Disclaimer: This work is one of fiction. Any resemblance of persons or places mentioned in this story to actual persons or places is only slightly more than coincidence. Readers of this story should be familiar with my story: Forgive me, Jody, as particulars from that story are recounted here.


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Note to my readers: I deal, in this chapter with a real-life tragedy that occurred in my life recently. It involves the suicide of a dear friend, Chad. He had been a school chum of Jody, and was something of a link for me to Jody...losing him has been a particularly difficult episode.


Travis handed me the phone. It was Chad's mother, Anne. A thousand thoughts went through my mind. I assumed Chad was back in Parkland Hospital receiving still more treatment for the MRSA he had contracted there during his amputation surgery. He spent 9 months there, undergoing the most horrible things, and only finding relief from the massive doses of Morphine he was receiving.

I was almost afraid to hear the news that Anne was about to deliver, but I knew I must answer the call:

"Hello Anne, how's he doing?" I asked.

"Barry, we've lost the boy." Was Anne's terse reply.

"Excuse me? I asked."

"I mean... Barry...Chad is dead. He committed suicide on Memorial Day." She said.

"Oh No!" I responded. We just had dinner with him a few Sundays ago...what happened?" I asked.

Anne explained, at length, how Chad had become convinced, as a result of those things that had been told to him by his doctors, that his situation was utterly without hope and that all he had to look forward to was a lingering and agonizing death.

She explained, too, that he had taken great care to plan his suicide, leaving no detail overlooked. He had left post-it notes all over his house as to which of his belongings should be given to whom, or defining other disposition regarding his assets.

We knew that his Drs. Had advised him that he should get his affairs in order. His disease, MRSA, which he contracted in the hospital during an amputation series of operations, would be unrelenting, and that it was resistant to treatment, such that they might retard its progress, but, eventually...

Still, I never thought that Chad would take his own life, as he did. I knew such thoughts were in his mind, as they would be in anyone's, but I thought he'd agree to re-enter the hospital and accept the morphine and wait it out. I was wrong. Chad was far more courageous than I. He took matters into his own hands, and did so in a manner that I would have been too cowardly to do.

Anne went on:

"He drove to a park where there were Memorial Day festivities, knowing he'd be discovered quickly, and overdosed with his pain pills. The police found him and called to give me the bad news. He had even pinned notes to himself indicating that he had never been married, had no children, and naming me as his next of kin."

"Dear God, Anne, he died alone... in no one's embrace."

"It's, apparently, how he wanted it, Barry." She replied.

"Dear God." I repeated.

Travis had moved to place a hand on my shoulder in consolation, as I listened to Anne tell me of Chad's fate.

Anne continued:

"I had him cremated and have placed his ashes in a very nice memorial park."

I was furious. She didn't even bother to call me before having him cremated, which he told me many times that he did NOT want... she knew it, too.

She went on:

"The reason I'm calling, Barry, is that I have a letter here that Chad left behind for you. I have mislaid your address, and need it to mail this letter to you."

I was reeling, at this point.

"God, Anne, he's going to break my heart, even after he's gone, isn't he." I declared.

"I would assume so, Barry, but the letter is sealed in its own envelope and written on the envelope is instruction that you, and only you, are to open it." She explained.

"Thank you, Anne. I'm truly sorry to hear all this. It never occurred to us that the last dinner we had with Chad, at Trey, would be the last time we would see him." I said.

"He probably planned it that way, Barry, as he had planned every other detail of his death." She suggested.

"That would make sense, Anne, and it would be typical of Chad's Modus Operandi." I remarked, trying to muster a smile...which refused to come.

"He loved you very much, Barry... you know that. Be consoled that he's in a much better place, now...and the MRSA is no longer eating his body unstoppably." She concluded.

"Yes, I have no doubt he's in a much better place, Anne. I'll be watching for the letter. I could just come and get it from you, if you prefer." I suggested.

"We're in the process of moving, Barry. Things are extremely hectic right now. It would be more certain for me to just put it in the mail." She said

I knew the truth of it. She had always resented me because Chad had told her that he loved me more than her... and indeed, he did. She just didn't want to see me. Fine, I thought, I can wait for the mail.

The call terminated after Anne explained to me where the memorial park was located, so we could visit Chad's ashes.

I handed the phone back to Travis who placed it back on-hook.

"You OK, Barry?" Travis asked.

I slowly shook my head in the negative:

"No, Travis, I guess I'm NOT OK. This will take some time to absorb and come to grip with."

Travis took me in his embrace and held me as I was enveloped with a shiver.

He stroked my hair and kissed me, repeatedly, on the head.

"I can't believe he's gone, Travis." I whispered, trying not to awaken Danny, whose warm breath bathed my genitals, as always.

"I know, Lover... I know." Travis replied, as he continued to stroke my hair and kiss my cheek.

"I should fire off an e-mail to David right away." I declared, still whispering.

I shook Danny, gently, until he began to stir.

"I'm sorry, Danny. I have to get up for a few moments. You'll have to let me up. You can continue to sleep... I'll be back shortly." I explained.

Danny said nothing, but shook his, slowly, to say NO. He wrapped himself around me, his arms around my neck, his legs around my mid-section. I carried him to the computer.

As I passed the guest room, I noticed the light was still on. I peeked in to see Lance wrapped around Damian like a baby boy. Lance's head was resting upon Damian's chest, in a similar manner that Travis sleeps on my breast. Damian had wrapped his arms around Lance and both were sound asleep. So much for the "little soldier"...I thought to myself. I turned off the lights and proceed on to the computer room.

Travis started it and pulled up the e-mail program for me. Danny was as limp as a rag doll in my arms. As I sat down to compose the e-mail, Danny's butt crack enveloped my penis, as usual. In spite of the sorrow of the moment, my penis responded, as programmed, with a quick-developing erection. I found it, somehow more consoling than any words. Danny, in my arms, hugging me, attached to me, was perhaps the only real consolation to the tragic news I Had just received.

When I opened the email account, there was already an e-mail from David awaiting me.

I opened it right away:

`Hello Lovers;

Congratulations, Danny, on your driver's license. I knew you'd pass the test...and I bet you did so with flying colors. I wish I could be there for the celebration. I'm sure it must be a lot of fun.

I miss you each and all... more than you could know. I remain very anxious to be home with you...and put Italy behind me. It's a perfectly fine place, I suppose, but as the saying goes: There's no place like home...Dorothy was so right.

I count down the days till I'm home with you... days that I can never get back. You're so lucky to have each other. I have learned another truism, as well... absence makes the heart grow fonder. Know I miss you and long to run to your embrace.

I love you ALL, I love you ALL


David's words caused me to well up with tears:

"Thank God, I still have you three angels...I truly could not survive without you." I sobbed.

Travis kissed me in an act of consolation.

"Maybe you'd better send the email to David, please, Travis. I'm too consumed with sadness because of Chad." I suggested.

"Whatever you want, Barry. I'd be glad to." Travis replied.

I rose to surrender the chair to Travis. My happy penis remained lodged in Danny's butt crack, and as he tightened his legs around my waist, sensing my rising from the chair, my penis was held that much more tightly in that butt crack.

Travis began composing:

" David... we received your sweet e-mail...know that we love you beyond words, as Barry would say, and we, too, long for you to be here with us. I regret that I must return your e-mail with one containing bad news.

I'm writing for Barry, as he is upset with that bad news, and, besides, Danny is draped over his shoulder, as usual, sound asleep.

There's no easy way to say this, so I'm going to blurt it out: Chad committed suicide on Memorial Day. He came to understand that his situation was hopeless, and apparently wished to avoid the inevitable agony that would have been his death in a short time, regardless.

Chad's mother had him cremated and his ashes placed in a memorial park. You know, he had repeatedly told us that when the time finally came...he did NOT want to be cremated. Barry is furious, therefore, that Ann did not honor his final wishes... which she, too, knew full well.

Chad has left behind a letter for Barry. It should arrive in a few days. No doubt it will hurt Barry like a gunshot when he reads it. I'll be here, and Danny, too, when he does.

There's not much more to tell, except that Chad, always the perfectionist, left copious notes at his house detailing how to deal with his personal effects... That's so Chad.

Danny's celebration was a lot of fun. It would have been much more so, had you been here. We miss you, David.

We Love you, David. We love you so very much.


Travis sent the e-mail and turned to me:

"Should I make some coffee?"

"No, sweetheart, but a drink would be nice." I replied.

Travis nodded, and left for the kitchen.

I carried Danny, his head and neck still draped over my shoulder, back to the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. Travis soon arrived with my drink. Danny continued to sleep peacefully, blessing me with his warmth and the pleasure of keeping my penis entrapped, happily, in his butt crack.

I took my drink from Travis, and took my first sip from it. Travis sat next to me on the edge of the bed and rested his head on my other shoulder, placing an arm around me.

How could I be sad, with these angels here to console me and make my life purposeful? I thought to myself. Still, it was sad, indeed, to consider Chad's plight, and his despair... despair to a degree that suicide was elected as the preferable option.

Danny heard the ice clinking about in my glass and awakened just enough to reach between my legs and reposition my, now erect, penis for penetration. He raised his butt just enough such that when he lowered himself again my penis entered his hot rectum. He smiled gently in his sleep but returned to his slumber. Perhaps, in his sleep, he assumed we were in our regular positions at poolside, where his custom was to sleep with my penis in him. In any case, my erect penis found its home in his rectum, where it, too, was held warm and safe.

Travis watched Danny place my penis in his rectum, looked at me and whispered:


Finally, a brief smile formed on my face as I nodded in agreement.

Travis placed his head back upon my shoulder and squeezed me in a sweet hug.

"I know you and David never accepted Chad. Neither of you liked him while he stayed with us. I understand." I whispered.

"I'm not going to be a hypocrite about it, Barry. I never liked him, and neither David nor I ever trusted him. Still, Barry, I would never have wished anything like this upon him. I wouldn't wish MRSA upon my worst enemy. It's a truly insidious thing, Barry, I wouldn't wish it on anyone." Travis explained.

"I know, sweetheart. I know." I accepted.

"Jody came to distrust him, too, as you told David and me. Jody was convinced that Chad was trying to replace Him in your affections... you said so, yourself." Travis said.

"'s true... although no one could ever have replaced Jody in my affections. Still he apparently sensed or otherwise intuited that Chad was making such an attempt." I admitted.

"We had the same sense of him, Barry. David and I felt he was still trying to insert himself into your affections...we didn't trust him...not one bit. We saw how he looked at you, sometimes." Travis amplified.

"Chad only had my affection as a friend, Travis, nothing more. Perhaps he wanted more, but he would have never have gotten it...I'm sure he must have knew that." I countered.

"I think he's been secretly in love with you since the Jody days... Jody knew it, and David and I have seen it in his loving gaze when he would look at you." Travis said.

"Well, in any case, he's gone now. It's such a shame..." I began to say, as I took a long drink from my Bourbon&7.

"Are you still dismayed at the circumstances of his amputation, which is at the root of his death?" Travis asked.

"Yes, Travis, I am." I replied.

"I understand, Barry, and I can't disagree."

"I'm trying NOT to become a `hater' because of it, but it has caused me to reconsider certain positions I had adopted long ago."

"Anyone who knows you, Barry, know you are NOT a hater...nor a racist." Travis assured me.

"Still Travis, the entire episode can be laid at the feet of someone who was in our country illegally...I can't put it out of my mind." I confirmed.

"I know, and it's a fact." Travis affirmed.

"Some of those at the Herald told me the nonsense that `it could have as easily been a 85 year old grandpa who T-Boned Chad while riding his motorcycle. It's Bullcrap, of course. Had that 85-year-old grandpa been in the country illegally I'd feel the same way. The simple logic of it all is that Chad's amputation of his leg and ultimate death was the direct result of an Illegal Alien. This particular event would NOT have happened had the guy not been in our country...that's the simple logic of it. It's inescapable." I explained.

"It's true, Barry... but don't let it consume you." Travis insisted.

"I can't help it, Travis... it could have been you, David, or Danny. I'd feel the same way. Chad is dead at 37 years old, because some bastard took it upon himself to violate our immigration laws. I think, now, it will be shown to be a huge mistake to have engaged in this mental masturbation such that we turn a blind eye to what is happening as the result of Illegal immigration."

"It does bear thought, Barry." Travis added.

"It's easy to remain detached and academic about it till it costs someone you love his life, Travis. Chad would still be alive were it not been for this asshole." I insisted.

Travis made no reply. He knew it was true.

I went on:

"In our attempts to be magnanimous, we have become morons. I think I'll pen an article to that effect... "Magnanimous Morons'." I suggested.

"That will start a real firestorm, Barry, people will assume you to be a racist" Travis suggested.

"It sure will, sweetie. It may also start a discussion on the topic that is long overdue." I said. This is NOT about race, sweetie, I don't much give a damned that the guy was Hispanic...I wouldn't care if he had been from Sweden, with the pinkest little Caucasian butt in the world... this is NOT about color, race, ethnicity or any of that. The Illegals have used that , however, to become a weapon against us, such that anyone who complains is called a's an effective weapon, too. No one wants to be called a we turn a blind eye to what millions of Illegals are doing to our country... God we are so very STUPID!

No reply.

"I'm going to call Roosevelt, at the office, in the morning and have him do some research, I want to know just how many Chads there have been over the years that we've been turning a blind d eye to Illegal Immigration." I said.

"Who's Chad?" an awakened Danny asked.

Travis jumped in:

"Chad was a schoolmate of Jody, Danny. He made some youthful mistakes and paid for them dearly with four years of his life. He spent those four years in prison. When he got out, he came and stayed with us for a while, until he could get on his feet and get his own place and everything. He was very fond of Barry...perhaps too fond, and David and I never took a likin' to him, as we would say in Texas. Anyway...we just got word that he is dead. That's why we're sitting here in the middle of the night having a drink."

"Oh, what happened to the guy that killed Chad?" Danny asked.

"You heard that part, huh?" I asked.

"Yeah" Danny said.

"Well, he fled back to Mexico to avoid one can find him...which means, in reality, his family in Mexico is hiding him." I reported

"That sucks." Danny responded. does, sweetie."

I added:

"I'm sorry, Danny. I didn't mean to awaken you."

"It feels so good, Barry." Danny said.

"What, sweetheart?" I asked.

"Your penis in me...that's what. It feels so good. Please make love to me." Danny asked.

"This might not be the best time, Danny." Travis suggested.

"On the contrary, it might be just the distraction I need right now, Travis. Will you help?" I asked.

"Of course...should I get the lube?" Travis asked.

I nodded.

Travis went to the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and retrieved the lube, including the preloaded `marksman' packets to insert into Danny's rectum to ensure it would be as slick as possible for my penis.

Danny seemed disinterested in the story of Chad, so I didn't burden him with it.

I stood, turned and laid Danny on his back on the bed. Travis inserted the tip of the marksman lubricant into Danny's rectum and squeezed its contents into him.

As Travis did so, I took the bottle of ID Glide and lubed my penis. He became so erect that it was palpitating and dancing on its base.

Danny lifted his legs straight up for me to take them to rest on my shoulders.

I complied, such that Danny's heels were resting on my shoulders, as I moved in close enough to position my eager penis for penetration.

"Hurry, Barry, I'm HOT!" Danny exclaimed.

I obliged, sliding my penis into him gently until it was fully in him. His abdominal muscles tightened up as I entered him, making his rectum all the more tight against the presence of my penis. It felt wonderful, and momentarily distracted me from my thoughts of Chad.

"Hard, Barry, Hard!" Danny insisted, as always.

"I know, Baby...I'll thrust hard...I know what you like." I said.

Danny smiled and closed his eyes.

I gave him what he had asked for thrusting with such force that my balls were slapping against his butt and with such stroke that my penis nearly popped out of him with each withdrawal.

I closed my eyes, as well, and concentrated on the extreme pleasure that Danny was producing in me.

"He's making tons of precum, Barry...I'm going to suck him." Travis announced.

I nodded.

Travis moved to take Danny's penis into his mouth and began to perform fellatio on Danny as I continued to pound away at Danny's rectum. I could feel Danny's rectum grow tighter as he contracted it in response to reaching the `lock and load' point. His scrotum had fully contracted, pulling his balls up tight into his abdomen...he was about to cum...BIG TIME!

"I'm going to cum, Barry...pull out a little." Danny whispered.

I stopped thrusting and held my penis just inside Danny's anus, relieving any pressure on his seminal vesicles and prostate so he could cum full-force without any impediment.

Danny nodded and uttered:

"Uh...Uhhh... I'm cumming!"

Travis stopped his fellatio such that Danny's penis was just inside Travis' lips, thus making the cavity of his mouth fully available to Danny's exploding ejaculation.

I could see Travis cheeks puff out, as Danny filled his mouth beyond capacity with his precious, delicious cum. Travis swallowed quickly to take it all in. In spite of his efforts, some of Danny's cum escaped Travis' mouth to drip from his chin and onto Danny's abdomen.

Danny was sunburn-red in his passion at this point. I was equally hot and wanted my own ejaculation. Travis nodded to signal that Danny's ejaculation had subsided. I began my thrusting again...even harder.

Travis rose up with a mouthful of Danny's essence and delivered it to my eager mouth. I took it all and licked Travis' lips to get every drop.

"Cum in me, Barry...cum in me!" Danny begged.

He had opened his eyes and was gazing into my own.

I nodded to signal that I was about to cum as well, as I continued to thrust.

I could feel my ejaculation swelling up in me. I felt as though my penis could explode. In a manner of speaking it did...into Danny.

"Oh God... YES!" Danny exclaimed, as my hot cum filled his rectum.

"Save some for me, Barry." Travis asked.

I nodded that I would.

My ejaculation, and associated orgasm was so powerful and protracted that I felt that there couldn't be any semen left in me at all. Even after my ejaculatory spasms subsided, I could feel my semen gushing from me into Danny with much force. It took an inordinate amount of time to diminish.

Danny felt my cum filling him to such a degree that he remarked:

"You're really packing a load, aren't you, Barry?"

I nodded... too immersed in my orgasm to speak.

"Stay in me, Barry... you know how I like it." Danny said.

I nodded again.

Danny's residual cum began dripping from his meatus onto his abdomen as my penis began to grow soft, relieving the pressure on his urethra, and seminal vesicles.

Travis quickly reacted to lick the cum from Danny's abdomen.

Danny's breathing had been extremely labored during our sexual escapade but was now returning to normal. His sunburn-red passion had returned to normal as well, replaced by his usual after-sex blush.

"I'll freshen our drinks." Travis offered.

"Me too, Travis...I want one." Danny said.

"OK, Danny. I'll be right back." Travis said, and left the room.

I was still inside Danny when Travis returned with the drinks.

"I want some of you,'s your turn to cum." I said.

"Thought you'd never ask!" Travis smiled.

Danny was still lying across the bed, my dick inside him, so Travis straddled him on the bed and brought his penis to my happy mouth. This placed his balls directly over Danny's face. I could see Danny watching Travis' balls react as I began my fellatio upon him.

Travis' penis and the precum he was pumping into my mouth was as sweet as ever. Travis always had the sweetest cum of anyone I'd ever known.

After a minute or so of my fellatio, Danny observed:

"His balls are moving up quick, Barry...he's about to cum."

Travis nodded in affirmation.

I held Travis' glans just inside my mouth to make my oral cavity fully available to his ejaculation.

He instantly filled me to capacity and beyond...the excess cum running down his shaft and balls and ultimately dripping onto Danny's face. Danny opened his mouth and moved his head slightly to allow that cum to drip into his mouth.

I swallowed as quickly as I could to take it as fast as Travis' ejaculation was delivering it. It proved to be impossible, as always, to match his rate of delivery.

Travis had the palms of his hands on each of my cheeks such that my ears were enveloped between his thumbs and forefingers. His gentle touch added to the excitement of his ejaculation, making the sweetness of his cum even more delicious.

Travis is so strikingly beautiful... absolutely stunning. Why he shares it with someone as unworthy as I, I don't know... but that's equally true of David and Danny.

"God, I'm so lucky." I thought to myself, still providing safe haven to Travis' penis and delicious essence.

Afterwards, the three of us having cum ourselves empty, we sat on the edge of the bed and finished our drinks.

"I'm not sure I can sleep... all this unhappy Chad-business has my heart and my mind in a strange state." I said.

"I can." Danny announced as Travis and I responded with our chuckles.

I took my usual position on the bed, and Danny crawled into his, breathing his blessed warm breath onto my genitals. Almost instantly, he was asleep once more.

Travis held me in his arms until I, finally, fell asleep. Afterwards, he must have assumed his usual position, as I awakened to his ear at my heart the following morning, as was our custom.

Absent was the aroma of David's freshly brewed coffee that I had grown so accustomed to while he was home in recent weeks. It made me miss him all the more.

The morning light was illuminating the bedroom and soon awakened Travis. Danny, on the other hand, was sleeping soundly.

Travis whispered:

"Ready for coffee?"

I nodded:

"I am, thanks, Sweetie."

Travis gently and quietly rose and left for the kitchen.

Soon that magical aroma began to make my olfactory rejoice.

I was still rather tired. My sleep had not been particularly restful, filled with dreams about Chad, and his tragic departure from amongst us. I knew I'd miss him so. Now he's with Jody. Perhaps he'll assist my precious Jody in his role as Ganymede.

I turned in my surprise to see Lance standing in the doorway, full erection on display, looking at me, sweetly.

"Can I come in?" he asked.

"You may." I replied.

He gently crawled into what would be David's normal place in the bed, and looked to see Danny's lips nearly kissing my meatus.

"Wow, does he always sleep this way?" Lance asked in a whisper so as not to awaken Danny.

"He does." I answered.

"COOL! I'd like to try that sometime." Lance whispered

"He's very special, Lance, I don't know what I'd do without him, or Travis or David. The thought won't even process in my mind." I asserted.

Travis entered with our coffee:

"Morning, Lance, I didn't know you were awake... want some coffee?"

"Sure...with sugar, please."

"Since I don't know how much sugar, why don't you just pour yourself a cup? The coffee pot is on the kitchen counter... the sugar is in the pantry...none of us use it, so we don't leave it out. Help yourself, OK?" Travis suggested.

"OK, thanks, Travis." Lance said.

Lance left for the kitchen, his boner leading the way.

"Guess we need to help him lose that hard-on, huh?" Travis observed.

I nodded, as I sipped my coffee.

While Lance was gone to the kitchen, Damian appeared in the doorway, his own penis erect... like his Daddy, who usually awoke with an erection. It was uncanny how much Damian was like his father.

I pointed at Damian's erection and said:

"Don't waste that... Lance needs to lose his can help him as you did yesterday."

Damian smiled and said:

"Sure, whatever I can do to help the kid. I'm becoming attached to him. He slept in my arms like a little boy all night... I'm bonding to him quickly."

He's easy to bond with...he's really a sweet boy.

"Who's a sweet boy?" Lance asked, re-entering the room with his coffee.

"You are, Lance, you're a sweet boy." Damian said.

Lance smiled widely:

"You really think so, Damian?"

"I sure do, Lance...I really do. So does Barry."

Lance turned to face me with a inquisitive look

"You are, Lance...we're all very fond of you. We love you a're our friend." I insisted.

Lance smiled all the more and said:

"Danny too? I really love him a lot, you know."

Danny was still sound asleep so I attempted to answer for him:

"Yes, Lance, Danny too. He doesn't want to mislead you though. He regards you as a friend, and loves you accordingly...but he doesn't want you to think his feelings are more than that. Do you understand?"

"Yeah...I know...but I still love him a lot." Lance repeated.

"We know you do, Lance... and yes, we all think you are a sweet boy."

"Thanks." Lance replied, still smiling

"Did you sleep well, lance?" I asked.

"The best sleep I ever had, Barry. I love sleeping with Damian. He held me tight all night. I knew nothing bad could happen to me for sure." Lance offered.

"You can rest assured that we won't let anything happen to you while you're with us, Lance. You can..." I began to say

Travis jumped in:

"Take it to the bank."

"Exactly!" I added.

Lance smiled at the expression.

"Why don't you let Damian get rid of that erection for you while he still has his own to do it with?" I suggested.

"Would you, Damian...Please?" Lance asked.

"Sure, Lance. Crawl up here." Damian responded.

"I need to make sure I'm empty first, don't want me to get my poop all over your dick, do you?" Lance said.

"Right. Well hurry, let's do this while I'm still hard." Damian instructed.

Lance left for the bathroom and the enema bottle, taking Damian by the hand.

As lance made sure he was empty, and lubed Damian for the `treatment' Travis pointed at Danny and said:

"He's really out like a light, isn't he?"

"If he weren't breathing on my scrotum, keeping it fully extended, I'd wonder if he were alive." I said.

As soon as I said it, I spanked myself, mentally, as it made me think of poor Chad, who was no longer alive.

Lance and Damian returned. Damian lay down in what would be David's spot, and held his penis in place for Lance.

Lance crawled to straddle Damian and slowly sat on that wonderful penis till it was fully inserted into his hot little anus.

"Damn, he's got the hottest ass I've ever been in... someone should stick a thermometer in there and see what his body temperature is at his butt." Damian suggested.

"Done that,'s normal. I think it's just because his rectum is so small and tight that it imparts its heat onto your penis very efficiently. I've had the same experience, and so has Danny." I suggested.

Damian nodded in agreement.

"See how his scrotum is retracting, means that he's ready to cum...and as soon as you withdraw your penis from him he's going to shoot cum all over you...just be aware." I chuckled.

"No problem...I hope his aim is good, so it all goes into my mouth." Damian said with a smile.

"He cums in copious amounts... so be assured that plenty of it will find its way to your mouth. Any that lands on you, Travis and I will take care of." I said with a wink.

"I see." Damian replied with a smile.

"Actually, I remember, he did the same thing yesterday, didn't he? You know what's about to happen, then." I recollected aloud.

"Yes...he shot all over was wonderful."

"You want me to pull out long enough for you to cum, Lance? Then I can go back in and see about helping you lose that hard-on." Damian suggested.

"OK, Damian...I'll try to hit your mouth with most of it...I promise." Lance replied.

"OK, then." Damian replied.

Lance slowly rose off of Damian's penis, leaving only his glans inside.

"Oh I go!" Lance exclaimed.

Lance held his penis at its base and aimed it at Damian's mouth.

He exploded into a powerful ejaculation.

Try as he may, Lance shot cum all over Damian's torso, as well as into Damian's mouth

Lance's cum was so hot; I expected steam to rise from it.

Lance lay down a thick string of it onto Damian's face, neck, belly and abdomen.

"Wow!" Travis declared at the sight.

"Wow, indeed." I added.

"I smell cum!" Danny said as he rubbed his eyes to wake up.

"It's Lance's cum, Sweetie... you know how he shoots tons of it." I said.

"Oh...It's Lance. Yeah he does cum like a horse." Danny remarked, still rubbing his eyes.

Danny moved to take a better look:

"Good job, Lance. You really cum like crazy, huh?" Danny remarked.

Travis and I, as promised helped to consume the cum that didn't make to Damian's mouth, licking it from his torso.

"You guys are making me hot as Hell." Damian said.

"No problem...your penis is in the right place to find relief."

Lance sat back down fully upon Damian's dick to further demonstrate my point.

"Is it OK, Lance? Can I cum in you?" Damian asked.

"Hell Yeah!" I want you to.' Lance said.

Damian smiled and proclaimed:

"'re about to get your wish, Lance."

"Do it, Damian...cum in me."

Damian said nothing, but closed his eyes, as his scrotum retracted and he uttered:


Damian's urethra expanded to accommodate his ejaculation. His penis swelled to maximum... same as his Daddy's always did.

"You pack a Hell of a load, yourself, Damian." Lance declared as Damian continued to pump his cum into Lance's hot little ass.

Damian's ejaculation was protracted; he really filled Lance to capacity.

After his ejaculation, Damian stayed in Lance until his erection subsided.

Danny spoke up:

"I', the only one who hasn't cum...and I'm going to explode if I don't."

"OK, Danny, what would you like?" I asked.

"I want to shoot in your mouth, Barry." Danny declared.

"OK, let's do it." I said.

"I've seen this show before... while Danny is getting off, I'm going to start breakfast for us." Travis said.

"Nothing too heavy, Travis, I'm taking us all to Trey for an early dinner later, before Lance has to go home." I said.

"OK...but you know Danny's appetite." Travis replied.

"You're right...go the full route, except for me... something light for me." I said.

"No problem." Travis replied.

Danny wasted no time placing his beautiful purple glans at my lips. I took it in eagerly.

It was almost an immediate reaction to the heat of my mouth, plus the fact that he was ready to cum at an instant from watching the earlier goings-on. His scrotum began to retract quickly. He was becoming locked and loaded.

Danny placed his palms on either of my cheeks and slid his penis in an out along my tongue. He began to quiver a bit...I knew what it meant.

He blew his hot and sweet cum into my mouth at a rate which I tried to keep up with, but it was difficult, a small stream of it dribbling from my lips down to my chin. Damian reached across to place a hand under my chin and collect Danny's excess cum, which he transferred to his tongue.

When Danny's ejaculation was coming to an end, Damian, having tasted Danny's cum, remarked:

"Damn! He's got sweet cum, just like his big brother."

Realizing he had just disclosed more info than he should have Damian quickly added;

"OOPS...I shouldn't have said that...sorry!"

"It's OK, Damian... Beau has made cummichino for us and let us all taste his cum before. We know how sweet it is." I said.

"Well, Danny is sweet too." Damian repeated.

"Yes, he is."

"Danny, can have the left-overs...PLEASE?" Lance asked.

"OK, Lance...just don't..." Danny started to say.

"I know...don't make it more than it is...I know." Lance stated.

Danny smiled and said:

"OK, then, Lance, let me pull out of Barry, and you can squeeze my residual into your mouth...would that be OK?"

"GREAT!" Lance replied as he moved into position to accept Danny's penis once I released it from my mouth.

Danny's penis was still dropping his residual cum as he removed it from my mouth. Danny moved quickly to take Danny's penis into his mouth, and not miss a drop.

Lance had been observant in past episodes, and knew to trace his fingers along Danny's perineum to push the remainder of Danny's sweet cum along his urethra to his meatus and into Lance's mouth.

"You learn quick, Lance...I think you got it all." Danny reported.

Lance was reluctant to allow Danny's penis to make its exit. He grabbed Danny's butt cheeks and pulled them so that Danny's penis couldn't escape.

"Hey, come on, now. You said you wouldn't make it into something more than it is, Lance...let my dick out of you." Danny complained.

Lance slowly released Danny's butt cheeks to allow Danny's penis to make its exit. Danny's dick was coated with Lance's saliva and Danny's remaining cum as it was withdrawn. Lance wasted to time in licking it till he had taken it all.

"If you trap my dick like that again, Lance, I won't let you have any at all." Danny pronounced.

"OK...OK...I couldn't help it, Danny. Everybody's right...your cum is so sweet, and your dick is too." Lance apologized.

"Give him a break, Danny. He's right, you know. It's difficult to let your dick out of my mouth too." I said.

"But you're my lover,'s different." Danny said.

"OK, but don't be too hard on him." I said

"Very punny, Barry" Damian chuckled.

"I'll try not to do that again, Danny...but please let me taste you again sometime...please?" Lance begged.

"We'll see, Lance...we'll see." Danny answered.

Travis entered the room with the carafe to freshen our coffee and announced:

Breakfast will be ready in about 15 minutes, why don't you guys shower and get ready in the meantime.

"Good idea, Lover." I said.

"Yeah, I could use a nice hot shower. What do you say, Lance... want to shower with me?" Damian asked.

"Sure, Damian." Lance replied.

The two of them disappeared into the bathroom. Immediately the water began to sound its announcement that they were in the shower.

"Let's join them!" Danny suggested.

"OK, let's do." I said.

Soon we were all four in the shower together. We exchanged washing each other...all over. We all were sporting erections again by the time the shower was over. Not a problem for the rest of us, but poor Lance, would require another treatment from Damian before retiring to the breakfast nook. Damian accomplished this treatment while we were still in the shower. The hot water ran down Damian's torso along the shaft of his dick and splashed against lance's anus as we waited for Lance's erection to subside.

It eventually did. The show was highly erotic, nonetheless, as the water splashed along Damian's penis and against Lance's butt-hole.

Finally we all finished, dried each other off and made our way to the breakfast nook.

-------------------------END CHAPTER 16--------TORNADO WARNING