Disclaimer: This work is one of fiction. Any resemblance of persons or places mentioned in this story to actual persons or places is only slightly more than coincidence. Readers of this story should be familiar with my story: Forgive me, Jody, as particulars from that story are recounted here.

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I guess Danny had really worn me out, but good. I slept through the night and felt refreshed when I woke to find David preparing coffee for us, Travis still asleep on my breast and Danny still nuzzling my genitals and warming them with his breath. In short, it was a normal morning.

Travis' golden hair glistened in the dawn light. I couldn't help myself, and I ran my fingers slowly through that beautiful hair, and watched it submit to my touch.

"Why me, I thought to myself. Why am I blessed to have these angels sent to me? Certainly, I don't deserve them in any way. Yet, here they are. `Thank You, Ganymede', I thought to myself.

Soon, David appeared with our coffee. As I tried to sit up to enjoy some, I disturbed Travis' sleep and woke him.

"I'm sorry, Baby. I was anxious for some of David's coffee and tried to sit up. I apologize for waking you." I remarked.

Travis yawned and replied:

It's OK, I am anxious for some of that `David's world-famous coffee', myself.

David handed Travis a cup. The aroma was magic.

Only Danny remained asleep.

David looked at Danny and said:

"I could watch him sleep for hours...he's so angelic...he looks so much at peace."

Travis nodded in agreement and I whispered:

"He is at peace and he is angelic...if only we can keep him that way."

We sipped our coffee as quietly as we could.

Once more I whispered:

"David, he looks to you to help him complete his learner's permit. Will you have time to do that before you leave?"

"Of course, Barry. He's studied the driver's manual well enough; I'm sure that after I quiz him a little, he can pass the written test and get his learner's permit." I'll make sure we get that out of the way before I leave...don't worry." David replied.

"Great!" I whispered.

We had nearly finished our coffee when Danny began to stir. The early morning light had become enough to awaken him.

His eyes popped open to see my penis at his lips. He kissed my meatus and lifted his head to say:

"Good Morning, guys."

"Good morning, Danny." We said in unison.

"I brought you a cup of coffee, but I think it's too cool now. I'll bring you some fresh, OK?" David suggested.

"Thank You, David." Danny replied.

Danny moved directly up my torso to lie directly on top of me, as is his morning custom. His penis was becoming erect and rubbing against my own as he settled into place.

"I see and feel that you are refreshed from your sleep." I chuckled.

"Yeah...and I made of fresh batch for David, like I promised last night." Danny replied.

"I'm sure you did, Danny. Maybe we can have some cummichino when David returns with the coffee pot." I smiled.

"Sure, there's enough to go around." Danny said.

Danny lay back down upon me, our genitals rubbing together. I could feel my pubic hair becoming sticky with Danny's precum, and knew he was ready to provide the promised cum.

David returned with the coffee pot, to freshen our cups, and a fresh cup just for Danny.

"David, you'll be pleased to know that, true to his promise, Danny has prepared a fresh batch of semen while he slept...just for you, as he promised last night. I suggested we use part of it to make some cummichino...would you share?"

David smiled widely and replied:

"Of course. I love cummichino."

"So, how do we do this?" Danny asked.

"Well, why not kneel on the bed, there, and I'll fellate you to take in the first mouthful. Barry can hold the coffee pot below your dick, and when I get a mouthful, I'll pull off your penis and you can shoot the rest into the coffee pot... Viola...Cummichino.

"OK." Danny said, as he knelt, as David had instructed.

David handed me the open coffee pot and I held it under Danny's balls.

"That feels really good, Barry." Danny commented.

"What, sweetheart?" I asked.

"The heat from the coffee pot. It's warming my feels good." Danny answered.

David leaned across to take Danny's penis into his mouth and began to perform fellatio on Danny's happy penis. Danny put both hands behind David's head and interlocked his fingers, using David as a brace, in case he became wobbly from the orgasm.

Travis slid in behind Danny to help brace him by providing his lap for Danny to rest his butt upon. Feeling Travis' improvised seat, Danny loosened his grip on David's head and rested his butt on Travis lap. Danny thrust his pelvis in sync with David's fellatio and soon reached the emission or `lock and load' stage. He was ready to come.

"Here it comes, David." Danny whispered.

David slowed his rate of fellatio and Danny delivered. He filled David's mouth instantly and cum ran down David's chin.

David took that first mouthful and pulled off of Danny's throbbing penis. I, quickly moved the coffee pot to take the remaining ejaculatory spasms.

"God, this boy can cum." Travis observed.

"He sure as Hell can." David confirmed.

When Danny's cum-canon had finished, David lifted Danny's penis and licked the residual onto his tongue. Danny quivered in response to David's tongue action upon his frenulum and meatus.

"Really good, Danny. Just as promised. It was delicious...really sweet. Thank you." David proclaimed.

"Thought I forgot, huh?" Danny replied.

"Not at all, I knew we'd get around to it." David replied with a smile.

We refreshed our coffees, with the newly confected cummichino. The sweetened mixture was delicious.

You're remarkable, Danny. The cummichino is delicious." I declared.

"Perhaps, we should market it." David suggested with a smile.

"No one would buy it." Danny said.

"I would." Travis said.

"Yeah, but you're love me." Danny asserted.

"I do love you...for sure...but anyone would love this stuff. It's delicious." Travis said.

Ah, you guys." Danny said as he lay back down atop me in his former position. The smell of his hair in my nostrils was delicious, in its own rite. I breathed deeply to take in as much of it as I could.

I used to drink in Jody's smell this way. His hair, too, delivered a most captivating and arousing smell...OOPS, I thought to myself, I mustn't begin thinking about Jody and making myself sad... instead I drank in another snoot-full of Danny's delicious smell.

"By the way Danny, if you have no complaint, we're planning a little get-together with Travis' former friend Jacob, his lover, Ben, and your big brother Beau." I reported.

"Sounds like fun." Danny replied.

"Beau might bring Connor and Cody." I added.

"Damn it. Does he have to? Those two always ruin everything." Danny complained.

"They're your brothers, Danny." I responded.

"Don't remind me." Danny complained, again.

"Well, at least you'll get to see Beau. He told David, last night on the phone, that he's been missing you a lot. You really must call Beau more often, Danny; he loves you and misses you. He'd be very pleased if you made more of an effort to stay in touch with him." I remarked.

"Yeah, I know he loves me. I love him too. I'll try to call him more...can you remind me, Barry...please?" Danny said.

"I will, Danny. Beau is your brother and it's obvious how much he loves you. He loves and cares about Cody and Connor as well" I observed.

"I love Cody and Connor...I just don't like them sometimes. They aren't anything like Beau or me. They are conceited and think their's doesn't stink. I think they are in love with each other, sometimes." Danny commented.

"Actually, twins often love each other in a special way...above and beyond any love they feel for anyone else. I'm no psychologist or anything...but I've seen it before." I reported.

"The way they kiss each other and fuc... er...make love to each other is like they're in love...not just brothers." Danny observed.

"Like I've said...I've seen it before. Twins, identical twins, that is, seem to have a psychic connection that isn't well understood but is generally recognized." I stated again.

I went on:

"Don't let them get into your head, Danny. When they do...well, they win. When they can't get into your head, they lose. Ignore them when they attempt to denigrate you or otherwise make you feel badly regarding yourself. In fact, you are far better looking than either one of them... admittedly, they are beautiful boys too, it seems to be in your DNA, but you are a stunningly beautiful boy, Danny, don't let them mess with you." I instructed."

"I'll kick their Asses, if I hear them say anything negative about you, Danny." Travis promised.

Danny smiled at Travis and said:

"Thanks Travis. I love you."

"I love you, too, Danny. We are ONE, and anyone who messes with any one of us messes with us all." Travis insisted.

"I know, Travis. I'd kick anyone's ass who ever messed with you, too." Danny proclaimed.

I was smiling inside, as my two angels had this protective discussion.

"Hey, I'm the one with the Black Belt...I'll do any ass-kicking that needs to be done around here. If I hear anyone saying anything that warrants it, I will be giving some free karate lessons right away." David chimed in.

"Allright, you guys, I don't think a visit from Connor and Cody will precipitate such an incident. Calm down." I inserted.

"Oh well, I'll try to stay away from them if they show up. It will be good to see Beau, though." Danny concluded.

"I'll keep them busy. I promised to finish with their swimming lessons last time they were here, anyway, so I'll wear them out good." Travis promised.

I nodded in agreement.

"So, you guys up for some breakfast?" David interjected.

"I am...I'm hungry." Danny declared.

"Why am I NOT surprised?" David laughed.

"Well, Barry and Travis really wore me out last night. So, now I have an appetite, BIG TIME." Danny explained.

"You seemed to have recovered pretty well, based on the volume of cum you produced for our cummichino." David observed.

Danny smiled a big smile and replied:

"It was pretty much, huh? Barry called me a cum-canon."

"Barry is right... cum canon or cum fountain, you really pack a load." Travis remarked.

Danny smiled again and said, simply:

"Thanks, guys."

We arose and enjoyed a nice hot shower while poor David slaved away in the kitchen. He finished in time to enjoy a hot shower of his own, while Travis and Danny set the table.

During breakfast, David asked:

"Danny, are you ready to take the written exam at the DPS office?"

"I think so, David, why don't you ask me some questions to make sure?" Danny replied.

"Very well, after breakfast, I'll do so, and if it appears you're ready, you can go with me to buy a brisket and the fixins and we'll stop off on our way and you can take the test. Would that be OK?" David suggested.

"GREAT!" Danny proclaimed, his face lighting up brightly with one of his `Danny-Smiles.

"Guess I'd better call Lonnie." I remarked.

"Whose Lonnie?" Danny asked.

"Our insurance agent." Travis answered for me.

Danny, still producing his enrapturing smile, looked at me and said:

"I love you guys."

"We love you too, can..." I began

"Take it to the bank?" Danny interjected.

I smiled at him and nodded.

Travis and I cleaned up the breakfast dishes, as David and Danny dressed and left for the DPS office and the market.

Travis and I were on pins and needles, awaiting the results of the written exam, when the phone rang. It was Danny:

"I passed...I PASSED!!!" Danny exclaimed over the phone. He was deliriously happy.

He handed the phone to David:

He got `em ALL, Barry. 100%. He's so excited.

"We're excited for him, David. I've put in a call to Lonnie, but he hasn't called back just yet." I explained.

"We're going to the market next...if, that is, I can get Danny's feet back onto the ground." David said in a chuckle.

"I brought the list along, Barry. Is there anything else we need?" David asked.

"Actually, you might want to pick up some Bourbon. We're running a little low. Were down to our last pick up two four bottle cases and some wine for our guests. I don't have any idea what sort of wine Ben or Jacob might prefer, so just use your own judgment." I said.

"OK. We'll get home as quickly as possible." David said.

"I'm really proud of Danny, so is Travis, be sure you tell him so." I requested.

"It's a good thing we had his birth certificate with us. The Texas ranger we dealt with found it hard to believe that Danny was as old as he is." David reported.

"Who could blame him... Danny is so small." I replied.

"I know. Great things come in small packages, Barry." David said.

"That's certainly true in Danny's case...he's as precious as a diamond of the same weight." I suggested.

"Even more." David said in a voice I knew...He was smiling.

"Thanks, David. I know how much this means to Danny." I said.

"No thanks required. I'm pleased he trusted me to get him to this point." David said.

David went on:

"He's really something, Barry."

"He is, indeed, David. We'll see you both when you get home." I concluded.

"Love you." David said, then hung up the phone.

"He passed, huh?" Travis gathered from the phone conversation I had just had.

"He's dancing on air right now. David is trying to get his feet back on the ground." I reported.

"He's really something, isn't he?" Travis offered.

"Funny...that's what David just said."

"David's right, too."

"I remember how excited you were when you got to drive, Travis. It wasn't all that long ago, either." I recounted.

"That's true...I nearly pee'd my pants when the officer told me I had passed the driving exam. Danny's still got that to go, he's only passed the written exam." Travis observed.

"He'll get there soon enough, Travis." I said.

Travis smiled and nodded.

When David and Danny arrived home, Danny was still, literally, jumping up and down with glee, having passed this milestone on his way toward his driver's license. Once the groceries were brought in and the garage door closed behind them, they were both naked immediately. We had come to embrace the natural state of nudity long ago and had come to a point that clothing felt un-natural and uncomfortable. It also provides something of a compulsion for one to stay in shape so as to present oneself belly hanging out or such.

Danny continued jumping with joy for a while, standing in front of Travis and me. It was so cute to watch his penis bobbing up and down as he jumped. We took him into our embrace and hugged him and assured him we were pleased with his accomplishment.

"Perhaps you should call Beau and tell him of your accomplishment, Danny. He misses you and I'm sure he'd love to hear your voice." I suggested.

Danny took the kitchen phone from its hook and called Beau. Danny's penis was still bobbing as he spoke to his brother. Danny's compelling smile did seem to diminish somewhat when he learned that Connor and Cody would be joining us tomorrow for our celebration. Still, Danny's joy could not be attenuated...he was pleased with himself.

While Danny conducted his conversation with his big brother, David unwrapped the brisket and marinated it so as to allow it to absorb the marinade over night.

When Danny had finished speaking with his brother, I took the phone and spoke briefly with Beau, assuring him that we were anxious to see him and Cody and Connor tomorrow. He replied that he, too, was anxious to spend time with us, and that he loved us. He was pleased that Danny had received his learner's permit and asked me to thank David for his involvement with Danny. We concluded the call:

"We love you, Beau, we are anxious to see you." I said

"I love you guys, too, Barry. Tell Travis and David I love them and will deliver the requisite hugs and kisses tomorrow. I'm anxious to see Danny...He's in a growth spurt, and I bet he's getting bigger by the moment. I noticed his voice is getting deeper each time I speak with him. I can't thank you guys enough for making him part of your relationship."

"We love him very much, Beau. He's one with us." I affirmed

"He's very lucky." Beau concluded.

"See you tomorrow, Beau." I said.

"You sure will. Is there anything you'd like me to bring?"

"Only your lovable self, Beau. That will be quite sufficient." I answered.

"You're so sweet, Barry. I see why Danny loves you so much." Beau replied.

"Flattery will get you everywhere, Beau." I chuckled.

"Promises, promises." Beau chuckled in return.

"See you tomorrow, sweet Beau." I concluded

"Bye for now." Beau concluded, as he hung up the phone.

I turned to the guys and said:

"Beau sends his love and says he'll deliver his hugs and kisses when he sees us tomorrow."

"He's a sweet guy. In Danny, he's given us a gift of inestimable value. We are deeply in debt to him." David said.

"I agree." Travis added.

Danny was still busy re-reading his learner's permit to even be aware of our conversation.

"I think we should celebrate Danny's accomplishment at Trey. Also, I know Trey wants to see David once more before he leaves for Italy. Finally, it will give David a break from playing the chef. David will be busy enough with the brisket, and all, tomorrow, as it is." I said.

"Barry, you know I love to cook. Still, an evening at Trey is one I'd never refuse."

"Yes, I know you love to cook. I just thought a break, before tomorrow, might be a good thing." I countered.

"No argument from me, Barry. Trey will be fun, and I would like to give Trey a final hug before I leave." David said.

"So be it, then." I affirmed.

Our visit to Trey was its usual delightful experience. Most touching was our departure. Trey took David into his embrace and placing his hands on either side of David's face, enveloping David's ears between his thumbs and forefingers, delivered a sweet kiss to David's forehead.

With tears welling up in his eyes, Trey looked lovingly into David's eyes, saying:

"Come home to us soon as you can, David. You will be sorely missed. You know I love you, and have since you were my understudy during your college years. You will be on my mind until you are home for good."

David, his own tears welling up, replied:

"I love you, too, Trey. You have always shown me every kindness and I know how you love me... as well as Barry, Travis, and now, our sweet Danny. You are a dear you are family, Trey. We all love you very much.

"Come home to us as soon as you can, David." Trey concluded with one of his trademark bear hugs.

"I will." David promised.

We all exchanged hugs and kisses with Trey, and then made our way to the car. Lonnie had called earlier and informed us that Danny was now added to our policy, so we decided that Danny should drive us home.

Danny assumed his position behind the wheel and was beaming at his new ability to drive. As he was fastening his seat belt, Danny spoke of Trey:

"He's really a very nice guy. We should invite him to our party tomorrow."

"Trey comes to visit, sometimes, Danny. He's sort of self-conscious however, about crowds, as he has become rather heavy over the years, and doesn't like to put himself on display in the nude. We always assure him that he can remain clothed...and he usually does when he visits. I didn't mention tomorrow's festivities to him, as I didn't wish to put him in an awkward position. He would not likely appear amongst a crowd; such as we will have tomorrow...wherein he would not know most of the people who will be there." I explained.

"But he does come to visit when it's just us?" Danny asked.

"Of course...he's come to our house on many occasions. He's always welcome in our home." I said.

"Besides, he has to critique my cooking to make sure I haven't lost my touch." David chuckled.

Danny drove us home without incident. We remained silent, for the most part so as not to distract him as he drove. I was impressed with Danny's quick reflexes.

When we arrived home, I complimented David for the fine job he had done in teaching Danny to drive. He was his usual modest self in his reply. Still, it was obvious that Danny would be a careful and prudent driver.

We decided that a nightcap was in order. Danny played the bartender and we all sat under the canopy... Danny, as had become his custom, sat on my lap, my penis pressed into his butt crack.

Since the next day would come quickly and would keep us all quite busy, we decided to retire early.

Soon we were in bed, each of us in our customary places.

Saturday arrived, as we expected, all too quickly.

We decided on a light breakfast, so as to save our appetites for later. The exception, of course, was Danny. His appetite wanted to be satisfied, so David prepared a full breakfast for him.

Jacob and his other half, Ben arrived first. Travis greeted them at the door in his glorious nakedness. I was surprised that both Jacob and Ben disrobed completely to join us on the patio. Travis made the introductions.

"Ben, I'm delighted to meet you. I hope you're not uncomfortable with our nudity. If you prefer to remain clothed you may." I said.

"Not at all, Barry. I think you may have misunderstood Jacob earlier. I'm a fundamentally shy person around people until I get to know them, but I'm not uncomfortable with nudity at all... Jacob and I spend a large quotient of our time around the house in the nude. He's like having an ambulatory work of art in the house." Jacob replied.

"Well, please feel at home with us, Ben. No need to be shy with us." I assured him.

David and Danny were at the grill when Jacob and Ben arrived, but when we appeared on the patio, Travis called to them to introduce them, as well. Afterwards, Ben remarked:

"My Word! Speaking of ambulatory works of art...I've never seen such beauty. I expected Travis would be beautiful, and he didn't let me down when we arrived. He is gorgeous...but...look at Danny and David...they are gorgeous as well."

Ben turned to me and said:

"You are a very lucky man, Barry. I've never seen anything like this."

I directed Ben to the table, under the canopy, where we each took a seat

"Believe me, Ben, I know how lucky I am. Jacob is quite the specimen, as well. He's very're pretty lucky, yourself." I suggested.

"He is, isn't he, Barry. To me, of course, he's the most beautiful guy in the world. I love him like I've never loved anyone. By the way, Barry, I am particularly grateful for this invitation. I hope it will be cathartic for Jacob. He has blamed himself for a long time over his betrayal of Travis and worried constantly that, perhaps, the worst had befallen him. He was surprised when he received Travis' call and this invitation." Ben explained.

"They were both a bit younger and vulnerable at the time, Ben. Travis did harbor much animus for Jacob initially, but I think he's put that behind him now, after his encounter with Jacob at the cemetery... he feels that Jacob's apology was sincere, and I think he's ready to embrace Jacob as a friend once more. I think we should just see how it plays out." I suggested.

"I agree, Barry. I hope they can re-establish the friendship they had before. I know Jacob loves Travis very much, and always has. I can't be jealous of that love, as it is most sincere, and I know it is not in competition with the love that Jacob and I share." Ben explained.

Danny delivered a snack tray and placed it on the table before us.

"Thank you, Danny. You're an attentive as well as a very beautiful waiter." Ben remarked.

Danny smiled, then asked:

"Would you like something to drink, Ben? I know Barry's favorite...Bourbon &7...but I don't know if you'd prefer some wine, or a soft drink. "

"Oh I like spirits, and hard liquor is fine. By chance do you have Scotch?" Ben asked.

"Sure do, Ben." Danny replied.

"Then a Scotch on the rocks would be great." Ben replied.

"Coming right up." Danny replied.

"Where did you find this angel, Barry? My God, he's scrumptious."

He really is, Ben. As to how he came to be one of us...well, that's its own story. I'll explain it to you as the day goes on. David, Travis, and now Danny, each have a story to tell and I'll try to give you a synopsis.

While I did so, Danny returned with our drinks and served them to each of us.

"My God, Barry, he's gorgeous... there's not a blemish on him anywhere. EXCEPTIONAL!" Ben exclaimed.

He's exceptional in more ways than I can probably put it best when you referred to him as an angel. He's just that to us." I said.

Ben nodded in agreement as He took the sip from his Scotch.

Jacob and Travis had joined David at the grill while Ben and I were chatting.

I started telling Ben as to how David, Travis, and now Danny, and I had met and come to have the relationship. He listened most attentively.

"So you met David as the result of a story you you're a Journalist?"

"That's correct, Ben. I write for The Dallas Herald."

"Oh my're THAT Barry? I read your stuff all the time. I'm flattered to know you, Barry. A simple Urologist, like myself, rarely gets to meet anyone who has a public presence...the bully pulpit, as it were." Ben complimented.

"Thanks, Ben. No need to feel flattered. I work for a living, same as a Urologist does. You know what they say. `Get someone to pay you for doing what you love to do, anyway...and you're bound to succeed.'... I love writing, though the research is sometimes tedious and hard work." I said.

At one point, David chased Travis and Jacob away, so they could enjoy each other's company.

They immediately headed for the pool. They dove into the water simultaneously, and side by side. When they emerged from the water, Jacob had placed his arms around Travis' neck and was holding him in an embrace. It was touching. Both Ben and I were observing.

They stood silent in the water, looking into each other's eyes, until, finally, Jacob spoke:

"It's so good to see and hold you like this, Travis...and to know you are safe and well, you don't know how I worried about you after you were made to leave the temple. You don't know, and perhaps, I didn't fully appreciate the friendship we had and the love I felt for you. Do you really forgive me, you really? Can you ever forgive my betrayal?"

Ben was welling up with tears at the was I.

Travis took the back of Jacob's head and pulled him such that they were cheek to cheek.

Jacob had begun to cry openly.

"Of course, I forgive you, Jacob. I played my part in putting us into the position we found ourselves in. My infatuation with you, at that time, was one I wanted to end with sexual expression, and I guess too many others figured that out...I made it too obvious. Do you forgive me for putting us both in the crosshairs of those bible-thumping morons? "

Jacob pulled his head back to look Travis in the eyes. Jacob still had tears running down his cheeks, and was still crying. He looked into Travis eyes once more:

"I wanted us to engage in sex, too, Travis. It wasn't just you. You have nothing to apologize for. I refuse to accept your apology, as you don't owe me one...but I'd love to accept your friendship once more, if you'll grant it."

Travis moved to kiss Jacob briefly and sweetly in his lips and then spoke:

"You have my friendship, Jacob. I hope I have yours, as well."

Jacob returned that sweet kiss and said:

You have my friendship and the love that goes with it, Travis.

The two engaged in a protracted hug.

Ben and I were nearly crying, ourselves.

"This is what I have hoped for, for a very long time, Barry. It's a medicine for Jacob that none other could substitute for. Thank you so much for arranging this encounter, Barry." Ben commented.

"Actually, it was Travis' idea, Ben." I said.

"Really?" Ben questioned.

"Yes, it really was. He feared that Jacob might be carrying around a similar guilt that I have carried for years regarding a former lover, Jody, and he decided he didn't wish to see Jacob following my lead. Then, after their initial encounter at the cemetery, Travis felt that Jacob's apology was sincere and demanded a response...

So... here we are, Ben." I explained.

"In any case, I'm so very happy to see the two of them reconciled. It will, no doubt, lift Jacob out of the depression he's been in for so long...hopefully he'll be able to throw away his Prozac, at last." Ben said.

"LAPS!" Travis yelled out to Jacob.

"Like the old days!" Jacob yelled back.

The two began immediately swimming side-by-side traversing the pool from end to end.

"This makes me so happy, Barry. You can't imagine." Ben declared.

"Me too, Ben. It's a healthy thing for them both." I said.

They laughed loudly and teased each other as to who would give out first. Their laughter was delicious. They laughed like little boys at an amusement park. They were really having fun. Ben and I drank it all in, as we sipped from our drinks.

Danny returned with fresh drinks for Ben and me, and served them to us.

"He's really something, isn't he...and quite the little host." Ben observed.

"We regularly repeat the refrain that Danny is really something else, Ben. He is indeed. We love him so very much. We couldn't survive without him." I stated.

I took some time to explain how Danny came to be with us and that his brothers would be joining us shortly and that Ben would get to meet them all, especially Beau, without whose cooperation, we would have Danny with us.

Ben took it all in and finally said:

"I repeat. You are a very luck man, Barry. David, Travis, and Danny are pretty damned lucky as well. I've never known of a relationship like the one you have with each other. It's remarkable."

"It is, isn't it, Ben?" I inquired.

"Yes... it's exceptional." Ben affirmed

The laps finally came to an end when Jacob pooped out.

I win!" Travis exclaimed with a wide smile and a friendly chuckle.

"You always do!...but I'm totally out of shape...otherwise, I'd have kicked your butt." Jacob retorted with his own smile. This was obviously, a ritual both boys knew from their earlier time together.

"Excuses, Excuses! Travis laughed... Another obvious piece of their ritual.

Jacob threw himself into Travis' arms once more:

"This is so wonderful, Travis. I feared I would never see you again." Jacob declared.

"If it weren't for Barry, you might not have, Jacob. He saved my life and then poured his love into my soul. I love him completely. David and Danny, too, Jacob. It may be a difficult relationship to understand for anyone outside our core, but we share love one for the others that I never knew was possible. We frequently exclaim `We are ONE!' and indeed, we are." Travis explained.

"Ben and I share a similar, all committed love, I understand that such love is possible and I can understand that it might blossom into a relationship such as you have. I find it quite beautiful..." Jacob replied.

The two sat on the edge of the pool, dangling their feet into the water and splashing the water...they looked like schoolboys having fun. Travis recounted the story of how he came to meet me...recounting the ice storm and all our subsequent adventures.

Ben and I watched with glee as the two of them rekindled their friendship.

"This is a prayer come true, Barry. You can't imagine how happy I am to see the two of them together this way." Ben said.

The doorbell rang, and Danny scurried to receive his brothers.

I could hear their conversation from the foyer:

"Congratulations, little're a driver now. Beau said.

"Yeah...COOL!" Connor added.

"David taught me to drive and helped me study for my Learner's permit." He's great." Danny declared.

"He really is, Danny. He's a special man. Anyone can see that." Beau observed.

"Get naked, guys. Everyone's out back." Danny commanded.

Soon, Beau, Connor and Cody appeared in their glorious nakedness.

Danny introduced them to Jacob and then brought them to meet Ben. After the introductions, Connor declared:

"What smells so good?"

"David is whipping up one of his masterpieces." I replied.

Connor and Cody made their way to the grill to see first hand what David was cooking up.

Beau took a seat with Ben and I while Danny went to the kitchen to prepare his big brother a drink.

"My God, Barry, I've never seen such a collection of exceptional beauty in one place in my life. Their all gorgeous." Ben declared.

He turned to Beau...

"I'm not being patronizing, and your brothers defy all odds. Even in a single family where the DNA is shared to one degree or another, there is almost never a situation where each of the children is of such exceptional beauty. I've never seen anything like it." Ben declared.

"Thanks, Ben. I guess we are somewhat unique. Having grown up as sibling, together, perhaps we don't realize that we make such an impression on people as to our attractiveness. We don't see it in each it's particularly complimentary when someone, like yourself, makes such a remark, Ben. Just don't make too big a deal of it, as I have enough trouble with Cody and Connor getting the big head." Beau remarked.

"They are, obviously, identical twins, huh?" Ben observed.

"So identical that even I have trouble telling them apart...without that is asking to look more closely at their of them has a little mole there that the other does not."

"How fascinating." Ben replied.

"Really?" Beau asked

"Well, I'm a Urologist, Beau. I see male genitals all day long, and I must say that each of you have beautiful genitals... but I wouldn't have thought to look for that little point of distinction on any of the twins that I have as patients." Ben said.

"Thanks, Ben...Only Barry has ever made it a point to compliment me or my brothers as having a beautiful set of genitals." Beau chuckled.

Danny returned with Beau's drink as Ben continued:

"Barry's right. As I said, I see male genitals all day long. You wouldn't believe some of the less than perfect genitals I see and the genital abnormalities I must contend with and treat. I know a perfect set of genitals when I see them... you and your brothers have them." Ben observed.

"I would not have guessed that so many guys have genital abnormalities." Beau said.

Ben nodded and took another sip from his drink.

Travis and Jacob continued to sit side-by-side on the edge of the pool. I finally called out to them:

"You guys had better put on some sunscreen...before the Texas Sun has its way with you."

Both boys rose and came under the canopy long enough for Travis to take the sunscreen from the table.

"Shall I?" Travis asked.

"Please." Jacob replied.

Travis began to rub sunscreen all over Jacob.

"Get my butt really good, Travis." Jacob requested.

Travis complied, including rubbing a generous portion of the sunscreen well into Jacob's butt crack.

Then Travis turned Jacob to face him and Jacob lifted his arms for Travis to place the sunscreen on Jacobs's arms. Travis worked on Jacobs's upper torso and eventually made his way to Jacob's genitals. Travis stopped momentarily and said:

"Would you prefer to do this part, yourself, Jacob?"

"Hell No! Please continue!" Jacob said with a laugh.

Ben turned to me and chuckled:

"He's incorrigible, Barry. He never gets enough."

I smiled and replied:

"That could be a good thing, I suppose."

Ben smiled back.

Travis continued to spread sunscreen over Jacob's genital rubbing it well into Jacob's scrotum and penis, even into Jacob's foreskin, then peeling it back to coat Jacob's glans and penile shaft. Jacob responded immediately by producing a throbbing boner.

Ben turned to me once more and said:


I smiled...and replied:

"Let him enjoy himself, Ben. Nothing more intense will ensue, I'm sure."

"Oh, he's enjoying himself...and I agree it won't lead to anything more than a simple ejaculation...Jacob ejaculates at the slightest provocation. Don't be surprised if he blasts cum all over Travis shortly." Ben revealed.

Travis finished with Jacob's genitals and proceeded to his legs and feet.

"My Turn!" Jacob declared, as he took the sunscreen from Travis and began working on Travis' back.

He applied a generous amount of the oil to Travis' back and worked it down to include Travis' beautiful butt and into his butt crack, copying Travis' earlier effort upon him.

He turned Travis around and soon arrived at his genitals. Jacob didn't' ask Travis for permission, as Travis had...he just started caressing Travis' genitals with the oil. At one point he lifted Travis' balls and turned to Ben saying:

"Damn...he still has heavy balls, Ben."

"As you remember?" Ben remarked

Jacob nodded.

Travis chimed in:

"Heavy's Barry who has the heaviest balls...they're unreal."

Jacob continued to rub oil into Travis' penis, spending extra time at his corona ring until he produced the desired effect and Travis became erect as well.

"Even heavier than yours?" Jacob asked.

"Much heavier." Travis replied.

Jacob finally stopped trying to further excite Travis' genitals. They glistened in the light from the heavy coating of the oil. By now, Ben's prediction was about to be fulfilled:

Jacob turned Travis still again to finish the backs of Travis' legs.

Uh Oh! Jacob blurted out.

Before anyone could speak, Jacob blasted cum all over Travis' butt, much of which ran into Travis' butt crack.

"Sorry!" Jacob blurted out.

"I see you still cum at the drop of a hat, Jacob" Travis chuckled

Ben called out to Travis:

"Usually, you don't even have to drop the hat Travis!"

Ben laughed aloud.

Travis reached around and took some of Jacob's cum onto his hand.

"May I have a taste, since you've already expended it?" Travis asked.

"I'd be honored." Jacob replied.

Ben turned to me:


Travis licked some of Jacob's cum into his mouth:

"Pretty good, Jacob. Thanks."

Beau was taking all this in and was smiling at it all.

Connor and Cody watched as well, obviously wanting to join in on the cum-session.

Jacob took the towel from the rack and wiped away the remainder of his cum from Travis' butt and butt crack.

The two of them returned to the edge of the pool, as before, and continued talking old times.

"You must be understanding with Jacob, guys." Ben said to Beau and me.

"What do you mean, Ben?" I asked.

"Well, you need to know that I met Jacob through another doctor, down the hall from my office. Jacob was working as an assistant to him. He moved his practice to Ft. Worth, and Jacob didn't wish to move with him, so he introduced me to Jacob. Jacob and I became, at first, good friends, knowing each other to be gay. Over time, we came to be lovers. Jacob now works in my office as an assistant. So he, too, handles guys' balls all day long, it's not a big deal to him to grab hold of someone's genitals and examine them before handing the patient over to me. I rely on any notes Jacob makes before I appear in the examining room. He's very thorough and reliable. But...don't be surprised if he grabs you by the balls and checks to verify Travis' claim. I could see it going through his mind earlier." Ben explained.

"I see." I said.

"I assumed that with the name `Jacob', he might be Jewish like me and we'd have that much more in common...but we soon found ourselves stripped, after the office closed and then I saw his glorious foreskin and realized he wasn't Jewish. Of course that didn't matter and it didn't deter us from our after-hours explorations of each other. I just made a bad assumption." Ben offered.

"Jacob is very beautiful Ben, and he seems totally committed to you. You're a lucky man, too." I said.

"He really is, Barry. He means the world to me...I'll tell you something rather anecdotal though. My practice might be a good bit smaller were it not for Jacob. You can see how uninhibited he is. He often finds some of my younger patients rather intriguing and when he does the preliminary exam, if any of them produces an erection in response to his touch, he doesn't hesitate to take them to orgasm. They are amongst my best return business," Ben chuckled.

Beau and I were both smiling at this

Ben went on:

"I can't tell you how many times I have entered the examining room to find the paper spread-cover on the exam table covered in semen, the patient blushing, and residual semen dripping from the patient's penis. They always come back for follow-up visits, even if the initial problem has been long since dealt with."

"Sounds like he's a real asset, Ben." Beau chuckled.

"I have to admit...he keeps me busy with return business." Ben smiled.

"You might say he has his own following, huh?" I observed.

"He sure does, Barry."

Ben, I feel compelled to offer you an apology." I said.

"Whatever for?" Ben replied.

"Well, I guess I was unconsciously considering all the stereotypes before I met you. I pride myself on never playing to the stereotype, but I didn't expect a fair skinned, blond to be the Ben we were anxious to meet." I confessed.

"No apology needed, Barry. Many are surprised to consider that I am Jewish... my mother's genes are responsible for that, I guess."

He went on:

"I always tell Jacob to describe me as `Jewish' but not as a Jew. I'm not a practicing Jew, Barry. It's virtually impossible to be a practicing Jew and be Gay at the same time. Still, I love the precepts of Judaism...I just am scorned and unwelcomed, by the Jewish community, because I'm Gay. They blame that fact on my mother's genes too..." Ben laughed.

"I understand, completely, Ben. It's equally impossible to be a practicing Catholic and be Gay at the same time. I've known that scorn you describe my entire life. We are Christmas Catholics, I suppose. We love Midnight Mass, and never miss it. Aside from that, we never attend. We have our own Christmas solemnities here at the house." I explained.

"I see. It's probably for the best, Barry. I find that those who shovel out the scorn prove, always, to be those I'd least like to spend time with, or emulate, anyway." Ben declared.

"Amen, Ben." I said.

"Amen, indeed, Barry." Ben repeated.

"Like yourself, I relish my Catholic faith, it's the Church, as an institution, that I feel alienated from... and they want it that way. They seem to have a need to vilify others to establish a reference point, a comfort zone, for them to feel comfortable in. It's a warped piece of psychology, in my opinion." I said.

"Psychology is not my specialty, Barry. But I'd have to agree with your diagnosis." Ben remarked.

"A pox on the hypocrites!" Ben remarked.

"That's the salient point, I guess, Ben. In our tradition Christ never excoriated anyone for anything, except He was often known to say, "Woe to you, Hypocrites". He didn't say Woe to you, thieves, liars, tax collectors...or others. He saved that language exclusively for the hypocrites. God, I know so many." I said.

"In what you Christians refer to as The Old Testament, David speaks of Jonathan as the one he loves more than he could ever love any woman. This causes no end of grief to the rabbis, let me tell you." Ben revealed.

"Interesting, Ben. Thank you for the lesson." I said.

Ben nodded and took another sip.

"A famous Bishop, Sheen, in the Catholic Church used to muse that...and I'll have to paraphrase... "The trouble with the Church is that is was Divinely instituted, but has ever-since been manned by human beings." I offered.

"Good Line." Ben acknowledged.

"Hey you two, Travis called out to Connor and you want to finish your swimming lessons. I promised I'd do that with you last time, remember?"

He hadn't even finished the remark when two splashes occurred, as Cody and Connor jumped in to the pool.

"I'll help!" Jacob offered.

Jacob and Travis stood facing each other, grasping each other's forearms to form a little platform for the boys to lie across while Travis coached them on how to kick and stroke.

"It's been a long time since we taught the little ones how to swim, huh, Travis." Jacob observed.

Travis smiled back at his friend and nodded.

"These are not little ones, though, Jacob." Travis responded.

"They're beautiful, Travis. They seem to have trouble relaxing in the water." Jacob said.

"That's part of what I've been working on with them. They're far more relaxed than the first time, I guess they're making progress." Travis said.

He went on:

"First time, it was like holding a sheet of plywood in the water...stiff as a board."

Jacob smiled.

After both Cody and Connor had taken their turns of that fleshy platform, Travis said:

"Ready for a solo?"

Connor and Cody looked at each other with trepidation.

"It's OK, guys; we're in the shallow end. This pool is a "party pool"; it doesn't really have a deep end, except that the water might be slightly over your head at what we call the deep end. Here in the shallow end, the water only comes to your chest, as you can see, standing in it, right now. If you panic, just stop kicking and stand up...there's no danger. I'll stand at one side of the pool and I want you to swim to me from the other. Jacob will walk along side of you to coach you on your stroking and kicking. There's no danger, I promise." Travis explained.

Connor offered to go first.

He swam about half the distance, then stopped and stood up in the water, coughing up a little water.

" did Great. Remember, you have no fat on your body, whatsoever. You can't rely on any natural buoyancy that those with fat can rely upon. You have to work a little harder than someone with any fat. Or you'll sink like a rock." Travis encouraged.

"He's right Connor, you did fine. Remember to turn your head to the side and out of the water to take a breath, otherwise you'll suck in water, as you just did. You've almost mastered it. Try the rest of the distance now. OK?" Jacob coached.

Connor nodded, still spitting out the rest of the water.

He succeeded in making it to Travis who pulled him to his embrace.

"EXCELLENT, Connor, EXCELLENT!" Travis congratulated Connor. Connor responded with a big kiss to Travis' cheek

Connor turned to Beau with a huge smile:

"I did it!... I DID IT!" Connor exclaimed, jumping up and down in the water.

"Yes, you did. Very Good Connor." I'm almost ready to try it, myself. Beau said.

"You can do it, Beau. It's easy! Travis and Jacob will help you." Connor assured him.

" OK, Cody, you can do it." Connor encouraged his little brother."

Not to be outdone by Connor, Cody immediately began his short swim to Travis. He succeeded, and again, Travis pulled him into an embrace. While in Travis' embrace, Cody kissed Travis with a big kiss to his cheek saying:

"Thank You Travis. I've always wanted to be able to swim." Cody kissed Travis again, then turned to Beau:

"OK Beau... Get your butt in here!" Cody exclaimed.

Yeah, Beau. You told us you'd try it if Cody and I learned to swim, so get your butt in here! Connor added.

"OK, OK. I'm coming...I just want to finish my drink...Beau hedged."

Connor and Cody got out of the water and took Beau by each arm and began pulling toward the water.

Once the boys had gotten Beau to enter the water, Jacob said to them...OK, you two. I'm jealous. You both gave Travis your kisses, but not me...That's not fair.

Both boys smiled and swam to Jacob and kissed him. As they approached Jacob he pointed to his each boy delivered a kiss to Jacob on his lips, not on his cheek.

Jacob smiled at being kissed and remarked:

"I'll take all of that that I can get."

Ben and I smiled.

It was the most comfortable that I'd seen Connor and Cody, here at our house. I was pleased.

Danny was busy helping David with the brisket, but also congratulated his brothers:

"Congratulations Bro's...Good Job!"

"Thanks Danny. These guys are Great!... you're lucky, you get to be here all the time." Connor said.

"I know it...don't get any ideas." Danny called to them

"Damn, you're about the most beautiful guy I've ever seen, Beau. I don't know if I can handle you without Cumming into the pool." Jacob said.

"Thanks, I think." Beau replied.

"Jacob cums at the least stimulation, Beau."

"I noticed that earlier, Travis. OK, lets' get on with it, before I change my mind." Beau said.

"OK, Beau. The first thing you need to master is learning to relax in the water. It's something, that until you learn to do, you'll never swim...or at least swim well." Travis instructed.

Travis said to Jacob:

"Let me have him alone for a few minutes, then we'll have him lie in our little cradle."

"OK" Jacob replied.

Jacob returned to Connor and Cody and coached them further on their technique.

"OK, Beau. I'm going to hold your head cradeled in the crook of my arm. Your head can NOT go beneath the water. I won't let it. I want you to stretch out in the water and concentrate on relaxing your body, knowing I've got you safely in my arms.

Beau complied and stretched out in the water.

Ben turned to me and commented:

"He's a damned good swim teacher, Barry."

"He is, Ben. His students quickly come to trust him and relax for him. That's the biggest step." I offered.

"It doesn't hurt that he's drop-dead gorgeous, either. I'd damned sure relax in his arms." Ben chuckled

"He really is, Ben." I said.

"You know when I first saw him and Danny together, I though they might be brothers. They have so many attributes in common...of course that was before you explained about Beau and Connor and Cody...Hell, They are all such beauties. It's glorious...are you sure we're not in Heaven?" Ben queried.

"I am, Ben. I know it every time my angels surround me, and sleep in my embrace. I am in Heaven, Ben...I surely am." I said.

"It's obvious to anyone who cares to look, Barry, They love you with all their being. That says something special about you, too. Travis, David, Danny... God how they love you. I can see it in their eyes every time they look at you. What's your magic, Barry?" Ben asked.

"No magic, Ben, just unconditional love." I insisted.

Ben nodded and looked to Jacob and said:

"I try to be that way with Jacob, too. I'm never sure if I'm succeeding or not. Sex isn't all that big a deal to I said, he jerks off many of my young patients but forms no attachment to any of's just part of the job. That makes it all the more difficult for me to make our sexual experience something above and beyond." Ben observed.

"Does he crawl into bed with you every night?" I asked

"Eagerly, Barry. He cuddles up to me all night like a little boy, and I relish in the warmth of him. It actually means more to me than sex...though we have an active sex life, too." Ben advised.

"That's the `above and beyond' you spoke of, Ben. Feeling him next to you each night. The sex is just the icing on that cake."

Ben smiled at me and said:

"Thank you, Barry. You have keen insight. You're right, the above and beyond, is our love for each other, not an ejaculation that produces fireworks...Hell, I have a machine in my office that can produce that sort of orgasm...but it's an empty experience in the absence of real love. You're beginning to show me why the boys love you so much."

I shrugged and took a sip from my drink.

Travis continued to work with Beau, while Jacob continued to have Connor and Cody swimming back and forth in the shallow end of the pool.

"I bet they'll all sleep well, tonight." Ben offered.

"I'll bet so, too." I agreed.

The boys splashed, swam hard, and generally enjoyed themselves tremendously. I was pleased. It was delicious to drink in their boisterous laughter, which richly permeated the air.

"COME AND GET IT!" David called out.

Instantly the boys were out of the pool, standing at the grill, plastic plates in hand, but still dripping water onto the Cool Deck. Jacob and Travis waited behind, as Jacob hugged Travis again:

"Thank You, Travis. You don't know how much this means to me. My life will be forever changed after today, Travis, knowing you don't hate me or blame me for what happened. I want you to be my friend forever, Travis...please promise you will be."

Travis kissed Jacob, sweetly on his lips and replied:

"It's all water under the bridge, Jacob. I'm your friend and I will always be. I want you to be my friend as well. I love you Jacob. I always have. I suppose our estrangement hurt so much because of that fact...had I no love for you I wouldn't have reacted so stridently. Let's pretend it never happened and pick up where we left off...let's just be close friends. Let's love each other like before and keep our friendship sharpened and alive."

Jacob kissed Travis, once more on his lips and nodded as he said:

"I love you Travis. That's why I felt so worthless after my betrayal of you. Like you said, if I felt no love for you, I wouldn't have felt so guilty. I agree, let's go on as if it never happened, and be the friends we once were."

Travis pulled Jacob into a hug, a protracted hug. Jacob placed his arms around Travis' neck and hugged back. When they finally released that hug they found themselves eye to eye:

"Friends?" Travis asked.

"Friends!" Jacob replied.

They joined hands and walked up the stairs of the pool and joined the boys at the grill to enjoy David's culinary magic.

Ben and I looked to see each other welling up with tears.

"Thank God, Barry." Ben whispered.

"Or Ganymede." I replied.

"Who?" Ben asked.

"Never mind...I'll explain later." I chuckled.

Danny brought a plate to Ben and me and placed plasticwear and napkins on the table before each of us.

"Want me to load up your plates for you?" Danny offered.

"That's OK, sweetheart, thanks for offering, but I think Ben and I can fend for ourselves." I replied.

"OK, I'll freshen your drinks while you get your food." Danny said.

Danny disappeared into the anteroom with our nearly empty drinks.

"He really is an angel, isn't he?" Ben remarked.

"Yes, he is. I couldn't be without him now. My mind can't even process the notion." I said.

"I can understand why, Barry. He's an exceptional boy... He sure doesn't look old enough to drive though... unless you look closely, as only a doctor would do. He's small of stature but his muscular and skeletal development gives him away." Ben observed.

"He's no little boy, Ben, I can assure you of that." I said.

"He's a beautiful boy, Barry, absolutely beautiful. So are his brothers". Ben said as we approached the serving table and loaded up our plates.

"Thank you, David. You've created another masterpiece." I said.

"Eat Up... Enjoy it, that's the best compliment you could pay me." David replied.

Ben and I returned to the table to join the others and, as David put eat up.

"My God, Barry, where ever did you find them all. David is not only beautiful, but delightful. I see why you refer to them as your angels. They truly are." Ben observed.

I could only nod, as my mouth was full of brisket.

We were, all of us, silent as we devoured our dinner.

We were so absorbed with it all, that none of us noticed that the gate in the fence was unlocked, and had opened to reveal a young boy standing there hold the dog from down the street, by its collar. I hadn't seen this boy before, and didn't know how he was. He stood there, seemingly undaunted by a backyard full of naked guys. He called out:

"Does this dog belong to any of you guys?"

I rose...trying to be as nonchalant as possible and approached this boy.

"This is `Fancy', she belongs to the family at the end of the street." I said.

"Oh." The boy replied.

"No problem." I replied.

I'm sorry I bothered you guys, the boy said.

"You didn't bother us at all. What's your name, young man?" I asked

"Lance." He replied.

"Well, Lance, I hope it doesn't disturb you to see us all in the nude as we are. This is how we usually it OK."

"Of course it is. My Grandfather lives in a Naturist Community in Florida. We go to visit him in the summers. I like running around naked, It feels good. My mother is the one who insists on staying dressed when we visit Pop, in Florida. My Dad and I stay naked the whole time. It's cool." Lance explained.

"Are you hungry?" I asked.

"Yeah, I am." Lance replied.

"Well, let's make a plate for you, pay a visit to David over there in the lawn chair next to the grill...he'll fix you up.

While you get yourself a plate, I'll pet Fancy.

I squatted to pet Fancy, and as I lowered myself into that squat, she licked my scrotum and my dick. This caused me to instantly stand up again.

Everyone got a good laugh out of this antic. They saw what Fancy had done and how I had jumped to attention.

"I think she likes you, Barry." Ben shouted.

"Very Funny!" I shouted back in a chuckle.

Lance returned with a plate of food.

"I'll watch fancy. You can sit at the table and eat, if you like.

I called out to the table:

This is Lance! Make a place for him.

He sat across the table from Ben and ate his dinner.

When he finished, he returned to me to take Fancy home.

He turned and called out:

"Thanks for Dinner, you guys. It was GREAT!."

"Come see us again, Lance." Travis called back.

"Lance, check with your Dad first. If he thinks it's OK for you to join us, come back and swim with us." I suggested.

"You guys won't laugh at me will you?" Lance asked.

"Of course not...why would we do such a thing?" I asked.

"Lots of people laugh at me." Lance said.

"Well, we certainly won't." I promised.

"Are you sure?" Lance asked.

"Of course." I promised again.

"OK I'll check with my Dad...but I don't think he'll have a problem with it." Lance advised.

Lance took Fancy by her collar and turned to leave.

"Thanks again for feeding me, Sir. It was nice of you."

"Any time, Lance. Please come see us again. You're a delightful young man." I complimented Lance.

"I'll be back. I'm sure Dad will be cool with it." Lance said as the gate closed behind him.

I returned to the table.

"Wasn't expecting that!" Travis said.

"We must remember to keep that gate locked." I advised.

Everyone finished with David's marvelous dinner.

Connor and Coty dragged Jacob and Travis back into the water. They wanted to learn the backstroke.

"I haven't finished with Beau, yet, guys. Jacob will work with you and I'll work with Beau. We need to wait a bit longer, though. Our food needs a chance to digest before we get too strenuous with all this." Travis advised.

"Ahhhhh!" Connor groaned.

"Just for another 15 minutes or'll be an hour by then." Travis insisted.

"You've really made an impact on the twins, Barry. They really like you and Jacob. I'm impressed." Beau said.

"Thanks, Beau. I like teaching guys to swim." Travis replied.

"Your damned good at it too, Travis. Ben called out to him."

Travis smiled at Ben:

"You guys are going to give me the `big-head' with all these compliments." Travis said.

After a few minutes, Travis' curfew had expired, and all the boys were in the water once more.

Danny offered to clean up all the after dinner stuff. The plastic stuff, plates and such, was all disposable. So it was only the cookware that needed attention

"Just set it all in the sink, Sweetie. I'll take care of it later. You've worked hard enough helping David with all the cooking, and playing the waiter." I said.

Danny wasted no time approaching the table and taking his place on my lap. My penis found its usual home in Danny's butt crack. All was right with the world.

David joined us and took a seat across from me, as Ben was sitting next to me.

"You're quite the chef, David." Ben remarked.

"I learned it all from a very exceptional Chef, whom I worked for during my college years." David advised.

"Really?" Ben asked.

"Have you ever heard of a restaurant called Trey?" David asked.

"You're kidding...I know Trey. Jacob and I eat there frequently." Ben revealed.

"Well, I may have prepared your meal at one point." David advised.

"Well, I'll be damned... it really is a small world, after all." Ben declared.

I interjected to brag on David:

"David is a Maestro, Ben. He is finishing up his studies in Italy. Then, he'll be home for good. We can hardly wait."

"Wait a minute...I remember...did you perform the Christmas Concert at Bass Hall a couple of years back?" Ben asked.

"It's been more than just a couple of years, but yes, I did." David said.

"This is uncanny. I was there. I remember now. You acknowledged Barry and Travis from the stage. It was a superb performance. I never dreamed I ever meet you, David, much less have you cooking dinner for me.. You're fantastic, David. You really are." Ben reported.

"Wow!" I remarked.

"Absolutely, Barry. Jacob and I were in the nosebleed section, but we were there. If we'd been closer, perhaps Jacob would have recognized Travis, then. I know he heard you say the name Travis from the stage, but we didn't put 2 and 2 together at the time." Ben explained.

"I'm glad you enjoyed the show, Ben." David said.

"I love Christmas Music,'d be surprised how many Jewish folks do." Ben advised.

Ben turned to me and said:

"This is just too much, Barry."

I nodded.

Ben called out to Jacob, who was still busy with Connor and Cody:


"Yes, Ben." Jacob called back.

"Remember the Christmas Concert we went to at Bass Hall?" Ben called out.

"Sure!" Jacob called back.

"David was the was Barry and `your' Travis that he acknowledged from the stage." Ben called out.

"NO WAY!" Jacob called back

"Yes, WAY" Ben shouted.

"My God...I tried to see who that Travis was. Even with the opera glasses I could tell from behind. God, I wish I had known it was `my' Travis."

"Well, it was!" Ben called out.

"Damn!" Jacob concluded the shouting session. He returned to tending the boys.

Jacob caught Travis' eye and said:

"It was YOU?"

Travis shrugged and nodded.

Ben spoke to David:

"You know, David, I suppose that both Barry and I are lucky as it goes to the estrangement of Jacob and Travis."

"How's that, Ben?" David asked.

My curiosity was piqued, as well.

"Well, what if the relationship between them had never been discovered, they might have fallen in love with each other, left that damned place to become lovers and never have met either Barry or me. We might never have known either of them." Ben conjectured.

"I never thought of that, Ben. That's pretty damned scary." I interjected.

"We wouldn't be having this conversation if that had happened." Ben suggested.

"Oh God, Ben. Say no more...I can't take it. You're going to cause me to have nightmares." I said.

"Well, it could have happened that way." Ben conjectured.

David jumped in:

"Ben, please...neither Barry nor I even want to think of such a thing."

" me no mind...I always think up the worst. Guess it's the Jew in me." Ben apologized.

I looked at Travis, still working with Beau. My heart swelled in its love for this angel. Ben's hypothesis had scared the crap out of me...I needed to see Travis was still there, where he should be. It was medicine to my mind.

David nodded for me to look at Danny. He was asleep in my arms.

Ben saw David's cue and looked, as well.

"He really is an angel, isn't he?" Ben said.

"Yes, he is, even as David and Travis are angels.

David smiled, chuckled, and interjected:

"Danny is our special angel...he is the only angel I know that has horns...he's the horniest angel you'll ever meet."

I smiled at Ben but remained silent, not wanting to awaken Danny.

Ben nodded to indicate that he understood.

We continued our conversation for a while, as dusk approached.

Suddenly, true to his promise, Lance opened the gate and walked in, a man, presumably his father, right behind him.

"Hi...I'm Lance's father, Mitch. He tells me you were kind enough to feed him earlier. Thank You!" Mitch said.

"You and he are entirely welcome. I feared Lance might have been taken aback at our nude party, but he said he frequents a Naturist Community in Florida, some times, to visit his Grandfather and spends much time being nude, himself. I was relieved." I said.

"He's telling you the truth. He's not bothered at being nude or at seeing others nude. I'm not either. Lance was worried that if he accepted your invitation, however, that he might embarrass himself." Mitch reported.

"He can remain dressed if he likes, Mitch." I said.

"No, he wants to be nude with the rest of the crowd. It's just that he has a medical condition and that condition causes him some embarrassment." Mitch reported.

"He'll suffer no embarrassment here, Mitch." I insisted.

Well, let me explain. Lance has priapism. It's a mild case, he doesn't have pain with it, but he does stay erect virtually all the time, except while he sleeps. So the shower room at school is a dreadful experience for him.

Lance stood there, his head hung low, as his Dad, explained why he might expect that we would laugh at him.

"We would never..." I began

"I know, but I just wanted you to know why he was concerned about accepting your invitation."

"Lance, you needn't worry. You're amongst friends. Hell, we stay erect around here much of the time anyway." I said.

"Yeah but I stay hard all the time, Sir." Lance reported.

Mitch jumped in:

"Lance was born with an erection, prompting us, foolishly to nickname him Lance. His real name is Jessie. He's gone by Lance, however, all his life."

Ben jumped in:

" Mitch, I happen to be a Urologist, if you'd like me to take a look at him, I'd be happy to do so."

"We took him to a Urologist years ago, they said there was nothing they could do other than stick a needle into his penis and drain the blood from it." Mitch reported.

"That must have been some years ago. I might not be able to help him either. It really depends on what is causing the problem. I'd be happy to see if he might respond to some of the new techniques we use now. It does involve a digital rectal exam, though." Ben explained.

"He's quite used to that. If you think you might help him please give it a try...that's OK with you, isn't it, Lance?" Mitch asked.

Lance nodded in the affirmative.

"By the way, my name is Barry, this little angel, sleeping on my lap is Danny. This is David. Ben, whom you met, is the Urologist. In the pool..."I continued...

"Whoa...I'll never remember all these names. I will start with Barry, David, Danny and Ben. I'll learn the others later, if that's OK." Mitch excused himself.

"Sure, is a bit overwhelming at first, I guess." I said.

"Anyway, I appreciate your invitation. Lance doesn't have that many friends, so any chance he gets to socialize is good for him."

"One thing you should understand. Mitch...and Lance as well, is that this whole gathering is Gay. So if that's a problem for you...well." I said.

"I'm not gay...but I have no problem with it. Lance is barely into puberty. I don't think he has a preference yet, but I don't think he has a problem with you Son?" Mitch asked.

"No, Sir." Lance answered.

"Well, there you have it. If you're comfortable with Lance's ever-erect penis, he seems to be comfortable with you guys." Mitch said.

Mitch had announced all this from across the pool, so everyone had heard it and seemed receptive to Lance.

Travis called out to Lance:

"Do you swim, Lance?"

"Not very well, but yes." Lance replied.

"Well, get the heck in here, then" Travis said with his chuckle.

"OK. Where can I get out of these clothes?

"Oh, we don't stand on ceremony...just strip right there and throw your clothes on the towel rack. They won't get wet there." Travis said.

Lance, reluctantly, stripped to his beautiful nakedness and put his erection on full display for all to see. It was really erect, too. Hard as it could be. I could hardly believe it wasn't painful for him. It was almost distended to a degree that it couldn't be squeezed, even gently; It didn't even bob up and down as he went to the pool and jumped in.

"Welcome, Lance!" Travis announced as Lance jumped into the pool.

All applauded to show Lance he was welcome and among friends.

"This means a lot to me and to Lance, you guys. He isn't usually welcomed into any group this way." Mitch reported.

Ben had a question:

"Mitch, does his erection subside at all when he ejaculates...does he experience a refractory period?"

"Gee, I don't know Doctor. I've never asked. It never even occurred to me. He'' I don't know if he even masturbates. I suppose I should have taught him to masturbate, by now, but the less attention that gets paid to his penis, the better he likes it." Mitch said.

"You needn't call me Doctor, Mitch...Ben will be fine." Ben said.

"Thank You, Ben. Still, I really don't know if Lance masturbates or if his erection goes away, even briefly after he ejaculates. The only time I know of that he loses his erection is while he sleeps." Mitch reported.

"But he does become flaccid during sleep. Right?" Ben asked.

"Well, I wouldn't say flaccid such that he becomes completely soft, but he does become, at least, semi-erect. I mean it points at the floor instead of the sky like it does when he's awake." Mitch affirmed.

"Mitch, would you like a drink or something to eat. There is plenty left from our dinner, if you don't mind left-overs." I asked, realizing I was being rude for not offering sooner.

"Maybe a drink. I've eaten. Do you have beer?"

"I believe so." I replied.

"I'll get one for him." David offered.

David turned to Mitch:

"Here, please take my seat, it will make it easy to speak with Ben. I'll sit at the end of the's no problem." David suggested.

"Thank You, David." Mitch said, as he assumed David's seat.

Danny awoke with a start to the sound of Mitch dragging David's former chair across the Cool Deck to reposition for his more portly build.

I saw that Danny was taken by surprise to see Mitch upon awaking, so I tried to calm him down before he became upset.

"Danny, this is Mitch. He's Lance's father." I said.

"Why does he have clothes on ...and who's Lance?" Danny asked, in his usual blunt fashion.

"You remember, Lance...that's him in the pool with the other boys."

"Oh that's the kid with the dog, right?" Danny observed.

"That's right. He returned to take us up on our invitation." I said.

"Cool!" Danny declared.

"We were discussing a medical condition that Lance has, Danny. You should be aware of it, too, since you'll spend time playing with him. He has something called priapism. It means that he keeps an erection pretty much all the time, except while he's asleep. It embarrasses him sometimes. I know you won't say anything that might make him uncomfortable."

"You mean he keeps a hard-on most of the time while he's awake? Danny asked.

"Exactly." I said.

" Well, what's the big do I." Danny announced.

We all smiled at Danny's response.

Mitch jumped in:

"He's something else."

"So I've been told."

"Danny, the condition Lance has, is a little different, he really does stay hard virtually ALL the time, except when he sleeps." I explained.

"So he stays hard ALL the time?" Danny asked

"Except when he sleeps." I clarified.

"COOL! That could come in handy." Danny proclaimed.

"It may sound cool, but after a while it could be most inconvenient, so, as I said, now that you understand the condition I know you will avoid saying or doing anything that might make Lance feel uncomfortable." I repeated.

"No problem. If he's cool with us, we'll be cool with him." Danny affirmed.

"Thanks, so much. It will mean a great deal to Lance to have found a group he can fit in with, and that will be kind to him and not make his condition an issue." Mitch said.

David returned with Mitch's beer and presented it to him.

The boys, including Lance were still Laughing, splashing, and having a Great Time.

"This is the most fun I've seen lance have, Barry. It's wonderful." Mitch observed as He took a long drink from his beer.

"He does seem right at home with the others, doesn't he?" I asked.

"Yes, he does, Barry. I've never seen anything like it." Mitch commented.

He continued:

"What's the difference?"

"Well, we gays are used to being laughed at having unkind things said about us, even violence directed at us. We have empathy for anyone like Lance who suffers similar slings and arrows. Lance is one of us...Straight or Gay...he's one of us. He'll be fine here. You needn't worry." David offered.

"I guess you're right, David. I never considered the harm we do to Gays with our bigotry in the Straight Community. I have no problem with Gays, and know many. But, I never thought about the fact that they suffer from the same sort of crap that my boy takes from schoolmates and others. You open my eyes...and do it with my own son. Thank You." Mitch said.

Mitch guzzled down his beer and spoke:

"Well, guys, I can't stay. I thank you for everything...I've never seen my boy enjoy himself this way.. I can't thank you enough for that. When you've had your fill of him, just chase him home. We live two blocks over, it's not far."

Mitch then turned to Ben:

"If you feel that you might have some newer technique that might help him, please give it a try. He's used to rectal exams and just about every other invasive procedure imaginable, He won't recoil at your examination." Mitch said.

"Very Well, Mitch. We'll let him have fun with the other boys for now, and I'll see if he responds to a few techniques later, when we have a little more privacy." Ben suggested.

"Gotta Run, guys. Thanks for everything." Mitch said, as he approached the gate to leave.

"Interesting Character." Ben remarked, as the gate closed behind Mitch

"Aren't we all?" I replied.

"I suppose so, Barry. Still, I can't imagine he hasn't determined whether Lance loses his erection after an ejaculation or that he doesn't even know if Lance knows how to masturbate, especially in light of the fact that he knows of Lance's priapism." Ben commented.

"Is priapism a common malady, Ben? I'd heard of it, but don't think I've known anyone who actually suffered with it." I asked.

"It's fairly uncommon, hardly rare, however. But I've never really seen what Mitch described as a `Mild case". As a rule, when you have priapism, it's very painful, while it lasts, but it's rare that one has to drain the penis of blood with a needle. It happens, but usually the erection subsides to at least semi-erection after several hours. It makes me feel that something else might be going on with Lance. I'll look at him later." Ben said.

The shadows were growing long, and the boys were beginning to look like prunes. Still they were having a great time, so I let them carry on.

After a while, Beau emerged from the water and dried himself with a towel from the rack.

"The boys are pooped, I'm glad. They'll sleep like logs tonight. I might actually get some studying done, if I don't fall asleep as well." Beau laughed.

He went on:

"I'm going to enjoy what's left of the sun, before it's time to take the boys home."

"Help yourself, Beau." I remarked.

"Thanks" Beau replied.

Beau took a towel and spread it out at poolside such that he presented us with a uninhibited view of his beautiful physique, including his glorious genitals.

His balls and his penis were illuminated by the last of the dusk sun. The red glow imparted a most fetching appearance to Beau's genitals. It was all I could do to restrain myself from running to him and helping myself to some of that wonderful stuff I knew those substantial balls were hiding, inside.

Ben turned to me and whispered:

"What a specimen. He's perfect."

"As is his little brother, Danny." I whispered back.

"I heard that." Danny spoke up.

"Well it's true, you are perfect too, Danny."

"No argument from me, Barry. Danny is stunningly beautiful, just like his big brother."

Danny smiled widely to hear this.

Danny hugged me around the neck and kissed me passionately on my lips at the compliment he had been paid.

"I'm going to start the clean-up, Barry. I'm rested, and it will save time later." Danny offered.

"Thank you, sweetie." I replied.

Danny rose and left for the kitchen.

We continued to drink in the display that Beau was providing. It was marvelous.

Finally, Beau rolled to one side, facing the pool, leaving only his cute little butt for us to gaze upon, and spoke to the twins:

"You guys ready to head for home?"

"No Way! It's not even dark yet." Cody replied.

Lance was now sitting at the edge of the pool, his erection as hard as ever. The twins were sitting on either side of him.

Connor asked aloud to Beau:

"How come Jacob got to cum, and we didn't?"

"Oh, don't be such a baby. What difference does it make?" Beau chided.

"If it really matters to you guys, go ahead and cum. You can cum right into the pool. It is fine. If you'd rather, you can cum into a plastic cup and it won't go to waste."

Cody turned to Lance and said:

"You wanna cum too?"

"I dunno" Lance said. He said it as if he had no idea what they were talking about.

"OK, you can hold the cup." Cody suggested.

"Will you watch, guys, it's a real turn-on when someone watches us." Connor said.

"Sure, we'll watch." I said.

The twins stood at the table, facing each other.

"Here hold the cup under our dicks, Lance." Cody requested.

Lance complied.

It was a clear plastic cup. It should provide a real showcase for the cum

The twins began masturbating slowly. They pointed the heads of their respective dicks directly at each other's and continued to masturbate.

Lance watched with great interest, as the twins continued to masturbate. At the point of no return, Connor said:

"Ready Cody?"

"Ready." Cody answered.

They slowed their stroke rate a bit until, finally they ejaculated in unison. They blew cum all over each other's glans and it covered them both till it dripped from their meatuses into the cup. Their ejaculations were synchronized. Each ejaculatory spasm happened precisely at the same time. I had never seen anything like it. It was making me HOT as Hell.

Their spasms went on for quite a while. The cup had to be about a third full with cum. It's pearly white texture glistened in the setting sun's light. It was like nothing I had ever seen.

Lance watched closely. I couldn't tell if he was getting turned on, as his dick couldn't get any harder. Then I noticed his blush. He was red-cheeked and his ears were beet red.

"Quite a show, isn't it?" Beau remarked from his position on the towel, still at poolside.

"It sure as Hell is." I remarked.

Finally, the cum subsided, it's smell filled the air, and the last of it dripped from each meatus into the cup.

When it was completely over Connor called out:


"Very impressive, guys. You pack a Hell of a load. I don't know how you can synchronize the ejaculations that's amazing" David added.

"It's a `twin thing' I guess. We always have been able to do it. Cody answered."

"OK, show's over, you two. We need to get home." Beau announced.

We kept the cum-glass on the table. Beau and the twins dressed to leave.

"Thanks, Barry. We had a great time. Sorry the twins wanted to show off for you. They do it all the time...their friends are quite amazed at it." Beau said.

"It is quite a show, Beau. That's for sure. Look at all that cum." I said, pointing at the glass."

"Should I dump it out somewhere?" Beau asked.

"Hell no." I retorted.

"Would you keep my cum if I left you some?" Beau asked.

"God yes!" I declared.

Beau smiled:

"Next time, then, I will." He promised.

"It needs to be before David leaves later this week" I said.

"OK, I'll drop by tomorrow. I need to drop off Danny's art stuff. I forgot it earlier." Beau said.

"Art stuff?" David asked.

"God yes, hasn't he drawn anything for you yet?" Beau asked.

"No...I had no idea." I remarked.

"He's excellent. Better than most college art students. He'll draw you guys some'll see." Beau advised.

"I'm anxious, now." I said.

Beau nodded.

Beau and the twins dressed to leave. Before they departed, the twins came to Travis and Jacob and kissed each of them:

"Thank You very much guys, for teaching us to swim. Next time, I want to learn the backstroke. OK?"

"It's'll learn it in a snap." Travis said.

"Great!" Connor replied.

"Beau delivered a sweet kiss to David Travis and me. He looked deeply into my eyes. He didn't say it, but I knew it meant...I love you, Barry."

As I escorted Beau to the door, the twins ran ahead and got into the car.

I stopped Beau long enough to say:

"Beau, I must tell you that Travis, David and I have come to love Danny so very much that we can't bear the thought of ever being without him. We're worried that when your Dad returns from Iraq that he'll take Danny away from us. We couldn't stand it, Beau. It would be devastating."

"Actually Barry, Dad is not likely to be back before Danny's 17th Birthday. Hell, he's almost 16 now. Once he's 17, here in Texas, he can pretty much do as he pleases. If he wants to live here with I know he will...he'll be free to do so. Dad won't be able to stop him. So we only need to keep our fingers crossed till then. Danny loves you guys like I've never known him to love anyone. He's the happiest I've ever seen him; I certainly would never want to see his happiness end. I just wish I could join him." Beau concluded, dropping his head to look at the floor.

"I wish you could too, Beau. I mean it. We've become very fond of you, too. You'd be completely welcome here.. . Any time you want it that way, Beau."

"I appreciate that so much, Barry. I have the twins to care for, as you know, so I don't see it in the cards for me...Damn it!" Beau chuckled.

I lifted Beau's face till I could look into his sparkling blue eyes:

"I love you Beau. We love you. Always know that." I said firmly

He leaned forward and gave me a passionate kiss. He ran his fingers through my hair as he kissed me. He sucked the air out of me. It was wonderful

When he finished, he looked into my eyes once more:

"I love you, Barry, especially you for what you've done for my little brother, but mostly because of who you are. You always refer to the boys as angels. I think you're one, too."

He went on:

"I'd better get out of here, before I start crying."

Beau kissed me once more, on my cheek, and left.

It was painful to hear the door close behind him.

I gathered my senses and went to the kitchen to see if Danny needed any help with the clean up efforts. He had already finished with that, and loaded the dishwasher. It was running when I entered the kitchen.

I went outside and found Danny sitting at the table with the others.

Lance was sitting there, as well, his erection at full attention.

He looked pensive.

"What is it, Lance?" I asked.

"Can I ask a won't think I'm stupid, will you?" Lance asked.

"Of course we won't think you're stupid. My old professor used to say that there are no stupid questions...only stupid answers." I said with a chuckle.

Lance pointed at the cum-glass that the twins had produced. It's contents still gleaming in the red light of the spa, which David, I assume had switched on while I was bidding farewell to Beau.

" that what you call cum? Lance asked.

"'s slang for semen. Are you not familiar with the term?" I asked

"No, I'm not. That stuff comes out of my penis all the time...I thought there was something wrong with me." Lance said.

"It comes out of your penis when you masturbate?" I suggested.

"Is that what the twins were doing to make it come out?" Lance asked.

"Yes, they were stroking their erect penises to excite that reaction and produce an ejaculation, which is when the semen shoots out of you penis like it did for the twins. There is an intense sensation of pleasure associated with ejaculation. Have you ever tried it?" I asked.

"No, I haven't." Lance offered.

"Well, there's no time like the present, Lance. Would you like to try it? One of us will help you to gently ejaculate, if you'd like. You'll also have that wonderful sensation I spoke of. It's called an feels really good.

"Will it hurt?" Lance asked.

"Well, since you have priapism...I don't know...I don't think so."

Ben jumped in:

"It shouldn't hurt, Lance, and it will allow us to see if your erection becomes more manageable after you expel some semen. Give it a try."

"Which of us would you like to help you?" I asked.

Lance looked around the table and his gaze landed upon Danny.

"Would you help me Danny?"

"Sure, if you want me to, Lance." Danny said

"Let me suggest that Lance lie down on his back on the table. He's not had an orgasm before, he'll be braced for it if he's lying down" I said.

"Good idea, Barry... you'd make a good doctor." Ben remarked.

Lance climbed onto the table and lie on his back, as we had suggested. His erect was penis awaited Danny's attention.

"Very gently, now, Danny." I said, as Danny reached for Lance's penis.

"OK." Danny said.

Danny looked at Lance and said:


"It already feels good in your hand, Danny. Go ahead." Lance remarked.

Danny began stroking Lance's penis very gently and slowly. Lance's pent up precum poured out of his meatus and ran down Danny's hand.

Danny was undaunted, and continued his stroking of Lance's penis.

Lance continued to pump massive amounts of precum out of his meatus. I had never seen anything like it. He truly had never masturbated before. Danny's hand was coated with it.

"Oh God, this feels good." Lance said, almost groaning.

Lance's balls began to retract as his scrotum pulled them up close to his abdomen.

Danny saw this too, and said:

"You're getting close, Lance. Don't fight it. Just let it happen. You'll love it."

I saw it about to happen and took Lance's hand and held it, hoping he'd feel at ease with his first ejaculation.

Danny continued to stroke Lance's penis. I could see Lance's penis swell as his ejaculation became imminent. Danny felt Lance's penis swell in his hand and said:

"You're there Lance, cum for us."

Danny had barely gotten the request out of his mouth when Lance exploded like "Old Faithful" He shot cum in a continuous stream straight up into the air. It seemed it might never end.

"Uh...Uhhhh...Oh God!" Lance exclaimed as his cum continued to shoot into the air. It landed on Ben, on me, and all over Danny...who was smiling at the event."

Danny began pointing Lance's penis at us trying to get as much of Lance's cum on each of us as he could.

Ben was smiling and held his mouth open for Danny to shoot at it like a target.

Finally, Lance's ejaculation began to wane.

Danny looked at me and said:

"And you guys call me a cum fountain?"

"Yeah, cause you can do it repeatedly. Danny's been holding this inside for a long time."

Danny smiled and said to Lance:

"May I taste some, Lance?"

"If you want, Danny."

Danny licked as much of it as he could from his hand and from Lance's abdomen.

"Good stuff, Lance. Very Good." Danny said.

"Thanks. I'm so wasted; I don't think I can get up right now." Lance announced.

"That's OK, Lance. We don't want you to get up. We want to see if your erection subsides any at all now that you have had an ejaculation." Ben said.

"How was it, Lance? Did I do good?" Danny asked

Oh did Great, Danny it was wonderful

"How did I do? Did I make as much cum as the twins?" Lance inquired.

"You may have put them to shame, Lance." Danny remarked, as he looked around to see us all covered with Lance's cum. Danny smiled. He was amused that Lance could cum in such copious amounts.

We watched to see if Lance's penis would make any attempt at becoming flaccid. Ben reached and squeezed Danny's penis gently, then more firmly:

Does this hurt, Lance? Ben asked.

"No Sir." Lance answered.

"Well, I can't feel your pulse in your penis, Lance. Usually, with priapism, I can.

I do feel your penis getting progressively softer, though." Ben said.

"Yes Sir, I can feel it too." Lance said.

"Just rest for a few moments, Lance. I'm going to get Danny to squeeze out some of your residual cum into a container. I want to take it to the office and run a few tests on it, is that OK with you?" Ben asked.

"Yes, Sir."

Danny pushed Lance's residual cum up his perineum and into another cup for Ben to take as a specimen.

"I'm exhausted, Danny. You really produced, not only my first but what I sense may be my most powerful orgasm. Thank you very much." Lance said.

"My pleasure, Lance. You were delicious, too." Danny said with a smile.

"I was?" Lance questioned.

"You sure were, Lance...great cum>" Danny reassured Lance.

"Thank You, Danny. Can I taste yours sometime?"

"If you want." Danny replied.

"Yeah...that would be great." Lance said.

Ben turned to me and said:

"Notice, Barry, Lance has almost no pubic hair, his Dad said he was barely into puberty, but no one, barely into puberty, could produce that volume of cum. The strong smell of chlorine in his semen would indicate very mature semen...his repro system is way ahead of his other secondary signs of puberty."

Ben continued to watch Lance's penis to see if it might become flaccid.

"I think he'll be semi erect in a few minutes, but I don't think he'll become flaccid. I have a pretty good idea what's going on with him...and it may be akin to priapism, but not truly priapism." Ben commented.

"Really?" I asked.

"We'll see in a few minutes, when he gets his strength back." Ben said.

He sure did shoot cum into the air like a Texas Oil well." Travis remarked.

"Yes, like an oil well, Travis, he's had that welled up in him for a long time. When the pressure was finally released, by analogy, He became a gusher. That's what we just witnessed. I've seen other gushers over the years, but, I confess, Lance might be the most powerful." Ben said.

"I'm going to make us some drinks. Lance would you like a Coke or something?" David said.

Cum was still dripping from Lance's penis, when David returned with our drinks. As Ben had predicted, Lance had become semi-erect, but not really flaccid.

Lance watched, as Danny came to sit on my lap, having completed his duties as masturbation helper. Danny, arranged my penis such that when he sat down, my penis went into his rectum. It was a customary position for Danny. I gave it no thought.

Lance saw what Danny had done and asked:

"Danny, is Barry's penis inside you?"

"Yeah, it feels really great too."

"It's actually good for your prostate, Danny. The massaging action keeps the prostate healthy." Ben offered.

"I sure am learning a lot tonight." Lance remarked.

"I wouldn't advise you to ask just anyone to place his penis into your rectum, however, Lance." I remarked.

"I understand." Lance replied.

Lance was covered in his own semen and Travis decided it wise to towel away most of it, before it dried.

"Let me help you out, Lance. I'll towel away some of your cum, before it dries in place. That would be a real mess." Travis said.

"Thank You, too, Travis. You not only helped me improve my swimming but, also, Thank You for helping me with my very first ejaculation and cleaning me up like this" Lance said.

"Anytime, Lance. We all want to help you anyway we can." Travis replied.

"You got enough strength to roll onto one side for me, Lance?" Ben asked.

Lance complied and rolled to that side that had him facing Danny and me. Lance smiled at Danny, lovingly. It became obvious that Lance was bonding to the boy who delivered his first ejaculation.

"It's OK, Lance. Ben will figure out what's going on with you. Just try to relax. I'm right here." Danny reassured him.

Lance reached out his hand for Danny to hold. Danny did so.

"OK, Lance, I want you to keep this leg straight out on the table, but pull the topmost leg up a bit toward your belly. Can you do that for me." Ben asked.

Lance complied.

Ben spread Lance's butt cheeks to observe Lance's anus.

Ben motioned to Jacob to join him.

Lance, you have a rather small anus, so I'm going to ask Jacob to check a couple of thinks out for me, his fingers are much smaller than mine. My fat old fingers might be quite uncomfortable for you. Is that OK?" Ben asked.

Lance nodded.

"You know what to look for, Jacob, be extra gentle with him. He has a very small anus.

"Have you guys got any K-Y or anything?" Jacob asked.

"We have liquid K-Y and ID Glide. Which would you prefer?" I said.

"The ID-Glide is more slippery. Let me use it, please." Jacob said.

"NO problem." I replied. I motioned for David to retrieve it from the rack and hand it to Jacob, He did.

"I don't suppose you have any latex examination gloves?" Jacob asked.

"Sorry." I said.

That's OK. It won't be the first time I get poop all over my finger." Jacob said.

"My rectum is empty, Jacob. I can feel it...there's no poop in there." Lance said.

"Great." Jacob said, but winked at me as if he wasn't convinced.

"Jacob lubed up Lance's anus very gently and massaged it until it began to open up for him."

"OK, Lance. You're doing fine. I'm going to enter you now. I'm going to enter with the pad of my finger, not the tip of my finger. It will be far more comfortable that way. The tip will enter; once the pad has opened your anus up. Then, we'll see what we can find that might help you to control your erections. Is that OK?" Jacob asked.

I thought to myself, Jacob has a pretty damned good bedside manner, bet he learned it from Ben.

Lance nodded.

"Now if I do anything that produces actual pain, you tell me immediately and I'll stop. OK?" Jacob asked.

Jacob made his gentle entry into Lance. Lance squeezed Danny's hand a bit more tightly.

Jacob looked at Ben and nodded.

"Find it?" Ben asked.

Jacob nodded once more.

"I can feel it palpitating." Jacob informed Ben,

Ben now spoke to Lance:

Lance, Jacob has found a special place in your rectum that would allow him to control the valves that release blood into your penis to make it erect. I'm going to ask him to manipulate that valve to slow down the blood flow into your penis. If you really have priapism, it won't make much difference. If you have what I thin you have. You will become flaccid when Jacob manipulates this spot. You ready to give it a try?" Ben asked.

Lance nodded, once more.

Ben nodded to Jacob.

"Here we go, Lance." Jacob said.

Jacob did his magic and nodded to Ben

Ben nodded in return.

"Jacob, it may take a minute or two, but let's see if your penis goes soft...OK?"

We all watched intensely. A minute had gone by, when, as if by magic, Lance's penis went flaccid...truly flaccid.

"Wow!" Danny exclaimed.

He looked at Lance:

"Look Lance, your dick is totally soft!" Danny exclaimed

Lance glanced down at his own penis:

"I can't believe's like a miracle...GOD, I CAN"T BELIEVE IT!" Lance exclaimed.

"Don't get too excited, just yet, Lance. When Jacob removes his finger, you will get erect again within an hour or so...maybe sooner." Ben advised.

"I can't believe this. I've never been soft in my entire life!" Lance declared.

Ben nodded to Jacob once more

Jacob spoke:

Lance, I'm going to withdraw my finger now. I'm going to do so very slowly and gently. Try not to fight my effort by contracting your anus. Try to relax. OK?"

Jacob retracted his finger, as he had described. Lance continued to hold Danny's hand and look into his eyes.

Finally, Jacob exited Lance's anus, which produced a slurp as Jacobs finger made its exit.

"You did really good, Lance. I'm proud of you." Jacob said.

"Thanks. It didn't really hurt...I tried to stay relaxed by looking at Danny the whole time." Lance reported.

Jacob examined his finger, rotating it around to see all sides of it.

"Lance, you were right. There's no poop in there." Jacob reported.

"Told Ya." Lance retorted.

We all smiled.

"OK, Lance, you may roll back onto your back, if you wish." Ben said.

Lance complied.

Once on his back, he reached for his own penis and took it in his hand.

"I can't believe it!" Lance exclaimed once more.

"You'll be erect in a while. At least we have a better idea how to help you." Ben said.

"What is it Ben?" I asked.

"It's a congenital condition, Barry. Your penis becomes erect when you pump enough blood into the spongy tissues of the penis and restrict the flow out of penis. When your arousal is over, the valves work to release that blood, emptying your penis of the excess blood. You always pump a certain amount of blood into your penis; it requires blood flow like every other pat of your body. IN Lance's case, however, due to his specific genetic make up, the veins that carry that blood out of his penis are congenitally smaller than they should be, and they simply can't carry away the blood fast enough. In real priapism, the valves work to completely stop the out flow of blood from the penis. So when stopping the inflow, as Jacob did, by manipulating Lance's valves, would have made no difference. Lance's penis would have remained as hard as ever. But, when Jacob slowed the inflow of blood into Lance's penis. His smaller than normal veins could empty his penis naturally. That's why he went flaccid."

"It's that simple, huh?" Travis marveled.

"Well, the diagnosis was relatively simple. The treatment may or may not be that simple. It depends on Lance and his particulars." Ben said.

"You can sit up, if you want, Lance."

"Can I just lie here and hold Danny's hand a while longer?" Lance requested.

Ben looked at me and winked.

Obviously, Lance was forming an infatuation for Danny.

"Sit up, Lance. Let's try the spa, before you have to go home, OK?"

Lance sat up and Danny led him by the hand to the spa. Lance was still flaccid.

Ben looked at me again and said:

"I have a suggestion, Barry." Ben said.

What is it, Ben?" I asked.

"Well, you know how Danny likes the feel of your penis in him, as it massages his prostate?" Ben said.

"Right." I replied.

"Well, it might jus be that Lance would he helped by the same thing. IF we find just the right spot, the pressure of a penis in his rectum might produce the same result as what Jacob did with his finger, earlier." Ben explained

"Makes sense, Ben, lot's of guys can't maintain an erection during anal intercourse. Then when the penis is retracted, they become erect instantly. I've seen it often." I reported.

"Exactly, Barry. The fact that Lance is still flaccid, means there's not that much difference in the size of his arteries and veins. But even when filled slowly, once he's erect...that's it." Ben said.

"I see, Ben. But I'm not eager to place my penis into Lance the way I do Danny. I love Danny."

"I understand, Barry. Your penis might be too much for Lance's small anus anyway. Danny's might fit, but even that will be difficult. Lance's has a very small anus...probably genetic too. Danny might be able to get in there, but not for much longer. Danny's growing as well, soon his penis will be too big as well." Ben advised.

"I don't know, Ben. Lance is already developing a boy-crush on Danny. He'll fall head over heels for Danny after Danny has been inside him. Besides...I don't think Danny will go for it." I replied.

"Then we may have to try a small dildo." Ben said

"But those damned things are hard as steel. Maybe we can find a soft one." I suggested.

"Ever seen one" Ben asked.

"A soft one...NO!" I replied.

" Oh well, we'll both give it some thought, and talk tomorrow." Ben said

"OK, Ben." I replied.

"Well, Jacob and I had better get home tomorrow morning will be here sooner that one can blink an eye."

"We enjoyed your company Ben...yours too, Jacob. I didn't mean for you to have to ply your trade during your visit, but I think you've made a real fan and follower in Lance." I said with a smile.

"Thanks for a GREAT time, Barry. Especially the time you afforded me to spend with Travis. We're friends again. I'd stick my finger up a thousand butts for that." Jacob said with his won smile.

After all the goodbyes, Ben and Jacob were on their way home.

Danny and Lance were still in the spa.

"Lance, your Dad must wonder what the Hell became of you. I think we'd better get you home." I called out to Lance.

"Yes, Sir." Lance replied, as he got out of the spa.

He was still flaccid. I knew Ben would be pleased.

"Travis, I can't let him walk home, especially this late in the evening. Would you please drive him home?" I requested.

"I'll ride along. It's just tow blocks away. I don't need to dress or anything. I can just stay naked, can't I?"

"Lance must dress. You should do the same, and walk him to the door and make sure he gets in safely." I said.

"OK." Danny said.

Soon Travis and Danny returned from delivering Lance home. We were doing the close down chores, turning off the spa lights, and heater... Checking that all the doors were locked, and the rest.

The phone rang. It was Mitch.

My God, Barry, How did Ben perform this miracle? Lance ran into the house, unzipped his pants and produced a flaccid penis. I couldn't believe it!" Lance has NEVER had a flaccid penis in his life. It's like a miracle. Lance says he'll return to being erect again and that Ben is considering options. Please tell Ben I'll pay his price...whatever he wants. Just fix my boy's penis." Mitch explained.

"I can't explain all the technical details, Mitch. Send Lance over again soon and we'll see what Ben recommends." I said.

"Will Do, Barry, and thank you so much." Mitch said.

"Goodnight, Mitch. Tuck Lance in and give him a hug for us, too." I requested.

"You got it!" Goodnight, Barry." Mitch said as he hung up the phone.

Soon we were in our respective places in the bed and sound asleep. We were pooped; it had been one Hell of a day.

----------------------------END TORNADO WARNING PT 12--------------------------------