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By the time we arrived home, Danny had moved such that he was sitting across Travis' lap with his head resting on Travis' breast. Travis gently ran his fingers through Danny's silky blond hair as Danny kissed him repeatedly.

"You OK, Travis?" Danny asked.

"Yeah... I'm OK, Danny, especially, with you here to console me." Travis replied.

"Did that guy make you mad, Travis?" Danny asked.

"At first, I suppose. I really didn't want to speak with him. But, after I heard him out, I decided that he had been punished beyond measure by those damned bastards. He didn't need more from me. Besides, he seemed sincere in his apology. I don't know if I will call him, though. Once a traitor, always a traitor...I don't know if I want to be around him." Travis explained.

"You were both many years younger, Travis. Jacob's tears seemed real to me, I think his remorse was genuine. He's punished himself for years with the knowledge that he had betrayed you. His guilt appears great and real. I can empathize with him, you know how I feel about Jody and the guilt I feel for his death. Guilt is a heavy burden to bear. Try to stay true to the forgiveness you've offered him, Travis, by putting the matter behind you." I suggested.

"You're right, Barry, I know you are. I'll try...but it's damned hard."

"I think he was telling the truth when he said that he loved you and always has. I'm sure that amplifies his guilt...far beyond that which any beating could nullify. Give it some time, Lover." I asked.

"OK." Travis replied.

"He said we looked like Father and Son." Danny recalled

"Actually, you do in many ways. You have the same fair skin, blond hair, eye color, and similar builds. You're both gorgeous, and share many physical attributes. Although, it's obvious, at first glance, that Travis is not old enough to be your father, he could be your older brother as easily as Beau, in terms of looks. " I interjected.

"Travis' balls are much bigger and heavier, though." Danny observed.

Travis smiled at Danny and replied:

"Give it some time, Danny. Your balls are quite large. I have a few years head start on you, but I'll bet you'll be as big as me before you know it." Travis assured him.

"I'll never have balls as big as Barry's though." Danny insisted.

"None of us will, Danny. Barry has an exceptional set of balls. They are beyond the orchidometer...and they're heavy as Hell, too." David advised.

"That's a good idea, David. If I can find it we'll show Danny on the orchidometer that his balls are of good size. He can see for himself that he is already on the high side of normal." Travis suggested.

"I haven't seen that thing for a long time...Barry used to show me that I was on the high side of normal until I quit worrying about it." David remarked.

Travis chuckled:

"He did the same with me. Guess we were both worried about it." Travis said.

"Well, the only other frame of reference we had was Barry's balls, and by any measure they are huge, so I guess we were worried, from the beginning, that we'd never be that big." David said.

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah... but both of you have bigger penises than me. Danny's is as big as mine... So it is I who should be envious." I said.

"I'm hungry. Can I have one of those sandwiches?" Danny asked.

"I'm sorry, Danny, I should have had the presence of mind..." I began to say.

"It's OK, I only got hungry as we passed through Richardson." Danny reported.

"I'll start dinner right away, Danny. Help yourself to a sandwich, it will tide you over." David reported.

"I'm getting somewhat hungry, myself." I added.

"OK, OK, I'm on it." David affirmed.

"Let's get out of these damned clothes". Travis observed

Danny was naked faster than any of us, but we were all soon in our natural state. It always feels so good to feel the air caressing one's naked body without the restriction of clothing. We had long adopted the opinion that clothing was unnatural, and we only resorted to it when we needed to be in a public venue.

Soon David had satisfied our appetites, and we had gathered around the pool with mixed drinks to recall the day's events.

"Did you notice...Jacob was the only one to recognize me?" Travis said, out of the blue.

"I did notice, Lover. It's been a few years and you've become a man, so... you have changed much since Ganymede first brought you to me...still, I expected more would have realized who you were." I said.

"I knew who they were, and was glad they didn't recognize me." Travis replied.

"You know, I didn't feel a was like attending a funeral for a total stranger. I expected that, somehow, I'd feel sorry for old smegmahead...but I felt nothing, nothing at all." Travis observed

"At least that era of your life is's history. He can't hurt you or anyone else ever again." I suggested.

"Thank God!" Travis replied.

"Who's up for a refill?" David interjected

We each placed our glasses on the tray and David carried it into the house.

"God, I'm gonna miss him...I wish he didn't have to go back to Italy." Travis observed.

"I know, Lover, but we must consider what's best for his career. In six months, he'll be home for good and with the credentials he so desires to pursue a position as Maestro with an appropriate Orchestra company. It's what he has wanted for many years now." I reminded.

Danny turned to me and said, softly:

"Please make love to me, Barry."

"Of course, sweetheart. Let's visit for a while longer. Then I'll devote my attention entirely to you and your needs, OK?" I suggested.

"Sure." Danny replied

David returned with our drinks and placed each in front of its owner. He had learned well, from his experience working at Trey. He always kept track of whose glass was whose. Actually, it didn't matter to the four of us, as we were ONE, but still, it was an interesting attribute that he had learned from Trey.

"Shall I heat up the spa?" Travis suggested

"YES!" Danny replied.

"Very well, then." Travis said, as he rose to go to switch on the heater

Danny blurted out:

"Barry's gonna make love to me...I like it in the spa."

David chuckled:

"Well at least my dinner satisfied one of his appetites."

"Do we get to help?" Travis asked, as he returned from the heater, having heard Danny's pronouncement.

"Of Course." Danny replied. He rose and brought himself and his drink and positioned himself onto my happy lap in his usual position, such that my penis was wedged into his butt crack.

While we awaited the spa to get hot, we continued our conversation.

"While you were refreshing our drinks, David, we were bemoaning your having to go back to Italy. You know we'll miss you. I guess we can endure a final six months without will seem an eternity." I observed.

"It will be an eternity for me too. I will miss you very much. Now, with Danny one of us, the experience will be amplified all the more. I haven't had much time to spend with our precious Danny."

He turned to Danny and said:

"I really mean it, Danny, I'll miss you very much. You'd better email me every day...promise?"

"I will, David...I promise." Danny replied.

David leaned over and kissed Danny on the forehead.

"Is it really bad over there?" Danny asked.

"The really bad part is being away from you guys, my loved ones, Danny. The rest is a matter of adjusting to a very different culture. We take a lot of things for granted here at home. In Italy, many of those things are considered luxuries, and many can't afford them. The Italian people are, for the most part, a very loving and openly affectionate people. It's easy to like them...except, of course for the butt holes I work for." David smiled at Danny.

"As I understand it from David, Rome is the enigma, Danny." I said

Danny turned to look to David for embellishment.

"Roma, Roma...well, it's the home of the Catholic Church and its magnificent St. Peter's Basilica, and the predecessor Basilica it was constructed upon. The original basilica goes back to Constantine in the 300's. The Vatican is so rich with history and tradition... it defies description. The irony is that, while you are awestruck at the engineering and art that is manifest in the edifice, you'd better guard your wallet... the pickpocket kids are everywhere. They're very good at their trade, too. One of those kids can make off with everything you have before you know what hit you. By the time you realize what has happened, the pickpocket is long gone. The police won't help, either. They have a sorta `finders keepers, losers weepers' philosophy.

"The police?" Danny asked

"Yes, the police. Unless one of them actually observes the theft, they will do nothing. It's very different there. Many of these kids are dirt poor, and come from families, which are equally they resort to this sort of thing to help support their families. These sad little waifs are so adorable; you want to bring them home, as you would a lost kitten. On the other hand, many of them are simply thieves, and they steal because they are, well, thieves." David enlightened Danny.

"It's soup!" Travis interjected, to tell us the spa had reached temperature.

Danny rose from my lap, quickly, to get into the spa. His sudden move left my erect penis slapping against my abdomen. David observed this:

"Looks like Danny has prepared you for what he's waiting for."

"Yes, there's something mysteriously compelling about his tight little butt-crack. My penis always responds to it in this fashion." I chuckled.

David nodded and smiled.

Danny was at the edge of the spa and ready to lower himself into the water, when he stopped and turned to me:

"Since you're gonna make love to me, I'd better make sure I'm empty. I'll be right back." Danny announced, as he went inside, obviously to clean out his rectum.

"OK, sweetheart, that's a good idea." I replied.

The remaining three of us lowered ourselves into the spa, making the usual pause as our balls entered the water...not wanting the hot water to scald them, or traumatize them.

Travis emitted a protracted:

"Ahhhhhhh, God this feels good."

"Especially after the tense day you've had, Baby." I suggested.

"Travis, I felt badly that Danny didn't have a suit. Tomorrow, I'd really like it if you'd take him and get him, fitted for one, and get him a couple of casual outfits, as well." I asked.

"I can do that...but, Barry, he's growing so fast. I'm be afraid he'll outgrow anything we get him within a few months." Travis observed.

"That's why I said only a couple of outfits. You're entirely correct; he's in the midst of a major growth spurt. He's diminutive and can be picked up like a little boy, but I suspect none of us will be able to do that for much longer." I said.

"C'mon, Barry, I'm as big as you, and I can still wrap my legs around your mid-section and rest my head on your shoulders like a little boy. In fact, I love doing that." Travis said.

"I know, and hopefully Danny will continue to like it as well. His small feet are a harbinger that he's likely to remain diminutive...I hope so...he's so cute. Still, he's growing fast; I can see it happening before my very eyes, even in the short time we've known him. So, time will tell, I suppose." I speculated.

"Beau is small in stature." Travis observed.

"And I suspect Danny will continue to be, as well. But as he fills out, holding him won't be like holding a little boy. It'll be like holding you, Travis; it will be like holding the adult he is becoming. I'll miss his small frame resting against me, but I'll enjoy him all the more as he fills out. That's all I'm saying. His `little boy' attributes, which we so relish in, are fleeting.

"I need to take him for another driving lesson, before I leave for Italy. I promised I would." David added.

"Well, why not make a morning of it? While I finish up my article for The Herald, why don't the three of you go clothes shopping and on the way back, give Danny a driving lesson. Indeed, stop by the DPS station and pick up a Driver's License Manual for him to study." I suggested.

"Dad's & Lad's will be the best place for the suit and the other outfits. We'll go there. He will need some dress shoes as well. His tennis shoes are pretty worn as well." Travis observed.

"Fix him up, Travis. Whatever you think he needs, shoes, socks, suit...but tell Ken to fit him in a suit that has plenty to let out if he outgrows it too quickly." I smiled.

"OK. I'll take care of it." Travis said.

"Tell Ken to put it all on our account. Oh, and give him my regards, I haven't talked to him in a long time." I said.

"OK." Travis answered.

Danny appeared and lowered himself into the hot water to join us.

"I was about to send out the dogs to see where you disappeared." I chuckled.

Danny smiled that `Danny Smile':

"It took longer to work than I thought."

David smiled and said:

"That usually means that there was nothing in there."

"Yeah, I was empty. There was no poop in there." Danny smiled back.

"Your metabolism is so high it surprises me that there's anything left to make poop of." I chuckled.

"HUH?" Danny said.

"It just means that I'm surprised that you don't digest such a high percentage of what you eat that there's anything left to poop out." I smiled.

"Oh." Danny smiled

We enjoyed the spa for a while; Danny kept looking up at me every few minutes. I knew what he wanted. Finally I nodded back at him:

"OK, Danny, I get the message. You're ready for some satisfaction...right?" I asked.

Danny smiled widely and said:

"I thought you'd never ask."

We all laughed

David suggested:

"I'd like to suggest something a little different...if that's OK."

"OK." I answered.

"Well, I want to spend some time kissing Danny and hugging him before I leave next week. Why not let him place his legs around my waist, facing me, where I can kiss him. His butt will be high enough out of the water that Travis can get between my abdomen and Danny's penis, such he can work his expert fellatio on Danny while you have your penis in his butt, doing your thing, Barry? David explained.

"Wow, that very inventive, David. What do you think, Danny?" I replied.

"Yeah!" Danny said.

David and Travis helped to position Danny such that the bottoms of Danny's feet were resting on David's sides, leaving enough room for Travis' fellatio and, simultaneously extending Danny's butt for my penetration.

David began kissing Danny's precious lips, gently but passionately. Travis assumed his position to take Danny's penis into his mouth. Travis, having placed Danny's perfect penis into his mouth, reached both arms around Danny's butt and used his hands to spread Danny's butt cheeks to better expose his cute little pink anus to accommodate me.

I massaged Danny's anus until it relented, opening up for my penis to find its home in Danny's rectum.

The Jacuzzi splashed hot water upon Travis face and Danny butt, as both were barely above the water level.

It was so erotic I feared premature ejaculation. I was locked and loaded before even making entry into Danny's tight little ass.

I entered Danny gently and began to thrust back and forth in him. In response, Danny tightened his hug around David's neck and kissed David with ferocity.

He interrupted his kiss only long enough to say `Harder, Barry!'

I smiled to myself at this insatiable little character.

I thrusted harder, as requested. He seemed pleased with me. But it was hastening my ejaculation all the more.

Danny decided to take control. With his feet parked on David's sides, he could do so. He began moving his but back and forth, controlling the rate and how hard my thrusts were occurring, as well as the rate of Travis' fellatio. Danny removed one of his hands from David's neck and reached down David's torso to stroke his penis.

David, obviously, couldn't delay his own ejaculation any longer and I watched, over Danny's shoulder, as David's cum formed a continuous string in the hot water of the spa. The vortex of the spa's drain drew David's cum toward the bottom of the spa and into the drain. None of us could do anything about it. David's repeated ejaculatory spasms were consumed in this manner, as a pearly-white string from his meatus to the bottom of the spa. It was the hottest looking thing ever.

Danny tensed up a bit and it was obvious he was going to unload his precious cum into Travis's awaiting mouth. He disengaged from kissing David long enough to say.

"I'm gonna cum...BIG TIME!"

He did just that. He repeatedly filled Travis' mouth with his delicious cum, the excess ran down Travis' chin and into that same vortex that had consumed David's cum. Finally, it was my turn.

I filled Danny's hot, very hot, rectum with my cum. My strokes into Danny were now super-lubricated with my own semen. It was wonderful. Danny's anus produced slurping sounds, as my penis stroked in and out, dragging my semen along my shaft, as I continued to fuck Danny's little pink anus.

"God, your cum is so hot, Barry. It always is." Danny proclaimed.

"You have that effect on me, Baby." I affirmed.

I slowed down my rate of thrusting, still listening to Danny's anus slurping at my efforts. Finally, I slowed to a stop. Danny's squeezed his anus and rectum to continue to excite my penis, but my ejaculation had ceased, there was no more.

"That's it, Danny, you got it all." I declared.

As I slowly retracted my penis from Danny's rectum, the excess semen on the shaft of my penis joined its brethren in the vortex. Travis held the only remaining cum to share with us. It was the last mouthful that Danny had pumped into his mouth.

Travis stood and motioned for David to take some. David wasted not time in doing so. Then, Travis turned to me to take my share. I, too, wasted not time in complying. Danny's cum was hot and sweet. I wanted more, but I took all that remained.

Travis was the only one who had not yet has his ejaculation, and Danny was the only one who had not yet had a mouthful.

When Travis had stood up, His penis was far enough out of the water, that Danny, who moved for David to release him, quickly took that happy penis into his hand and positioned it to take it in.

Danny performed his own fellatio upon Travis' penis. Travis placed one hand on the spa dam to brace himself for the impending ejaculation. It was a short wait.

"My turn!" Travis proclaimed.

Travis closed his eyes as his ejaculation began. Travis' penis palpitated and swelled with each of his spasms. He was having a very powerful ejaculation and associated orgasm.

Travis' cum began dripping from Danny's mouth, but this time, I had a free hand and reached to collect it before it found itself in the vortex.

Danny's lips and mouth and even cheeks were painted with Travis' glorious cum. It was beautiful.

Danny, having learned our modus-operandi, saved a mouthful of Travis' cum to share with us.

Travis' sweet cum was, indeed, like sugar. Why he produces so much sucrose, is a mystery. I must admit, Danny was nearly as sweet... It's a mystery! I thought to myself.

As Danny turned to deliver my share of Travis' cum, I, first kissed all the cum from his cheeks and lips, then opened my mouth for Danny to make the delivery. He did.

I didn't want to admit it, but the experience had exhausted me. I felt better, therefore, when David spoke up:

"Wow!... I need to sit down. My knees are weak."

"You guys were GREAT!" Danny declared. As we all resumed our seats

"You were absolutely Awesome, Danny. You're a regular tiger when it comes to making love. I'm impressed." Travis added.

"Yeah. Well, you guys wore me out good. I admit it. You guys give me the best sex imaginable... I bet Beau would die to have sex like this. He doesn't get to have sex very often." Danny said.

"That's surprising, Danny. Beau is extremely beautiful, I'm surprised he doesn't haven't have a line forming at the front door of guys waiting their turn with him." I suggested.

"Oh, he could if he wanted to. I think he's holding himself back for two reasons...he's scared to death of HIV-AIDS and he wants to wait till he makes sure that the rest of us are grown and OK on our own." Danny explained.

"He's pretty wise, then, Danny. HIV-AIDS is everywhere. I can't blame him for taking every precaution to avoid exposure to it." I advised.

"Yeah...Beau's pretty smart." Danny said.

"He is, indeed." I affirmed.

"He did bring one guy home one time...a pretty cute guy he met at school. They love that night, after Beau though the rest of us were asleep. I watched them through the crack in the door. Beau love really good. That's how I knew how to work my butt a little while ago...I saw Beau do it." Danny reported.

"Wow, I bet that was a sight to behold." David added.

"You guys want a fresh drink?" Danny asked.

We all put up our hands in the affirmative.

Danny smiled and left us for the kitchen.

"PLASTIC, Danny, no glass in the spa or pool! ...Remember!" I shouted out to him as he was entering the anteroom

"I know, don't worry. You have to drain the entire pool if a glass gets broken in it...I remember." He replied.

"RIGHT!" I called out to him.

"It's sad that Beau doesn't get to enjoy his own sexuality. He loves the boys so much...AND...he is much like us, we'd never do anything to be exposed to AIDS." David observed.

"Maybe we could give Beau one of Barry's famous massages...and we could help him get to an orgasm...he'd at least get some sexual relief." Travis suggested.

"I'll suggest it to Beau, when we speak next." I said.

Danny returned with our plastic, as requested. He gave us each a drink and then joined us in the spa to sit across my lap, my penis, as usual, in his butt crack.

"Danny, I think you wore all three of us completely out." Travis admitted.

"All four of us...I'm tired too. I never knew I could cum so strong until I met you guys." Danny replied.

We all chuckled and were pleased with ourselves that we had worn out this little was no small accomplishment.

We finished our drinks, took a brief shower to wash away the excess chlorine, and were soon in our usual positions in bed.

Travis twitched in his sleep, repeatedly. He was apparently dreaming about the day's goings on. David was sleeping soundly, and Danny was, as well, his nose nuzzled in my pubic hair. At one point, I awoke Travis to break his dream:

"You having a bad dream, Baby?" I said when he opened his eyes.

"I was dreaming about them beating Jacob with that damned strap... Bastards!" Travis replied, in a whisper.

"Don't dwell upon it, baby. It's all history now; Even for's over. I'm glad you forgave him. It was the right thing to do. I know it was hard, but you did the right thing, Lover." I whispered back.

"I know...but it was damned hard." Travis affirmed.

I squeezed him in my embrace:

"Your home with us now, where you are loved beyond measure. God how much I love you, Travis...from the moment I saw you, shivering in the foyer, I fell in love with you." I whispered in his ear in loving tone.

He nodded:

"I know it, Barry. I knew even then that you had fallen in love with me. I loved you too, from that very moment, and I more each day since." Travis whispered.

I continued to hold him for a while, as he yawned a couple of times, attempting to go to sleep once more.

"Barry?" He whispered.

"Yes, Baby." I answered.

"I don't think I can go back to sleep. Would you like a drink?" Travis asked.

"I would, indeed." I replied, still whispering.

Travis slowly and quietly rose and left the room to prepare drinks for us.

When he returned with the drinks, he handed me one and sat the other on the bedside table as he got back into the bed. He sat up against the headboard and sipped his drink. As he looked down at Danny, he smiled and pointed for me to look at Danny's penis, which was already producing pre-cum and painting it onto my leg.

"Want some?" Travis whispered.

I nodded.

Travis reached down to Danny's penis and gently squeezed it, such that Danny's pre-cum pumped onto his fingers. Then Travis took his fingers, painted with Danny's pre-cum, and used the finger to stir each of our drinks to transfer Danny's magic essence into those drinks.

Travis took a sip and said:

"Actually quite good, Barry, try it."

I did, and Travis was right, it was like adding a little sugar to a mixed drink.

Travis was able to repeat this little operation several times before Danny finally stopped producing the glorious fluid.

"He's really a miracle, isn't he?" Travis said, as he lovingly gazed at Danny.

"He is, Baby, he really is." I agreed.

"I'm so glad Ganymede brought him to us. I really love him very much, Barry. I sleep better knowing he's here with us, safe and sound." Travis remarked.

I don't know if Danny could hear Travis' remarks in his sleep or not, but as if on cue, Danny smiled in his sleep at Travis' words.

"I understand, fully, Baby. I'm extremely happy he's here too." I replied

"I don't think we could be without him now." Travis stated firmly

I nodded in agreement.

We finished our drinks, and the alcohol had the desired effect on Travis, soon he was, once more, asleep.

Morning came quickly. We went about our usual morning's wonderful breakfast, and Danny and I cleaning up afterwards.

Soon it was time for David and Travis to take Danny shopping and for a driving lesson.

I worked to finish my article before deadline and get it submitted. After I had submitted the story, I decided to get a little Sun and finish the coffee still in the carafe. I took a cup and stretched out on one of the lounges at poolside. The warmth of the Sun felt good and healthy. A little vitamin D is always a good thing. I thought to myself.

The phone rang, so I had to rise and move to the patio phone, under the canopy. It was Ken, from the shop:

"Barry, if you'll allow me to make a suggestion. I think that rather than a suit, I'd like to fit Danny with a set of dress pants and a complimentary blazer. He can get use of them together or as separates. Would that be OK?"

"Great Idea, Ken. Please do so." I replied.

"Danny is gorgeous. When I went to fit him for the pants, I discovered he had no underwear...he has quite a box, too. So I'm going to have the pants cut in a way to show off that box...OK?"

"Great. Except I don't want to become angry and jealous every time I notice someone checking out his box." I said.

"That's going to be the case with him no matter what, Barry." Ken suggested.

"I suppose that's true...OK, do as you think best." I said.

"OK, Barry, I think you'll be pleased. By the way, how are you? I`ve not seen you in a while." Ken inquired.

"My angels take superb care of me, Ken, you know that. I'm fine. How are you?" I responded.

"Me too, I'm well and ornery as ever, I suppose." Ken replied.

"Glad to hear it, Ken. Come and visit when you can, we'd love to have you." I suggested.

"Actually, I'll do the alterations on Danny's stuff myself, and after the store closes, I thought I'd drop them by. Then, Danny can try them on for me, to make sure I got them cut properly, and...if it's OK with you, I can get in a little skinny-dipping while I'm there." Ken said.

"Great...we'd be delighted to have you, Ken. We'll be looking forward to your visit. It's always good to see you Ken...all of you." I chuckled.

"Well, you will, too... All of me." Ken chuckled back.

"That's the way we like it around here `au natural'... as they say.

"See you, then, Barry. I look forward to it." Ken closed our phone call

"See you then, Ken. Bye." I hung up the phone.

I returned to my sunbathing. I decided I had been in the Sun long enough without any sunscreen, so I rubbed myself down all over with some SPF. The Texas Sun is brutal, and don't know you've been burned till it's too late.

As I lay there, I was counting my blessings. Why would I be blessed with three of the most wonderful souls that God ever wrapped flesh around. I don't know why Ganymede with any more of his angels after Jody, and my failure to be there when he needed me the most.

I don't know how much time had passed while I was lost in my thoughts about Jody, and the years I was blessed to have him at my side. It's a strange thing...had Jody not been killed, perhaps I might not have met David, then Travis, and now Danny. Perhaps Jody, still playing his role as Ganymede, sent me these angels. Perhaps he doesn't hate me after all, and he knows how much I need having angels around me. I pondered

I was still lost in such thoughts, when I heard the garage door open and the car drive into the garage. The angels had returned.

Soon Danny appeared:

"Barry, Come see my new clothes!" He called to me.

"Coming!" I called back to him.

As he unpackaged one of his new shirts, he began removing the pins from the shirt, they were those pins typical of new clothing, with the little plastic ball on one end. He began to put on, ball first, in his mouth.

"STOP, don't put that in your mouth!" Travis Shouted at him, startling him.

Danny didn't quite understand why Travis had shouted at him. He put the pin down.

"I'm sorry, Danny, I didn't mean to shout at you in that way, but we don't want to see you at the hospital as was the case with Jody many years ago. I guess we need to get Barry to tell you that story." Travis added.

Travis turned to me to tell the tale.

"Danny, I must tell you that Travis beat me to it, otherwise I might have been the one shouting. Not because you did anything didn''s just that little pins like those and I have had bad experiences with each other. Life threatening experiences. Travis didn't want anything bad to happen to you as it did to Jody." I explained.

"Why what happened?" Danny asked.

"Well, it's a long story...are you sure you want to hear it?" I asked.

"Of course, Barry, I want to know everything. We are One, remember?" Danny said.

I smiled at him and nodded.

Well, let's get under the canopy, Danny. I think I've had more than enough Sun for today." I suggested.

Danny was instantly naked, of course, and by the time I took a seat under the canopy, he was ready to take his usual seat on my sunscreen-slick lap. As always, my penis was happily at home in his butt crack.

"Well, let's see...where to start. After Trey's lover died in a car accident, he came to stay with Jody and me for quite a while. It happened, thank God, while he was living with us, otherwise the outcome might have been quite different.

Jody was in the kitchen, watching Trey prepare dinner. I hadn't returned home from work just those days I didn't have the internet connection that allows me to work from home... Jody watched Trey at work, Jody began playing with a little pin, just like the one you had removed from that shirt, and started to place in your mouth.

Jody placed that pin in his mouth, ball first. He held the ball against the back of his teeth with his tongue, as he twirled it with his index finger and thumb. Why he did anything like that, I don't know.

Suddenly, Jody coughed. The pin instantly disappeared.

Initially, Trey and Jody both thought he had expelled the pin, but after tearing the appliances and canisters and everything else off the countertop...well, the pin was not to be found.

Jody, being scared to death that I would take him to the hospital, begged Trey not to tell me what had happened, but Trey, of course, knew better than that.

When I came home, I was met with two guys acting very sheepishly. I couldn't figure it out. Finally, Trey looked at Jody and said: `if you don't tell him, I'll have to.'

`Go ahead and tell him, then.' Jody replied.

Trey recounted the entire story to me.

I freaked completely out.

I grabbed Jody by his reluctant hand and dragged him to the car. What he had been dreading was about to happen...we were en route to the emergency room.

I was scared to death...Jody thought he would simply poop the thing out. I had to advise him that if had gone into his bronchial tree, it would not be a matter of pooping it out. Even if it went to his stomach, it could be lethal. I probably shouldn't have told him any of that, as, now, he was scared, too.

I explained the situation to the doctors, when I finally got to see them. Of course, as is always the case, the admissions people were interested in one, and only one thing, what sort of insurance did he have. His dad had "C.H.A.M.P.U.S" or military insurance on him and I had rights to have him treated. It was good that I had treatment authority, as Jody's Dad had had the phone turned off months earlier, cause they could pay the bill.

Anyway, I finally got to explain what had happened to the doctors. They asked, of course, if we had made a thorough search for the pin, before bringing Jody into the hospital... I was becoming angry with all this B.S., but kept my cool and insured the doctors that yes; an exhaustive search had been made.

They reluctantly placed Jody in a bed in the emergency room, and ordered an X-Ray of his chest. Jody undressed and put on the silly gown, they had provided. A portable X-Ray machine was rolled into the stall where Jody and I were, and a set of X-Rays was taken. The technician left the room with them to have them developed. I stood there, next to Jody, holding his hand. He was scared. I rubbed his hand and arm to reassure him it would all be OK.

They had drawn the curtain around Jody's bed, leaving the two of us there alone.

The technician returned with the developed X-Rays and handed them to one of the doctors. I heard one of the doctors flap the X-Ray up into the ceiling lamp and say:

`Holy Shit!'

My heart sank like it had never done before. Jody squeezed my hand to the point I thought he's break my fingers.

The curtain flew open and the Doctor came in and said:

`It's in his lung...deep in his lung' He aspirated it.

He went on:

`We'll need to call in a specialist. He'll decide what to do, Sir.'

`What are the options?' I asked.

`If we get lucky we'll be able to remove it the same way it went in. If not, we'll have to operate.' The doctor said

`Operate?' I asked.

`Yes, sir... It must come out, one way or the other. One more cough, and it could penetrate his lung causing it to collapse.'

`I see.' I said, trying not to show a lot of emotion to Jody. He was upset enough.

`We'll do our best to get it out through his throat. If that can't be done...I have to warn you, Sir, we'll have to open him up and remove it surgically.' The doctor reported.

Jody was squeezing my hand as before, cutting off the blood to my fingers, which were turning blue.

The doctor turned to Jody, and thinking me his father said:

`You're very lucky, young man, that your Dad brought you here without delay. He may have just saved your life.'

Jody nodded and began to well up with tears.

`You'll be OK, young man. The specialist is on his way. Then we'll get that damned thing out of you...OK?' The doctor advised Jody.

Jody nodded, but was not consoled.

I had to ask Jody to loosen up a little on my hand... my fingers were truly blue. He complied, but not by much.

A nurse came in and gave Jody a shot in his beautiful butt:

`This will help you to relax' She told him

I couldn't really tell much difference. If the shot worked, I don't know what part of him relaxed.

Soon two orderlies entered and prepared to roll him into the operating room. Jody jumped off the bed and stood there, still holding my hand. He informed them that he wasn't going anywhere without me.

The doctors said I could accompany him to the operating room. So, I held his hand as they rolled him into the operating room.

Suddenly I began to cry, and found it difficult to go on with the story. Danny kissed my tears away and Travis went inside long enough to bring me a tissue.

"Then what happened, Barry?" Danny inquired.

They wouldn't let me inside the operating room, but promised Jody I could stand at the door the whole time, and that he could see me through the window. They told him that I would be only a short distance from him throughout. They had to promise him I could stay there no matter what.

Jody held his head up off the pillow to be sure I was there, even as they delivered the anesthetic to knock him out. Once the anesthesiologist gave the nod, the doctors uncovered the instruments they intended to use to remove the pin from Jody's lung.

I could see on the TV screen as the instrument made its way down Jody's throat and into his lung. Then, one of the doctors moved into my view, and I could no longer see what was happening.

I was an emotional basket-case. I noticed a pay phone on the wall of the hallway, all the way to the other end...I, I ran to it and called Trey, at the house, and told him what was happening. I told him I had no way of contacting Jody's Dad or Mom, and asked him to leave a message at the armory in case someone there had the number of a neighbor or someone who could contact them. Trey said he'd take care of it, and that we may need to get the police to drive out there and talk to them personally. So I had that chore off my plate.

When they finally got hold of Jody's Dad, the next day, he simply said: `If Barry's handling it, Jody will be fine...I can't do any more than Barry's doing.'

Anyway, I returned to the operating room window. A nurse was wiping sweat from one of the surgeon's forehead. He looked very frustrated.

I was so afraid, they'd abandon the effort, and proceed to open my precious Jody up like a sardine can. I kept watching for one of the doctors to reach for a scalpel.

I became somewhat faint, and had to lean against the operating room door to hold me up. I was afraid I'd surely pass out, when out of nowhere a candy striper appeared, and handed me a cup of coffee:

`You looked like you could use this' She said with a smile.

`Thank You!' I replied, trying, but failing to return her smile.

`He'll be OK; those two are the best doctors in the whole Dallas area. They'll take good care of'll see.' She assured me.

I nodded.

I sipped the coffee, and continued to watch through the window. I promised Jody I would, so by God I wasn't going anywhere.

I couldn't see a damned thing, and Jody was out cold, so nervous energy took over, and I began pacing up and down the hall in front of the operating room, looking in to see what was going on each time I passed in front of the door. Thankfully, they still hadn't opened him up. I was so terrified that it would come to that. I was sweating in my nervousness and didn't care that my shirt was now wringing wet with it.

I never before or since prayed so hard for anything as I did then for Jody to be OK and that they NOT have to open him up.

I paced and paced and prayed and prayed and watched the clock at one end of the hall continue to mark off the minutes. It had been nearly an hour and my pacing had placed me at the far end of the corridor, near the payphone, when the operating door flew open and one of the doctors came into the hall, obviously looking for me.

I started down the corridor toward him, scared to death as to what he might be about to tell me. As he got closer, he reached up and removed his headband. I approached him and he saw my fear, so he held up a little specimen bottle with a lid screwed onto its top. He rattled the bottle and there it was...that damned pin, now bent in the middle. They had gotten it out.

`He's OK, Dad.' The doctor told me.

I was so weak; I had to lean against the wall.

`Thank you so much, Doctor...Thank you.' I said.

`I have to tell you that we were on our last attempt, when we decided to insert a second tool and bend it in half. That's how we got it out. Had that failed, we were prepared to open him up. Thankfully, it didn't come to that.' The doctor advised me.

`Thank You...Thank don't know how much he means to me. I was scared to death.' I declared.

`I have kids too, Sir...I know how much he means to you, I assure you.' The doctor said.

I nodded.

He's lucky to have a Dad like you, Sir, many would have waited to see if it would appear in his stool...he could have died, if it had punctured his lung at school or somewhere else where the EMTs wouldn't have any idea what was wrong with him, such that his lung had collapsed

I nodded.

`Make sure your boy knows how serious this matter was, Sir. I'm serious when I tell you he could have died, and done so, so quickly that no one would have known what happened.' The doctor insisted.

`I'll make sure he knows, doctor...Thank You...Thank You.'

`He'll be in recovery for about and hour then they'll move him up to room 408. There's nothing you can do here, why don't you get something to eat and wait for him in his room. He'll be asleep for hours, even after he gets to his room. They'll wake him enough to make sure there are no complications from the if he needs to vomit or anything, then they'll take him up to his room. I know he'll expect to wake up to his father, so you should be there when he does.' The doctor concluded our talk.

The doctor looked at me and said:

`Are you OK, Dad?'

`I'm fine,'s a bit overwhelming, but I'm OK.' I said.

The Doctor patted me on the back and said:

`He's OK now, Sir, He'll have a sore throat when he wakes up...and probably something of a hangover from the anesthetic, but he's OK...don't worry...He'll be hugging your neck before you know it.'

I could hardly stand, but I made my way to the end of the hallway to encounter the same candy striper, who handed me a fresh coffee.

`See, I told you they'd take good care of him' She said.

I nodded.

`He's a very good looking boy.' She remarked

I nodded, but said nothing.

Finally, as I approached the elevators, I had the presence of mind to turn and say:

`He's the most beautiful boy in the world. Thank you for helping to take care of him and me...I'm a nervous wreck'

`Do you need something for your nerves, Sir. I'm sure the doctor will give you something.' She offered.

I slowly shook my head in the negative.

`I'll be fine, Thanks.'

Jody awakened to me, sitting on the edge of his bed, holding his hand, and stroking his beautiful auburn hair. He smiled at me, then allowed the drugs to take him back to slumber.

"So, that's why you got yelled at when you started to put that damned pin in you mouth! I smiled at Danny.

"Wow. Don't worry. I'll never do that again." Danny replied, in a serious tone.

"I know you won't, sweetheart." I affirmed.

I was about to burst into tears at having told the story about Jody. I had to concentrate on him and consider that he wasn't with me any longer.

"Anyway, sweet boy, that's what happened to my precious Jody" I said, as I finally couldn't hold it back any longer, and tears began streaming down my cheeks.

"Don't cry, Barry. I'm right here. ...right here for my Barry". Danny declared.

I squeezed Danny tightly in my embrace, and kissed him repeatedly on his cheek

I know you are, Danny, and I can't tell you how much it means to me. Knowing that you, and Travis and David are here for me is what gets me through the day. I looked up to see Travis holding back his own tears as I said:

"I love you each and all more than I can express with words."

"We all love you the same, Barry. I can't imagine life without you, or David or Danny. It's unthinkable.

Danny had begun kissing away my tears and consoling me with his precious touch, as he stroked my hair.

I hadn't even heard that the doorbell had rang, until David appeared with, now naked, Ken in tow. David had prepared him a drink which he carried in one hand.

Ken took one look at my swollen, red eyes and said:

"Oh's Jody, isn't it?"

"Barry told Danny the `pin story' and got himself into a state." Travis explained.

"Barry, you simply must quit beating yourself up over Jody. He wouldn't want that at all. He'd want you to be happy and to enjoy the angels he has sent to you. I know that's exactly what he'd want...I can feel it." Ken reprimanded me.

I nodded in agreement.

"I'll try, Ken." I resolved.

"Promise?" Ken probed.

"No." I replied with a smile.

Ken rolled his eyes and smiled

I continued:

Why not take a swim, Ken. The water's great.

"OK, I think I will. Then, Danny can try on the pants and blazer." Ken said.

Ken had a good swim as Danny and Travis did a few laps, inviting him to join them.

Danny's clothes fit perfectly, and true to his word, Ken had seen to it that Danny's box was highlighted in the crotch of his new slacks. The cut was such that Danny's balls and dick practically had their own pouch. It was really "HOT!" as they say.

Ken, would you like to stay for dinner?" I asked.

"I'd love to, but I can't. I'll take a rain check though." Ken said.

"Fair enough." I replied.

I went on:

"You did your usual excellent job on Danny's new clothes. I really appreciate it. The least we can do is have you back over for dinner soon...before David leaves for Italy."

"Sounds good to me." Ken replied.

"I really love my new slacks and coat...thank you for doing such a good job on them." Danny complimented Ken.

"It was my pleasure, Danny. You're very beautiful; you should have clothes that show off the fact. I'm glad you like them." Ken said.

"Thanks for trusting him to me, Barry, I am so glad that you are pleased with my work." Ken remarked.

"I do indeed, and, as I said earlier... Excellent is the word, Ken, Thank you."

"You're very welcome. It was my pleasure. Danny is gorgeous, and I was honored to ply my trade for him." Ken said.

He went on:

"Well, I'd better be off now" Ken said.

"OK, Ken, we love you, and we'll see you soon for dinner." I promised.

David escorted Ken back to the front door and bade him a fond farewell.

"He seems like a nice guy." Danny observed.

"He is, and he's a loyal reader. I think he's read everything I've ever written. His bill from The Herald must be enormous." I said with a smile

David called us to dinner; another glorious day was coming to a close.

---------------------END PT 10 --------- TORNADO WARNING----------------