Disclaimer: This work is one of fiction. Any resemblance of persons or places mentioned in this story to actual persons or places is only slightly more than coincidence. Readers of this story should be familiar with my story: Forgive me, Jody, as particulars from that story are recounted here.


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My heart remained heavy. Telling Danny the story about Jody aspirating the pin brought tears to my eyes and some dark moments to my mind and my soul.. That episode was one of the strongest bonding experiences ever. He looked into my eyes the whole way to the operating room and through the operating room door's window until the anesthetic finally rendered him unconscious. I could virtually feel him pouring his soul into mine...even while he was on the operating table. It was something that only he and I experienced. We were alone with each other and the experience was ours alone. No one else, save the medical personnel involved, could tell the story, only Jody and I knew it.

God, I miss him so. I thought to myself.

David repeated his call to dinner, seeing that I was lost in my thoughts. Travis came to me and took me into his arms, as I stood up to walk into the house and to the dinner table. He hugged me firmly and sweetly, and lifted my chin to deliver a passionate kiss. He sucked the air out of me with his powerful kiss, and I relished in it, wanting it to never stop.

I walked side by side to the kitchen with Travis holding my right hand as Danny joined us to hold my left as we walked.

"God, I wish there was some way to relieve you of your misplaced guilt regarding Jody's death, Barry. I know he wouldn't want you to blame yourself, and rightly so. There was no way you could have anticipated the shooting, nor can you really consider that it wouldn't have happened had you been in town, at the time. I believe that, if Jody were here, he'd kick you right in your cute little ass for this years-long guilt trip you've been on." Travis declared.

I nodded:

"I know you're right, Travis, but it's difficult not to play the "what if" game in my mind, wondering if Jody might still be alive, had I made some different decisions at the time. I'd do the same thing had it been you, Travis...or David...or, now, Danny."

"I know you would, Barry. I understand that it would be a manifestation of your love...but I'd return as a ghost and kick your ass if I knew your were torturing yourself in such a fashion. I suppose, as a ghost, you couldn't feel me kicking your ass, but that's what I'd be may be what Jody is doing, even now, as well." Travis explained.

This brought a smile to my face, and I said:

"I know're right, he would be kicking my butt, wouldn't he?"

"He would." Travis affirmed.

"Let's eat...I'm hungry!" Danny exclaimed to change the subject.

We did just that. Dinner was wonderful, and we had our fill of David's culinary talents.

Travis and Danny prepared the after dinner drinks. The Bourbon & 7 really hit the spot.

Travis and Danny agreed to the clean-up chores while David and I relaxed on the patio, next to the pool and spa as the Sun began to set bringing a dusk of a rich red glow to settle upon us.

"I'll find it hard for you to be away, even knowing it's only for six months, David. I know that Travis and Danny will as well. Danny so appreciates you teaching him how to drive and cook a few things...he's become very much attached to both Travis and you. Our unique entity will be incomplete until you return at last, David." I suggested.

"It will be equally difficult for me as well, Barry. Being absent from my place in our relationship will make me feel empty and I will long to be home with you, especially you, Barry...but also with Travis, whom I love very much and Danny, who expands the home he is making for himself in my heart every day. I'm so glad Ganymede brought Danny to us. He's really the icing on our cake, isn't he." David said.

"He really is." I agreed.

"I hope we never have to give him up... you know...when his Dad returns from Iraq." David mused.

"We have to trust that Ganymede wouldn't do that to us." I replied.

"Beau is proving to be a dear friend, as well, Barry. I am always heartbroken when he asks `where were you guys when I was Danny's age?'... He longs very much for the kind of affection and acceptance that we have given his little brother. I wish we could do the same for Beau, Barry." David mused.

"We can and we must, David. Beau is our friend and he has blessed us with Danny. We should always show Beau that we love him as well, and that we are here for him always." I said.

"Yes, I agree, Beau is a very loving and affectionate guy, and Danny is lucky to have him for a are Cody and Connor. I hope they realize what a treasure they have in Beau." I said.

"I will give Beau my e-mail address and try to communicate with him from Italy. I want him to know he's welcome to write me anytime he so desires. I know you and Travis will also do everything to make sure Beau knows he's a dear friend to us and that we love him very much." David said.

"We will, David, you can count on it." I remarked.

"I don't know why I'm so drawn to him, Barry. I guess that he goes to such lengths to care for his brothers, even as you came to my rescue years ago, Barry...I guess that's it...he reminds me of you, Barry. We must support him." David replied.

"Yes, and he is to be admired. He's very young to have assumed all the responsibility he has regarding the care of his brothers and running the household. There aren't many Beau's age who be either willing or able to take on such a challenge." I asserted.

David continued to sit at my side with one arm around me. I rested my head on his shoulder and turned my face toward his to signal I wanted a kiss. He knew the cue, and we engaged, immediately, in a sweet and loving kiss, which soon developed into a very passionate one. I wanted it to last for as long as possible, as I knew how I'd miss such kisses while David would be in Italy.

We were so immersed in our kiss that neither David nor I noticed that Travis and Danny had joined us, until that is, I heard the clink of Travis' drink as he sat it on the table.

"You two are such a beautiful sight." Travis observed.

"Yeah." Danny affirmed.

"I'm being selfish, I suppose, but I wanted a little affection from David. I'll miss it once he's back in Italy, so I..." I began

"We'll all miss it, Barry." Travis interrupted.

"I know I will." Danny added.

"OK guys, don't make me start crying, you know I'll be back as soon as the six months is over. Don't put me on a guilt trip. You know I have to go's just for the last six months." David said with a smile.

"Speaking of guilt trips, I've been thinking about Jacob, and have decided to call him after all." Travis announced.

"Really, I'm surprised." David replied.

"Well, I began to consider that the years he remained at that damned place, after my banishment, were no picnic for him either. He was beaten, as he told us...but more importantly, he didn't know if I was alive or dead or what had become of me. I began to think that he might have spent all this time blaming himself for my banishment and thinking the worse as to what had become of me, blaming himself, even for that. I don't want him carrying around the sort of guilt that he would torture himself with in the same way as Barry does regarding Jody. So, I think I want to engage him at least to a point that he can dispel any feelings of guilt he may have nurtured over the years. That's not what I want for him, just as we are sure that Jody doesn't want it for Barry. SO, I'm going to call him and invite him to come for a swim." Travis concluded.

"That's very magnanimous of you, Travis. I'm pleased. Oh, and be sure to invite his lover, as well." David suggested.

"Now, the question is, did I keep his phone number? I can't remember what I did with it. I don't remember even bringing it into the house. I will need to make a search for it." Travis said.

"I'll help you, Travis." Danny offered.

"Thank you, Danny. I appreciate that. Two sets of eyes will be better in this instance." Travis suggested.

Travis and Danny rose and left to conduct the search, leaving David and I with each other's embrace.

"You know something, Barry?" David asked.

"What's that, sweetheart." I replied

"The thing that Travis and Danny and I have in common." David hinted

"Yeah, you're all beautiful beyond words and sexual tigers." I said, with a tiger growl.

"No, Silly. We all have you in common, Barry...and the uncertainty of what would have become of us had you not come into our lives at the precise moment that you did. It's especially true for Travis and me, but Danny, too, even with Beau at his side, might have faced much uncertainty." David declared.

"I'm delighted that Ganymede brought each of you to me...the timing might have been more his than mine, but, in any case, I can't even imagine life now without any one of Travis is fond of saying, and Danny now copies: `We are One''s so true, David, we really are One!" I exclaimed.

"We are, indeed, Barry. It's a unique and precious relationship. I know of no other group that could have pulled it off...if that's the right expression." David observed.

"I agree, usually a simple two-way relationship is up against the odds when it comes to succeeding...but I think that that is because so many relationships are based on only raw sex and there is no real love involved...I think that's why we can make it work. There's real love between us all and, therefore the sex we so much enjoy is an expression of that love and not something we engage in towards its own ends. There's no sex-for-sex-sake in our relationship...we use sex to fructify the love that underpins our bond." I philosophized.

"Yes, I think you're right, Barry. We really do love each other and it's amplified and realized in our sexual sharing...yet, I know if each of our dicks fell off tomorrow, it would make no difference...we'd still love each other just the same. I guess it's true, then, what the theologians say... love is a function of the soul, not the body." David replied with his own musings.

I smiled widely and looked into David's sparking green eyes, hazel, really, and said:

"Still, my sweet lover, Until my dick falls off, I intend to use it to demonstrate my love and my passion for you."

David smiled back and kissed me again. It was one of his delicious and protracted kisses, such as I had relished in since I first knew him.

When our kiss finally began to subside in its intensity, both David and I were hard as rocks. David had precum running down his shaft and into his pubic hair. My own dick was pooling precum onto my meatus. We were ready for action.

"I'll start the spa heater, Barry." David said.

"I don't know if I can wait that long, Lover." I replied.

"Me either, I'm hot as Hell, Barry." David replied.

Just then, Travis and Danny appeared...returning from the search. Travis spoke first.

"I was about to give up, Guys, but then, Danny thought to look in the car...there it was, wedged into the seat cushions. So now I've got Jacobs phone number. It's interesting too, Barry. If I remember correctly the 2-3-4 prefix is a Richardson exchange, isn't it?"

"Yes, that's correct." I affirmed.

"Well, if Jacob lives with his lover in Richardson, they are not far away from us. I would have never guessed that Jacob, by chance, lived so close."

"Small world, as they say." I replied.

Danny observed my raging erection and smiled.

I didn't wait for him to comment, and spoke first.

"David has gotten me into quite the state. If you guys want to be involved you'd better not tarry."

Travis spoke first. He smiled widely and said:

"Go ahead, you two. It may be the last time you have each other alone before David returns to Italy. Besides, you have a head pun intended, and it appears you both are already locked and loaded. I see the spa is warming up, Danny and I can enjoy the water for a while and after a respectable refractory period...we'll have our way with both of you" Travis chuckled.

"Thanks, Travis." I appreciate that you and Danny understand.

"Danny and I want as much of you as we can get before you leave, too, but I understand you might want Barry to yourself while you can." Travis replied.

Travis and Danny took seats in the spa, even though the water wasn't really quite hot enough. It was quite generous of them to allow David and I a few moments to ourselves.

David placed a beach towel on the cool deck for us to assume our positions next to each other. This is a practice we always resort to, since we learned that spending much time directly on the cool deck, even though not too hot, leaves one to rise with the Cool Crete pattern pressed into one's butt.

We lay down on the towel and resumed our kisses. I ran my tongue around David's breast and nipples. This has always been one of his most sensitive and erotic areas, other than his glans penis and its corona ring.

After a few minutes of passionate kisses and fondling each other's genitals, we reverted to the 69 position. I would, as David always put it, make love to his penis and balls.

I held his throbbing penis in the vertical and kissed my way from its base to its meatus. I proceeded slowly pausing at his frenulum and corona to kiss and lick them, depositing my saliva generously. David pumped his Cowper's Fluid...his precum from his meatus and it ran down his shaft. I licked at it as quickly as I could to keep any of it from getting into his pubic hair, where it would be most difficult to get. David's penis throbbed and fought my efforts to hold it still. It danced on its base in my hand, desirous of satisfaction.

While I continued to kiss David's shaft and lick at his corona and meatus, he was performing slow fellatio on my happy penis. My insides felt ready to explode. My prostate and seminal vesicles were filled to capacity and my testicles were trying to pump still more sperm to join there brothers in my seminal vesicles...but they were full. The backpressure upon my vas deferens and epididymis were almost at the ache level. I couldn't restrain my ejaculation any longer.

"I gotta cum,!" I exclaimed.

"Me too, Baby." David replied.

I felt my dick sink deep into David's throat, even as it was still throbbing and demanding relief.

I copied his moves and took David's perfectly formed penis deep into me. Neither of us waited long. We exploded into each other. David filled my mouth to capacity, as he always does, with his blisteringly hot cum. I swallowed as quickly as I could. Still the copious amount of his semen left some string of it to run down my chin.

My own orgasm was absolute fireworks. My urethra expanded with each of my ejaculatory spasms to make room for my cum to blast its way into David's mouth. My spasms continued and continued until I was drained. David was, simultaneously, emptying himself into me. It was like the experience we had known with each other from the earliest days of our relationship. It was wonderful.

When David's ejaculation began to wane, and I observed his scrotum begin to extend, I began to work on bringing his residual semen up his perineum and into my mouth. I wanted every drop.

"OH GOD, BARRY...It's wonderful!" David exclaimed, taking my penis out of his mouth only long enough to say."

He replaced my penis into his mouth and sucked and moved his finger along my perineum to leave none of my happy cum in me. He, too, wanted it all...and he got it.

We were both spent, emptied, exhausted. We wrapped our arms around each other's butts, as is our custom, and pulled each other such that our penises remained in place in each other's mouth, even as we felt them each becoming flaccid.

I always enjoyed the taste of David's penis in my mouth, so I did so now as well. I salivated heavily as his penis occupied my mouth. I squished my saliva around and around his penis and implanted David's taste into that saliva, which I, then swallowed, wasting no part of him.

When our passion gradually diminished, we rose and took the few steps to join Travis and Danny in the spa. The Jacuzzi pump was churning the water with foam and streams of bubbles.

Danny, which he often did when in the spa, raised his butt far enough to have one of the Jacuzzi jets blow directly into his butt crack and onto his anus. If he had gotten any closer to that nozzle, he would have received the enema of a lifetime.

"Careful, Danny." I commented to him, as I approached the spa.

"I know, I know...the enema of my life...right?" Danny chuckled back at me.

"RIGHT!" I asserted

"But it feels so good." Danny insisted.

Travis turned to him and said with a smile:

"You're insatiable."

Danny smiled back at Travis and said:

"Just like you, Travis."

Travis laughed aloud:

"It's true, It's TRUE... we both are, I guess."

Danny looked at Travis lovingly and said:

"I love you Travis."

"I love you too, Danny. You can take..." Travis began

"To the Bank?" Danny finished Travis' sentence.

"Exactly." Travis smiled, as he gave Danny a gentle hug.

David and I stepped into the spa, simultaneously. It felt so good. The water was at the perfect temperature. We sat down on the bench seat of the spa, pausing as always at the balls, so not to surprise them with the sudden hot water. We slowly lowered our testicles into the water, took our seats, and leaned back against the rear wall of the spa, allowing the Jacuzzi jets to do its work on our backs and butts.

"God, they should canonize Jacuzzi!" I joked.

"No kidding." David affirmed.

"Damn!" I blurted out.

"What?" David asked.

"I should have refreshed our drinks before we got all wet." I complained.

"I'll take care of it." Danny offered.

"Thanks sweetie." I said.

Danny stepped up and out of the spa, used the beach towel that David and I had left behind on the cool deck to dry himself and went into the anteroom to make his way to the kitchen and prepare the drinks.

"He's so damned sweet...I could just eat him with a spoon" Travis commented.

"I think Danny would let you eat him with or without a spoon, Travis." I chuckled.

"I know, but he really is a sweet boy. I'm so glad he's with us." Travis said.

"We're damned lucky. He's an exceptional boy, and as you observed, quite correctly, Travis, he's very sweet. David and I are equally happy that he has joined us. He's the perfect compliment to our relationship. David was saying earlier that it would be a real tragedy if we ever have to give him up when his Dad returns from Military service." I said.

"I can't imagine it. It simply mustn't ever happen, that's all." Travis declared.

Just then, Danny reappeared with the plastic tray and glasses containing our drinks. His penis swung from side to side as he approached. His scrotum was still fully extended from the hot water of the spa and his balls swung from side to side, but in opposite direction from his penis. It was so cute.

"We were just saying how sweet you are, Danny, and how much we love you and couldn't be without you EVER!" David said to Danny.

"Me either. I never want to be anywhere but with you guys. I love you all. I couldn't be without any of you. It would break my heart." Danny replied.

"That's a very sweet thing to say, Danny. We feel the same way about you. We couldn't ever be without you...NEVER!" Travis remarked.

"It's true, Danny. We are One, and that includes you. We love you without measure and would be equally heartbroken without you." I affirmed.

Danny looked from side to side to look us each, briefly, in the eyes:

"I love you guys...God, I love you so much."

Travis was closest to Danny, as he entered the spa, and pulled Danny into a sweet hug:

"You're really something, aren't you, Danny?"

Danny didn't say anything, but hugged Travis strongly around the neck and kissed him sweetly on the cheek.

Danny took a seat between Travis and me; David was on my other side. We sat there, relaxing, enjoying our drinks, and in my case, contemplating just how damned lucky I was to have these angels with me.

After a few moments of silence, each of us enjoying the magic of the Jacuzzi, Danny tilted his head back to rest on the coolcrete and gaze at the sky.

"There's the Big Dipper, Barry." Danny observed.

"Yes, it's particularly bright this evening. See, there's its little brother, Danny." I remarked.

"Yeah...I see it." Danny confirmed

When I observe the heavens, this way, it drives home the point that we are such miniscule participants in this confusing universe." David remarked.

"But, arguably, the most precious participants." I retorted.

"I suppose so." David replied.

" God can keep the other, more grandiose, participants in this universe, so long as he leaves me with you three angels. You are that piece of the universe that matters to me. You are precious beyond words." I suggested.

"You're so sweet, Barry." Travis remarked, as Danny leaned to place his head onto my shoulder.

"I really mean it guys...the universe can continue to spin in its, seemingly meaningless, odyssey, so long as it doesn't interfere with us, my angels." I stated.

"Amen." David affirmed.

"We have the closest thing to heaven on earth that I can imagine. I never want it to end," Travis declared.

"Amen, again." David asserted.

We resumed our contemplative silence once more. Danny reached to take my penis in hand and fondled it to see if my refractory period had elapsed. He wasn't disappointed, as my soldier jumped to attention right away, ready for duty.

Danny smiled at me and said:

"That didn't take long."

"The hot water, Danny, it tends to cause my testicles to pump a lot of sperm to my seminal vesicles, thus stimulating my prostate to prepare its fluid, as well." I explained.

Danny cut through my attempts to sound like an academic:

"In other words, you are already ready to cum, huh?"

I smiled and nodded.

"Too much college." Travis remarked.

Danny turned to look inquisitively at Travis.

"What I mean is, Barry often speaks to these things with the ammunition of having studies these anatomical structures in college. I learned all about my reproductive system from Barry's tutelage, accordingly, and am grateful to him for teaching me...he could have said that the hot water makes him ready to cum more quickly and his dick to get hard to prove it. Barry would rather say that his refractory period was shortened by the heat of the spa water temperature." Travis explained.

"It's important to be technically correct in these matters." I retorted.

"I know. I know. I think Danny is telling you he's ready for a little action, if you are." Travis replied.

"Danny is always ready for action, he won't be disappointed." I said as I smiled at Danny and raised my eyebrows repeatedly as a sign of my own readiness."

Danny smiled widely and said:

"I'd better go inside and make sure I'm ready, then." Danny referred to his enema ritual to make sure his rectum was empty before I would satisfy him.

He stepped up and out of the spa, and dried himself sufficiently to enter the house.

While he was still using the towel, David spoke to him:

"Danny, since you are already dry, would you please refresh our drinks, while you're in there?"

"Sure." Danny replied.

Danny gathered up our glasses onto the tray and carried them into the house. We all watched his adorable little butt as he walked away.

"Damn, he's got the cutest little butt I've ever seen." Travis remarked.

"That's cause you can't see your own cute little butt, Travis." David asserted.

I chuckled:

"It's true, Travis, your firm little butt is just's another trait you share with Danny."

"Thanks, guys. It's a high compliment to be compared to Danny. He's beautiful.
Travis replied.

"Conversely, it's an honor for Danny that we would compare him to you, Travis. You are one of the most beautiful guys David and I have ever seen or can imagine. You are about as perfect as it gets...your physique...your unblemished complexion from head to toe...your perfected formed and proportioned genitals. In other words...You're as "hot" as a guy can get. That Danny shares many of those attributes is amplification of the beauty you bless us with." I insisted.

"You're very kind, Barry. Thank you." Travis said.

"I'm not flattering, I'm only being honest, sweet Travis. Danny is breathtakingly beautiful in his own rite, but so are you, Travis." I reasserted.

Danny returned with our drinks and served them to each of us. Then he said:

"I'll be back in a few minutes."

We all knew that that meant he'd be occupied with his enema, making sure he wouldn't embarrass himself by get his poop on my dick. Being Danny's poop, I think I would not recoil, even if that should happen. Every cell of Danny's body, or anything that is or has been a part of him could never cause me to recoil.

"He's really something, isn't he?" David observed, as Danny disappeared into the anteroom.

"He surely is!" I exclaimed

"He certainly has brought a sexual facet into our relationship that has never been there." David observed.

"I know. The three of us are oral creatures, when it comes to our sexuality. None of us have ever tended toward the anal... but it's what Danny craves more than anything... I guess it falls into the `different strokes' category." I asserted.

"And...I think it wise that we've agreed to satisfy that craving... lest he look for satisfaction at some risky venue where he might expose himself to disease or violence." David replied.

"I thought about taking him down to Cedar Springs and letting him see first hand what goes on in the backrooms of some of those places...but...maybe that's not such a good idea." I conjectured.

"Why?" Travis inquired.

"What if he is intrigued by it and decides he wants to try that sort of rough and anonymous sex?" I said.

"Surely NOT" Travis said.

"Travis, sweetheart, we're talking about Danny here, his curiosity is boundless and he lacks the wisdom to recognize such an experience as wholly bad for him. His sexual energy is equally boundless...he really is a we keep him on a leash for now, and keep him satisfied at home with us where he is ONE with us."

"Danny isn't stupid, Barry. I think he'd quickly realize that the backroom sex that goes on in some of the bars in Homo-Heights is not for him." Travis insisted.

"Are you willing to bet his health and well-being on it, Travis?" I countered.

"Well...uh...uh...NO, I guess not." Travis confessed.

Danny reappeared and walked to the edge of the spa, turned so his butt faced us, bent over and spread his butt cheeks to expose his cute little pink anus, which was gleaming with ID Glide lubricant, the bottle of which he carried with him.

"I'm empty and slick...I'm ready, Barry."

We all had to control ourselves to not laugh at Danny's display of his well-lubricated anus. We looked at each other and smiled, however, while Danny was still bent over and couldn't observe us.

"Very inviting, Danny. I can't wait to get inside you." I said.

"That's what I wanted!" Danny exclaimed.

"Do you want it in the water, or shall I come there?" I asked.

"We can do it out here...just to be different...OK?" Danny suggested.

"OK, then. I'll get out of the spa and we'll have a little fun there." I said, as I stepped out of the spa.

Danny squeezed a generous quantity of the lube into his hand and reached for my penis as I approached, He spread the lube onto my penis, leaving it gleaming in the moonlight to match his anus. Only the red light of the spa, modulated by the undulations of the spa water lit up my penis and our play. I moved Danny to the table under the canopy.

"What should I do?" Danny asked.

"Well, just bend over again, like you were a few minutes ago. When I'm inside, you can stand up far enough to lean forward to rest your hands on the table and brace yourself for my thrusts. I'll give you a reach-around at the same time" I suggested.

"COOL!" Danny replied, as he bent over to accommodate my penetration.

"WAIT!" Travis interjected.

"We can't waste any Danny-Cum. I'll be in front of him to let him shoot into my that OK, Danny?" Travis suggested.

"Hell Yes, Travis, take it all. I'll make some more in a little while, for David, if he wants some." Danny declared.

"I sure do, I'll wait for the next load, just as you promised, Danny." David confirmed.

"COOL!" Danny repeated.

I positioned my penis gently against Danny's eager anus. He was making it to contract repeatedly in its eagerness for my entry.

"Go ahead, Barry, I want you in me." Danny said.

"OK, here I come." I said, as I gently pushed into Danny's hot rectum. The lubricant did its job and there was no resistance to my pushing into him. His rectum was near scalding-hot; it felt wonderful. I was quickly fully inserted into Danny, right up to my balls.

"OH God, I love it when you're in me, Barry. Now fuc... I mean, make love to me." Danny insisted.

I began to thrust, as Danny had requested. He reacted, as usual, with:

"Harder, Barry!"

I complied and found myself pounding my penis back and forth in his rectum, my balls slamming with each thrust against his taint, or perineum, as I would more likely say in my academic terminology, which Travis had scolded me for earlier.

Simultaneously, I stroked Danny's throbbing penis in the reach-around I had promised.

"Yesssss!" Danny moaned, as I continued to pound at his anus.

I could feel myself swelling up inside with those fluids which make up a powerful ejaculation, but wanted to delay the episode to maximize Danny's experience.

"If I don't slow down, I'll cum too soon, Danny...and I know you want it to last as long as possible." I groaned.

"Go ahead and cum...Travis can go next. I want him to fuc...make love to me too." Danny countered.

"Danny...I'm really not much into know that." Travis said.

"Even for me? I want it, Travis...Please?" Danny said.

I nodded at Travis.

"Very well, Danny. If it's what it takes to satisfy you...I'll do it. I love you, Danny. I'll do as you request. I want your cum first, though." Travis asserted.

"Well, get in front of me, then." Danny instructed.

Travis complied, kneeling in front of Danny, and taking over the stroking I was performing.

"I'm about to cum Danny." I proclaimed.

I blasted my cum into Danny's rectum in a powerful ejaculation and even more powerful orgasm. The fireworks in my mind's eye were tremendous, interrupted only by Danny's exclamation:

"GOD, your cum is so hot, Barry. It's GREAT!"

"Thanks, Danny. As soon as my contraction have stopped completely, I'll retract my penis so you can shoot into Travis' mouth." I said.

"OK...but no too soon...I want to feel you go soft while you're still in me. As your dick gets soft, I'll be able to shoot into Travis' mouth anyway...even while you're still in me." Danny remarked.

"You're really coming to an understanding of how your repro- system works, aren't you?" I said.

"You taught me, Barry." He replied.

"I suppose I did, at that." I said.

I was all but shuddering at the intense pleasure delivered to my nervous system by my corona sliding back and forth in Danny's tight rectum.

"Heaven is in your butt, Danny. My penis wants to stay in you and never leave." I confessed.

"Then stay in me. I want it too." Danny said.

Danny continued:

"You're going soft now, Barry. I think I'm about to cum... ready, Travis?" Danny advised.

Travis stopped his stroking of Danny's penis and placed it, instead in his mouth to await his own taste of Heaven from inside Danny.

Danny delivered right away. I could hear Travis slurping to avoid losing even a drop of it. Travis took all of it, with only a small amount of Danny's precious cum dripping down his chin and into the hand that Travis had placed below his chin to catch the residual.

When Travis had accepted all of Danny's blessing, he stood up to deliver the last mouthful of it that he had held in his mouth to me in a gentle kiss. Danny's sweet cum was as delicious as ever. It was hot and sweet, just as I had come to expect from this diminutive sex-tiger.

"Your turn, Travis!" Danny exclaimed, still bent over and clutching the edge of the table.

Travis made a funny face at me, as if to say he was not really into this.

I slowly retracted my penis from Danny's anus, and as usual felt it snap shut at my exit.

"Do I need lube or anything?" Travis asked.

Danny's already lubed well enough with the lube he applied earlier, and my cum is still in there. I see all the precum on your meatus, just spread it down your shaft...that should be adequate.

I stepped aside to Allow Travis to make his entry.

Travis positioned his penis at Danny's anus for his penetration.

"I'm coming into you, now, Danny." Travis announced.

Danny only nodded.

Travis pushed his penis slowly into Danny's anus. I watched as Travis' glans was swallowed up by the action of Danny's anus, followed by the entire shaft of Travis' penis.

Travis turned to me and said:

He really is hot as Hell in there, isn't he?"

I nodded.

The combination of the lube and my cum, already inside Danny's rectum made Travis's thrusts into Danny produce a slurping sound of its own. With each stroke, that slurping sound emanated from Danny's anus. It was erotic as Hell.

Travis didn't seem to really enjoy the experience, but rather engaged in it to satisfy Danny's request.

"Can you cum again, Danny? If you can, I'll take it in. I don't want a drop of it to go to waste." I asked.

"I don't know, Barry...I'll try." Danny replied.

I assumed Travis' former position, kneeling in front of Danny's glorious penis hoping he might bless me with more of his essence.

"I've never done this before, Danny. I hope I'm doing it right." Travis said.

"You're doing it good, Travis...real good." Danny assured him.

Travis continued to thrust, as Danny wanted. Finally, he announced:

"I'm going to cum, now Danny. I can't put it off any longer."

"Yessss, cum in me, Travis. I want you in me." Danny groaned in a whisper.

I watched as Travis closed his eyes and held onto each of Danny's butt cheeks, at the side, to brace himself for the ejaculation.

I could see Travis shudder, even as I had done earlier, as he delivered his load into Danny's butt. Danny closed his eyes, as well, to accept that load without distraction.

"God, you're hot as Hell, too, Travis...your cum is hot. It feels so good in me. Now I have you and Barry inside me at the same time. This is Great!' Danny proclaimed, still in a whispered groan.

Travis, still in the throws of his ejaculation, couldn't reply. He only squeezed Danny's butt cheeks together more tightly as a response.

When Travis' ejaculation finally subsided, he turned to me and said:

"Do you want my residual, Barry?"

"Of course I do, Travis." I replied.

"I'm pulling out of you now, that OK?" Travis asked.

"But you're still hard, Travis, wait till you begin to go soft, so I can try to cum into Barry's mouth...OK?"

"OK, Danny." Travis said.

After a short time, Danny said:

"I think I can cum for you, now, Barry...I don't think it will be much doesn't feel like much... it's the best I can do right now." Danny announced.

I took Danny beautiful penis into my mouth, and as promised he delivered just one mouthful. When I was certain I had got it all, I traced my index and middle fingers along his perineum to push whatever might still be hiding there to Danny's meatus, that I might, greedily get it, as well.

I stood up and delivered a portion of Danny's sweet cum to Travis, which he took eagerly.

Travis slowly retracted his penis from Danny's now sad, anus. As Danny's anus snapped shut against Travis' exiting meatus and frenulum, a final shudder was delivered to Travis, in response.

"I'm exhausted, Barry. I think I need to sit down." Travis said.

"You're exhausted!... I can't even stand up to walk to a chair. You two really wore me completely out!" Danny declared.

Travis and I both laughed.

"Well, you wanted us both, you little tiger. We only gave you what you wanted." I said to Danny

"I was wonderful too. Now can you help me stand up...PLEASE?"

I knelt between the table and Danny and slowly stood up to allow him to transfer his hands from the table to my shoulders. I picked him up at that point, and he wrapped his legs around me just above my butt, his head resting on my shoulder, and his still erect penis poking at my belly-button.

I carried him to the chair and sat down such that he remained on my lap. He turned sideways on my lap, still resting his head on my shoulder.

Soon, he was asleep in my arms. His entire body went limp as he trusted me to see to it that no harm would come to him as he slept.

I whispered to Travis:

"See... he may be a sex-tiger, but he sleeps like the angel he is."

Travis nodded:

"I guess he really is both." Travis acknowledged, with a loving smile.

Travis approached and kissed Danny gently and lovingly on his forehead, then whispered to me:

"Want another drink?"

I nodded.

Danny was sound asleep when Travis returned with my drink.

"Do you think it's too late to call Jacob?" Travis asked.

"I don't think so, Lover." I replied.

"OK." Travis replied.

Travis sat two chairs away from Danny and me, so as not to awaken Danny. He picked up the phone and called the number written on the little sheet he brought outside with him.

After a few seconds the phone was, obviously answered. I could only hear Travis' side of the conversation:

" this Jacob?...Oh, I'm sorry, Ben... is Jacob home? Thank you. ... Jacob? This is's good to hear your voice, as well, Jacob. I was wondering if you and your lover...I guess it's Ben...would like to join us for an informal get together Saturday afternoon. I though we could discuss old times and do a few laps... yes, we have a pool...I thought it would be fun to splash around like we used to do. We can get re-acquainted and everything. Sure, I can hold...he can join us... GREAT!... One thing I should tell you is that we stay nude most of the time here, so if that would be uncomfortable for you or Ben, perhaps we can do something different. Yeah, we think it's cool and natural to be naked all the time...or as much as we can be, practicably. It's cool with Ben too? can stay dressed if he pleases, but we'll all be nude."

Travis continued:

"OK, then, let me speak with Barry, Danny and David, and call you back with a time, OK?... yes there are four of us...Wow, Indeed...OK I'll call you in the morning...Me too, Jacob. It will be good to spend some time with you and to meet Ben... OK...Bye for now."

The call concluded.

"I take we'll have company this Saturday." I said as Travis hung up the phone.

"If we all agree, otherwise, I'll reschedule." Travis said.

"Well, this little guy is out cold, so we can ask him in the morning." I said.

"Yeah... that's OK... look at him, Barry. I could just cover him in whipped cream and cherries and eat him up." Travis observed.

"Careful...don't give him any ideas." I chuckled.

"Good point." Travis chuckled back.

Danny continued to sleep in my arms as I consumed my drink. His warmth was its own taste of Heaven as he imparted it into my body as he slept. Once more, I considered how very lucky I was that Ganymede had blessed me with these angels.

Travis re-joined David in the spa for a while longer until David said:

"I look like a prune...guess I should get out, now."

"OK, David. I'm going to stay in for a while longer." Travis replied.

David joined me at the table, bringing what was left of his drink with him.

"So, if I heard correctly, Jacob and his other half will be here on Saturday, so, I guess I should pick up a brisket'll barely have time to marinate by Saturday." David remarked.

"It's OK with you for them to visit, isn't it, David?" I asked.

"Of course. Sunday and next week until I leave, I do want some exclusive time amongst the four of us, though...but Saturday is fine with me." David replied.

"God, we will miss you so much, David." I affirmed.

"And I you guys, too." David replied.

"I know, David. We have to consider that this is your farewell tour, so to speak. Afterwards, you'll be home with us, where you belong." I affirmed

"Say... as long as we're having something of a party, let's invite Beau. I want to see him once more, before I leave." David requested.

"Damned good idea, David. Why not call him...he should still be up." I suggested.

David placed the call and got Beau's commitment to join us, though he cautioned he might have to bring Connor and Cody along, depending on their agenda. David assured him that it would be fine if he wanted to bring them along, and laughed that he would buy a bigger brisket to be sure he was prepared for as many as might show up.

When the call ended, David approached me close enough to whisper, so as not to awaken Danny:

"He'll be here. He might have to bring Connor and Cody...I told him that would be fine. Beau says he was anxious to see his little brother, that he misses him. I assured him that Danny is fine and not to worry. He said he wasn't at all worried...he just misses the little guy."

"I really must be more insistent with Danny, that he call Beau more frequently. He owes it to Beau to stay in touch better than he does." I replied.

David nodded in agreement.

"You want a final nightcap, Barry? I'm going to have one." David suggested.

I nodded.

David approached Travis with the same request. Travis nodded in the affirmative, and David disappeared into the anteroom, having collected our glasses onto the poolside tray.

Having been reminded of David's impending departure, I was saddened inside, but tried not to let it show. It would be hard enough for David to leave us behind, without me blubbering away at the prospect.

I never could fool David, so when he returned with my drink, he took one look at me and said:

"Please don't be sad, Barry. I'll be home as soon as possible. Then it's over. Please be strong for me... You know I have to do this."

I nodded, but found no words to accompany my nod.

David came slowly to me and being careful not to awaken Danny kissed me. He whispered to me:

"I love you, Barry. I always have and always will. My life is meaningless without you in it. Be strong for's the last time you'll need to be."

"I'll do my best, Lover." I whispered back to him.

He kissed me again and whispered once more:

"Let Danny be my stand-in while I'm gone. He can have my place in bed wit you while I'm gone if he wants. I love the little guy very much and want him to be happy with us always. I never want to be without him...just as I never want to be without you or Travis." David insisted

"No one could ever be your stand-in, David. But I understand your point and I'll try to make sure Danny knows, even in your absence, how much you love him. I think he already knows, though." I replied.

"I hope so, Barry. He's so precious." David insisted again.

"As are you and Travis, David." I added.

David smiled and nodded.

David took a seat next to me, on the other side from Danny, and rested his head on my other shoulder. Danny's and David's lips were an inch from kissing.

"His breath is warm and comforting, Barry." David whispered.

"I know, David. We must pray he continues in that breath long after we have grown old and stopped." I suggested.

"Don't be so morose, Barry, my prayer is that we will all grow old together and enjoy each other's love the whole time." David retorted.

"You're right, Lover, that's a far better prayer." I confessed.

We sat in our contemplation for some time, finishing our nightcaps. Travis eventually joined us, having rendered himself a prune as David had earlier. The sound of the Jacuzzi running and churning the water, even with no one in the spa proved to be a sleep inducing sound and vision, and soon we were all ready for bed.

"You may have to help me place Danny in his customary position, guys." I whispered to Travis and David.

"No problem, Barry. Want me to hold him while you brush your teeth and such?" Travis offered.

"Please." I answered.

Travis and I stood and I tried to transfer Danny to Travis's embrace, but when I tried to peel Danny's fingers loose from their grasp of my neck, he woke long enough for me to say:

"Let Travis hold you for a moment, sweet boy...just so I can brush my teeth. Then he'll give you back to me."

Half asleep, Danny remarked:

" I need to brush my teeth too."

"OK, let Travis hold you till I finish, Then, I'll brace you up while you brush." I suggested.

Travis held him and kissed him on his forehead as he waited for me to finish with my teeth.

I took Danny and held him from behind so he could stand and brush his teeth. He seemed still weak from our earlier sexual escapades, but finally finished with his oral hygiene and mouthwash.

"I'm going to lie down and Travis will put you in your regular place...OK?"

I lay down on my back. Travis placed Danny between my legs such that his nose was nestled into my pubic hair and in contact with my penis. Danny placed my penis in his grasp. A gentle fist really, kissed my meatus and was fast asleep instantly.

"He's really something, isn't he?" Travis whispered.

"As are you Travis." I smiled.

Travis bent and kissed me sweetly and whispered, once more:

"I'll see if there is any clean up that David might need me for. I'll switch off the Jacuzzi and heater, make sure all the doors are locked and join you in a few minutes."

I smiled at this beautiful creature lovingly and whispered back:

"I love you."

"I love you more" He replied with that magical Travis-smile.

"Impossible!" I retorted.

" I suppose." Travis smiled.

Soon, Travis and David had completed their final chores and joined Danny and me for a well earned sleep.

I was in Heaven. Travis' cheek rested on my breast, as he listened to my heartbeat, Danny was breathing his warm breath onto my genitals and David, my precious David, was asleep at my side.

Heaven can't be much better than this. I thought to myself, as I, too, dropped off to fall into the arms of Morpheus.

---------------------END TORNADO WARNING PT 11--------------------------------------