Disclaimer: This work is one of fiction. Any resemblance of persons or places mentioned in this story to actual persons or places is only slightly more than coincidence. Readers of this story should be familiar with my story: Forgive me, Jody, as particulars from that story are recounted here.


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The morning of our celebration arrived to find us in our usual positions in bed. Danny's warm breath bathing both Travis' and my genitals such that our scrotums were fully extended.

Danny was excited to celebrate his driver's license; which might explain why, atypically he awoke first. I felt him stir. I looked down at him to see him perform his usual ritual of kissing the meatuses of Travis and myself.

Danny looked up at me, and looked, as well, to see Travis still asleep, listening to my heartbeat as was his custom.

Danny whispered:

"I'll get the coffee for a change, OK?"

I nodded, not wishing to awaken Travis.

Danny rose quietly and left for the kitchen.

He returned almost immediately, bringing no coffee with him, and seeming eager to speak. He bent over to me and whispered:

"Damian's car is out front...are we expecting him?"

I slowly shook my head in the negative, pondering why Damian's car would be parked in front of the house

Danny whispered again:

"He must be in there...the windows are all fogged up."

I ran my fingers through Travis' hair to awaken him.

He began to stir.

"I'm sorry, Baby, but we need to check out why Damian is parked in front of the house." I said.

Travis sat up and replied:


"Yes, Danny says his car is parked in front of the house, and that the windows are fogged as if He must be inside." I explained.

Travis yawned and said:

"I don't understand. He was supposed to call before he returned."

"Right. I don't understand either." I replied.

I rose and retrieved my robe from the bathroom and placed it around me. I turned off the alarm system and left through the front door to investigate the situation.

As Danny had reported, Damian's car was at the curb, in front of the house. His windows were fogged to indicate his presence inside the car. As I got close enough to the car, the fogged windows were still transparent enough to reveal Damian sleeping across the backseat, still in his clothes.

I tapped gently upon the window to awaken him. My gentle taps went unanswered, so I tapped harder. Damian began to stir. He opened his eyes to find me standing outside his car. He smiled widely at me with his beautiful, compelling smile. He had his Daddy's smile, as, indeed, he possessed so many others of Jody's attributes.

He rolled down the window and greeted me with a simple:


I automatically returned his smile and said:

"Hi, back. What are you doing sleeping out here in the elements? It's hot as Hell, Damian. Look at you, you're covered in sweat."

"Yeah... I am a mess, huh?" He replied.

"I smiled at him and said:

"Why didn't you ring the bell and come in?"

"Ahhhh, I didn't arrive till nearly 2:00 and I didn't want to wake up everyone in the house." He replied.

"You've been out here since 2 in the morning?" I asked.

"Yup...I'm used to it. I sleep in the car all the time. I sure as Hell can't afford a motel." He declared.

"Well, let's get you into the house. You can freshen-up and have some coffee and breakfast with us." I suggested.

"Thanks, Barry, a nice shower would hit the spot...Oh...and do you mind if I do some laundry?" He asked, as he pointed to a duffle bag, lying on the floorboard.

"Of course, Damian, bring it along." I said.

Oh, and I have some stuff to throw in the trash, if that's ok." He said, pointing to a crumpled up McDonalds bag.

"Is that all you've had to eat?" I asked?

"Yeah...I don't eat that much." He replied.

He rolled up the window, simultaneously opening the door to make his exit.

I took his duffle bag as he gathered up the bag and wrapper of his fast food dinner from the previous evening. The musky smell of his sweaty clothes rising from his duffle bag reminded me of laundering Jody's clothing... damned...he even has Jody's smell.

We went back to the foyer and closed the door behind us. I removed my robe and handed it to Danny to return to its hook in the bathroom.

Damian wasted no time in stripping to his glorious nakedness. He stood there, his beautiful body on full display.

"Maybe I should put these with my other stuff and wash them too. Can you show me where the laundry room is, please?" Damian requested.

"I'll take care of it, Damian. Why don't you help yourself to a nice shower?" I suggested.

"Oh... do I stink?" He asked.

This choked me up, nearly to the point of tears.

"You know... your Daddy once asked me that same question. You remind me so much of him." I stated.

"I didn't mean to make you think of anything unpleasant, Barry." Damian apologized.

I smiled:

"Nothing about your Daddy is unpleasant, Damian, and NO, you don't stink...still, you've been out there for hours you said, a nice shower would hit the spot."

I turned to Danny, who had returned to join us in the foyer.

"Show Damian to our shower, get him a fresh towel, show him where the shampoo and body wash are, and anything else he might need. I'll start the washer and launder his clothes." I said.

"OK." Danny said.

I took Damian's clothes to the laundry room. I started the water running in the washer. As it filled I checked Damian's pants pockets and turned them outside out for wash. Out came a twenty Dollar bill and some Ones. Having his pants close enough to turn out his pockets delivered a strong nose-full of his scent. God, it was Jody's was uncanny.

Is this all the money he has? I thought to myself.

I was tempted to ask him, but didn't want to embarrass him. Instead I walked to the bedroom to explain that I had placed his money on the dresser, next to his Daddy's picture. As I approached, I could hear Damian speaking to Danny:

"I couldn't help notice that you were uncomfortable with me, when I was here before. Please, don't be. I'm no threat to you, I promise, Danny. I would never do anything to harm or interfere with your relationship with these wonderful guys here. If anything, I'm jealous... but don't worry... as I said...I'm no threat...OK?"

"OK, Damian... I admit scared me really good. You're very beautiful... Barry says you could be your Daddy's clone... and you know... Barry was in love with your Daddy...BIG TIME!"

"You're the one who's very beautiful, Danny... more beautiful than me, by far." Damian replied.

"You won't try to take Barry or David or Travis away from me, will you?" Danny asked for affirmation.

"Never, Danny. I would never do anything like that. I only want to be friends with you too, Danny. I want us to be friends... I hope you'll let me be. We are about the same age and everything... so I thought we might be good friends." Damian said.

"OK, Damian. I'll be your friend. Barry and David and Travis will too. You'll see. We're having a party today to celebrate me getting my driver's license. We can do laps with Travis and my twin brothers and everything like that. We'll get to know each other better, OK?" Danny explained.

"Great... I don't know about the laps though... I swim... but only well enough to avoid drowning." Damian laughed.

"Don't worry. Travis is a swim coach, he can help you." Danny said.

I entered the room and spoke to Damian, interrupting his conversation with Danny.:

"When I was turning out your pockets, Damian, I came across this money. I'll place it here next to your Daddy's picture for you."

"Thanks, Barry. It's all I got, so I don't want to lose any of it to the sock gremlin." He replied.

"Sock Gremlin?" I asked.

"Yeah, you know the gremlin that steals your socks while they are in the dryer...never to be seen again." Damian said with a laugh.

"I've never heard of the sock gremlin, before. That's funny." I chuckled.

"Yeah...that's what my Mom calls him. You know...seems like you always come up one sock short when you get the clothes out of the dryer...???" Damian asked.

"That's usually because a sock can find its way into a pants leg or a shirt sleeve where it is held in place by the static electricity." I chuckled.

"Is that where he hides them?" Damian replied with that big `Jody' smile.

I nodded.

"Would you like some coffee, Damian? We were about to have some, when Danny noticed that you were parked outside in front of the house." I asked.

"I'd love some, thanks." Damian replied.

"Ill get it." Danny offered.

"Thanks, Sweetie." I said.

While Danny was gone, I said:

"Damian, I feel badly that you slept outside, as you did...especially when we have a perfectly good guest room, which was vacant while you were sweating away outside."

"It's OK, Barry. I'm used to's no big deal... REALLY!" Damian attested.

"It is to me, Damian. Please... I don't mean to scold you... but, please, in the future, don't hesitate to ring the bell or call to tell us you're waiting outside... PLEASE? Your Daddy would not be pleased at me letting you sleep outside, sweating your cute little butt off."

Damian slowly formed a big smile and moved to kiss me on the forehead:

"I can see why my Daddy loved you so much."

"You can?" I puzzled

"Sure, it's your concern for others and how much love you show." Damian said.

"You're right, Damian. Barry loved me immediately...soon as he met me. He's really pretty special. Of course David and Travis also love me, but Barry's love came out soon as I ran into his arms... being scared shitless of a tornado I saw." Danny added, as he entered the room with our coffee.

"He is pretty special, Danny, my Daddy wouldn't have loved him so much if he weren't." Damian observed.

Danny nodded and informed us:

"Travis is fixing' some breakfast for us."

I turned to Danny and observed:

"We are hopelessly Texan, aren't we... me too, of course. I resort to such colloquialisms as well."

Danny looked at me with a puzzled expression.

"Travis is preparing breakfast...he's not fixin' it." I said with a smile.

Ahhhhh... you got me again." Danny said.

Damian inserted:

"Well, let's pretend breakfast was broken... then Travis might be fixin' it"

"All right... I give... we'll skip the grammar lesson for now." I said.

"Good!" Danny declared.

"I was telling Damian that we expect him to ring the bell and take advantage of the guest room in the future, and not sleep in the heat, as he did last night." I explained.

"Right. Damian, you're our friend...PLEASE... stay in the house with us, not in the car...OK?" Danny added.

Damian nodded in agreement and said:

"OK, I will...I promise. You guys are really something, huh?"

"Besides, I thought you were gonna call us when you were coming back!?!" Danny observed

"Well, it's a long story. I went to Houston to see my Mom's folks. They weren't happy to see me and didn't invite me to stay with them overnight. So, I came back to My Daddy's Dad's house. His phone has been disconnected. They'll reconnect it when he has the money to pay his bill...anyway, I didn't want to spend any money on payphones or anything... so I thought I'd just surprise you." Damian explained.

"Your Mom's folks weren't welcoming?" I asked in wonderment.

"Nah... they saved me from being aborted, while my Mom was pregnant with me, but that was the last nice thing they've ever done for me. They agree with my Mom, that I'm a demon-seed." Damian said with a smile.

"Hypocrites!" I blurted.

"BIG TIME!" Damian affirmed.

"Well, Damian, never doubt that you are always welcome here...ALWAYS!" I exclaimed.

"You sure are, Damian. Our friends are all welcome Barry said... ALWAYS!" Danny offered.

"Thanks. I appreciate that very much. My Granddaddy, Joe, told me that you would welcome me with open arms... and that's just what you have done. Thanks you very much!" Damian said.

"We're entirely serious, Damian. You're welcome here." I affirmed.

"I hope you will come to welcome me for myself, and not for the fact that I'm Jody's boy." Damian observed.

"I'll admit, Damian, that you are Jody's son opened the doors for you initially, but we are, indeed, welcoming you as Damian...not just as Jody's boy." I insisted.

"You really mean it?" Damian asked.

"Hell, Yeah!" Danny interjected.

Damian smiled widely and nodded, saying:


I turned to Danny:

"Thank you for speaking for us all, Sweetheart."

Danny nodded.

Damian interjected:

"I love the way you speak in such affectionate terms, Barry.

"Some think I get carried away, Damian. I can't help it,'s just who I am. I often use terms like Sweetie...Sweetheart...and other such terms to address David, Travis, Danny, and others whom I have a special love for." I replied.

I looked into Damian's sparkling eyes and added:

"Is that OK with you, Sweetie?"

Damian smiled, still more widely and replied:

"It sure is, Barry."

Damian moved once more, to kiss my forehead.

"Well, why not take a shower, Damian. When you've finished, Travis should have breakfast ready for us." I observed.

"Thanks, too, Danny." Damian said as he turned to start the water running in the shower.

Danny and I left Damian to his shower and joined Travis in the breakfast nook.

The washer came to a stop with a buzz. I transferred Damian's clothes to the dryer. I used our usual technique to foil the sock gremlin. I safety pinned the socks together in pairs so the gremlin would have a more difficult time stealing them. Thinking to myself, that I must show the technique to Damian.

Damian soon joined us. His stomach growled to announce that he was hungry.

Damian blushed in his embarrassment and said:

"Damned Alien...trying to get out again."

He slapped his stomach and spoke to Alien:

"Shut up...stay in there."

We all smiled at his reference to the movie "Alien", and the scene where the Alien makes its escape from someone's belly.

"Maybe we best feed it, Damian." I suggested with a smile.

Damian nodded and took his seat.

Travis served breakfast... a good old country breakfast... scrambled eggs, bacon, home fried potatoes and Texas toast.

"Wow!" Damian remarked, as Travis set a plate before him.

Damian had not a word to say during breakfast, he was too busy consuming Travis' breakfast. I was heartbroken at the sight. I pondered how much of his time Damian spent hungry. I didn't want to ask any sort of question, however, that might serve to further embarrass him. His "Alien" had already done that.

After he had finished, he turned to Travis' and said:

"God, that was Really Good. Thanks, Travis."

Travis smiled, and sensing what I was about to ask, he replied:

"Would you like a second helping, Damian? I don't want to waste any."

"Could I?" Damian asked.

"Of course." Travis said.

"That would be GREAT!" Damian insisted.

Travis served Damian a second helping, while Danny filled our cups with fresh coffee.

"I never get to have breakfast like this, guys...I know I'm making a pig of myself...but... GOD, This is GREAT!" Damian declared.

"David would be proud of you, Travis. This really is very good. David taught you well." I remarked.

Travis smiled and nodded.

I watched Damian consume every bite on his plate, trying no to make it too obvious that I was doing so. When he finished the second helping, Travis asked:

"More, Damian?"

"Oh GOD... not another bite, Travis...I'm stuffed! Thank you very much." Damian replied.

Danny acted as the busboy, removing our empty plates to the sink to soak in the soapy water awaiting there.

I was so taken with how much Damian favored his Daddy... he truly could pass as Jody's clone, except for the slight wave in his hair, which Jody did not have.

Damian sat back against the back of his chair and patted his tummy with both hands.

"That should keep you happy for a while." Damian said, speaking to his "Alien"

We all smiled.

"I'll help with the dishes!" Damian offered.

"Thank You, Damian." I said...knowing he'd better feel that he had worked for his breakfast.

Travis and I remained at the table, drinking our coffee, while Danny and Damian prepared the dishes and placed them into the dishwasher.

Once the clean-up chores were complete, we retired to the patio to let our breakfasts digest and await the arrival of our other visitors.

While we were seated under the canopy enjoying the warmth of the morning, knowing it would soon become a searing summer's day heat, the phone rang. It was Mitch, Lance's father.

"Hi, Barry. It's Mitch." The call began

"Hi, Mitch." I replied

"Lance is looking forward to spending the day with you guys...there is one little matter, though. We have some folks visiting us, including Lance's cousin. Would it be OK if he joins Lance at your get together?" Mitch asked.

"Sure...if he understands...well, you know." I said.

"Sure, he visits Pop at the naturist colony too. He is comfortable with nudity. Sometimes, I think we are a family of nudists." Mitch laughed.

"And he knows we're Gay?" I asked.

"Sure, he's cool with it all. Don't worry. Later, we will follow his parents to Ft. Worth and spend the rest of the weekend with them. Lance doesn't want to go along, so he'll stay at home to hold down the fort while we're gone."

"Mitch... it's none of my business, but why don't you just let Lance stay here until you return... he won't be alone in the house while you're gone... Would that be OK? We'd be happy to have him...and I wouldn't be worried about him being alone in the house." I suggested.

"Gee, you guys have really become fond of the little guy, huh?" Mitch observed.

"We really have. He's a sweet kid, and we enjoy his company. We'd love to have him. If it's OK with you, Mitch." I said.

"I'll leave it up to Lance. If he'd prefer to stay with you guys, that's fine...but don't worry, Barry, he stays alone at the house all the time...he's a trooper, he'll be OK if he wants to stay home. He's a tough little cookie. I raised him to be one" Mitch reported.

"Fine, then. We'll leave it up to Lance, Mitch... anyway, his cousin is welcome to join us for this afternoon's festivities." I said.

"Great, they'll be over soon, Barry. Thanks for having them." Mitch replied.

"Glad to have them, Mitch." I said.

"OK, Barry... talk to you later.

--CLICK梩he phone went dead.

I announced to the others:

"Lance and his cousin will be here shortly."

"Cousin?" Travis asked.

"Yeah, Mitch says he's cool with everything...I don't know if he's Gay or not...but he's cool with it all...according to Mitch. Mitch and wife are leaving this evening to spend the rest of the weekend in Ft. Worth with the Lance's cousin and his parents. Lance will be left behind, since he has expressed a desire not to go with them. I hope Lance will stay with us, as opposed to staying at home by himself...we'll see." I reported.

"Alone?" Travis asked.

"Yes, Mitch says that Lance frequently stays at home alone, but knowing he's there by himself will worry me... you know how I am, Travis." I said.

"He can have the guest room, Barry. I can sleep on the couch." Damian offered.

"We'll figure all that out later, Damian, though I'm proud of you for offering." I said.

We continued to relax and finish our coffee, when a knock appeared at the gate. It would be Lance, no doubt.

I had shown the secret of unlatching the gate, when it is locked, to Lance earlier, so I was surprised that he knocked and waited for someone to open the gate for him.

Danny went to the gate and opened it.

Lance entered immediately, followed by his cousin. The cousin was older and taller than Lance, but did not hesitate to follow Lance's lead in stripping to his nakedness right away.

Lance was in his usual state of erection.

Lance spoke first:

"Hi guys... this is my cousin Spence... or Spencer...but he goes by Spence. He's cool."

"Hi...thanks for inviting me." Spence said.

Lance introduced each of us to Spence...until that is he got to Damian. Lance didn't know who Damian was.

Damian short-circuited Lance's stammering for a name:

"Hi, I'm Damian." Damian announced.

"You're beautiful!" Lance blurted out, in his usual unreserved fashion.

"Thank you,'re not bad either, and your cousin is pretty cute too." Damian replied, with a chuckle.

Spence smiled at Damian and said:

"Wow, I've never been told I was cute by another guy before."

"Oh, I thought you knew we are all Gay, here. We don't hesitate to say such things here." Damian said.

"No, No, it's cool. I like it. I've just never had another guy say that to me." Spence reported.

"But you've had girls tell you that?" Damian asked.

"Yeah, I guess so.'s cool, you are very for you to call me cute is pretty cool." Spence said.

Lance showed Spence where to place his clothes to avoid getting them wet.

Mother Nature had been kind to Spence; he had a large penis, though his balls were more normal in size.

Lance saw that I was checking out his cousin and said:

"He's got a huge dick, doesn't he?"

"Yes, Lance, I was just thinking to myself that Mother Nature had been generous with Spence. I didn't mean to embarrass you, Spence...SORRY!" I confessed.

"It's OK. I hear it a lot in the shower room. I guess it's pretty big...I don't know." Spence reported.

"It's too big for me. I wanted him to help me get rid of my hard-on... but I can't get that big thing in me... NO WAY!" Lance said.

"I was willing to help him...but I don't want to hurt him." Spence said.

"Well, the main thing is that you are open minded to a degree that you are willing to try. Most straight guys wouldn't even consider it." I said.

"Oh, I haven't decided if I'm straight, bi, gay, or none of the above." Spence corrected me.

"Yeah...I've tried pussy... Hell, I can get more pleasure out of a good hand job. Besides...pussy stinks, and my dick smells like one after I pull out...GROSS!" Spence explained.

"How's David, Barry. I miss him. I wish he were here to make us some of his famous brisket." Lance commented.

"He's OK, Lance, thanks for asking. Today is going to be different. Dr. Ben is buying pizza for everyone, along with soft drinks, chips, and everything. Should be fun." I reported.

"COOL!" Lance replied.

Spence had a muscular build, with just the beginnings of a beer belly. No too much...not yet...but it was obvious that it was something he needed to be attentive to.

Spence was cute...not beautiful, not as cute as Lance. Still he was cute enough. He was cuter out of his clothes than in them. His physique added to his cuteness, I suppose, is the best way to put it.

"Spence is a good swimmer, Travis. He'll do laps with you." Lance proclaimed.

"In a bit, Lance. I'm still digesting breakfast...give me a little time. You and Spence can get started, if you want. Go ahead." Travis replied.

Travis had barely gotten the words Go ahead out of his mouth when two splashes made the reply. Lance and Spence were in the water.

We watched the two cousins frolic in the water until Travis had finally decided he was ready to join them.

C'mon, Danny, let's show `em how to do laps. Travis invited as he rose to enter the water.

Immediately, there were two additional splashes, as Danny and Travis entered the pool.

I was enjoying the boys splashing and laughing and having a good time. It was a wonderful sight to see these boys...behaving...well... as boys.

The doorbell rang, and I rose to answer it. It was Ben and Jacob. Jacob was smiling ear-to-ear and asked, immediately:

"Where's Travis?"

"Where else? He's in the pool." I answered.

"Of course...silly me...where else would he be?" Jacob commented as he stripped, hurriedly, and scampered to the anteroom to join the others.

Ben stripped at more normal pace, and the two of us made our way back to the canopy, stopping off to get Ben a cup of coffee.

"Isn't this delicious, Ben...watching these beautiful boys having so much fun.?" I said.

As he started to answer, he saw Damian sitting at the table awaiting my return. He turned to me and said:

"My God, Barry, he's stunning...where do you find them?"

I smiled and said, simply:


Ben smiled and said:

"I must meet and befriend this Ganymede."

I nodded and smiled.

"Ben, this is Damian. He is the son of my former lover, Jody. Until a few days ago, I knew nothing of his existence. Now I'm delighted, beyond words, to find him sitting next to me." I proclaimed.

"A pleasure, Damian." Ben said as he shook Damian's hand and sat next to me on the other side.

"Glad to meet you as well, Ben." Damian remarked.

"Well, I'm happy that you allowed Barry to learn of your existence. Barry will prove to be an invaluable friend to you. He's a Great Guy!" Ben complemented me.

"I've already seen that, Ben. He has shown me why my Daddy loved him so much, he's a very special person." Damian complimented me, as well.

"OK, knock it off, you guys, before you make my head swell." I said.

"I'd like to see that, Barry, depending on which head you had in mind." Damian said with raised eyebrows, and a wink.

Just then, Travis called to Damian:

"Hey Damian...the water's GREAT...C'mon in"

"OK...but I'm not a very strong swimmer...don't let me drown." Damian laughed, as he rose to join the others in the pool.

Travis smiled and motioned with his hand for Damian to get into the water.

Soon, Damian produced his own splash as he dove into the pool. This left Ben and I at the table to chat.

"You're right, Barry. This is a delicious experience. Who is the other boy in the pool? I don't recognize him." Ben observed.

"That's Spence...he's Lance's cousin." I answered.

"Oh, I see... Does he know..." Ben started to ask

I interrupted:

"Yeah he does. He seems cool with it all." I said.

"Good." Ben concluded.

"So...I read your weekend article, Barry. As always, it was quite insightful. How ever do you find these topics?" Ben remarked

"Research, Ben, and sometimes follow up on news stories that don't seem to tell the entire story...that's how I met David." I replied.

"I told me his story, Barry." Ben said

He went on:

"I remember your article on the Langerhans receptor cells and their role in the transmission of HIV-AIDS. You were right on the cutting edge with that story. The details had barely appeared in JAMA before your article appeared." Ben said.

"Well, it seemed like such a revelation, Ben, that I thought it extremely important to put out the word. Who would have thought that these receptor cells, on the underside of the foreskin, next to the glans, would be acting as a sort of `welcome mat' to the HIV-AIDS retrovirus? Why didn't they more quickly recognize the connection between the fact that such a high majority of HIV-AIDS patients were uncircumcised men? Seems like they should have made the connection much sooner." I explained.

"Perhaps, Barry...but no one knew of the existence of these receptor cells before the HIV-AIDS one knew to look for such a connection." Ben said.

"You can't believe the hate mail I got after that piece ran, Ben...tons of it." I said.

"Really?" Ben observed.

"Perhaps I didn't do a good job of explaining the matter...I don't know...still I got all this caustic mail suggesting that I had some sort of prejudice against those who happen to be uncircumcised. I was called every name in the book... especially by the European readers that encountered my article on the Internet. Holy Crap, Ben...those guys are in love with their own foreskins...I've never seen anything like it." I reported.

"As a Urologist, I can tell you, Barry, that there are many American men who are similarly enthralled with their foreskins, as well." Ben said.

"Hell, Ben, I don't give a damned if a guy is circumcised or not. I was only trying to emphasize the fact that the data indicates, pretty conclusively, that if one happens to be circumcised, and therefore has no Langerhans receptor cells, that one's odds on contracting the HIV-AIDS retrovirus are reduced by as much as 70%. Why the Hell would anyone take that data and twist it into the notion that I have a dislike for uncircumcised penises." I asked.

"Beats me, Barry. pun intended." Ben replied with a smile.

"I confess, however, that I have something of an aversion to smegma. That I admit. But I don't give a damned if a guy is uncircumcised, especially if he has proper hygiene habits regarding the elimination of his smegma." I insisted.

"I understand, completely, Barry. Sometimes I encounter new patients...I can hardly get close enough to examine them because the strong smell of their smegma. It also harbors all manner of other germs, Barry. I waste no time in instructing them on the proper hygiene to be observed as it goes to an uncut penis. Most of the time, they are grateful, occasionally I encounter a patient who thinks me rude for, essentially telling them that their dick stinks and this is how to solve the problem." Ben explained.

He went on:

When I first met Jacob, I quickly discovered that his hygiene wasn't the best, either. I understand that, at one point, Travis told him that his dick stank. Maybe that wasn't kind of Travis...but it was true, at the time. Jacob no longer has such a problem."

I nodded.

"Oh well, Ben, in spite of the hate mail, I figure that if I can save even one boy from the horror that is HIV-AIDS it will be worth wading through all the damned hate mail in the world. After my dear friends Brian and Sammy died such agonizing deaths, due to AIDS, I became a crusader to get out the information... `damn the torpedoes...full speed ahead', as it were, Ben." I exclaimed.

"Good for you, Barry. That's the attitude, and you may well save many boys from AIDS with your reporting, don't be dissuaded." Ben remarked.

I nodded.

"Do we know the headcount, yet? We'll need it to order enough pizza and drinks and such." Ben said.

I counted up all the attendees we expected and Ben added a number to that to ensure everyone would get plenty.

"Ben...that's a Hell of a lot of pizza... sure you don't want us to pay for half of it?" I suggested.

"Absolutely NOT! This is a treat from Jacob and me... we're happy to do it." Ben countered.

"Wait till you see how much the twins can eat, Ben. You may rethink your decision." I chuckled.

"Should I add some additional pizza to the count, Barry, I wouldn't want to run short." Ben asked.

"No, I think we're in good shape...if not, we can always order more as we watch the supply diminish." I replied with a chuckle.

The doorbell rang once more.

"That'll be Beau and the twins." I observed.

"Shall I let them in?" Ben offered.

"No, Beau knows the code to the electronic lock on the front door. He always rings, though, just so we'll know he has arrived." I said.

Quickly, Beau and the twins appeared, also in their glorious nakedness.

"Good God, Barry. I've never seen so many beautiful boys in one place in my entire life. Look at them...they're all so beautiful." Ben remarked.

"You'll get no argument from me, Ben. They are beautiful, each and all of them." I affirmed.

"Dr.'s good to see you again." Beau remarked.

The twins had no time for such formalities and headed to the pool to join the others with their own splash.

"Ben, will be fine, can drop the Dr. part." Ben said.

"OK, then, it's good to see you, Ben." Beau repeated.

"This is going to be so much fun. The twins would have had us here at the crack of dawn if they could have." Beau remarked.

"He was in the water before Jacob and I arrived, Barry, but I assume that Lance is sporting his usual erection." Ben inquired.

"He is, Ben. Danny or I will help him with that later." I said.

"Well, in my pocket, I have a small dildo...the smallest one I could find. I hope it may solve his problem, and if so, he can do it for himself." Ben suggested.

"Actually, Ben, he prefers the real thing." I chuckled.

"Really?" Ben asked.

"OH Yes, Really." I laughed.

"Well, in any case, if it works for him, he can use it when the `real thing' isn't available." Ben said, with a smile.

I nodded, and smiled back at Ben.

"We'll check it out to see if it will fit in him a little later." Ben suggested.

"'re the Doctor." I said.

I called to place the order for the pizza, drinks, chips, etc.

The kid who answered the phone immediately recognized the address when I gave it to him.

"Hey, I remember you guys. I delivered there before. The guy who answered the door said I could strip and join the crowd, if I wasn't shy about being naked. I'm not. Could I join in the fun?" He asked.

"Uh...well, do you understand that we're all Gay?"

"Oh, well...I didn't know that. I guess I'd stand out, huh? Maybe some other time." He answered.

"Well, we don't care if you're straight, but you might not be comfortable in this setting, that's all I mean. If you can be comfortable with the group, you're certainly welcome to join us. Don't you have other deliveries, though? I wouldn't want to get you in trouble with your boss" I explained.

"I can handle the boss. Let me think about it. I've never been the only straight guy in the crowd before...that could be weird... not that I hate gays or anything... I just have never been alone in the crowd as a straight person." He answered.

"Suit yourself. We won't make you uncomfortable, but you may feel uncomfortable anyway." I said, sensing that he had been turned off at the notion.

"OK...I'll think about it. Thanks for the offer." He said.

No the way, what is your name?" I asked.

"It's Roger." He answered.

"Very well, Roger. Feel free to join us if you wish. Either way, we'll understand." I concluded.

I returned to the table, where Beau and Ben were having a chat.

"Barry, who is that guy...I don't remember him."

"Well, there are actually two guys that you won't remember. One is Lance's cousin, Spence." I said, pointing him out.

"And the other?" Beau asked.

"That's Damian. He the son of my former lover, Jody." I said.

"He's beautiful... absolutely stunning, isn't he?" Beau said.

"As are you, Beau, But, yes he is very beautiful. Somehow he looks familiar to me." Beau said.

"There's a picture of his Dad on my dresser, Damian could pass as his clone. It's really quite remarkable. He's about Danny's age." I said.

"That's a little young for me...but... I might make an exception in his case... damn...he's gorgeous." Beau said.

"He is, indeed. So was his Daddy" I replied.

"OK, OK, you wore my butt out...I've got to rest for a few minutes." Jacob called out to Travis.

Jacob pulled himself out of the water to sit at the edge of the pool, his feet still in the water, his butt on the cool-deck.

Travis swam to him to continue to chat.

Jacob spread his legs to allow Travis to swim right up to him. Travis, without thinking about it was now such that his face was right at Jacob's genitals. He could have easily kissed Jacob's dick, had be wanted to, he was that close.

After Travis laughed and chatted with Jacob for a moment, Jacob smiled and remarked:

"You haven't even noticed, have you?"

"Noticed what?" Travis replied.

"I don't stink any more." Jacob said with a smile.

Travis hung his head, and said:

"I'm really sorry I ever said that to you, Jacob. I didn't realize what a hurtful remark that was. I apologize, Jacob."

"It did hurt at the time, but it turns out that you were right. My hygiene habits were not so good in those days...I didn't realize that I did stink...just as you said. Ben taught me better, though. So now it's not a problem." Jacob explained.

"I'm sorry, Jacob. It was mean of me to say such a you forgive me?" Travis begged.

Jacob slipped back into the water, feet first and placed his arms around Travis' neck:

"There's nothing to forgive, Travis. I'm only glad we're friends again...more glad than you know."

"Travis lifted his head to look into Jacob's eyes:

"I'm glad too, Jacob. I really am. It was not good for me not to reconcile with you sooner." Travis admitted.

"Yeah, well, as Ben would say... that's all water under the bridge now...let's forget about it and enjoy our friendship from now on." Jacob said.

Ben and I were both holding back tears at this exchange.

"I'm so glad that they're friends, again, Barry. You can't imagine what it's been like for Jacob to carry around all this self imposed guilt all these years." Ben observed.

"Actually, Ben, I know very well what it's like. I'm very pleased that the two of them are reconciled and can relish in their friendship going forward. It's beautiful." I stated.

The boys were having a marvelous time when Danny spoke up:

"Hey Travis...can you help Damian to improve his stroke? He's close, but he needs a little coaching...and You Da Man, when it comes to the coaching dept."

"I detest that expression. Please don't say that, Danny." Travis complained.

"Sorry...I forgot." Danny apologized.

"OK, Damian, let' see how you stroke." Travis said.

"I'd be happy for you to watch me stroke, Travis..." Damian said, in a coy voice."

Travis shook his head and smiled:

"You know what I mean." Travis laughed.

"Let me help, Travis." Jacob said.

Jacob and Travis joined arms, as they had in the last session, to hold each other at the forearms.

"OK, lie across our arms, and stroke and kick for me, Damian. Let's see if we can improve your stroke." Travis said.

"Promises, Promises." Damian laughed.

Travis looked at me and shook his head slowly as he smiled at Damian's antics. Damian threw himself across Jacob's and Travis' little bridge and lay there with his cute butt in the air.

"God, he's got a cute butt, too." Beau observed.

"He sure as Hell does." Ben added.

As Damian complied with Travis' instruction, and began kicking and stroking, the doorbell rang...again.

"Ah, that must be our friendly pizza delivery boy, Roger." I said.

"Shall I let him in, Barry?" Beau offered.

No, you and Ben can continue to enjoy the sight of Damian's butt. I'll let him in.

I went to the door and opened it, still in my nakedness.

"You must be Roger." I said.

"No, Roger couldn't make this he sent me instead." The delivery boy said.

"Oh God...I'm sorry...I hope I didn't embarrass you, young man. Roger would have expected me to be naked, as I am...I didn't mean to..." I was going to continue.

He interrupted.

"It's cool man, I know what a naked guy looks like. Where do you want me to put all this stuff?" He said.

"There on the credenza, please." I requested.

While the delivery boy made the several trips to and from his car to get everything inside, I went to my bedroom and retrieved some cash for a tip.

I reached it out to him.

"No Sir, the MasterCard number you provided takes care of it all, including the delivery charge and the tip...but thanks, anyway." The delivery boy said.

Beau and Ben joined us to help carry everything to the patio.


"You guys are all naked...huh...pretty cool." The delivery boy said.

"We think so...we like to enjoy each other as God made us... naked!" I replied.

"Pretty cool." The delivery boy said, as he closed the door behind him.

"I take it that was NOT Roger?" Beau laughed.

I laughed and replied:

"That was definitely NOT Roger...but I'll bet he'll soon be telling Roger of his experience."

We carried the pizza, drinks, chips, etc. to the patio and spread everything out on the table. I asked Beau to get the cooler from the garage to place the ice into. He brought it and we opened the bag of ice, hiding in the freezer, into the cooler. Since the glasses were plastic, and couldn't break and deliver glass chards into the ice, we didn't include the ice scoop.

Once everything was in place, I asked Beau to call the boys to the table:

"Come and Get It!" Beau called out.

The boys exited the pool, placing their beautiful bodies on full display. It was erotic to watch the water drip from their flaccid penises onto the cool deck. Except, of course for Lance, whose penis remained in its usual erect state. In his case, the water dripped from his scrotum, still an erotic sight.

Ben turned to me and said, softly:

"We need to help him lose that erection, Barry."

I nodded and responded, with equal softness:

"Let the boys eat, first. Then we'll tend to that little chore."

"Good idea." Ben responded.

The boys wasted no time in placing pieces of pizza onto their respective paper plates and helping themselves to the chips and soft drinks.

Ben and I stood aside to let the boys go first.

"We're in heaven, Barry. I can't imagine such a collection of beauties outside of heaven." Ben remarked, as we watched the boys fill their plates and seat themselves at the table.

"Surely, naked is how God intended us to be, don't you think?" I replied.

"If we all had bodies like those, Barry." Ben chuckled.

By the start of second helpings, all the lagging introductions had been made. Everyone now knew each other. Beau explained to the boys that Ben and Jacob had provided the pizza, etc., and that a round of applause was in order as a sign of gratitude. The boys responded, as coached, with a round of applause and "Thanks, Ben, Thanks, Jacob" comments.

The boys finished and settled back in their seats to finish their soft drinks.

Ben and I prepared plates for ourselves from the pizza that boys hadn't `scarfed up.'

Lance sat at the table's end, still as hard as ever.

I moved close to him and said:

"We'll take care of that, once the others are back in the pool."

Lance nodded.

After the appropriate amount of time had elapsed, Travis was the first to rise and head to the pool. The twins, not to be outdone, ran to beat Travis into the water...their penis swinging from side to side, as they ran.

"Hey, you guys...NO RUNNING!" I shouted.

"Awwww!" The twins called back.

"No Awwwws about it. The last thing we need is a visit from the ambulance and the Fire Dept. when one of you busts his head open from a fall... so NO RUNNING!" I scolded.

"OK, OK." The twins called back in unison.

The other boys began walking to the pool to join the fun. Damian, and Lance remained at the table. I stopped Danny as he rose to make his way to the pool and spoke:

"We want to help Lance to lose his erection, would you take him to the bathroom and help him with the cleansing routine, please?"

Lance interrupted:

"I know the routine. I'll take care of it, myself."

"OK, Lance. After you've made sure your rectum is empty, you'll find that I ordered a package of `marksman' lubricating syringes. They're in the cabinet. They're preloaded with lubricant. You can use them to lubricate yourself before the penetration. Each has a built in stem or nozzle...they should be easy for you to use." I informed Lance.

Lance made his way to the anteroom to perform the chore of cleansing his rectum.

"Are those things made by the same company that we get the ID Glide from?" Danny asked.

"Yes, sweetie, they are...Aneros... out of Houston." I answered.

"I like the ID Glide." Danny said.

"You sure do." I acknowledged with a smile.

Danny smiled back.

"I've never heard of them." Ben observed

They make a line of prostate massagers, as well. I thought one of them might work for Lance, but the things have no ridge to work on the sweet spot, as they call it. You can check them out on the web, Ben...I think it's something like that." I explained.

"Barry?" Danny asked.

"Yes, Danny." I answered.

"Why don't you do it, this time? Lance is falling in love with me BIG TIME...I don't want to lead him on." Danny suggested.

"I don't know about love, except puppy love, Danny...but he has certainly developed a boy-crush on you and is infatuated with you. You can't blame him... you are so damned beautiful." I said with a smile.

Damian had been listening to all this and asked:

"What is it that you need to do?"

"Well, Lance has a congenital issue with staying erect most all of the time. Dr. Ben discovered that the pressure of a penis in Lance's rectum, allows his penis to drain its excess blood, allowing him to lose his erection for many and I have tried to help him by placing our penises into his rectum until he becomes flaccid. It always seems to work." I reported.

"He's in there, now, making sure his rectum is clean and empty." Danny added.

Ben added:

"Sometimes you have to search for the right spot, such that your corona ring puts pressure in just the right place...but once you learn where that place is, you can always help him to lose the erection."

"He doesn't have a crush on me, why don't I do it for him?" Damian offered.

"If he's OK with it. That's fine, Damian." I said.

Lance returned from his chore and I informed him of Damian's offer. He looked in disappointment at Danny. It was obvious he was counting on Danny to perform the `treatment'. Still, he consented to allow Damian to help him.

"How do we do this?" Damian asked.

"Well, Danny usually reclines on the lounge chair over there, and I just sit on his penis until my hard-on dies." Lance explained.

"Sounds like fun for us both, huh?" Damian said with a smile.

Lance smiled back, took Damian by the hand and led him to the recliner.

Danny carried the ID Glide along and gave it to Lance, saying:

"Lube him up good, Lance, and get him hard before he does it, or it won't work."

"I know." Lance replied.

Damian lay on his back, his hands behind his head, making his torso and genitals fully available to Lance.

Lance began spreading the ID Glide all over Damian's penis. Damian responded, as one would expect, by developing his own throbbing erection. I couldn't help remember that Jody's erections used to throb in the same way...demanding satisfaction.

Lance stroked Damian's penis slowly to ensure that the lube was fully covering Damian's penis from its base to its meatus. Damian, by now, was hard as a rock and ready to perform the task.

Lance then took some of the lube, now coating his hand, and rubbed it onto his anus, to ensure an easy penetration for Damian.

Lance straddled Damian, and held Damian's penis, to place it in the right position for penetration. He then sat slowly onto Damian's penis. I watched as Damian's penis found its home in Lance's butt, until it fully disappeared. Only Damian's scrotum remained to be seen. Damian's penis was completely inserted into Lance's butt.

Damian closed his eyes to enjoy the hot rectum that Lance had just blessed him with.

"Damn, you're HOT, Lance...I mean really HOT. I've been inside a lot of guys, but never been in one so HOT!" Damian remarked.

"Thanks, I guess. Danny and Barry say the same thing." Lance replied.

Lance moved up and down slightly on Damian's penis, helping Damian to locate the right spot.

After a few moments, when nothing was happening, I realized what was the case, and spoke:

"Lance, you know this won't work if you are sexually aroused...are you?"

"Hell Yeah...wouldn't you be?" Lance replied.

"I sure would." I replied.

I spoke to Damian:

"He needs to cum first, you mind?"

"It wouldn't be the first time I've been covered in cum...go ahead, Lance." Damian said.

"Help me, Damian." Lance requested.

"Sure...just a regular hand job, is that what I need to do?" Damian asked.

"Please." Lance responded.

Lance rose from Damian's penis far enough to remove the pressure from his ejaculatory ducts and prostate so he could cum to his maximum. He left Damian's glans inside his anus, not allowing it to escape his grip.

Damian removed one hand from behind his head and took hold of Lance's penis.

The twins, as well as Spence, were taking this all in...watching closely as the technique unfolded.

"Ready?" Damian asked.

"Hell Yeah!" Lance replied.

Damian began stroking Lance's happy penis, which appeared to become even more erect, if that's possible, until his scrotum began to retract.

Lance's breathing had become labored and deliberate. He was excited to his maximum.

"I'm gonna cum, Damian. It'll get all over you... Sorry!" Lance announced.

"Go for it, Lance. Have a good cum...cum all over me...I like it." Damian responded.

Damian had barely said this when Lance unloaded onto him, painting Damian's torso with cum from his pubic hair all the way up his torso to his chin.

"Wow...GOOD JOB, lance. You can really cum like a horse, huh?" Damian declared.

Damian used his fingers to gather up an amount of it and transferred it to his tongue.

"Damned Good. You guys want some?" Damian asked.

Danny and I wasted no time in joining Damian in gobbling up this delicious desert.

Lance, still holding Damian's penis captive in his rectum, sat down upon it again, and watched us consume the rest of his cum.

"I hope it's good." Lance remarked, as he re-positioned himself upon Damian's penis.

"It's delicious, Lance. It really is." Danny remarked.

"It's true, Lance, your cum is sweet...I like it." Damian added.

"Thanks, guys." Lance replied.

After a moment, Lance's penis began to become flaccid.

"Damn...this is too hot...I need to cum, too." Cody announced.

Connor was nodding in agreement.

"You need to cum...I'm about to explode!" Damian announced.

"Go ahead, Damian. Please cum in me." Lance begged.

"You sure it's OK?" Damian asked.

"Hell Yeah...I want it...please cum in me." Lance begged again.

"I can't thrust, Lance, I'm completely inside you." Damian explained.

"I'll do it for you...just stay right where you are." Lance explained.

Spence was practically drooling at the sight.

Lance began lifting his butt and lowering it to perform the thrusting action for Damian. It didn't take long for Damian's scrotum to begin to retract. It was a new sight, I had not seen Damian cum before...I wondered if he did that like his Daddy, as well.

Damian looked into Lance's affectionate eyes and said:

"OK, Lance, I'm cumming."

Damian closed his eyes, and used both hands to pull Lance's butt down on his penis fully, holding him there for the ejaculation to happen.

I could watch Damian's abdomen contract with each of his spasms, just as his Daddy always had done, and his scrotum hugging his pelvis...fully retracted.

Damian's ejaculation was protracted; His abdominal contractions continuing for some time.

"Wow, Damian, you're filling up my whole much cum do you hold?" Lance observed, as Damian's ejaculation continued.

"I want the left-overs!" I exclaimed.

"Me too." Danny said.

The other boys were all watching by now, except Travis and Jacob who were busy doing laps... seemingly uninterested in the poolside exploits.

Damian slowly opened his eyes, as his scrotum began to slowly expand.

"Damn, Lance I've never cum into such a hot butt, before. You were great!" Damian announced for all to hear.

"Thanks, Damian. You filled up my whole really hold a lot of cum, huh?" Lance observed.

"So I've been told." Damian smiled.

"Don't waste a drop of it. Danny and I want it." I said.

Damian turned to face me and said:

"What do I do?"

"Just continue to lie there. Danny and I will take it in, when Lance lifts off of you.

Lance complied and lifted off of Damian's penis, leaving it gleaming with his cum and the lubricant in the day's Sun.

Danny placed his hand between Damian's legs, Damian sensed what was going to happen and spread his legs to accommodate Danny. Danny held Damian's penis at its base to ensure it was positioned for his mouth.

Danny reached beyond Damian's g-spot and began to trace his fingers along Damian's perineum, pushing his residual cum to Damian's meatus, where Danny took the first taste of Damian's essence.

Danny looked at me, briefly and said:

"He's really good, Barry."

"My turn." I declared.

Danny held Damian's penis for me to take his place. I did, taking Damian's penis at its base and holding it place, as Danny had done. Damian's penis throbbed and palpitated, just as Jody's had always done. I didn't take time to acknowledge the fact; instead I repeated Danny's motions to bring another helping of Damian's cum to his meatus where I consumed it, greedily. My curiosity was satisfied. He did taste just exactly like his Daddy. He had Jody's cum and Jody's taste.

I said nothing to Damian. I didn't want him to continue to worry that we had accepted him as a friend because he was Jody's boy.

But...damned, he did taste exactly like his Daddy...he tasted just like Jody. I relished in it, as was obvious by the length of time in which I kept his delicious penis in my mouth, running my tongue around his corona ring and massaging his glans with my lips.

"Glad you like it, Barry." Damian finally interrupted.

"How could I not,'re delicious." I remarked.

"Like my Daddy?" Damian asked.

"Well, I can't deny it, do have his taste. I couldn't help myself. I'm sorry." I apologized.

"It's perfectly OK. I'm glad I could provide you with a good memory of my Daddy. I'm glad you enjoyed it...there's plenty more where that came from... anytime you want it." Damian offered.

I nodded, as I stood to allow Damian's erection to snap gently against his pubic area.

"Look, it worked...Lance is soft again." Spence observed.

Damian smiled, as if pleased with himself, bringing Lance to a flaccid state.

"Me next!" Connor called out.

"What do you mean, Connor?" I called out.

"I want to sit on Damian's dick next." Connor replied unabashedly.

"I can't do that again for a while guys...give me a break. Besides, I did it for Lance to help him lose his hard on...I don't stick my dick into everyone, you know."

"You put it in me, and I'll show you the best cum you've ever had." Connor replied with a coy smile.

"Connor, please." I called out.

Connor became silent at my chiding.

"I'll do it!" Spence said.

"I thought you were straight?" Connor said.

"Just because I've had pussy, doesn't mean I don't like to try new things, Connor." Spence replied.

"I want to play, too." Cody added.

"I only have one dick, Cody." Spence replied.

"Yeah, and one mouth, huh?" Cody replied.

"I don't know about that, one has ever put his dick in my mouth. I don't know if I'd like that so much." Spence replied.

Ben and I were taken aback with this exchange, but said nothing to discourage the boys...unless things should get to be non-consensual.

"Oh, what the Hell...what do I do?" Spence asked.

"Just lie down on the other recliner, next to Damian's...we'll do the rest." Connor bade Spence.

Spence complied.

Connor lubed up Spence's penis, and it became erect right away.

"I don't want to hurt you, Connor. I've got a pretty big dick." Spence said.

Connor took Spence's dick by its base and remarked:

"It's a little bigger than most, but I've had a lot bigger in me... no problem."

Spence seemed almost insulted at the notion that someone might have a bigger dick than he... but he made no reply.

Beau looked at me and mouthed the word `incorrigible' although, not saying it aloud.

I nodded back at him with a smile.

Connor mounted Spence first, placing Spence's penis in position at his anus. He sat on Spence's penis effortlessly, as Spence responded with a groan:

"Oh, God...Uhhhhhh... Uhhh... you feel GREAT!"

"I know it, I get told that all the time." Connor bragged.

"Me too, Spence." Cody added.

"Well, I don't..."Spence began to say, as Cody did not hesitate to mount him as well, only higher...on his chest to get close enough to place his penis in Spence's mouth.

"God...twins... I've never had twins before, Barry... lucky Spence!" Ben observed.

"Lucky indeed, Ben...we'll see how he responds to a mouthful of cum...should be interesting." I observed.

It didn't take long to find out.

"I'm gonna cum!" Spence said, loudly.

"That's the whole idea...go for it, Spence." Connor replied.

"Uhhh... Uhhh..."Spence groaned, as he began his ejaculation. His scrotum had retracted quickly and his balls were drawn nearly out of sight into his groin, as they pumped their precious cargo to his ejaculatory ducts.

Spence closed his eyes to enjoy the remaining ejaculation and orgasm without distraction.

"Time to cum, Bro." Connor said to Cody

Cody inserted his penis deeply into Spence's mouth and said to his brother:


With that, both Connor and Cody unloaded. Cody filled Spence's mouth completely. Spence did not object and swallowed to take it all. Connor, still sitting on Spence's dick, raised himself slightly to enable himself to cum without restriction from Spence's dick, still resident in his rectum.

Connor held his own penis at its base and blew his hot cum all over the back of his brother. It ran down Cody's back from shoulder height, coursing down his spine to run into his butt crack and onto Spence's belly.

Cody finished his ejaculation. His urethra was still having ejaculatory spasms as Cody retracted it from Spence's mouth. To my surprise, Spence grabbed Cody by the butt and stopped him from making a complete exit from his mouth. He slurped the remainder of Cody's cum into his mouth, and gradually allowed Cody to withdraw his penis from his mouth, licking the glans clean of cum as it made its exit.

"That wasn't so bad, after all." Spence said, as Cody retracted his penis from Spence's mouth completely. The last of Cody's cum dripped from his meatus onto Spence's breasts, as Cody sat there allowing it to happen for a while. Finally the last of Cody's cum stringed its way to Spence's upper torso.

"Is that all of it?" Spence asked.

"Yeah. That's all of it. I can make plenty more a little later." Cody promised.

" I never thought I'd be swallowing some guy's cum...I have to admit, it really wasn't bad at all. I thought I be gagging, but it was not so bad... has kinda a tangy taste, huh?" Spence confessed.

Ben and I looked at each other and smiled.

Connor's cum was still running down his brother's back onto Spence's belly.

"Connor, you pack a Hell of a load." Damian, still reclining next to the activity, declared.

"Yeah, I guess I do...that's what they tell me, anyway. It's nothing compared to the load that Beau packs, though."

"HEY! Can't a guy have any secrets around here?" Beau shouted out to Connor, in a chuckle.

Travis, Danny and I already knew what Connor was referring to, as we witnessed, first hand, Beau's massive load at our last cummichino event. Beau packs a Hell of a's delicious, too.

Damian spoke up so Beau would hear him:

"I'd like to see that, Beau."

"Would you really?" Beau asked.

"Damned sure would!" Damian replied.

"Well, we'll try to accommodate...later...OK?" Beau promised.

"I'll be waiting, Beau. You're so damned gorgeous...your cum must be a special treat." Damian teased.

"Do you really find me cute, Damian?" Beau asked.

"No, I don't find you cute...I think you are GORGEOUS!" Damian replied.

Damian was, obviously, making his move on Beau. Beau was not resisting.

When Beau realized we were all taking in this little dance he quickly added:

"We'll discuss it later, OK?"

"Sure, preferably when we can be alone." Damian suggested.

"Maybe" Beau laughed.

"Maybe nothing, I want to make love to you, Beau. I find you irresistible." Damian said, proving himself far more aggressive than his daddy.

"Well, let's not announce it to everyone, Damian. We'll find some time to ourselves later. OK?" Beau replied.

"OK." Damian replied.

Connor spoke up, or more sang:

"YES!!!...Beau's gonna get laid...Beau's gonna get laid."

Connor pumped his fist affirming the notion.

"See what you got started, Damian?" Beau smiled.

Damian smiled back and winked at Beau.

"Let's get back in the pool, Danny." Damian invited.

SPLASH桽PLASH ...they were back in the water.

While the boys were frolicking in the pool, Dr. Ben decided the time was right to see if the dildo he had brought might serve Lance in the future. He called to Lance and had him to come and lie on the table. We moved the pizza boxes to accommodate him.

"You know the position I need you in, Lance." Dr. Ben said.

"Yeah, I know." Lance replied.

He rolled to his left side, facing me, pulled his upper leg toward his chest, and put out his hand for me to hold. I did so gladly...he's such a sweet kid. I'm flattered that he feels secure with me holding his hand.

Ben removed the dildo from his pocket, and removed it from the plastic bag it was in.

"I lubed it up at the office. It should be ready to use." Ben said.

Lance took one look at this thing and tensed up his butt cheeks to prevent it from getting any closer to his anus.

"That thing is bigger than Spence's dick...NO WAY, is that thing going in me." Lance complained.

"Don't worry, Lance. I won't try to force it or anything. I just need to see how big it is compared to your anus." Ben assured Lance.

"Well...OK, then." Lance said, as he relaxed his butt to accommodate Dr. Ben.

Ben spread Lance's butt cheeks with one hand, exposing his little anus. Ben placed the dildo gently against Lance's small anus, and looked at me and said:

"I don't think it will go in, Barry, but we need to see if Lance's anus can really expand to a size that it might."

Ben spoke to Lance:

"Lance, I'm going to push very lightly against your anus...just to see if it might open up enough to take in this thing. I won't push hard, or try to force it. OK?"

"OK." Lance replied.

Ben pushed against Lance's anus gently, and it did open up to a degree, but not enough to take in the dildo.

"I'm going to push just a little bit harder, Lance. Your anus is opening up, but not enough, yet." Ben informed Lance.

"TAKE IT OUT...TAKE IT OUT!" Lance shouted, as his anus refused to open any further and the dildo became painful to him, as Ben applied more pressure to it.

Ben removed the dildo quickly:

"Sorry, was worth a try. We won't try it again. This is the smallest dildo I could find, Barry. If I can find a smaller one...well, maybe we can try it. On the other hand, as long as You guys can satisfy him with the real thing, that's all the better." Ben explained.

"They don't make small dildos, defeats the purpose." I chuckled.

"I suppose you're right, Barry. I just wanted to find a solution for Lance. He may need it for use at school or in some place when you guys aren't around." Ben said.

I nodded.

Damian's cum was now oozing from Lance's open anus.

"Can't waste that, Lance." I said.

Lance knew the cue, and rolled to his back and spread his legs such that they extended off either side of the table. I lifted his cute little butt to better suck Damian's cum out of Lance's anus. He placed his feet back onto the table to hold his anus in place for me. I went to work on his anus in earnest, sucking and slurping all the cum from Lance's anus that it was willing to surrender to me.

"Damn, that was delicious. Thanks, Lance, for sharing." I said.

"No problem, Barry. I'm still full of Damian's cum...he really filled me up good." Lance explained.

Travis called to the guys:

"You guys are going to be sunburned... let's put some sunscreen on."

They all got out of the pool. Travis and Jacob rubbed on the sunscreen for each of the boys, except for Damian, who brought the sunscreen to Beau and said:

"Would you do the honors?"

"Of course, Damian."

Beau rubbed the sunscreen onto Damian's glorious naked body, paying special attention to Damian's grateful genitals, which responded by becoming quite excited. The others noticed this interplay and smiled and winked at each other.

Lance, still lying on the table, rose to get his share of Travis' touch, as Travis rubbed the sunscreen all over the boys... ALL OVER. Then he joined the others in the pool.

Jacob and Travis applied the sunscreen to each other... all over. Both were beginning to look like Lance with their own erections, as they joined the others in the pool.

"My... this is becoming `erection city', huh, Barry?" Ben observed.

"Isn't it wonderful?" I replied.

"It sure as Hell is." Ben confirmed, with a smile.

The afternoon wore on, as the boys splashed, laughed, and frolicked...having a GREAT time and enjoying each other. It was delicious to simply watch them.

The phone rang.

"That'll be my Dad." Lance said

He was right. Mitch asked that Spence should return to leave for Ft. Worth with the rest of the clan.

I made the announcement to Spence, and, seemingly crestfallen, he made his exit from the water, dried himself off and got dressed to leave. Lance started to do the same.

"Hold on, Lance. Your Dad said you could stay the night here, if you want. I hope you will. I'd be worried about you being alone at you house overnight." I said.

"He did?!?!" Lance cheered.

"Yes, he said it was up to you, but if you want to stay the night, you can. We'd love to have you...and I'd feel better knowing you are here, safe and sound." I said.

"GREAT...of course I'll stay, Barry. Are you sure it's OK with the other guys?" Lance asked.

I looked out over the scene and said:

"What do you think guys. Should Lance stay the night here with us?"

Travis began a round of applause, to assure lance we ALL wanted him to stay.

Lance smiled from ear to ear:

"GREAT. I'm stayin'" Lance announced.

"Damn...I wish I could stay." Spence said.

"Sorry, Spence, you'd be welcome to do so, but you have to return to Ft. Worth with your folks...they're waiting on you right now." I said, sadly.

"Danny, please drive Spence back to Lance's house. I don't like the guys on the streets alone, as you know." I asked.

Danny, never missing out on an opportunity to drive, wasted no time putting on some shorts, and preparing to get the car out of the garage.

"Oh, I almost forgot...Spence, you didn't pay for your swim and all the pizza." I announced

Spence looked at me in puzzlement.

I continued:

"The price for this great afternoon is a hug."

Spence smiled widely and walked to me and delivered the hug:

"You guys are GREAT, thanks for everything. Can I come again, next time I'm here?" Spence asked.

"You may...indeed, you'd better. We'd be unhappy if you didn't come see us if you have an opportunity. We enjoyed having you, Spence." I said, as I returned his hug.

"Not as much as I enjoyed being had" he winked.

He turned to the twins:

"Wow...that's all I can say...Wow!"

"We tried to give you our best, Spence...glad you liked it." Connor replied, with his own coy smile.

Danny tooted the horn briefly to indicate he was ready and waiting.

Spence made his way to the gate, but, before he made his exit, he turned and waved a sad wave to us:

"See Ya!" Spence said as he made his exit.

"You'd better come back, Spence. We expect to see you again... Promise?" I called out to him.

"I will." Spence called back, then closed the gate behind him.

I felt sad to see Spence leave... knowing he'd rather have stayed. I really hoped he would come back at some point. We did enjoy him...and, no doubt he had some new experiences...courtesy of the twins.

Damian took Beau by the hand and led him toward the anteroom. Ben and I looked at each other, but said nothing. Damian knew where the guest room was, and I figured he and Beau would soon be enjoying its accommodations.

The twins watched as Beau's and Damian's cute little butts disappeared into the anteroom. They held their arms high and exchanged a `high five' slap of hands to assert their pleasure at what, they too, knew was about to happen.

"When Damian and Beau were well out of earshot, Connor spoke up:

"God...he's needed this for so long. I hope Damian fucks his brains out."

Cody nodded in agreement.

Ben and I smiled.

Travis and Jacob were having their own conversation, at the other end of the pool.

Danny returned in short order.

He was instantly naked, and re-joined us on the patio.

"Spence was really sad that he had to leave. I hope he comes again, sometime. I felt bad dropping him off at the house, that way." Danny reported.

"I hope he does, as well. Sweetie. Thanks for driving." I replied.

"Beau and Damian are in the guest room." Lance announced to Danny with raised eyebrows and a wink."

Danny only smiled:

Well, it's late enough in the day. You ready for a Bourbon &7, Barry? Danny asked.

"Please, Danny, and get Ben his usual." I said.

"No problem." Danny replied.

"I want one!" Lance complained.

Danny looked at me for the permission.

"A weak one, Danny. Lance handled the last one without problem, he can have another." I said.

Danny left for the kitchen to prepare the drinks.

He returned with them in short order, and bearing a strange smile.

"What?" I asked.

"From the sounds coming from the guestroom, I'd say they are getting to know each other pretty well." Danny said, continuing his smile.

"Good!" I replied.

The twins were still in the pool. I could see that they were both becoming waterlogged and I spoke to them:

"You guys might want to get out for a while. As our beloved David might look like prunes!"

They looked at their fingers, as did Jacob and Travis, when I made the announcement, and they all left the water to join Ben, Danny, Lance and me.

"Finish up the pizza, guys, while it's still good. I'd hate for Barry to throw it in the trash." Ben suggested.

He didn't have to make the suggestion twice.

"Want a drink, you two?" Danny asked in the direction of Travis and Jacob?

"That would be great, Danny. Thanks. Where's Beau and Damian?" Travis asked.

"They are, shall we say, preoccupied, in the guest room." I replied.

Travis and Jacob smiled and nodded.

"Thanks for saying so, Barry. I was going to suggest that Danny ask them if they wanted drinks."

I smiled back and said:

"This might not be the best time to interrupt them."

The twins turned to each other for another high five. They were pleased to see Beau having a little intimacy with Damian...whom they seemed to approve of.

"You guys seem to like Damian." I observed

"Yeah...can we keep him?" Cody asked, with a smile.

I shook my head in the negative, but smiled back.

"He's really beautiful. Beau is too. They make a great couple." Connor observed.

I nodded:

"Give it some time, guys. We'll see what develops."

"I hope they fall in love." Connor said.

"Whoa, don't get ahead of things, Connor. Like I said, we'll see what, if anything, develops... and whatever you rude remarks when they re-join us. Do you understand?" I said, firmly.

"OK, OK." We'll be good. Cody said.

Connor nodded to agree.

Beau and Damian were still enjoying each other when Ben and Jacob, having finished their drinks...and a second round decided it was time to leave.

"Say goodbye to Beau and Damian for us, Barry. I don't want to interrupt them, naturally."

The twins had taken up a place on each of the recliners and were enjoying the Sun as it prepared to produce another glorious Texas Sunset.

Travis took the remaining pizza boxes and other trash to the garage and placed it all in the dumpster. Lance helped him

Danny came to me with the ID Glide in one hand and that special smile of his to announce to me what he had in mind. He had already made his trek to the restroom and made sure he was clean and lubricated.

"Turn on the Spa, Baby, so it can be heating up for later." I asked.

Danny did so, then returned to me. He lubed up my penis with the ID Glide, and took his usual position, sitting gently on my penis such as to inset it fully into his rectum.

"Awwwwwww..." He whispered, as his rectum welcomed my happy penis home."

It was nearly dark when Beau and Damian reappeared, as if nothing had happened.

Beau spoke first:

"Did you miss us?" he said in a coy voice

"Oh, were you gone?" I said, in my own coy voice, looking up to see them both smiling back.

They looked at each other and exchanged a final kiss, as Beau called out to the twins:

"Time to go, guys!"

Danny had to release my penis so I could accompany his brothers to the door.

Beau and Damian held hands as they went to the foyer. Beau had to let go of Damian's hand long enough to get dressed.

The twins were getting dressed, as Damian and Beau embraced each other and kissed each other with much passion. I was happy for them both.

"Thanks for everything, Barry... Oh...Dammit...I forgot, we brought a card for Danny's celebration as a new driver." Beau said, as he took it from his pocket and handed it to me. I looked at it, then called for Danny to join us.

The card was quite humorous. I had smiled at it before I handed it to Danny.

The card was a shot, as if a photo, taken straight on through the windshield of a car to the occupants inside. There was some kid behind the wheel and an adult sitting in the passenger's seat. The adult had eyes that were bugged-out to about 3 times the normal size and his fingers were dug into the dashboard. It appeared that the adult was terrified and that some horrible crash was immanent.

Beau had written `Barry'...with an arrow pointing to the passenger and `Danny' with an arrow pointing to the kid behind the wheel.

"Danny took one look at it and said:

"Aw, I wasn't that bad."

"No, he wasn't. It was David who did most of the practice with him, in any case. Still, Danny didn't scare anyone like the card would suggest..."

Then I continued in a joking tone:

"Although, I did notice that David had developed his first gray hairs when Danny had finished with him."

"Very Funny!" Danny said with a chuckle.

"It's a GREAT card, Beau. Very humorous." I said.

Danny went to his brothers and hugged each of them, especially Beau. Damian stood out of the way to allow Danny to have full access to Beau.

Beau kissed Danny sweetly on his lips and said:

"Congratulations, little brother. I love you very much."

Danny returned the kiss and gave Beau a big hug:

"I love you too, Beau."

"Hey, what about us?" Cody asked.

"I love you guys know that." Danny said.

The twins smiled and opened the door for their exit.

Beau came to me and hugged me, as the twins made their way to the car.

"Thank you, Barry...for everything. I love you." He turned to Damian and back to me and said:

"And thanks for introducing me to Damian...he's pretty special. I know you'll take good care of him."

"I will, Beau, for as long as he visits, that is. I don't know how long we'll be blessed with him." I replied.

Beau nodded and moved to deliver one final kiss to Damian:

"I'll get to see you again, before you leave, won't I?"

"Of course you will, Beau. Don't can't get rid of me this easily." Damian assured him.

Beau smiled, kissed Damian once more and left for the car.

"What a sweet guy!" Damian declared, as Beau drove away.

"Yes, he really is, Damian. I'm glad the two of you hit it off so well." I said.

"Did we ever!" Damian declared.

Damian looked at Danny and said:

"I see Travis and Lance are in the Spa, let's join them."

"Go ahead. I want to sit with Barry for a while longer." Danny said.

Danny and I returned to the patio, and Danny resumed his seat on my penis.

"I need you to make love to me, Barry. I've not had any today... everyone else, just about, got to cum...I need you to make love to me." Danny complained.

"OK, Sweetie. Let's just use the table." I suggested.

"OK." Danny replied.

Danny still had my penis inside him. He placed his arms around my neck, and I carried him to the table, never allowing my penis to escape his anus. I laid him on the table and placed his legs such that they were resting on my shoulders.

I began thrusting, as he liked...but as usual he spoke up:

"Harder, Barry."

Hearing this, Lance and Damian turned to see me engaged in sex with Danny.

Neither said anything and both turned to face away from us, not wishing to make us self-conscious.

The foam and stream of bubbles bathed the three of them as they relished their time in the Spa. They ignored us, completely, giving us some if Danny cared about privacy.

Finally, I whispered to Danny:

"I'm going to cum, baby."

He nodded.

I exploded into him. The day's excitement had me carrying my own unusually mighty load and I emptied it into Danny's hot rectum.

"Stay in me, Barry." Danny instructed me.

I nodded. I knew the routine. He wanted me to go flaccid inside him. He enjoyed that experience greatly.

"Tell me when, Danny, I don't want to miss a drop.

"I will, Barry...I always do." Danny whispered.

As I began to lose my erection, Danny kept his promise.

"Hurry, Barry...I'm gonna cum."

I bent to take Danny's penis into my mouth, as I did, my penis popped out of his sweet little anus, and it snapped shut behind my exit.

He returned the favor, exploding his bountiful, hot, sweet cum into my greedy mouth. I took it all, as his penis palpitated against my tongue. When the ejaculation finally came to an end, Danny was breathing hard and was in his usual post-ejaculation state of exhaustion.

I traced his perineum and brought his residual cum to my mouth. I repeated this process until I was certain I had gotten it all. I allowed his penis to begin to become flaccid in my mouth.

When it was done. I leaned forward to allow him to place his arms around my neck. I carried him, his arms around my neck and his legs around my abdomen, to the Spa.

We enjoyed the Spa until I felt Danny go limp in my arms. He was asleep.

"I'd better take him to bed, guys." I announced.

"It's time for us all to hit the rack, Barry." Travis replied.

Travis rose and went to turn off the spa heater and conduct the other bedtime chores.

"Lance, you can sleep with Travis, Danny and me, if you can have David's spot. There's plenty of room." I suggested.

Damian interjected:

"He can sleep in the guestroom, Barry...I can sleep on the couch."

Lance added:

"Why can't I sleep with you, Damian? After all, you had your dick in me's not as if we're strangers, at this point."

"It's OK with me, Lance, if you'll be comfortable."

"Sure I will" Lance reported.

Lance and Damian left for the guestroom, after kissing me sweetly a goodnight kiss.

I remained to wait on Travis to finish up the chores, and see if I could be of any help. With Danny limp in my arms, and wrapped around me, I couldn't imagine what I might help him with...still I stood there, with a limp Danny clinging to me, and waited for Travis to join us. I would need him to help place Danny in his usual position anyway.

When Travis and I made our way to the bedroom, I looked into the guestroom to see Lance sound asleep in Damian's arms. It was a sweet sight. Damian was still awake and was stroking Lance's hair gently to assure he was sound asleep.

Damian smiled at us and nodded toward Lance, who had wrapped himself around Damian, their genitals in contact. Damian, on his back, and Lance wrapped around him, in much the same fashion Travis sleeps with his ear to my breast.

I was touched at the sight, and impressed with Damian for his instincts to care for Lance in such a loving fashion.

Travis placed Danny in his usual place, between my legs and was about to join us, in his usual position when the phone rang

"Who the Hell could that be at this hour." Travis whispered, so as not to awaken Danny.

"I have no idea." I replied.

Travis answered the call.

He listened for a few moments, and then a sad expression came over him. He continued to listen and finally said to whomever was on the phone:

"I'm really sorry to hear that, Anne. Hold on a moment and I'll hand the phone to Barry"

Travis looked at me sadly and as he handed me the phone he said:

"I'm sorry, Barry, I'm afraid it's bad news about Chad."

----------------------------END PT 15 TORNADO WARNING-----------------------------