It's like being a baby in the's the most consoling sound that there is." I said.

"Makes sense, Barry. He certainly appears content and at ease, doesn't he?" Trey answered.

I nodded, as I gently ran my fingers through Danny's hair.

"So, this is the point at which David enters Travis' story?" Trey asked.

"Yes, it is Trey. I couldn't wait to introduce the two of them. Their situations were similar, in terms of abusive Dads, and all the rest. I knew they'd have a lot in common." I said.

I continued:

"Danny has no kind words for his Dad, either." I commented

"What a shame." Trey replied.

"It really is, Trey. Can you imagine having some precious boy like Danny as a son, and failing to appreciate him as the treasure he is?" I suggested.

"So, Travis first met David at the Christmas Concert?" Trey asked.

"Right. It was quite an experience for Travis, as well as myself, Trey, you see, David had a surprise in store for us both." I teased.

"Well, don't stop then, go on with the story!" Trey exclaimed.

"Well, the night of the concert, I helped Travis with his tux and the rest..."

"My word, Travis, you really look fetching in a tux." I said, as I straightened his tie.

"You too, Barry, you look beautiful". He consoled me.

I laughed: "Thanks, sweetheart, it's been a long time since the word beautiful was used to describe me. I'm flattered." I said.

"Well, you're beautiful to me, I love you, you know!" He declared.

"I know, sweetheart, and if you only knew how much it means to me. I love you, Travis, more than I love my life. Never doubt it" I asserted.

He smiled at me with those beautiful blue eyes, his white teeth accentuating his irresistible smile, and said: "I won't forget, Barry. I love you that much too."

I hugged him for the longest time. He returned my hug, placing his cheek upon my breast.

"Why didn't we just meet him at the airport last night?" Travis inquired.

"Well, Sweetie, When David comes in for an event like this, he is always accompanied by an entourage of support persons, producers, and such. You can't get anywhere near him. We'll have plenty of private time with him later. I explained.

"He's pretty famous, huh?" Travis asked.

"In certain circles, Yes, he is, Sweetie." I confirmed.

"I'll be famous when you write my story, huh?" He asked.

"I'll do my best, love, you're already famous with me, with David, and with Ganymede. In any case, I'd hate for you to miss out on your fair quotient of fame because I failed to do justice to your compelling story. I promise I'll do my best and won't publish anything without your approval. OK?" I asked.

"OK." He affirmed.

"It's a little too soon to write your story anyway, Sweetie, but, when the time is right, we'll see to it. Please trust me." I begged.

"I always trust you, Barry; I'd trust you with my life, which you already saved, remember?" Travis said.

"Don't make it a bigger thing than it was, Sweetie. I'm only grateful to Ganymede that he brought you to me." I insisted.

"I might have froze to death..."He started.

I interrupted:

"Remember, now, just a polite nod to David when he acknowledges us from the stage, then we sit down."

"OK." He said.

"I'm kinda nervous about it, though." Travis amplified. 

"We'll do fine, Sweetie, I'll be at your side, it will all be OK. You'll see." I assured him.

"But, ALL THOSE PEOPLE!" He declared.

"Sweet Travis, we're sitting front and center. Our tickets are for the front row, center. All those people will be behind us. All we have to do is concentrate on David and the orchestra. We'll be fine, I promise." I reassured him.

"OK." He replied.

The orchestra was warming up behind closed curtains, as Travis and I took our seats.

Travis turned to me, straining over the crowd noise, to speak into my ear. "I've never experienced anything like this." He smiled. His eyes sparkled as he tried to envision what was about to happen.

The house lights began to dim, the curtain began to rise, and the orchestra began to applaud their guest-conductor, my sweet David. The spotlight fell upon him and my heart nearly exploded. David... My David, right there, only feet from me, yet I could not run to him.

Travis and I were among the last in the audience to cease our applause. David bowed to the left, then right, then to the center, where our eyes met and he winked at Travis and me.

As we were sitting down, once more, Travis took my hand and said: "He winked at us, Barry, did you see that?"

I squeezed his hand and only nodded to him.

David picked up the baton from the music stand and raised both hands. When his hands fell, the orchestra exploded into the most wonderful strains.

Travis wasn't prepared for the high decibel presentation of a full orchestra and was startled as the music began.

I turned to him and exclaimed, SLEIGH RIDE!

He smiled a big smile at me. He was really having fun. I was so very pleased to see him enjoying himself this way.

As each piece proceeded, Travis' eyes followed the music across the stage and back again as the various instruments were employed.  He was so excited with all of it.

All too quickly, it seemed, Intermission was upon us. As the applause began to subside, the curtain also began to come down.

"Can we go backstage now?" Travis asked.

"Not till the concert is completely over, sweetheart." I said.

"Oh, I thought it was over." Travis said.

"No, Sweetie, this is just the intermission. It's like halftime." I analogized. 

"Oh" he said. "There's another half to go then."

"Exactly." I said.

"Leave your program on your seat, and we can stretch our legs a little bit. Do you need to visit the restroom or anything, Sweetie?" I suggested.

"No," he smiled. "I thought I was going to pee on myself when the music first started, though." He said.

I chuckled: "I didn't think to warn you, sweetheart, I'm sorry." I said.

"It's no big deal", he said, "I just wasn't expecting it to be so loud."

"Let's go get a drink to get us through the second half, Whatcha say?" I suggested.

"OK". He replied.

As we stood in the lobby chatting about David and all this beautiful music and what a tremendous experience this was, I couldn't help noticing all the many persons who were starring at my Sweetie. They, too, recognized just how beautiful he is. Not just the girls, but women and some obvious old queens were looking at him in a way that made me instantly jealous.

"You ready, sweetheart?" I asked.

"Yeah." He said.

"We should get back to our seats now." I suggested.

He took me by the hand and we walked back to our seats together, hand in hand.

That should piss-off all those Gawkers and Old Queens. I thought.

It wasn't long before the house lights began, again, to dim.

The curtain rose, and standing at the house microphone, was my beautiful David. The spotlight shone upon him, and the audience erupted into applause. He relished in it briefly, turned to acknowledge the orchestra, waited a bit longer, then raised his hands as a signal to cease the applause.

He looked out over the audience, surveying it slowly, His gaze finally coming to rest on Travis and me.

"It's a genuine honor for me to be here with you this evening. Here, so close to home and so close to Christmas. I thank you for inviting me. I'll try to make the experience worthwhile". David asserted.

Once again, the audience erupted into applause for a favorite son, as it were. Once more, David raised his hands to quiet the crowd.

"If you will bear with me, very briefly, he said, I would like to acknowledge two very special people who are here, at my request, this evening".

"I would not be standing before you this evening, or before any other orchestra, on any other night if it were not for the love and encouragement and guidance of one of these two, who has seen me along my career for longer than either of us would care to admit. The other is a young man, I have recently come to know, and who is now experiencing the same direction and loving care of this wonderful man.

He stretched out one hand to point us out and said: "Barry...Travis, I love you!"

The spotlight turned to us.

I could not contain myself. I burst into tears.

Applause! I can't believe it, Applause? I pondered.

I took Travis by the hand and indicated for him to stand, as I did as well.

Tears fell from my eyes as I gave David that polite nod, I had earlier instructed Travis on, and now watched him deliver.

As we sat down again, I fumbled for my handkerchief. 

Travis took my hand and squeezed it tightly and said: "Shhhh... Shhh, it's OK, Barry."

David continued.

"I have reserved the next piece until now, knowing it is Barry's favorite."

Looking at us again,

"It's for you two...I love you!"

"Oh, By The Way", he addressed the audience," it's not on your programs, I wanted to surprise my special friends with it."

David returned to the platform and picked up the baton. At its fall, the violin section came boldly to life. What Child is This? 

As I regained my composure, Travis was still squeezing my hand tightly.

"You OK?" He asked.

"Yes, sweetheart." I replied. "I'm sorry for that. I hope I didn't embarrass you."

"No Way!" He exclaimed. "Never!" He asserted.

He continued to squeeze my hand and, leaning over to my ear, he whispered:

"He said he loved us, In front of all these people."

"Isn't it wonderful, my sweet boy?" I declared.

"Yes, and they clapped for us too". He said in amazement.

I turned to whisper to him saying: "Travis, my love, the kind of people who enjoy this sort of entertainment are usually pretty sophisticated and they understand and appreciate open expressions of love. We'll talk about it later."

"Cool!" He exclaimed.

"Sit back, Sweetie, and enjoy the rest of the performance." I suggested.

Enjoy it, he did, and I was delighted to see him doing so.

When the final curtain fell, there was a protracted Standing "O", and the expected chants of "More!"

After a delightful encore, more Standing "O"s, bows and such, the real final curtain fell.

Travis and I rose from our seats, as I began fumbling for our back stage passes.

Bring along your program, sweetheart, we'll get David to autograph it for you.

"Sure!" He said.

"I can't believe he said he loved us in front of all those people like that. Wow!" He exclaimed.

"Travis, sweet boy, my father used to tell me, and I, now, tell you, `never miss out on a chance to tell someone, whom you really love, "I Love You" may not be granted another chance.' 

With that, we reached the security checkpoint where our passes were briefly examined and we were allowed to pass. We made our way down the corridor to find David surrounded by an absolute throng. It was impossible to approach him more closely.

Soon, he saw the two of us standing there, me directly behind Travis with a hand on each of his shoulders.

David nodded at us and pointed at a door. I knew this cue and ushered Travis and myself into a dressing room to wait for David.

After a while, the racket from the hall began to die down and David burst through the door, closing and locking it behind him.

He rushed over to me and gave me a quick, though passionate, kiss, square on my lips. My heart leapt with joy.

"God, how I have missed you"! He exclaimed.

David then turned to Travis and said,

"Travis, I'm so very happy to meet you at last."

Travis blushed and held up his program, saying: "Barry said you might autograph this."

"Of Course!" David said. Looking at me, David exclaimed:

"My God, he's Gorgeous. If the word were not already in the dictionary, we'd have to invent it for him."

"He is indeed." I said. "And as beautiful as he is on the outside, his soul is even more beautiful."

"Then, He's perfect!" David asserted with a big smile to Travis.

"He Is!" I agreed.

David took the program and quickly scribbled:

To Travis, my dear friend, whom I love very much!



Travis took back the program as David returned it to him. He read it and said

"You really love me already, David?" He asked.

"Does Barry love you?" David asked in return.

"Oh Yes, very much!" Travis responded.

"Then, of course, I love you too. You can take it..."

"To the bank?" Travis concluded for him.

David smiled at him and said: "Absolutely!"

"OK, you two", David injected. "You'll have to forgive me for tonight. I have to go now and spend time with a bunch of beer swilling, belching, Municipal Dignitaries.

Looking at Travis, he added:

"It's part of the job". David smiled and added:

"Tomorrow, we have a repeat performance at 3PM, Being Christmas Eve, and all. Then drinks with still more inane should be able to sneak away and be at the house by 6:30 or so." 

Again, he looked at Travis and me saying: "I can't wait!"

He gave me another passionate kiss on the lips and, then went over to Travis and asked

"Is it OK?"

Travis looked at me for the answer. I nodded in the affirmative.

"OK." Travis replied.

David kissed him, sweetly, on the forehead, saying:

"Take care of Barry for me, Travis. I'll see you both tomorrow."

With that, David quickly left the room to join the other performers and those "dignitaries" he was obliged to endure.

As we drove home, Travis was unusually quiet, until he finally turned to me and asked

"Is it OK for me to kiss you that way, the way that David kissed you?"

"Of course, sweetheart, I just didn't think you were so inclined."

"Oh, I've always wanted to, but I was afraid you might be grossed out." Travis declared.

"Wait till we get home. I'll show you how grossed out I would be."

Travis turned to me and smiled.

"I love you Barry. I love you so much."

"Never stop saying that, sweet Travis, you don't know how it touches my heart." I begged.

"Don't worry." He replied, "I'll never stop."

"I Love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU!" Travis exclaimed, smiling broadly at me.

"Travis, Sweetie." I interrupted.

"I want to tell you something important." I said.

"OK." He puzzled.

"You are stunning in your physical beauty..."I started

"NAW!" He began to say.

"NO"! I interrupted, "It's True!" I demanded.

Travis became very quiet and looked at me.

"You will find that uncommon beauty such as you possess is both a blessing and a curse." I said.

"Really?" He queried.

"Oh Yes, Absolutely!" I reinforced. 

"You will learn that more people than you can count will find you extremely attractive, but their motives will be entirely wrong, in terms of what they would do with you.

Many people will tell you they love you, when, in fact, they regard you as prey.  They only want to score with you. This means that they would consider it some sort of victory, on their part, to convince you, or worse, force you to have sex with them.

For persons like that, sex serves as its own end, and is used to bolster their egos. It allows them, then, to place another check mark on their score card in the win column. Persons like this will hurt you tremendously. You must be on constant guard.

You see, sweetie, you must learn to discern someone's intentions if they express an interest in you. Some will treat you like a genuine treasure, and, indeed, that's what you are. As a treasure, you should be cared for, protected, nurtured, and above all, respected for your inherent worth.

There is, unfortunately, another class of persons who will regard you as a trophy to be won, something that, once won, may be placed in a trophy case to serve as a bulwark to their egos. They will play with your emotions to get what they want from you, only to discard you, thereafter, leaving you in their wake as they move on to their next conquest...their next score.  Be always on guard for these despicable maniacs.

Real Love, sweet boy, may, indeed, be expressed sexually, but it is not rooted in sex. Real love is a function of the soul, so the theologians say, and it always involves commitment and self-sacrifice and a recognition of the one loved as a true, priceless treasure. A treasure the lover can never be truly worthy of.

As beautiful as you are, sweet Travis, remember that ALL physical beauty is transitory. That means it diminishes over time. Yours will too.  Those who really only loved your physical beauty will find nothing left to love as your beauty dims. Don't be fooled, Sweetie.

Sure! The animal side of us always responds to certain stimuli, and demands our attention. It's the way we're wired. Like seeing those beautiful boys in The Genesis Children might cause one to experience an erection and experience certain desires. DON'T confuse these feelings, strong though they may be, with real love.

Does any of my rambling make any sense to you, sweet Travis? I asked.

"Sure does, Barry." He replied.

"I had strong desires to do stuff with Jacob, but I never loved him."

"Exactly! Sweet Travis. You are wise beyond your years." I said.

"I thought of all this, and to bring it up at this time because I noticed, during our visit to the concession stand, during intermission, that so many people were starring at you, but in a totally lustful manner. It made me, first, jealous, and then furious."

"Don't worry, Barry. Only you own my heart now. You don't need to be jealous or mad. Don't worry!" Travis assured me.

"Actually, Sweetie, my fury was aroused by a couple of old lobby queens of the type who frequent these events, looking for prey."

"Oh." He said. "I didn't notice them."

"I know you didn't sweetheart, but I did." I affirmed.

"Even if it had been Jacob, Sweetie, you need to understand another serious matter." I began:

"Even though your circumcision provides you with a certain degree of protection from HIV / AIDS, as we have discussed in the past, that protection is NOT absolute.

Let me tell you that there is NO QUICKY worth risking your health or your life."

"Barry, he said, you're the ONLY one I want to do anything with. You know that. I trust you completely and I love you like I never knew I could love anyone."

"That means more to me, sweet Travis, than you can imagine, and I know it's true.

Still, I owe it to you, to inform you of all this. I said."

I continued:

"You will be surrounded by people of dubious intentions at school and in your peer group, who constitute a serious risk to you, emotionally and to your physical health.

Don't be fooled! Please!"

The garage door began to open, as Travis pressed the button on the Genie, as had become his chore.

As I pulled the car into the garage and placed it into "park", I turned to Travis and said:

"My Sweet Travis, the love I have for you compels me to protect you in every way. That's why I'm telling you all this. I do so, also, in something of a selfish vein. I couldn't bear it if someone hurt you or caused you to contract HIV...The idea of watching you suffer is unthinkable, Sweetie, I'm too weak, I guess."

"Don't worry, he repeated, Don't Worry! I belong to you now, and only to you."

"God, How I do love you, Travis." I exclaimed.

"I love you more" he smiled, knowing he had just stolen my line.

"I think we have a serious kissing session now, huh?" He asked.

"You said wait till we get home, Right?" He reminded me.

"Well, we're home." He said.

I smiled at him lovingly, as the garage door closed upon this scene.

Trey was nodding in agreement as I turned to look at him:

"Those were real words of wisdom, Barry. I'm glad you shared them with Travis. I hope he really took them to heart. Like you, I can't even imagine seeing Travis suffer with HIV...remember Sammy and Brian?"

"I'll never forget them, Trey. I don't think that Travis will, either." I suggested.

"That's right, it had slipped my mind...Travis visited them when Brian was on his death-bed." Trey recounted.

"He did, indeed. I think it made an indelible impression upon him." I said.

"You must be on needles and pins to see David and Travis when they arrive later from Italy." Trey observed.

"You can't imagine, Trey." Selfishly speaking, I can't wait to hug and kiss them and feel their presence in the bed with me. I haven't slept well since Travis went to visit David in Rome." I explained.

"I bet Travis learned more in these weeks, at David's tutelage, than he could learn in years of classroom instruction." Trey remarked.

"No doubt, Trey, I'm anxious to hear all Travis' stories about his time with David." I said.

I felt Danny pinch my penis repeatedly into his butt crack. He couldn't be that much asleep. I began to think he was pretending to be asleep so I wouldn't question what he was doing with his butt cheeks. Also, he was beginning, now, to become aroused. Trey noticed and pointed, silently at Danny's penis, as it was...shall we say, rising to the occasion. 

I smiled and nodded.

"So, a kissing session, huh? I bet Travis is a GREAT kisser. He has such supple and beautiful lips." Trey suggested.

"He sure does...You can't imagine how well he uses them, Trey." I declared.

"Oh God...tell me about the kissing session...I can't wait." Trey said.

"Well, of course, it turned quickly into more than a kissing want to hear the whole thing...all the steam?" I asked.

"God, YES!" Trey said.

Well we made our way quickly to the bedroom, and I began to disrobe him.

He gazed intensely into my eyes, as I loosened his tie, then my own. His eyes never left mine as I systematically undressed him. Still looking deeply into my eyes, he reciprocated. Soon, we were standing there naked for each other.

Travis was already aroused, pre-cum beginning to appear in generous amounts.

"You told me once", Travis said, "to just do what seems natural, Right?"

"Of course, my love". I replied.

Without breaking eye contact with me, Travis reached down to his glans and squeezed a bead of his pre-cum onto his index forefinger.

He took the finger, now blessed with his essence, and slowly traced it across my lower lip. He prepared and applied another bead of his pre-cum to my upper lip.

I could taste its glorious deliciousness, while I waited for his next move. He did the same to gloss his own lips.

He moved to me, tilting his head slightly to allow our kiss full access to each other. He closed his eyes, and placed his hands, one on each of my cheeks.

I was already ready to explode.

His hands were hot to my face. It felt good. As his lips touched mine, I learned that they, too, were hot. His passion was at a new peak.

We slowly slid our lips from side to side, allowing his pre-cum to lubricate our kiss. His powerful young swimmer's lungs pulled the breath out of me and into himself.

He stopped, briefly, after that first kiss and fixed his eyes, once more, on mine. Perhaps he was hoping for some initial sign of approval from me to know he had done it correctly.

By now, his cheeks, ears and, really, his entire face, were red with passion.

The approval he longed for came in the form of me pulling him to me and pressing my lips back to his in the most passion I had felt, perhaps ever.

He engaged my kiss and we explored each other's lips, tongues, and mouths.

When we disengaged, I noticed that Travis' penis was throbbing and his pre-cum was now stringing its way from his glans toward the floor.

I went down to my knees, cupped the string of pre-cum, dangling toward the floor, and raised my cupped hand back to his penis not wanting to miss a single drop of it. I licked it from my open palm and followed by pushing still more of it up from his penis and into my waiting mouth.

He observed that I, too, was producing pre-cum in generous amounts. He placed his hands on my sides and motioned for me to stand.

I did as he wanted.

He, in turn, went to his knees.

He licked my glans until he had cleaned it of its pre-cum. He, then, pushed all I had to my glans drop by drop. He kissed the tip of my glans to remove each drop. After several of these kisses to my meatus, I was so aroused that I too, felt my cheeks and ears flushing.

"God, Travis, Ganymede, himself, must be guiding you." I declared.

Travis stood, once more, and said: "I've been asking you for weeks, now, what you want for Christmas. All you ever say is that all you want is me. Well, I'm here and I'm yours, all of me. I want to become as much a part of you tonight as I can. It's your Christmas present. I Love You Barry!" He exclaimed.

"Will you become part of me tonight as your Christmas present to me?" He asked, as he resumed his electric eye contact with me.

"Travis, you know that I am totally yours, take all of me you want." I said.

He slowly knelt before me, took my penis into his hot mouth and began kneading my testicles with his, still hot, hands.

My penis was throbbing in his mouth, as he caressed it round and round with his sweet tongue.

"Oh God, Travis, let this enter and become part of you." I whispered to him at the instant I filled him with my semen. He kept me in his mouth as my ejaculatory spasms continued six, seven, eight times.

He reached round me placing a hand on each of my butt cheeks and pulled me into him until he had swallowed my penis, still oozing semen into him.

When he was satisfied, he slowly came off my penis and stood up. He kissed me deeply, passionately, and for what seemed like an eternity of pure joy. I was tasting my own semen as he returned it to my tongue with his own.

"Now, it's time for me to give you my present." He said.

He placed his hands, one on each of my shoulders, and pushed me lightly to my knees.

Before I could take him into me, he said

"What seems natural, Right?"

"Of course, my love." I assured him.

"Take me now into your mouth, my sweet Barry." He said, as he placed his hands on each side of my head such that my ears were between his thumbs and index fingers.

Travis began moving his penis in and out of my hot, eager, mouth. Slowly, at first, then faster, until, finally his scrotum retracted and he pushed his penis to the back of my throat.

"Merry Christmas, my love." He whispered over his labored breath, as his hot semen painted my throat and filled my mouth.

I swallowed, only to have him fill me again and again.

Surely, I thought, I am in Heaven. What else could it be?

I made no move to remove him from my mouth and could feel the residual semen pulsing from his penis.

His breathing remained heavy and labored as he slowly began to withdraw from me. I grabbed his butt and stopped him, as I could still detect his semen flowing from the tip of his penis, which I had placed the tip of my tongue to, that it might not miss a drop.

Finally, I slowly allowed him to withdraw. I stood and looked deeply into his beatific eyes. He returned my gaze and softly said:

"I told you I love you, Barry."

"I never doubted it, sweet Travis. Never!"

I didn't know I could still evoke that sort of passion in anyone.

"God, How I love you, Travis!" I exclaimed.

Travis replied: "I wanted to show you that I love you even more than David does. I never want to lose you, Barry." His eyes began to well up.

"Oh Travis, my sweet, sweet Travis." I exclaimed. "You will NEVER lose me to anyone. I swear it to you. Furthermore, David would never try to take me from you or you from me. Never!" I repeated. "David and I love each other, yes, of course, but not in a way that would in any way exclude you. I assure you, my love; David is no threat to our love. He would never want to be.  He would want to support us in our love and be part of it. You'll see, my love, our love cannot be diminished in any way, by anyone."

Tears ran down his cheeks as I spoke.

I kissed them away and he, finally, fell into my arms.

"A hot shower should relax us, sweet Travis. Let's share one, and I'll hold you tightly all night, while you sleep. I love you Travis. Don't worry about anything, anything at all. You are mine and I am yours. That's the way it will stay." 

Soon he was sound asleep in my arms.

Trey was crying at this point:

"Stop, Stop. I need a break to compose myself, Barry." Trey declared.

"OK". I agreed.

"Let me freshen your drink, Barry. When Danny wakes up, I'll get him something as well." Trey suggested.

I watched, as Trey disappeared into the kitchen with my, now empty, glass.

I turned my attention to Danny, still slumbering in my arms. I thought that I couldn't take in every boy who warms up to me, much as I wish I could. Since he may well be gay, I might be inclined to get personally involved with him but, then, he has a family, and a father who, hopefully, is at least a good provider, even though he might not be the sort of fellow that kids, even his own, warm up to.

Danny had lost his semi-erection and was now flaccid once again. Even so, there was pre-cum, Cowper's fluid, at his meatus. He was a pretty virile little guy. The Cowper's fluid was dripping onto his thigh. I carefully traced it onto my finger and onto my tongue.

Trey returned with our drink refills. After handing mine to me, and placing his next to his seat, he reported:

"Your clothes are dry. I'll get them."

I nodded in agreement, but could not speak, as I had a mouthful of my drink.

I stroked Danny's hair once more. He responded with a yawn, but never opened his eyes.

Trey returned with our clothes and placed them, neatly folded, upon the table closest to us. I noticed that in neither stack of clothes was any underwear. I guessed that, like myself, Danny was not fond of underwear. Another gay attribute, though not exclusively one. So the mystery went unsolved.

Trey sipped his drink and I did, as well.

"Well, go on, then." Trey said with a smile

"Well, let's see we had taken a hot shower and Travis was asleep in my arms, right?" I said.

"Exactly" Trey affirmed.

I was already awake when I felt him begin to stir. As had become our custom, his cheek was on my breast, his ear positioned to listen to my heartbeat.

God! I thought, what could I ever do to be worthy of this sweet, sweet boy. All I can do is to love him with every fiber of my being, as I do even now.

His hand began to move slightly and he ran his fingers slowly and gently through my sparse chest hair.

"You OK, Sweetie?" I whispered.

"I'm with you...Of Course I'm OK". He said.

"You sleep OK?" I asked.

"You might think I'm just saying it", he suggested, "but what I've told you is true. I've never slept as soundly as when I sleep listening to your heart."

"God, Travis, how I do love you." I declared.

He squeezed me tightly and said: "I love you Barry. I never knew I could love anyone this much."

"I fear I could never be worthy of your love, Travis, but I could surely not live without it." I asserted.

"You'll never lose me, Barry, and I will always love you. Don't worry." Travis assured me.

I rolled to my side, where I could look him in the eyes and run my fingers through his shimmering blond hair.

He smiled.

His eyes, blue, deep blue, sparkled back at my gaze. I was lost in his eyes and wished I could pour myself into the very depths of his being.

"Let's not get up just yet." He said, throwing one leg over me as if to pin me down. As he did, I could feel his erect penis on my abdomen.

"Feels like you're already up, sweetie." I grinned.

He smiled and said: "You know what I mean."

Of course, I do. I was just kidding." I replied.

"It's OK. I am up, you're right, but let's just stay here together like this a bit longer, please." He requested.

"I could be here like this with you forever, sweetheart. We'll stay as long as you like." I said. 

We remained in each other's embrace, as I stroked his beautiful hair, running my fingers slowly and gently from his forehead to the back of his neck.

"Barry?" He finally asked.

"Yes, my love." I answered.

"Did I do good last night?" He queried.

"Travis, my sweet, sweet boy, I can tell you, honestly, that I've never known passion like you showed me last night and it evoked in me a level of passion greater than any I can remember. Honestly, Travis, young men of your age are, typically, only capable of demonstrating how horny they are during sex... Like an animal engaging in sex. They rarely demonstrate true, loving passion.

You, on the other hand, made me feel your love and made me feel almost one in being with you. Our souls were united in a free and mutual melding of our beings. It was the most beautiful experience, Travis; I can't express in words how it humbles me and gives me new purpose in living.

Please, Travis, never stop loving me, PLEASE! I pleaded."

"I never will, I swear it, Barry, I will always love you." He insisted.

"I felt the same way, Barry; I wanted to pour all of me into you so nothing could ever separate us." He said.

"Never worry about such a thing, sweet one, I replied. Nothing nor anyone can, in any way, interfere with our love or diminish it in any way, don't ever worry your beautiful head about it." I declared.

"I know you expressed some concern last night about your love for me compared to David's love for me, so let me explain something to you about the great mystery of love, OK." I asked.

"OK." He replied.

"OK." I repeated. " Are you sure you want to listen to me rambling on about it?" I asked. 

"You don't ramble, silly, go on." He requested.

"Well, sweetie, love is, perhaps, the least well understood concept in human thought. I mentioned to you earlier that the theologians teach us that love, real love, is a function of our souls. Its perfection is realized in the Trinity, in which the pouring out of being from the Father, without reservation, to the Son is met with perfect reciprocation by the Son, such that the resulting flux, for lack of a better word, is the Holy Spirit. That's why he's referred to as the Spirit of Love.

In some infinitesimal manner, our souls mimic this pouring out of our being from one soul to another when we love. That is, perhaps, why it hurts so deeply when there is no reciprocation from the loved one.

As I love David, that love springs from what, by human measure, could be considered an infinite source. Therefore, Sweetie, I don't have to diminish the love I have for David in order to love you. It's not like slicing a pie into smaller pieces to accommodate more individuals.

I believe that when I pour out my love to David, as I do, that my soul not just replenishes but multiplies that love in my soul to give.

So, Sweetie, I can love you, and I do, of course, and I can love David at the same time without, in any way, diminishing my love for either of you. It's something of a mystery. Many smarter minds than mine have been considering the matter for, well, forever.

My experience with love has taught me that I can't pour it out fast enough that my soul can't respond by replenishing it many times over. So, Sweetie, I can love you and David without any limitation or division of my love to accommodate each of you.

David understands this principle, as I'm sure you'll see, as you get to know him better. He is no threat to you, sweet Travis. You are no threat to him. I love you both infinitely, in human terms, and the love I pour out to each of you is in no way diminished by the love I pour out to the other.

I love you without measure, sweet Travis. Nothing will ever change that. You can take it...I paused."

"To the bank"! Travis concluded with a squeeze and a smile.

"Exactly." I said.

"When you better understand that David is no threat, I believe you will better appreciate him for the treasure he is. As David gets to know you better, the love he already has begun to feel for you will also blossom and you'll become dear friends. I will continue to love each of you, as I do now, without limitation."  I instructed.

"I suppose I'm a little jealous of him." Travis declared.

"Whatever for?" I asked.

"He's so talented!" Travis exclaimed.

"He is that!" I agreed.

"He has been blessed with a rare natural ability for music and, really, all things musical. I may not have mentioned it before, as it only occurs to me now, but among his gifts is a very rare trait. It's called "perfect pitch". It's an enabling attribute for someone who is a conductor, or for that matter, a musician or a vocalist. It means, in simple terms, that he can discern every note he hears, identify it correctly, and even measure it for sharp or flat. It's a very rare ability." I stated.

"One thing it cannot do is cause me to, somehow, love or prefer him to you. So again, sweet Travis, never feel threatened by David. He, too, would feel badly if he ever thought that you considered him a threat." I asserted.

"I, too, envy his tremendous abilities with music. He plays several instruments, he has a beautiful singing voice, and, of course, he composes and conducts." I said.

"The difference is that I envy his ability, I'm not jealous." I instructed.

"What's the difference?" Travis asked.

"Well, jealousy involves exclusivity. It's a sort of mental stealing. That means, when you're jealous of someone, you wish to possess his gifts, attributes or possessions, even if, in order to do so, you would be willing to take them away from the other person and hold them for yourself. When you are envious, you only wish you also had the same gifts or other things, but not by depriving the other person of them." I instructed.

"Oh, Then I guess I'm envious, not jealous of David, huh?" Travis suggested.

"I used to sing in the choir." Travis continued.

"That's Great, sweetheart, I hope you will sing for me sometime, I'd love to hear you. Always nurture and develop your talents sweet one." I said.

"I'm a tenor, they tell me. I'm not very good, really." Travis qualified.

"Later, Sweetie, we'll pull the cover off the Grand, before David arrives, in case he wishes to make use of it while he's here. We'll leave it uncovered so you can practice your singing with it. We'd have already uncovered it if I knew you like to sing. I'm sorry, Sweetie." I explained.

"It's OK! I would have asked if I wanted." Travis responded.

"GREAT! I responded, this is your home too, you know, All of it." I responded.

He squeezed me and said: "I love you, Barry, like you said, "without limitation".

"And I, you, sweet Travis. Never doubt it!" I declared.

"Travis, sweetie, I'm ashamed for not making it a point to learn more about the things you enjoy and like to do. Please forgive me". I begged.

"Oh, that's OK, Barry! I know you've been busy figuring out how to take care of me and all. I knew we would get around to it. There's really not much to talk about, anyway. Swimming and singing are about it. That's about all I was allowed to enjoy at the Temple." Travis explained.

"Those despicable hypocrites!" I blurted.

"Yep!" He agreed.

"So, you like swimming, huh?" I asked.

"I didn't at first." Travis explained.

He continued:

 "Jacob joined our swim team and I wanted to be with him and, well, see him naked and all. After a while, though, I really got into it and now I enjoy it a lot."

"Seeing Jacob naked in the showers was a pretty good motivator, huh?" I smiled.

"Oh, not just in the showers." Travis added.

Again he went on:

"The temple used to rent out a natatorium on Tuesday and Thursday nights, so it was only us there during practice. We practiced naked the whole time. I think our coach was weird."

"You think he was gay?" I queried.

"Naw, that would have been great." Travis suggested.

"He was just weird. I know he watched us closely to see who had a hard-on. I think he hated as bad as my Dad. He was stupid, though. The water and the room itself were so cold that you couldn't get a hard-on if you wanted to. He should have watched us in the hot showers, instead. He could have expelled half the team." Travis concluded.

I laughed.

"Well, you certainly developed the epitome of the classic swimmer's physique, Sweetie." I declared.

"Thanks, I'm glad you like it." Travis said.

"Do I Ever!" I exclaimed.

Travis smiled.

"Our team did OK in the competitions, I guess. Travis continued.

 "I never cared too much about competing, I just love to swim. If we won, that was Great. If we lost, no big deal, except for the coach, who would go crazy. He was nuts!" Travis added.

"Well, there's a talent you have that David doesn't." I suggested.

"He can't swim?" Travis asked.

"Like a rock!" I exclaimed with a smile. 

I continued:

"Actually, he can swim well enough to avoid drowning, but he can't seem to relax in the water, stays stiff as a board, and has to really struggle to stay afloat. I suspect it's something psychological and goes back to his early childhood, when his Dad thought the best way to teach him how to swim was to simply throw him into the pool."

"Idiot!" I exclaimed.

"Poor Guy!" Travis agreed.

 "That's terrible. He may always fear the water now. One of my friends had a panic attack in the pool and, once we finally got him out, he wouldn't go back in again...ever!" Travis explained. 

Travis expanded:

"Coach called him a sissy and made him cry. Then he threw him off the team. Now he gets teased about it all the time." 

"That's truly a shame." I declared. "Poor kid!" I added.

"I know, he's never been the same since then. He won't be friends now either. He won't even hardly look at anyone." Travis said.

"My God! That place is a real psychological torture chamber, isn't it? I suggested.

"It's EVIL!" Travis declared, "EVIL!"

This whole time, Travis had been kneading my testicles and, alternately, stroking my penis slowly. His erect penis was still lying on my abdomen. I could detect his hot pre-cum oozing onto me.

"Looks like we're both up now, huh?" Travis observed.

"Thanks for noticing, Sweetie, I think my seminal vesicles are about to explode."

"Oh, I know how to fix that problem!" He exclaimed.

"Please Do!" I begged.

He repositioned himself between my legs, spreading them to gain full access to me. He took my penis into his hand and positioned it into the vertical.

"Barry." He said, looking intently at the pre-cum that had begun generously lubricating my glans.

"Yes, sweetheart." I replied.

Still looking at my glans, he said almost prayerfully:

"Please come into me. Pour your essence into me, as I will into you. Let us become one." He suggested.

"I'm already entirely yours, sweet Travis; take all of me you wish." I insisted.

Slowly, he kissed the pre-cum from my glans. My penis was pulsing and throbbing uncontrollably. He began licking my frenulum up and down, I was moving quickly into emission.

"I can't stop it Sweetie, I'm going to cum!" I declared.

"Every drop." He replied.

"Please!" He added, and took me slowly into his mouth.

My penis was palpitating against his sweet young tongue. He was holding my scrotum with one hand and I felt it pulling away as it contracted. He gently pushed it up into me and I ejaculated into him, enjoying still another of the beatific orgasms that only Travis had learned to evoke in me. His finger had moved to my anus and I could feel it probing me as my spasms cycled. Surely, I thought in the depths of my orgasm, he has drained me completely from the epididymis up.

Slowly, starting at my anus, he began pushing my residual semen along the track of my urethra and up and out of my penis and into his hot young mouth.

We remained in this position until he was sure that he had received it all. Slowly he removed my penis from his mouth and gently kissed the final drop of my semen from my meatus.

He moved back up to me and kissed me deeply, depositing a small amount of my own semen onto my waiting tongue.

Slowly, then, he rolled onto his back, and placed his own penis into the vertical. Already, his pre-cum had begun running down his penis and into his pubic hair.

He looked into my loving eyes and said:

"Please, let me come into you and become part of you now, Barry. I love you! Please!"  He pleaded.

I tried to replicate the precise experience for him move-by-move. My passion and his were at such a peak that we both looked like we had been sunburned; we were so red in that same passion.

As always, he exploded into me by the mouthful. Over and over I swallowed his precious essence as he had asked, and as I had been so eager to do. When he finished, I, as he had done, returned a small amount of our, now mixed, semen to his hot mouth in a deep and long kiss.

When I finished kissing his precious lips, I looked deeply into his deep blue eyes and said.

"Forgive me, sweetheart, I was greedy. As Fogelberg sings...moments fleet are sweet within the rapture, when precious flesh is greedily consumed. I can't help it. I love you so much." I confessed. 

He smiled: "It's all yours, Barry. You aren't greedy at all. I want to give it to you as fast as I can produce it." He assured me.

"I feel the same, sweet Travis, I'm entirely yours." I said.

As we gazed into each other's eyes, I observed a familiar smile begin to form on his beautiful face. I knew this cue:

"Thank you, Ganymede!" We exclaimed in unison.

"STOP...STOP! I'm about to cum on myself!" Trey exclaimed.

He went on: "This is too much, too hot. I think I need to excuse myself for a moment or two, if you get my drift...I'll be back."

"Perhaps I should not go on with the story." I suggested.

"NO WAY! I want to hear the rest."

"Me too!" Danny's voice surprised me.

"So you are awake after all." I said.

"Yeah, I've been listening to your story about David and Travis. Can I meet them sometime?" Danny asked.

"Well, I'm going to be bringing them here to Trey tomorrow evening for dinner. Would you like to join us?" I suggested.

"Hell, YES!" Danny said.

"I'm sure they will be pleased to meet you, Danny." I assured him.

"I have never heard one guy talk about loving another guy the way you have been during the story, Barry. I didn't know it was possible. There's never been much hugging or kissing in my family...I think my Dad would rather kiss our dog than kiss his sons. The Bastard." Danny reported.

His cheek was still resting on my breast as he spoke.

"I apologize, Danny. While you slept, my penis became aroused and I'm afraid I painted your butt crack with my pre-cum, or Cowper's fluid, to be more precise. I'll gladly wash it away whenever you want." I said.

"Didn't you feel me squeezing my butt closed to get more of it out of you?" Danny asked.

"I didn't think you were awake or realized you were having that effect on me." I replied.

"I've been awake most of the time, Barry, listening to your story. I just pretended to be asleep, so you wouldn't stop telling it." Danny confessed.

So you knew you were causing me to become aroused?" I asked.

"It was my way of responding to your story to show you I wish I could be part of it." Danny said.

"Really?" I asked.

"Sure...I would love to be in a honest love relationship, as you talked about, you know...where there's not just sex, but love and mutual commitment. I really envy what you've got there." Danny explained.

"I thought you weren't sure about your orientation, just yet, Danny?" I asked.

"I'm not...but I became so aroused listening to your story, that I realized I could really love another boy, if it is the right boy." He said.

"Would you like me to take you to the restroom and clean up your butt crack...before it all dries and such?" I asked.

"I'd rather go to the restroom and jerk each other about that, Barry? Danny suggested.

Just then, Trey returned, having relieved himself and still drying his hands with a towel.

"I guess it's our turn, Trey. We'll be back in a few moments." I said.

"Well, you're not getting off the hook, Barry. I want to hear the rest of the story." Trey insisted.

"Me Too!" Danny chimed in.

He went on:

I'll make some sandwiches, while you two are...occupied. 

Danny and I made our way back to the shower room. We were still naked, so no need to go through the ritual of undressing.

Danny took me by the penis and led me to the shower stall. We both entered the shower stall and stood face to face.

"Can we do it together?" He asked.

"Yeah...I suppose. It's kinda awkward to do it side by side, but we can do as we did before or exchange reach-arounds."  I suggested.

"OK, my brothers and me give each other reach-arounds all the time. Let's do it that way." Danny requested.

"GREAT!" I exclaimed.

I turned him to face the shower stall and stood immediately behind him, pressing my penis, once more into his butt crack.

He raised his arms up and behind his head to hug my neck and keep his arm out of the way.

"YEP, you've done this before, haven't you?" I declared.

"I told you, I do it with my brothers all the time." Danny said.

I reached around his enviable torso and took his penis in my hand. He responded by pushing his butt still further against my erect penis.

"Here we go!" I said, as I began stroking his throbbing penis.

"You're really good at it, Barry, you're squeezing my dick just right, not too hard, not to soft...Just Right!"  Danny reported.

"Well, after all, Danny, it's not the first time I've done this you know." I said in a chuckle.

"I can tell." Danny affirmed.

I slow stroked Danny to allow his level of arousal to rise slowly...he began producing precum in generous quantities. I caught it into my hand and used it to lubricate the shaft of his penis.

"Damn...feels good, Barry. My brothers don't do this. With them, it slam, bam, thank ya maam... it's all over quick." Danny said.

It didn't take long before I could feel Danny's dick swell in my hand.

He shot his cum all over the shower stall wall. It ran down to the floor and toward the drain. It was a pretty impressive show, really. Many, but not all, young guys Danny's age can produce cum in such quantity.

He went limp as his ejaculation was occurring, so I pulled him against me with my other arm, holding him in a tight embrace, until he had finished.

I squeezed the residual cum from him till it all had been expelled.

"Your Turn, Barry." Danny said.

"You don't have to." I said.

"I want to." He replied.

Danny turned me to face the shower stall wall, as he just had. He stood behind me and replicated my technique upon me.

"You're good at this too." I said.

"Thanks." He said.

His penis was pressed into my butt crack. It felt good.

"OK, Danny, I'm about to come." I whispered.

"Do It, Barry!" He replied.

I did.

I blasted my cum against that same wall and watched it mix with Danny's, still clinging to that wall and slowly working its way the down the wall toward the shower floor.

"Damn...that's a Hell of a load, Barry." Danny observed.

He continued to stroke my penis, getting my cum all over his hand. He didn't seem to mind.

We finally finished. We stepped out of the shower stall.  We started the shower running to wash away all the cum. I still had Danny's cum all over my hands. I licked it away. Then placed my hands into the shower water to wash them.

"It doesn't gross you out to put my cum in your mouth?" Danny asked.

"No, not at all, Danny. As I said before, it's your essence, there's nothing gross about it." I repeated.

"I'm not quite ready to..." Danny began.

I interrupted:

"That's Cool, Danny. You may never be ready. Time will tell." I said.

We cleaned up, including Danny's butt crack and made our way back to the dining room.

I pointed to our clothes, still neatly stacked on the table:

"If you want, Danny, you may dress. Your clothes are there on the table."

 "Do I have to?" He asked.

"No, I suppose not." I replied.

"Will you stay naked with me, the way you do at home with Travis and David?" Danny asked.

"You really were listening, weren't you?" I said with a smile.

"Please?" He asked.

"OK" I said, and sat back down in my former position.

Danny sat on my lap as before.

Trey returned with a platter of finger sandwiches. I looked to see that he had also refreshed our drinks while we were...busy, shall we say? He had provided a fresh wine for Danny, as well. In short, we were ready for the rest of the story.

We were busy with the finger sandwiches and our drinks for a while, when Trey said:

"Ready to continue the story, now, Barry?"

"Yeah!" Danny added.

"Very Well. Do you want the full steam version?"

"Bring on the steam, Barry." Trey suggested.

"Yeah, make it HOT!" Danny said.

Well, It was cold and dank as the time approached for David to arrive. Travis had built an inviting fire to stave off the weather and make David's arrival the warm and loving experience of hearth and home that I had hoped for.

Travis and I stood side-by-side in front of the fire with an arm around each other while the remaining hand was entrusted with a glass of Wild Turkey Liqueur.

"This is a blessed Christmas for me, indeed, sweet Travis. Ganymede has brought you to me in time to be safe and warm and loved this Christmas, with me. I'm so blessed." I said.

"Me too! I'm blessed. I'm with my Barry, in our home, where I know I belong and where I know I'm loved. It's the best Christmas I've ever had." Travis declared.

I turned to face him and, looking into his irresistible eyes, declared: "Oh God, Travis, I can't ever find the words to do you justice. You are perfect joy incarnate to me. You are in me and I in you. It's a true joy, and one I could never deserve. I love you sweet, sweet Travis."

"I always feel your love, Barry." He replied." It makes me happy, happier than I've ever been. I will love you forever."

"MERRY CHRISTMAS!" Came a familiar voice from the archway to the foyer.  My heart leapt at the sound. It was David, my sweet David, standing there in the archway.

I rushed to him, Travis right aside me.

David placed his suitcase on the foyer floor and placed his arms out to embrace us both. I melted into his embrace as he kissed me. Then he turned to Travis and asked: "OK?"

Travis smiled.

"Of Course!" Travis replied, to my surprise.

David kissed him sweetly on the forehead, saying: "Merry Christmas, Travis, I'm so glad to see you and to know that you are safe here with Barry."

"Me Too! David, It's like a wonderful dream. I'm glad you are here with us; it means so much to Barry...and to me too." Travis replied

"Thank you, Travis." David replied. "It means as much to me as well."

I turned to David and said: "I'm sorry sweetheart, I didn't hear you come in." 

"Oh, no bother. The door was open and I could see the fire burning, so I didn't bother to ring the bell. He replied

Travis and I looked at each other and said in unison: "Ganymede!""

David smiled and said: "What about Ganymede?"

"You'll understand later, when Travis has a chance to tell you his story about how he came to be here." I said. 

"OK." David replied.

David surveyed the room and turning to me, said:

"The tree is beautiful. Everything is just the same as all our Christmases. This is Wonderful. It's so good to be here."

He turned to face Travis and said:

"Now, with you here, Travis, a whole new dimension is added to the joy of the experience. I'm so glad you're here."

"Thanks David. That makes me feel even more loved". Travis said.

"Oh", David replied, "you are very much loved here, Travis. Barry loves you immeasurably, and I love you more with each minute I spend with you. This is your home now, as it has been mine for many happy years. I join Barry completely in welcoming you home."

Travis smiled from ear to ear and said:

"Thank you David, I welcome you home too. I built a fire to warm you up, wanna see?"

"Absolutely!" David exclaimed, as he followed Travis to the fireplace.

"It's a lovely fire, Travis, perfect, really. It feels good. Thank you for building it for me." David said.

"No Sweat!" Travis declared. "I knew you'd like it. Barry says you like to warm up to a nice fire, so I built it for you."

"That was very considerate of you Travis. I really appreciate it." David replied.

"You're welcome, I'm glad you like it." Travis replied

"I'll bet you're hungry." I blurted.

"Well, actually, I'm Starvicating!" David declared.

I laughed. I hadn't heard that old Texas colloquialism since David was a kid.

Travis quickly picked up on it and said:

"Yeah!  Me too, I'm starvicating." 

"Well, that just won't do at all." I declared. "I'll warm up the car and we'll go over to Trey. I made the usual reservations for us. Maybe Trey, himself, will come out of the kitchen long enough to say hi."

"Great! In the little private room?" David asked.

"Of course." I replied.

"Oh, let's take my rental. It's already warmed up and paid for by the production company." David said

"OK." I asserted. 

"You'll remember this part Trey, you were part of it. But for Danny's sake I'll tell it, anyway." I said.

I turned to Danny, resting his cheek on my breast as before, and continued with the story.

 I winked at Trey as I continued:

Dinner was the usual delightful experience that our friend, Trey, had always made it for us.  Indeed, at one point, he personally emerged from the kitchen to serve our dessert. I'm sure, too, he was curious that the reservation was for three rather than two.

Trey nodded.

"David!" Trey exclaimed. "It's so good to see you. Merry Christmas, Welcome Home!"

Then, turning to Travis, Trey continued: "Oh my God! Who is this gorgeous young god? Where in Greece did you find him?"

"Trey." I interrupted; "Allow me to introduce you to Travis."

"Travis, this is Trey, the world's finest chef and owner of this establishment. He's been our friend for many years and now he'll be your friend, as well." I said. 

Travis extended his hand and said: "Glad to meet you Trey, dinner was fabulous, Thank you."

"I'm honored." replied Trey; "I'm so pleased that you enjoyed it. A compliment like that, so obviously heartfelt, is better than applause."

"Merry Christmas, Trey." I declared. "Thanks, as always, for a delightful evening. You're the best." I insisted.

"Awhhhh." Trey replied.

 I was waiting for him to blush.

"No, it's true, don't be modest. You really are." I insisted.

"Aw", he said, "I'm just a fat old faggot who knows a little about cooking."

Travis interrupted; "Oh, you mustn't ever call yourself that, Trey. No Way!"

Trey smiled and turning to Travis said: "Thank you Travis. It's very kind of you to care about someone you only just met."

Travis replied; "I used to call myself that too, but Barry has taught me better."

Trey turned to me, in astonishment and asked:

"Where did you find this angel?"

"Ganymede brought him to me, much as he did David." I replied.

"So", Trey replied, "Ganymede has brought you still another beautiful, loving angel huh?"

"He has, indeed. I declared. I'm happy beyond words."

"I can see why, He's a pure delight." Trey said.

Travis, by now, had begun to blush.

Trey turned to Travis and said;

"Travis, since tomorrow is Christmas Day, and it's your first with Barry and David, I'd like to invite you, David and Barry to come again tomorrow as my guests."

Travis turned to me for assurance.

I nodded.

"OK! Thanks Trey." Travis said.

"It'll be my Christmas gift and it would mean a lot to me for you to be here. I'll call Barry tomorrow and set up a time, right after we close tomorrow afternoon. It'll just be us."

"We'll be here!" I interjected... "If it's OK with David."

David nodded.

"In the meantime, I'll do some research and determine just what is best to serve an angel" Trey suggested, with a smile.

"I don't care if it's hot dogs!" Travis exclaimed with a grin.

"Oh, I think we can do a little better than that...we'll see." Trey said as he winked at me.

"I'll let you enjoy your dessert now, and can't wait to see you tomorrow.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT! Trey shouted as he left the room."

David and Travis were really having a great time. Teasing and giggling, doing a sword fight with their dessert spoons to see who would get the most of the crème Brule. Wow! I thought, they are really enjoying each other. I'd almost forgotten how playful David could be. I was so pleased to see their joyful interplay. They were really hitting it off, as I had so hoped they would.

I had some more serious matters I wanted to discuss with the two of them, but it could wait till we got home, so I sat back and laughed along with the two of them, watching the bond between them forming before my very eyes. I was delighted. It was the best Christmas present I could have ever hoped for.

They were so different, yet, so alike: Travis, with his fair skin, light blond hair, including its almost-white highlights, those hypnotic, deep blue eyes, and that lithe swimmer's physique. David; with his olive skin, sandy blond hair, beautiful, magic Hazel eyes, and his Glawsonesque, athletic build. Yet, they had the same quick wit, obvious intelligence, and a love for the therapy that is to be found in laughter. I love them both beyond words, I thought. God, I love them so.

It had begun spitting snow as we arrived home. David had pulled one of his corny old Christmas jokes on Travis:

"Travis?" David asked. "How many of those present at the Nativity Scene can you name?"

"Well," Travis thought, "let's see...Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus...the angel...the shepherd boy..."

"You left out John Virgin!" David exclaimed.

"Who?" Travis asked..." I don't remem..."

"Sure, you know." David interrupted...

"Round John Virgin, Mother and Child" David sang.

"OOOOOH! That was bad." Travis retorted with a grin.

They both began laughing again, as David shut off the engine.

"I hope this snow continues through the night." I said to them both. "We almost NEVER have a white Christmas in Dallas. It would be all the more special if we have one tomorrow."

The scent of pine welcomed us into the house. Travis' fire had diminished while we were at Trey so he went right to the garage to get more wood. He returned, stoked the fire and added more wood.

"It couldn't get any better!" I exclaimed. "The three of us together for Christmas, Travis' warm fire, and the love we have for each other. I'm so grateful."

"Me too!" Exclaimed Travis. "I am more happy than I've been in my whole life."

"Me three!" David exclaimed. "I can feel the love in my heart even as I can feel the warmth of Travis' fire. It's wonderful. I'm so glad to be here with you."

"Anyone up for a relaxing visit to the hot tub?" I asked.

"That would be great!" David said. "The spa is so relaxing. I never get the chance to enjoy one since I've been in Europe."

"I'll go turn on the heater. It'll take about a half hour for it to come to temperature, so we can chat as we wait." I suggested.

"David, would you play bartender, while I fire up the spa?" I asked.

"Sure", he said,

 "The usual, all around?" He asked.

"Sure!" Travis responded.

We gathered around Travis' fire as we waited for the spa to come to temperature.

"Listen, you two", I began, "I want to have a brief chat about something rather serious."

"OK". David and Travis answered, almost in unison.

"If anything should happen to me"...I started.

"Oh Barry!" David injected. "You mustn't think of such a thing, especially at Christmas."

"On the contrary", I said, "I must think about it, especially while I have the two of you here. The love I have for each of you compels me to think about it. It won't take long, and, afterward, we won't need to talk about it any more."

"Our friend, Paul..." I started.

"Paul, the attorney?" David asked.

"Yes", I answered. "Paul is putting together a revocable trust to protect Travis if anything should happen to me...pretty much identical to the trust I set up for you, sweet David."

"Now, then," I continued, "here's what I want the two of you to give some thought to. If you both agree to it, I'd like to make David the trustee of this trust. Paul would remain legal counsel, of course, and I the primary trustee and administrator. If I should die or become incapacitated, my responsibilities would transfer to you, David, if you are willing. I can't think of anyone whom I could trust to care for my sweet Travis, as I trust you, David. You don't need to answer now; you can both take some time to think it over."

"What's to think about?" David asked rhetorically.

"Of Course, I'd be honored to serve in that capacity, if Travis will accept me into that role, and of course, I'd do my very best to care for him as I believe you would in every case, Barry.  You know I would!" David exclaimed.

"Yes, I know you would, David. Travis, like you, is more precious to me than my life, and my love for him compels me to protect him in every way."

"I understand completely." David responded. I would protect him with my very life. I would never allow any harm to come to him...same as you have always done for me. I know how much you love and care for Travis, It's Obvious! I love him too. At first, because I know how much you love him, but even already, I'm developing more and more love for him because he engenders it in me, DON'T WORRY, I'll take care of him. If he'll have me, that is." 

"Travis, please think about this. I know it's a novel consideration for a young man of your age, but I want you to be comfortable with my decision, especially since it is you whom would be affected by it." I said.

"Well..."Travis said...I trust you completely, Barry. If you choose David, that's OK with me. Plus, he loves me, you heard him say so I say YES! Do it!"

"NOW!" David injected. "Can we get off this morose subject...IT'S CHRISTMAS!"

We stripped in the anteroom, adjacent to the pool, with the outside door leading to the pool.

"Oh, it's good you're circumcised, David."Travis said.

"Yes, David replied. I've always been grateful for that favor. I'm even more appreciative of my circumcision after reading Barry's recent article on the topic. Barry has been my only partner, so I've never had to worry, but still, it's good to know that I'm 70% less likely to contract HIV should I ever fall in a moment of weakness."

David turned to me and said:

"Speaking of HIV, I'd like to take a few moments to visit Bryan and Sam while I'm here. It could be my last opportunity to spend a little time with Bryan."

"Of course." I said with a nod.

"Who's Bryan and Sam?" Travis inquired.

 "They are friends of ours. Bryan is in what appears to be the final stage of Kaposi Sarcoma, which is a type of cancer that those with HIV/ AIDS contract. It's nearly always fatal. He's in Hospice care. Sammy, his lover, stays at his side. They have been lovers for many years. Sam will, likely, be by himself pretty soon. It will be devastating for him. We'll do what we can to assure him we all love him and that we're here for him.

"That's sad." Travis said.

"You're circumcised too, Travis!" David exclaimed, to change the subject.

"Yes", Travis responded. "I don't have to worry though. I belong to Barry...ALL of me, so I won't be doing anything with anyone else."

"Wonderful!" David exclaimed.

Turning to me, David said:

"I think Travis would break any Orchidometer I've ever seen." 

"Yes", I agreed. "He's already off the chart...must be at least 28 or 29".

"Orchi-what?" Travis inquired.

"Orchidometer." I responded.

"It's a chart that doctors use to measure the size of one's testicles against those represented on the chart. It gives the doctor an idea just how far one has advanced into puberty." I explained.

"Your testicles, as we have discussed before, are quite large and would probably exceed the chart, Travis." I assured him. 

"That's good, huh?" Travis asked.

"Oh Yeah!" David injected. "That's very good."

The water was at 106 Degrees F. "Perfect!" I declared, as I switched on the Jacuzzi pump.

The steam was rising from the spa as we scampered the few feet to the spa.

"Ahhhhhhhh" was the collective sigh from the three of us as we slowly lowered ourselves into the water.

Danny interrupted:

"So, Travis has big balls, like you, Barry?"

"He may have even bigger ball than mine, Danny, I haven't measure them in a long time." I said.

"Mine are pretty good size, I guess" Danny said, as he lifted his balls to show us.

"Actually, for your age, Danny, you've got a pretty good set, there." I replied.

"Really?" Danny asked.

"Oh Yes, I'd say that they are on the high side of normal...Really." I assured him

"I'd say your balls are as big as mine right now, Danny." Trey offered.

"Really?" Danny asked again.

Trey said: "Let's find out"

He dropped his pants and produced his balls for comparison. I was surprised, as Trey is usually shy. I, certainly had never seen his balls before.

Trey moved over close to Danny who stood up for the comparison.

They put their balls close together.

Sure enough, Danny's balls were as big as Trey's.

"Wow! My balls really are as big as yours, Trey, and you're a grown man" Danny proclaimed, with a smile.

Trey pulled his pants back up and said:

"I thought they were, Danny, I couldn't help looking at them while you were sleeping on Barry's lap. They're a good size." Trey assured him.

"Wow, this is great!" Danny said, smiling from ear to ear.

"They're not as big as Barry's...but they're big enough, I guess." Danny said.

"Give it some time, Danny, in time, and not that much time, they may well be as big as mine." I suggested.

Danny resumed his position on my lap, his cheek resting on my breast.

"Now, back to the story, Barry." Trey requested.

"OK...let's see...Ah, yes...we were in the spa." I said

After a few minutes, the three of us had acclimated to the water. It felt wonderful. I had tilted my head back to rest it upon the deck Looking up to the sky; my usual view of the Big Dipper was obscured by the clouds, still spitting snow at us lightly. The flakes, however, couldn't penetrate the steam rising from the spa. We were enveloped in our cocoon of warmth.

I was first to break the silence:

"David, I only recently learned that Travis is a tenor and sang in a choir."

David turned to Travis and said:

"Travis, that's marvelous...A tenor, how wonderful. We'll sing something together later, OK?" David suggested. 

"I'm not very good." Travis retorted.

"Don't worry, Travis, it'll be fun." You'll see.

"Well...OK." Travis conceded.

"Great!" David exclaimed.

David continued:

"Travis, I'm anxious to hear how Ganymede brought you to Barry and, in turn, to me. Will you please tell me your story?"

"Will you tell me your story later?" Travis replied.

"Absolutely!" David declared.

"You First!" David said, smiling.

"Well...OK." Travis began:

"There's this Temple...Waco...Evil Place...Dad in charge...Elders...Jacob...betrayed me...Dad...Tough Love...Threw me out...Can't come back...ever...Bus Ticket...Dallas...D.A.R.T. ...Boys Ranch

David interrupted. "Travis, I'm so sorry you had to suffer at the hands of such Neanderthals." David took a sip of his drink.

"Yeah!" Travis replied. "That's what Barry calls my Dad. I call him old smegma head!"

David nearly spit his drink into the spa.

"That's a good description for him, Travis. Please go on." David replied.

Travis continued: "D.A.R.T. ended...Started Walking...Rain...Freezing Rain...Look for Shelter...Barry's House...Covered Porch...Door Open...Saw Fire Burning...

"Oh", David interjected, "now I get it. That's why the Ganymede remarks when I first arrived."

"Go on Travis, I'm sorry for interrupting". David said.

Travis continued: "Barry...Take off frozen clothes...warm water...tub...saved my life. Barry said Ganymede must have brought me...Here I am!"

"Dear God! David exclaimed. I'm so sorry that you had to endure such a thing, how horrible. I'm very glad that Ganymede led you here to Barry. You'll be safe, cared for, and loved, beyond your imagination, here by Barry and by me, as well. Welcome Home, Travis, Thank you Ganymede!" David declared.

My eyes were welling up at listening to Travis' recounting of his coming to be with me. Thanks to the steam rising from the spa, neither David nor Travis could tell I was about to cry.

"Now, it's your turn." Travis said.

"OK, then." David replied.

"I was fifteen when I first met Barry. He was still in journalism school and was only twenty-one, himself. He was working his way through college as a cub reporter and photographer at the Dallas Herald.

Barry learned about my situation from the police blotter, and, smelling a story, came to see me at the hospital."

"Hospital!" Travis interjected.

"Yes, Hospital." David repeated, and then went on:

"You see, Travis, both my parents hated me for my very existence. I was the reason they had to marry, and they hated me for it. They never loved each other in the first place, and certainly did not love me. Indeed, as I said, they made no secret that they both hated me. I suppose I'm lucky they didn't abort me."

"That's sad." Travis stated.

"Anyway", David continued, "both of them were alcoholic. The evening routine at our house usually meant that Mom was passed out for the evening by the end of dinner, if, that is, she bothered to prepare dinner. I went to bed, often, on an empty stomach.

Dad had more stamina. He would continue to drink. He was what people often refer to as a "mean drunk". He'd drink all evening and usually find some excuse to come to my room and beat me senseless. That seemed to be his vicarious orgasm. After beating me, he would return to his bedroom and pass out."

Travis' mouth was open, his jaw having dropped at the horror of David's story.

"One evening", David continued, "he went too far. I tried to flee. He caught me at the front door and punched me in the head so hard that I staggered to the front lawn and collapsed into unconsciousness.

The cops told me that a neighbor, I've never determined which one, saw me there on the lawn, and called the police.

When I came to, I was in the hospital. My mouth had been wired shut after surgery for my broken jaw.

My Dad never came to visit me in the hospital. My Mom never made it past the lobby, only coming when there was paperwork to be signed.

Barry, my sweet Barry, was there every day, without fail. I began to love him, even then.

I couldn't speak to him, as my mouth was wired shut. So, I had to write on a little white board that the nurse had provided me as a way to communicate.

After a couple weeks, I began saying goodbye to Barry, at the end of each visit, by writing TEAM-0 on my white board, with a happy face next to it.

The first time I did it, Barry didn't quite know what I was trying to say. I took it back from him and changed it around a little. When I handed it back to him it now read                                                 

TE AMO. That's Latin, Travis, it means...

"I love you!" Travis injected.

"That's right!" David confirmed.

"Barry smiled at me, kissed my forehead, took the marker and modified my TE AMO. When he handed it back to me it read TEAM-O-2

That sealed the deal for me; my love for Barry only grew and grew from that day forward.

I had not yet told Barry that I was gay. I couldn't bear the thought of him no longer coming to see me. As you have seen, it is not obvious that Barry is gay. I didn't know he was gay till a little later. By then, I was head-over-heels in love with him."

Thank goodness for the steam, I thought, neither of them noticed the tears on my cheeks as different from the sweat on my forehead.

David continued;

"When they finally released me from the hospital, they gave me a postcard sized notice on how to contact Child Protective Services. They had figured out what had actually happened. I hadn't confirmed their suspicions, so they couldn't involve CPS themselves, without setting themselves up for a lawsuit.

My Dad had told the police that I had tripped over a garden gnome in the front lawn. I said nothing to the contrary because I feared foster care as much as my situation at home. I also figured they'd eventually return me from foster care to my parents, after some time, and my Dad would kill me...I mean really kill me, for ratting him out.

I called Barry, and he came to pick me up from the hospital. My Mom had signed the release paperwork and, promptly, left.

So, it was Barry, who picked me up to drive me home. We stopped at his apartment on the way. He hadn't bought the house yet. When we got to his apartment, Barry asked me to remove my belt. I hoped that might lead to an intimate encounter, as I had been longing for. No such luck.

Barry took my belt and, using a leather burning iron, burned his phone numbers and address and the alarm code into the backside of my belt, where no one could see it and I alone knew it was there. He gave me a laminated card with the same information for my wallet. He also showed me where to find the spare key to the apartment. He kept it hidden on the patio side of the apartment behind a loose brick. He instructed me on how to disarm the alarm system. Then came the magic moment. He told me; David, this is your home any time you need or want it to be. He began to replace my belt. As he did, I put my hands on either cheek and kissed him deeply, square on the mouth. I just couldn't restrain myself any longer, and I had wanted to kiss him like that for a long time.

As soon as I did, I thought Oh God! Why did I do that? He won't want anything to do with me now.

Instead, Barry pulled me back to himself and kissed me like I had never been kissed.

I was in love! David declared.

Travis remained spellbound. Fixated on David as he continued:

Barry took me to my parents' house and explained that he had met me while I was in the hospital.  Barry made up a story that his mother was in a room down the hall. It was a lie, of course, but my parents bought it.

Barry told them I was interested in interning for him after school and that he could pick me up from school and bring me home after the shift was over. He promised he'd see to it that I got my homework done, as well.

It worked. My parents never missed me. I wasn't getting beaten every night, and by the time Barry brought me home in the evening, after dinner, homework, and certain other activities, David winked at Travis, my parents were passed out for the night. In the morning, I'd rise, shower, make adequate noise to ensure they heard me, throw my dirty clothes into the hamper and walk to the school bus stop at the corner.

It all went like clockwork. My grades improved, and I finally felt secure and safe, cause I knew I had my Barry.

As my Sixteenth birthday was approaching, David continued, my Dad began questioning me about not having a girlfriend yet. He harped on it constantly.

I told Barry that I had decided to tell my family I was gay. Knowing my Dad's propensity for violence, Barry said he'd come over and be there, with me, when I broke the news.

My Dad started in on me first thing Saturday morning. By the time Barry arrived, I had already blurted it out to my Dad, and he had begun to beat me.

When Barry arrived at the front door, he heard all the ruckus and heard my Dad hit me. Barry threw open the door just in time to see me come tumbling down the stairs right to the front door where Barry was. I cut my head in the fall and was bleeding.

Barry flew into a rage. I've never seen anything like it. 

Barry stooped long enough to assess my cut. He gave me his handkerchief and told me to hold it against my cut with pressure. Then, Barry started slowly up the stairs toward my Dad and said:

OK, you Fat, F__king Freak! You're pretty tough with someone half your size. You wanna try it with me?

My Dad said: This is none of your business; get out of my house, before I call the police.

Oh, Please Do! Barry told him. I'm sure they'd like to see the cut on David's head and hear you explain which garden gnome did it to him. GO AHEAD! CALL THE POLICE!

I told Barry to please not hurt my Dad. He stopped at that point and turned to me and said: OK, David, let me see that cut again.

Barry looked at it and saw that his handkerchief was red with my blood.

Let's get out of here, David, Barry said. You may need stitches for that.

Go Ahead! Take the little QUEER with you, I DON"T CARE! My Dad shouted at Barry.

Barry turned back to my Dad and told him:

This isn't the end of it. Not this time. You'll be hearing much more about it.


We stopped at the Seven-Eleven and got some ice and some plastic sandwich bags.

Barry put some ice in a plastic bag and told me to hold it to my head. He went to the payphone and called Dr. Mark.

It was Saturday, but Dr. Mark agreed to meet us at his office.

Dr. Mark fixed up my head. He asked me: Did your Dad do this to you, son?

Barry said: Don't worry Mark; I'll handle the situation, including his scumbag father.

Well, if you need me to testify or anything...Dr. Mark started to say.

Actually, Barry said, I have an idea. Let me get my camera from the car. While I'm doing that, could you please start to prepare a formal medical report of the type you'd normally prepare for the police? I'll take the pictures, and you can refer to what you've seen by picture number.

Absolutely! Said Dr. Mark. 

Furthermore, on Monday, I'll get it typed up and notarized. I'll have it ready for you to pick up.

Great! Barry said.

As we were preparing to leave, Barry said:

Thanks Mark. I really owe you, Big Time.

Naw! Said Dr. Mark. We gays got to stick together.

We left for home, which, by now, had become wherever Barry was. David smiled.

Travis nodded and returned the smile.

Barry was now my hero and my champion. David asserted. He still is! I shall always love him.

Me too! Travis injected.

So, David concluded, when Barry got the notarized report from Dr. Mark, he combined it with the photos he had taken.

Paul, the attorney, took them and met with my parents. Paul made them an offer they couldn't refuse, so to speak.

They could face criminal prosecution for neglect and assault on a minor, followed by a civil suit, guaranteed to wipe them out for life...or...they could relinquish all parental rights and assign custody of me to Barry.

It was a no-brainer for them; they hated me anyway.

I was officially Barry's. I always will be.

Wow! Travis exclaimed. I didn't know any of that.

Few people do, David responded, turning to me.

Barry! David proclaimed, you're crying!

Travis looked too and said:

"Don't cry Barry! It's Christmas! Remember?"

David said:

"Travis, you get these over here on that cheek and I'll get these on this cheek."

They began kissing my tears away until I finally placed an arm around each of them and said:

God, I'm so blessed to have you two angels. I love you so much.

Let's go back in, David suggested, I look like a prune.

We toweled off in the anteroom and donned our respective white terrycloth robes. David and I had had ours for some time. I had a third made for Travis. Each was embroidered with the name of its owner. We were a matched set.

The spa had worked its magic on each of us. Every muscle we had, had begun to relax uncontrollably.

Wow! Said Travis. This is Great! I could sleep for days.

Me too, said David. Should we call it a night?

Not till we wash the chlorine off and dry our hair. You two know better than that. I said.

Right! David exclaimed as he winked at Travis. Suppose we can all fit in the shower at once?

Of course we can. The shower in the Master Bathroom is more than big enough for three. I suggested.

After a playful time in the shower, and a protracted visit with the blow dryer, we were ready for some shut-eye.

David said:

 See you two in the morning, then, he started for the hall and the spare bedroom.  His penis was flopping from side to side as he walked, just as it always has. It was so cute.

We were all three still in the nude.

Travis ran to him and took him by the hand, saying:

Don't you want to sleep with Barry and me?

Is it OK? David responded.

Sure it is, David. It's a king size bed, there's a ton of room. Barry can sleep in the middle.

It's OK with you isn't it, Barry? Travis asked.

Of course, I said.

Travis, David inquired, don't you want to have Barry to yourself tonight?

It's OK. Barry explained to me about love. I know I don't have to feel threatened by you and that you know I'm not a threat to you either. Travis Instructed.

David smiled a wide smile and said:

Travis, you are an exceptional young man. You're right too. I would never do anything to threaten your relationship with Barry.

I would like to. ...just...cuddle with Barry a little. I'm a big cuddler. Is it OK? David asked.

Sure! Travis responded. I know how much you love him, especially after you told me your story.

I understand your love for him too, Travis. David replied. I guess he's a hero and a champion to us both, huh?

OK, knock it off, you two. I said. You're gonna make me start crying again.

We were all exhausted and our heads barely upon the pillows before we were sound asleep.

"Wow!" David and Travis have both been through a bunch of shit, huh?" Danny exclaimed

"Yes, they have. But it's all in the past now." I said.

"I think all three of you are damned lucky, Barry. You have each other now. I have no one who really loves me...not the way the three of you do." Danny observed.

"Believe me, Danny, each of us knows how lucky we are. We have something very unique...unique and precious." I attested to.

"I'd give anything to be in a relationship like yours Barry." Danny said.

I looked into Danny's sad eyes, and ran my fingers through his hair again.

"Can we, at least, be friends, Barry?" Danny asked.

"Well, I suppose our time in the shower earlier, already suggests that we are friends, Danny." I said to him with a smile.

"We'll see where it goes from there, OK?" I added.

"OK." Danny replied.

Trey interjected:

"So you guys had your shower and went to bed..."

"Yes, it was a wonderful, restful sleep, with Travis on one side and David on the other." I offered.

When I finally opened my eyes in the morning, Travis was in his usual position, as had become our custom.

David, who had cuddled up to me all night, as was his habit, was on his side and propped up on one elbow. He had been watching Travis and me sleeping. David moved close to my ear and whispered as low as he could into my ear:

You know what he's doing don't you...he's listening to your heartbeat.

I nodded slowly in the affirmative, knowing I could not speak or even whisper my response, as it would be amplified and pumped right into Travis' ear.

David understood. Once more he whispered into my ear:

It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. God! How he loves you.

I smiled and nodded once more.

I'm so happy he's here. David continued to whisper. He's an angel, he must be.

I nodded, still again.

David moved to kiss me sweetly on the lips. He moved again to my ear and whispered:

I'm going to put on some coffee, you'll like it, I brought it from Italy. Would you like some?

Once more I nodded slowly.

David slowly, and quietly, got out of bed, retrieved his robe from the Master Bathroom and left the room to prepare some coffee.

I continued to lie there contemplating how very blessed I was. I silently thanked everyone from God, to Ganymede for the two precious angels that had been entrusted to me. I'm the most blessed man in the world, I thought. Domine non sum dignus, I remembered from my youth. Lord I am not worthy that I should be entrusted with two of your perfect angels.

I began to detect the aroma of coffee. Even the aroma was delicious. Travis must have begun to smell it, as well, as I felt him stir and say:

What smells so good?

David is preparing some special coffee for us. He brought it with him from Italy. I answered.

Just then, David came through the door with a tray bearing three cups of this delicious elixir. Seeing Travis was now awake he shouted:

MERRY CHRISTMAS, my sweet ones!

Merry Christmas, David! Travis and I said in unison.

I looked into David's clear Hazel eyes and he looked back into mine. I raised a hand to cue him to place his cheek into my palm. He knew this cue and complied.  Merry Christmas, David. I said softly and lovingly. I'm so glad you're home.

I am as well. David replied.

I could tell from his tone of voice that there was more he wanted to say. It was his "sad", "please ask me" tone. I remembered it from his youth.

What is it David? I asked. You know you can tell me anything. What's the matter sweetheart?

Oh, it's silly, really. David replied.

Tell me anyway. I love the silly. I begged.

Well, David began, sometimes I feel like Hugh Grant's character in Maurice. I'm so busy chasing career and stature that I am forsaking the one I love the most in order to achieve the things I care for the least. I'd much prefer to be here with you and Travis, than enduring the rigors of my career in some silly country where the people bathe once a year, whether they need to or not.

David, my darling, I answered, Travis and I would welcome you home with open arms any time you so desire.

Wouldn't we Travis? I asked.

Of Course! Travis replied. This is home, David. Always! Travis concluded.

I don't doubt that, David replied. It just seems that years are beginning to slip away so quickly.

Tell me about it, I chuckled.

You're still considering that position here in the U.S., aren't you, sweetheart? I asked.

Of Course! David exclaimed. But, I need another year of tenure before I'll be considered for it.

I don't think I can stand it for another year in that Prima Donna Palace. David declared.

I understand, sweetie. It's the catch 22 we've discussed before. The tenure you acquire there counts for two or three times the same experience here. hurts to be away from home. I understand. I really do.

It's hard, Barry, Really hard. David said.

Last night, cuddled up to you, I slept like I was in the arms of God, himself. I felt safe and secure next to my Barry. I haven't slept so soundly since I left for Europe.

Me too, Travis injected. I've never slept like I do when I'm with Barry. It's amazing.

I know, said David. I watched you sleeping on his breast this morning. It was about the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. It was another sign of how much you love him and trust him. It's beautiful, Travis. I'm happy for you. I don't think the greatest artist could capture that scene and do justice to it in any painting or statue. The peace and serenity on your face was indescribable.

Hell, Barry, he said, as he turned to me. I'm twenty-seven years old already. It doesn't seem possible.

My sweet, sweet, David. I replied. You know it comes with the territory. You're a prodigy. It was obvious, even when you were a kid that you are a prodigy. Yes you're 27 years old, but most persons, even the really talented ones, don't accomplish what you have till they're 47 years old, if then. You know all that.

You're the most accomplished and recognized young composer / conductor in the world. Naturally, the pressure is going to be maximized. I reminded him.

At the same time, none of it is worthwhile, sweetie, if it makes you miserable. I continued. You may have more control over the situation than you think, however. I suggested.

How? David asked.

Well, think about it. I said. It's you the audiences are clamoring for; The Company doesn't want to risk losing you. You bring them market, box office. Perhaps they would agree to allow you to break up the coming year with some month long breaks, so you can come home more frequently. Then Travis and I can cuddle with you all night long for weeks at a time.

God, that would be wonderful! David exclaimed.

Well, it can't hurt to try. I said. If they say no, then we'll consider other alternatives. I'd be enormously surprised if they deny you, though. They'd have to be monumentally stupid to do so. 

You really think so, Barry? David asked.

Sure, I replied. They don't want to risk losing you. They just assume you haven't figured that out yet.

Well, they're right, I guess. I hadn't figured it out. David said with a smile.

Thank you Barry. You're a genius. I love you. David said.

Well, I don't know about the genius part, but I never doubt that my David loves me. I replied.

Just remember, sweet David. I said. You are NOT a prisoner at that damned place. If they get snotty and unreasonable and cause you to take a walk, it is them upon whom the embarrassment and blame will fall, not you. They will have chased away the "prodigy"; the most accomplished and recognized talent in the world.

Right? I asked.

I never thought of it like that! David exclaimed.

Sure! I repeated. Your duty continues to be avoiding any kind of conceit or snotty-ness yourself. I've never been concerned with that, of course, because it's simply not in your nature.

What would become of me without you, Barry? David asked.

Or me too? Travis added. 

The real question, sweet angels, is what would I do without you two? I retorted. I would lose my desire to live if I should lose you two. I can't bear the thought of it. I advised.

So...Let's NOT think about it. David said. Cause it's never going to happen. Is it Travis?

NO WAY! Travis declared.

I'm going to make us all some breakfast

RIGHT NOW! David declared, as he ran out of the room, and toward the kitchen.

Travis turned to me and said:

I see how much you love him, and he's as wonderful as you told me he was, and I love him too.

I knew you would, sweetie, I replied. I love you beyond words, sweet Travis.

Trey interrupted:

"Hold on now, Barry, while I make a few more sandwiches and freshen our drinks. It'll only take a few minutes, then we can get back to the story."

"Fine." I responded.

Trey left for the kitchen.

I turned to Danny. He looked so sad.

"What's the matter, Danny? Please don't be sad. You're among friends, no need to be morose." I assured him.

" one has ever held me and kissed my forehead the way you have this afternoon. I didn't know what I was missing until I cuddled up with you, and slept in your arms. I'm going to miss it when we leave, later. What will I do?" Danny said, almost in a sob.

"I didn't realize you sensed that I kissed your forehead, Danny. I'm glad you received it well." I said.

"Of course, I did. It was wonderful." Danny answered.

"You're a special young man, Danny. I'm very happy that we are now friends." I said.

"But what will I do, once you leave me later. There's no one else who I can turn to for the kind of love you've shown me this afternoon." Danny asked again.

"Danny, you're my friend, now...and Trey's as well. We'll find a way to be together from time to time. I promise." I said.

My promise didn't seem too consoling, based on Danny's expression.

Danny's head was hung down, looking at the floor.

I placed a hand on either of his cheeks and raised his face to look me in the eyes. Tears had welled up in his eyes. I can't stand to see a boy rips my heart out.

"Don't worry, Danny. I gave you my promise, didn't I?"

He nodded in affirmation.

I kissed the tears from his cheeks and pulled him into my embrace.

Trey returned about that time with more goodies. He noticed Danny's sad expression:

"What's wrong, Danny?" Trey asked.

"I'm just afraid I won't see you or Barry, anymore." Danny answered.

"That's silly, Danny. You know how to find your way here, don't you?" Trey asked.

"Yes." Danny answered.

"Well, I'm always here. I even live above the restaurant. You can always find me here." Trey assured him.

"Danny, I gave you my promise that you'd see me again, didn't I. In fact, I invited you to join David and Travis and me for dinner tomorrow, RIGHT?" I asked.

"Yes." Danny replied.

"Well, what's the problem?" I asked.

"I don't know how to get hold of you, Barry. What if something happened where I needed you right away?" Danny said.

"Well, I'll give you my phone number and e-mail address before we part company later. How would that be." I offered.

"Could you burn it into the back of my belt, like you did for David?" Danny asked.

"Well, I don't have a leather burning iron with me at the moment, Danny." I said.

Trey jumped in:

"I've got a soldering iron upstairs, Danny. I bet it would work as well. I'll get it and hook it up in the kitchen."

Danny smiled broadly and said: "AWESOME!"

While Trey went to get the iron, I looked, once more at Danny's expression. He seemed relieved.

"Danny, I suppose that many people have made promises to you and promptly broke those promises...Right?" I suggested.

He nodded.

"Well, I would never do that. When I make a promise, I keep it. So you needn't worry. You're my friend now, and Trey's as well. We will be here when you need us. OK?" I asked.

"OK." He replied, still nodding.

"Barry, will you kiss my forehead again?" Danny asked.

"Of course." I said.

As I moved to kiss Danny's forehead, he moved his head, at the last second to kiss me on the lips. I was surprised.

When he had finished sucking the air out of me, he smiled widely and said:

"That's what I really wanted, but I was afraid you wouldn't let me."

I smiled back and said: "Well, you got what you wanted, sweet boy, if I may call you that."

"I sure did." He replied, still smiling widely.

Trey opened the door to the kitchen and said:

 "OK, Danny, grab your belt from the stack of clothes on the table and bring it here. Bring Barry with you."

We joined Trey in the kitchen, where he had heated the iron.

Trey handed me the iron. I kept my promise and burned my phone number into the backside of Danny's belt. My e-mail was a bit more of a challenge, but I finally got it there as well.

I handed it back to Danny. He reacted as if I had handed him an academy award. He was jumping about and twirling around and carrying on such. When he finally stopped, I said:

"Wow, Danny, I never had such an ecstatic reaction to my phone number before."

"Now I know for certain I can get in touch with you...this is GREAT!"  He said.

"OK, can we get back to the story?" Trey asked.

"Sure." I replied.

Danny led us back to our position in front of the fireplace. His cute butt on full display as he walked ahead of Trey and me.

Trey nudged me and pointed at Danny's butt: He's cute as Hell, isn't he?"

"Yes, he is." I said.

Just as we entered the dining room the emergency sirens blasted once more. Danny stopped dead in his tracks, turned and ran again into my arms.

"It's the "All Clear", Danny. The tornado danger has passed." I assured him.

I held him for a brief moment until he was ready to turn back to the fireplace. He finally released me and started back toward the warmth of the fireplace...his beautiful butt leading the way.

---------------------------END PT 1 of "Tornado Warning"--------------------------------