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The house was quiet as a morgue, when we arrived home. David, our precious David, wasn't home. It really put the damper on the evening. When we relaxed with our drinks and headed toward the spa, we passed the Grand. It, too, seemed sad. David wouldn't be teasing its 88 keys to produce that beautiful music for six months. There, lying on top of the grand was David's picture, so perfectly drawn by Danny.

It was decided that David couldn't transport it all the way to Italy without it getting crumpled, so we promised to have a photocopy made and mail it to him, having the original framed. The drawing was outrageous in its perfection. It was as accurate as a photograph, no, far better than a photo. How our precious Danny accomplishes such perfection is, I suppose, a matter of inherent talent, and not to be understood by mere mortals such as us. The smile that Danny adorned David's face with was true to his real effervescence. In short... It was David. His eyes sparkled; his smile was captivating...every detail had been captured.

We sat, still silent, in the spa. The only sound to be heard was the gurgling and bubbling of the Jacuzzi. Finally, Danny spoke up:

"Look guys, there's the Big Dipper. Do you suppose David can see it from Italy?"

"I suppose so, Sweetie. Perhaps you should mention it in your first email to David. Perhaps you can suggest that David look at it at a specific time each night and think of us." I said.

"Don't forget the time difference, Barry." Travis remarked.

"Oh, that's much for that idea." I replied.

We had, without realizing it, left David's spot on the spa seat vacant, as if he'd be showing up with fresh drinks and taking his seat next to us.

"I miss David already, guys." Danny proclaimed.

"We all do, Danny... And I'll bet he misses us, too." Travis offered.

"He's such a sweet guy. I love to hug him, he's like a little Teddy Bear." I said.

"He really is...that's a good description for him, Barry." Travis added.

"Yeah, he's muscular and firm, but soft and cuddly." Danny added.

"He's all those thing, and a lot more." I said.

"Danny, he really treasures your drawing of him. Well he should, it's not only perfectly well done, but produced by hands that he loves so much." Travis said.

"I love him too, Travis. He's done a lot for me...he taught me to drive, and he makes sure I know how much he loves me...and I do know it, too. That's why it will be hard to have him away for so long." Danny replied.

"Well, we have to think of David's well being too, Danny. This time he has spent in Italy will open doors for him here at home that might not otherwise have opened for least not for someone as young as David. Most Maestros are old enough to be David's father. David is and has always been a prodigy... Many fellow conductors and musicians will resent him for the accomplishments he has achieved at his young age. So, this time in Italy will allow him to leapfrog his competition. We must be happy for him and no be so selfish in that we miss him so much. We must consider what's best for David." I preached.

"I know you're right, Barry, and I suppose it is selfish of us to wish him to be with us before he has achieved this tremendous honor...but to me he's not the Maestro so much as he is just OUR David... he belongs here with us. So I agree we must support him in this endeavor...but God, I want him home with us." Travis answered.

"Me too...We are ONE...and David is part of that." Danny complained.

"I know, sweet ones, you can bet he'd rather be here with us, as well. The time will go by quickly, as we stay busy with other things and enjoy each other's embrace...soon David will be home with us, don't fret." I said.

"Hey...You guys in there?" Came a call from the gate. It was Lance.

"Lance, What are you doing here at this hour?" I called back, as I rushed to open the gate for him.

I ushered him into the patio area. He stripped, instantly and was standing in his glorious nakedness.

"I just wanted to make sure David got off OK." Lance said.

"Well, by my calculations, David is still in the air. It's a very long flight, Lance. He'd be pleased to know that you are concerned for him...but he might kick your cute little butt for being on the streets at this hour."

"I have and idea." Danny offered.

"What's that, Sweetheart?" I asked.

"Well, I was going to send my first email to David, so it would be waiting for him when he arrives. Why don't I do that and have Lance to add a note to him as well?" Danny suggested.

"In fact...why don't Travis and I add an I Love You p.s. to your email after you and Lance have it finished?" I requested.

"Great idea, Barry." Travis interjected.

"Sure, guys, that's a really good idea. We'll call you when we've otherwise finished it." Danny promised.

"Great...don't be long, though. Lance's parents will be wondering where he is. It must be getting a little late for him to be out." I said.

"Naw, they don't care, Barry. I could get home at Midnight... they wouldn't know the difference. They wouldn't even wonder where I was." Lance said.

"OK, but I would worry, Lance, I don't want you walking the streets at this hour. God only knows what might happen to you." I said.

As Danny and Lance entered the anteroom and got out of earshot, Travis spoke up:

"How you think his parents really don't care about Lance's whereabouts at any given moment, especially after dark?"

"I have no idea, Travis. Many parents don't seem to show much interest in their children, and yes, as you put's sad." I replied.

"That makes it all the more important that we be here for the kid." Travis insisted.

"Yes, and we will be, too." I concluded.

"Well, as David would say; I look like a prune. Let's get out now, Barry."

"OK, Sweetheart. I need a new drink about you?" I said.

Travis and I dried ourselves and went to the kitchen to freshen our drinks.

"You ready for a drink, Danny? Would Lance like something? I called to the office, where the computer equipment was.

"Please." He called back.

"Me too...can I have one?" Lance called out.

"You MAY! Lance, would you like a Coke?" I answered.

"Can I have on like Danny?" Lance called out.

"I don't know about that, Sweetie. Your parents might freak out if I gave you an alcoholic drink." I said.

"They don't care much what I do, as long as it doesn't cost them money, Barry." Lanced called back with a laugh.

"Well, maybe a rather weak one would not knock you on your cute little butt. Let's see how it affects you...we'll go from there." I said.

"OK." Lance answered.

"We're ready for you guys to add your notes, Barry." Danny called out.

Travis and I carried the drinks to Danny and Lance and read what they had written:

"Dear David. I love you, I love you, I love you... oh, and did I mention, I love you. I hope your trip was good and you are safe and sound at your apartment. We sat in the spa and talked about you and how very special you are, you know. We want what's best for you so I guess we have to put up with you being gone for a while. It hurts, but we know it's best for you. We already miss you a it will seem like forever before you come home. Barry says it will open doors for you...whatever that it's good, I guess. Lance is here too; he came by while we were in the spa cause he was worried about whether you got to Italy OK. I'm going to let him add a line or two." Danny wrote;

Lance added:

"Hi David. You were very nice to me. You cooked for me, you played the piano for me, and you hugged and kissed me. I love you for that. No one but you and the other guys here has ever done anything like that for me. You are very kind David. I will miss you, like these guys do and hope you come home as soon as you can. Remember, I love you too, and will think about you very much. ... Love, Lance."

I was about to tear up at Lance's words of affection to David. His words were sincere and they came from a boy who has never known much affection or been granted much attention, at least not the positive kind. Therefore, what Lance has seen from our group has meant a great deal to Lance.

I nodded to Travis to read the same words. He did...then he looked at me and nodded back, with a sad expression.

Danny wrote:

"I'm back, David. I didn't want to end without telling you how very much I love you...sure I know that you realize that...but I want to say it. I love you, David. It won't be the same here with you gone...guess we'll just have to suck-it-up. J We all love you, David. As Barry would say: You can take it to the bank. Now Travis and Barry want to add their ps... Love, Danny."

Now it was my turn:

"Hi lover. I hope your trip was a good one and that you are not completely exhausted from it. I know you find it difficult to sleep on the plane, as I I know well how wrung-out a trip like you've just made can leave you. The others are quite correct, it's no the same without you. Guess it will take some to adjust. Make those bastards treat you right, or tell them to kiss your `secret place' and come home to us without delay. On the other hand...don't let anyone kiss your `secret place' that's just for the guys, and me, exclusively. J I miss you, lover...we all do. Stay safe and let us know, at once, if you need anything...My Love, always, Barry"

Travis concluded:

"Ditto to all the above, David. We all love you beyond words. We will miss you and will think of you constantly till you're home with us. Learn it all, lover, or more likely, as I gather it, Teach them all...then come home to us...home to our outstretched arms...arms that love you and wish to hold you forever. I love you, sweet David, as I always have, and always will. Travis."

Danny hit the "send" button and our message flew off into cyberspace.

We sat under the canopy and enjoyed the brink Texas breeze.

Lance spoke up:

"Say guys, I'm starting to get hard again. Will one of you do the honors?"

Lance looked at Danny and smiled.

"Oh, All right... .All right. I'll do it...but don't take it as more than it is, Lance. Also, I don't have much control, so I'll probably fill you up with my don't be surprised. " Danny declared.

I thought to myself...Hell, he'll enjoy being filled with your sweet cum, Danny.

"OK, where's the lube...Hey you need to clean yourself out first, Lance?"

"I don't think so, but I'll do it to be safe, anyway." Lance replied.

Danny and Lance disappeared into the house to perform the ritual. That left Travis and me alone with our thoughts.

Travis spoke first:

"Those were very sweet sentiments that Lance sent to the same time the were very sad. What a shame that someone like Lance has never known love and affection in his life. He certainly deserves it. He's a very persuasive little guy. Hell he could quickly win over a rattlesnake with his magnetic smile and charm."

He really could, couldn't he? You're right too, David will be touched by Lance's words.

I went on:

"Lance is quite a boy, I'm glad Ganymede sent him our way. He will never be One with us, but he'll be our dear friend and we will be his Champions." I said.

Travis nodded.

The boys returned from preparing Lance for the `procedure'.

"He was empty." Danny blurted out.

"You don't have to make a public announcement, you know." Lance laughed.

"Sorry." Danny apologized.

"OK, I'm gonna recline on one of the lounge chairs at poolside, Lance. You can straddle me and sit on my penis till your erection goes away."

"Fine, let me put the lube on your penis, Danny. It will give you a really good hard-on to go into me." Lance said.

"You learn quickly, Lance" I called to them as they approached the lounge.

"Thanks, Barry. I tried to pay attention to what you showed me before." Lance answered.

Danny placed the back of the lounge into the full-recline position and lay down on his back.

Lance squeezed a generous amount of the lube into his hand and spread it onto Danny's penis, which reacted instantly by coming to full attention. Danny's penis glistened in the dim light from the cool deck lighting.

Lance took more lubricant and spread it onto his anus, to prepare for Danny's entry.

"May I make a suggestion, Lance?" I called out.

"Sure, Barry."

I walked over to them and spoke softly:

"Lance's anus is very small, Danny, it is important that it be massaged well in advance of entering him so it's open as widely as it can be. We don't want o injure him by tearing his anus...OK?" I said.

"Can you do that part, Barry?" Danny asked.

"Of course." I said.

I spoke to Lance:

"Bend over for me sweetie and spread those beautiful butt cheeks."

He complied.

I took the lube and began massaging Lance's anus in a gentle circular motion, as I had done before. After a while, I could feel his sphincter muscle relax to my touch. I tested his anus with the pad of my index finger; it opened up for me without a fight.

"He's ready, Danny, but, still, be gentle. He likes to stop when the glans first enters, till his rectum is receptive to further penetration. He's going to pour precum all over your abdomen when you make your entrance, so catch it in your hand...I'd like some of it too. It's his family David said."

"OK." Danny replied.

Lance climbed onto the lounge to stand over Danny's penis. He slowly lowered himself onto Danny's penis, which Danny had held in position for him.

As Lance lowered himself onto Danny's penis, Danny said:

"Damn...he's tight, isn't he...he's HOT too."

"Yes, I told you to expect that...or did I...anyway...yes, he's both tight and Hot." I said.

As predicted, Lance began pouring out his precious precum into Danny's hand. Danny's hand was becoming full and he said:

"You'd better get some of this before it drips into my pubic hair."

"OK...although licking it out of your pubic hair could be its own fun." I chuckled

"For you, maybe...but not once it dries...I'll have a Hell of a time washing it all IT WHILE IT"S HOT!" Danny called out, like a carnival barker.

I rushed to lick Lance's precum from Danny's hand. It was good and it, like Lance's insides, was HOT.

Danny had reclined fully, having given me all of Lance's precum. Danny had rested his head on his open palms, full exposing his gorgeous torso to the gentle lights a pools edge.

"You really are beautiful, Danny, like no boy I've ever seen." Lance said lovingly, as he sat there on Danny's penis, awaiting relief for his erection.

"Thanks, Lance, you're not so bad, yourself." Danny replied.

"Thanks, Danny, I know I'm not beautiful like you, but some say I'm pretty cute." Lance said.

"And you are, too, Lance, you're a good looking really are. I wouldn't tell you that if it were not true." Danny said.

"Thanks, Danny. Can I just sit here all night? I love the feel of your dick inside me." Lance said.

I figured I'd better not let Lance get anymore carried away than he had already. So I called out to him:

"It'll never go down, if you're sexually aroused, Lance...we'll be here all night." I called out to the boys.

"That would be all right." Lance called back.

"Actually, it wouldn't be, Lance. Do you feel like you need to ejaculate?" I asked.

"Big Time!" Lance replied.

"OK, lift yourself, slowly, off Danny's penis. I'll be there to accept your cum. Once that's done can sit back onto Danny's penis and we'll see if your erection subsides." I instructed.

Danny reached to hold his penis at its base to make Lance's exit more comfortable.

Lance began to rise until Danny's glans popped out with a slurping sound.

"Hurry Barry." Lance called out.

I barely got Lance's penis into my mouth when he exploded into it.

I took it all in, saving a mouthful for Travis and Danny. It was HOT, this boy, I thought must have an unusually high body temperature. If his cum were any hotter, I couldn't take it without collecting it and waiting for it to cool a bit..

I kissed some of Lance's cum into Travis' and Danny's mouths. They seemed pleased at Lance's taste.

"Good Stuff! Huh?" I said.

"Yeah. Lance your cum is most young cum, it's not got that strong chlorine smell or taste, yet." Travis said.

" mean like bleach?" Lance asked.

"Exactly. It protects the sperm from the nasty germs inside the vagina...if you like that sort of thing, that is."

"I don't know. I've never tried pussy...It doesn't appeal to me, really. When I see someone as beautiful as Danny, well, why would I want pussy?" Lance confessed.

We all got a chuckle at this.

"Got to admit, Lance, Danny is so beautiful he could turn most so-called straight guys gay in an instant." I proclaimed.

"Awww" Danny complained.

Lance slowly resumed his sitting position on Danny's penis. Danny resumed his position, resting his head on his open palms, his glorious physique on full display, were it not for Lance's presence on his abdomen.

Danny spoke up:

"Lance, the action of your rectum is going to make me cum, too. I can't help it. Sorry!" Danny said.

"Sorry? Not me...please cum into me. Danny. I'd be honored to have your cum in me." Lance replied.

Danny's abdomen gave witness to his ejaculatory spasms as it tightened with each spasm. He closed his eyes as the orgasm overwhelmed his mind.

"Uhhh...Uhhh...God you're tight, Lance." Danny proclaimed as he ejaculated into Lance's happy rectum.

Lance made a circular motion with his butt upon Danny's abdomen, to further intensify Danny's ejaculation by moving Danny's penis in concert to that circular motion.

"You sure you've never done this before?" I asked Lance.

"Never...this just seems like the right thing to do." Lance answered.

"Your instincts are quite good, Lance...that is a helpful and erotic thing to do to a guy during his orgasm." I complimented Lance.

"Thanks, I think Danny likes it." Lance said.

Danny's abdomen finally stopped with its tightening spasms, indicating his ejaculation was over.

"It was good, Lance, Barry and Travis and David, all know that technique you did with your always feels good. We are mostly oral guys, but occasionally we do the anal did good, Lance." Danny praised Lance.

"Thanks, Danny. I really wanted to please you" Lance replied.

I'm afraid I really pumped you full of my cum, though. When your erection goes away, you can go to the bathroom and expel it into the commode, if you want to." Danny advised.

"Are you kidding? I may never allow myself to poop again, I never want your cum to be pooped out." Lance declared.

Danny smiled widely and said:

"You really like me, huh?" Danny asked.

"I love you, Danny." Lance responded, lovingly.

"I'm flattered, Lance, but I don't ever want to mislead you. I love you as a friend, not the same as I love Barry, Travis, and David. I hope you understand. You're a sweet guy, Lance, you really are. We all love a friend...we love you very much. Don't mistake what we're doing right now... or in the future as more than something that helps you with your erection issues...OK?" Danny explained in a soft and affectionate manner.

"I understand, Danny. I can't help it though...I really love you." Danny responded.

Danny smiled and pulled Lance into an embrace. The angle Lance assumed to accept the embrace nearly caused Danny's penis to make its exit, so Lance wiggled his little butt to re-insert Danny's penis into his rectum.

Danny stroked Lance's hair, gently, and kissed him on the forehead.

"We all love you, Lance. Don't take it as more than'll only get hurt, and none of us want that...OK?" Danny whispered to Lance.

I was surprised at the level of wisdom that Danny was demonstrating. He's really wise beyond his years, I thought to myself.

Lance nodded, but continued to relish in Danny's embrace.

"I think your erection is gone now, Lance." Danny observed.

"Yeah, I know...I just wanted to lie on top of you like this for a while." Lance said with a big smile.

Danny chuckled:

"Well, it time to take you home, Lance. So you'd better get up and get dressed. Travis and I will take you home in the car."

Lance, reluctantly sat up and rose, even more slowly, to allow Danny's penis to make its escape from his rectum.

Danny's penis was still covered in his own cum. Lance made quick work of it and took Danny's penis into his mouth to suck all of the cum into his mouth.

"Whoa, Lance...Whoa...if you want it, just lick it off my penis...that will be fine." Danny said.

Lance removed Danny's penis from his mouth and continued licking Danny's residual cum from the shaft and glans of Danny's beautiful penis.

"I think you got it all, Lance... better get dressed now, OK?" Danny said.

When Danny and Travis returned from taking Lance home I told Danny:

"I was very proud of you, Danny, you handled Lance's infatuation with you very lovingly, but without misleading him or setting him up to be hurt. It shows me you are wise beyond your years."

"He's a sweet guy, Barry. I'd never want to hurt him... he's had enough hurt in his life, already. But I don't want to have him think I'm in love with him...I'm not. So, I'll be affectionate with him, even let him sit on my dick, if it helps him, but I can't let him think that I'll eventually fall in love with him...that would be wrong." Danny said.

Travis spoke up:

"Come here you." He said to Danny.

Danny approached him. As he did, Travis opened his arms and pulled Danny into a sweet embrace. Danny went limp in his arms, surrendering himself to Travis, knowing Travis would support him like a child.

"I love you're really coming to understand many things. You really are wise beyond your years, just like Barry said." Travis declared.

"We must protect Lance, much the same as we have protected you, Danny." I said.

"What do you mean, Barry?" Danny asked, as Travis released him back to his feet.

"Well, you are the one who threatened to make a trek to Homo-heights to find out about anal sex, if we didn't give it to you. We don't want Lance putting himself at that kind of risk, either." I said.

"Yeah, and I really was ready to do that, too. Now I've experienced sex with I don't think I'd do that now. I do admit, though, I like the anal experience. It feels good to me...I like having a penis in me...but only if it belongs to someone that really loves me, and that I really love. I know you guys mostly like oral...I like it too, as you've already learned...but I like anal, too. It would be a problem if you stopped giving it to me. I need it...I really do." Danny explained.

"Don't worry, we'll keep you satisfied, Sweetheart. You'll never need to look outside our group to be satisfied. We'll take good care of you." I promised.

"I know you will, Barry...all of you guys always put my needs ahead of your own...I recognize that, don't think I fail to realize that that is part of how you show your love for me. I know and I love you in just that same way...I love you more every day." Danny said.

"Anyway, our challenge is to keep Lance from seek out sexual adventure, as you were prepared to do, Danny, without giving him the impression that any of us has fallen in love with him." I suggested.

Danny yawned widely, covering his mouth with one hand:

"Let's hit the shower and go to bed...I'm pooped." Danny said.

Soon we were in bed.

"David told me that while he's away, Danny, you are welcome to assume his place in the bed." I stated.

"Thanks, but no, thanks. That's David's place...I have my own's the one I like, Barry. I have your scent all night about aromatherapy...I love smelling you while I sleep. No, this is my place, here between you legs. It's where I want to be." Danny replied.

"You're so sweet, Danny. You really are." I said.

"Danny, if you'd be willing to place you cheek on the other side of Barry's scrotum. I could place my leg over his and put my penis and scrotum and penis along side of Barry' could smell us both... it's called pheromones, by the way. What you'd be smelling would be our pheromones. Would that be OK?" Travis suggested.

"I've always wanted to try that, Travis...I didn't know if you'd let me." Danny


"Of course, I would, Danny. If you would like to try it, that is." Travis affirmed.

"Great, Travis. Great!" Danny said.

Danny moved to my other side, as Travis had suggested. Travis placed his leg over mine such that his genital mingled with my own. Our meatuses were tip to tip.

"This is Great!" Danny repeated

Danny smiled at me, then he assumed his regular place between my spread legs, but this time on the other side of my scrotum. He kissed each of my testicles and my meatus, then he did the same for Travis' genitals...he nuzzled his nose into that crease between my thigh and my scrotum... Travis' and my own pubic hair forming a welcome mat for him. He took our penises into his loose grip and held onto them as he fell asleep.

Travis was soon asleep in his regular position, his ear on my breast, listening to my heartbeat. Our genitals enjoyed each other company and Danny's warm breath to keep our scrotums fully extended and comfortable.

All was well with the world...except, of course, our precious David wasn't in his regular place. He wasn't home. Still, for the first time I could remember, I found myself falling asleep, as always to the image of My beloved Jody... but this time he had a smile on his precious face... not the scowl that I usually pictured, as I nurtured my guilt. I still miss him intensely, always will...but the guilt, thanks to Damian, was gone.

My olfactory deceived the next morning, as I awakened to the aroma of coffee. For a brief moment, I thought David to be in the kitchen preparing a fresh pot for us. Quickly, however, I realized that I had resorted to the timer before we had gone to bed, and it had switched on the coffeemaker, not my precious David. David didn't like leaving the grounds in the basket of the coffeemaker overnight, so he never used the timer. Still, by the time I had opened my eyes, I realized that my precious David was gone. It would have been a sad way to awaken, were it no for feeling the cheek of Travis upon my chest and the warm breath of Danny upon my genitals.

I lifted my head just enough to look down, at my genitals, without waking Travis. Danny's nose was directly at my meatus. The warmth of Danny's breath falling upon both Travis' and my glans. It was delightful.

Travis' and my scrotum were both fully extended from Danny's warmth, as well. Who could possibly complain at waking to such a blessing? Danny, I mused silently is a sexual firecracker, a tiger, but he's at the same time, as gentle as a baby. I don't think our group could be without him now. He's truly ONE with us. We'd fight to the death to keep him with us.

The aroma of the coffee caused Travis to begin to stir. He opened his eyes and looked up at me with those beautiful, sparkling eyes and whispered:

"I'll get us some coffee, Lover. If, that is, I can get Danny to release his grip on my penis."

I smiled and nodded.

Travis slowly retracted his penis from Danny's grip, arose and went out of the bedroom to get our coffee from the kitchen.

Soon, Travis returned with our customary little tray containing three cups of coffee, on the assumption that Danny would soon awaken. It was a good assumption. Danny began to stir.

"Coffee!" He declared, as he kissed my meatus and the shaft of my penis.

He turned to Travis:

" sneaked away from me...bring it here."

Travis knew what that meant. Danny didn't get to kiss Travis' meatus because Travis had stealthily left to get the coffee.

Travis approached Danny, bringing along Danny's cup of coffee.

Danny took Travis' penis gently in hand, lifted it and kissed Travis' meatus and licked his way up the shaft of Travis' penis.

"And Good Morning to You, too!" Travis exclaimed, as Danny licked the shaft of Travis' penis.

Travis smiled widely and said:

"I brought you some coffee."

"Thanks, Travis. I need it." Danny said.

Suddenly, Danny's eyes got big and he remembered.

"David's e-mail!" Danny exclaimed.

He jumped out of bed, nearly spilling his coffee, and ran toward the office to see if David had answered his email. He was not disappointed:

Hello, my sweet lovers. I arrived home to find Danny's email, as promised. It put a smile upon my, otherwise, exhausted face.




I love you too, I love you too, I love you too... oh, and did I mention, I love you too. You be sure to take good care of Barry and Travis...actually, I know you will. I know how much you love them, and how much they love you. You see, sweet Danny, that's what our relationship is all about...unconditional, fully committed, LOVE. You are now a much-welcomed participant in that relationship. We would never want to be without you, Danny. As we, so often, say WE ARE are part of that, too. Thanks you for being patient with me.

What Barry meant by doors opening for me, is that this experience will act as sort of a ticket for me. I will be able to present it at doors of opportunity, and those doors will open for me, whereas they would not have, otherwise. Opportunities will be available to me, now, that I could never have hoped for... at least, not for many, many years, without this experience.

Believe me, I will miss and hurt for you and Barry and Travis, mightily, until I return to feel your embrace. I love you, Barry would say...You can take it to the bank.J


Travis and Barry also love you, as I do, Danny. They will take good care of you. You need never fear otherwise. Barry began taking care of me when I was about your age. He does a damn-good job of it, as you've already seen. Travis too, Barry has taken good care of him for several years now. Now, the two of them will take that same good care of you, and when I get home, I'll join them, of course.


It was sweet of Lance to send me a note. Tell him I thank him and am very glad he has become our friend. I love him, and know you guys do, as well. We'll need to take care of him too, he needs our help...and as his friends, we must see to his needs.


Barry, Travis:


I will ache for you both, even as I will for our precious Danny. He's about ready for the actual behind-the-wheel driver's test. He needs a little more practice at parallel parking, but once he's mastered that, he should be ready to ace the test.


Somehow, I expect I'll hear all about it, when he does. J

Well, Lovers... I'm pooped. I'm going to grab some shut-eye now.


You know how much I love you each and all, so I won't get too mushy now...just to say, as Danny had said in his e-mail: I love you, I love you, I love you...oh, and did I mention...I LOVE YOU!!!




By the time Danny had gotten about half way into David's e-mail, Travis and I had joined him and were reading over his shoulder.

"He's so sweet." Danny said, as he finished David's words.

"Yes, he is." I declared

"He really is. Damned, it's gonna be hard while he's gone." Travis concluded.

"I would be just the same if you or Danny had to be gone, Travis. Our group suffers when any one of us is absent." I proclaimed

"Even me?" Danny said

Before I could respond, travis went to Danny and hugged him from behind, as Danny was still sitting at the computer:

"Especially you, Danny. We couldn't stand it if you weren't with us. Like David told can take it to the bank."

Danny smiled widely, his eyes sparkling in the morning Sun. He looked at me long enough to make eye contact, and then at Travis:

"I love you guys." He exclaimed.

"We love you too, Danny. You must never doubt it. You must never doubt that no one could ever replace you in our group, either. You must NOT ever be concerned about any other person being able to replace you or interfere with our love for you. It's impossible. So I want you to forget about whatever concerns you have about Damian. He's Jody's son, yes, and I owe it to Jody to do what I can to help his son...and I will. You may help, if you want, but you are not obliged to do so. Jody was my lover, and I must help his son, however I can, and I will do so. BUT... Damian can NEVER influence my love for you, Danny or my love for Travis and David. We are ONE... it will always be that way." I said

I continued:

"Still, please understand that Damian is the son of someone I loved, and love dearly, and loved dearly before I knew any of you. So, I beg for your forbearance as I try to establish a friendship with him and do what I can to help him. Jody would, certainly, expect me to help his son in whatever way I can. I hope you guys will help me to help him, as well. I know Jody will appreciate it.

"Of course, Barry. We'll help him, as well. I never knew Jody. But for him to have won such love in your heart tells me how very special he was. We'll all do our part, won't we, Danny?" Travis said.

"But he got a hard-on while he was sitting next to Barry!" Danny declared.

"Who wouldn't?" Travis countered.

"Well...yeah...I got a hard on right away, when I first sat on Barry's lap. He's pretty hot, you know?" Danny responded.

Travis smiled widely and chuckled:

"I rest my case, then. I don't think Damian meant to cause you to become jealous, Danny. He just reacted normally... as you did, and as I did, when I first met Barry. So let's agree to give Damian a chance...OK?" Travis implored.

"OK, Travis. I was still thinking he might try to replace me in the I know he can't do well... OK...I'll give him a chance." Danny reluctantly agreed.

"OK, you two...Flattery will get you everywhere. All this talk about me being `hot' must stop, or I'll get the big head." I stated.

"Yeah...but which head?" Travis chuckled.

I smiled and nodded.

"I need some more coffee...race you to the kitchen." I announced.

We arrived at the kitchen with Danny in the lead, as one would expect.

The kitchen seemed empty and sad that David wasn't there at the table with the morning paper and a cup of coffee in hand. It drove home the reality that our sweet David wasn't home.

We sat at the lamenting table and had another cup of coffee. I prepared breakfast for the three of us...not up to David's exacting standards, I suppose, but no one complained. After all had eaten we returned to our contemplation and silence.

I broke the silence:

"Danny, should we go out a little later and practice some parallel parking?"

"GREAT!" He responded.

"They don't open up at the DPS Dept for another couple of hours, so...LAPS!!!" Travis shouted as he began running for the patio and the pool.

He didn't get much of a head start, so Danny had nearly caught up with him by the time I heard the


Soon they were laughing like little boys at an amusement park. The sound of them was delicious.

I stood in the patio door and sipped my coffee, drinking in more of their laughter than of the coffee.

As I did so often, I considered how blessed I was. God had entrusted me with these angels... I knew not why, I knew I was not worthy of such a blessing...but ...I was grateful beyond the telling.

While I was enjoying the moment, watching these tow angels at play, the phone rang to interrupt my joy.

It was Ben:

"Hello Ben, it's good to hear your voice." I opened the conversation.


"Barry, I made a search and have found the smallest dildo they make. I'm hoping Lance can learn to use it on himself to gain some periods of relief from his persistent erections. I thought I'd see if there will be a good time for me to bring it by for him?" Ben explained.


"Well, If Danny passes his driver's test, later this week, I plan to have a cookout this weekend, probably Sunday, to celebrate. You and Jacob would certainly be welcome to join us. I don't really know if Lance will be here, but I can make sure he gets it, either way. Besides, he's made good use of Danny's and my penis to solve his problem, thus far." I chuckled.


"Really...with his small anus?" Ben queried?


"'d be surprised how far it opens up with a little massage, Ben. I was." I remarked.

"I wouldn't have expected that." Ben observed."


"Well, as Lance puts it...he makes turds as big as you get the drift." I laughed.


"I didn't think to ask him about that, Barry." Ben said.


"Well, anyway, the two of you...please join us on Sunday" I requested.


"Well, we'd be delighted, Barry...but only on one condition. You must let us buy. David worked his butt off to cook for us all the last time...and I felt badly that we didn't contribute a damned thing, This time, let us provide the food...We'd really like to do so." Ben insisted.

"Then let's just keep it simple and inexpensive, Ben. We can order pizza or something." I suggested.


"OK, I'll have the deli to prepare a ton of sandwiches, chips, and the drinks as well...between them and the pizza we should be able to satisfy everyone." Ben said.


"That's very kind of you and Jacob, Ben. Thanks." I said.


"'s our pleasure, Barry...we'll plan on Sunday, then." Ben replied.

"Sunday it is, Ben." I said.


"Give Travis and Danny our love, Barry." Ben said


"I will, Ben, and our love to Jacob, as well." I said.


"You don't know how much that simple sentiment will mean to Jacob, Barry. Thank You." Ben observed.


"Seriously, Ben, tell him we love him, and are anxious to see him." " I said


"Thank you, Barry, I will.." Ben concluded



"Bye for now, then." I said.

--CLICK! The phone went dead as our call ended.

I announced to Travis and Danny that we'd be having company for Sunday afternoon. I suggested that we invite Lance, since Ben was bringing him something that might be helpful to him.

Everyone agreed, so I called Lance's father:

"Hi Mitch. This is Barry. Dr. Ben is joining us on Sunday for a get-together. He's bringing an appliance for Lance, which might help him with his erection problem. We're hoping Lance might be here so Dr. Ben might instruct him on how to use this appliance" I said


"An appliance?" Mitch asked.


"Well, don't freak out, Mitch. It's essentially a dildo...but if Lance can use it to apply pressure to the right spot in his rectum, it will allow the blood to drain and his penis to become flaccid." I explained.


"Hell, I don't care what he sticks up his butt, Barry, as long as it works. It's been like a miracle that he's been able to lose his erections with some help from you guys. He seems to prefer the real thing, I guess, and you guys have been willing to help him...I hope you don't mind doing it for him. I'd do it myself...but, Hell, I'm his Dad...besides, not to brag, or anything...but I've got a pretty big dick...I'd split him like a piece of firewood, if I even tried." Mitch said, bluntly.

"I see." I said...not knowing what else to say.

"Yeah...well, I don't want to hurt him when I'm trying to help I said...I'm his Dad...that would be just kinda weird...don't you think?" Mitch observed.


"I suppose so, Mitch...maybe this appliance will be just the trick for him. We'll soon see." I suggested.


"Well, Barry, if it doesn't work for him, can you guys...well...if you don't mind, continue to help him like you have been? I'd really appreciate it. I trust him with you guys...I know you wouldn't hurt him, and besides, he's become really fond of you all for accepting him as you did, in spite of his problem. It means a lot to me, Barry. I know it's a lot to ask that you guys stick your dicks up his butt...but it works. I'm sure he doesn't have any you don't need to worry, or anything." Mitch explained.


I was taken aback with this commentary from Mitch and had to grapple with a response:


"Of course, Mitch, we're not worried at all, and certainly not about anything such as that, we're glad to help him any way we can. It means a lot to know that you trust him with us, Mitch. We're fond of him...he's a special boy and we enjoy his company." I said.

"Hell...he'd move in with you if he thought he could." Mitch said.


I laughed:


"Well, it's sweet that he feels so attached to us, Mitch. He's a good kid, and he's always welcome here."


"Well, I know I don't need to worry about him as long as he's with you guys. I know he'll be fine. That means a lot to me, Barry." Mitch said.


"Thanks. Mitch, you can rest assured that we'll take good care of him, anytime he is with us." I asserted.


Frankly, he'll probably be in better shape with you guys than around here. His mother and I tend to think of him more as a grown-up... we don't really keep track of where he's at or anything...he's been able to watch out for himself for a long time now. He's getting to be a grown up and we don't baby him any more...come to think of it, we never did baby him. We've always had to treat him like a `little trooper', cause he's been through so much. We've always expected him to be brave and to go through whatever it takes. He's a pretty tough little guy, don't you think?" Mitch explained.

"I suppose so, Mitch...still, he's a young boy...he's not a soldier, not really. He's a sweet kid, though." I said.


"Maybe, but you'll see if Dr. Ben wants to shove a dildo up his butt, he can take it...he's had a lot worse shoved up his butt." Mitch bragged.

I was reeling from these words from Lance's father. What the Hell is wrong with him. I thought to myself. Still I didn't want to insult him.

"Well, I'm sure Dr. Ben will be as gentle as possible with him, Mitch. Don't worry." I said.


"Hell, I told you already, I'm not worried, as long as I know he's with you guys. I know he'll be excited as Hell, when I tell him about Sunday. Thanks for inviting him, Barry." Mitch concluded.


"We're glad to have him, Mitch...gotta to you later." I concluded the call.


"OK...see Ya." Mitch ended.


Without a doubt, this was the most bizarre call I had ever had with anyone. I was reeling.

I returned to the patio and explained that Lance would join us for Sunday's festivities and tried to explain the conversation I had just had with Mitch.

"Guys, I have to tell you that, while I suppose Mitch loves Lance as a son, in his own's now apparent that we must do what we can to take care of and look out for this poor kid. I just had the most bizarre conversation with Mitch that I can imagine. I can tell you, based on that call, that Mitch expects Lance to be an adult...or act like one...or as Mitch put it Lance should be a `little trooper'. They don't wonder where Lance is at any given time, and feel he can look out for himself. This boy is at risk...seriously, at risk. We need to show him lots of love and make him know we are his friends and are here to help him in any way we can. I can't tell you the fear I now feel for him, having had this chat with his father." I explained.

"This has really upset you, huh, Barry?" Travis observed.

"Poor Lance." Danny added.

"That's the point, I guess. We mustn't let him become `Poor Lance', guys. We must be here for him." I said.

"We'll help him, Barry. Don't worry." Travis assured me.

"Yeah...we'll help the kid." Danny added.

"Well, that's settled then. Lance is our little buddy. He's our friend, and we're here for him!" I exclaimed.

"Absolutely!" Travis agreed

"Damn Right!" Danny added.

Travis and Danny got out of the pool and sat next tome at the table. I explained, at more length, why the Chat with Mitch had so upset me. The two were even more resolved to help Lance in every way we can.

Travis and I took Danny to the practice facility at the DPS office, as I had promised.

Within a session or two, Danny had mastered the parallel parking challenge. He was ready for the test. I had him drive everywhere for the next few day, as we conducted our various chores. I drilled him on every possible task the driving instructor might ask him to perform and, eventually, became comfortable that he was indeed, ready. His reflexes were excellent, he made nice, tight turns, he was religious with the turn signals, he was mindful of his stopping distances, never tailgated...he was just damned ready, that's all. Now, I had to convince him that he was ready. That took a bit more effort, but finally we decided we would take a shot at it the following morning.

While we were out, we took care of some other shopping and chores. With Danny in the group, we joked, while at the pharmacy, about buying the disposable enemas in bulk. Even Danny had to laugh.

It was late afternoon, when we arrived home. Travis and Danny unloaded the groceries and placed them in the appropriate cabinets. Danny kept one of the enema bottles out and placed it on the counter top. We were amused, as we knew what that meant...Danny would have imminent requirement for it.

Travis prepared dinner for us. He was getting pretty good at it too. David had taught him well. Afterwards, we retired to the patio, started the spa heater, and enjoyed our usual concoction of Bourbon & 7.

Soon, we were in the hot water, the Jacuzzi jets teasing our butts and backs.

"I bet David misses this, huh, Barry?" Danny observed.

"Yes, sweetie, I'm sure he does. This is one of his favorite things. It relaxes him." I said.

"Till he starts looking like a prune, huh?" Danny commented.

We all got a good laugh at Danny's observation. Indeed David tended to stay in the water until he called out that he looked like a prune. It was quite insightful, and amusing that Danny had picked up on David's trait.

After some time, Danny looked at me and gave me a raised eyebrow, repeatedly moving it up and down. I knew what he wanted before he said:

"I'm going inside and get ready...I'll be right back."

As Danny left the pool to dry himself, Travis and I looked at each other and smiled.

"What are we going to do with him?" Travis asked rhetorically.

"The real question is what would we do without him." I replied.

"That's for damned sure. My mind won't even process the thought, Barry." Travis asserted.

"Nor mine, Lover." I said.

"Well, I'll freshen our drinks, Barry. We may not have another chance for a while." Travis chuckled.

"You're right, Travis...thanks." I said, with my own chuckle.

Travis hadn't returned with the drinks before Danny reappeared and performed his ritual. He approached the edge of the spa, turned around so his cute little butt was facin me. He bent over and spread his butt cheeks to show me his eager anus was glistening with lubricant. He was ready for some action.

He stood up and turned to face me:

"Where should we do it? In the spa?

"Let's ask Travis, here he comes with our drinks." I said.

Travis suggested we try a new position.

He would have Danny to get in the spa, place a leg, one on the spa dam and the other on the cool deck. This would spread them adequately to accommodate my penetration. Travis would be at the side the perform fellatio on Danny as I performed the anal sex upon him, which he loved so much. Also his butt would be just at the surface of the spa water, such that the Jacuzzi would be streaming its foam across Danny's abdomen as we proceeded.

Danny thought this was a great idea, but added one change. He wanted Travis to do the anal, while I would perform the fellatio.

Travis agreed to the request, though anal was not Travis' thing. He'd do it for Danny.

Travis went to the towel rack and retrieved the ID Glide lubricant and applied a liberal amount to his beautiful penis. It responded in kind by producing a glorious erection.

"Save some for me, baby." I said to Travis.

"I'll try, Barry...but once I's difficult to... well, you know what I mean." He replied.

I nodded.

Travis, his penis gleaming in the red spa light, entered the water, took his penis in hand and moved to position it at Danny's anus.

"You ready, Danny?" Travis asked.

"Hell Yeah!" Danny replied.

Travis and I looked at each other with a smile.

Travis slowly pushed his penis against Danny's awaiting anus. Moving his penis from side to side to massage Danny's anus till it opened to him. When he sensed that Danny's anus was ready to welcome him he looked into Danny's eyes and said:

I'm pushing in now, Danny. Tell me if I enter too quickly, and I'll stop."

"No Way...just get in me...I'm hot as Hell." Danny replied.

Travis pushed into Danny slowly and gently until his balls were against Danny's perineum. He was all the way in.

"Awwwwwwww, God, that feels Great!" Danny exclaimed.

He continued:

"OK...Go For It, Travis." I want you. I want your cum in me.

Travis began his thrusting, slowly and gently.

"Harder, Travis." Danny complained

Travis complied.

I began my fellatio upon Danny's throbbing penis. I had to hold it at its base, as it wanted to dance about without my holding it in place. As I performed my fellatio, I tasted Danny's precum gush from his meatus onto my tongue with each time that his frenulum slid across it. He was producing precum by, what seemed like, the cupful. I was always amazed at Danny, in this regard. The two Cowper's glands are each only about the size of a green the Hell, can they produce such a volume of fluid. I concluded that I don't care how they do it, I'm just glad they do.

"I'm about to cum, Danny." Travis reported.

Danny had to groan his response:

"OK...let me have it all...and stay inside me after you come until your dick gets soft, OK?"

Travis nodded to signify he understood.

Travis complied with Danny's request. I could see Travis' face as he blasted his cum into Danny. It was an expression I knew. He closed his eyes, he placed a hand on either side of Danny's butt and pulled Danny tightly against his abdomen, pressing is penis fully into Danny's happy anus.

"Yesssssss!" Danny exclaimed, as he felt Travis' hot cum filling his rectum.

Danny added:

"All of it Travis...pump it into me."

"I am, Danny, I am." Travis replied in a whisper.

I was glad I was holding one of my arms under Danny's back, as I felt his body go limp at the experience. I held him up in the water with that arm, lest his cute little head slip into the water.

"He's going to fill you up good, Barry. My penis is getting soft. The pressure on his ejaculatory ducts will be relieved and he'll cum like a he always does." Travis warned.

He took Danny's delicious penis out of my mouth only long enough to say:

"I know what to expect, Baby."

Travis nodded.

Soon his prediction came true.

Danny exploded into my mouth, filling it instantly. I swallowed as quickly as I could, and moved Danny's penis along my tongue such that only his glans remained in my mouth. This would leave more of my oral cavity to fill with his cum. Still, his excess cum began to run down my chin, and would have fallen into the water, except that I caught it in an open palm, which I had placed under my chin.

Danny's penis throbbed and palpitated against my tongue with each of his ejaculatory spasms, which seemed to go on forever. His glans had swollen to its maximum, and his meatus welcome my tongue to dart in and out of it such that his cum would hit the tip of my tongue then run along both its top and bottom surfaces. The entire inside of my happy mouth was completely coated with Danny's delicious essence.

Danny's cum was hot, very hot...and I couldn't get enough of it. I had to really restrain myself to save a mouthful of it to share with Travis. When Danny's ejaculation was finally subsiding, I motioned for Travis to take it from me. He bent to do so, and I kissed it into his mouth.

Danny's penis continued to throb in my hand, and his residual cum was still pouring from his meatus, though no longer spurting. It ran down the shaft of his beautiful penis onto my hand at its base. I had to hasten to lick it from the shaft of his penis onto my tongue, so none would go to waste. His penis reacted to my licking action by continuing to throb and dance on its base. I held it just tightly enough to remain in control of it, but not so hard as to make it uncomfortable for him.

Travis, his penis still inside Danny spoke:

"I'm sorry, Barry. I couldn't stop, I shot it all into him. I'm afraid there's nothing left but my residual, if you want it."

"Of course, I want it. Whenever you're ready to pull out, I'll take it gladly." I replied.

Travis nodded.

"I can squirt some back into your mouth, if you want me to, Barry." Danny reported.

"You can?" I asked.

"Sure." Danny insisted.

"OK, let me get his residual first. OK?" I said.

"Yeah, hurry. You guys wore me out good, I'm gonna need you to hold me pretty soon, Barry, like you always do." Danny reported.

"OK, sweetie. Can you hold your position for just a little longer?" I asked.

Danny braced himself with his arms, one on the spa dam and the other on the deck, his legs still spread, as before and resting in similar fashion one on the spa dam and the other on the deck. He was spread eagle.

I turned to Travis, whose beautiful penis was still glistening in the spa's red light from the lube he had applied earlier. He lifted his glans out of the water so I could gain access to his meatus. I wasted no time in doing so.

I placed my lips on his meatus and reached between his legs to coax the last of his ejaculation up his perineum and to his meatus, then into my mouth. I especially like the taste of Travis''s always had a heavy dose of his natural sugar, giving it a sweet taste. His was always the best cummichino.

After I had gotten it all, I turned to Danny and said:

"How do we do this?"

"Just put your mouth over my anus. I'll squirt his cum back out of me and into your mouth." Danny instructed.

"Really?" I asked.

"Sure...I've been practicing with the lube in the bathroom, I know how to squirt it back out. It's easy...but hurry, Barry, I'm exhausted." Danny coached me.

Travis held Danny's heels to support his torso and spread his legs further to expose his cute little pink anus for my face.

I placed my mouth over Danny's anus, as instructed. Travis observed I was now in position and told Danny:

"He's ready."

"OK." Danny replied.

With that, Danny, as promised squirted Travis' cum from his anus and into my mouth. The time it had spent in Danny's anus had changed it usual flavor, bad not for the worse, it was a new and different taste, having been in Danny's anus...but, actually, it was damned good.

Danny's sphincter muscle was well in his control and it opened just enough to produce this squirting effect. It was the first time I had ever experienced such a thing, It was wonderful.

After he had filled my mouth a couple of times, Danny said:

"Is that enough?" I want some of him to stay inside me, you know."

I nodded, my nose planted into Danny's balls, such that he couldn't see me. Travis saw my nod and told Danny:

"It's enough, Danny."

Danny stopped his anus from expelling any more of Travis' cum. His anus clamped down and the flow stopped.

I licked the remainder from Danny's anus and some that had run down his perineum. I took it all.

"That was amazing, Danny. I've never experienced anything like it." I declared.

"Yeah, I've been practicing on the commode...I can squirt extra lube out of me that way any time I want to and keep just enough inside me." He explained.

"Amazing." I repeated.

"Barry/" Danny started.

"Yes, baby." I replied.

"Hold me...I'm tired." Danny requested.

I went to him and he reached to place his arms around my neck and his legs around my lower abdomen. Our penises and balls rubbing against each other's as I carried him out of the spa and to the table where he sat on my lap, as he'd grown accustomed.

Travis brought our drinks to us.

Danny's body was still quite warm from the hot water of the spa, but I worried he'd soon cool off and, being wet might get chilled. I turned to Travis for help:

"Dry him for me, Lover. I don't want him to get chilled."

Travis did so, and when finished, placed a beach towel around us to keep us both covered. I was about to suggest that Danny have some of his drink, when I observed he was asleep in my arms.

It was always such a glorious event for me to have one of my angels asleep in my arms. It's a taste of Heaven, surely.

We continued to sit there, Danny asleep in my arms. I couldn't reach the table to retrieve my drink, so Travis placed it into my hand, so I could drink.

Travis sat next to us and enjoyed his own drink. Finally he turned to me with a wink and whispered:

"Insatiable" as he pointed at Danny.

"It wouldn't appear so, at the moment." I whispered back.

Travis smiled and nodded:

"I'm glad we could satisfy him, then." Travis whispered.

After we had finished our drinks, I rose and carried Danny to the bed. Travis helped me to place him in his regular position.

Travis took care of the chores, turning off the spa heater, locking the doors, and the rest. Then he joined us in the bed and assumed his normal position.

All was well with the world...except, of course, David's spot in the bed was vacant.

I gradually feel asleep with thought about Damian, and how I could help him...and also, of course, about poor little Lance, our new little buddy.

The following morning came all too quickly and we found ourselves at the DPS examining facility. Danny was so nervous; we all feared he might pee himself. I made sure he did NOT wear his see-through shorts...although if my suspicions were correct, the Texas Ranger testing Danny might have appreciated those shorts on Danny...who knows!

In the end, however, Danny passed his test. We were in for another day of watching him jump up and down in his glee. It was delightful. My beautiful Danny was a driver...and I must say, a damned responsible one. David had done a good job with him.

------------------------END PT 14 TORNADO WARNING--------------------------