Disclaimer: This work is one of fiction. Any resemblance of persons or places mentioned in this story to actual persons or places is only slightly more than coincidence.

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I thought a great deal about my new young friend as I went about the remainder of my chores, in preparation for the arrival of my precious David and Travis. I was so anxious to hold them in my arms again. They say that separation makes the heart grow fonder...that would certainly be true in this case. I missed David and Travis with all my heart. I couldn't wait to pick them up at the airport later in the evening.

Their arrival would be too late for us to stop on the way home at Trey, so I made up a dinner for us and placed it in the fridge for our return to the house. I also picked up a small party tray at the store with fruit, and cheese, and crackers and such for them to snack on the drive home. I also brought the small Igloo cooler to keep the tray and the soft drinks nice and cold for them. I would have liked to mix us each a good ole bourbon and 7 for the ride home, but the way the Dallas area police work. It wasn't worth the risk.

If we should be pulled over in one of their "random" driver's license checks, we would be at their mercy. They are such "pigs" as we used to say in the 60s. They are all about revenue generation...NOT about law enforcement. The way it works, even if the driver is stone cold sober, if they smell or suspect alcohol...they get the occupants out of the vehicle. The moment one steps out if the vehicle, one is charged with public intoxication. It' such a racket. So...soft drinks it would be till we arrived home.

As I drove to DFW Airport that night, my heart was pounding in its eagerness to see and hold my two precious angels. Yet as I though of my sweet Travis, how he came to be with me kept coursing through my mind. That, in turn, made me think of Danny. Did Ganymede just bring me another angel...or was it just coincidence. Still the image of him in my rear-view mirror watching sadly as I drove away, stuck in my mind.

God, I hope he's OK. I thought to myself.

I consoled myself with the notion that he had his brothers, especially Beau, to look after him. I saw every glorious inch of him, earlier, in the shower and as he sat naked with me in front of the fire at Trey. I didn't see any bruises or other signs of physical abuse. He was dressed well enough...he had a new bike, and an expensive one, at he must be doing OK. I mentally chided myself for getting so needlessly concerned for him and tried to concentrate on my impending arrival at DFW.

Still, that image of Danny, in my rearview mirror, haunted me.

That image did not dissipate from my mind until I saw my beloved David and Travis crossing the security threshold side by side. Travis' face instantly produced that angelic smile I had come to love so much, the moment he saw me. His white, perfect teeth were on full display to reinforce that wonderful smile. David, too, smiling at me with his glittering hazel eyes sparkling like fireworks. I was in heaven once more...they were home.

After protracted hugs and kisses, we were on our way to the parking lot and the car.

I had informed them of the goodies awaiting them in the cooler while we were walking to the car. Travis wasted no time, then, to open the cooler and share the drinks and goodies with David.

"Thanks, Lover, this really hits the spot." Travis remarked.

"Ditto!" David added.

"God, how I have missed you two." I proclaimed.

"We missed you more than you can imagine, Barry. We spent so many hours discussing how Ganymede brought each of to you and how much you mean to us. Were your ears burning on many evenings for no apparent reason? If not, they should have been." David suggested.

"My mind was on the two of you constantly, it probably wouldn't have been distracted by something as mundane as burning was my soul that burned for you both." I answered.

"That's so sweet of you, Barry. We knew you'd be thinking of us, even while we discussed our love for you and each other and our Glorious relationship. I bet there's not another like it in the world." Travis said.

"You're probably right, Travis. I certainly know of none like our love relationship. I know many who are profoundly envious of it, but none which emulate it." I said.

"I guess we should always remember to say Thank You Ganymede! Huh?" Travis said.

"Speaking of Ganymede...he may have sent us a boy to befriend. " I said.

"Really?" David asked.

I recounted the story of earlier in the day to Travis and David, and how Ganymede sent Danny running into my arms to escape the danger of the tornado. I told them how hard it was to see him in my rear-view mirror, his bike at his side, watching me drive away.

"I really felt guilty leaving him in my wake, that way. I hope you don't mind that I invited him to join us for dinner at Trey, tomorrow evening." I said.

"Barry, it was your instinct, and your willingness to follow them that brought both Travis and myself out of harm's way. Of course, we expect you to follow your instincts in the case of...what was his name..." David started

"Danny." I said.

"Yes, Danny. We'll be happy to meet him and share dinner with him. If our friendship can be helpful to him, all the better." David said.

"Absolutely, Barry. If your instincts are to be here for him, we'll all be here for him." Travis added.

"I knew you'd feel that way. I can't put my finger on it, exactly, but from the moment he ran into my open arms and embraced me in his quest for safety from the storm, I felt that, somehow, it was more than coincidence...somehow, Ganymede had sent him to us." I explained.

"That's good enough for us. I look forward to having dinner with him." Travis said.

I was relieved.

As we drove home, I told Travis and David as much about Danny as he had revealed to me. I explained that he and his brothers didn't seem to have much use for their father, only to have David interrupt with:

"Been there, Done That!"

"Me Too!" Travis added.

"Well, Danny has brothers, as I told you about, to help protect him and care for him, so his situation is not as dire as was the case with either of you. Still something tells me that Danny is reaching out. Maybe it's because he's trying to determine for himself what his sexual orientation is and thinks we can help. Maybe it's..." I interrupted myself

I went on:

"Hell, maybe it's any of a dozen things...maybe it's just my Maternal Instincts" I chuckled.

"In any case, I'll go with your Maternal Instincts, anytime, Barry. Those instincts are what saved my butt...and Travis' too." David flattered me.

"Thanks, sweetheart. That means a lot to me." I replied.

"Sorry!" Travis exclaimed as he made a loud crunching sound, biting into a stick of celery.

"That's OK, sweetie, that sound just reinforces the reality that you're home. Crunch away!" I replied.

"So, enough about Danny. I bet you learned tons of stuff during your stay in Italy, didn't you, Travis?" I inquired.

"God Yes!" Travis replied.

"I don't know where to start." He added.

"Anywhere you like, sweetie." I said.

"Well, the culture is so DIFFERENT, Barry. The first thing that struck me was that it was late evening when I arrived. David picked me up and we went to his apartment... Did you know David's apartment is older than the United States of America? really is...anyway...I was tired and sleepy...and I wanted to take a nice hot shower before going to bed...but...there was no hot water...Holy Crap, Barry...they turn off the hot water at night...I couldn't believe it..."

David was smiling as Travis was in high gear, barely taking a breath between sentences, as he told the story.

"...and they turn off the heat too, when they think everybody should be in bed...I wasn't ready for the place...they think Americans are nuts for bathing every day, and me especially, since I like to shower twice a day... They expect you to take a know, like in a tub...not a's all very different, can't imagine, if you've never been there." Travis said, interrupting himself only to take another crunch from the celery stick and a drink from his soft drink.

"It is a bit of a culture shock, Barry." David managed to get a word in edgewise.

"God, Barry, don't get on a bus, whatever you do!" Travis continued.

David smiled at this remark:

"I thought it would make an impression on him."

"It sure did." Travis replied.

"What do you mean, Travis?" I asked.

"Well, I don't want to be mean or anything...and maybe it's because they don't have regular access to Hot Water...but...well...let's just say their hygiene is not what ours, in the States would consider normal...what I mean is...well...because they don't bathe often, they cover up their body odor with generous amounts of cologne...I mean tons of it..." Travis continued

David interrupted:

"It is somewhat overwhelming in a confined place, like a bus, but I thought Travis should see how the other half lives, as they say."

David turned to Travis and said:

"Go on Travis, sorry I interrupted."

"Well, the first day we went to St. Peter's And...God...did you know that the top of the dome in St. Peter's is forty stories high...My God, the place was built with 12th Century technology and...forty stories!!!...They're forever discovering little rooms and nooks and crannies that were sealed by the original builders, and have gone undiscovered until recent maintenance projects have uncovered's amazing" Travis said, stopping long enough to crunch, once more on some celery.

David interjected:

"Indeed, they were doing some repair on some of the ancient mortar, when one of the workmen pushed on a loose brick, he pushed it right through and into a room that no one had known was even there. It turned out to be a room used by the original builders to manage the construction and ensure that it complied with the "blueprints" for lack of a better term, that were drawn by the original architect. When they removed enough of the brickwork to enter the room, they discovered those "blueprints", sitting on a work table and sitting on two workhorses, was an exact model of St. Peter's, itself. All those Centuries had gone by, and no one even knew the room was there. It had been sealed by the original workers at the completion of the Basilica. It really is pretty amazing." David instructed me.

"Wow! That really is amazing." I said.

"Yeah, Barry, you should see this little's on's amazing...and then there's the tomb of St. Peter,'s's under the main altar of St Peter's just like the Church has said it was all these Centuries. They excavated it..."Here Lies Peter" is inscribed above his sarcophagus, in Latin, or Greek, or one of those ancient languages..." Travis went on and on during the entire drive home.

I really enjoyed listening to Travis tell all the many stories of his visit. As I fully expected, he had learned more from this visit with David as his guide, than he could have learned in, who knows how many semesters in college.

As we approached the house I added to the story about St. Peter's:

"Yes, sweetheart, St. Peter's is a glorious edifice to the Catholic Church and to Our Lord, Himself. At the same time, one must remember that, at the time it was being built, the effort to pay for it led to the scandalous Simony that precipitated the Protestant Reformation. Luther saw and was, allegedly, scandalized by the observance of a rogue priest, Tetzel, commiting an act of Simony, regarding indulgences. Although no such simony was ever sanctioned or permitted by the Church, the incident and the aftermath put the Church and Luther...really his Machiavellian sidekick, Phillip Melanchton, who pressed Luther into taking a hard line on some unrelated heresies, to loggerheads." Sad, isn't it? I said.

"Simony?" Travis asked.

"It's the act of selling the sacred for money or other barter." David answered.

"If I offered to pray for you, only if you paid me, Travis, that would be Simony. It's a weak example...but still, according to the laws of the Church, it's a grave sin to sell anything sacred." I added.

"I see." Travis said.

He continued:

"So, if I had the Holy Grail, and offered to sell it for money, that would be Simony?"

"Exactly!" I affirmed.

"But what about paying for lighting a candle at Church? Is that Simony?" Travis asked.

"No, even though the candle is a Sacramental, by virtue of having been blessed by a priest. You only pay for the actual cost of the candle, no additional price may be added for the blessing." I explained.

I continued:

"The Simony that Luther exposed was promptly and harshly dealt with by the Church, at the time. Unfortunately, in the meantime, Luther entangled himself in some other issues regarding Church Doctrine regarding Eschatology and Hermeneutics and Soteriology...and, ultimately, went his separate way on the heels of his excommunication. It's a genuine shame. One Famous Archbishop used to say that no one could possibly be happy that Christianity is split, as it is, except Satan, himself.

Just then, we arrived at the garage.

"Well, Travis, I want to hear more of your stories...but let's have some dinner, warm up the Hot Tub and enjoy each other." I suggested.

"Sounds good to me!" David exclaimed.

After a pleasant dinner, and listening to more of Travis' impressions and stories of his time with David, we retired to the Hot Tub.

As usual, we stripped in the anteroom leading to the Hot Tub. The sight of David and Travis naked was overpowering. I fell to my knees and pulled them both to me. I kissed their testicles and their meatuses. The smell of them flooded my olfactory.

"You have missed us, haven't you?" David said with a chuckle.

"God, have I missed you...both of you, my angels." I replied.

Well, I think I can say for both Travis and myself that we have missed your gentle and stimulating touch. This should be a memorable experience." David said.

We scampered out into the cool evening air and slowly lowered ourselves into the hot water. The steam rose from the hot tub and enveloped us in its warmth. After a few minutes, we were relaxing, as has always been our custom, next to each other, the Jacuzzi nozzles blowing their magic bubbles on our butts, backs and testicles.

David looked up into the clear Texas sky:

"Look, the Big Dipper. It's unusually bright tonight."

"It's glad to see you two back at home." I said.

David turned to me and smiled and nodded.

"Barry?" Travis interjected.

"Yes sweetheart." I answered.

"Well, I don't want to spoil the mood or anything, but I'm horny as Hell, and I'd really like to make love with you and in Right Now!...and this hot water and seeing Barry's berries isn't helping any." Travis proclaimed.

"If only you knew how I have longed for this night and the intimacy we would share, Travis, you'd know that you are NOT spoiling anything." I said.

"God, Barry, David and I have been fantasizing about what we would do on this first night for a long time. We'll do the just enjoy." Travis said.

"OK!" I smiled.

"Barry, please sit up here on the ledge with your penis and balls out of the water for a moment...OK?" Travis requested.

"As you command, sweet Travis." I said, as I moved my lower body out of the water to sit on the cool deck.

Travis spread my legs, still dangling into the water and positioned himself between them.

David assumed a position on the bench seat of the hot tub such that his penis was directly in front of my mouth.

"We think you will enjoy this, Barry. Travis and I thought it up." David said.

"I know I will." I responded, as I was observing David's erect and beautiful penis dancing on its base immediately in front of my mouth.

David looked over his shoulder to Travis, who had taken my swollen penis into his hand and positioned it for his mouth:

"Ready Travis?" David asked.

"Oh YEAH!" Travis replied.

David gently pushed his penis into my, awaiting mouth. The taste of him was somewhat attenuated by the chlorine in the spa water, but still I recognized the taste of him. He was delicious...he's always been delicious.

Simultaneously, I could feel the rush of pleasure from my frenulum and my corona, as my own penis slid along the hot and wet tongue of my Travis into his sweet mouth.

Travis raised his hand to hold David's butt. This allowed him to track David's thrusts and synchronize his fellatio with that rhythm. I was ablaze with passion.

I was so enraptured with the experience that I could hardly remain conscious in my rapture. I felt like my testicles would explode, as Travis kneaded them and pulled gently on my scrotum to sense its contraction.

When Travis felt my scrotum pull away from his hand and retract toward my abdomen, he gently tapped David on his butt as a signal that I was about to cum. David responded by increasing the frequency and depth of his thrusts to accelerate his own ejaculation.

David exploded into my eager mouth at the same time as I exploded into Travis. My orgasm was indescribable. It went on and on for both David and me. The cum yet kept filling my mouth. David's ejaculation was so powerful that I felt his penis struggling to escape my mouth, and I had to hold it at its base to keep it in its place, at home in my mouth.

David's cum has a distinct taste. Travis always insists that mine does too. Travis always comments about the taste of "Barry's Berries." He seems to know it and find it a pleasant taste.

He certainly got a heavy dose of Barry's Berries in this ejaculation. As my ejaculation progressed, Travis placed both arms around my butt and pulled me deep inside him. The pleasure generated by this action to my hypersensitive glans, made me shudder.

I wanted the experience to go on forever, but as orgasms, in this life, go, my sensitivity began to wane. It was just as well, I suppose as I don't know if my heart could have survived much more.

I had made every effort to swallow all that David had put in me, but as he slowly retracted his penis from my mouth, his residual cum was dripping from his shaft. Travis noticed this and reached up to gather David's cum into a cupped hand. Travis, then transferred it to his mouth, as he gently removed my penis from it.

"Now it's Travis' turn, Barry." David said.

"What did you have in mind, David?" I asked.

"Oh, don't worry, it's all part of the plan." David replied.

"OK." I said.

Travis arose from the water such that his fully extended scrotum was visible. The hot water had done its work and Travis' large testicles were hanging low in his scrotum. His pre-cum was dripping from his meatus.

Travis and David traded places and Travis positioned his penis for my mouth. I was in ecstasy. I was going to get a double dose. David's and Travis' essences, just for me.

Travis painted my lips with the precum dripping from his meatus. He wiped the tip of his penis across my lips repeatedly until he had expended it all. I licked it into my mouth. God, I wanted more.

" Ready, Baby?" He asked.

I nodded.

Slowly, but deliberately, Travis slid his gorgeous penis into my mouth. It was hot, and his precum, still running from his meatus, painted my tongue.

David went behind Travis and spread his legs slightly to expose his anus. David licked at Travis' anus as it moved back and forth in conjunction with his pelvic thrusts. Travis looked deeply and lovingly into my eyes as I looked up at him, while he performed his ritual. Travis' penis was so hot and I could feel it swell and see his testicles begin to retract in his scrotum as he prepared to unload into me.

"I'm going to cum, David, get up here." Travis said.

David complied. He placed his face next to mine, cheek to cheek.

"I'm going to cum into both of you, Barry." Travis said.

Immediately, Travis kept his promise. He filled my mouth twice, then quickly withdrew from me, moved his penis to point at and enter David's mouth.

David, as I always do, had a difficult time swallowing fast enough to keep up with Travis' copious ejaculation.

Travis continued to maintain his loving eye contact with me the whole time...both while in me, and then, while in David.

Both David and I still had Travis' sweet cum running down our chins when Travis finally completed his ejaculation.

"Was it good?" Travis asked.

"Oh God, Travis. It was spectacular!" I declared.

"Yes, it was, Travis. It really was." David said, as he licked Travis's cum from his lips and into his mouth.

David turned to me and said: "At some point, we must determine why Travis' cum tastes sweet. It's a remarkable attribute."

"I know. I can't figure it out. It doesn't appear to be anything in his diet. I guess it's something inherent in his genes." I replied.

Travis smiled: "It's a secret. I'm NOT telling."

"I see." I replied.

"I'm only kidding, guys. I really have no idea what causes my cum to be sweet. I appreciate the compliment, however." Travis explained.

Travis continued:

Should I run into the house and prepare each of us a "teensy triple"?

"That really sounds good. Take your time, though, I don't want to wash the taste of you or David out of my mouth so soon." I said.

"You're so sweet, Barry. I hope you enjoyed this little treat, David and I have been conjuring it up for a long time now." Travis said.

"I certainly did, guys. It was GREAT! If it had been any more intense, I would have, surely passed out." I declared.

David and Travis looked at each other and smiled.

Travis said: "See, I knew he'd like it."

David nodded.

Travis went back into the anteroom to prepare our triple shot Bourbon & 7s.

David and I both reentered the hot water, sat on the bench seat and leaned back to the Jacuzzi nozzles, once more.

"Travis missed you very much, Barry. He loves you so much. So do I, of course. But Travis missing you as he did reinforced to me just how much you mean to him. I just thought you'd want to know." David informed me.

"Thanks David. The way he sleeps with his ear to my heart and the way he holds me while he sleeps, remind me nightly how much he loves me. For my part, sweet David, I couldn't and wouldn't want to live another day, if I were to lose either of you. It's unthinkable. I even had paranoia regarding the two of you flying on the same plane. I guess I'm just a silly old queen." I suggested.

David smiled widely, leaned over and kissed me sweetly:

"I don't think so, Barry. You're neither old nor a silly queen."

"Thanks, Baby." I replied.

Travis returned with the plastic pool tray and our three drinks.

He got into the hot tub slowly...Stopping at one point to let his balls enter even more slowly." It was cute to watch.

"It feels so wonderful to be home. Barry. I missed you so much." Travis said.

"I may actually get a good night's sleep no that I have you both home." I replied.

"Yes, I don't think that Travis slept well the entire time of his visit, Barry. I tried to take your place and to have Travis sleep listening to my heartbeat, but it was futile. There's no substituting for Barry." David said.

I turned to Travis and smiled. He smiled back.

"Well, I don't know about you two guys, but I suggest we give Travis the opportunity for a good night's sleep in my arms right away. I'll certainly sleep as if I were in the arms of Morpheus having the two of you sleeping next to me, feeling your warmth must be akin to the pleasure of heaven." I explained.

"My body clock is still on Italy time, so I'll be asleep in a matter of milliseconds." David said.

"Me too." Travis agreed.

"Well, let's enjoy the spa for a few more minutes, then, and finish our drinks. Then, we can hit the rack." I suggested.

We did just that.

Soon, we were in the shower, washing off the chlorine and preparing for a night of peaceful and glorious sleep.

It was wonderful to feel Travis' head resting, once more, upon my breast. Equally wonderful, was feeling David's arm resting across my abdomen, his body warmth radiating against my body. I was in Heaven. We were, the three of us, soon sound asleep. I was last to fall asleep, and took the extra time to relish in my two angels at my side.

The following morning, I first felt David stir. As he had learned, he whispered in my ear, so as not to awaken Travis:

"I'm going to put on some coffee, and start breakfast, OK?" he whispered

I nodded.

I continued to lie there, my precious Travis resting his cheek upon my breast. I wanted the experience to continue for eternity.

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee began to fill my olfactory. We had come full cycle,

My angels were, once more, home with me. We were one.

Travis soon realized the aroma of the coffee and David's breakfast cooking. He woke and, still in place upon my breast, he spoke:

We enjoyed our breakfast and coffee, and most of all, each other's company. I cannot express, in words, the joy that filled my heart in the realization that my angels had returned.

"Barry?" Travis asked

"Yes sweetie." I replied.

"Would you please, give me one of your wonderful rub-downs? I have some stiffness from the lengthy flight. It was better after the hot water, last night, but I feel it returning now."

"Sure, sweetheart. Let's relax for a bit, first, and let our breakfast digest." I suggested.

"It's not really that cold outside, or I'd ask you to build one of your comforting fires, Travis." I remarked.

"Well, how about a small version of that fire, Barry?" Travis replied.

"Yeah, that would feel good, Barry. There's enough of a nip in the air. I felt it earlier when I donned my robe and went out to the curb to retrieve the paper." David observed.

"Great! We can sit in front of the fireplace and enjoy the fire and each other." I said.

Travis rose and went to the garage to get a suitable stack of firewood. He returned with it quickly, and commented:

"David is right, it is cool enough for a nice fire."

" Your testicles confirm that, Sweetie." I said, observing that Travis' scrotum had retracted from the cold garage.

Travis looked down to see his balls, pulled high against his abdomen, by his unhappy scrotum and smiled:

"Guess you're right."

Travis stacked the firewood on the grate in the fireplace, and started the fire. He sat down in front of the fireplace to tend the fire as it came to life.

David arrived next to me with a refreshed cup of coffee for each of us. After giving a cup to Travis, David lay down upon the couch, resting his head upon my thigh. His warm breath fell upon my genitals...It brought back memories of David as a child. We spent many a night in this very position.

David spoke up:

"Six more months, Barry." He said.

"Yes, Travis and I will be counting them down with you, sweetie." I replied.

He was referring to his remaining commitment to the Opera Company in Italy. It would be completed in another six months, and he'd be home for good. I was so looking forward to having him home.

Travis' fire was now ablaze. He returned to me at the sofa. With David stretched out of the sofa Travis spread my legs and sat on the floor between them, sipping his coffee. Travis' scrotum had reacted to the fire and its warmth by returning to its normal state, fully extended.

"I see your testicles are happy, once more." I chuckled.

Travis looked down to see his balls hanging low in his scrotum. He reached own and felt them, also checking the fullness of his epididymis. It was packed, apparently, as it usually is. He indicated so by saying:

"Yes, and I think they are ready for some attention from you."

"They'll get it, too. We'll take care of them during your rub-down." I replied.

"Great!" Travis exclaimed.

We relished in the warmth of the fire for quite some time. David's warm breath had my scrotum fully extended to match Travis'. David playing with my balls the entire time only helped them to be warm and happy.

David had fallen asleep, so I made no move that might awaken him. Besides, I didn't want to interrupt his breath from keeping my genitals safe and warm.

Travis' rose to stoke and tend the fire that he had started. His cute butt was on full display, as he bent to stoke the flames.

He really has the cutest little butt! I thought to myself.

He saw that David was asleep, so he whispered:

"Want some more coffee?"

I nodded.

Travis gathered up all three cups and went to the kitchen.

I continued to sit there looking at David's sweet face and glorious body, as he lie next to me on the sofa.

Looking at David made me think of how we first met, and how we came to love each other so very much. The old Latin admonition "Tempus Fugit" had proven true. Time had, indeed flown. David was a recognized, successful Maestro. He was no young boy any longer. He was a self-sufficient man, successful beyond belief. That he continued to cling to our relationship and consider himself mine was its own high compliment, and a sign of his love for me. That he accepted Travis, so willingly, even eagerly, is evidence that he feels no threat to our relationship, not from Travis, not from anyone. I realized, still again, how blessed I am to have him and Travis in my life.

Travis returned with our coffee and remarked, in a whisper:

"That's all of it. Shall I start another pot?"

I moved my head from side-to-side to indicate no.

Travis resumed his former position between my legs, after stoking the fire, once more.

Before we realized it, it was late morning. We had slept beyond our usual time earlier in the morning. I didn't want to wake the guys earlier, because I knew they were especially tired from the trip. David, in fact was asleep once more, on the sofa, his every breath a blessing to my genitals, in particular, and to the three of us, in general.

I couldn't help myself. I began gently stroking David's hair. I always love to stroke his hair, even as I had come to love doing the same to Travis. Perhaps it's a fetish, but I find it to be very comforting to both the one whose hair is being stroked as well, selfishly, to myself.

Finally, David awakened.

"How long have I been asleep?" He asked.

"It doesn't matter, sweetheart. I know the flight was exhausting, and that the time change exacerbates the situation. Sleep all you want." I replied.

David rose, reached across me to the end table and retrieved a tissue from the box there. He wiped the sleep from his eyes. He stopped as he moved back across me, to kiss me tenderly on my happy lips.

"Thanks for letting me sleep, Barry. I guess I needed it." David said.

"Sleep all you want, Lover." I repeated.

"Travis, do you still want that rub-down?" I asked.

"Every inch of me!" He replied with a smile.

"Very well, then, help me to get the massage table out of the closet and set it up." I requested.

We retrieved the table from the foyer closet and set it up next to the fireplace.

Travis wasted no time placing his, gloriously naked, body upon the table, facedown to start with.

"I'll get the lotions, Baby. It'll take a few seconds to warm them in the microwave."

I reported.

"I'm not going anywhere, I'll be right here." He chuckled.

As I returned with the massage lotions, I was struck with the light shining through the glass sliding door, illuminating Travis' striking physique.

"God, Travis, you have the most beautiful physique." I remarked.

"You really do, Travis." David added, from his position standing in front of the fireplace.

"Do the angel touch, first, Barry. Please?" Travis requested.

"As you wish." I replied.

The angel touch involves using only the tips of the fingers to very gently and lightly coursing all over the body, including the genitals. It stimulates the nerves and makes the remaining massage all the more intense.

I did as Travis had requested. Producing a throbbing erection for him, which I further enhanced with the self-warming lotion.

I had just begun the remaining massage, when the doorbell rang.

"Are we expecting company?" David asked.

"No, it's probably the damned Bible-Thumpers. You can just ignore it if you want. They'll go away." I suggested.

They didn't go away. Indeed they continued to ring the bell repeatedly. David, weary of the doorbell, finally went to the front door. Still naked, he remained behind the door expect that he tilted his head to see who was there.

After a moment, he returned to Travis and me, as I was still performing the massage on Travis:

"Barry, There's someone here to see you."

"Who the heck is it? I'm not expecting anyone." I replied.

David only responded with an eyebrow shrug.

I went to the door, and as David had done earlier, peeked my head around the door to see who it was.

I was completely taken aback:

"Danny! How did you get did you get this address?" I asked, as I opened the door to permit him into the foyer.

"GREAT! I knew you guys would be naked." Danny started.

It's great to see you, Danny, but how did you find us? I asked again.

"Google!" Danny answered.

"Google?" I responded.

"Sure, I did a reverse lookup on your phone number. It's easy." Danny explained.

"You rode your bike all the way from your house?" I asked in astonishment.

"Sure, I left before dawn. It's along way. See you can see how many miles it is from the map I printed from Google." Danny said, as he produced the map from his pocket.

Danny went on:

"I wanted to visit and go to Trey with you and Travis and David from here. Then maybe you could drop me at home after we have dinner. If you don't want to, I can ride my bike home from Trey" Danny explained.

"I knew you guys would be naked." Danny repeated with a smile

"Yes, it's our normal state while we're at home." I acknowledged.

"Can I get naked, too?" Danny asked.

"I suppose you'd be more comfortable, Danny, as opposed to being the only person here with clothes on." I suggested.

Danny began by taking off his backpack.

He lifted it to show it to me saying:

"I brought a change of clothes for Trey, later. I knew these would be all sweaty and, by dinner, even stinky."

While Danny continued to disrobe, I opened the backpack to see the clothes Danny had brought. They were all wrinkled. I pulled them out to get a better look at them. David, who was standing in the archway of the foyer observed them and said:

"I'll take care of them, Barry, along with the sweaty ones he just took off."

David approached and gathered up the clothes to take to the laundry room.

"God, you're good looking, David!" Danny exclaimed.

Davis smiled and said:

"Thanks, Danny, you're good looking as well."

"I was in the middle of a massage for Travis, Danny."

"Can I watch?" Danny asked.

"Travis...Danny is here. Can he be present while I continue your massage?" I yelled into the living room.

"Sure!" A yell returned.

Danny followed me back to the massage table, where Travis' naked and stunning body awaited.

Travis was lying on his back, his erection at attention, awaiting further `special handling'

"Whoa...He's gorgeous. Your gorgeous, Travis, just as Barry said you were."" Danny confessed.

Travis smiled:

"Thanks, Danny. You've got a Hell of a physique, yourself."

"You really think so?" Danny asked.

"You do, Danny. I told you that, yesterday."

"Oh Yeah. I never really though I had that good a build. Beau does, he's awesome. I always try to catch up with him." Danny reported.

"Just be yourself, Danny. You're obviously on the way to being pretty awesome, yourself." Travis affirmed.

"Wow, that really means a lot coming from someone as gorgeous as you, Travis. THANKS!" Danny responded.

"He's right, Danny, you are destined for gorgeousness yourself." I added.

"This is the most compliments I have ever had." Danny said with his big and sparkling smile.

"Would you like to help me with the massage, Danny?" I asked.

" mean it's OK if I touch Travis' body?" Danny asked.

"Please do, Danny." Travis responded, before I could say anything."

"Wow!" Danny exclaimed.

"See the hand vibrator there?" I asked Danny.

" Sure" Danny replied.

"Do you know how it works?" I asked.

"Not really." Danny admitted.

"Well, the vibrating motor rests on the top of your hand. Slide the spring retainers over the bottom of your hand...your palm, so the motor rests on the top of your hand." I explained.

Danny installed the massage / Vibrator as I had instructed.

"Now what?" Danny asked.

"Turn it on." I said.

Danny found the switch and started the motor.

"WHOA! This feels great, even for me." Danny said.

"I want you to use the massager of Travis' feet, while I work on his arms and torso. Can you do that?" I asked.

"Sure." Danny said, as he moved to Travis' feet, lifted the left foot and began kneading it with his hand.

"You've got pretty strong hands, Danny." Travis responded.

"Pay attention to his toes, Danny, interlace your fingers with his toes and knead them as well." I instructed.

Danny did as I instructed.

Travis closed his eyes, and said:


Danny smiled and said:

"Am I doing good?"

Travis responded with


"I think you have a satisfied customer in Travis, Danny."

Danny smiled, as he continued working on Travis' foot.

I was working my way down Travis' torso. When I got to his penis, I brought out the strawberry, self-heating lotion. I applied it liberally to Travis', already erect and throbbing penis. His penis responded by swelling and throbbing all that much more.

"What's that smell?" Danny asked.

"Strawberry." I remarked.

"So now he'd taste like strawberry...COOL!" Danny remarked.

"Are you going to get him off now?" Danny asked.

"No, I'm going to let him simmer for a while, first." I said with a smile.

"Cool!" Danny repeated.

"Switch to his other foot, Danny so I can work on this leg." I requested.

Danny did as I asked, and began kneading Travis' other foot. I noticed Danny observing Travis' penis and testicles as I continued to work on Travis' thigh.

"He's really something, isn't he?" I asked Danny.

"Awesome!" Danny replied.

"Awesome, indeed, Danny. He's stunning." I reinforced.

"You guys are making me blush." Travis remarked.

"You really are, though, Travis. Barry's very lucky. I'd love to make love to someone as awesome as you." Danny said.

"Then you need to get Barry to explain to you what love really is. It's not the same as lust...though I'm flattered at your compliments about my body, Danny." Travis responded.

"Remember, Danny, I talked about it in my story, yesterday, during the storm?" I said.

"Oh yeah... it's our souls combining. I'm not sure if I really understand what that means. Maybe you can tell it to me again, Barry. All I know is that Travis is the hottest guy I've ever seen...I mean...REALLY HOT!"

Travis chuckled:

"Thanks Again, Danny."

"I think his dick wants some...well you know...some ...getting off, Barry. Look at it throbbing." Danny observed.

"I usually wait till I'm done with his back, but I agree, I shouldn't make his penis beg, should I?" I said.

"No, his dick is too beautiful to beg." Danny responded.

Travis chuckled again.

"OK, then." I remarked, as I applied another coat of lotion to Travis' penis.

"Are you gonna suck him off?" Danny asked, excitedly.

"No, I reserve that sort of intimacy to our private moments, mine, David's and Travis', Danny. With you here, no offense, Danny...I'll just masturbate him." I remarked.

"Can I do it?" Danny asked.

Travis raised his head off the table and looked at Danny:

"You're not shy, are you?"

"Hell NO!" Danny asserted.

"Well, I guess that's a good thing." Travis replied with a smile.

"Well, what wrong with wanting to jerk him off, Barry. I'd like to taste his strawberry, too. Why should his cum go to waste?" Danny insisted.

"What do you think, Travis?" I asked.

"Well, if Ganymede sent him to us...I guess Ganymede would approve. Why don't you catch my cum in a glass or something, and Danny can have a taste." Travis said.

"Very Well." I said.

David had been listening in the kitchen and interjected:

"I'll bring a glass."

"OK" I said.

David entered the room carrying a fancy crystal goblet.

"Perfect!" I exclaimed...knowing that Travis could damned near fill the thing up.

"Here Danny, hold this till Travis is ready to cum. When I tell you to, hold it at the tip of his dick to catch his cum. OK?" I ordered.

"Looks like he's ready to cum right now." Danny said, as he watched Travis' precum running down the shaft of his penis.

Travis turned to look and smile at me saying:

"He's something else...where did Ganymede find him?"

"Who the Hell is this Ganymede guy?" Danny inquired.

"I'll tell you about him, later." I promised.

I turned my attention to Travis' eager penis.

I began by kneading his testicles.

Travis watched my every move carefully.

"I'm doing this to stimulate his testicles to pump as much sperm into his epididymis, Danny, then. See what I'm doing...I'm pushing that sperm up his vas deferens to gather in his seminal vesicles, so, when he cums, there will be a maximum amount of cum for him to expel." I explained.

"Barry?" Travis interrupted.

"Yes, sweetie." I asked.

"Could you please explain all that to him later...I need to cum." Travis said.

"I'm sorry...right away, baby." I said.

I took Travis' penis into my hand and began to slow-stroke it. His precum spurted from his meatus and ran down his shaft onto my hand. Danny was becoming aroused at the sight and was sporting an award-winning erection, himself.

"God, he's HOT!" Danny exclaimed.

Travis' testicles began to be drawn up, as his scrotum retracted.

"Put the glass up here, now, Danny."

Danny did as I ordered.

Just in time, as Travis blew his copious cum into the goblet. The force of his ejaculation splattered his cum against the bottom of the goblet and it splashed up the sides of the goblet, only to settle again at the bottom. Travis' ejaculatory spasms were continuing, as always, when Danny interjected:

"God, does he ever stop?"

"When he's finished, Danny. Just watch." I said, softly.

"Wow!" Danny responded in a whisper.

I continued to hold Travis' penis and felt it swell with each spasm. Finally, his spasms slowed and became less powerful. Even after the spasms stopped, Travis' residual cum continued to drip into the goblet from his meatus.

"Awesome!" Danny declared.

David, who had been watching spoke up:

"After you've had a little taste, Danny, Barry and I want the most of it, OK?"

"OK" Danny said.

"I thought you weren't ready to taste cum just yet Danny...that's what you said yesterday." I remarked.

"Yeah, well, I sneaked a taste of you, yesterday, Barry. It wasn't so I thought...what the Hell." Danny replied.

"I saw you do that, Danny. I wondered what you thought of the experience." I said.

"Yeah, I thought you might have seen was was good, I liked it, I admit it." Danny said.

Travis continued to hold the goblet in place as Travis continued to drip cum into it.

Finally, I squeezed the last of it from Travis' penis to produce one final spurt of his precious cum into the goblet.

"Get it while it's hot, Danny."

Danny wasted no time. Untrue to his promise, he used the glass like a shot glass and slammed the entire amount of cum into his mouth.

"HEY!" David complained.

After he swallowed, Danny replied. "Sorry!" I forgot.

Travis spoke up:

"There's plenty more where that came from."

David smiled and replied.

"Yes, I suppose that's true."

David continued:

"How was it, Danny?"

"It was delicious. I didn't know cum was so sweet." Danny replied.

"Travis' is, Danny. Neither Barry nor I can figure out his secret...but you're right, Travis' cum is actually sweet tasting."

"It's really good. Thanks Travis, for letting have some of it." Danny said.

"I'm glad you liked it, Danny."

"OK, let's finish up the massage." I suggested.

"Roll over for me Baby." I said to Travis.

Travis rolled over onto his stomach.

"Whoa...his butt is cute as Hell too, huh?" Danny observed.

"Yes, Danny, everything about Travis is beautiful...everything." I insisted.

"Would you like to use the vibrator on that beautiful butt, while I work on his back muscles?" I suggested to Danny.

"God Yes!" Danny replied.

Danny switched on the vibrator and placed his hand on one of Travis' butt cheeks, kneading it and moving his hand in a circular motion.

"Sure no one has shown you how to do this before, Danny?" I asked.

"Cody is in school, learning physical and massage therapy. I've watched him work on Connor... he practices on Connor, but he's never let me actually try any of it." Danny explained.

" I thought maybe you had some knowledge of it. You seem to know what to do when I suggest it to you."

"Yeah, I've been watching Cody. He's good at it. He'll have his license pretty soon." Danny observed.

"Well, carry on, then." I said to Danny, as I continued to work on Travis' back.

"Damn...that feels good, Danny!" Travis interjected

I turned to see that Danny had taken his middle finger and transferred the vibrations to Travis' anus.

When I turned to look at Danny, he said:

"That's what Cody does... guess it feels pretty good, huh?"

"Yes, Danny, the anus is quite erotic. It does feel good." I said.

"Yeah, and I'm just touching his butt hole lightly. Cody sometimes dips his finger into that K-Y liquid stuff, then sticks it right up the butt hole." Danny said.

"I told you, Barry, he's something else!" Travis replied, still face down on the massage table.

"He is, indeed." I replied.

David heard the buzzer from the dryer sound.

"I'll get it." He said and turned to leave the room.

Danny worked his way down the backside of Travis' legs and back, once more to his feet.

I worked on Travis' temples and the back of his neck.

"How's that, sweetie?" I asked Travis.

"Glorious! Thanks too, Danny. You did a good job.

"Danny, do you like starch? I think this outfit could use a light application of it." David shouted from the laundry room.

"I don't know, David. I don't think I've ever had any starch" Danny replied.

"Don't starch the crotch of his pants, us, he doesn't wear underwear, so we don't want anything scratchy against his cute genitals." I shouted back

"No Problem!" David shouted back.

Danny smiled:

"You really think my dick and balls are cute?"

"I told you yesterday, Danny, yes your genitals are very cute." I reinforced.

Travis turned to examine Danny more closely.

He's right, Danny. Look at yourself.

"Whoever performed you circumcision, did a very good job. There's no residual foreskin. Many circumcisions are botched, you know. Also the proportion of your dick to your glans is perfect. You know, the head of you dick...your glans. Your scrotum and balls is right sized to your penis...though I can see you are going to have big balls, Danny, your scrotum has already grown big enough to accommodate them." Travis observed.

"Wow, thanks, guys!" Danny responded.

"We'd better think about getting ready for Trey" David shouted from the laundry room.

"OK, David. You want to join us for a hot shower...Travis needs to wash off the massage lotion." I shouted back to David.

"Sounds GREAT! I'll be right with you." David shouted back

"Can I shower with you guys...PLEASE?" Danny begged.

"It's going to be pretty tight with four of us in there." I answered.

"Oh, what the Hell, Barry. Let him join us." David said, as he entered the room.

"Why NOT?" Travis added.

"Danny clothes are ironed and waiting for him afterwards in the laundry room." David said.

Soon I was shown to be right, it was a tight fit in the shower. Three is not a problem, Four makes it hard to wash up without elbowing someone in the eye, or worse.

We were chuckling at the difficulty when Danny spoke up:

"You guys stand still. I'll do the work."

We did as requested. Danny took the body wash and lathered us each up generously with it. He didn't hesitate to include our genitals.

"Damn, the kid has a nice touch, doesn't he?" David observed.

"Yes, he does." I replied.

"Want me to get you guys off before we leave?" Danny asked.

"Well, I'm horny as Hell from watching you guys work on Travis..." David said

"You're horny...I am the one who had mine hands all over him." I said.

"OK...I'm gonna get you guys off...just shut up and enjoy." Danny ordered.

Travis remarked: "I just got off, Danny. I'm OK. Work on David and Barry. I'll be busy kissing them while you `do the work' as you put it."

"OK." Danny replied.

"Hand jobs only, Danny...nothing more." I said.

"Sure." Danny replied.

Travis moved to stand between David and me. We each turned to kiss him on the cheek. Travis turned to kiss each of us passionately, one at a time. While he was doing so, Danny began stroking each of our penises, simultaneously. The hot water ran down our abdomen and to the end of our penises, it was stopped, at that point, by Danny's hands.

"This is fun." Danny said.

I hadn't thought about it being fun, but I said:

"Even more fun for us, Danny."

David, Travis, and I were consumed in our lovemaking, and weren't paying much attention to Danny, who was on his knees before us, stroking away at our penises.

"You're both ready to cum, huh, your sacks are contracting. Go ahead shoot it all over my's Cool!" Danny proclaimed.

David and I nodded.

We blew cum all over Danny's face. To my surprise, he had opened his mouth to accept as much of it as he could. The rest dribbled down his face and onto the shower floor.

After a minute or two, the hot water washed the remaining from our penises. David and I were in refractory period. Danny, on the other hand was watching his penis palpitate in its desire for relief.

David observed Danny's penis dancing on its base:

"Barry, why don't you help Danny toward conclusion."

"OK, why don't you caress his anus from behind, while I produce an ejaculation for him?" I suggested.

"I'll play with his balls while you get him off, Barry." We should make it as special for him as we can." Travis said.

Danny was suddenly Lucky Pierre. David was massaging his anus, Travis was kneading his balls, and I was stroking his penis. I felt it swell against my grip. He was getting close.

He grew somewhat weak-kneed as he got close to orgasm, so David put an arm around him and held him upright.

Danny's balls began to pull away from Travis' grasp.

"Can we all have a taste, Danny? Travis asked, as Danny was about to explode.

He could only nod.

He blew his young cum into my face. I opened my mouth to take in the first blast. I didn't put his penis into my mouth; I just let him shoot his cum into my mouth from a distance.

I allowed him to fill my mouth to capacity. The rest he shot onto my chest. It ran down my abdomen and into my pubic hair.

When he had finished, he was spent...exhausted. David continued to hold him upright.

I stood up and kissed some of Danny's cum into, first, Travis' and then, David's mouths.

Travis spoke first:

"Young cum is always so intense."

"Yes, it is." I replied.

David, still with a mouthful, only nodded.

"It was good, Danny. It is very strong. All your equipment seems to be working fine," Travis said.

Danny was still resting against David's torso, and David holding him up. Finally Danny spoke up:

"It was awesome, guys. I've never cum like that before. I'm glad you liked it.

Danny finally was able to stand on his own. The hot water washed away his residual cum, as I coached it from his urethra.

He twitched as I squeezed his last cum to his meatus, as the hot water from the showerhead sprayed against his hypersensitive glans.

"God...I've never cum like that before, ever! You guys are awesome!" Danny said.

"Why did you only want to do hand jobs? I was ready to suck you off." Danny remarked, as we finished our showers.

"Danny, hand jobs are one thing...but fellatio or anal sex takes on a higher plateau of lovemaking. That sort of thing the three of us restrict to ourselves, exclusively." I said.

"Fella..." What? Danny asked.

"Fellatio, Danny, oral engagement...or sucking, as you put it." I explained.

"Damn! Danny exclaimed...I was looking forward to sucking you three off." Danny exclaimed.

To change the subject, Danny, I can't believe that you rode your bike all these miles to see us. I'm very flattered that it meant that much to you." I suggested.

"That's right, Danny. That was a Hell of a long ride." David asked.

"Yeah, I guess so. That's how I get everywhere, so I'm used to it. Besides, I wanted to meet you guys and ride with you to Trey." Danny explained.

"What if the rain, predicted for later today had arrived early, Danny?" Travis asked, as he dried himself with a towel.

"Then I would have been wet when I got here." Danny smiled.

"It really meant that much to you, huh?" David asked.

"Hell Yeah!" Danny replied.

"You're a remarkable young man, Danny." David remarked.

"Is that good?" Danny asked.

"It is in this case, Danny. We're quite impressed with you, and your desire to be friends with us." I said.

" I want to be more than friends, though" Danny said.

"Remember, Danny, I explained to you yesterday, that friendship, even including the kind of activity we just shared, is all we can promise. All the higher plateau stuff, is exclusive. I hoped you could be happy with what we can offer. It's probably the best we could do. Do you understand?" I asked.

"Yeah...but...just wait...I'll make you love me." Danny insisted.

Travis smiled and said:

"He just might, huh?"

"He's pretty lovable." David added.

"We'll probably come to love you dearly, Danny, but as a special sent to us for safekeeping by Ganymede, but don't be deceived into thinking it can be more than that. It would be unfair of us to mislead you in that way." Travis said.

"Just Wait!" Danny said again.

"OK, guys, we'd better get dried off and dressed for Trey." I coached

"I can't wait to see Trey again. He's a very nice guy." Danny proclaimed.

"He's been a dear friend for many years, Danny."

"I wish we could have dinner we were yesterday...that would be cool." Danny said.

"Trey's other customers might not think it Cool, Danny. I think clothes are in order for today's visit." I replied.

"Damn!" Danny exclaimed.

----------------------END PT 3 TORNADO WARNING-----------------------------