Disclaimer: This work is one of fiction. Any resemblance of persons or places mentioned in this story to actual persons or places is only slightly more than coincidence. Readers of this story should be familiar with my story: Forgive me, Jody, as particulars from that story are recounted here.

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The night's activities had, indeed, worn us all out. None of us so much as twitched before 9:00 AM... unheard of for our little group. As always, however, we woke to the delicious aroma of David's coffee brewing in the kitchen. It had become an expected ritual since David had returned from Italy for his visit. Indeed, it was a ritual I would miss dearly when David returned to Italy for the last six-month stint of his engagement.

The phone rang. David answered it on the kitchen phone before I could reach for the bedside phone, so I ignored the call, knowing David would inform me of it later. Still, the ringing of the phone awakened Travis and Danny, both of whom began to stir.

"!" Travis observed as he opened his eyes.

He continued:

"Man we were really tired, last night. I can't believe we slept till now."

David entered with the usual tray containing our coffee. Danny was awake, and yawning widely as he began another day. His ritual was also fulfilled as he took my penis in hand and kissed my meatus.

David served us each a cup of coffee, and we each sat up to enjoy it.

"Beau called. He plans to drop by in an hour or so to drop off Danny's art supplies, as he promised last night. He is anxious to see us, but warns he can't stay long as he has to take the twins somewhere...I don't remember where he said, but he has to take them somewhere." David reported.

I turned to Danny:

"Don't the twins drive?"

"They have licenses, but Dad never put them onto the insurance policy...said it was way expensive, and they'd have to wait, or get part time jobs to help pay for their addition to the policy. Neither of them did, though." Danny explained.

"I see." I answered.

"If you want me to get a job to pay Lonnie for adding me to your policy, Barry, I'll get one." Danny offered.

"We'll worry about that when the time comes, Danny, but I appreciate that you are so responsible to make the offer." I praised Danny.

"It's the least I can do, Barry." Danny insisted.

"Let's not worry about it just yet, Danny, there will be plenty of time for that consideration, don't worry." I said.

"OK" Danny replied.

We took our sweet time with David's coffee, it, especially, hit the spot this morning, as we were all still recharging from the night before.

David delayed starting breakfast so as to give time for Beau to arrive and join us. This allowed us to start a second pot of coffee. It had just finished brewing when the doorbell rang. It was Beau with a large portfolio under one arm and a small case, which he held by its handle with his other arm. Danny ushered his brother into the house. The brothers exchanged hugs and kisses, then Beau disrobed and joined us at the table in the breakfast nook.

God, he is just stunning! I thought to myself, as Beau came into view.

"Crepes!" Beau exclaimed, as he looked over David's shoulder to see what David was preparing.

"I hope you'll like them, Beau." David remarked.

"I love crepes...but they're such a pain to prepare...I always screw them up. You must show me sometime...PLEASE?" Beau begged.

"I'd be happy to, Beau. It's a bit late for this batch, but, next time, I won't start them until you are here to watch...would that be OK?" David suggested, then realized that the next time might not be soon:

"Damn! I don't know if I'll have a chance to show you before I leave for Italy." David declared.

"Don't worry about it, David. I've gone all these years not knowing how to prepare crepes...a few more months won't make a difference." Beau said.

Beau, still looking over David's shoulder, placed a hand on either of David's shoulders and turned David to face him, their penis rubbing together they were so close.

Beau looked into David's eyes:

"I know how Barry and Travis and Danny will miss you, but I want you to know that I will miss you just as much. You have become a dear friend, David...I love you, and I will miss you very much."

Beau gently and sweetly kissed David on the lips and then returned his gaze to David's eyes:

"You are a special person, David. I'm honored that you are my friend."

"You're pretty damned special, yourself, Beau. We all love you, and that certainly includes me...I love you very much. We're in your eternal debt for our precious Danny and we know it couldn't have ever happened without you, Beau." David replied.

Beau released his grip on David and turned to his little brother. Beau smiled widely and said:

"Little brother...I've never seen you smile so much and demonstrate such happiness as you have since you've been here, I'm so very happy for you. Helping you to be here with Barry, David and Travis is probably the best gift I could ever have given you. Appreciate what you have here with these wonderful guys, Danny, I damned sure would if it were me."

"I do, Beau, I've never been so happy in my life. I've never felt so much a part of something as I do with Barry and the guys. It's like a dream come true." Danny assured his big brother.

Beau turned to me and smiled...I knew what he about to say:

"Where the Hell were you guys..."

"I know, I know. Still Beau, you are a part of this little group. We love you that much, we really do." I assured him

"Sure do!" Travis added.

"Indeed!" David joined in.

"Thanks, you guys, that means a Hell of a lot to me, it really does." Beau answered.

"Are we ready?" David asked, as he carried the crepes to the table on a little platter.

"Except for one thing." I commented.

"What?" David asked.

"Well, Beau promised to bless us with some of his essence on his next visit...which would be now. I know he can't stay very long, but I though some cummichino might be in order."

Beau smiled widely. He had had cummichino with us before, so he knew what I was suggesting.

"So, I'm the special ingredient this morning, huh?" Beau smiled.

"Please?" I asked.

"OK, what should I do?" Beau asked.

"Well, we just finished a fresh pot of coffee, Beau, so we only need to add your special ingredient."

"Do you want me to masturbate into the pot?" Beau asked.

"How un-romantic" David said.

"OK, what then?" Beau asked again

"David looked at each of us and said:

"Since I am leaving soon, may I do the honors?"

"Of course, if it's OK with Beau." I said.

"Are you kidding...I'd be honored for David to bring me to orgasm." Beau said.

"Great. I'll give you my famous fellatio and then transfer your semen to the pot. I think you'll like it, Beau." David promised.

David stood in front of Beau and went to his knees to take Beau's beautiful penis into his hands long enough to transfer it to his mouth. David began to slowly fellate Beau. Beau's penis became, not just erect, but swollen and started throbbing. Beau placed his hands on either side of David's face, David's ears enclosed between Beaus thumb and forefinger on either hand.

"God, David, it's the best I've ever experienced. Beau whispered."

Beau's scrotum began to contract, pulling Beau's beautiful balls up tight against his abdomen. He was close.

Beau glanced around the room at the rest of us and whispered:

"I love you guys...this is for you."

Beau closed his eyes; his knees seemed to buckle, just a bit, under the overpowering sensation of his ejaculation.

Beau filled David's happy mouth instantly, and his cum began to run down David's chin. David caught it in an open palm that he placed under his chin.

Must run in the family, I thought... As Danny, also, produces copious amounts of semen when he ejaculates.

"I've got dibs on the residual." I said.

"I want some too." Travis said.

"I know what my bro tastes like...he tastes like guys go ahead...I'll wait on the cummichino." Danny explained.

Beau's eyes remained closed as his perfectly formed penis pumped out the last ejaculatory spasm's worth of his precious essence. With each ejaculatory spasm, Beau's butt cheeks pressed together. What a delightful sight to see Beau's cute little butt participating in the orgasm.

I rushed to take David's place and accept the residual. Beau's residual semen was quite a load, itself. I took it all and motioned for Travis to approach. I transferred much of it to Travis' mouth in a kiss, while holding Beau's penis gently to avoid any of his cum from finding its way out of his meatus to drip onto the floor. Not a drop of him was to be wasted.

Travis took the mouthful and then took Beau's penis into his mouth...he wanted to know what Beau's taste would be. I already knew...he tasted the very same as his little brother, Danny...He was delicious.

"You are right, Danny, your big brother tastes just like you...HE'S DELICIOUS!" I proclaimed.

Beau quivered, as Travis sucked the last of his cum out of him. Beau opened his eyes and said:

"I think you got it all, guys."

"Yes, but I wish it could have continued all morning, Beau. You're delicious." I said.

Travis held Beau's, still erect penis in his mouth and sucked gently till he was certain there was no more. Then he slowly removed Beau's penis from his mouth and licked Beau's penis till it was dry, save for a slight coating of saliva. Beau, finally, began to lose his erection.

David had already transferred Beau's special sauce to the coffee and stirred it to ensure a good mixture. Semen tends to congeal when first expelled, then after some minutes, it assumes a liquid state. The hot coffee accelerates that process.

"The crepes are going to get cold." Danny observed.

"Who cares?" I asked.

"Me, I'm hungry." Danny replied.

We took our seats and enjoyed David's wonderful crepes and the cummichino that Beau had sweetened for us with himself.

"Excellent!" Beau remarked at the first bite of his crepe.

David took a brief sip of his cummichino and looked back at Beau with a smile:

"Excellent!" David said with a coy smile at Beau.

Beau smiled and said:

"Glad it meets with your approval, David. That's a tremendous compliment."

David nodded at Beau, who smiled in return

We finished our delightful breakfast, made even more special by Beau's special offering of himself.

When we were completely satiated, Beau said:

"I can't wait till you guys see what Danny can do with that art stuff. It's Amazing!"

"Ah...I'm not that good." Danny suggested.

"The Hell he's not! Wait till you see." Beau said.

"Well, OK, then. Let's see!" I insisted.

Beau rose and went to the foyer, where he had left Danny's portfolio.

Beau returned with the portfolio and reached inside, then removed a drawing, such that its back remained toward us.

"Ready?" Beau asked.

"Absolutely!" David chimed in.

Beau smiled at Danny and quickly turned the drawing for us to see.

"My God!" I exclaimed.

It was a pen & ink depiction of Beau. It was astonishing in its detail and its accuracy. It, from a distance, could have been mistaken for a black and white photo of Beau.

I was taken aback. So were Travis and David.

"You really did that, Danny?" David asked.

"Sure, it's no big deal." Danny replied.

Beau was beaming with a smile that he couldn't match with words, so he simply said:

"That's my little brother...Amazing, isn't he?"

I began to tear up.

"What, Barry, what is it?" Danny asked.

"I'm so stupid, Danny. We should have asked and learned where your talents lie. None of us even pursued that line of inquiry. Please forgive us, Danny. You have a tremendous talent...TREMENDOUS... and we didn't even know about it...even after all this time.

I exclaimed:

"Shame on us!"

"Isn't he GREAT?" Beau asked.

"Yes, he is indeed. I had no idea he was hiding this talent from us. I feel like a dolt...indeed I may be a dolt...I didn't know Travis had such a pleasant voice and the ability to sing a song after just one reading of the sheet music... David drew it out of him. I'm a real idiot, Dammit!" I confessed.

"Nonsense, Barry. You couldn't have known. I should have told you long ago. Danny has an exceptional talent. He's modest about it." Beau chided me.

"You guys really think I'm pretty good?" Danny asked.

"Hell No, Danny, you're not pretty are EXCELPTIONAL!!!" Davis declared.

"Really, Danny, I can't draw a stick have, as David just said, an exceptional talent...excellent...just excellent. I said.

"They're telling you the truth, Danny, you're as good as someone who has made a career of it...Graduate level...Master's Degree...all of it. You're fantastic!"

Danny began to blush.

"Don't be embarrassed, Danny. My God, you've been blessed with a wonderful talent. Others would kill to have your talent, Danny. It's something you either have or you don't. All the practice in the world would never take you to a place where you could produce such a work of art without the God given talent you have inside you. You are truly blessed." David said.

"'s not as big a deal as your music, David...that's talent...REAL TALENT." Danny retorted.

"I'm blessed to have a talent too, Danny. It doesn't diminish your have one Hell of a do exceptional work, Danny...Exceptional!" David answered.

Beau was still smiling from ear to ear. He turned to his little brother and said:

"See, I told ya so!"

"Yeah, but you're my big brother, you have to say stuff like that to me, cause you love me." Danny observed.

"Of course I love you, Danny, but I'm promising you that you are very talented. Everyone knows that...all your teachers and everyone." Beau declared.

"Yeah, and all the bullies who laugh at me and call me a sissy for being into art." Danny said, sadly.

"Danny, you have to ignore those morons, you can't let them get to you. They are only jealous of your talent, that's all it is. IGNORE THEM!" Beau insisted.

"That's easy for you to say, Beau. They aren't always threatening to beat you up." Danny said.

I was beginning to glean from this exchange why Danny had dropped out of school.

"Danny, I'm tremendously impressed with this talent of yours. If I ask `pretty please', would you do something for us? I said to change the subject.

"Of course. I wanted to draw a picture of David as a gift for him to take back to Italy; I thought he'd think of me every time he looked at it. Would that be OK, David?" Danny replied.

"I'd be genuinely honored, Danny. I truly would." David replied, looking lovingly into Danny's eyes.

Danny smiled widely and said:

"Thanks, David. We'll go outside later and I'll work on it. The light will be ideal for me to capture the detail." Danny said.

We were all marveling at this wonderful talent that Danny had kept hidden under the proverbial bushel for the time we had known him. I, particularly, was still angry with myself for having failed to pursue whatever talents Danny had brought with him. I was too overwhelmed with the love Danny had blessed us with to explore what else he had brought along with that love.

"You're really something, Danny. You are so very special. We love you for loving us and now you show us, at Beau's prompting, that you have a marvelous talent that we failed to draw out... you're simply fantastic." Travis asserted

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah." Danny responded, modestly."

Soon, having delivered his own blessing, it came time for Beau to leave. We each took our happy turn at hugging and kissing Beau. He had come to mean so much to us.

Beau took a special amount of time kissing and hugging David, knowing he would not likely see David for some time. Beau's protracted goodbye to David began to take effect and Beau's beautiful, perfectly formed penis began to react. Realizing this, Beau spoke:

"I'd better get out of here, or we'll have to make another batch of cummichino."

"That would be fine with us, Beau." I said with a smile.

Beau smiled back and said:

"Seriously, guys, I'd better get back and keep my promise to the twins. I'll barely have time to get them there on time."

"We understand, Beau. We want to thank you for showing us this fabulous talent that Danny has kept from us till now. We'll never be able to get enough of it, now." I said.

"That's good, keep him practicing. I think he can, ultimately, make a career of it." Beau answered.

"I'm sure of it, Beau. If, of course, that's what he wants." I said.

"You know the old saying, Barry. Find someone to pay you for doing something you love to do, and you'll never work a day in your life." Beau said.

"That's very true, Beau. My music falls into that category." David asserted.

"As does my writing and Travis' swimming." I added.

Soon, we were watching Beau drive away. The dark film coating on the storm door always came in handy, in such a case, as we could stand there in our nudity and watch such a sight without being observed by the busybodies across the street.

As always, it was difficult to watch Beau drive away. The more distance he put between us made us long to have him at our side all the more. He was a loving person, special in every way.

We were about the business of cleaning up the breakfast dishes while David had retired to the patio with a cup of coffee and the morning newspaper.

The doorbell rang.

"What did he forget, now?" Danny spoke up.

"I'll get it!" David called out from the patio.

"Beau knows he doesn't need to ring the bell, he can just walk right in, anytime he wants." I said

"Sure, He knows the code on the electronic lock on the front door." Travis observed

After a minute or two, David came to us, still rinsing the breakfast dishes, and announced:

"Barry, there's a guy at the front door who wants to see you."

"Who is it, David?" I asked.

"I don't know, Barry. He says he is the son of someone you love very much." David answered

"Really? Did he give you a name?" I asked.

"Damian." David replied.

"I don't know anyone named Damian, David." I asserted.

"'s hard to tell much about facial features through the peep-hole in the front door. I spoke to him in the intercom, and explained that he had stumbled onto a house full of guys who like to be naked, and that was the state we were in at the moment. I told him that I would tell you that he wished to see you, but that he'd have to wait a few minutes, while you put on a robe or otherwise dressed. He said that he expected you to be naked, since that was how you and his Dad spent so much time."

David went on:

"He said that, rather than you getting dressed, he'd get naked and join us. My God, Barry, he began stripping on the front I opened the door and ushered him in. He stripped in the foyer and, let me tell you...He's beautiful."

What a mystery, David, I can't imagine..." I began

David interrupted:

"Barry, you should brace yourself. Based on his picture, in the bedroom, this guy is the spitting image of Jody."

I turned to David in disbelief. I began drying my hands of the soapy water in the sink.

"He looks like Jody? Is that what you said?" I asked.

"Very much so, Barry." David repeated.

I was speechless. I followed David to the foyer. Travis and Danny, intrigued by David's announcement, followed along, as well.

When we arrived at the foyer, I was so shaken that my knees went weak. Seeing this, Travis moved behind me, placed his arms around me and supported my weight.

David made the introductions:

"Damian, this is Barry, Travis and Danny."

"Wow, there are four of you?" Damian said. His beauty was totally a mirror image of Jody. Even his penis was Jody's."

"Hello, I'm Damian" He announced.

My heart was reeling; this guy had Jody's voice, exactly.

I remained speechless. I couldn't find any words.

"Barry, I know this must come as one Hell of a surprise to you, as you never knew of my existence. I have learned all about you, however. I feel as though I already know you."

After a brief pause, he went on:

"Barry...I'm Jody's son."

I went completely limp in Travis' arms.

I would have called this guy a liar, but the resemblance was uncanny. It couldn't be coincidence.

"I'm sorry to have shocked you, Barry. I didn't know any less traumatic way to tell you. I know that you will receive an e-mail from my granddaddy, Joe, who will tell you as well, and I... well, I didn't want you to learn of my existence that way... So, here I am."

David seeing that I was on the verge of collapsing, should Travis' grip on me fail, spoke up:

"Why don't we have a seat on the patio. It's a lovely day; we can get acquainted there. Damian, would you like some coffee or something to eat?"

"Just coffee, please." Damian replied.

Damian followed David toward the patio. As they passed through the den, Damian remarked:

"Great House"

"Thanks, Damian, we've personalized it such that is home...we love it."

Travis, still holding me up whispered into my ear:

"You OK, lover?"

"No, not really, but I'll get through it, with you at my side." I replied.

"Can you walk?" Travis asked.

I suddenly realized how silly it was that I has gone weak-kneed over Damian, and mustered the strength to stand up and take my weight away from Travis' embrace.

"Yes, Baby, I can walk...I was just momentarily overwhelmed with the shock of learning that Jody has a son." I replied

We joined Damian and David on the patio. I sat across the table from Damian, still reeling with him and his resemblance to his father.

"I get you that coffee." David said to Damian

"Thank you." Damian replied.

Damian began the conversation, as David left for the kitchen.

"Barry, I know this is a huge shock to you, I apologize for it, but I wanted to know you, having learned the truth about you and my father. My mother did her best, all these years to poison my mind regarding you and my grandparents." Damian began

"I don't know your mother, Damian, why would she want to do that?" I asked.

David returned with the carafe and a cup of coffee for Damian.

Damian took a large sip from the coffee and remarked:

"This is excellent. It has a sweet taste...some ingredient I know...but can't place just now."

In all the excitement, none of us thought about Damian drinking Beau's cummichino.

"It's something of a custom blend, Damian...I'm glad you like it." David said as he gave me a subtle wink.

Damian resumed his story:

"Well, it's taken me a while to piece it all together, Barry, but I think I've finally put it all you want to long version or the short version?" Damian asked

"I want to know it all... so I guess that means the long version, Damian."

"OK, then. It might take a while." Damian warned.

"That's OK, please give us the whole story." I asked again.

"Well, I understand that my Daddy got into some trouble with some guy named Mike, and that this Mike guy raped my Daddy while they were in jail. Well, earlier that same day, Mike took my Daddy to visit some girl that was Mike's girlfriend...or at least, someone he had occasional sex with. That girl was my Mom."

He went on:

"After Mike had sex with her, she indicated that she wanted to have sex with Jody, my Daddy. She said that he was the most beautiful guy she had ever seen and she wanted him in her. I guess my Mom was something of a whore, she still is. I hate to say that about my own mother...but the truth is the truth

Mike forced my Daddy to have sex with my Mom. She has hated my Daddy since, because Jody cried for you Barry, the whole time he was having sex with my mother. It was a huge blow to her ego. Somehow, she thought that if she fucked Jody, the experience would turn him straight. Imagine her horror, when she figured out that I, like my Daddy was Gay."

"How did she determine that, Damian." I asked.

Damian smiled widely, demonstrating he had Jody' compelling smile, as well:

"She caught me sucking my cousin's dick, that's how."

"I see." I said.

"He is a lot older than me and pretty wild. She was horrified. To punish me, she makes me submit to an HIV-AIDS screening every 6 months... it's quite embarrassing." Damian explained.

Anyway, she got pregnant with me. She didn't know if I was Mike's or Jody's son, until I was born, and they did the blood tests and all. Jody didn't even know about me at first. I guess I'm lucky that my Mom comes from a very religious family, or I might have been aborted. I understand that she wanted that, but her father wouldn't hear of it."

"My God!" I declared.

"Yeah...I might not be sitting here, right now, Barry."

"Well, thank God you are, Damian." David interjected.

"Man this coffee is great. You gotta tell me what the blend is." Damian remarked, after talking another drink.

"It's a simple recipe, Damian. We'll discuss it later. Please continue." David said.

"My mother hated carrying me and has hated me for my very existence for all my life. She says I'm the demon-seed. That's why she named me Damian...after the movie character." Damian said, sadly.

"How awful!" I declared.

"Yeah, it's caused me no end of teasing throughout my school years." Damian added.

"Actually, Damian, it's a beautiful name. It's the name of an early martyr of the Catholic Church. It's a real shame that that stupid movie damaged it by assigning it to a child who, in the movie, was the Anti-Christ" I said.

"A martyr, huh...I didn't know that... well, I feel like a martyr most of the time, I suppose." Damian remarked.

He went on:

"Anyway, Barry, Mom made it a point to malign you, my paternal grandparents, and especially Daddy's half brother Gary for having shot and killed my Daddy. She has raised me with the notion that I would confront all of you when I got old enough. My Mom lied to me, though. I figured that out thanks to the Internet. I found my Daddy's obituary online in an archive of the newspaper, and a story about his death, as well. It was an accident, wasn't it, Barry?" Damian asked.

"Yes, Damian, it was a tragic accident... But an accident." I replied.

"I know that now. Gary didn't deliberately kill my Daddy. My Mom had me ready to come here and kill Gary. I considered it until I learned that it was an accident." Damian said.

"Actually, Damian, Gary and your grand daddy Joe were struggling over control of the gun when it was an accident. It happened during a fight between Gary and Jody." I said.

"My grand daddy, Joe, explained all of that to me, Barry. My Mom never told me the truth about it... any of it." Damian declared.

"That's a shame, Damian. You, of all people, need the truth about Jody's death. At the time, and since, no one would tell me what the fight was about. I've always feared it was about see, Gary harbored much jealousy regarding the relationship that Jody and I shared." I explained.

"No, Barry, the fight was about me and the revelation that I existed. I don't know exactly why that revelation lead them to fight, but the fight was about me. You had nothing to do with it." Damian revealed.

"So, that's why Joe nor anyone else would tell me what the fight was about?" I asked.

"I guess. They thought you'd regard it as a betrayal, that Jody had had sex with a girl...something like that... they didn't want to reveal my existence to you."

The relief I felt was overwhelming.

Damian continued:

"I understand that you have blamed yourself for a long time, Barry, because you happened to be out of town, at the time of the accident. As Joe explained it all to me, it began to NOT add up." Damian suggested.

"I don't understand. If I had been there, I might have prevented the accident." I replied.

"As it was explained to me, your routine was that you spent certain nights of the week with my Daddy at Joe's house every week." Damian said.

"Yes, after the court ordered Jody home to his parents while he awaited trial, I spent every Tuesday, Thursday Saturday, and Sunday at their house visiting with Jody. In those days, I had to work from the office, I couldn't work from home as I do now, so some nights I had to devote to my work... that's how we set it up. I was there, without fail on those nights." I insisted.

" Daddy was killed on a Monday wouldn't have been there." Damian said.

That battleship anchor that I had worn for all these years, suddenly fell off my shoulders.

"Didn't you know what day of the week my daddy was killed?" Damian asked.

"No...because I was out of town...I only know what day I heard about it. I extrapolated that Jody was killed on a Thursday." I replied.

"No, Barry, it was a Monday night." Damian reinforced.

"There was nothing for you to blame yourself for, Barry, even had you been in town you wouldn't have been there." Damian said with a smile.

"Thank you, Damian, you have just relieved me of a tremendous weight that I have carried on my shoulders since your Daddy died." I said, as I began tearing up.

"That's why I came to see you, Barry. That and I wanted to learn about my Daddy from you." Damian said.

"Of course, Damian. I'll share everything I know and experienced with your Daddy. I loved him more than I had ever loved anyone. After he was gone, I fell into a deep depression. Then, thank God, David, Travis and Danny came into my life. I love them more than words can express." I said.

"You're very lucky, Barry. I can see how they love you by how they tend to you...especially in a time of trauma...such as I have served up for you today." Damian observed.

"I am indeed, Damian. Believe me, I know it, too. We often consider that your daddy, may have sent these angels to me. We refer to him as Ganymede...and recite the refrain `Thank you, Ganymede' on that assumption."

"I don't know who Ganymede is, but I suppose that's fine." Damian said.

"Ganymede is a character from ancient Greek Myth. He was a shepherd boy of such beauty that even the gods were jealous of him and fought over who would have him. Jody was that beautiful." I explained.

"I wouldn't know, Barry. I've never seen my Daddy's pictures or anything. When Daddy was killed, my Mom took me and moved to Colorado to live with an uncle and his family. No one knew where she had taken me or what had become of us, except my Mom's Dad, who never told anyone." Damian said.

"Didn't you see his pictures while you were visiting your Granddaddy Joe?" I asked.

"No, as you know, my grandparents divorced, shortly after my daddy's death. Joe said that my Grandmother took all the pictures and other memorabilia with her. She has since remarried and lives in New Hampshire." Damian explained.

"Well, I'll show you all the pictures I have, Damian. I must tell you that the reason I was so taken aback when I first saw you is that you not only look like your Daddy. You could be his clone. You have his complexion... Hell, you have his everything... his beautiful face, physique, even his butt and penis. Your Mom's genes would appear to be recessive. The only difference that I can see, is that you have Jody's Auburn hair, but with a bit of a wave that he didn't have. Aside from that, you I could be his clone." I said.

"Really?" Damian asked

"Absolutely." I declared.

"Please show me some pictures, Barry. I can't wait to see my Daddy. I know how he loved you, Barry, Joe has told me all bout it. You owned his heart, completely. I felt I had to meet the man my Daddy was in love with. Please share him with me." Damian said.

"Of course, I will, Damian, Of course, I will. More than show you all my treasured pictures, I'll have copies made for you. I could spend hours telling you about your Daddy. My Word, there's so much to tell." I explained.

"Thank you, Barry. I was six months old when my Daddy died. I have no direct recollection of him or anything having to do with him." Damian said.

"That would make you about Danny's age, then...sixteen and a half. Am I right?" I observed.

"Yes, exactly, Barry. I've only been driving for a few months." Damian said.

I turned to David:

"David, please get the albums of Jody from the drawer in my office and bring the framed pictures from the bedroom."

"No problem." David replied.

"I hope you'll join us for dinner, Damian. We're planning a nice interlude at our favorite restaurant, Trey. I'm sure you'll like it." David requested.

"Thank you. David. I plan to head toward Houston, after my visit. I want to meet my Mom's parents. That's where they live now." Damian said.

"Why not put that off till tomorrow. We can have dinner and you can use the guest bedroom tonight and leave for Houston in the morning. It may take me all night to tell you about your wonderful father." I suggested.

"I'd be imposing, Barry." Damian said.

"Not at all, Damian. David has to leave for Italy in a few days, and I do want some time with him before then, but there's plenty of week left." I said.

"You guys are very kind, I suppose I should have expected that, based on my Granddaddy's telling of you, but, perhaps I can enjoy dinner with you on my return trip. Would that be OK?" Damian said.

"Of course, Damian, that would be just fine." I replied.

Soon we were pouring through the albums. Damian had moved to sit next to me to better see the pictures. He was deliriously happy at seeing his father for the first time.

"God, he really was beautiful, wasn't he?" Damian remarked.

"Yes, Damian, he really was... and you are his spitting you are beautiful too." I insisted.

"Thanks, Barry." Damian said.

"My Mom hates me cause I look so much like my Daddy...I didn't realize how much until now." Damian said.

"I'm not sufficient the psychologist to understand what goes on in your Mom's head, Damian, but I can't imagine any mother having such feelings regarding her own son." I suggested.

"Yeah, well, she hates my guts. She can't wait till I pack up and leave. I feel the same way." Damian said.

Danny came to insert himself into the scene. He sat on my lap, pressing my penis into his butt crack, as usual.

"Wow, that looks like fun." Damian observed with a smile.

"It is. I love Barry very much and I love doing this." Danny replied.

Damian continued looking at the pictures with me, Danny remaining on my lap.

David brought us a light hold us over till Trey.

"Thanks, David. This is very considerate of you." Damian said as David sat a plate in front of him.

"You're entirely welcome, Damian. In a short visit, you've accomplished more to relieve Barry's anxiety, regarding his self-imposed guilt about your father's death, than a lifetime of therapy could have accomplished. We're in your debt." David said.

"Once I realized my Mom was a liar, and had told me a pack of lies about my father, his parent's and Barry, I resolved to learn the truth and meet Barry. My Daddy loved Barry tremendously. How could I go on without meeting Barry, and those whom he now loves." Damian replied.

"We welcome you, Damian. Your surprise arrival shook Barry to his core, but I understand there was no real way to forewarn us. We thank you for what you have done today. Barry need never feel any guilt about your Daddy's tragic death again. That is worth more than you can know." David said.

Damian turned to me and said:

"You had nothing to do with it, Barry, nor could you have prevented it. You mustn't feel any guilt over it...Please. My Daddy must be quite unhappy to know you have blamed yourself all these years. He wouldn't want that...not at all."

"That's over now...and Thank God, Damian. I don't know how I could ever repay you for the revelation you have given me and the removal of this anchor from my shoulders."

I concluded:

"Ganymede must have sent you to me."

Damian smiled:

You mean my Daddy? Perhaps he did, Barry. Who knows?

Danny seemed pensive and unusually silent during our visit.

Travis appeared and called for Danny to join him in some laps. Danny wasn't even interested in that. I encouraged him to do the laps with Travis, anyway. He, reluctantly, arose from my lap and went to the pool to join Travis.

Damian and I continued with my story-telling regarding his precious father.

Danny swam the laps, but kept a close eye on Damian and me. It was obvious that he felt some threat from Damian. I knew I'd have to deal with it later.

Damian laughed at some of the tales I told of Jody and his antics. He even had Jody's laugh. It was uncanny how much of Jody resided in his son. I expected to awaken at any moment to discover it had only been a dream.

Danny lay on the lounge chair next to Travis who was on the adjacent lounge. He was soaking up a little Sun, but still keeping an eye on Damian and me.

We finally wound up our conversation for the time being, with me promising to continue the stories when Damian made his return trip.

As we rose to take Damian to the front door, the entire group was present. Danny stood at my side, holding my hand.

As Damian got dressed, he reached into a pants pocket and said:

"Oh I almost forgot...I brought you something from my Dad."

"You guys won't be offended if this gift is somewhat personal will you?

"Of course not." Travis replied.

Damian withdrew his closed hand from his pocket and placed that loose fist next to my ear, saying:

"You'll be able to hear it."

With that Damian quickly opened his fist and placed his palm on one of my cheeks as he placed his other hand on my other cheek and kissed me passionately...a French kiss of the kind his Daddy always enjoyed.

My God, I thought, as he kissed me, he even has Jody's taste. He's remarkable.

When his kiss was over he slowly pulled his face away from me. He looked lovingly into my eyes and said:

"That's from Jody. I thought for a long time as to what sort of memento I might leave you with. I figured a kiss from my Daddy would be the best. I hope I didn't offend you."

"No, not at all, Damian. I was just considering that you even have your daddy's taste. It's quite remarkable. Thank you for this special gift. I will consider it, as you wish, a kiss from my precious Jody...your Daddy."

"I'd give you even more...but that might not be appropriate." Damian said with a coy smile.

Danny was squeezing my hand hard. He wanted this little bit of intimacy to be over immediately.

Damian turned to the group and said:

"Please don't be angry with me...I just thought my Daddy would want me to deliver a kiss to Barry for him. So, I did."

By the way, Damian, I wrote your Daddy's least part of it. It's posted on a website called and is entitled `forgive me, Jody' if you wish to read it." I suggested.

"I will, Barry, though you may need to rework the title... there's nothing you need to be forgiven for." Damian concluded with a smile.

"And I thank you for making me understand that, Damian. I thank you very much." I said.

Damian got into an old rattletrap of a car with primer on one door, and on the hood and drove away. I felt badly for him that the old jalopy was what he'd driven all the way from Colorado, and now would drive, still further, to Houston.

As I closed the front door, Danny wasted no time in declaring:

"I don't like him!"

"Why?" I asked.

Danny looked up at me with tears welling in his eyes:

"Cause he might take you away from me."

"Danny, my dear young lover, no one could ever do that...NO ONE! If I spent a little time informing Damian about his father, he more than made up for it by relieving me of my guilt regarding Jody's death. You mustn't ever feel threatened by Damian. He may be the exact image of Jody, but he's not Jody. I'm not in love with him. I'm in love with you and David and Travis. We are ONE, remember?"

"I saw him get a hard on while he was sitting next to you, looking at Jody's pictures." Danny observed.

"Yes, I noticed that as well. I suppose I should be flattered that I could turn him needn't worry my love. He's no threat to you nor Travis nor David." I promised.

"Are you sure? He looks just like Jody, and you fell in love with Jody. Damian is beautiful, Barry. Anyone can see that." Danny said.

"He is beautiful indeed, Danny. So are you, so he Travis and so is David. There are a lot of beautiful guys out there... but...I'm not in love with any of them... only with you and Travis and David. You have nothing to worry about, my love, put away your fear and jealousy. I promise you sincerely, you have no need of have nothing to worry about." I explained.

"You Promise?" Danny asked.

"I promise, sweetheart, I promise!" I replied.

Danny sad expression slowly changed into a of those compelling `Danny-smiles' and he concluded:

"I love you, Barry."

"I love you, too, sweetheart." I said, as I kissed Danny's precious tears from his cheeks.

"I was very afraid he'd take my place, Barry, I'm sorry." Danny said.

I pulled Danny into my embrace and stroked his beautiful blond hair.

"No one could ever do that, Danny, no one but Danny could ever take Danny's place in our hearts...not in mine, nor in Travis' nor in David's. That place is reserved for Danny." I declared.

"That's right, Danny it's reserved for ...'Our Danny Boy' ..." David sang to him.

"Never doubt it, Danny, you have a place in our hearts and in our group...We are One...and that means Danny too. We love you, one could ever take your place." Travis added

Danny turned to look at Travis and David:

"Thanks guys. I love you guys too. I could never be without you now...NEVER!" Danny insisted.

"So...that is settled, right, Danny. You'll never be replaced by anyone, never, not by anyone. It's impossible. You'll never have such thoughts again, right?" I asked.

Danny smiled widely, as I kissed the last of his tears from his cheeks.

Danny nodded to signify that he understood.

I hugged Danny once more, pulling him into an embrace, a protracted embrace:

I released by embrace to say:

"Now then, I thought you were going to do a drawing of David. The Sun is as bright as it gets." I observed.

"It's not how bright it is, Barry, it's the angle it hits the subject... the subtle details, shadows, and everything make all the difference." Danny said

"Really?" I asked.

"Of course, silly." Danny replied.

Danny took David by the hand and led him to the patio door:

"Go ahead and have a seat, David, I'll get my stuff, and be right back." Danny instructed.

Danny wouldn't let Travis or me watch as he produced the picture. I notice that he uses his left and right hands with equal duty as he produced the picture. He was obviously ambidextrous. I had never picked up on that trait either.

Danny insisted that we not stand behind him as he worked his magic; he said it made him self-conscious and Travis and I sat at the end of the table, as David sat front and center in a lounge chair in the sun and at poolside.

After a while, Danny said:

"We better take a break, David, I don't want you to get sunburned, and I see where the highlights belong and have marked them."

"Thanks Danny, it was getting a bit toasty." David replied.

Danny brought his pad and joined us at the table. He needed to be out of the Sun for a break, as well. He was careful to hold the pad such that we couldn't peek.

"I know it's a bit early, Barry, but after Damian's visit and everything, I thought a mild drink might be in order." David suggested.

"Thanks, Baby, that does sound good." I said.

"All around?" David called out for all to hear.

"Not me, not while I'm drawing." Danny said.

"How about a soft drink, then, Danny?" David suggested.

"OK." Danny replied, still immersed in his drawing.

As I sat with Travis, watching Danny at work with his drawing, I realized, as I often do, how blessed I was. I leaned across and placed my head on Travis' breast.

"You OK, Barry?" Travis asked.

"More than OK, Baby. Damian lifted all the weight of guilt from me. All that guilt I have carried around for years. I can't begin to explain the relief I feel. Actually, it's still sinking in. I'll still miss my sweet Jody, of course, as I least, I won't feel responsible for his death, as I have all these years." I explained.

"Thank God!" David interjected, as he sat as still as possible for Danny's purposes.

"And...thank Damian." Travis added.

"I feel badly, for Damian, actually. He obviously lives with little money at his disposal, and based on his car, could find himself stranded anywhere, at any time." I observed.

"Yes, but he seems undaunted by it all." Travis said.

"Well, I've always believed that the worst thing one can do for someone like Damian is to radically change his financial condition temporarily, so I don't think we should throw money at him... still, he's Jody's boy, and I feel compelled to help him in some way that makes sense for him. I'm sure Jody would want me to help his son... I just don't know how." I explained.

"We should all be there for him, Barry. He gave us all a gift in relieving the guilt you have needlessly carried around...we're all in his debt." Travis said.

"It's true, we could never repay him for such a gift." David added.

"I haven't decided if I like him or not, Barry." Danny said.

"Give him a chance, Danny. You are in no way threatened by Damian, Danny, we've explained that. You understand, don't you?"

"Yeah, I understand... but that doesn't mean he won't try to take my place." Danny observed.

"For Heaven's sake, Danny... no one could possibly take your place, anyone who would even try would meet with the wrath of our entire group. We would never tolerate anyone even trying such a thing." David said.

"Absolutely!" Travis added.

"Try to be open to his friendship, Danny. He's no threat to you, I promise." I concluded.

"OK" Danny said, as he continued his drawing.

I continued to lay there, my head on Travis' breast, until there was a knock at the gate.

" guys out there?" Lance's voice called out.

"Just a moment, Lance. The gate is locked. I'll open it for you." I relied.

I turned to David and said:

"I'm sorry, Baby, want me to chase him away...this is supposed to be our time together."

"No, it's fine, Barry. He's another little guy we need to be here for. We have plenty of time to be together. Let him in." David relied.

I opened the gate to see Lance standing there naked, his clothes in his hands.

" should have waited till you got inside before you stripped, Lance. If one of our busybody neighbors were to see you naked here, no telling what they might do...they could have the damned police down on us." I said, as I quickly ushered him into the patio.

As expected, Lance was erect, as Ben had said he would be.

"Hi guys!" Lance called out.

"Hi, Lance, glad you came to see us." David called back.

"Hi, buddy." Travis added.

"Come on in. Lance." Danny said, as he continued his drawing.

"Whatcha doing, Danny?" Lance asked, as he saw Danny at work.

"I'm doing a drawing of peeking, though." Danny asked.

"OK." Lance replied.

"How are you doing, Lance?" I asked.

"OK, I guess. My erection came can see that." Lance said as he reached for his penis and held his erection for us all to observe.

"Yes, Ben said it would, you shouldn't be surprised." I said.

"Yeah, I tried to make it go away. I stuck my own finger up my butt, but I couldn't find the right place to massage, like Jake did the other night. I thought maybe you guys could help me. Ben said that if Danny would put his penis into me, my erection might go down. I wanted to ask Danny if I could sit on his penis the same way he does on your penis, Barry. It might cause my erection go away, at least for a while." Lance explained.

"Ben also said that your anus is very small, Lance, even if Danny were willing to do that, it might be extremely painful, it might even tear your anus. That would not be a good thing." I observed.

"I don't understand why my anus is so small, but I know I make turds as big as anyone, so it must open up when it wants to." Lance said

"Yikes... Lance, the proper term is `stools'...turd is a term that we don't use." I said.

"Well, that's what my Dad calls them, anyway." Lance replied.

"Stool is the proper term, Lance. Turd is a slang term that sounds rather ugly." I said.

"A stool is something you sit on, isn't it?" Lance retorted.

I had to smile at this:

"Yes the word has two meanings, Lance. I don't know how it also came to be used to mean... well... turd... as you put it." I chuckled.

"Oh." Lance said.

"Anyway, I make stools as big as I should be able to get Danny's penis into me, and see if my erection goes away." Lance reasoned.

"Would you do it for me, Danny... PLEASE?" Lance begged.

"I don't know, Lance, I don't think I ..." Danny began.

"PLEASE?!?" Lance interrupted.

"Well, I don't..." Danny began

"I think I'm clean inside...I'm not sure, though. I tried to go to the bathroom before I came over here, but I couldn't make anything come out." Lance explained.

"I' m working on this drawing, right now, Lance. Barry can do it, if he wants to." Danny replied.

"I really wanted you to do it, Danny. You're the most beautiful boy I've ever seen. It would really be cool to have you inside me." Lance said.

"You really think I'm beautiful?" Danny asked.

"Sure...anyone can see that." Lance replied.

David, Travis, and I looked at each other with raised eyebrows, wondering what Danny would say next.

"Thanks,'re cute too, but my penis only belongs to David and Travis and Barry. I don't do anything sexual with anyone else." Danny replied.

"I'm not asking you to fuck me, Danny, I just want your penis in me to see if my erection goes down." Lance declared.

Yeah, right!?! I'm sure David, Travis and I were all thinking.

"Barry, would you do it for him...I'm busy with this drawing right now and I don't want to be interrupted." Danny asked.

"Would that be OK, Lance?" I asked.

"Sure, Barry. I just want to get rid of this damned hard-on." Lance replied.

"Well, since you're not sure if your rectum is empty, let's go inside and use an enema to flush you out. Then we'll see if you can really open up enough for me." I suggested.

"OK." Lance replied.

Lance followed me into the house and to the Master bathroom. I explained:

"There are two types of these enemas, Lance, one is a simple saline solution, and the other contains mineral oil. I think that we should induce a bowel movement with the saline enema, then use the mineral oil to ensure your rectum has the maximum lubricant so I don't hurt you, since this would be the first time you've experienced a penis in your rectum." I suggested.

"Barry, I've had every type of medical instrument inside me when I was younger. I don't think your penis will be as bad as that. Lance observed.

"Thanks, I guess." I replied, considering that my penis isn't all that big...but it's not exactly miniature, either.

"Oh, your penis is plenty big, Barry, I didn't mean it that way." Lance assured me.

"Bend over for me sweetie." I instructed.

He did so, but said:


"Yes." I responded.

"Thanks for calling me one ever speaks to me that one ever calls me something nice like that. I'm just a big pain to everybody. I don't try to be. But I'm a big bother to people." Lance said.

"Nonsense, Lance. You are a sweetie. That's why I called you one. We all have come to consider you a friend, and we love you." I said.

"Thanks, you think Danny loves me too?" Lance asked.

"You've taken a special interest in Danny, haven't you?" I asked.

"He's the most beautiful boy I've ever seen, Barry. I hope he loves me...I love him." Lance said.

Well, Lance...he is beautiful...there's no denying that...and yes, he loves you...AS A FRIEND...if you try to make more of it than that, you'll only hurt yourself. Be Danny's friend and love him as a friend...don't try to make him your first lover...that could prevent him from even wanting to be your friend...don't push...just be his friend...OK?" I said.

"But I want him to be in love with me...I'm in love with him." Lance said.

"What you feel right now might only be a crush...based solely on his attractiveness to you, sweetie...don't push. I promise you that it could be a mistake. Danny loves you as a friend, be happy with that. Danny is in a relationship with David, Travis and me. We're not looking to add anyone to our group. There are a lot of beautiful boys out there. Danny may be somewhere at the top of the heap, but there are other beautiful boys out there. You're a cute guy; there will be many who will want to make love to you. Don't be in such a big hurry." I suggested.

"But I love Danny NOW!" Lance said.

I understand, Lance. I really do. Everyone remembers his first love, for the rest of his life...I sure do. But I don't want you to be hurt...and I know Danny wouldn't want to hurt you." I said.

I changed the subject:

"OK, Lance. I'm going to insert the tip of this enema into your anus. I'll apply some lube to your anus, first, so it will go in easily...OK?" I suggested.

"OK" Lance replied.

I slowly massaged Lance's anus till it relaxed for me and then slowly pushed the enema nozzle into him.

"Geez...that really felt good. I never had my anus worked on like really feels good, huh?" Lance observed.

"Your anus is one of the most erogenous parts of your body, Lance. Many boys never figure that out... but yes, it feels good to have it massaged. Also, it causes you anus to relax and be more easily entered." I explained.

I continued:

"OK, Lance, I'm going to slowly squeeze the saline into your rectum. I want you to hold still for me. Remain bent over till we get it all into you, then I want you to sit on the commode till it works on you, OK?"

"OK" He replied, still bent over.

I gently squeezed the enema bottle. The first squeeze pushed about half the contents into him.

"OK, sweetie, here comes the other half." I said, as I squeezed the remainder into him.

"I feel it coming into me, Barry."

"Just stay still, sweetie." I requested.

"OK" he replied.

"I'm going to slowly remove the nozzle now, sweetie. Then I want you to sit there, on the commode. Within a moment or two, the enema will do its work and you'll have a bowel movement. Even if you are already empty, at least we'll know for sure." I said.

I removed the nozzle from Lance's cute little anus, and it snapped shut behind the exit.

"OK, sweetie, have a seat there." I said.

Lance took a seat on the commode, as I had asked. His penis pointed up at me, as he sat there. His penis was so hard; I was surprised that it wasn't painful for him. He saw me looking at his penis and said:

"It's really weird, huh?

"Actually, Lance, your penis is perfectly formed and proportioned to you physique. It's not weird,'s a beautiful thing. We just need to see if we can get it to be more obedient, and have less a mind of its own."

"It's always had a mind of its you really think it's beautiful, Barry, or are you just saying that to make me feel better?" He asked.

"Not at all, sweetie, I was being entirely honest. Your penis is beautiful. Not all boys are so lucky. Not all penises are beautiful, like yours. Some penises are not attractive at all. Sadly, some penises are not well formed nor properly proportioned, and some are down right ugly, I'm sad to say. It doesn't seem fair. All boys should have penises as well formed as yours." I said.

"Yeah I've seen some, in the showers at school, that are not very pretty...I guess you're right, Barry. Thanks for the compliment." Lance said.

Just then the enema worked and Lance sprayed the contents of his rectum into the commode. There was no fecal matter. He was already empty.

"I didn't know it would come out like that, Barry." He observed.

Lance lifted his balls up so he could better look between his legs into the commode.

"It did so, because there was nothing in there to absorb the solution, otherwise you would have had a normal bowel movement." I said.

"Oh, I see, I would have made turds...I mean stools, if there was anything in there, huh?" He observed.

"Exactly, sweetie." I affirmed.

"Cool" Lance replied.

"OK, then, stand up for me and bend over once again, Lance." I requested.

He complied.

"I'm going to put some lubricant into your anus, but I'm not going to use the mineral oil, as it might induce another bowel movement. You do need to be as well lubricated as possible, though. When we get outside, I'll massage your anus until it relaxes for me like before, do you understand?" I explained.

"That stuff feels kinda hot, Barry." He said as I placed a generous quantity of ID Glide lubricant into his anus.

"It's supposed to, sweetie, it increases the pleasure." I said.

"COOL! I'm really learning a lot, Barry." Lance remarked.

I finished lubricating Lance's anus and rectum and said:

"Let's join the others, on the patio."

"OK" Lance said, as he stood up and began to walk toward the den and the anteroom.

Soon we were at the table, under the canopy. Danny pulled his drawing toward his breast like a poker hand as we walked by, preventing any peeking. As we prepared to sit down, Danny spoke to Lance:

"Listen Up, Lance, I wouldn't be happy about Barry being inside's something he only does for me...but, I know it's for medical reasons, not for sexual ones, so I'm cool with it. Just consider it a special gift from me, that I will allow Barry to do this for you. You are our friend, Lance and we love you...but this is something very special...OK?"

"I understand, Danny, I asked you to do it. I'd love for you to do it. Why won't you?" Lance asked.

"Because Barry has much better self-control than me...if I do it, and get excited, I'd probably go all the way and cum into you, Lance. Then you might get the wrong idea." Danny replied.

"I'd love for you to come in me, Danny. I'd consider it an honor." Lance beamed

"I try to save all that for the group, Lance. Please understand." Danny replied.

He replaced the drawing pad back to resume working on the drawing but said to Lance:

"Don't worry, Lance. Barry will be very gentle with you, just as he was with me."

Danny returned to his drawing.

"OK Lance, before I try to enter you, I want your anus to open up for me and welcome me in, OK?" I said.

"OK" Lance said.

He spread his legs and reached around to spread his butt cheeks.

"Is this OK, Barry?" He asked.

"It's fine, Lance." I replied.

I had brought the ID Glide with me and squeezed a generous amount onto my fingers.

"OK, Lance. I'm going to begin now."

"OK" Lance replied, sounding eager.

I began to massage Lance's anus gently, moving my fingers around the circumference of his anus. Making circular motions, I made ever decreasing circles around his anus until I arrived at it's center. I continued to make these circular motions at his anus until I could feel it relax. It hadn't opened up just yet but the sphincter muscle had begun to relax.

"I'm going to probe into you, very gently, Lance. I'm going to use the pad of my index finger, not its point. Your anus will not become defensive at my probing, as it would if I used the point of my finger. Are you ready?" I explained.

"Yes." He responded.

I did as I had explained. After a few seconds of probing him, Lance's anus, at last began to open up for me. He was right, when it did so, it became obvious that he could accommodate my penis, though it might be tight and uncomfortable. It would not tear his anus to let me in.

"OK, Lance your anus has opened up for me. I want you to control my rate of entry, though. I'm going to spread my legs a bit, and lube up my penis and try to achieve my own erection. Then I want you to sit on my penis and take it in at a rate that is not too uncomfortable for you. If you decide you can't take it...just pull off my penis and we'll stop immediately. OK?" I said.

"Yeah, let me help you get a hard-on." He suggested.

He reached around and stroked my penis. It responded quickly and stood at attention for what was about to happen. Danny watched this, and didn't seem too pleased that Lance was handling my penis. He said nothing, however.

Lance reached between my legs and took my penis into his hand. He positioned it for entry into him. He first placed my glans against his anus and stopped briefly.

"Here we go, Barry." He warned.

"OK, Lance, slow and easy...OK?" I suggested.

He nodded.

His anus reluctantly opened all the way and took my glans inside. Lance stopped as my glans was just inside him. His sphincter closed around my glans, squeezing it to produce much pleasure for me.

Damn...this kid is feels really wonderful. I thought silently.

"Slow and Easy!" I repeated.

He nodded.

The pressure of my penis just inside Lance's rectum found his Cowper's Glands, and the pressure caused them to pump out copious amounts of precum.

"Can't let that go to waste." I said, as I reached around to gather his Cowper's fluid into my hand.

"Wow...that's a lot of precum, Lance... really a lot. Save some for me, Barry." Danny remarked, as he watched me gathering Lance's precum onto my open palm.

Slowly, Lance continued to sit lower upon my penis until he was fully on my lap, as Danny always does.

"God, Danny, you were right...this feels excellent." Lance remarked.

Lance's rectum was rhythmically contracting against my penis. This little trick was one Danny had learned long ago, but I didn't expect Lance to figure it out so quickly. He was bringing me to ejaculation, whether he intended to or not.

I whispered to Lance so no one else would hear:

"You're going to make me cum, if you keep that up."

He only nodded. Still Danny heard that.

"He can't help it, Barry. I do the same thing, and it's sorta automatic. It's hard to control it." Danny apologized for Lance.

I thought you do it on purpose, Danny." I observed.

"Oh, I do. But I'd have a difficult time trying not to do it. If you cum in him, I'll understand." Danny said.

"He's really tight, Danny. His rectum really squeezes my penis while it strokes my penis. I'm not so sure I have enough self-control to prevent having an ejaculation." I said.

"It's's not really that you want to have sex with him. I understand. Go ahead and cum if you need to. I understand. I knew I'd cum into him for sure, so I didn't want him to think the wrong thing about know what I mean." Danny said.

"I love you, Danny. I love you in a way that I know you can't love me back. I'd understand if you want to help me lose my hard-on. I wouldn't think you were in love with me, even if you cum into me. I promise." Lance said.

Even as Lance was speaking to Danny, his erection began to subside.

"I'm going to stay inside you, Lance till it goes down completely. OK?" I said.

"Aren't you going to cum in me?" Lance said.

"Do you want me to? I need to, but thought I'd try to hold off till I make my exit." I said.

"No, I'm honored that the same cum that Danny knows would be inside me. It's the next best thing other than having Danny cum into me."

"Thanks, I think." I chuckled.

Lance's rhythmic motion continued till I was at the ejaculatory point.

"OK, Lance you're about to get your wish." I said, as I unloaded into him. The tightness of his rectum provided an exquisite orgasm as it squeezed my penis, retarding the rate at which I could expel my semen. It was wonderful.

"God, your cum is really HOT, Barry. It feels good in me." Lance observed.

David and Travis remained silent but were taking in the spectacle.

"I still have a handful of Lance here. Any takers?" I asked.

All hands went up. I reached out my palm and each took a finger's worth of it and tasted it.

"Good stuff, Lance." Danny said, as he tasted Lance's precum

"Really, you like it?" Lance asked.

"It's very good, Lance. Must be a family recipe" David remarked with a smile.

Lance smiled widely and said:

"Thanks guys. It's a real compliment that you like my precum. Tell you the truth, I feel like I'm about to cum...BIG TIME. Can I cum once my penis is flaccid?"

"Sure you can. After you become totally flaccid, I'll slowly withdraw from you, and we can collect your ejaculate or spunk, as they call it in Europe. And each have a little taste. Is that OK?" I asked.

"Sure, I'm honored that you would want to do that...Wow!" Lance replied.

We waited and watched as Lance's erection went down, slowly.

"I still don't understand why this works, Barry." Lance remarked as we continued to watch his erection subside.

"Well, Ben could probably explain it better, being a Urologist and all, but I think I can offer an analogy...a rather simple explanation that might make sense." I said.

"OK" Lance said, waiting for explanation

"Yes, please do, Barry, I don't have a very good understanding of it either." Travis remarked.

"Well, imagine a sink, like a kitchen sink, for example. Imagine that the drainpipe was just a slight bit smaller than the faucet flow into the sink. Eventually, however slowly, the sink will fill up completely. Unless the drain pipe can take the water away faster than the faucet places water into the sink, it MUST, eventually become full...Right?" I explained.

"Of course." Travis replied.

"Well, that's how Ben explained Lance's problem." I started

"Huh?" Danny interjected.

"Well, for some reason of genetics, the blood vessels that take blood away from Lance's penis are ever-so-slightly smaller than those that supply blood to his penis. So, eventually, Lance's penis becomes erect. What Ben has shown us, is that by applying pressure to the correct region of Lance's control valves, for lack of a better term, by means of pressure from the penis in his rectum, the inflow is restricted enough to allow those slightly smaller vessels to drain Lance's penis. Since the vessels are only slightly smaller, it takes a long time for his penis to become erect again...unless, of course, you sexually excite him...then he'll become erect at the same rate as any of us. Ben explained that in the case of genuine priapism, that pressure would produce no, Ben is right, this is a simple congenital issue and not real priapism." I explained.

"I see." Travis said.

"Makes sense to me." Lance remarked

"It does?" Travis inquired

"Yeah...I learned how the penis is made a long time ago. The urine tube, or urethra, runs down the middle of the penis. On either side are spongy tissues that can fill with and be drained of blood...that's why the penis gets hard...blood flows into the penis. When you're hot and ready for action those valves, Barry mentioned, close to prevent any blood from draining from the penis. Then when you're not excited anymore, the valves open and the blood drains out, producing a flaccid penis. I learned all that stuff years ago from the first Urologist Dad took me to. But...they must have got it wrong...I don't really have priapism...they wanted to stick needles into my penis and drain it.

Dad wouldn't let them do that, since my erection was not painful. I haven't been to another Urologist since, and I was only little, about 5 years old at the time."

He went on:

"I'm sure glad I didn't have to go through that...needles in my hurts to even think about it. Thanks to Ben, I now understand what's going on with me."

"You're very knowledgeable, Lance. Most boys your age, for that matter most men, don't understand the hydraulics involved with an erection. Very Good!" I said.

"Yeah, well, when you've gone through all I have, you learn all about have to." Lance said.

"I suppose so, Lance." Travis agreed.

"I really feel like I need to cum, Barry." Lance said.

"OK. Your penis is pretty much flaccid, now, anyway, Lance. I'll slowly pull out of you and we'll see what happens."

"I'll take it in." Danny said.

Danny put his drawing pad aside, face down, and moved to Lance. He pursed his lips at Lance's meatus, being careful not to take Lance's glans entirely into his mouth.

"OK, Lance, I'm going to retract my penis now." I reported.

Lance nodded.

As I removed my penis, I could see Lance's scrotum retract quickly.

"He really is going to cum, Danny...take him in." I said.

Lance had had his hands resting, each, on one of my own. He clenched his hands to grasp mine as he let his cum fly into Danny's mouth.

"Mmmmmmmm" Danny hummed, as Lance filled his happy mouth.

Lance's penis throbbed and bobbed as his ejaculation proceeded. He looked down into Danny's eyes the whole time he was spurting his precious essence into Danny.

"I love you, Danny." Lance declared, in a loving tone, as he continued to cum into Danny.

Danny nodded...he could not speak while accepting Lance's precious cum.

When Lance's ejaculation was finally over, Danny brought the last mouthful of it to the rest of us, and kissed a quantity into each of our mouths.

"It's even better than his precum, and that was delicious." David said to compliment Lance.

Lance smiled and blushed:

"Do you really think so?" Lance asked.

"I really do, Lance. It's a shame you didn't understand what it was until the other night, you could have been sharing it with us long ago. Oh well, at least we can have some from now on...can't we?" David responded.

"All you want...all of you...ALL YOU WANT!" Lance said, as if promising.

"It really was delicious, kidding." Danny assured Lance.

Unfortunately, the excitement of Lance's ejaculation was taking his penis to its former erect state.

"I'll need to sit on your penis a little more, Barry, so it will go down again...OK?" Lance asked.

"OK, sweetie."

Lance held my penis and slowly sat on it as before. After a few minutes, his penis became flaccid once more.

"You're soft again, Lance."

"I know, but you feel so good inside me, I really don't want to get off your lap." Lance confessed.

"Don't push it, Lance." Danny said in a good humor and a smile.

"OK, OK." Lance said, as he rose from me and sat in the chair next to me.

"Lance, want to do some laps with me, while Danny finishes his drawing?" Travis invited.

"Yeah...GREAT!" lance replied.

He continued:

"And you can start teaching me some of that neat stuff you were showing the twins, last time I was here." Lance suggested.

"No problem. I'd be happy to." Travis replied.

"I can't believe my penis is flaccid... it's so guys just don't know. It's Great!" Lance said, looking down at his dick as he walked along side Travis to the edge of the pool.

Two splashes informed all that the two of them had entered the water.

Danny continued to work on the drawing.

"I'll freshen our drinks." I said

"Thank you, Barry." David remarked.

"Yeah, thanks." Danny added...not wanting to distract himself.

I went to the kitchen and freshened the drinks, bringing one for Travis, and a soft drink for the plastic glasses, of course, no real glass around the pool.

I handed Travis' drink to him and then bent to give Lance's to him.

Lance motioned for me to come closer, as if to whisper into my ear.. I had to get down on my knees to get as close as he wanted, and still bend over. When I did, Lance smiled at me with a wide and happy smile, pulled me to his face and kissed me sweetly on my lips.

"Thank You, Barry." He said.

"It's just a Coke, sweetie." I replied.

"You know what I mean...thanks for helping me with my erection and all." Lance said with a smile.

"I know what you meant, sweetie, I was only kidding. I'm happy that it worked. I'm sure we'll master the technique, and know just how far to penetrate to produce the desired'll work faster once we get it figured out." I suggested.

"I don't want it to go faster, Barry. It was wonderful to have you in me. Maybe Danny will do it next time... I know it doesn't mean he's in love with me...but it would be special if someone I love as much as I do Danny would do it for could be even more wonderful." Lance said.

"We'll see. Sweetie. We'll see." I replied.

Lance took a big sip from his drink, sat it on the pool's edge and rejoined Travis for more coaching.

Lance called out to all:

"You guys have been so wonderful to me! I love you ALL! No one has ever taken such an interest in me...THANK YOU!"

"Lance, you are our friend...we love you...of course we will take a special interest in you. You are very dear to us." Travis called back to Lance.

"I LOVE YOU GUYS...I REALLY DO!" Lance repeated, calling out loudly to us.

"We love you too, Lance!" We called out in unison.

Lance seemed to be enjoying Travis' coaching, and was beginning to perform some of the strokes that Travis was showing him. I too, enjoyed watching Lance, so long made fun of and tortured by those bastards he had as schoolmates, actually smiling and feeling welcomed in our midst. It was gratifying to feel that we helped him. His sweet kiss and effervescent smile, as he delivered them to me earlier, touched my heart.

God, I thought to myself, we can't take them all in. Still, Lance knew where to find us if he needed us...I guess that's the main thing.

My thoughts drifted back to Damian, and how we might help him. He is, after all, Jody's boy. I could never let Jody's boy go without the basic necessities...yet our finances are not such that we can shower money upon him. The others have no responsibility toward Damian at all...if it's money he needs, it would be my responsibility to try to help. Money may not be what he really needs, anyway. Ganymede will show us. I concluded in my mind.

I continued in my mind:

All these years, and I had no idea that Damian even existed. Jody had produced a son, albeit unwillingly, and I had no idea.

I slowly shook my head from side to side at the idea.

"OK, you ready?" Danny called out, to indicate he had finished with the drawing.

"I can't wait!" David said.

"Now not too close, Travis... or you either, Lance. I don't want you to splash water onto it...the ink will all run." Danny said.

"We'll dry off really well, and still stay a good distance from it, Danny. Don't worry." Travis promised.

"OK" Danny replied.

Danny, holding the drawing to his breast, moved to stand at the end of the table. He had a wide and joyous smile on his face, eager to show us the product of his work.

When all had gathered, Danny said once more:

"Sure you want to see this?"

"Of course, Danny." David insisted.

Danny looked at David and said:

"I hope you won't be disappointed, David."

David smiled and replied:

"I could never be disappointed in anything about you, Danny. You know how precious we think you are." David replied.

"OK, Then." Danny said, as he quickly turned the drawing to present it to us.

We were, all of us, dumbstruck wit it.

"My God, Danny. It's magnificent. I've never seen anything like it." David said.

"What a tremendous talent you have, Danny. It's breathtaking. I had no idea you were capable of anything like this." Travis added.

"I'm speechless, Baby. Beau was really are GREAT! Thanks you for sharing this talent with us." I said.

"Well, Davis sings and cooks and shares his talents with us. Drawing may not be as impressive as what David can do...but it's all I have to offer." Danny said.

"Nonsense, Danny. You have a marvelous talent, absolutely marvelous. If I thought you were withholding it because of some silly notion that you thought it was, somehow inferior, I would've kicked your cute little butt long ago. You have a very GREAT TALENT, Danny. You take no back seat to any of us." David declared.

Danny smiled widely:

"I'm glad you like it, David. I was really hoping you would."

"I love it, Danny. It's an extension of my precious Danny. How could I do anything other than love it?" David replied, with his own sparkling smile.

"Danny, I know a guy from college, who does art, he's working on a degree in it. He sometimes does drawings of the students he encounters on campus. Compared to you, he's a rank amateur. I'm serious. You are orders of magnitude better than he is. I just can't get over it. You are fantastic, Danny...I really mean that. I'm not trying to patronize or flatter are fantastic." Travis added.

"It's true sweetheart, you really are. I may need to call Lonnie again." I said with a smile.

"Lonnie...the insurance guy?" Danny asked.

"Of course. We must have your hands insured immediately." I said through a huge smile.

Lance jumped in:

"Did you really just do that, Danny...really?"

Danny nodded.

"WOW!" Lance responded in his own succinct compliment.

"He's the greatest, just as Beau said, huh, Lance?" I said.

"No Shit...I mean...Yeah he really is." Lance said.

We all smiled at Lance's comment.

"Can I have a hug, Danny?" David requested.

"Of course." Danny said.

Danny held the drawing out to one side to keep it out of the way while David delivered the hug.

"God, Danny, I'm honored. I truly am. You applied your talent to produce this masterpiece in my honor. I love you. I love you so much." David said as he hugged Danny.

Danny began to tear up. He handed the picture to me for safekeeping, as he placed his arms around David's neck and hugged him sweetly:

"I love you too, David. I'll miss you so much while you're gone."

Travis and I rushed to Danny and kissed the tears off his cheeks.

Danny turned to Lance and said:

"See why I love these guys so much?"

"I sure do." Lance replied, with a sad expression on his face.

I noticed this and quickly said:

"We love you too, Lance. We love you a lot, and were blessed that you are our new friend. We're all always here for you, Lance. Never doubt it. OK?" I said.

Lance began to smile at this and said:

"Thanks, no one has ever loved me like this before. I love you guys too. I'm always here for you guys, too." Lance promised.

"Thanks, Lance, that means a Hell of a lot to us each and all." Travis said, assuringly.

"That's right, Lance. You've become very dear to us. Always know you can come to us whenever you want. We enjoy your company." I added.

Lance came to join in on the hugging, and was given his share of the affection. It seemed to touch his heart, as he looked up at me tenderly:

" I've never known the kind of love you guys share. No one loves me...not really; I'm just a pain in the ass to everyone. Sometimes, I think they could just get rid of me."

"Nonsense, my sweet boy, here you are much loved. You could never be a pain in the butt to any of us. Begin to enjoy the love, we have it in infinite measure, Lance, and you will see it poured out on you, as well." I philosophized.

Lance hugged me tightly and for a long time.

I could feel my side becoming wet with his tears.

I ran my fingers through his hair and motioned for the others to notice that he was crying.

Travis and David moved to kiss him on the cheeks, and Danny took over my stroking of his hair.

He realized that everyone had joined in the affectionate display for him and looked up to say:

"I love you don't know how much. Everyone rejects my love...maybe cause the first thing they feel when I try to hug them is my big old boner...I don't know...I only know that you guys are the first to show me any affection at all...and I like it."

"Get used to it, then, Lance. Our love is something we share in infinite measure, and you are our friend, so you'll soon be weary of us pouring it out upon your cute little head." David said, with a smile.

"Actually, Lance, each of us has his story to tell...our stories about how we came to be with Barry. Over time, we'll share all of it with you. In the meantime, understand that we are your friends, and we'll do everything we can to make sure life goes well for you." Travis promised.

Lance nodded at Travis, his tears still on full display. Travis bent and kissed those tears away and said:

"Let's do a few more laps, before you have to go home."

"OK, I need to get home in time for dinner, though, or Mom will chew me out." Lance said.

"Well, let's get to it, then." Travis replied.

"SPLASH—SPLASH" announced that they were back in the water.

David looked at me and said:

"He's a sweet kid... he's been through a lot for a kid his age. I wish I could just pack him up and take him to Italy and spoil him rotten for a few months. Once I could get him to a point that he's insufferable, I could return him to his parents." David chuckled

"He's been through a lot for a kid his age... sounds like you, David, or Travis, or Danny." I observed.

Danny remained on David's lap, where he had found a welcoming seat after the hug-fest.

"I wish you didn't have to go, David. We'll all miss you like crazy, while you're gone." Danny said, as he kissed David on the cheek.

"I know, Danny. I know. I'll be back before you know it. You'll soon enough get tired of me, then." David said as he ran his fingers through Danny's beautiful silky hair.

"Get tired of you...NO WAY!" Danny insisted.

David kissed Danny sweetly and pulled him into a hug. They remained in a gentle embrace.

Eventually, Lance had to go home for dinner. He dried off and dressed and as he approached the gate, I said:

"Remember, Now. Next time, wait till you're inside the gate before you strip. We can't have the entire neighborhood marveling at your cute little butt"

Lance turned back and smiled at me:

"Or my big old boner leading the way."

"That's right, sweetie. You could be attacked by every horny woman and any stray queen in the neighborhood. We'd have to have David to apply his karate to protect you." I replied.

Still smiling:

"I'll remember." He called out as the gate closed behind him.

Now, the four of us were, at last, alone. Strangely, sex was not the first priority. Much cuddling and cooing seemed to be more appropriate at the time. We did plenty of that. Our precious David was the object of it all.

The following few days went by at an amazing pace. Before we knew it, it was time to take David to the airport. I had to really buck up. God, I didn't want him to go. I knew he had to...but I didn't want to turn loose of him.

That morning, even though he would be leaving us in a matter of hours, David rose, as had become his custom, and brewed fresh coffee for the rest of us. I'm sure it was the same, but somehow, it didn't taste as good to me, knowing our precious David would be leaving us soon.

We all cuddled to David and kept him from leaving the bed. He seemed to relish in all the affection. We poured ourselves out to him and made sure he understood that the experience was so intense, since we wouldn't be able to repeat the experience for six months.

Our coffee grew cold, and we didn't care. Finally David said:

"OK, guys, I'll make some breakfast for us." David said.

"Cummichino, David. I want some "David Cummichino"." Danny declared.

"I want some Danny cummichino... how about you make some Danny Cummichino for me and I'll make some David for you?" David suggested.


"OK, we can do it together." Danny said with a smile.

"Sounds like fun." David said.

The two of them left for the kitchen.

Travis and I cuddled but said little.

"This is sad, Barry." Travis observed.

"I know, sweetie, but we must remain stoic for David. He hates to leave us as much as we hate to see him go. If we break down, he will too." I said.

"I know." Travis confessed.

We could hear David and Danny giggling like schoolboys as they masturbated in the kitchen to produce the Cummichino. They were often like little boys when they were alone with each other. It was cute.

Finally, they returned with the masterpiece.

"You two guys get some of each of us...we both contributed to your Cummichino. David gets me only and I get him only...we're special!" Danny chuckled.

"Travis and I must be the special ones...we get you both!" I declared.

"That's right. We're special, Barry." Travis concurred.

After the laughter subsided, we returned to a rather solemn, perhaps sullen, mood.

We went through all the motions...Travis and I cleaned up the breakfast dishes. Danny joined David on the patio and relaxed on his lap, as David strokes his beautiful hair.

Everything was as normal, yet it wasn't.

The time flew past, and, soon, we were loading David's suitcases into the trunk

The drive to the airport was as silent as had been the rest of the morning. None of us were in a festive mood.

We stood at his side as David went to the counter and got his boarding passes.

We followed David to the departure gate and stood with him. Danny was carrying David's carry-on bag. When he finally handed it to David, the light shone through the window next to the jetway door to allow me to notice that Danny was wearing shorts that were for all intents and purposes `see-through'...his beautiful genitals were on full display at the angle the light was striking him. We, none of us, ever wear underwear, but Danny's decision to wear see through shorts certainly put that fact on full display.

The fact was not overlooked by the gate attendant, or the old queen attending the Jetway door, taking tickets. They both got a real eyeful.

When David approached the doorway. He turned to wave us a final goodbye. Danny, who had been standing directly in front of me, as I rested my hands, one on each of his shoulders, broke free and ran to David:

"Please don't go, Please. I can't stand not having you at home." Danny sobbed.

David bent to kiss Danny on his forehead and said:

"Don't be must be strong for me. I'll be home as quickly as I can. I promise. Barry and Travis will take good care of know that. I want you to remember to email me every promise?" David said.

Danny nodded.

I approached Danny and put my arm around him to lead him back to our former point.

The old queen spoke up, as I led Danny back:

"He's a beautiful young man, Sir... and very sensitive."

"He's the most beautiful and wonderful boy in the world." I affirmed with a smile.

The old queen nodded in agreement.

David made one final wave, and blew us a kiss, as he turned to descend the Jetway.

My heart sank to my butt, but I did my best not to look crestfallen.

We stood there until they pushed-back David's plane for taxi.

We watched as the plane began to taxi away, and continued to stand there until the plane was completely out of our sight.

"Well, I guess there's no reason to stay any longer." I said.

"No Sir, the old queen interjected. They'll be in the air shortly, and there's nothing to see at this point. I can see, if you'll permit me, that there's a tremendous love between the four of're very lucky. Forgive me for intruding, but it's so obvious that you each love the others very much." The old queen observed.

"Beyond the telling, Sir. Thanks you for being so kind." I replied.

The old queen nodded, turned, and walked away.

Our drive home was silent. We missed David already. We knew nothing could truly be the same with any one of us missing... and David was missing.

--------END TORNADO WARNING PT 13---------